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  1. 68% possession

    The high percentage of possession (a theme in many games, not just last night) makes our lack of shots on target even worse.
  2. 200 MINUTES!!!

    Yeah but we've actually scored with all of our last 4 shots on target - clinical So maybe we should try it more often...
  3. Streaks broken tonight

    And we managed a shot (header) on target from open play for the first time in 247 minutes
  4. Sweepstake for our next shot on target? I reckon we'll finally see one on 62 minutes, which will be a tame effort from distance straight at the keeper.
  5. If we do need to nick a goal we can always bring a striker off the bench who hasn't scored for nearly two years. Strength in depth.
  6. And the rest. Add the 67 minutes of the Villa game since Rhodes scored, which I believe was our most recent shot on target.
  7. The memory that takes you back....

    Whenever I go past Hillsborough WMC it always gets me thinking about the games in the early 80s era, we always used to go and sit in the snooker room in there before the match when I started attending. Even saw the legendary Sammy in there once.
  8. That's correct. Well, it would be if you didn't count the times when we actually did come back from 2 goals behind.
  9. Officially a massacre - get them badges made
  10. Another goal, more pisspoor goalkeeping.
  11. 10 from 12

    Sacking Megson with us third in the table and having just won a Sheffield derby raised a few eyebrows, but nobody was complaining at the end of the season were they?
  12. Norwich City Ticket Details

    Not being able to get a train after the game that would get us back to Sheffield on the same day will put a few off, me included. I'd have gone if it'd been an earlier kick off.

    Mine hasn't been answered, and it wasn't similar to those answered already so not lumped in with them. Well yeah it was sort of along those lines