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  1. True cheating and diving etc is all part of the modern game i'm afraid. You either do it or you don't. those teams that don't invariably lose out. So frustrating!!!
  2. How come our goalies seem to be injury prone, bizarre!
  3. I worked with Rita about 15 years ago and she was Wednesday through and through. She would rush off at 4.00pm when we finished to catch a coach to somewhere on a freezing January night to watch the Owls, returning early hours in the morning, not even I did that! Not only that, she was very funny with a typical Sheffield sense of humour, a strong Northern woman but so lovely as well. I thought the world of her. Sad to hear of this news, I'm going to try and get to her funeral. RIP Rita, a true Owl if ever there was one.
  4. Last year I nearly bought: BDM 40 Those that know, know!
  5. Yes it is, greed and money have corrupted and ruined it, like a lot of other things.
  6. I wouldn't have paid it for our first team, they are getting no more money out of me till things are improved.
  7. This is something that deffo needs to be sorted in training. We are the only team I see that don't get an advantage from a throw in. Such a waste of an opportunity.
  8. Seems like some teams DO take this seriously. Into the last 16 !!!
  9. Yeah when you consider the League cup is the only thing we've won in livong memory!
  10. Glad I decided not to go, I knew what it would be like!
  11. They could perhaps have a drink of this on the way home which I usually only reserve for Wilder !!!
  12. It was I agree, very poor, i'm prepared to wait and see if Monk can turn it round but I'm not holding my breath, still time will tell.
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