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  1. I like Crawley. Years ago I use to do a bit of stewarding and was asked to do a game just after Christmas at Crawley. Crawley were conference then. £20 for the game. Got there only to find out called off for a frozen pitch. They still paid us and let us take as many burgers and sausages home that had been cooked, but wouldn’t be sold. Took them home and had an elderly Labrador that stuffed a lot of burgers and sausages. Happy times.
  2. It should have worked for him but didn’t. Wish him well. The saving on wages will make a massive difference in transfer window.
  3. I would go with something like that. Exeter away wont be an easy game though.
  4. The UN are sending me half a billion apparently. Got the email today. That should be enough for a buy out.
  5. Birmingham will be bottom 3 at end of season.
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