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  1. Wednesday - V - United OMDT

    Clarke up front for them. Sharp and Evans on bench, no Donaldson
  2. It's made the Mos Eisley forum. Alongside those rightfully condemning it there are the usual suspects saying stuff like "Wednesday fans could have done it for propaganda". #forgedinfuckwittery
  3. ISIS have already claimed responsibility
  4. Doing it early morning as well, not brave enough to do it when people are around. Cowardly scum.
  5. 500 not out

    Oh there have been plenty of sick days from work in that time but nothing serious enough to stop me from going to the match. Worst illness I had was shingles which was 3 weeks off work, but I still went to the Dagenham game in the middle of that Closest I came to missing a game was Rotherham last year, had a really nasty bout of flu and was seriously doubting I'd be able to go but was just about starting to get over it by matchday so managed to drag myself along.
  6. 500 not out

    Stopped buying programmes years ago apart from the odd one (going to be a part time glory hunting programme buyer today tho!) I knew that 1995 game was the last one I missed so I decided to do a count up a while ago which was easy enough with either 19 or 23 home league games per season and I was on about 480 consecutive games at that point. I've made it through the night so def attending today for the quincentenary (I thought I'd just made that up but no its an actual word, technically it means 500 years but I'm having it!) I haven't actually counted the 3 home play off games in that time so if dem pigs do turn us over I'm claiming them as well and it was just my 503rd consecutive game they ruined and not the big one! (which would then have been the Sunderland game). But if Wednesday can do the special 150th anniversary programme today rather than a couple of games ago which was closest to the anniversary then I can have my 500th game today!
  7. The best midfield on the planet, Fleckinho, Couttsonaldo, Brooksadona and Bashambaur - can't believe we're finally getting to see these Galacticos in the flesh.
  8. Wednesday - V - United OMDT

    What's more impressive is that he nearly forgot to do it and only started typing it at ten to twelve.
  9. 500 not out

    Yeah but I can remember you missing a game because your wife's sister's puppy accidentally fell into the strawberry patch Always annoyed me that I didn't start going until the season after the 79-80 promotion campaign though...
  10. 500 not out

    So it's not just a huge derby but a personal milestone for me, being the 500th consecutive home league game that I've attended - the last one that I missed being vs Southampton on 2nd January 1995 (I was reyt ill and away from Sheffield). Also been to loads of cup games but not counting those as I did miss a handful, who cares about the JPT anyway. I've probably missed no more than about 10 home league games since 1981 with most of those being due to family holidays as a kid in the 80s which clashed with early season games. Definitely only missed 2 since 1988, the other being because of a clash with the Donington Monsters Of Rock festival in 1992 which I'd booked before the fixtures came out and I was praying it'd be an away game but it turned out to be a 3-3 draw at home to Chelsea. Yeah I know, what a part-timer. Not claiming to be a better supporter than anybody else or a superfan, there are probably a few on here with similar or better attendance records, but it does irk me when people miss games because of a bit of a sniffle or say they just can't be bothered to go. To keep the record going I've attended games when I've really not been well including turning up to see us beat Dagenham and Redbridge when I had shingles, also been to the match on the same day that my first child was born (don't worry I still attended the birth as well as a 1-3 defeat to Wolves, my other 2 children had the sense to be born after the season finished) and worked holiday dates around games, e.g. I once flew back from Florida and literally went straight to see us draw 0-0 with Rushden & Diamonds, and went from LA to Heathrow to Hillsborough for a 1-3 drubbing by Villa (Sanetti game). Hoping for a memorable win to mark the milestone and here's to the next 500 games / 22 years - which hopefully won't include such a depressing decade of football in the middle!
  11. Referee for Sunday

    Just hope he's not one of these refs who give every decision in favour of the away team just to try and show that he isn't swayed by a big home crowd.
  12. The Pig Pulveriser

    Didn't we beat em under Terry Yorath as well