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Community Answers

  1. I'm going to Cheltenham though. Can't wait, I'm counting the sleeps.
  2. I see Sunderland had another dominant win. Bizarre. It's almost as if they have a game plan, don't sit back, and play to their player's strengths and don't worry about the opposition. Or being tired.
  3. Stream I was watching has gone kaput. Not even bothered.
  4. Changing "clashing" shorts has literally been a thing for decades.
  5. I'd love it if the players made a point of walking straight past these cringey fkers and gave their shirts to somebody else.
  6. Got ours for £37 (with railcard), direct trains both ways no changes.
  7. Alternately, instead of this ball playing centre back, we could just stop f__ing about playing out from the back and putting ourselves under needless pressure.
  8. Looks like there were 4 broadcast live last year with 3 of them being on BT Sport (would ITV really show 3 live games from round 1?) Quite a few other ties were live digitally on either Iplayer or the BT equivalent. However what must have been the biggest game, Ipswich v Portsmouth, wasn't amongst the 4 main live picks, they all involved non league teams.
  9. Don't know how many ties get selected for live TV for round 1 but I bet the first one is Sudbury v Colchester, purely because they're the lowest ranked team left in the competition at home to EFL opposition. After that, who knows. Ours is probably the "biggest" tie but they like to focus on the non-leaguers at this stage.
  10. No idea who it was drawing the away teams, but he managed to draw us the hardest possible tie from 73 remaining balls. Cheers pal.
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