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  1. 1993 Semi final at Wembley Owls v United. Gutted !!!! Was too ill to travel, watched it on TV. Some young lad got the ticket at the 11th hour and was so happy!
  2. Mus

    Total disgrace

    Looks like the team doesn't pick itself anymore, no favourites, it's a good policy!
  3. Mus

    Morning all

    Great stuff I'm actually excited about the next match, not felt like that for ages, loving it, keep it up!
  4. Mus

    Half Time Music

    But that would spoil the fun!
  5. Mus

    Half Time Music

    I think it's a brilliant idea, and I'm all for it, we try and guess the band and song every match, just wish the sound was better.
  6. Mus

    Half Time Music

    To be honest no, but like others have said in the Grandstand it's just a muffled racket.
  7. Mus

    Favourite Away Grounds...

    Went on the Internet City Owl to Notts County in the 70's, won 5-1, the fans wrecked the train on the way back! My dad turned to me and said 'I think that'll be the last time we do that'. Favourite ground now got to be Fulham.
  8. Mus

    Half Time Music

    There is some great music from Sheffield bands, but they haven't picked the best ones, needs looking at again.
  9. Watched Mike Bassett England Manager film last night, he played a 1-2-3-1-2-1 formation, that might work
  10. Mus


    Thought he did great. Looked fit, strong and shame he didn't net one of the chances, would have done his confidence the world of good.
  11. Mus

    Morgan Fox

    Worse one for me was near the dug out, three opposition players coming towards him and you could almost see the panic in his face so he just kicked it anywhere. I have always tried to defend him but looked well out of his league on Saturday.
  12. Yes he's a lovely fella, but he has only got a brother
  13. Mus

    I'd love it

    There is some positivity, Blades are rock bottom
  14. At first I thought it said 7 million, then saw it was 71! Where will it all end, it's beyond the realms of fantasy now.
  15. I married someone who loves the game as much as I do, we watched every match in the world cup, fantastic!!!