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  1. Ditch all that Apple rubbish! The iPhone battery is also rubbish. Slow to charge and a smaller capacity. The latest OnePlus charges at 65w, from empty to half in 15mins and full in 40mins.
  2. Yep, everything is so much smoother. Have got three phones at the moment (one old and two because of a recent upgrade - not a drug dealer honest). The 4-year old Sony is 4k and 60hz, the OnePlus is 2k and 90hz and the Samsung can run 120hz, but only in 1080p. I prefer the Samsung as its much smoother, especial compared to the wife's iPhone 12 Pro Max - which is 40grams heavier BTW #brick. Most apps/videos tend to be 1080p anyway, so in a small screen I'd prefer a faster refresh rate over an increased resolution.
  3. Daltrey is a halfwit who can't sing and Townshend is an odious tool. Anyway, back to the thread - they're overrated.
  4. The Who. One song and a dodgy bunch of thickos. And Oasis, who are just a bunch of thickos.
  5. Just think how much you'd save on heating bills
  6. The Sony prototype was shown at CES... https://www.theverge.com/2020/1/8/21056404/sony-vision-s-electric-concept-prototype-first-look-ces-2020 That dashboard is amazing.
  7. Haven't tried this particular pair, but I'm a fan of Anker headphones. The wife bought the £35 Anker Soundcore Life P2 and they are great value. I've got the Sony's and the Anker's have more solid bluetooth and better controls. Sony has better sound quality - but not by much.
  8. Does anyone actually believe he's been suspended for using the phrase handbags?
  9. Our games wasn't listed on the Sky website, but just appeared on Sky Sports News
  10. I really feel uncomfortable with these polls and the vitriol flying around, as we're talking about a human being who is trying his hardest to succeed. But I'm sorry Garry, it's obvious that your tenure is over and it's time for Mr Chansiri to give someone else the chance to save the club from relegation.
  11. They are announcing the new shirt sponsor tonight. Have dropped Elev8 and its now After8
  12. I watched all the games from last season, but not bothered this season. IFollow are a bunch of crooks and make it deliberately hard to unsubscribe. They kept charging me for audio subscription after I cancelled, so I won't have anything to do with them. To charge a tenner and not be able to watch it on a TV without a ridiculous workaround (don't have a laptop and the TV is flat to the wall with no extra hdmi access), would have been a deal breaker for me anyway. It was the EFL's decision to ban casting, but when you can watch every other sport on a TV - I find it hard to justify s
  13. Former BC and Team Sky Doc, Dr Freeman had a few interesting things to say at his tribunal today. Admitted destroying his laptop without checking whether the data was backed up, as well as ordering testogel for Shane Sutton's erectile dysfunction - against the rules. Not a great day for British Cycling, and he admitted that James Murdoch was there to quiz him before the original Commons hearing - so reflects badly on Sky. Back to cycling. Feel bad for Geraint as he was in great shape, but it could be a positive for Tao Geoghegan Hart and see him pushed up to team leader.
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