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  1. Genuinely don't have a clue who he is.
  2. Absolutely this, I'm coughing my guts up and reaching for my asthma rescue inhaler if I'm anywhere near a smoke bomb.
  3. Saying the pink shirts are back in stock is akin to my two timing ex saying she wants to move back in.
  4. Feck me, so a bloke responsible for signing Pelupessy, Greene, Sow and Kamberi has come back to oversee this summer's recruitment. Stevie Wonder has a better eye for a player than Paixao.
  5. I've always felt Paixao has some form of financial investment in the club. Whether he's helped fund DC to buy the club in the first place I don't know but I don't believe for one minute that he's merely an advisor.
  6. DC's high POTD prices in previous seasons has killed the occasional supporter numbers. Fans who could usually only make half a dozen matches a season now only attend 2 or 3, fans who only made 1 or 2 matches now don't bother. People soon find other things to do on a Saturday afternoon. It will take more than a couple of matches with cheap tickets to draw them back again.
  7. 100 League and Cup appearances in the last 2 seasons. Nailed on he'd rupture his Achilles in our first friendly if he signed for us.
  8. I believe he did but the second year would only be automatically triggered if we got promoted.
  9. They're both the exact opposite of the type of player we need to be signing.
  10. Why would we want a statement from the trust or Wednesdayite.
  11. Yes, Palmer could and should have done better, but if NML and Storey had done their jobs there would have been no cross to defend.
  12. I'm nearly 68 years old and been going to Hillsborough since I was 4. I don't get quite as upset or angry as I used to but I'm feeling very low and disappointed today. As usual I'm going through the pointless what if's and if only's. At the end of the day we were beaten by the better team over the 2 legs. DM needs congratulating in that he's built a team for the fans to get behind and feel positive about but it's disappointing that defensive concentration lapses and the lack of a Plan B when we can't play our normal game have been or downfall yet again despite being evident all season. Personally I'm happy for DM to carry on next season but if the above issues aren't addressed then I don't see him seeing the season through.
  13. I don't think Palmer has been in the Scotland squad since they qualified for the Euros. I doubt very much he'll be in the Scotland squad should they qualify.
  14. You are correct, I've just been on the JustPark website and you can book it for £2.60 for tonight.
  15. Never realised you could do that. It's a lot cheaper than the Wednesdayite car park at Hillsborough College and a lot closer for my arthritic joints.
  16. I wouldn't start him, he didn't look ready to me. However Berahino for me doesn't do enough to warrant being first choice.
  17. He certainly didn't show his usual energy. Windass didn't seem fit to me either.
  18. Wouldn't argue about him being MOM, but I'd still bring Hunt back for Monday night.
  19. He didn't last the whole match, he came on as a 44th minute sub.
  20. No welcome whatsoever, my energies will be directed towards our own players.
  21. I started in September 1965. I was living in Hackenthorpe at the time, only a handful of us from my old junior school (Birley Spa) went to Westfield.
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