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  1. Amazing couple of performances, especially as he considers himself to be a centre half
  2. I've seen him play a few times for Charlton and was suggesting signing him in the summer. I live a few miles from the Valley and get free tickets occasionally. The local fans love him. He's not lightning pace, but would be quicker than any of our players - and the perfect partner for Fletcher. He's been out for 14 weeks yet still has 5 goals. He should be back playing on Saturday, so isn't a long term injury. He started 41 games last season and scored 21, so he's not a crock like some are making out. Seems a sensible, low-risk signing - that's if there's any truth in the rumours.
  3. Used to have that recorded and the quality was much better. I could see myself stood about a quarter of the way up the stand and a few seconds later end up at the front. Great celebration
  4. That rancid eggy smell is coming from up there
  5. Terrestrial peak viewing figures this year: Women's World Cup semi-final 11.7m Wimbledon final 9.6m Cricket World Cup Final 8.3m British Grand Prix 3.7m
  6. ???? "The BBC doesn't cover/mention the Championship at all" Apart from on TV, radio and the website - what have the Romans ever done for us?
  7. If they deem that Chansiri overpaid for Hillsborough, he just has to show them how much Abdi and Urbi's contracts cost. We're Sheffield Wednesday, we pay what we want
  8. When I heard our draw I thought we could be a TV game. Then saw the others and we have no chance. Man City and Liverpool both away. There's some big clubs away at minnows Col U v Spurs Oxford v West Ham Sheff U v Sunderland
  9. Derby County away 3-3 when we were 3-1 up going into the 90th minute still makes me shiver. Bristol City away in the early 90s. Was thick snow and loads of fans had to turn back. We were stood on an open terrace and I'd forgotten my coat and was wearing a big jumper, that got bigger
  10. Lots and lots of swears. I'm just down the road and could gave gone to this.
  11. Hi peasant For anyone interested in how to watch for free...
  12. That's an interesting attitude. It's a ripoff to buy strawberries from the supermarket when it's better value to take them from people's allotments.
  13. Can see Blackburn higher. Saw Charlton a couple of times last season and their signings don't look good enough for mid-table.
  14. Two games against clubs, Wilmington and Rochester. The other game was against an 'all-star' team.
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