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  1. It's a fluke, don't build up your hopes, poor player, I hope I'm proved wrong!
  2. I've got a tear in my eye reading that. Bless you Atdhe.
  3. Reach didn't do much at all. How many times have we heard that before!!!
  4. It's been so bad for such a long time I didn't renew this season and I would never ever imagined that at one point. The Owls have always been a big part of my life, been home and away for years but even I've had enough for the time being.
  5. Looks like they are doing their best to accommodate fans, but can't see how it will work in the concourse areas etc going by what I've seen in pubs and shops. Some people seem to think it's gone away when it hasn't. We didn't renew our season ticket, first time for years. I'm waiting to see how it pans out. Wonder if other clubs are doing this?
  6. Welcome to the club lad, once an Owl!
  7. Thing is we don't drink at home, we go out to socialize and have a few, so no pubs I'll be teetotal !
  8. No problems pal, anyone of a certain age will have a story to tell about him. He was a legend.
  9. I think nowadays he would be classed as special needs, but back then there wasn’t a label for people like Sammy. He was loved and he knew he was loved and although I knew people took advantage of him he was a brilliant guy and a true Owl. Anyone around at the time will tell you what it was like to see him sat on someone’s shoulder with the whole ground singing to him and a smile as wide as the Wicker Arches. Those days are long gone and with it some soul of the club too. I was glad I was there.
  10. A legend has gone, a true character and a true blue. RIP fellow Owl.
  11. This is a truly terrible time in our history (and there's been a few). Let's hope we can start to rebuild and move forward, we deserve better.
  12. I've defended DC in the past but that man should get out of football asap!!!
  13. I want a club owned by someone who knows what they're doing. I want to be managed by a reputable manager with experience of promotion. I don't want our club to be used as a cash cow and brought into disrepute. I'm sick of it all!!!!!!!
  14. OMG how bad would that be! So glad I didn't renew my season ticket 😬😆
  15. We've scored two, but conceded five again FFS!
  16. Thanks to the big guy for 50 goals in five seasons, not bad for someone who only played as sub a lot. Good luck for the future.
  17. Just seen result and am surprised. Thought more on here liked rather than disliked him as our manager.
  18. I agree, people are turning to other interests, who can blame them.
  19. Nowts working, they're not good enough!
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