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  1. Rumours that he's going to be bench warmer for a Champions League club. Besides I'd rather we used Wildsmith & Dawson and developed them further
  2. I agree he's probably our best talent since we've left the Premier, but he was a bit part player for Watford and they got rid as soon as they got promoted He played more games for us in his first season than he ever did in a season for Watford
  3. Probably the most talented player we've had since leaving the Prem, but there's a reason he was a bit part player at Watford and they shipped him out as soon as they got promoted Should have snapped Fulhams hands off when it was rumoured he was going there for 15 million
  4. I don't understand why we signed this fella. Especially on loan It's bizaare
  5. Taylor won't go to Boro, he'll end up at Celtic or Galatasaray - he's after a massive payday
  6. MacLean only scored 18 league goals, the others came in cup games
  7. This is hardly a revelation. I reckon if you asked every player outside the premier what they wanted, they'd say to get to the Premier League with their current club
  8. Was on £5 million a year at Everton We went bargain basement shopping with Monk.....what makes you think we could afford him
  9. The whole club is rotten from top to bottom.
  10. Isn't he injured? Although you think we'd have sent him back if it was for this long.
  11. My fear is we're lumbered with DC now like Newcastle are lumbered with Ashley He'll want all his money back before he even considers thinking about selling up
  12. The playoff final in CC & DC's first full season came a season too early and it's made a rod for the clubs back ever since.
  13. He's managed Leeds and Boro so he shouldn't be naive about expectancy at all
  14. An Argentinian winger with an Italian passport, what's the worst that could happen
  15. The players have been here too long, they're complacent and most need moving on, we've needed this to happen for the last 2/3 seasons. How many other teams in this division still play with more or less the same starting 11 they did 4 years ago?
  16. I dream of the halcyon days when Trevor Francis was in charge, doesn't mean I want him back now
  17. No wonder we never move forward when all we do is look backwards
  18. No reporter from the Star came up with the figures. They got the figures from here https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/sheffield-wednesday/kader/verein/1035 and wrote a poo article about it
  19. Keiran Lee's value I reckon is pretty spot on if you consider the facts He's on a 1 yr contract and has been injured for the past 18 months. We know how good he is, but his value to any clubs looking to buy him based on the above would be crazy to offer us more than around 300k at the moment
  20. Pulis has 1 promotion from the Championship on his CV and that was 11 years ago. It's a myth he's championship promotion specialist - he isn't really what we should be looking at. His MO isn't really getting teams promoted to the Premier League, it's taking teams that should be getting relegated from the Premier League and keeping them there. Two very different prospects.
  21. Business is business. It's an issue that will be sorted out by the governing bodies, it's not personal. It's called being professional
  22. Calling a player who had a couple of games out injured "injury prone" is the new owlstalk "Could he do a job for us" or "Gerrim out on loan"
  23. Yep, there's a reason players like Sturridge, Cahill, Welbeck & Carroll are still all without clubs In seasons gone by, these players would have been snapped up by newly promoted teams or teams like West Ham on massive wages, but teams are getting smarter and are going for younger players with potential to sell on for profits. Look at West Hams & Villas transfer policies this close season, lots of gambles but with massive sell on potential over players like Cahill who used to go to these sorts of teams on 100k a week and leave them with nothing when he leaves.
  24. Everyone knew what Bruce was on when we signed him, it was national news he was £2 million a year Hughton has had a promotion and kept a Brighton in the Prem since Bruce last had a promotion. If I was Hughton I'd know my worth and wouldn't accept less than what Bruce was on here, no matter what I was on at Brighton. He'll know how much he's worth to us
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