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  1. Mulgrew

    Good L1 CB with a good scoring record at that level in a promoted team. However last time he played at our level he scored 3 in 33 and got relegated...
  2. What's Jason Koumas up to these days?
  3. Goal of the Season Competition

    1. Nuhiu 2. Forestieri 3. Reach (Villa)
  4. Forestieri appreciation thread

    I appreciate Forestieri
  5. Also going back a bit further, pooping Pompey's promotion party with a last minute Michael Reddy winner
  6. Not one mention yet for my vote - who's still our top scorer despite missing half the season. God we've missed Gary Hooper
  7. What's the point of having Alex Hunt, Ashley Baker, Fraser Preston and Jacob Butterfield on the list?
  8. If fans wanted to get on they will do. Not worth the ban really for celebrating the third goal in a dead rubber against Reading though. There were riot police lined up in front of the Palace fans in 2010 - who just stood and watched as they ran past them onto the pitch sparking ugly scenes.
  9. Who did it yesterday? There was a small ripple of applause but I didn't catch the name.
  10. Bannan’s impact

    It would have been had it been called 'one flew over a cuckoos nest'. But it wasn't
  11. Nixon

    Will he be any good after the Honeyman period is over?
  12. Boyd scores for #SWFC - Goal....

    Why is our left back popping up in the centre forward position? Who does he think he is, Reda Johnson?
  13. Saturday 3pm

    May well have been - but we've had a ridiculously low number of Sat 3pm kickoffs this season.
  14. God I Miss This Team

    I was at the game and don't remember that Hirst tackle at all. Must have been a fairly standard challenge back then.
  15. Steve Morison

    Has Wells been injured or is he one of those players who are decent at a lower level but can't hack it in the PL? He's only made 8 appearances as a sub since joining Burnley in the summer for about £5m, and 7 of those were for fewer than 10 minutes.