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  1. Five, actually typing "Wensdeh" makes you look a right dipstick. Form table for the second half of the season shows you as being 13th, not top ten. And at the end of the day nothing changes the fact that you were in the bottom three teams at the end of the season based on points won, and you were only reprieved because of the bizarre situation at Wigan and their automatic points deduction. If you'd rather Wednesday go down now rather than give you a much higher chance of saving yourselves next season, that says it all about you, I doubt your club agrees - especially if fans are allowed back in the second half of the season and you have us at home to bump up your ticket prices for.
  2. I don't know about Leeds, but of the "clean" clubs pigs, Brighton and Huddersfield all went up whilst making large losses as well. Maybe not enough to break FFP over 3 years, but well over the "permitted" £13m loss per year. Pigs and Huddersfield both lost over £21m in their promotion seasons, and as someone stated above Brighton threw loads at it and came out smelling of roses. I expect Swansea and Stoke to do a Norwich and Villa next season, getting a promotion in the final year of their parachute payments to worm out of financial disaster.
  3. Yeah but if we appeal to try and get the points penalty reduced, and Charlton appeal to have it moved to this season maybe they'll meet us both halfway and make it an 8 point penalty for this season...
  4. Maybe somebody on BournemouthTalk claimed to be ITK and got everybody to lump on.
  5. The shambolic Charlton who you're having so much of a head start on that it took until injury time on the final game of the season for you to edge a point ahead of? You were the third worse team in the league over the season, relegation fodder that got reprieved because of another club's deduction. Is that not enough for you? Surely a poor side like us starting on -12 benefits you next season in your latest relegation scrap. Plus with Leeds going up losing us as well will cost your club money as you almost double your normal ticket prices when we come to town and fill the away end.
  6. The new accounts will cover the financial year up to summer 2019 so a year of paying those wages will still be included and Joao's transfer won't be. That's why there's no way there can be a significant reduction in what would have been a loss of around £35m without the ground sale included, the vast majority of the loss is because of the ridiculous wage bill that Chansiri accumulated. We sold Hunt and released Loovens and Wallace and had Rhodes out on loan at Norwich but that's not making much of a dent in a £35m deficit. Next year will be better, with the wages cuts you mention above but will still include the big earners like Fletcher and FF, it'll take at least another couple of years for the accounts to start to show less eye-watering losses.
  7. Need to have a mixture of youth and experience. Its no good signing the whole of Man City's under 21 team, expecting them to get 60+ points in the Championship, and then realising that they lost in the Checkatrade Trophy to Bolton and Scunthorpe.
  8. Not sure that "benefited" is the right word tbh...
  9. He's no world beater but I'd take him as hed be a useful squad player but having been at the club for nearly half a season when everything about us has been woeful on and off the pitch... why would Windass want to sign for us?
  10. You've already posted this once. It got merged into another thread.
  11. What if all the clubs trying to get out of being relegated by demanding other clubs lose points remember that the EFL won their appeal against the independent panel's decison to clear Birmingham of further breaches this season, but still didn't deduct any further points?
  12. If he gets Klopp, Guardiola and Brian Clough in, his tactics will still be awful.
  13. It needs to be the minimum target though, we don't want to be going into the last couple of games with a chance of going down. We've just managed 56 points in a season, which would have seen us on 44 points and bottom with a 12 point deduction. And that was despite having play off form for the first half of the season and that squad's since been decimated with presumably little money available to rebuild it to the required standard.
  14. I don't think Monk would have got us 62 points if we'd been relegated to League One tbh.
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