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  1. Battered us?

    I actually think if Sharp had played instead of Clarke we'd have done a lot better. We just couldn't cope with the physicality of Clarke, he was ragging us all over the place at the back. Sharp would have been easier to contain.
  2. Could all be forgotten...

    And we certainly won't be scoring 4 in a game away from home. Or at home either, probably.
  3. 500 not out

    Definitely counting the playoff games now, so 503 not out. Not having those bas**rds ruining my 500th
  4. We need to buy Brooks

    As if Carlos would know where to play him in his 442...
  5. When Carlos is interviewed on TV

    Go to the back.
  6. When Carlos is interviewed on TV

    People are still entertaining this blatant troll of an OP?
  7. Illegal Free Kick?

    They banned the Ernie Hunt free kick when the ball was flicked in the air, so surely rolling the ball is the same principle.
  8. The CC Out Crew

    Depends which of his teammates at Wednesday's wives he may have shagged before being transferred to Man Utd, allegedly
  9. The CC Out Crew

    Putting on my pedantic pants, we'd actually have won the old first division, not the PL.
  10. The CC Out Crew

    Add Burton to that. And capitulating against a side as bad as Bolton in the cup.
  11. The CC Out Crew

    Most of the season ticket holders I know want him to go, and from what I can see none of them have voted in this poll. Most of the people I've heard talking at or after games want him to go. I want him to go (although I'll still be at Birmingham on Wednesday night hoping that we win) To say that 300 votes aren't representative of the whole fanbase is partly true, but it's as accurate a cross section as you're going to get without polling every season ticket holder directly. After all, the official TV viewing figures aren't gathered from everybody who's watching TV, they're only from a small percentage of the overall viewers. Also, for what it's worth, there are a fair few in that poll who've voted for him to stay who are definitely blades...
  12. McGeady, McManaman, Buckley - all wingers capable of changing games, all brought in on big wages, all barely used. And this CB, Venancio or however he's spelled, not had a minute of game time yet and doesn't always even make the bench. CC really doesn't like loan players does he?
  13. I think he'll stay. Now what.

    DC watches the games, surely he can't be happy with the level of entertainment served up by his investment and he must know that many of even the games we've won have been by the skin of our teeth. The absolute minimum expectation for this season is getting into the play offs again and the realistic aim should be top two. When we reach the point where that looks to be in serious doubt then surely DC will have to pull the trigger. Personally I'd get rid of him now, and definitely if we don't get at least 4 points from the next two games, but I don't think he'll be sacked this season.
  14. I think he'll stay. Now what.

    All we can do is sit through at least 70 minutes of boredom in every game, hope to scrape into the playoffs, and then blow it again by being overly defensive. Maybe we'll loan another decent winger and not use him again.
  15. They just don't realise what it means

    I may have only got a C grade for GCSE maths, but I'm pretty sure that winning by 4 goals is a significantly better result than winning by 2.