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  1. My dad is 87 and calls it Owlerton.
  2. Mus

    George Hirst

    You're not the only one mate, I wished something would get sorted and stop us wondering.
  3. Mus

    Clare rejected us??

    Not so sure to be honest, I think they are looking for young talent who maybe ok for the prem and get them cheaper than a fully fledged prem player. If they don't work out they can offload them for a profit anyway.
  4. Sometimes yes, like the equaliser against United! Its just a heat of the moment thing, football gets you like that, thats why we all love it.
  5. Mus


    I really feel for the lad, I saw his interview when he signed, so positive and happy he had moved to us. I think we have all hoped he would find form and play his best but lets face it he has been a massive diappointment. Refusing to take that penalty didn't help either. Maybe he should draw a line under his time with us and move on.
  6. No he's gone shopping to the Range!
  7. Mus


    Thought this was about parents at the match who let their kids run riot while you are trying to watch game, like those behind us! Its all gonna come to a head one day, glad season is nearly over.
  8. Mus

    So do we all agree..

    I liked his credentials fromt he start, sometimes we need to be patient, if a new manages hasn't won after two or three games people start moaning. Look at the most successful managers, they've been with clubs donkeys years although big Jack once said he thought after five years and you've probably done all you can.
  9. Hope they can sort him out for next season, he has improved so much of late.
  10. Such a shame about Abdi, he looked a very intelligent classy player, the bits we have seen, but we cannot keep carrying injury prone players, imagine the cost to the club, its obscene!
  11. Mus

    Fernando Forestieri

    To be honest I had forgotten how good the lad is, great performance yesterday, even forgiven him for passing the ball to opposition in dodgy places, just a bit rusty.
  12. Mus


    Always a fan from the start, could see the potential and now we have seen how being patient can sometimes pay off, deffo sign for next season.
  13. Mus

    #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    I look forward to your pre matchday reports, very informative and interesting. Thank you and yes totally chilled today, me and the other half will be down Kelham Island later, enjoying a pint or two without moaning for once, Summer, bring it on !!!
  14. Every time no question, better to have been in the top flight and lost than not made it at all.
  15. Mus

    What stopped us?

    My dad says in the 60's Wednesday needed two more players to make a great squad which, he believes would have beaten Spurs to the Division 1 title but they didn't buy them, wouldn't invest and therefore never won it. Sounds familiar?