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  1. Four Championship teams played an extra game last Tuesday and then played on Saturday against sides who'd had a full week of recovery since their last game. All four won.
  2. It would, but unlikely - Jos didn't even pick a strong team in the FA Cup last season when we were at home against a poor PL team and one game away from a million pound quarter final.
  3. If George HIrst carries on with his current form in the Belgian lower league of 2 appearances, no goals and subbed off twice, Leicester won't want him anyway and he'll be left to rot in Belgium. Which would be a terrible shame.
  4. alanharper


    Nigel Adkins in talking crap shocker. He also said that Campbell's goal was "a great finish" when all he did was put the ball into an empty net. Never liked him, nothing to do with his blade connections. Always comes across as really smarmy, the type who'd have reported his own mother during the war for sneaking an extra half ounce of sugar into her rations.
  5. There doesn't seem to be any real reasoning behind it other than Sky fancying a live game on a Thursday night. They're not showing any live football on Wednesday, and it's not as if they don't want a live TV game to clash with the other cup games because Villa are being shown live tonight. So in conclusion, it's just Sky being bell ends as usual.
  6. So if Westwood is officially third choice because Jos has barely seen him play (I saw him play half a game at Lincoln the other week and he did absolutely nothing wrong), and he isn't leaving - why didn't he play in the U-23 game today? They're allowed an over age player or two aren't they?
  7. Yeah there are a lot of players in that photo who never or barely played. Football was a man's game back then with none of this modern squad rotation, if you look at the player appearance stats the team was pretty consistent with 9 players appearing in either all or the vast majority of the season's games. http://www.adrianbullock.com/swfc/stats/lg1984.htm#Appearances
  8. I'd have all of them! That side steamrollered it's way to promotion, only unluckily missing out on the title on goal difference. Don't forget that there were several players not on that photo who joined either just before the season started or during it - Hodge, Varadi, Madden, Worthington, Cunningham. Hodge Madden Smith/Shirtliff Lyons Sterland Megson Shelton Worthington Varadi Bannister Forestieri Looks good to me!
  9. And Hodge - the two keepers in the photo never played a single first team game between them
  10. alanharper

    Team for Sunderland

    Wildsmith Palmer (eek) Van Aken (double eek) Neilsen Thorniley Boyd Pelupessy Jones Preston Joao (if fit) / Nuhiu Matias Surely Palmer and JVA can't be as bad as they were at Wigan? I liked the look of Preston the one time I've seen him play albeit only at Lincoln, so give him a chance to show what he can do. Stobbs had a chance last season and isn't up to it (imo)
  11. So when Hooper and Lee are fit they're not playing then because Jos hasn't seen them play before?
  12. There's only one way we're going to raise that amount through player sales. And it's the player who we can least afford to lose.
  13. Even if Westwood goes, one of them still isn't getting games. Personally if Westwood is staying I think you've got to play him as first choice, and then loan out one of the others for guaranteed games at probably league one level.
  14. alanharper

    If they scrap parachute payments

    Absolutely. The whole point of them was so that PL wages could be covered (they came in too late to help us), yet these days relegated clubs just sell a couple of players for tens of millions and use the £40m free parachute payment as a bonus transfer kitty. Scrap them, or vastly reduce them, and implement a rule where relegation wage reduction clauses are compulsory.
  15. alanharper

    If they scrap parachute payments

    Where's the "financial fair play" when 3 teams come down with a wad of free cash which is more than the other clubs in the league are allowed to lose in 3 years? Scrap parachute payments, or scrap FFP because they contradict each other.