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  1. He is statistically the worst permanent manager we've ever had though.
  2. I've barely missed a Wednesday game for over 40 years, followed us all over the country through thin and thinner. Izzy Brown is here for 9 months, putting in the minimum of effort for little or no return whilst earning more in a week than I do in a year, then he slinks off back to London to pretend he's a Chelsea star. Does it really hurt him just as much as it hurts fans like me? Really?
  3. We'll need a new ground for AFC The Wednesday when that moron has finished killing our club.
  4. POTG part timers, pah. I've already got my £550 L1 season ticket. And my £550 L2 ST. And my £550 non league ST.
  5. Don't worry, I'm very confident that it won't come to that. It's regionalised.
  6. I hope Moore's gentle giant persona is just a facade and he beats the crap out of some of these wasters at HT. I'll pop down and help if he wants.
  7. They won't go 400 minutes until their next one. Bet it's less than 65...
  8. At least we can take confidence from our wonderful record of rescuing points from losing positions.
  9. My wife is the jinx. Met her when we were an established PL side. Married in 2000. She gave birth to our first child on the day we lost 3-1 at home to Wolves, and bought me a "lucky" Wednesday coat last Christmas when we were third in the league, I found a big hole in the pocket first time I wore it, and I managed to crash into my own garage on the way back to the shop to return it (only time ever in thousands of garage exit manoeuvres).
  10. West Brom's last five Premier League home wins have come under five different managers. Pulis, Pardew, Moore, Bilic, Allardyce.
  11. There is, or was, a rule that only 1 or 2 cities could have more than one stadium. London with Wembley and Spurs would be a cert, maybe Glasgow for the other although Manchester would make a strong case.
  12. Should be an England only bid imo, but the other home nations would cry about it. Scotland and Wales want to get involved because it's the only way they'll get to qualify for the finals. It'd be ironic if it was a "UK" bid, and Scotland and Wales have gone independent by 2030.
  13. Maybe because your suggestion would actually make the team worse?
  14. Well it is. How many threads were there on here raving about Liam Shaw before that assist, compared to afterwards?
  15. Yeah he's had 2 red cards as well. Of course he's not crap, but until that assist at Exeter literally nobody raved about him or gave him much attention (other than for that first red card) and then with a single piece of play he was instantly overrated and transformed into an amazing prospect. Since then, all he's really done to stand out is get another red.
  16. When the red card came, we were 3 down and had just conceded a penalty. Palmer wasn't even very good in midfield when he was young and energetic. In League One.
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