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  1. Speaking of penalties in 1995 - knowing us we'd probably have been 3-0 up in the shootout and still lost. I've still never seen another team manage that, before or since.
  2. We'd still have become the first team to lose an FA Cup Final on penalties. It's the Wednesday Way.
  3. Assuming the last weekend will be 2nd/3rd May, the same weekend as this year, we should be at home. Pigs have an away fixture scheduled. Can't find confirmation of the last fixture date but the Playoff Final is the last weekend in May so that seems likely as the semis start the weekend after the season ends and then it's usually less than a couple of weeks to the final.
  4. Or to put it another way, the only row with normal legroom apart from the front row and the middle one with an aisle in front. I've suffered the seating in the South for a few cup games and friendlies and I don't know how people can bear it. Are they all below average height , because I couldn't sit with my feet flat on the floor without breaking my knees and I'm not even particularly tall.
  5. And Preston the year before was even worse! Just had a quick count and I think we've only won 2 of the last 14 times that we've played away from home in the opening league game of the season, Brighton 2014 and Swindon 2003. You have to go back to 1990 for the last time before that. (The opening game that is, not just the first away game)
  6. Yes - and we'll know whether we'll be home or away on Boxing Day because the pigs fixture list will be out.
  7. We'll find out tomorrow if, or more likely that, we're away in Boxing Day. Again.
  8. Yep, first thing I thought of, even before his goal at the sty. People tend to remember those two goals but not so much the screamer that he scored against PL Fulham in the FA Cup as well. Maybe because we lost the game 2-1 but it was a belter.
  9. Bit selective to mention Simon Coleman but not Des Walker...
  10. And that smilie reminds me that our very own won the Cup Winners Cup with Man Utd not long after losing the 1991 LC Final to us. .
  11. Oh, and a certain Alan Harper won the Cup Winners Cup with Everton in 1985. Don't know if he came on but he was on the bench for the final.
  12. Steve McCall won the UEFA Cup with Ipswich. I remember being well impressed that we'd signed somebody with that pedigree but he was mostly rubbish. To be fair he had a bad injury in his early days with us.
  13. Wouldn't be the first time I've been called something that sounds like it begins with ku... Give my regards to the other wombles
  14. Viv Anderson- he was in the same team!
  15. That's literally our medicals. A form saying Are you fit? Yes/No Delete as applicable and sign below
  16. Kristian Pearce called me a white mofo. Nobody heard him but it definitely happened because I say it did. Get him charged.
  17. We go to watch Wednesday anyway, not the opposition. So here's an idea, inspired by us splitting the squad for games at Lincoln and Stocksbridge on the same day. A fiver admission instead of paying £12 to see us play the likes of St Mirren, and it's Wednesday vs Wednesday. If you're wearing a home shirt you support the team in the home kit, an away shirt you're the away team. Neutral colours choose either. And then even if your team loses, you go home happy because Wednesday have won.
  18. Wouldn't go that far, we didn't even win! Although I'm aware it's an attempt at a wind up - and at least I saw it on Sky for free. Fortunately that was the only occasion I missed out on tickets whilst actually queueing, although I cut it fine a few times for the big games in the early 90s when hundreds queued up, more than once I'd got my tickets and had joined the (separate ffs!) queue at the ticket window behind the South Stand for coach tickets when the groans went up as the tickets sold out. Thank God for TPP and the internet!
  19. Chris Sedgwick started doing it in 2011. Apparently he's nearly halfway up the Kop now.
  20. Doing that in 47 seconds has to be almost impossible for all but an elite athlete surely, without literally cutting corners. Even just going from the tunnel to the far corner flag and back has to be the best part of 250 yards, so Usain Bolt at his peak would have taken up to 25 seconds to do that - but up to the back of the Kop and back down as well, running up and down steps and making sharp turns? No chance.
  21. To be fair, we just don't know how consistently good he is. He was excellent in that first home game he played but got injured for about 6 weeks early in the next one, and was OK against Bristol at Easter which turned out to be his last game for us. Us Wednesdayites should know better than to judge a player on one good game, remember Rodri?!
  22. I didn't start going to away games regularly until 1990, I'd only been to 4 before then (with 2 of them being FA Cup semis), but I'm still annoyed that I never actually went to the Baseball Ground. Closest I came was going for FA Cup quarter final tickets in 1993 only for them to sell out whilst I was still queueing.
  23. It really doesn't matter, you can apply whichever "rules" you like! I've seen us play at Selhurst Park against Palace and Wimbledon (I was one of the hardy 3,121 for a midweek PL game!) but I only count the ground once. Personally I like to count the number of different "unique" grounds that I've seen Wednesday play on, which is 109 - but that only includes 88 different clubs (I know this because I have a list to keep track!). And a fair few of those clubs are now non-league but weren't when I saw us play there (e.g Torquay, Wrexham, and 2 different Chesterfield grounds) or were non-league then and still are now (e.g. Southport, Worksop). I've been to 81 of the current 92 league club's grounds watching us - although there are 4 clubs in the Premier League where I've only been to their old grounds and not their new ones.
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