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  1. Yep another season of failure for Arsenal lovely stuff
  2. Also it’ll be funny for Fergie to see Liverpool climb back on “their perch” before he shakes a 7
  3. I’d be surprised if Brentford don’t beat Leeds
  4. Hoping Liverpool win it today I just find Man City so so boring
  5. This is what p*sses me off with football chairman THE first thing you need to do is get a good manager, the rest will fall into place Money, budgets and good players means absolutely nothing if you don’t have a good manager Sunderland have had 4 years in the pub league with no hopers in charge, 3 months with a proper manager……….promotion not rocket science is it DC take note
  6. Congratulations pal Im a traditionalist and I like to see the “traditional” big clubs doing well. That’s why I’ll be cheering on Forest next weekend Hopefully back to back promotions for SAFC next season
  7. Falls into the Nejc Pecnik category, has a bit of talent but not cut out for the English lower leagues
  8. I’d take Flint, he’s outstanding in the air and will solve one of our glaring weaknesses which was goals conceded by headers Also is it just me who wasn’t that impressed with Dean, I thought he was ok but I wouldn’t be disappointed if he doesn’t come back
  9. Looking like another 15 out 15 in summer this No wonder we always struggle up to Christmas
  10. Strange player Came up with a few goals late in the season but he looks like a passenger 90% of the time
  11. Oh I’m not expecting him to do time. I was thinking more along the lines of him getting charged and then the pigs using it as an excuse to terminate his hefty contract
  12. We could do with McBurnie getting off with this one. Basically so he continues to drain dem blades of between 30k-40k a week for the next 2 years
  13. Hoping for a better effort next season Thought this seasons was a bit fussy, stripes to narrow and too many of them, white mesh back was a no no For me the last two elev8 home kits were the best for years
  14. Goals from inside box 1 point Outside box 2 points Own half 5 points penalties 0.5 points
  15. Regarding Sharp, I did some work for an ex United player and he told me he stopped socialising with Sharp because he’s proper angry and always looking for a scrap Ive also spoke to loads of barstaff on Ecky road and he’s a proper ******** end
  16. Great atmosphere for this one Looks like every single Frankfurt fan has a white shirt on
  17. He was a stand up bloke 17 years back iirc
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