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  1. What have previous managers got in common with Darren Moore, they have all picked from the same pool of players and getting the same results, why not put some U23s in we’ve got nothing to lose and they might surprise some people
  2. It’s time for some of the U23s to step up and drop some of the players who are out of contract because they couldn’t care less, even try young Cadamarteri I know he’s only 18 but Jude Bellingham of Birmingham was only 16 now he’s a part of the England set up now
  3. Got to agree they are a load of spineless, gutless players don’t deserve to wear the shirt, you could put Guardiola in charge and they still wouldn’t perform, it’s about time we changed the team and put in some of U23s surely they would put more effort in then drop all of those who are out of contract because they couldn’t careless
  4. What a waste of space those subs just not good enough may as well have kept the others on the field, we’re virtually down ,now is the time for some of the U23s to step up they can’t be as bad as some of the first teamers
  5. It’s all down to Chansiri took too long getting a new manager in, 7 points is a lot to make up at this stage in the season Moore’s just getting the system of play he wants now
  6. Why do we put a defender on when we’re losing with 15 mins to go, Rhodes should’ve scored the only chance he had instead of blazing it over, and another thing can someone please tell me why Reach & Paterson are in the side both woeful today
  7. What a joke of a team selection nothing changes same old players it will be the same outcome as the rest lose again, this manager is just as bad as the others won’t change anything we deserve to be relegated
  8. Do you think it’s time for us to bring in some of the U23s, the likes of Galvin, Brennan Hunt, it’s obvious that players in the 1st team can’t do it for us at least they would give more than these overpaid 1st teamers
  9. As long has Palmers no where near I’ll be pleased
  10. Well he is has bad as the others, stupid subs who takes Bannan off instead of either Windass or Paterson, and not a shot on target all through the second half and to beat that sends that useless Pelupessy on. We have the worst fullbacks and forwards in the entire leagues inevitable relegation. Chansiri you are going to lose millions when we get relegated and it serves you right why don’t you just pack up and get back to Thailand I’ve had enough
  11. It doesn’t matter who we have as manager it’s the players that are useless except maybe a few and we all know who they are
  12. Never in trouble in the first half should’ve been 4 up, second half stopped what we were doing and that was keeping a high line harassing their defenders, poor in defence second half Penney not tracking back and four of their players and just Lees there for the 3rd, also very poor from Hutchinson worst game I’ve seen from him in a while
  13. Please Mr Chansiri swallow your pride and bring in Paul Cook, knows the lower leagues very well he’s about the only one that will give us a chance to get back up once we are relegated
  14. You must be joking with Palmer in the team , did you see it last night when just before they scored Palmer was back tracking their player when he beat Palmer he just jogged back to his position no bleeding a gut to get back, should never be in the team does nothing
  15. Ridiculous line up again please get a man in that knows what he’s doing
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