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  1. I saw a child about six who looked really frightened as it exploded right next to him.
  2. Anyone know why the man behind us was arrested? Police handcuffed him and carted him off. Wonder if it had anything to do with the firework that exploded after the first goal.
  3. Those of us old enough to remember 'you're gonna get your f***ing' heads kicked in. Them were the days !
  4. Steve Bruce said all these injuries, and the length of time of recovery is ridiculous! It's going to be one of his priorities to sort out.
  5. And also that idiot also who rang Radio Sheffield after and called a member of Uniteds staff a 'c**t', I wish they would not do that, makes us look as stupid as them!
  6. I thought he was a good signing at the time but for whatever reason he has done very little for us. He never seems to get into the game, his lack of pace now being apparent which for the Championship is no good, think he is League One at best and maybe will end up there.
  7. Still chuckling ten mins later, love it. WAWAW
  8. Thank goodness for him, our mood went from depression to elation within 5 seconds, it's a crazy game!
  9. Funny how we seem to struggle in 'big' games, it's as if the other teams are more up for it, makes you wonder what our mentality as a team is.
  10. Bruce said on Radio Sheffield before the game he's looking to improve the academy because there's nothing better than bringing your own players through. That might give us a clue to our future what with the embargo, players out of contract and re-building the squad.
  11. He said himself that he hopes he is given the time and for everyone to be patient.
  12. Oh yes I remember all the excitement, he came with the honour of being Young Italian Player of the Year, but as is the Wednesday way, it didn't work out!
  13. We saw him signing autographs at the players entrance like some male model. Bet he was glad he was subbed so he could go and meet his adorersx
  14. There were some flashes of lovely play yesterday, if that's a sign of things to come then I think things are looking up for once.
  15. Yes early days but he did more in 20 seconds than Boyd did in 65 mins! Gut feeling says a good signing.
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