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  1. Does anyone actually believe he's been suspended for using the phrase handbags?
  2. Our games wasn't listed on the Sky website, but just appeared on Sky Sports News
  3. I really feel uncomfortable with these polls and the vitriol flying around, as we're talking about a human being who is trying his hardest to succeed. But I'm sorry Garry, it's obvious that your tenure is over and it's time for Mr Chansiri to give someone else the chance to save the club from relegation.
  4. They are announcing the new shirt sponsor tonight. Have dropped Elev8 and its now After8
  5. I watched all the games from last season, but not bothered this season. IFollow are a bunch of crooks and make it deliberately hard to unsubscribe. They kept charging me for audio subscription after I cancelled, so I won't have anything to do with them. To charge a tenner and not be able to watch it on a TV without a ridiculous workaround (don't have a laptop and the TV is flat to the wall with no extra hdmi access), would have been a deal breaker for me anyway. It was the EFL's decision to ban casting, but when you can watch every other sport on a TV - I find it hard to justify s
  6. You can't cast with this service. Just had confirmation from their help desk. They said its the EFL that block the casting.
  7. Can't stand Le Tissier or Thompson, so pleased about this. Would be good if they could bring in someone who knows more about life outside the top flight.
  8. I emailed them yesterday and accused them of fraud. I cancelled my audio pass in March that I paid for by direct debit. Sent them an email to cancel - as Mr Tom says their customer service and procedures are scandalous. In all the lockdown chaos I forgot all about it. When matches resumed, I paid a tenner per game for the (terrible) video feed. Paid for these via credit card. Just happened to check my bill and noticed that as well as video money going out they have started charging me £4.49 for the audio pass. Logged in to iFollow and I'm not even listed as having an audio subscri
  9. The also broke doping controls in 2017 and got away with a fine.
  10. Really love the away kit. I like the fact that they're not being safe and conservative and trying something new. The launch video was well produced as well. Not sure what Big Jack would have made of the kits though!
  11. Not read the whole thread, but my two penn'orth is that he is a handy substitute and has scored some late goals for us. The rules on 5 subs is being kept for next season and as his wages won't be high, I would be sorry to see him leave. If we could get him performing more like his goal against Preston or his double at Leeds and less like a comedy Kim Olsen tribute act - then he'd be a great asset.
  12. Monk has to go. But, if thick Mick and tank top Robinson are the best alternatives then we might as well give up.
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