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  1. Wildsmiths fitness prediction is around November time.
  2. Judging by last night I'd rather he brought a 3 legged donkey on instead of Winnall.
  3. Possibly, although it smacked a bit of being more about giving Winnall game time.
  4. He did once Luongo & Lee came on. Replacing Reach with Winnall was a poor choice for me.
  5. Bullen needs to stop trying to be the nice guy & picking his subs just to give them game time. Unless we're 3 goals clear his choice of sub should be purely based on seeing out the game or turning it back or way. Until he brought Luongo & Lee on we were in danger of losing the pressing game.
  6. Unfortunately the plot of land opposite the ground already has planning permission for retail/food outlets with construction due to start any time.
  7. I'm generally in the camp that reluctantly believes we'll end up moving but i have to say that's a fantastic post.
  8. We were granted planning permission but going ahead with it was dependant on winning the World Cup bid as we would be given outside funding. The planning permission has since lapsed, DC was quoted as saying he'd looked at the plans but didn't like them.
  9. DC turned down the chance of buying the Wednesdayite car park just after he took over. There is now planning permission on there for retail outlets with construction due to start any time.
  10. No the permission lapsed a few years ago, plus DC was quoted as saying he'd seen the plans but didn't particularly like them.
  11. I think we've owned some on there for a number of years. They we're signed over to Aldridge when he loaned money to the club during MM's ownership. Not sure if they came back under the clubs /DC's ownership when DC bought the club.
  12. I've never quite understood why DC says he'll wait until we're in the Premier before he makes his mind up on whether to build a new stadium or update Hillsborough. Surely when we reach the Premier it's the time to maximise income. What's the point in reaching the Premier then deciding to rebuild 3 sides of the ground which will result in greatly reduced capacity for about 4 years, it just doesn't make sense. For me if he was going to upgrade Hillsborough we would have already started the process.
  13. Surprised me too, you don't get many teams with 2 wingers these days. Bullen actually said afterwards that there'll be times depending on the opposition that we'll need to dig in & it won't be appropriate to have them both on the pitch.
  14. They were as good as they were allowed to be. We didn't let them play their game & they couldn't cope with ours. 5-0 wouldn't have flattered us.
  15. Spot on. Believing you can compete in the Premier with the same squad they got you promoted is naive at best.
  16. EFL League 1 & 2 only, Championship window closed today for permanent & loan transfers.
  17. Don't worry guys Neil is connecting the new server up ready for the January transfer window.
  18. FFS last hour of transfer window & Owlstalk goes into limp mode.
  19. Giddings said he'd passed the medical, just a case of dotting i's & crossing t's.
  20. Numbers wise we don't, Fox, Palmer, Penney, Odubajo, Borner & Thorniley have all played left back. However you could certainly argue that none of them to fill the position to any great standard.
  21. You're going to be disappointed, a left back isn't even on the agenda.
  22. Borner came from Bundesliga 2, he seems to be fitting in quite well.
  23. Some journo from the North East said that both Gayle & Aarons were at Newcastles training ground even though rest of the squad had been given the day off. Garrido on SkySports hinted that the Jacob Murphy deal might not be the only deal between the 2 clubs today.
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