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  1. alanharper

    Shortlist of 5

    Sorry, I thought you were taking the pish so responded in kind. If you were really being serious....seek help. Please.
  2. alanharper

    Jaap Stam

    Reading's football was as boring as fooooook. In that season when we bored everybody to death yet finished 4th they played a similar style, finished 3rd but failed in the playoffs and then struggled after that and became a dull lower half side playing dreadful football until the manager left and was replaced by an equally boring/clueless one who didn't improve anything. Sounds familiar...
  3. alanharper

    Shortlist of 5

    Surely Guardiola is the man for the job. His career so far has consisted of walking into cushy jobs where winning trophies is guaranteed. If he actually wants to ever be taken seriously as a manager he needs to go to a struggling club lower down the pyramid and turn them around.
  4. alanharper

    Jos still nowhere near our worst manager

    Starts a thread called "Jos still nowhere near our worst manager" Provides evidence that if we lose on Saturday he'll be the 21st worst out of 23.
  5. alanharper

    If I was SWFC manager.

    SolihullOwl79 out
  6. alanharper

    Westwood to Weeds

    Two potential explanations - Jos is finally f**ing off and Westwood is back in the first team picture but needs a few games to regain match sharpness, possibly at the request of a new manager or Westwood is going to Leeds or somewhere else but they wanted some reassurance that he actually is fit to play before committing It's odd that Boyd randomly returned as well after also being frozen out all season, but I suppose that either scenario above could equally apply to him as well. Interesting that Steve Bruce will know Boyd well from his time at Hull and may see him as being able to come back in and do a job.
  7. alanharper

    Westwood to Weeds

    Was on the bench on Saturday, as he has been for every other league game this season, so unless he did himself a mischief between Saturday night and yesterday morning then no.
  8. alanharper

    Westwood to Weeds

    This may very well be true - but Jos has openly said that he, and the rest of the £120kpw for doing nothing gang, aren't being selected for footballing reasons and Westwood is officially third choice keeper. So he's either a buffoon who stubbornly refuses to select players who'd strengthen a struggling squad, or he's openly lied to the fans. Either way he comes out of it looking like a c___
  9. alanharper

    Swansea - ticket details

    Bannan's got one. He'll be leading the Jos Out chants.
  10. alanharper

    I've got a source in club (No joke)

    I love how so many random people have access to Chansiri's personal itinerary (and all seem to have a different one)
  11. alanharper

    Westwood to Weeds

    He should be in our team, we all know that, but it looks like we've burnt our bridges with him. So as he'd be leaving in the summer on a free anyway we may as well let him go in January and save six months wages.
  12. alanharper

    Perry Groves Friday quiz

    Perry Groves?
  13. alanharper

    Westwood starts u23

    He played half a game at Lincoln in the friendly, kept a clean sheet and was then never seen again until now.
  14. alanharper

    Westwood starts u23

    Heard that he gets a contract extension and a loyalty bonus if he keeps it for another 29 minutes
  15. alanharper

    Westwood starts u23

    He did seem to be suffering with a hole in the hands on Saturday