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  1. Bristol rolling over again, as tgey have against all the clubs they've played at the bottom recently - apart from us.
  2. Boro to roll over tomorrow, then send us down on Saturday.
  3. Note. Never let Windass take a free kick again. Ever.
  4. That reminds me, we should burn the players in a big wicker man at the end of the season to get good luck for next year.
  5. Funny thing is, Derby fans will be bricking themselves right now. They really don't know how gutless our lot are.
  6. Unlike our players who stood around and waited for you to post it.
  7. Great to see the sheer passion and determination of the players, busting a gut to scrap for their and the club's future.
  8. Sign him up on a 1 year deal, watch him do well next season and walk away on a free transfer next summer.
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