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  1. 3 point deduction then? Not bad, we do that most weeks. Or do you mean a 21 point deduction with 9 suspended so we lose 12?
  2. It was never a realistic ambition - the morale boosting words of our own manager.
  3. Think Huddersfield missed their first 3 but it wasn't 3-0 at any point.
  4. Depends on results / performances against Charlton and Derby as well.
  5. I was at Molineux that night, still have nightmares about it. Sure we're the only team I've ever seen, possibly the only team ever, to go 3-0 up in a shootout and still lose. Amazing pen though, that was the first time I'd ever seen a goalkeeper take a penalty in a shootout as one of the first five takers. He later scored one (I think the winning pen) against Watford as well, the game when Di Canio received two yellows and a red card for disputing a throw in.
  6. That's one way to look at it. Another would be that despite a defensive formation we conceded two goals in the first half in an away game for the first time since last April.
  7. No recognised striker and picks a midfield with less tackle than a eunuch. And 3 centre forwards on the bench? Alright Jos a joke's a joke. You've gone too far and.blown your cover, let the real Monk out of your basement please
  8. Bet you didn't have to pay £36 at Barnsley and £40 at Blackburn like we did though.
  9. Yet despite being absent from the last 5 games and not starting a league game since NYD, there are still only 7 players at the club who've played more league minutes than Hutchinson this season, and he's played more minutes than Lee and Pelupessy put together - yet they both still get selected and they're both out of contract in the summer as well and Lee has been injured far more than Hutch in the last 3 seasons. Not many players saw more minutes on the pitch than Hutchinson after he was reinstated to the team in the second half of last season either. So Monk's comments make no sense - just tell us the truth Garry.
  10. It was Brentford away early in the season, Hutchinson gave away a daft penalty, was subbed at HT and never played a league game under Jos again, only the cup game against Wolves shortly afterwards. He was an unused sub for the 3 league games after Brentford and then never even appeared in the squad for several months until he was recalled the day after Jos left. After that he played a full 90 minutes for the majority of games for the rest of the season.
  11. At the very least, send a bloke up with a tin of Dulux to paint over the Presto lettering.
  12. Fletcher will be a welcome return, but I wouldn't expect miracles from him given that our all round play has gone down the toilet since Christmas. What's happened to Luongo though? He's done a Matias, had an unjust red card 3 game ban overturned but then got mysteriously injured and disappeared anyway.
  13. It'll be the third home game in a week - which is an incredibly depressing thought at the moment!
  14. He is absolutely a problem - not the only problem I fully agree, but anybody who's watched us play since Christmas (not that we were particularly convincing in most games before then either) must acknowledge that him knowing neither his best lineup nor formation and seemingly having no tactics other than hoof it and hope something happens, whilst getting 5 points from 10 games (including 2 points from 9 games against mediocre or poor opposition, many of which were in dire form themselves when we played them), scoring just 1 goal and conceding 11 in 5 home games, and getting 1 point from the 4 away games against clubs that were either bottom or second bottom in the league at the time, whilst plummeting down the league inspires no confidence in the manager whatsoever. If we were actually playing well but not picking up the results I'd be more tolerant, but even the most optimistic of supporters knows that the performances and "style" of play is as bloody awful as the recent results. Denial of these plain facts doesn't make someone a "more intelligent fan", but quite the opposite. Yes, like Jos he's fallen out with Westwood and Hutchinson, they're probably difficult characters to handle, but Gray, Carvalhal, Bullen and Bruce seemed to manage them OK so perhaps Jos and Monk just aren't very good at man management. And removing them from the squad has had no positive effect on results and performances, but quite the opposite. The OP's point was that his record so far is equally as bad as Jos (who at least had the number of injuries as an excuse), who was rightly sacked. And despite this, some people insist that we give Monk the rest of the season as relegation looks ever more possible even without the looming points deduction, and then trust him with a major rebuilding job in the summer? A man who spent £45-50m and made Middlesbrough worse?
  15. Beardsley didn't join Carlisle until 78/79 though I'll stand on the shoulders of giants and suggest it could have been maybe the 0-0 against Carlisle in May 1980 or the 0-0 against them in October 1978 CSI Owlstalk
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