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  1. Bergkamp. bit later I loved those crafty scheming players that were usually not at the top teams. tugay berkovic pahars
  2. Paul mclaren Tront egil soltdvet simon Donnelly seems like a lifetime ago
  3. Lewis wing was such a strange one. Looked great for toytown but was a different player with us. Looked nervy and dare I say it a bit weak.
  4. I will happily defend the local journalists. Personally I think they are excellent.
  5. Of course my follow up to this sort of comment is - why don’t you then ? If it’s that easy , just do it and earn yourself some more money.
  6. I know people get all misty eyed about the past and that’s fine, but it is almost comical to suggest any season could possibly be worse than our 20/21 season. As a reminder 1. No fans saw any matches live the entire season. 2. We finished rock bottom of the league and we were relegated 3. We were absolutely awful all season 4. We had a points deduction, a transfer embargo and stopped paying the players leading to threatened player strikes 5. We got through 6 managers, the last of whom nearly died. we will never have a season like that one ever: no fans saw any match - that alone makes it the worst season ever.
  7. Mcgeady is my guess. although I maintain da cruz will be somewhere near the top of this list. Absolutely terrible player !
  8. Fees need to be paid for young out of contract players - no player under 24 is technically a free.
  9. We tried that for the final 3 years of our life in the championship, and ended up barely scoring and bottom of the league. Defenders simply marched us up the pitch safe in the knowledge that a ball over or through either gets gobbled by the goalie or recovered by a quicker defender than the forward. Our problem is compounded as whenever a defence does that, our midfield get squeezed and Bannan moves backwards as he would rather operate in space .
  10. No point getting the ball forward quickly with Gregory and smith up front. The better teams in the league will play a high ish line against those two we will need to play out to pull other teams out of shape to move the team up the park and allow wide players and Bannan to play balls into the front two .
  11. Wide, and also to replace one of the strikers against teams we cant dominate possession against. If we don’t have this the opposition (the good ones ) will just push us up the park. This was our downfall in the championship in the end .
  12. Without pace it’s hard to see how we can push the better teams back to get the two forwards in a position to take chances. We will be able to dominate possession against the weaker teams so not so much of an issue, but the games where we are more evenly matched my fear is we will be easy to defend against and won’t be able to create the chances needed. the key next signing for me is a flyer on loan from the prem who we can use to stretch a game even if from the bench.
  13. I am a bit concerned with this signing. He is an excellent lead striker but we once more look like we may lack forward pace. This isn’t as big an issue in this league as it was in the championship as we are now better in possession against weaker opponents , but the good opponents can push us up the park again knowing Gregory/ smith won’t go in behind as they aren’t quick enough. we do need a forward with good speed who will put a defence on their heels .
  14. Great to start with the tough games before the hamstrings of key players start to ping again. Would much rather face these tough teams early.
  15. Jack cork has signed a new deal. Good player still who can sit and anchor that midfield. They have bidded for Scott twine who will only improve. They will be right up there next season. Gut feeling the 3 relegated clubs will all go back up .
  16. It is an interesting question. I do think our transfers are also dictated by the experience of playing for Sheffield Wednesday and also working for Sheffield Wednesday . Our players need to be pretty robust to play here - it’s generally chaos off the pitch, we sack a manager most seasons, the crowd are demanding and can be very negative. It is a very different club to play for than say MKD, Brentford, Peterborough where behind the scenes there is huge stability at the club and different vibe in the stadium. in short I think sometimes we go for the likes of Gregory, Mendez Laing , stockdale rather than up and coming youth due to the challenges of being at this club compared to others probably needing wiser older heads. Until some of those challenges go away I can’t see it changing
  17. I went to most of those games- some shockers. Sibons goal v Dunfermline was an absolute wonder goal !
  18. I used to read the magazine 90 minutes as a kid, I remember they tipped us to win the league in 93/94. it wasn’t a bad season all in all. We had a weird run of playing Watson and jemson up front as Hirst and bright were crocked, with Ryan Jones in midfield, and looked surprisingly good !
  19. Not a bad little track. i think whichever wednesday fan came up with this belter when Stuart gray was manager had more talent ! https://m.soundcloud.com/mdhindmarsh/stuart-gray-dance-anthems-as
  20. Was the 10th longest serving player in the league . Palmer is second on that list. Two lads who have done great service to our club.
  21. A player who started quite well, but just wen downhill. I watched him plenty of times , and he would sometimes avoid getting into a position to receive a pass. I suspect there were dressing room issues at times in our decline in the championship, and he was one who suffered in confidence. He was playing but not really playing . He was running but knowingly in a way where he could hide a bit and let Bannan get the ball. I have done it a few times in matches myself where I couldn’t get into the game at all.
  22. Peterborough bound I bet. decent player, but replaceable relatively easily I expect.
  23. He must have been out injured for over a year at one point under Jos, Bruce etc. did well to come back from that. very decent keeper who had slight issue with shot stopping when it was close and low to him. Other than that I thought he was a technically very sound goalkeeper.
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