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  1. This will kill the Champions League. UEFA’s bread and butter. I expect UEFA to have more balls than the FA.
  2. One of the best supported in the land. where is Elite Chelsea?
  3. I fear the PL will cave in. Clubs are so greedy these days, they’ll take money from the ESL to allow their clubs to continue to play domestically.
  4. I quite agree. But all the so called “fans” abroad (outside of the nationa involved) will be squealing in delight. Global sponsors and TV rights would raise a huge amount of money as they assume we’ll be watching it and the consequence will be less money trickling down to domestic leagues in terms of TV money.
  5. Jokes aside, I’d love to know what Chansiri is thinking. This Euro Superleague means he’ll never get his investment back. The money in the domestic game will only now go down.
  6. The games with the so called big clubs are often dire to watch. 0-0 games whereby I wish I hadn’t bothered.
  7. When do they plan to start? Could it have a bearing on what division we are in or is it wishful thinking on my part
  8. They should be booted out Premier League. Might keep us up this season.
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