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  1. mogbad

    Middlewood Road

    I think the issue would have been obtaining planning permission for the bridge which would have entailed cutting down trees.
  2. 500,000 but if the numbers have been counted the guy that counts the attendance at Hillsborough then it's 1.5 million.
  3. mogbad

    Thinking Out Loud

    I seem to remember when DC first confirmed the embargo at a forum last summer he said we had bust the FFP/P&S limit by 8 figures, so at least £10m & that if we didn't go up this season we would be looking at a 7 figure deficit, therefore less than £10m. However we don't know how the finances have panned out this season & whether DC's 7 figure deficit estimation was dependant on player sales or just pie in the sky, just like him thinking promotion was a possibility.
  4. mogbad

    Thinking Out Loud

    I'm not sure of Birminghams level of overspend but I think the EFL's issue with Birmingham is that they'd agreed a plan moving forward with the club which included allowing them to sign 3 or 4 players on free transfers to take them up to the minimum of 24. Birmingham did this but then went a paid a fee to sign a player over & above the number the EFL specified. If they get a 9 point deduction it will be implemented this season but if they appeal & it drags on they might be starting next season on minus points.
  5. mogbad

    Man of the match -Reading (H)

    Westwood 6 Palmer 7 Hector 8 MOTM Thorniley 7 Fox 4 Reach 6 Bannan 5 Hutchinson 6 Boyd 5 Forestieri 5 Fletcher 7
  6. mogbad


    Reach laid on the chance for Hutchinson that he should have scored with but I agree we got into some excellent positions out wide but overall our final ball into the box was our main downfall today. Doesn't hide the fact that although Palmer has improved recently his distribution in the attacking third is still under par.
  7. mogbad


    Palmer was excellent, he's really upped his game since Jos left but apart from his lay off to Reach in the last minute his final ball into the box is still poor.
  8. The Fessi we've seen in the last 18 months would be one of the first out of the door for me if we get a reasonable offer.
  9. mogbad


    He should be an attacking midfielder but attacking midfielders don't come & fetch the ball off the back four then pass it to another member of the back four. He frustrated the hell out of me today.
  10. mogbad

    Worried about the playoffs?

    Still too many weak areas in the squad for me, I'm not even thinking about the play offs.
  11. I think I married her twin sister.
  12. mogbad

    Wheeling and Dealing

    Thanks for that, want aware of that one.
  13. mogbad

    Wheeling and Dealing

    If we're under an embargo we'd only be able to sign players if our number of experienced pros was less than 24 & then only enough players go take us up to 24.
  14. Abandoned after 5 mins.
  15. mogbad

    FFP and Us

    I've considered the same myself but then thought what happens if say DC decided to really go for it by paying huge transfer fees for numerous players on £50k per week over a 5 year contract. There's still no guarantee we'd reach the promised land, then what would happen if due to unforseen circumstances DC could no longer bankroll the club. We'd be left with a huge wage bill & transfer fee instalments left to pay with no hope of generating the income to make the payments.
  16. mogbad

    FFP and Us

    Good article in the OP. I've never quite understood why DC says if we don't go up this season we'll be in trouble with FFP/P&S when the EFL could actually block promotion or a play off place if they decide we've achieved that position by overspending.
  17. mogbad

    Why aren't we selling?

    Bruce said in another interview yesterday that he knows he'll have to sell a few. Last summer the sale of Jack Hunt appeared to go towards the embargo being lifted. Maybe the EFL have told us that any player sales in the summer can be used to offset this seasons FFP/P&S breach. Apart from no acceptable bids being received I can't think of any other reason why we haven't sold in January.
  18. If half of the Championship are put into an embargo the transfer market will take a big hit. League 1 & 2 clubs often rely on selling their better players to the Championship in order to survive. Those opportunities will be fewer & the fees they do receive are likely to be less.
  19. On his way to Holby City as we speak.
  20. mogbad

    OFFICIAL: Iorfa Signs

    It is if you know that the father of the Dominic Iorfa we're signing was also called Domonic & a professional footballer with numerous caps for Nigeria.
  21. They haven't watched the majority of Fox's performances for us.
  22. I wouldn't have minded him myself but SB didn't select him much for Villa.
  23. Correct. I believe that last summer we will have had to produce financial projections for this season & next & the EFL would have agreed to the these I presume or the embargo would not have been lifted. While selling the likes of Reach, FF & Bannan would have reduced FFP/P&S pressures I wouldn't have thought it could be a stipulation within the agreed future budgets that this player or that player must be sold. How could they put a value on a certain player, they may lose form, suffer a serious injury or bids just don't come in for them.
  24. Fekkin journos, made it all about DC rather than SB.
  25. I'll stand corrected but I don't believe it is.