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  1. We have been “branded” for life apparently.
  2. I can see that happening as a get out of jail card by the EFL.
  3. I think they should be more concerned about their own survival.
  4. Strange how Birmingham can breach FFP rules, sign players whilst under a transfer embargo and yet only get a 9 point deduction.
  5. Hey we wont be alone in a points deduction. Bournemouth broke FFP rules and got away with it by getting promoted didn’t they? Wayne Rooney FC may also get -12.
  6. I am not so sure. Given the financial meltdown headed across the globe, out of contract players cannot afford to be choosy. Disappointing result, but could have been worse. out of interest, how many seasons since our promotion back to the Championship (other than this one), have we finished within 12 points of bottom 3)?
  7. I hope Charlton survive. Heartbreaking see clubs disappearing.
  8. Not keen on the Brighton one
  9. Middlesbrough dropped one point in injury time. Preston. Dropped one point (conceded 87 mins and one in injury time). Birmingham. Dropped two points (conceded in injury time). Wigan. dropped one point (conceded in injury time). Stoke. Dropped three points (conceded two in injury time). WBA. Dropped a point with conceding an 88th minute goal. Swansea at home. Dropped two points with conceding an injury time goal. Blackburn. Dropped 3 points conceding 88 minutes and one in injury time. 14 points dropped with late goals under Monk. 7 injury time goals conceded under Monk.
  10. Are we now in double figures for injury time goals conceded this season under Monk?
  11. Oh what a surpise. Another IT goal conceded.
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