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  1. Lots and lots of swears. I'm just down the road and could gave gone to this.
  2. Hi peasant For anyone interested in how to watch for free...
  3. That's an interesting attitude. It's a ripoff to buy strawberries from the supermarket when it's better value to take them from people's allotments.
  4. Can see Blackburn higher. Saw Charlton a couple of times last season and their signings don't look good enough for mid-table.
  5. Two games against clubs, Wilmington and Rochester. The other game was against an 'all-star' team.
  6. Dunno if any American teams would want to play us. The two clubs we played when Sturrock was in charge are no longer going.
  7. Preston's next three games are third, second, fourth
  8. Mrs was looking to take three kids to the flicks on Saturday night. Tickets for an adult and three teens to watch Captain Marvel 3D in London works out to nearly the same as the same tickets for the Blackburn game. There I was thinking our tickets were extortionate - they're just v expensive
  9. Aye, he had a clash of heads at Charlton and went off clutching a towel over his face to stop his hooter bleeding. To be fair to him, he'd tried to carry on playing but the bleeding wouldn't stop.
  10. 1. Break 2. Rupture 3. Tare 4. Dislocate 5. Twist 6. Pull 7. Whack 8. Knock 9. David Hirst 10. Bruise  11. Abdi
  11. Never saw either of the substitutions sadly. Nielsen came straight on to the pitch at half time. Missed who went off when Grant came on. Bloke in front of me was saying that it's not surprising our youth teams are rubbish, as he'd been to our training ground and we play in a park! His mate said that was unusual as most other teams in the North West have good training facilities
  12. Full time - 4-1 Disappointing, but a very young side Onwards and upwards
  13. Red for a Charlton player for a shocking foul on Clarke
  14. We have three of the tallest players on the pitch, and just messed up a short corner
  15. Grant just hit the post and rebound blocked. Nearly full time
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