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  1. That's just something that pretentious artists say if you dare to criticise them after they've just whacked any old crap on a canvas.
  2. Just read the article and the "artist" is the son of the (in)famous W M Lee. So if it runs in the family he's right even when wrong, only his opinion matters and nobody can tell him any different.
  3. At first glance I thought that was the whole point, putting players according to where they geographically came from e.g. Pressman in Hampshire and Trevor Francis in the West Country. But at some point they've abandoned that and started sticking them in randomly so you've got Big Ron as an Essex boy and Reda Johnson is nowhere near his birthplace or where he first played (it took me a few seconds to Google he was born in Marseille so why couldn't the artist have done that?)
  4. It's just a bizarre notion. Of course we'd want to be there (which is why I'd always rather clinch promotion in a home game than away but if that was how it turned out I'd certainly take it) but surely no real fan would genuinely hope for us not to go up in those circumstances. I bet you wouldn't find a Liverpool fan (a proper one, I don't care what all the sad plastics think) saying they'd rather not win the title now because it'll be behind closed doors or a Leeds or WBA fan saying they'd rather stay down than go up behind closed doors. I'd much rather get relegated behind closed doors than be there to witness it!
  5. Why has it got Ron Atkinson (born in Liverpool raised in Warwickshire) somewhere around Southend?
  6. What if the promotion clincher was at Luton with a 1k allocation? Would you rather us not go up because most fans wouldn't be there?
  7. Once in a lifetime? I'm only in my 40s and have seen Wednesday promoted to the top division twice, and spend 15 years there. Admittedly I'm not positive that I'll ever see it happen again...
  8. tbh I wouldn't take Francis's word as gospel, after he tried to rewrite history with his most recent version of the Cantona episode - and completely contradicted his own words from the time.
  9. Actually can't remember that at all! Although I remember going there in 1992 when we won 2-0.
  10. John Barnes was the first £10k pw footballer in the UK, and that wasn't until 1992. So had Hirst moved for a record transfer fee his wage would have presumably been around that maybe a little more, but the really obscene footballer wages didn't come until the Bosman ruling a few years later.
  11. Rather hear Bullen saying that than when Monk said that the play offs weren't realistic (when we'd been in or around them for over half the season, with one of the highest paid and on paper better squads in the league).
  12. But it wouldn't explain why many of those who were still in contract seemingly forgot how to play football as soon as they'd finished their Christmas turkey.
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