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  1. If Nuhiu scores i'll run down our road in me pants!!!
  2. Mus

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    I wonder whether we shouldn't have bothered with Bruce at all if he can't commit straight away tbh.
  3. People keep saying to sell players, no one wants them! The club is in a mess, and another month to wait for a new manager, you couldn't make it up!
  4. FFS we must be the only club who gets a new manager but he can't start for a month, it's pathetic, we need someone NOW!
  5. Hoping to get tickets but will stay over probs, I don't trust our trains one bit i'm afraid. Give yourself as much time as you can mate.
  6. Mus

    On Telly If ....

    We once got on the last EMT at St Pancras to Sheffield and they stopped at Derby and chucked everyone off. Had to cross to another platform and wait for another train, in January freezing to death. Got home about and hour and a half late. Great our railways!!!
  7. Remember driving home in silence with my dad and brother in law. Awful, just awful, should have beaten them, no doubt, but it's the Wednesday way and by now I have got used to it !
  8. True and if we get through Chelsea will be dreading it I think, in fact there could be panic on the streets of London
  9. If we can't even beat Luton at home, I'm not optimistic! Anyway we're not through yet.
  10. Klopps teeth, a billion lumens!
  11. Klopps teeth, a billion lumens!
  12. Pleased also for Fox, a changed man!
  13. He once said he supported us on the TV.
  14. Dan Walker maybe, he's an Owls fan.