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  1. Definitely fiddling the attendance figure if they're announcing that at under 16k. Good to have the proper stripes back though.
  2. We had to move because of the expansion of the railway system. Attendances weren't very different between the Olive Grove era and the early years at Owlerton although the glory hunters turned up when we were league champions in 1904!
  3. Chansiri will go batshit when he finds out it's missing
  4. Wolves lost £80m in the last 2 years, including £57m in the season they went up - but because it wasn't in this arbitrary 3 year period they get away scot free and have spent over £100m on transfer fees alone since then so won't make any profit in the PL either. But the EFL can't touch them now.
  5. Villa losing £60m even with their parachute payments is disgraceful.
  6. Ours came today - despite being ordered online 3 hours after they were announced as being sold out! Don't know what happened there but we had enough TPP to buy on the first morning of sales, just missed the announcement they were on sale.
  7. In terms of football rather than FFP, it pretty much guarantees that we'll finish above them. It remains to be seen how they'd react to it on the field, it could spur them on or they could completely collapse. Their remaining fixtures gives them a big say in the outcome of both the automatic promotion and relegation battles, but they only have one fixture (Derby) against one of our play off contender rivals.
  8. We were one of only three teams to keep a clean sheet away at Wolves last season, and they weren't on the beach in their final home game as they were chasing the 100 point mark which they just missed out on. We also dominated at Cardiff until they scored an equaliser at about quarter past five, won at Fulham as you say (early season maybe but they'd been in the playoffs with us a few months earlier, and were unbeaten until they played us) We've actually got a decent away record against the promoted teams, since we came up in 2012 we've only lost five of our twelve away games against the teams who won automatic promotion with three of those being under Carlos in the seasons we made the play offs oddly enough. We've already been unbeaten at the pigs this season and have the chance to do so at both Leeds and Norwich.
  9. 16:14 Three and easy for Kazakhs Kazakhstan 3-0 Scotland Liam McLeod BBC Sport Scotland commentator Kazakhstan have already scored half the number of goals they managed in their World Cup qualifying campaign
  10. On the plus side, at least Palmer finally got a mention on the BBC 49 mins Post update Kazakhstan 2-0 Scotland It's still not happening for Scotland as Liam Palmer lets a simple pass bobble away from him and out for a throw-in to the hosts.
  11. When we signed him (remember the billion page thread on here as we competed with, er, Rotherham for his signature!) we thought we were getting an absolute beast because he was Scottish and had long hair, a beard and tattoos. But we got a player who was as weak as a kitten and scampered about a lot like a puppy in carpet slippers. Was amazed when we actually managed to make a profit on him when we sold him to Preston.
  12. Palmer's not had a single mention in the BBC Online updates. So that's probably for the best with how they're playing...
  13. I was at that West Ham game, so am in that crowd somewhere. I went to every game home and away that season which was the only season I've ever quite managed to do that. I think the most mental celebration in relatively recent (OK, 14!) years was James Quinn's ridiculously scrappy injury time winner at Hull which clinched a playoff place - more so than the goals in the final that actually got us promoted!
  14. Ritchie Partridge Etienne Esajas Paul Heffernan All looked useful when they came on as sub, but as soon as they started a game they were bloody awful.
  15. Why would they buy Rhodes for their PL squad and pay him £30-40k pw when he's not good enough to get a start for them in the Championship? He rarely gets more than a few minutes game time for them as a late sub these days, 6 of his last 7 appearances have been from the 85th minute or later. In total he's only made 9 league starts for them, with 6 of those being the first 6 games of the season so that's 3 starts in the last 7 months. For the money and wages he'd cost, they'd be better off taking a punt on a couple of promising youngsters or looking abroad and possibly unearthing the next Pukki.
  16. Suppose there was POTG as well but I remember being in our regular ST seats for both games so plenty must have gone and queued for them. With only 2 days notice for the replays we got 36.5k for the Chelsea game and just under 39k for the final Everton game. Amazing that apart from the logistics of ticket sales nobody batted an eyelid at playing 4 games in a week back then. In 1985 we played an FA Cup game on the Saturday, Chelsea away in the LC QF on the Monday, played the replay of that plus extra time on Wednesday and then drew with European Champions Liverpool on the Saturday in front of 48k - all with barely any (if any at all) changes to the team and only 1 substitute!
  17. Call it "Waiting for Abdi", the twist being that he never actually shows up.
  18. Doubt he'll play again, he's just topping up his pension pot until he retires on 1st July.
  19. This happened for both of the games previously mentioned, after the replay at home to Chelsea in the LC and at Goodison in the FA Cup in 87ish. Bert McGee lost both calls, which made him a useless t0s5er. What's most remarkable about the replays in those days was that with in person ticket office sales only we sold 35k+ tickets for the home replays which were played just 2 days after the previous games.
  20. I'd rather not mess with the back 4 when they're all in form, but Hector at CDM would be an option, with Iorfa to CB, Palmer back to RB and Fox at LB. Or just leave the full backs alone and bring in Thorniley.
  21. It's not good news if he's picked up an injury though.
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