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  1. Ramones, Blitzkrieg Bop??? Before that we’ve had: Chase the Sun by Planet Funk Hey Boy, Hey Girl by Chemical Brothers.
  2. Our game against Wayne Rooney’s Derby County won’t be televised now.
  3. I went to the Brighton one in 1996. At the time we were linked with Lombardo and Wednesday fans were singing the Lambarda.
  4. West Ham (Upton Park). Tottenham (White Hart Lane). Leicester (Filbert Street) Brighton (Withdean Stadium and Goldstone Ground). Arsenal (Highbury).
  5. That’ll be nice. I am strangely optimistic about things at the moment.
  6. Good to see them back. They had dropped to the sixth tier for a while.
  7. Didn’t we play European football there?
  8. Despite being on the worst run in our history (in terms of longest run outside of top flight), our fans are still there, longing for better times.
  9. Would it not depend on costs though? It only takes a few games over a few years to pay for renovations .
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