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  1. I absolute love the scenary when watching Tour de Franc3z Andorra today. Hills and mountains look stunning. Would love a little camper van and drive out that way to explore.
  2. A positive move. Just need a proper sponsor now
  3. The Frank Spencer theme. or System F out the Blue.
  4. Surprises me though. London Road is not a particularly old stadium and has been extensively redeveloped.
  5. We need to reach rock bottom to move forward. Hopefully we’ll be up for sale soon.
  6. I am not so sure. Charlton and Sunderland have both had takeovers in L1. As have Bolton and Wigan. None of those clubs were in good places (other than Sunderland, all were in a far worse position). Ipswich have just been bought out as well.
  7. I am sorry to see Lees and Westwood go. Felt they could have been useful in L1. as for the rest, good news.
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