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  1. TBH I heard his post match interview and hadn't got a clue what he was blathering on about, maybe the players don't either.
  2. I've decided i'm not bothering next year now, there is absolutely nothing to inspire you or get excited about.
  3. Half way through the month and even Salford are getting players in. I'm starting to get worried!
  4. OP could be a blade, they are that sad that they would do such a thing. Still obsessed!
  5. A chairman showing ambition is fine as long as it's legal, we'll have to wait and see.
  6. Thought it said 'strikers' have we ever had any! Best get me specs on lad.
  7. Er why do you think? Who would want them? Even we don't want half of them.
  8. Oh no please say he is, I can just see what's gonna happen!
  9. Plus it was rumoured the surface at the training ground wasn't helping.
  10. It must have because what I saw of him he was quality.
  11. Stupid question but what with our record on this I would like to think that the club thoroughly vets players before signing. Can imagine agents ringing the club saying 'oh yes he's been out for years with a bad knee, but he's fine now'
  12. I realise that, but along with all the other unusual activity I smell another rat.
  13. Sorry just can't help feeling that something is deffo not right at our club.
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