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  1. owlsfan_72

    #SWFC FIXTURES | Games moved

    Never had any bother at the new ground. The old ground was lively!
  2. At the bottom it says UK viewers can't access Bank Holiday games, so that's two at Christmas /New Year and two at Easter struck off. If the last game is included, is it 9 games that can be viewed
  3. owlsfan_72

    The Wednesday Tap tonight

    It used to be an OK lager, but is now brewed in Luton and been made a bit weaker and the bottles smaller.
  4. owlsfan_72

    Last night's REAL disgrace

    Security forced him to cover up. Was a few rows in front of us
  5. owlsfan_72

    Wednesday Graffiti

    Which would you prefer?
  6. owlsfan_72

    Bloody player

    I've got an NBA subscription and the service is top notch, so hopefully their ability to stream will improve things. I enjoy the commentary Rob, hopefully the new deal can iron out some of the technical gremlins.
  7. Sixteen pints of Watney's Red Barrel would be tough challenge, especially with only a seagull and onion pie to eat
  8. owlsfan_72

    Wolves away - live on tv

    Don't ever pay anything. I'm watching the same like link and it's fine. Use Google Chrome web browser and install owlstalk extension - its very easy to do
  9. owlsfan_72

    Football training Bras

    They don't wear them during games. That's done by computer tracking
  10. owlsfan_72

    Match Day Prices Announced

    Cheers for the link Reading. Much appreciated. NB, if you have a Talktalk Youview box you can watch Now TV through the app. BT Youview might be the same.
  11. owlsfan_72

    Leaving bags in London

    Yeah, I'm sure that's why I paid last time. I found Kings Cross better than St Pancras as well as the queues could be large at STP. They also make you take out electrical items before scanning the bag, which can be a right pain if your bag is crammed and there's a charger at the bottom.
  12. owlsfan_72

    Official Wembley Ticket News

    Fairest way to do it, and SEE Tickets are usually cheaper than Ticketmaster with the booking fees and extras
  13. owlsfan_72

    The Loan players

    If you feel like banging your head against a table Scram, I hear there's a very good one in S2. Vintage Seventies chipboard.
  14. owlsfan_72

    Radio Sheffield

    The real world of paying £100 a month for Sky - that's losing lots of sport contracts and now has taken to showing people playing FIFA? The Beeb do a decent job of covering local sport. If the BBC shut down, do you think any commercial broadcaster would bother with Football Heaven? Advertising revenue is at an all time low.