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  1. Zico (the Brazilian one!) I got into football in 1981, and there wasn't much live football on back then so the 1982 World Cup was incredible for this 10 year old. The Brazil team was an absolute joy to watch, I'd never seen football like that before, yet somehow they didn't even make the semis.
  2. Ravel Morrison is available on a free (again). They could sign him again and get another potentially £30-40m player.
  3. On OS now, 600 tickets on sale to ST holders tomorrow (no TPP), general sale Wednesday (unlikely). £13 seats, £10 terrace
  4. Seeing as the vast majority of the crowd were Wednesdayites, yes they did! The Alfreton fans sat near me were OK, but it beats me why some people will go to a game between Alfreton and Sheffield Wednesday and decide to wear an Arsenal shirt, full Man City kit, or randomly an RB Leipzig shirt
  5. He must've had one of his occasional decent games against Derby.
  6. I can't even remember him playing for Derby. Looked it up he played 13 games and scored once whilst on loan from Villa, must be a real club legend.
  7. Also, had a laugh at the state of their number 9, and seeing Patto get outpaced by a goalkeeper
  8. They're always poor, but I only went to get a rare new ground in. Other positives: Only cost a tenner plus petrol. Game of football after a couple of months abstinence I don't live in Alfreton A few hours out of the house Got home to S6 by 5:35, and the Mrs is now doing my curry
  9. State of their number 9 tho Looks older than me and plays like he's won a starting place in a competition
  10. In ground, no indication of which is the away end so just went in nearest one - and there are Wednesday fans on all 4 sides so it doesn't matter. Suspect I'm taking the home end, there are seats behind this goal anyway.
  11. It was just after we got back from America when we got hammered 4-0 on a Monday night and looked totally jet lagged so must have been 2006. I was there and remember it, but The Coach will probably tell me that I don't.
  12. Me too, although we've played quite a few friendlies there in recent years it's usually been midweek and I couldn't be arsed, so making the effort today. Ground #115
  13. I thought I'd read we were playing at Ayr and Motherwell, was this made up or did we scrap it and decide to go to Portugal instead?
  14. I can't watch an Avengers film since I noticed this
  15. It's away And we'll probably still have nearly as many fans there as Wigan
  16. True! Although to be fair I think that was a last minute thing because we hadn't arranged a friendly for that last weekend before the season started so we had to take what we could get.
  17. £15 for a friendly Away to a Championship side as well - everybody knows that the better team is the away side in pre-season friendlies
  18. Plus another chunk goes to corporate and players, meaning there are hardly any left for everybody else. Only away games I missed out on getting tickets for last season were AFC Wimbledon and Fleetwood due to the small allocations, and there were plenty of fans with more TPP than me who also missed out. Fortunately I managed to go in the home end at Wimbledon and get some spares for Fleetwood so didn't miss the games (and more importantly, adding the grounds!) but I suspect it'll be touch and go for Forest Green tickets next March even if I boost my TPP by going to pretty much every away game before then.
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