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  1. The also broke doping controls in 2017 and got away with a fine.
  2. Really love the away kit. I like the fact that they're not being safe and conservative and trying something new. The launch video was well produced as well. Not sure what Big Jack would have made of the kits though!
  3. Not read the whole thread, but my two penn'orth is that he is a handy substitute and has scored some late goals for us. The rules on 5 subs is being kept for next season and as his wages won't be high, I would be sorry to see him leave. If we could get him performing more like his goal against Preston or his double at Leeds and less like a comedy Kim Olsen tribute act - then he'd be a great asset.
  4. Monk has to go. But, if thick Mick and tank top Robinson are the best alternatives then we might as well give up.
  5. For any regular iFollow users, is 720p usually the highest quality setting? Just wondering if it's normally 1080p - but they've chosen to lower the quality due to demand or whether it is always like that?
  6. IFollow won't let you cast properly. Have yo use a workaround. What device are you using? If Apple try following the @owlstalk advice on page 6. If Android, do you have a cast option in the pull down menu at the top of the phone. I'm using a OnePlus phone and just click that option. Works with Chrome and the iFollow app.
  7. I'm no good with Apple products (except cider) Have you seen the @owlstalk post on page 6? Try that and see if it works.
  8. No. IFollow don't have a smart TV app and don't allow you to cast properly to screens. There's only workarounds like using a laptop/HDMI, or to screen mirror from phone/tablet to your TV - which reduces the screen size and quality. Laptop is probably the best option.
  9. Just tested it on Android. Can get both the app and the website to screen mirror on both the Chromecast and the LG bedroom TV. The picture is average and a bit jerky on the TV, it's much better on the phone. Obviously with screen mirroring it won't fill the TV screen. Honestly can't believe how bad iFollow is. Paid for it without realising such a basic function as Casting wouldn't be available. The BT Sport app looks great cast onto my TV. Just been reading that there won't be any red button games as well. So if we aren't on Sky Sports Main channels iCrap is the only option. Hi ho hum Sheffield Wednesday.
  10. Amazing couple of performances, especially as he considers himself to be a centre half
  11. I've seen him play a few times for Charlton and was suggesting signing him in the summer. I live a few miles from the Valley and get free tickets occasionally. The local fans love him. He's not lightning pace, but would be quicker than any of our players - and the perfect partner for Fletcher. He's been out for 14 weeks yet still has 5 goals. He should be back playing on Saturday, so isn't a long term injury. He started 41 games last season and scored 21, so he's not a crock like some are making out. Seems a sensible, low-risk signing - that's if there's any truth in the rumours.
  12. Used to have that recorded and the quality was much better. I could see myself stood about a quarter of the way up the stand and a few seconds later end up at the front. Great celebration
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