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  1. "We led at Anfield from a penalty" is already on the honours board. But on Burnley's it also says "and won the game"
  2. But seriously, why hasn't that bloody Presto Stand logo on the roof still not been painted over? I seem to remember it being mentioned before at a fan forum, and the excuse being that they couldn't do it for health and safety reasons because there wasn't enough time between games or summat. We haven't had a home game for almost 10 months now...
  3. If it was still an issue surely they'd have called off the Everton game as well? Presume they were either quarantined or allowing recovery time for those who caught it before reopening the training ground at some point this week, which would have been too soon for the Wycombe game.
  4. Game in hand over Derby now though, so it's not the end of the world. Imagine how miffed toytown, Wycombe and Forest will be at Bournemouth, losing against both Derby and us!
  5. I was 10, it was only my second ever away game. We were in the stand behind the goal with those awful wooden seats which looked like they'd been there since the 15th century (and were still there when I last went to Burnley, decades later), but over to the side and I couldn't even see the goal at our end. When they got the early penalty, all I could do was look at the fans in the "stand" to our left which was split half Wednesday and half Burnley, either that or all the Wednesday fans were stood at our end, and pray that it would be the Wednesday fans celebrating and not Burnley. Thankfully it
  6. So was he so desperate to sign for Wednesday that he kept waiting, or....did nobody else want him?
  7. They were saying how they were "light years" ahead of us last season. I remember the last time they were banging on about being light years ahead of us the last time they were in the PL. They then spent 6 of the next 10 years in League 1.
  8. Aaron Ramsdale has kept just six clean sheets in 56 Premier League appearances for Bournemouth and Sheffield United combined (10.7%) – the worst ratio of any goalkeeper to play at least 50 Premier League games. When you manage to offload a dud for £1m, but then buy him back for £18.5m
  9. Idea for a programme. "Current Premier League Players Who Cost Less Than Rhian Brewster" #1 Heung-min Son
  10. Get Jags in for his trademark 3 goals conceded per league start.
  11. Lucas Moura coming on. A player who cost a similar transfer fee to Brewster.
  12. Started when it was played at half time at Brentford in the play off semi final second leg
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