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Community Answers

  1. ffs Wolves on the break have an open net from a simple square ball, which ends up being poo
  2. Come on Wolves ffs Nailed on late scouse winner followed by a national plastic explosion
  3. Gabriel Jesus us such a frustrating player. Greedy little sod, combined with a slappable mardy face.
  4. Sylla Sow, it puzzled me when he wasn't on the released list, I assumed he'd be out of contract. Who gave that useless chuff a 2 year deal? We didn't need him then, we can't release him now, even though we've let Berahino go who was ahead of him in the pecking order and is a far better player.
  5. I hope Neil shithouses them to death - just to see the hypocritical whining from Ainsworth and Stockdale when somebody does it to them.
  6. Here's Ollie just moving a frying pan away from a downed gas man
  7. Took me a few loops to even notice the state of the kid, after being distracted by the Proclaimer and Scouse Granny Dickfingers.
  8. What's wrong with some people? Why would he film himself acting, unprovoked, like an absolute tool to another person and then post it for the world to see? I guess, like the fireworks video the other week, it's just those lovable cheeky scousers having a laugh so it's OK. Why was Vieira even there though? Final whistle goes, he's already next to the tunnel, yet when the fans come on he walks 50 yards onto the pitch.
  9. Burnley leading, Everton 2 down. It's got very interesting. Those Burnley fans though, straight out of The Hills Have Eyes
  10. How exactly can Forest, or any club, "control their fans" in a situation like that, short of fencing them in? Sharp was targeted because he's a shithouse who likes to goad opposition fans, not saying that justifies the attack, but that's why it happened. Your lot were attacking Walsall players on the pitch when you went down to division 4, it's not a recent phenomenon.
  11. Probably not much in it but there were very slightly more southern clubs in the league. Then again Sunderland is probably closer to Ipswich than Plymouth is! There'll be more next season with Exeter, Bristol Rovers and Forest Green, plus potentially Swindon coming up which are relatively local for Plymouth but will be major trips for Sunderland if they don't go up.
  12. What, McBurnie acting like a thug? Noooo, I'm not having that. Only seems fair that he should get a similar custodial sentence and ban from football as the Forest fan who clattered Sharp.
  13. Sean Bean is booking the Megabus and rounding up a bunch of kids and middle aged women as we speak.
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