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  1. Snodgrass and Terry are just out of shot at the bottom of the frame.
  2. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    I'll tell you the best people to ask whether Villa were the better team or not - Villa fans. And almost to a man they agree that they were lucky as hell to win that game https://www.villatalk.com/topic/17365-ratings-reactions-sheff-wed-v-villa/
  3. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    So by your rationale if a team is absolutely smashed all game, get lucky for 90 minutes whilst the opposition hits the woodwork 18 times yet they break away in the last minute and win 1-0 with their only attack then they deserved to win the game. Reyt.
  4. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    They were the better team? Was I at the same game as you? We could've been 5-1 up at the break.
  5. Game time goals conceded

    I think we're most likely to concede between 61-70 minutes.
  6. Jos and subs

    Should have at least thrown Rhodes on for the last few minutes and sacrificed a defender at 3-2 down.
  7. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    I love the way some fans just see the odd photo or video that FF posts on Facebook and assume that's the only knowledge the club have about his recovery as well.
  8. I went to Donington a couple of times in 92 and 95. Can't remember why I didn't go in 96, because I love Kiss and Ozzy. 1992 when Maiden headlined was 1 of only 2 league home games I've missed in over 30 years, booked it before the fixtures were announced and prayed we'd be away but we weren't so I missed the 3-3 draw with Chelsea. Same thing nearly happened in 1995 (Metallica) we were at home but fortunately it got moved to the Sunday for Sky so I could still go.
  9. Swansea Villa is a league game that we're not really expected to win anyway. I know people say we're not safe yet but realistically the Villa game may make the difference at the end of the season between finishing 15th and 16th, there are plenty of winnable games left to secure safety. Beat Swansea and the club makes the best part of a million quid and the fans get a really big FA cup tie at Hillsborough which we've not had for over 20 years. Sure, Spurs may batter us but they may also turn up with the attitude that saw them fail to win against Newport and Rochdale. I suspect Jos will favour the league game though, if we were taking the cup seriously he'd have gone for it in the Swansea home game.

    If we can't neg any more, can bell ends who bump random threads just get banned? It's not big and it's not clever kids.
  11. Excellent news. What time is he getting injured?
  12. More appropriate player names

    Morgan oh for Fox sake