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  1. It makes a change from days gone by when we'd often struggle against the weaker teams! You can only beat what's put in front of you, and even though the 7 teams we've beaten are all currently in the bottom 8 they weren't all there when we played them and some of them wouldn't be there now if they'd beaten us. Huddersfield and Cardiff away plus Fulham and Stoke at home would have also been considered to be very tough games when the fixtures came out so 8 points from those 4 games is a very decent return. The "problem" with being 3rd now is that it makes the truly gash results (and refereeing) look even worse, we should be at least 3 points better off from incompetent refs alone, and if we were realistic about promotion we really shouldn't be losing games against mediocre sides like Hull, Millwall and QPR (who are in a false position, more so than us). Even Preston aren't particularly good imo, they just shithouse all game and grind out results. We'd have beaten them if Odubajo hadn't gone batshit mental. We need to start picking up a decent points return against the teams likely to be promotion contenders, so if we could start doing this on Saturday that'd be very welcome!
  2. I'd be sad and bitter too if we had a squad as expensive as Stoke's and were stuck in the relegation zone and had only managed to create one chance against such a "flipping gash" team. Come to think of it, the football team is irrelevant - I'd be sad and bitter if I had to live in Stoke.
  3. We were still being far too rash in giving away needless free fouls. Sure I wasn't the only one thinking here we go again when Bannan(?) made that stupid challenge deep into injury time to give them a free kick just outside the area! Thankfully Duffy isn't as good at taking free kicks as Tomlin, and they didn't think to cheat by putting a big ape in front of the keeper. I also noticed that Dawson's position was much better, he obviously learned from Friday.
  4. Can't see him down for a game this weekend, he's 4th official at QPR on Monday. Probably been given time off as a reward rather than punishment. It doesn't get any better for us, ref for the Leeds game is... Tim Robinson.
  5. It'd be helpful if they'd actually stated at which points Penistone and Herries Road are closed seeing as they go all the way to Shalesmoor and the NGH respectively...
  6. The detail that wasn't actually included in the OP: As part of the club’s commitment to residents living in and around Hillsborough, our stadium operations team are providing key information relative to all matchday activity in S6. This will include all pertinent issues and continues for tonight’s Championship fixture against Stoke City. Match details Tuesday 22 October Championship Sheffield Wednesday v Stoke City Kick-off: 7.45pm Visiting coaches: Four Visiting supporters: 700 Attendance: 24,000 Road closures Herries Road/Herries Road South diversion route 9.30pm – 10.30pm Penistone Road North single lane closed 6.45pm – 9.15pm Catch Bar Lane/Leppings Lane closed 7.00pm – 9.30pm Penistone Road both carriageways closed 9.30pm – 10.30pm Herries Road closed 9.15pm – 10.15pm
  7. I'd rather have drawn 1-1 due to that penalty being given and the free kick being disallowed for offside, at least we wouldn't have been cheated out of the points.
  8. Could be something in that, we've only won 1 of the last 9 games he's reffed us in (at Leeds in the snow) and 7 of those were away from home. But I've no wish to see him ref us again to put it to the test. He also denied us 2 points at Derby last season the last time he reffed us before Friday, ruling out a perfectly good WInnall goal, and he started the "Forestieri is a diver" trend by giving him a second yellow for not actually diving at Preston.
  9. Of course it's all related. Basically SAG's pathetic "solution" to a bit of handbags after a Sheffield derby has now led to thousands of people who aren't even interested in football being inconvenienced 23+ days of the year. Because SYP apparently now can't cope with even the smallest away followings coming into contact with home fans (which happens at the vast majority of grounds all over the country without incident, and has never been a big issue at Hillsborough in 120 years until now, as a child I used to walk out of the North and up Leppings Lane cutting straight through huge tides of thousands of Geordies, Mancs and scousers etc. who were heading to Wadsley rail station with no bother whatsoever), home fans are made to all leave at the opposite end, resulting in concerns rightly being raised by those fans for their safety on the road at that end. Which led to a section of road being closed for an hour, and which now looks like being extended for further and longer to also negatively impact local residents and businesses. Its utterly farcical. I could even understand if they used these measures very occasionally say when Leeds come here, but it's completely stupid and pointless when all those thousands of fans and public are hugely inconvenienced when there are 200 fans from Luton here on a Tuesday night.
  10. I wonder if he'll have the balls to apologise to us like he did to Newcastle. Doubtful, it's easy to be sorry when your bad call didn't actually cost a team the game but probably not when it's admitting that he cost a team 2 points. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/04/05/newcastle-uniteds-bizarre-disallowed-penalty-has-left-everyone/amp/
  11. Shouldn't have been a free kick, then should have been offside, but you still have to question Dawson's positioning. Another step to the right and he'd possibly have saved it. I know he's trying to see the ball but you can't do that at the expense of leaving a gap that size.
  12. Was blatantly obvious he'd score as soon as they put up the caption that he's scored 1 in his last 23 games.
  13. If we don't have a keeper on the bench, Colin being the nasty cynical f**er that he is will no doubt be targeting Dawson for some rough treatment.
  14. Not to mention night matches - Penistone Road is already chocka at rush hour, so how is all that traffic going to cope when it's closed? To think all this has stemmed directly from SYP not policing one game properly. I feel sorry for people at the SCC Christmas party, with all those sledgehammers being used to crack the nuts...
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