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  1. Had my call last Friday for myself & the lad.
  2. “If you make mistakes with your tactics & team selection and you compound them with other mistakes in your tactics & team selection, you can’t expect to win games”. Fixed it for you Gary.
  3. Brilliant. On another note after 15 years of persevering with Cameron Dawson Gary Monk has decided to bring Kieren Westwood back into the side as a last gasp attempt to avoid relegation from the National League North.
  4. You know we’ve hit a new low when Joey is leading the MOM vote.
  5. Main positive for me was I hadn’t realised we were on Sky Red Button. By the the time I realised we were 3 down so didn’t bother.
  6. He was on Sky this morning talking about us, saying we probably need 60 points to survive, but we’ve got the players to do it.
  7. Whenever we’ve had a “Monk out” thread & the “get McCarthy, Pulis, Megson, Cook, etc in or “bring back Carlos” I’ve always been against all of them. Tonight I’d gladly drive anywhere to bring any of them to the club.
  8. Yep, I know I will at the end of the day. You feel you want to walk away but you can’t, it’s in your dna.
  9. Dawson was a keeper with potential but not ready for regular Championship football. Monk’s stubbornness is killing a young mans career & confidence to a point that he may never recover. Totally unforgivable.
  10. If Monk had an ounce of integrity or humility he’d be walking away tonight. Unfortunately he’ll be in charge on Saturday.
  11. There obviously is but unfortunately Monk isn’t the one to reverse the on pitch decline even if the off field issues were rectified.
  12. This club isn’t getting a penny more from me until Monk is gone.
  13. I was there, South Stand, City did everything in their powers to let Wednesday win. Unfortunately Bower must have gone for a dump during the team talk & didn't realise that we were supposed to win. Wednesday in their own inimitable style couldn't get a result when only one of the opposition was trying.
  14. Don't worry DC will get it back dated.
  15. I’m not a big fan of Palmer but if fit he’s a better option for the RCB role than Odubajo.
  16. He should have gone before the lockdown, failing that at the end of the season. However when he was given his own coaching staff & cleared some of the deadwood I was willing to give him a chance. Given our predicament with the points deduction I was encouraged by the recruitment this summer & hoped Monk was going to turn our fortunes around. Sadly it's now evident that Monk has learned nothing from last season, yes we've got injuries (what team doesn't) but we have no discernible playing system, players are asked to perform in unfamiliar positions or positions they'
  17. Sad to say but you are correct. He’ll wait until after the next transfer window, we’ll still be on minus points & 25 points from safety.
  18. Don't get me wrong, I want Monk out, but he wanted Fletcher to stay but the club offered him less money than his old contract.
  19. Come on DC, break the mould, do the unexpected & sack the useless tvvat.
  20. Dire tactics, poor players, only one way this team is going.
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