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  1. owlsfan_72

    The ‘Big day out’ games.

    My fourth game at Stamford Bridge (previously won one, drew two) and the Shed was the third different stand. It felt cramped in the upper, with crushes on the concourse and getting into the ground. Toilets were full of smokers and took an age to queue. Facilities were no better than the South or Grandstand. No beer at half time caused a fair amount of anger. Great view though. Reminded me of being in the upper at Loftus Road, except not quite as close. What struck me was how different the atmosphere was. Wednesday fans were singing on the way to the ground and afterwards. That wouldn't have happened 20 years ago. Zero passion from the Chelsea fans.
  2. owlsfan_72

    Trains to Hull

    Transpenine to Donny, Hull trains to 'Ull
  3. I'd forgotten about Sougou (occasionally) playing for us. He's currently playing for Mumbai FC according to Wiki.
  4. Sky have just said the game is on the red button for those, including me, who can't make it.
  5. owlsfan_72

    Sports Personality

    The BBC broadcasts more live sport than Sky, although admittedly radio helps them a lot.
  6. owlsfan_72

    Jimmy Seed - BBC article

    The away end at Charlton is named after Jimmy. Must have been in that stand four or five times and never realised. There was a piece on the local news in London about him, with a picture of him next to the trophy when we won the league...
  7. Jimmy was our double-winning captain when we won the title in the Twenties. Had heard his name, but didn't realise how badly he suffered in the First World War. There's a really well produced article about him and footballers during the war on the BBC website... https://bbc.in/2EWUVGw
  8. owlsfan_72

    Paris on Friday for Ryder Cup

    The Bombardier is a decent pub round the corner from the Pantheon - been there a few times. It's not really English themed, just a Charles Wells brewery pub. The Corcoran on Boulevard Clichy is ok as well - the area isn't the best, but the boozer was friendly enough. Where are you staying? If you're north of the river, I'd go to the Corcoran as easy transport links and it stays open til 4am.
  9. owlsfan_72

    Steak Bake

    Not forgiven Shawcross for that tackle on Jeffers in 2007. Broke his ankle.
  10. owlsfan_72

    Who's the second toughest

    They were brilliant that night. Seem to think they brought a big following as well.
  11. owlsfan_72

    International Round-Up of sorts

    Goal for Atdhe. Tap in, but good poachers goal
  12. owlsfan_72

    #SWFC FIXTURES | Games moved

    Never had any bother at the new ground. The old ground was lively!
  13. At the bottom it says UK viewers can't access Bank Holiday games, so that's two at Christmas /New Year and two at Easter struck off. If the last game is included, is it 9 games that can be viewed