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  1. Saw the thread title, thought "I hope it's not that bloody Australian, he's awful", saw it was that bloody Australian. He's awful by the way. That said, he's a million times better than what we've had to put up with in L1 so far.
  2. Gibson is a rare, because nobody's ever seen him.
  3. Looks like they have a new entry in their series of "untrue things we've made up about Wednesday but will keep repeating until it becomes a fact in our heads". Somebody's linked them to, or quite possibly just made up as they have form for that, some terribly researched article claiming that Wednesday have the biggest ever drop between successive PL home attendances, and also Sheffield's lowest ever PL attendance. It claims that in 1995 we got 39k v Liverpool and then in our next game we only got 10k v Wimbledon. Naturally none of them will actually bother to check if that's right or not, and it isn't of course. It was 31.9k v Liverpool and 20.4k v Wimbledon, but it's in their heads now anyway so prepare to be lied to.
  4. 22:02 to Huyton, then change for Manchester. Get to Sheffield about 00:40 It's a faff, and you'd have to walk really fast (or leave a few minutes early) to get back to the station for that time, but it's not impossible.
  5. It's his ex wife's niece, not his blood relative, so not quite as horrific as it sounds.
  6. Probably not, and he doesn't deserve dropping really, but he will need to be rested now and then and with 2 tough away games in a few days next week I'd put him on the bench.
  7. And our "offside" winning goal would have counted. But some people still say VAR is bad for the game...
  8. Still available, PM. Hurry though, after today's sparkling performance I expect there to be huge demand.
  9. I'm assuming Brown was injured as he wasn't even on the bench? If he wasn't, that's mystifying. Palmer is dreadful, especially going forward, and in a game where we were expected to be on the front foot I'd have preferred Johnson on the left rather than him if Brown wasn't available.
  10. It's not entirely clear what plan A is either.
  11. As soon as he stepped up it reminded me of the one he took one against Bristol City which would have put us 2 up and clinched the game, but he missed it and we went on to drop 2 vital points. Not sure which game you're remembering!
  12. Well it's not really working is it? Struggled to create chances all season, and what's the point of playing with two wide forwards when every time the ball is crossed Gregory is marked by two, sometimes three defenders? I thought Moore had finally realised this when he brought Kamberi on to partner Gregory - or so I thought. But no, he takes off the wide left forward, and then plays the extra centre forward... wide left .
  13. We gelled less well the longer the game went on.
  14. Save them for the Mansfield pizza cup game, that competition could well be the highlight of our season.
  15. Even before Bannan took the spot kick I was thinking "Bristol City game." Went really flat after that, ref decides to stop giving us anything, and they score the scrappiest of equalisers, classic Shrewsbury style. Hope Moore's kicking their arses, we should have put this game out of sight already.
  16. Shrewsbury A word guaranteed to strike fear and trepidation into the hearts of all Wednesdayites of a certain age. Even at the cup game a few years ago when we were leading with a few minutes left I knew the jinx would strike again. Sure enough, they equalised, then deep into injury time the ref bottled giving us a blatant penalty when Nuhiu was fouled and they broke to score the winner.
  17. Last time I got some I couldn't find any option to print them from the website, I had to download and print them from the confirmation email.
  18. Can't make it now so am selling 2 x adult tickets for face value plus postage, £55 for the pair (I paid £27 x 2 plus £1 postage) Tickets have a good view, they're on the very front row of the away section in the upper tier, row C (don't ask me what happened to rows A&B, they weren't on sale!) and also have the advantage of the latest requested arrival time 2:30-2:45. Tickets are in hand so can either meet before the game tomorrow, or you pay by bank transfer and I'll post them early next week. NB If you don't already know, please familiarise yourself with Ipswich Town's Covid-safe requirements before purchase, it's not my fault if you don't and they won't let you in!
  19. Remember dancing round my bedroom as Andy Hinchcliffe scored the winning penalty in a shootout in the UEFA Cup Final. I'd have been about 26 at the time...
  20. Surely even people from Suffolk can work out that 1+1= 2
  21. They've never been the same since Xavi and Iniesta retired. Messi has bailed them out for the last few years but with him gone as well they're looking very ordinary.
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