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  1. I’d love to keep Hooper if he is fully fit.
  2. Westwood, Jones, Boyd, Abdi all free transfers. How much would we save on wages?
  3. what a second half at half time I would have taken 0-0
  4. 98th min now. this is ridiculous
  5. 98th min now. this is ridiculous
  6. Where have 7 mins come from?
  7. FFS. no need to foul there. nervous 15 mins or so now
  8. Camera work reminds me of those 1980s season review vids. Where duff camera work, misses Gary Shelton’s hard work, but catches a Lee Chapman tap in.
  9. Right. We just need a couple more goals and I can start to relax
  10. Ah Joao should have been 1-0
  11. Feels a very long 34 minutes