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  1. TBH I'm sick of FF, he's petulant and of late not that good either. Get rid I say.
  2. Lee, Hutchinson and FF can go for me as well.
  3. Celebrating their promotion last week in our local, they were singing a song about us. Still obsessed !!!
  4. Couldn't agree more, we all love these players but let's face it, its time to move on, get new fresh blood in, players who don't break down consistently. Our club seems to get obsessed with certain players and it clouds the real picture. I like Lee as much as anyone but we cannot keep players who keep breaking down, its a real drain on the club.
  5. True but still think its time to clear them out, they've all had their chance, failed in two playoffs, time for fresh new blood in my opinion.
  6. WHAT! Love the guy, along with all the other injury prone players, but we've let our heart rule our heads for too long. Time to go i'm afraid, you can't base a new contract on ten minutes play it's ridiculous!!!
  7. I'm all for having a great time, I've done some daft things in my time back in the day, but this was just dangerous. You could not see hand in front of you, I was covered in blue, can't imagine what it's done to the lungs of those who were breathing it in. Obviously these 'real' fans cannot remember Bradford.
  8. Whoever thought it was fun to do this should have seen the kids struggling to breathe and a man with asthma who couldn't get his breath either. Mindless idiots!
  9. Totally agree. Football is now a business and SWFC cannot any longer be a rest and recouperation club for continually injured players, it's financial madness. We let our hearts rule our heads. I love Hooper, Lee and Hutchinson but they are not value for money.
  10. Deffo move the lot on, we've wasted too much money on injury prone players.
  11. Got a good feeling about today 3-0 to the Owls!!!!
  12. Up to a point I agree but surely a settled defence should be able to organise themselves?
  13. I have nothing against the lad but struggle to see that he's a brilliant keeper like some claim. Too many mistakes for my liking.
  14. Yeah or the Micky Mouse cup, jealous doesn't come into it!
  15. Remember it like yesterday, that goal! Can still here that dink now as clear as a bell. Had to sit on my own as got a late ticket, but will never forget my dad's face when I met him in the car park after, he passed away last September at 87 and I thank him for making me an Owl, probably the best thing he did for me!
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