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  1. Plus the £60 million for the ground!
  2. They've been singing that for months and months, but still turn up every week. Don't know what fans can do tbh, if anything!
  3. People would be happy to pay if we we're pushing for promotion but we were sold a pup, and there's nowt that winds people up as much as being ripped off does!
  4. Agree wholeheartedly with this. Our beloved club is a mess and I now blame the chairman for all of this. I personally cannot see a way out of this mess.
  5. Already decided about two weeks ago not to renew. Enoughs enough, unless something drastic happens which I doubt. It's sad but I really can't stand it anymore.
  6. Agree, there is so much wrong, you wouldn't know where to start.
  7. Folks were saying they were world class not long ago!
  8. Mine says it can't provide a safe link so not risking it.
  9. Nuhiu in for Wickham, you couldn't make it up!
  10. To be honest I don't rate either keeper now, it's a position we need to strengthen but no-one seems to mention it.
  11. Me, first time ever through choice, just sums up how bad things are!
  12. I agree with all this and to the original poster, we haven't come to a decision about not renewing our ST overnight. I just cannot continue going to watch that week in week out. My other half works with a Stoke fan and he couldn't believe the prices we pay, and they get free away travel as well if you have a ticket. Enoughs enough and I love this club.
  13. Me too, if he spits the dummy out,we could be playing at Bramall Lane!
  14. Problem is, we sack him and then it takes another few weeks to get someone in, who then has to get to know players etc, might as well just write this season off, wait for EFL decision and start again.
  15. Because this club cannot move forward till then. Anyone any idea when it will be?
  16. We're not even renewing ours, enoughs enough!
  17. I could cry when I read these posts, what's happened to our beloved club!
  18. FF eh, about time he earned his massive wage!
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