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  1. Agree with the bit about Hillsborough, it's tainted and although I love it maybe it's time we moved out.
  2. Watching the FA cup final on Saturday and the commentators were saying how the Leicester owner had listened to the fans and engaged with them to include them in the plans going forward. In our dreams!!!
  3. I know a sports teacher who is a scout at schoolboy level but other than that I've no idea.
  4. Good luck to him. Not my favourite player but wish him well.
  5. Decided to before Covid. Not paying support this regime. But people have a choice, they'll carry on going and then come on here ranting. Still waiting for my refund tickets from 2019/20 season, for two people it's about £200 quids worth!
  6. I'm just livid that we have to sit back and watch one man ruin our club. I feel so helpless!!!!
  7. I think he'll be ok in L1.
  8. Yes but sadly we aren't in the Championship now.
  9. I like this and agree wholeheartedly but considering Me Chansiri's usual record of doing what he wants, can I ask what plans going forward are there should he ignore it?
  10. The guy has been really ill for a long time. Hardly the best circumstances for working with the team. I think he will be a good L1 manager. I think we should stick with him.
  11. Well said mate! Like the Man United banner said 'created by the poor, stolen by the rich'. Football has sadly become rotten and greed ridden. Sad reflection of society in general at the end of the day!
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