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  1. She looks like she'd be the evil rival to Ted Lasso's female owner in the new season It took City 4 years to sort themselves out, they were poo when they were first bought out and still ended up buying Robinho in that window. They'll always be mercenaries who'll go for the money. City's first few purchases were Robinho, De Jong, Bellamy and Bridge, the latter 3 solid signings. Newcastle could easily sign solid mid table premier league players to move them up the table, players along the lines of James Ward Prowse who'll be instant upgrades on what they have already, they're not going to be going for Mbappe from the bat
  2. Well fizz Just read it wasn't to do with viewing figures and that HBO Max are supposed to be interested in picking it up, so could be happy days. Least I'll always have the comics. Netflix better not fizz up The Sandman either
  3. It's not really a new thing, it's been happening since Bosman rulings came in
  4. Y: The last man on Disney+ One of my favourite comic books, so really enjoying it. A virus wipes out everyone on Earth with a Y Chromosome except the titular Y and his pet monkey Ampersand and he has to navigate a world where only women are left
  5. Ending was a bit meh but enjoyed it. But it was heavily front end stacked, the peril went down rather than up the further it went along
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing Jake Hadley get in the cage properly too, he's already annoyed a lot of UFC people
  7. All combat sports build fighters, even the UFC keeps fighters they see with good potential away from potential troublesome fighters, Conor avoiding wrestlers, promising Welterweights not fighting Wonderboy etc etc They'll fight eventually anyway, why waste it as an undercard fight, let them get a few wins and let it headline a PPV, not like Heavyweight is flush with promising talent, they need names to feed to Ngannou Big step up for Daukaus, I think the potential upset is there for that one - didn't actually see they'd made that fight They should match Aspinall with Biggie Boi, decent name, winnable fight for him that'll do wonders for his exposure
  8. That's more or less verbatim a Dana White line when he was asked the question about building stars. I get it but it's in the UFC's interest to build stars and not waiting for a fighter to shine somewhere else before they capitalise. My coach has started a podcast and he was talking about Tom Aspinall (he's got a win over Aspinall you know ) on episode 3, said he's on a run, he's on fire and they could end up wasting his momentum because they'll more than likely pair him up next against Chris Daukaus, they're both undefeated in the UFC and they'll scratch one out and give them a loss which will set one of their careers back two years, rather than build them both up and have them avoid each other until they're possibly top 5 and looking to challenge for the title. Should give his podcast a listen it's great - called the Austincast, just him and his brother talking combat sports
  9. I've still got mine back at my folks house I think. The Netto bag as it was affectionately called at school
  10. I think they're locked into the T Mobile arena for events in Vegas, they signed an exclusive contract that lasted quite a long time, got a feeling it was something like 10 years for 5/6 shows a year and a UFC shop inside the arena. The UFC were never good at building stars themselves, they kind of leave it to the fighters to build themselves but don't shine any light on anyone unless they breakout themselves and can't be ignored
  11. I've got the feeling it was decimated by injuries and was meant to be a much bigger card but there were only 9 fights in total in the end. Same for this weekend coming, was meant to be headlined by Miesha Tate vs Katlin Viera, but Tate got COVID, Holm vs Dumont was promoted to main event, then Holm got injured and replaced with Aspen Ladd. That said Julian Marquez is fighting, and I always tune in to watch that guy because as much as he's a fun fight, it's mostly because he follows me on Instagram and commented once on some 12 hour slow cooked ribs I made that I posted I do agree about stars though, there's been a void since the top guys retired, we've lost legends like GSP, DC & Bisping and they've not really been replaced.
  12. This weeks card was a bit of a slog to get through, all but 1 fight on the main show going the distance and the one that was a finish happened early in the 3rd. Agapova looked dangerous asf, she'll cause problems if she continues to evolve. Never been sold on Dern, always seemed too one dimensional and over reliant, she struggles if she can't get it to the ground. Guess that's why it's MMA and specialists only tend to do so well until the meet the upper echelons and then realise they need to round out. Nasty spinning elbow cut on the Jackson v Rosa fight too, literally weeing blood from his head
  13. I'm convinced the cricket was an excuse to get DC to look elsewhere and for him to turn us down without burning bridges incase we came calling again, but DC called his bluff and was all yeah alright come after the cricket
  14. All the comments when Pulis took over like I dont care how we win, I just want to win are being proved totally false Fannies
  15. He'd get slated on here cos his knees have gone
  16. We're playing Nate from Ted Lasso's false 9
  17. Because it's not about working conditions or peoples rights. All they give a f about is spending money to improve the team If Hitler was alive and well and interested in buying a football team, that teams fans wouldn't give a throw if they were competing to win the league, rival fans are only really giving a throw about Newcastle being bought out because of the leg up it'll give them, the human rights stuff is just a convenient crutch to beat them with.
  18. Everyone knows you don't use super computers to predict football... You use an Octopus
  19. Same with anything though. The weekend warriors getting mad into the beak don't care about the human cost about where it comes from. People don't like to think about crap side of things with something they enjoy We all still buy Nikes & buy the latest phones despite knowing what the human cost is of those items, why should football be any different. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, its just the same with a whole raft of things in modern society
  20. Didn't he say that Newcastle would be his last job when he left us for them? It's all by the by anyways, DC talked mad poo about him for leaving so he'd never hire him back even it it was within the realms of possibility
  21. If you read some of the posts on here by certain people, you could get that impression of us.
  22. Probably in the same position except with 8 right backs in the squad
  23. Old cabbage head on his way to the bank with another massive cheque when he gets sacked in the new week or so then
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