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  1. Both him and Adenerin (if fit). Bannan on the left as an inside left midfielder, like he played under Carlos. 4 at the back and 2 up front. Simples.
  2. Possibly. Although, with the right tactics and an actual game plan, most of these players look like they could be capable of better than what we have seen so far. Is DM the man to get the best out of them, I very much doubt it. I hope that I am proven wrong.
  3. I think it shows we need a better defenders than what we have, you could even throw in midfielders, although those in front of the defence are not really known for been defensive midfielders. Come January (If we are allowed) we desperately need a holding midfielder, a centre half and an actual left back. It's time to stop playing Palmer as a CB or LB and we should look to off load Dunkley to allow us to bring in a replacement. Oh, yeah, Stop f...in about with it at the back trying to play out, we don't have the players to do this.
  4. Don't know about everyone else but, what match was Ian Evatt watching? Like most people have said, it was 2 poor team's on show. I counted 1 shot on target for Bolton, less than us.
  5. I'm not sure if DM and his coaching staff are capable of getting more out of this squad, although I hope they do. I don't dislike DM, however, I feel we would be better off with a manger who likes his teams to play attacking football and I don't believe this will happen under DM.
  6. Maybe not. However, Michael Owen was only 16 when he made his debut. Also I wasn't suggesting that Moore would use a 16 year old. Mearley that I wouldn't mind seeing him get a game at some point.
  7. No offense to Donny, but I imagine lucrative to them is probably anything north of £500 a week for a non playing staff member.
  8. Wouldn't mind seeing Cadamarteri's lad on the bench at some point this season, maybe given a run if we have a decent lead.
  9. Don't forget, Mansfield haven't won in ages, so it's bound to happen again us tonight.
  10. Play 442, ala Carlos, with BB as an inside left midfielder.
  11. I'd also take the bloke who Watford have just sacked.
  12. Perhaps it's time to try and pursued Pearson to come in. Never really wanted him before, but I would be happy for him to come in now.
  13. It's something that needs addressing when the transfer market reopens in January. We are short of a CB (who is comfortable on the ball, Maybe that will be Gibson), a holding midfielder who can protect the defence and a left back, Johnson is not a LB, maybe wing back but not a LB.
  14. I'd suggest an older head, who who knows this league and has been successful before or one who is going to play attacking football.
  15. Don't be so sure. Didn't they win 5 - 1 in midweek?
  16. Our full backs aren't attacking enough, we don't have a cm who can protect the centre backs and our inside forwards aren't great. But apart from that 433 suits us just fine.
  17. In which case, then yes. I have only seen the angle from the video in the opening post.
  18. Having seen that. I don't blame BPF for the goal. One of our out field players should have given him a shout to tell him.
  19. I prefer Hutch as a CB. He seems a lot calmer their than in midfield. I'd also give him the captaincy.
  20. Fulham spent over £100m and ended up going down. Not sure who was the manager, but it didn't help them.
  21. But should he wish to sell, cough,cough for nothing, we would happily test drive them and then they could buy them back from us. Then again we would probably end up breaking them.
  22. The -9 might be next season due to the appeal. Unless Derby are trying to take the hit this season for whatever the punishment is and withdraw the appeal for the -9.
  23. Also think that his strength wasn't playing out from the back and when allowed to do the things he was good at he was our best defender.
  24. This. Although I doubt Dennis will be fit.
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