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    It's time we the supporters let our feelings known and I am afraid there's only one thing to do and that's to boycott Fridays game if Carlos is still there hit Chansiri in his pocket, that second half was one of the worst performances I have ever seen and I've been going for over 50years, we don't deserve this crap. The defence was a complete shambles Loovens too slow, Van Aken simply not good enough and don't get me started on the rest of the players money wasted on transfer fees we are no better off after 2 yrs in fact we are going backwards.
  2. Barnwood62

    Whelmometer 17/18

    I said this before any pre season games, midfield more or less the same pathetic , he said we would bring players in before season started what's happened can't even see us getting into the play offs, look at other clubs most done their business, and as for FFP Wolves,Forest, Leeds I can go on we're behind everyone, and don't mention last season apart from a few games absolutely dross,Carlos should have gone after the play offs he can only get the team playing exactly the same hasn't learnt a thing.
  3. Barnwood62

    Carlos says......

    What's happened with this pacy winger he said we needed Boyd is certainly not quick, other teams in the league are getting players now in pre season so they are ready , not so long ago he said we needed at least another 4 players then goes back on his word says we only need 2 centre backs and we will be ready, I can see us struggling to even get into the play offs.
  4. Barnwood62

    So do you think we will do it

    I have my doubts whether we'll get into the playoffs at all, you can count on one hand the good performances we put in, we will end up with the same midfield as last season no bite and has for fast wingers where are we going to get one from. When you look at what the other teams are doing splashing the cash it's going to be a interesting league next season, look at the quality centre halves that have been snapped up so far, we all know that we need to bring in at least 4 more players when is this going to happen
  5. Barnwood62

    Slept on it....

    Could easily see our problem in the first half, getting outplayed in the midfield needed a change after 15 mins, when we did in the second half it was a lot better , as everybody else has said " no plan B
  6. Barnwood62


    Carlos has got too bid for Henry Lansbury the best attacking midfielder in the Championship, it would be the icing on the cake
  7. Barnwood62


    The team for Sat we should play 5 across the middle with Nuhui up front, and there's got to be a place for Magugan and Matias lets try something different.
  8. No I am not happy same rubbish every week, listening to Stuart Gray yesterday seems he doesn't know what to do bereft of any ideas, brings in loans that are clearly not good enough crowds will get smaller if this goes on and Manderic will lose a lot of money.