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  1. Ah I see you're doing your talksport bit Neil I'm off up Oxford Street with the mrs Hope your fishing rod reels one in, have a good un
  2. Ah I see you're doing your talksport bit Neil I'm off up Oxford Street with the mrs Hope your fishing rod reels one in, have a good un
  3. You don't know what I want as a fan of my own club nevermind if I was a fan of a different club
  4. Odd line of questioning So because you think he's the best local one it means he was completely right in his line of questioning? You think he was right, I think he was wrong. It happens, neither of them came off well imo. He could have changed tact, he could have changed his questioning and came back to those questions later once he had him onside and had calmed down. He decided to go full paxman
  5. Already explained this earlier in the thread.
  6. I'm not local? I don't know Staton from Adam, I couldn't name any other local interviewers, I'm not familiar with his work, I just think he came across poorly in this interview doing a faux Paxman impression There's more than one way to skin a cat
  7. I think a lot of that would depend on whether old Channers saw the club as flailing, or if he thought we are where we are because of the EFL and not because of anything he'd done wrong
  8. A good interviewer would have known how to get those answers without letting it get to that stage. No one came out of it looking good
  9. I don't know, maybe moved on. He seemed to think he was Paxman and pushed for answers he was never going to get, it was childish from both sides
  10. Neither Cook or Staton came out of that covered in glory really
  11. "You can't make plans in football, it's not like other businesses"
  12. Do you think any chairman of any league club wouldn't try for promotion? It's pure lip service. Can you imagine the flapping and sqwaking the fannies on here would have had if he'd have come out and said "Actually we're going to take this season off,have a bit of an easy one, bit of mid table consolidation and we'll see again next pre-season, don't forget your season tickets, cheers bai" Football fans always demand statements it's weird
  13. Managed in the premier league last over 4 years ago and was getting progessively worse over time Dyche will get another Premier League job if he wants one, Hughes wouldn't
  14. This has a Zlatan to Barca under Pep kind of feel to it Bought because they could rather than if they should But I guess for the money it's a worthwhile gamble for them to stop him going elsewhere. Harry Kane should be kicking his brother in the testicles every day for the rest of his life for failure to get him to City
  15. If all you need to be a football manager is to wear your heart on your sleeve we might as well get Greta Thunberg in as manager.
  16. I think we had but he was injured/not fit for the first few games, might have even signed the day before Charlton
  17. I think the only player who'll have Championship interest this summer will be Windass. I only say this as my mate from work is ITK at Millwall and he reckons they're still interested in him, espcially as they're losing Jed Wallace this summer
  18. Y'all mofos care too much what other people think I'd never be caught dead in Adidas Samba though
  19. Comfortable 3-0 Making all the current bedwetters look a bit silly
  20. Expensive from a UK perspective You can see Albania from parts of Italy, be like us jumping on a boat to Holland or something
  21. 100% behind him. He's a young manager, he's shown he's learning on the job, Rome wasn't built in a day yadda yadda. But the difference between the club when he came in and now is night and day I've said before and I'll stand by it, I think if we don't go up this season we'll be up as Champions next season
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