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  1. 4 times that I can remember seeing. All at home as well...
  2. Must be the Wednesdayite in me thinking this game isn't safe yet!
  3. Bet Bez is going to be English again tomorrow.
  4. alanharper

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Sheridan at Wembley. No explanation necessary.
  5. alanharper

    Who's had the toughest start?

    Agreed, the table is so tight at the moment that a single win completely changes things e.g. this time last week we were 13th with a game in hand, if we'd lost at Bristol we'd have been 14th and they'd have been 6th, but we won and we're in the top 6 whilst they're mid table. The OP's graph also only takes into account the current table and not where teams were and their form when we actually played them e.g. Millwall were 9th and unbeaten after 4 games and we beat them and they've plummeted since then, Bristol were in the top 3 only a few weeks ago, Norwich were winless when the pigs beat them and they've since put a run together. So there's really no way of accurately doing this but any table which puts the pigs at the bottom is fine with me. .
  6. Has Hutch injured himself by fouling somebody yet?
  7. alanharper

    Birmingham away details

    We use a two together railcard, with that got them for £18.45 return so it'd be nearer £30 without one. Split tickets - we got a day return Sheffield-Derby and singles each way from Derby-Birmingham. It's the same train, and after a bit of cancelling and re-adding journeys eventually got the same seats allocated for both legs on the trip there and just a couple of rows apart on the way back. Edit - Sorry, I didn't see your follow up post as it was on the next page! .
  8. alanharper

    Birmingham away details

    Oh yeah I remember the traffic crawl now. Going on train this year. What made it even worse was not being able to get an internet signal on phone and only after the game seeing a photo that somebody had posted on here just after the start of the Wednesday fans clearly showing an unsold block of vacant seats near the back that we could have moved to instead of enduring the monsoon.
  9. alanharper

    QPR Away Details

    Villa will have been given the bottom tier as well. Maybe we'd have got more and we'd certainly have had more demand for tickets if the game was at a weekend but yet again QPR (and Millwall) away has been made a midweek game, for the 4th or 5th season in a row. I'm glad of the red button option this year.
  10. alanharper

    Birmingham away details

    Hoping to get decent seats this year, last season's frustrating 1-0 defeat was made even more depressing by being near the front and getting absolutely pisswetthrough because Birmingham didn't build a roof that actually covered the seats at the front of the stand.
  11. alanharper

    Teamsheets, appearances and goals

    You just need to put Wednesday's score first.
  12. alanharper

    Las Vegas for Boro Game

    I was in Las Vegas when Di Canio scored that wonder goal at Everton in 1998. I've also been there twice in the summer when Wednesday weren't playing. Sorry, I just wanted to join in
  13. alanharper

    Jos v Carlos - 38 games in

    And CC got to use a fit Hooper, Lee, Westwood etc. and JL didn't.
  14. alanharper

    Jos v Carlos - 38 games in

    Comparing JL's first 38 games with Carvalhal's last 38 might be more telling...
  15. alanharper

    33-1 for promotion

    Maybe because there was a similar bet last year with people on here saying that it was basically printing money. And that's when we were 1/3 to finish top half! https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/256506-licence-to-print-money/