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  1. It's not just Rhodes who spectacularly ended a barren run today
  2. They started leaving when the third went in. It was funny in the second half when every wayward shot they had prompted another exodus.
  3. Thanks for that, 0-1 defeat next week confirmed
  4. Yep, surprised to see it tbh. First time he's ever been on the Wednesday bench for a league game, fact fans.
  5. He's one of our own, he's one of our own, Robin Hood, he's one of our own.
  6. You've probably heard that I'm going, and I haven't seen us win away in the league since last October at Villa. Despite going to at least a dozen away games since then... Sorry in advance everyone.
  7. Forestieri injured. Westwood presumably still pretending to be "slightly injured" (he just doesn't do the subs bench). Abdi is 100% though.
  8. Ref Watch - James Linington Quite an odd one to judge, because although he's been mostly uncontroversial and our record under him is actually quite good (W8, D3 L4) and we've won our last 3 under him scoring 11 goals, like Tim Robinson despite a lot of quite reasonable performances he's heavily tarnished by one particularly diabolical decision against us - in his case bottling a blatant Keogh handball on the line at Derby which started the run of what's now 4 shocking penalty or disallowed goal decisions at Derby in a row. We last had him for the 4-1 win at Boro, and he also reffed us on the opening day for the 3-1 win at Reading (which was the only time he's given a Wednesday player a red card although it was a blatant one for Westwood) and the time before that was the 4-2 win over Blackburn, so continuing that run at Forest, preferably without the red, would be very welcome. We've also never had a penalty from him - could he break that duck and award us a penalty for what would be a remarkable (for us, we're not Preston) fourth consecutive Saturday? I give him a 6 on the GeorgeCourtneyometer (sorry Jimmy, but you get 5 Courtneys automatically added just for that bloody handball at Derby)
  9. Turns 30 before the end of the season. Never played at Championship level before this season. 3 good scoring seasons in his pro career, which were in L1, L2 and the Scottish second tier. Always comes across as a bit of a bell end when I've seen him on TV. It's a no from me.
  10. I'd go back to the 3 man midfield and 1 up top for this one, with no Hutch we're a bit lightweight in the middle so I think we'd struggle with a 442. Dawson Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Luongo Bannan Lee Harris Fletcher Reach I'm sure Lees will play though, but I'd rather have Iorfa and Borner as the CBs
  11. Possibly - although he's now 1 closer to 15 yellows and a 3 card ban. So he should manage to accumulate those by February at the latest. Such a shame that many of his cards have been so needless, although my "favourite" was when he got wiped out by an opponent (think it was the Fulham game) and he got the yellow.
  12. I actually did genuinely think it was Hutch, I wondered why the ref was booking Reach! Breathed a sigh of relief because Hutch would have got a 2 game ban with a yellow - but then the silly sod went and got himself a completely needless yellow later anyway.
  13. Hands up, I jinxed him / us. Definitely added a few points to the GeorgeCourtneyometer with that penalty, but then we're always on the wrong end of appalling penalty decisions at bloody Derby.
  14. Today's Ref Watch - Stephen Martin Sounds like a comedian but we won our last game that he reffed us in 2-0 at Bolton which ended a run of 3 straight losses under him but our record before that was decent, overall we've won 6, drawn 2 and lost 4. No real shocking decisions spring to mind, we had a Hooper onside goal disallowed for offside at Birmingham but that's the lino at fault. Therefore he ranks a lowly (which is good) 2/10 on the GeorgeCourtneyometer
  15. Yeah but can he do 20 keepy-ups on a cold December night in Derbyshire?
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