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  1. Exactly Pretty much the entire side has played at a higher level and the vast majority of them are in their prime Nowhere near good enough from the manager
  2. I’d have him back He left us for the club he supported as a boy in the division higher, he’d have regretted it for the rest of his life if he’d not took it, not exactly crime of the century
  3. He comes across as a nice bloke so people feel bad for giving him grief
  4. Giddings is dreadful. FH used to be brilliant but the quality of the show has gone off a cliff since he took over the chief broadcaster job
  5. Top 2 isn’t going to happen with this manager. We might sneak a playoff place, but if we do it’ll be because this is a seriously shocking league not because of Moore’s managerial genius
  6. No positives We’ve played some genuine sheite this season and we haven’t put a single one of them away convincingly Not acceptable with this squad of players
  7. Surely Att and his dad will be telling Moore to clear his desk in the morning
  8. I think his get out will be that he only returned from international duty so hasn’t trained with the squad all week. He’ll be back in next game
  9. Why have wingers when you can play fullbacks out wide
  10. It was about this time when Turner got the boot. Then we never looked back under sturrock, need that again
  11. If Moore wants to keep his job then he needs to play 2 wingers and 2 up front
  12. Agree with the OP. We are 7th in an absolutely shocking league, the manager hasn’t got a clue what his best 11 is, we haven’t played well in 12 games and are throwing points away on a weekly basis
  13. By my count that’s 6 shocking Saturdays in a row now not acceptable at any level of football
  14. Anyone putting a positive spin on that needs to take their positivity elsewhere or they’ll end up looking silly. We’ve just thrown a 2 goal lead away at Wimbledon. Not the Wimbledon of 30 years ago….the pub league Wimbledon
  15. I think a lot of it is down to useless managers It’s not rocket science in this division. All you need is to send the players out well organised, pumped up feeling 10 foot tall and the quality in the side will be the difference Moore is making a catastrophic pigs ear of this season
  16. David Hockaday? Mr Tumble? A block of cheese? All credible alternatives to our current incumbent
  17. I’d say a mediocre manager would too
  18. I can’t understand the thinking of anyone defending him. The guy is incapable of setting us up to convincingly win a game of football …..IN LEAGUE ******** ONE
  19. I honestly couldn’t bare to listen to it, last weeks ramblings nearly tipped me over the edge and that was after a win ffs
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