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  1. So he's brought his own players in, and also has a lower PPG record since he brought in his own coaching staff than he did before he got them. The excuses for his apologists are fast running out...
  2. 4. Which is fewer than the number of times we shipped 3 or more goals at home under Monk. And we only lost 2 of his 9 home games, scoring 16 times.
  3. I'd actually forgotten about him, has he scored a goal in the Championship yet? Presumably not or there'd have been another 20 page thread! Hirst to score his first goal and Wycombe to get their first points then, another fabulous week coming up.
  4. Definitely need something different. Would "winning and playing good football" be too much to ask?
  5. Reminds me of Lee Peacock. Works hard, puts himself about and we're better off with him in the team than out of it, but he's never going to score many.
  6. We haven't lost a league game there since 1976. Monk - "Hold my beer."
  7. Rotherham and Wycombe in poor form as well, could do with somebody rolling over to give them some morale boosting points in their next couple of games. Who've they got?
  8. Well there's not much chance of him pulling a muscle or getting a strain at the speed he moves.
  9. Interesting that since that was announced, not long after Pelupessy became the only player we bought for quite a while, the only players that we paid a fee for to sign permanently in the subsequent two years were £200k for Iorfa almost a year afterwards (paid for by the Chelsea cup tie), and Luongo last summer. And the big earners all gradually left.
  10. Deal. @Bloody Valentine @whw @Owling with laughter @Class of 91 100% definite pigs. And I've got suspicions about a few others too. Plus a couple of others who come on but maybe not tonight.
  11. But you need to score and create chances at home to win home games. I just don't see how 3 defensive players would have changed that. We may have got a 0-0, but even that would have been depressing.
  12. Looking at the "who's online" bit, there are certainly a few pigs around at the moment. I'm sure they'll have voted, I wonder which way...
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