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  1. I think it's a nice message from our manager tbh, we are always moaning we never hear anything from the club. There's no pleasing some folk.
  2. Just read a good article in The Mirror, Tottenham's chairman saying football needs to stop living in a bubble and get real with what's going on. I think it was referring to players not wanting to take pay cuts.
  3. I know it's an old one but still my favourite by a mile: Hark now hear The Wednesday sing, United ran away, And we will fight forevermore, Because of Boxing Day. Not many have lasted forty years!
  4. At this rate I cannot see how the season can be concluded. Not sure what will happen if that's the case. Strange days indeed.
  5. Ah poor sods, I used to have to manage on ten grand a year!
  6. Call me thick, but were there two sets of differing charges, one against the club and one against individuals? If so, what was the difference?
  7. I've been saying this for ages, he'd have never played again if I'd been in charge. I would have liked to see how Ferguson or Cloughie would have dealt with him!
  8. If only we could have a couple of those players now! Loved them both, what talent!
  9. He's no hero to me, I find him personally irritating and petulant.
  10. No way. He is far too brittle and has not looked interested for a long time. Time for a new start elsewhere for him. Let's get fresh young players in.
  11. I agree, didn't work out for Jordan Rhodes, it would benefit both parties for him to have a fresh start elsewhere. As for FF, he was great when he first came, but for a long time seems unsettled and has been injured a lot so once again time to move on.
  12. Fair point, if we lose on Saturday that's me done for this season, you're right I need a break, some of us do.
  13. How awful that would be, not being able to go to Hillsborough xx
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