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    Elev8 Announcement

    Like nobshaped potatoes?
  2. I may spare you brave chaps a thought whilst I'm dipping truffles in my Dom Perignon.
  3. alanharper

    Bannans Arms being sponsored

    Personally I'd avoid holidaying in any destination that's usually prefixed with the words "war torn".
  4. Sensible. You're not wrong about the cash though, £79 one way! So still £53 even if you've got a railcard (in standard class). I booked on the 21:30 last week, £27 in first class with railcard.
  5. alanharper

    Sammy, top man

    He must look well old now, I'm sure this photo has been doing the rounds for at least 10 years!
  6. When's the weigh in? I can imagine a line of fat blokes outside the shop, with a tray of Beres pork pies each and some scales, going "just one more pie, I'm still a few ounces under the limit"
  7. It's the opposite end to the old away end. Used to be the two terraces that were curved so had a big gap behind the goal at both ends, but now they've rebuilt them they seat the away fans in the corner of what used to be the main home end. Can't think of many other grounds that have done this, having the away fans section on what used to be their hardcore home area, other than Brentford who completely switched the away fans to the opposite end.
  8. Yet they'd have definitely been able to go to Chelsea at short notice but not the others... (talking about the people complaining and not targeting your lad by the way. And we've played away games in this period on all seven days of the week, and the home cup games on Fridays, Saturdays, and Tuesdays. Sometimes it's more a case of won't go rather than can't go, until the big games come round and then it's just not fair that they can't get a ticket)
  9. That wasn't the point though was it. People would have got a Chelsea ticket with 500 points which only required attendance at 4 additional games out of 48 to achieve. I've seen people (not on here) moaning that they've missed out on Chelsea tickets but they can't manage to get the extra points because they can't afford to go to other games so it's just not fair - when Chelsea will be one of the most expensive trips of the season! It's already cost me £78 for ticket and trains (that's with a railcard) plus I'll have to pay for travel to station, tube around London and a taxi home and that's before even looking at food and drink for the day. But they'd have definitely gone to that one when they "couldn't afford" £12 for a home cup game or a fraction of the cost for a more local away game...
  10. Just had a count and there have been a possible 6 home cup games and 42 league and cup away games played so far in the current TPP period. So anyone who couldn't manage to attend 4 of those 48 games (fair enough, some of them would have been impossible to go to without a higher TPP total but most would have been achievable) and then cries about not getting tickets for the big games frankly only have themselves to blame. I've seen some people moaning that they can't go to extra games because of cost etc. which is fair enough - but oddly enough they'd have happily stumped up the cash to go to Chelsea on a Sunday evening when it's live on BBC1!
  11. It's not that much of a commitment. 2 years of holding a season ticket, and if you'd attended another 4 of the 6 home cup games and approx 35 away games we've played in the last 18 months you'd have had 500 points and got a Chelsea ticket. You also said earlier it's a "closed shop" - when the majority of away games go as far as the lower points ranges or general sale, some don't even sell out. Sorry you missed out but it could be said that if you don't meet the easily achievable requirements when 6k others do then you don't deserve a ticket.
  12. alanharper

    Ref & South Stand Linesman

    I don't think it was a penalty on Reach in the first half, he miscontrolled it and the defender got a touch on the ball. I'd like to see the handball in the first half again though when Fletcher's shot was blocked, their player looked to put both hands up. Hutch would definitely have been carded if he'd made the thigh high challenge that went unpunished against him.
  13. alanharper

    Still can’t see

    The boards don't cause me problems but I'm in the North Stand. I don't know why they've changed the font on the team lists on the big screen this season though, I have to squint to see the names. I'm sure it was much clearer last year.
  14. alanharper

    More attack please

    It doesn't if you get relegated or miss out on promotion on goal difference.
  15. Expected either Larry Hagman or Jordan Rhodes.
  16. alanharper

    Sam Hutchinson

    That 40 yard volley though
  17. alanharper

    Fletcher & Joao

    Made an immediate difference for the goal with Joao pulling the CB away from Fletcher to create the space for him. If we hadn't changed formation he'd have been easily closed down.
  18. alanharper

    Fletcher & Joao

    Fletcher rightly deserves the plaudits as man of the match but the game changed as soon as Joao came on. Made such a difference to have an attacker offering skill and unpredictability. Have to say that Nuhiu played well when he came on as well, held the ball up well and even skinned a few defenders.
  19. Yeah that was actually probably the best game I've seen David Jones have.
  20. alanharper

    Selling players

    Unless we're signing players from abroad we're not yet allowed to talk to players whose contracts are expiring in the summer, I think it's only permitted a month before they expire. If moving to another country players can agree the contract six months in advance like Ramsey is doing with Juventus.
  21. alanharper


    It was pointless because we were playing dull defensive Carlosball, and not creating enough chances although Hooper, Forestieri and Fletcher were bagging enough goals for us to pick up points. Also had Nuhiu as backup and as you say we then got Winnall at a bargain price. So why we then spunked so much on a clearly in decline Jordan Rhodes when we could have improved the team with 2-3 quality players for that price will forever be Chansiri's folly.
  22. alanharper


    Us fans, apparently.
  23. "Almost anyone" can get a ticket now? You need to have 520 points, i.e. had a season ticket for two years and have attended at least 6 cup or away games in the last 18 months to qualify at the moment. I'm still pleasantly surprised that we're set to sell out so quickly tbh, I honestly thought the kick off time and live TV coverage would put a lot off and they'd make general sale at least.
  24. Definitely a 2-3 loss in the League when Madine got sent off. It was a night game.