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  1. alanharper

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    So...... is George Hirst going to Real Betis or not?
  2. alanharper

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Leicester and the Belgian club are clearly being unethical and bending the rules here, obviously in collusion with the Hirsts and it leaves a sour taste. However, is everyone complaining about a club trying to get round regulations posting from the back of a D Taxi whilst supping from a bottle of Elev8?
  3. alanharper

    Rhodes to Norwich

    A thread about our record signing potentially leaving - 6 pages (padded out by people talking about holidays) A thread about a kid who's made 2 sub appearances leaving - 41 pages and counting .
  4. alanharper

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    He won't be loaned to Leicester, as he'll be nowhere near their first team. Expect this Belgian side to mysteriously loan their hot young prospect coup of a signing to a lower league English team to continue his development (if it wasn't a bent deal they'd have absolutely no reason to do this - unless they come up with some bs excuse like homesickness). Then he'll be free transferred to Leicester in one of the next two transfer windows. .
  5. There you go. QPR and Millwall away in midweek. Again.
  6. That's authenticity at its finest. I got the original 1984 shirt for Christmas and before New Year the Umbro lettering said Um o
  7. You can tell it's one of the recently released retro shirts because they got that one badly wrong. It looks like it's got white dots all over the blue stripes whereas the original is much more subtle.
  8. I bet I could easily eat £30 worth of breakfast. We'll be bankrupt if Tango turns up though
  9. alanharper

    Hillsborough refurbishment

    I knew that sign falling off was just a distraction technique whilst they whacked the new roof on
  10. Kept that quiet, didn't they?!
  11. alanharper

    League Cup Draw This Friday

    Usually the Championship clubs and the team who finished bottom of the PL have played in round 1, with the other 2 relegated clubs and the PL clubs who aren't playing in Europe entering in round 2. It then works out that there are 32 clubs in round 3, I think it may vary if there are a different number of clubs playing in Europe, sure some team got a bye in the first round one year.
  12. A few have done it. In fact Jeffers isn't even the only ex Wednesday and Everton player with 1 England cap and 1 goal, Tony Kay did it as well.
  13. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news-and-comment/seat-at-the-fas-table-for-the-old-new-van-basten-ritchie-humphreys-8869946.html Humphreys knows only too well the unpredictability of a young player's path. As a teenage Sheffield Wednesday striker he was once dubbed the next Marco van Basten – though he is eager to explain that was the product of a journalistic misquotation after he scored in a pre-season fixture in Van Basten's home town, Utrecht, where Johan Cruyff was guest of honour. "The journalists asked him, 'What about the Wednesday No 9?'," says Humphreys. "I believe he said, 'It was a good goal. He may have a decent future.' From that it was Johan Cruyff saying I was the new Van Basten!"
  14. alanharper

    Owls to host Dutch opponents

    Gerald Sibon
  15. alanharper

    Weirdest Wednesday goals

    Steve Gritt playing for Charlton, 1983. Under no pressure at all on the edge of his own box he turned and thumped it into the top corner of the Kop net. That made it 4-4 after we'd been 3-1 and 4-2 down, and we ended up winning 5-4