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  1. When did Micah Richards last play for them? His wages must have been astronomical.
  2. Wednesday always come first for me. that said living in Worthing, I am happy to see them do well in the non-league.
  3. Come on Wednesday. Give him 2-3 years.
  4. Will Chelsea sell? can’t buy any players atm.
  5. I think it swings around. Next season in the Premier League will be tough. The poorest teams will be Brighton, Pigs and Norwich (assuming Villa go up). Championship wont be any tougher next season that this.
  6. Wish them all well for the future. Abdi the most disappointing transfer since Jeffers. Offered so much, delivered nothing. Hooper is a class player. But the club will have concerns with wages and injury concerns. I do not think this is the last of who will leave. I’d imagine one or two will be sold. Exciting times on who will be coming in.
  7. What a poor end to the season. That said, will make it easier to say goodbye to a few players.
  8. Hopefully Bruce will slightly raise his voice at half time and we will improve.
  9. Come on Wednesday. lets end the season on a high.
  10. I will subscribe for next season again
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