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  1. We've done better against the top teams this season, it's the lesser teams we've struggled against. We've played 11 games against the current top 8, and got 17 points, won 5 , drew 2, lost 4 (2 of them against Oxford), an average of 1.55 points per game. Yet against the current bottom 8 we've played 9, won 3, drew 4, lost 2, average 1.44 points per game.
  2. Is he? I've never seen a single episode of that in my life! He'll only be The Cat to me.
  3. It's not even a joke. As soon as I saw the words "who can also operate as a left winger" I knew where he'd end up playing.
  4. When my grandchildren look at SWFC's players with the most all time appearances for the club. - Grandad, this one is from your time. Who's Liam Palmer, was he very good? - No not really, bang average to be honest. At best. - But he played hundreds of games, he must have been really good. What did he do for us? - Er, nothing much really. I don't think anybody else wanted him and we had no money to replace him before Chansiri sold us to the Elon Musk, Red Bull, and the Owlstalk Curry Sauce Man consortium. He did play the 3 inch corner to assist Nuhiu's wonder goal against Preston, but he somehow got 2 assists in 2 minutes against Accrington once. - Who are they? Anyway he's on the club all time legends list because of how many games he played. - ffs
  5. Managing Watford must be like appearing on The Bill or Casualty is to an actor - it's on nearly every football manager's CV.
  6. I don't think I've watched a Serie A game since it was on Channel 4 on Sunday afternoons in the 90s.
  7. Absolutely no interest in any other UK club. I like Barcelona, have done since the mid 80s when they weren't even that good (their star player was Steve Archibald), but if they lose I'm not really bothered. Except when they blew a 3 goal lead against the Scousers, God I hate that club and fanbase.
  8. Morecambe and Burton are the only other teams who can possibly do it.
  9. Ironically Danny J-J is in a play at the Lyceum this week. Two John-Jules heading to Sheffield in the same week, what are the odds
  10. What good ever came of keeping a manager who's clearly out of his depth? Somebody always mentions Fergie in 1990 as if that somehow justifies giving every awful manager more time, but they can never give any other examples.
  11. We usually go by train, but sometimes go on coach if trains look like too much hassle. It was getting back from the ground to station that looked like the biggest faff, plus changing a couple of times each way, so we thought we'd go on coach this time as it came straight back from the ground, it was cheaper, and we'd be home for about 8:30, much earlier than the train would've been That turned out well, sat on a broken coach for nearly 4 hours, then eventually left Oxford at about 9pm and got back at 12:15am
  12. We conceded none in the first 4 games with a proper back 4 with Hutchinson and Iorfa at CB, and mostly looked defensively comfortable with a back 4 system. I think Plymouth was the only game with a back 4 where we had a bad game defensively, but it wasn't long before Moore scrapped that system and switched to the 352 which has yielded only a handful of decent performances (mostly a small purple patch where we played well with Corbeanu in the team albeit out of position)and a lot of dire ones with very few clean sheets. Yet he refuses to try anything else, persists with non-CBs playing at CB, and wonders why we keep conceding from crosses.
  13. I'd say yes, he certainly is! He has a decent track record unlike Moore and his teams played some decent football. It didn't work out for him at Ipswich, but they were the top scorers in the division just before he was sacked so he was doing something right, from what I read at the time even Ipswich fans were surprised when he got the boot. We should have got him in a year ago imo, but he won't come now, no decent manager will want to work for Chansiri now.
  14. If I was him I'd be keeping quiet too, because I'd be embarrassed and ashamed of what a complete mess I'd made of things.
  15. What have stats of previous managers got to do with anything? Moore has what ought to be easily one of the top 3 squads in this league, yet it's January and even scraping into the play offs is looking a big ask at the moment, mainly thanks to his abysmal tactics and selections. If we stick with him, we don't go up, I think that's fairly obvious by now. There's literally no point in sticking with a clearly out of his depth manager, he isn't going to suddenly miraculously turn into a tactical genius.
  16. Left Oxford about 9pm. Left the ground nearly 4 hours earlier but the bloody coach broke down, going to be after midnight when we get home. This wouldn't have happened if we'd won...
  17. We've got 2 now. One on the bench, one not in the squad, and Moore persists playing a full back and a winger at CB (and a winger at LWB). And oddly enough we keep conceding from crosses.
  18. It's not as if we conceded twice from crosses. Again.
  19. Wouldn't be a bad little ground if they'd ever finished it
  20. How much did that set you back? Just had a surprisingly decent big sausage, chips and drink meal deal from the chippy in the sports centre thing near the ground for £3.50
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