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  1. A close family friend passed away yesterday with this dreadful virus. He was Wednesday through and through, this is the first person I know who's passed away. So let's not get complacent, time will come when we can go and enjoy it properly, like we used to. Keep yourselves safe. UTO!!!
  2. Been saying for years, why do keepers parry balls that would be easier to catch. Must be the new way, but I don't like it, it can fall at the feet of a striker and usually does!
  3. I don't think it's simple at all, we've been going backwards for a long long time and whatever manager comes along it never seems to get any better. I'm not a massive fan of Monks but think we should give him time. Chopping and changing managers will only make things worse.
  4. Mmmm Rotherham always a tricky one that one.
  5. Ok cheers, we've got BT sport and can pay as a Sky Main Event but you have to pay for the month not just a one off match, so they've f....d you always!!!
  6. I wanted to pay to watch the match, but it says there's only audio available. Help anyone?
  7. We opted for vouchers for tickets to future games, but as fans aren't still allowed we're probably at the bottom of the pile to be dealt with.
  8. Thanks for that, I have never been good with figures or capital, probably why I'm always skint
  9. I think so if it all went wrong it's not his £30 million down the pan, he can walk away laughing.
  10. But if he already owns the stadium why doesn't he just sell it if he can't afford the payments. I'm totally lost now. I hate the way our beloved club is being used.
  11. Rhodes doesn't fit in, he needs to go asap, I wanted him as much as the next man, but he's been a massive disappointment. Time to go get a fresh start.
  12. Reach frustrates me more than any other player. I know he's got talent but it's either wasted being out of position or lack of confidence. On his day he should be one of our best but never is, so annoying.
  13. You can't help injuries, but this conceding in the last minute is too common. It's a sign of weakness which other teams now easily exploit.
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