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Community Answers

  1. Good news for us, makes Cameron Dawson worth at least £10m
  2. That man has no dignity. Footballers should have the "sports casual" look.
  3. It's an awful look. Hate shoes with no socks.
  4. Doubt it's imminent, if it was he wouldn't have played in our friendly yesterday.
  5. Never heard of him. And I was at that Wrexham game. Which I only remember because it was one of only 4 times in 40 years of going that I left before the end.
  6. How did he do it, trying to kick a corner over the first man?
  7. Just got evens for Trialist first goalscorer. But Ossett to win to nil is 1/3.
  8. The club can announce it now, ST renewal deadline has just expired.
  9. Definitely one of Neil's new characters. "Linda", not Bannan.
  10. A week ago from now, it was half time, we were winning 1-0 in the final and looking comfortable. It all seems such a long time ago now...
  11. We aways do crap. Then get promoted the following year (or 5 years later if it's the 1970s!)
  12. Doesn't really matter, as long as Wednesday aren't doing well they're happy.
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