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  1. My other half and myself were sat in a country pub in the Cotsolds and laughed when Liverpool conceded a goal on TV. These two scousers on the next table (man and woman) started mouthing off to us, almost threatening us. Some of their fans are truly awful. Lord knows what they would have said if they knew we were Owls fans!
  2. Glad you put that about Reach, not sure what he does to be fair, just runs about a lot. Same with Rhodes, so wanted him to succeed, but it's never gonna happen.
  3. It worked then! Didn't see his name on the score sheet, oh wait, we didn't score.
  4. Never really got a chance. Never seen a player so happy to sign for us either. I thought he looked promising, shame really, time to move on make a fresh start.
  5. He should never have played again after refusing to travel to Norwich, imagine telling Cloughie or Fergie that! Sulky, spoilt brat!
  6. Agree, time for a complete fresh start, they've had their chance!
  7. Best times since the nineties, I'll always be grateful for that!
  8. Just seen an article on Vital Sheffield Wednesday which says he's finished at the club. I tried to share the link but it wouldn't do it.
  9. Good, been a waste of money. Time to move on make a fresh start.
  10. Many thanks for that. Plenty of options to choose from. Not bothered about Ifollow as I have heard its rubbish! We'll consider some of the other options. Once again thanks.
  11. We are the same, my other half and I decided before the virus not to renew, we've lost the passion for the time being. If things improve then we may return. I've not been contacted or seen anything official about the remaining games, what are the options?
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