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  1. Good idea. Let's say Chilwell and Maddison and we call it quits.
  2. In which case............Spend, spend, spend.
  3. You know this will happen only when (if) we get promoted and then relegated. It's just our luck.
  4. Didn't Quinn, Morrison and Geary, come from the academy?
  5. This, make the ref wear an audible mic, like they do in egg chasing.
  6. This for me. With Fox LWB and Reach in the middle for Lee (maybe Luong for Hutch). We could also switch to a 343 (or 3223 if you like) with Reach playing further up the pitch.
  7. Matt Penny is on a season long loan in Germany.
  8. One problem. We would have to pay their contract up (unless they mutually agreed, but still could cost us). Therefore you don't save anything on wages.
  9. You had to say it!!! If we get beat now, I blame you.
  10. I agree. Also don't think we paid £10m for Rhodes. I believe this would have been the figure with add-on and sell-on clauses. I think it was closer to £6m. The reported wages paid, I imagine will be with bonuses - at least with the higher earners at the club.
  11. I'd go with: Westwood Palmer - RWB Iorfa - RCB Lees - CB Borner- LCB Fox - LWB Bannan Hutch/Luongo Reach/Luongo Fletch Harris This would offer us flexibility with the formation and allow to go from a 352 to a 442, simply by moving Iorfa to RB (Fox to LB) and Palmer onto the right of midfield, Reach onto the left. To an extent you could change to a 451/433 moving Reach further forward and Palmer into midfield.
  12. He was up there with the best I have seen play. Him, Benny and Alexanderson kept in the Prem as an attacking force.
  13. Whats Red Bull up to these days. Or the PSG owners.
  14. Beginning to think the EFL have got it in for us. I can see it now we will some how get to second and then they will issue a 600 point deduction and relegate us to the Conference.
  15. I agree. Would have been interesting if it was a "fashionable" club like when QPR broke the rules. I bet if it was Leeds they would have got away with it. I suppose it's just the Wednesday way. We finally get an owner willing to spend money and then we aren't allowed to.
  16. They only put us on so that they can lord it over the opposition and in the hope that we lose.
  17. Didn't DC say he had turned down £170 Mill, when asked if he was selling the club after the last forum?
  18. No problem. Hope you don't think I Was having a go. Was just asking. Thanks
  19. Any where, doesn't have to be restricted to league 1. Can't we still sign players without a club?
  20. Agree. Would be a good move for him. Is there any decent left backs available on a free.?
  21. Think I was a tad ambitious with my 6 nil pre match prediction. saying that will take winning ugly all day long.
  22. If we build it with solar technology and make it self sufficient it could save us a few bob. If we could afford it I would have a retractable roof and hire it out in the off season for concerts to generate some extra money.
  23. Didn't Milan say it was costing us upwards of 5million more than what it should do due to the age of the ground.
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