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  1. Penalty taking success yet another aspect of our game to collapse since we released the legend big Atdhe. 3 goals in top flight football this season - more than any of our players in 3rd tier football.
  2. Some wallop here. moore was the second coming a few weeks ago with recruitment and retention rated 10 out of 10 !! keeper made a howler and captain missed a pen , otherwise that’s 3 points. Won’t happen every week. will be a bumpy season but I do think we will defend and clean sheet our way to play offs at least.
  3. On a lose bonus from Colin and Gibson.
  4. Bruce was on the bench in the game at home to Derby, where I believe Nigel Clough also played for us. we lost 5-2, Paolo Wanchope absolutely tore us to pieces. Blondeau eventually gave up trying to tackle him, and just got himself a red card, he looked pleased to walk off the pitch. Wanchope looked the worlds best striker that night.
  5. Monk was such a good manager away that we simply didnt go behind very often. Think of the batterings of likes of Bielsa's leeds, Forest, Boro away. great days.
  6. Shows what a great manager Monk was that no one since has managed this .
  7. Rafa is one of those managers who gets a huge amount of goodwill in the game , maybe rightly so. At the end of the day Everton have a tremendous squad of top players bought for huge amounts of money. They have James R in the stiffs, Brazils no 1 striker up top, the england goalie who was our best player in the euro's, and have spanked mega money on their midfielders and defenders. They should be right up there with that squad.
  8. Newcastle look very poor this season, especially at the back. The goalkeeper at the weekend - I would have taken Ola Tidman ahead of that goalie. They look a championship quality side. Big trouble this season.
  9. For what it is worth I really don’t see that Wednesday scalp and two cup final thing in the slightest. I have seen lots of league 1 football over last few years. Teams are limited and committed in virtually every match be it against gillingham or Sunderland. Like the last two times down here, I suspect it will take us a season to get into the groove again.
  10. Worth mentioning that Murphy never played a game at wednesday under Bruce, but good to see the great work done by Monk called our for once .
  11. What a weird thread. there are effectively arguments here that talking positively and doing happy social media stuff should only be done if there is the guarantee of a win and good performance. That is truly bizarre when you stop and think about it. As far as I can recall in my entire lifetime, in all leagues, only one team - arsenal- has been undefeated all season. So under the argument above no one should do any kind of positive messaging or media.
  12. Windass and berahino are key to our season. only players we have who can put the skids up a back 4 and get them on their heels. Without either we will be marched up the pitch especially away, Bannan will retreat to stand on hutchinsons toes and we will be back to where we were last season.
  13. I don’t want to ever see Sam Hutchinson in midfield. His performances there last season were a complete joke. I would play any other player in the squad including joe wildsmith in midfield ahead of Hutchinson.
  14. Only if you are on it. plenty of players now outsource it so they don’t have to read the idiocy of social media users, including their own fans . Many don’t even do that eg Hutchinson. Instead players just have WhatsApp groups between themselves as a squad .
  15. No issues at all playing out from the back. Some of the best teams in this league play that way.
  16. I thought for a second that you wrote ‘ Hutchinson into holding midfield ‘ as the great tactical master stroke , but then dismissed it as a spell check error. No one would deliberately write that after last season.
  17. I believe we will fix this with a fit and quick SB up front and windass back. Teams still playing like they played against us last season. Push a paceless strike force up the pitch, send Bannan backwards to find space to neutralise him. Teams can play like that against us all day long , and we rarely score when they do , especially away. the difference is this season we have potentially two players in Windass and berahino who will be quick and clever so defenders at this level will not be as confident marching us up the pitch as they know they will be screwed if one comes through or over. once those two are starting I am convinced we will score more , come back more and win more.
  18. Didnt even know they were still alive. (boom tish)
  19. Saturday 5:21 Darren, could you tell me why Sam Hutchinson didn't make it today, still carrying a knock? MOORE: There is no problem between me and Sam - for now I am looking at other players and he and Keiren are doing their work away from the main group.
  20. Also odd anyone would want to go and see this tour. he can’t stand or sing or drum.
  21. Booze issues over quite a few years. Looks bad now .
  22. It’s a very different type of football though. Very direct, not a lot of quality. Not sure chasing into corners and having back to the goal as missiles come from the centre backs is a test as to whether the kid has quality for the top 3 leagues.
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