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  1. We don’t take our chances. Thanks to Chansiri we are signing either players nobody wants, or youth players on loan who are unproven. Take the latest one from Arsenal for example.
  2. It is no surprise. a mid table team is losing away against a promotion pushing team. Why is anyone shocked?
  3. Why is anyone surprised? We cannot defend from set pieces.
  4. A Twitter account I am not sure is necessarily reliable
  5. 22 years outside top flight. Worst run in our history. Wolves (historically similar sized club), took 34 years to establish themselves back in top flight following their crash in the 1980s when they went down to 4th division. I can’t see us being an established top flight club in the next 10 years.
  6. I read somewhere Ron said it would have been him and Nigel Pearson managing the club. We wouldn’t have gone down in 2000 had that been the case. Who knows where we’d be now. It took Wolves 30 years following their demise to establish themselves back as a top flight club. We are at 22 years.
  7. Yes. You are right https://amp.theguardian.com/football/2002/oct/31/newsstory.sport7
  8. He wont resign. Other than Shreeves, when did we have a manager do the honorable thing?
  9. Promotion is not happening this season. Don’t anyone delude themselves.
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