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  1. alanharper

    The shadow of The Blades

    I like the way they completely make up "facts" about Wednesday. One of the simpletons on their board has come up with the "fact" that no Wednesdayite under the age of 70 has ever seen Wednesday be top of any division after 10 games, which obviously they now all believe. Which means that despite being a quarter of a century younger than 70, I must have dreamed 83/84 and 90/91 when we were top after 10 games having won 8 and drawn 2 on each occasion.
  2. Didn't say he did. Was referring to those instances when a load of players go into the crowd, it's only ever the scorer who gets a yellow card. Typically, we're the one team when just one player who didn't score celebrated with the crowd by himself and got a suspension for it!
  3. The inconsistency is when a goal is scored and about 8 players go into the crowd - yet only the scorer is booked. Even if his team mates push him in!
  4. alanharper

    Forestieri Red Card

    I haven't seen a replay of that and I couldn't have been much further away being in the opposite corner so I don't know if it was a really bad challenge, but I said as the ref was running over that he's going to get sent off for that. Fortunately he didn't, but it was clear that the crowd and their players reactions were trying to get him a red card and it'd have been just typical after their player stayed on after assaulting him. If he had that'd have been a 3 game ban and definitely missing the derby.
  5. alanharper

    Forestieri Red Card

    Now nailed on to get sent off or injured against Brentford and miss the derby
  6. alanharper

    The shadow of The Blades

    Not the only one who did it is he, MattBianco? I think pretending to be a Wednesdayite on here is actually far far sadder than just admitting you are what you are.
  7. alanharper

    Great pic...

    Where's Bruce, was he up in the box for the corner?
  8. alanharper

    Daniel James

    He must be some player if he's playing on both wings. Do we actually even have any idea whether Lazaar is particularly quick or not?
  9. alanharper

    Foul on Forestieri

    The reaction of the Rotherham fans in that stand said it all. When the yellow came out they were all laughing and clapping, they knew he'd got away with it.
  10. Seemed to be knocked out cold, lots of players signalled to the bench straightaway. After being down for ages he walked off the pitch which was a good sign. Hopefully OK for next week and fortunately not as bad as his facial injury at Millwall.
  11. Of course he did, that was the funniest yellow I've ever seen! Not so much a jump as a Fosbury Flop
  12. VAR means that goals that would otherwise have been awarded can be ruled out because a player's toe was offside. Retrospective action using video evidence means that a player can now be banned for 2 games for diving. But you still can't appeal a ridiculous second yellow card resulting in a player being banned for celebrating a goal, or being sent off for "diving" when being scythed down. And a blatant red card offence can't be later punished if a ref has bottled it and given a yellow card. I'd give the FA/EFL a sarcastic handclap but that's a yellow card offence now as well.
  13. alanharper

    Forestieri Red Card

    He definitely left the pitch. I don't think he actually entered the stand, but was definitely celebrating with the fans at the front. But then so did everybody else, FF got the card because he was the last to extract himself when everybody else was ready for the kick-off and the pausing to high five the nob who'd ran onto the pitch seemed to be the point when the ref pulled out the card. The "going over the advertising boards" thing is a bit irrelevant as there's quite a gap between them and the actual stand at Rotherham, more than at most grounds. Was FF actually unable to extract himself because the fans simply wouldn't let go of him? Quite possibly, when I saw him he was certainly struggling to get away. If so, I hope those who held him back feel proud of themselves now.
  14. Why would you assume that? We're as far away from being a promotion challenging team as ever, and with even less resources/opportunity to rebuild the squad. In the next 5 years alone, 15 clubs are going to be relegated into this division with a £40m+ bonus transfer kitty when we'll barely be allowed to spend anything for at least the next 3 seasons. Seems to me that the few who have opted into Club 1867 actually believe this "when we get to the PL" spin as if it's a fact that it's going to happen soon.
  15. alanharper

    Positives from today

    The sight of the bottom lips wobbling on the toytown fans to our right, when they had to cancel their pitch invasion and trophy presentation .