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  1. So he says he was right to take the job, even Alan Sheerer, Mister Newcastle himself told him to turn it down, said it's too toxic!
  2. Any idea why Holloway likes us? He's from Bristol and doesn't seems to have any connection in the past. Strange one that.
  3. We should move on yes, BUT don't think we have heard the last of this, going through the legal process, dragging on in the courts etc, this will no doubt have an effect on our start to the season, great!!!
  4. If he has resigned then maybe it's nothing to do with NUFC and there was another problem?
  5. I'd do it for love (of the club not you lol)
  6. Roy Keane, they don't come any crazier than that
  7. I have no preference just want someone to settle us and push for the promotion our club need, to get back in the big time. Sometimes the ones you least expect are the most successful.
  8. Loved him as a player and thought he would cut it as a manager till I read the Ipswich players were terrified of him, doesn't bode well!
  9. Thanks for that, interesting. And it seems he's a regular at it.
  10. So every time we get a decent manager we're at risk of them being pinched. Might as well have stuck with Carlos!
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