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  1. Every team in the world, even the top ones, will get a few boos after a poor first half performance or at full time after a defeat, it's just how some people are. It was hardly a chorus of thousands of boos, it was just a minority venting their frustration. As I say, it happens everywhere.
  2. I suppose "We are top of the league but could be 6th this time tomorrow" doesn't quite have the same ring to it .
  3. Go to Sky Sports Football channel on the TV Guide, press record, and then you can select which of the red button games you want to record. .
  4. That block though. Like a young Emerson Thome doing a Mick Lyons impersonation
  5. Apparently I'm getting a refund from Steve Dale in the next 7 days. Up to 14 days. Within 28 days.
  6. I hope not seeing as he's just signed a 2 year contract.
  7. Dawson, for that mazy 100 yard dribble through their entire team, then stopping it on the line, sitting down and farting it into the net. Can't remember much else.
  8. £23 for the league cup second round against our reserves! And they'll pack the place out (which isn't too difficult) whilst pretending we're not relevant to them. Paid £25 total (2 adults 1 senior) for 3 of the best seats in house at Hillsborough for the first round and I'm sure we charged £25 for Arsenal in the 4th round a few years back. Still going, like...
  9. No mention of refunds for those of us who bought Bury tickets online. Do they think we'll have forgotten?!
  10. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/11789000/championship-football-live-watch-every-midweek-match-live-on-sky-sports
  11. You can record it and be watching the recording instead of the live stream so you can then rewind it.
  12. Our manager is Roland Nilsson And the assistant manager is Roland Nilsson And the fitness coach is Roland Nilsson And the under 23s coach is Roland Nilsson And all the physios are Roland Nilsson And the academy manager is Roland Nilsson And the goalkeeper coach is Nicky Weaver And the under 18s coach is Roland Nilsson
  13. If he's still there. 1 point from 3 games this season, following his haul of 5 points from 6 games after he joined last season. Bundesliga 2 "promotion expert" though...
  14. I was wondering if it was possible that I didn't know Peter Purves was a Wednesdayite.
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