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  1. A cheap gamble , nothing ventured nothing gained of course but think best he moves on. Not quite at the level needed based on his few fleeting appearances.
  2. He is probably what watford need to survive. He will organise their defence which is a mess. Up top they have some decent footballers who will score enough to survive but unless that defence is fixed they are going down. Quite a smart move by watford.
  3. The negativity i understand as the vast majority of players we sign are absolutely awful, which is to be expected as a broken and skint league 1 team under transfer embargo for years. However, all should be given a chance like this kid good luck and welcome to Wednesday !
  4. certainly beats being mid table in league 1 with Lee Gregory up front.
  5. To be fair to the board there, they don’t spend much and have spent the last 8 years in the prem or winning promotion to the prem. also an fa cup final in there as well.
  6. In the last 10 years: Nuhiu - one of the all time heroes Loovens - warrior and skipper, and a brilliant footballer
  7. Watford usually have someone lined up when they do this . Suspect they will have someone in within 72 hours
  8. I just gave this 2 listens. Horrible. They did the same trick mid song on the first track of the last album- 'happy ending'. The lyrics and video are pure David Brent stuff. I am dreading this record given how good their early albums are (the first 3 are some of my all time favourite records).
  9. I love TFF but hated the song 'The Tipping Point ' they put out a few weeks ago. Most bands sound like that song when they get in their 50's and 60's.
  10. My son plays football on saturday mornings, and I live in the well heeled and leafy shires in the South, so if he has a later kick off I can't make it to Hillsborough any more. So last few seasons I go with kids and see MK Dons instead when I can't get to SWFC. Difficult club to get an emotional attachment to, but a lovely stadium, very cheap and kids enjoy it as a fair few of their mates also go there for similar reason (ie Prem league team supporters who cant get tickets so see MKD instead). My kids to be fair are now tipping into being MKD fans which I guess was always long term plan of the club. Wasn't expecting us to be in same league as them any time soon when I started doing it - we were looking good under Carlos and they were in league 2.
  11. Di Canio ffs. Hasn’t managed in nearly a decade; his previous two jobs ended up with him chinning players ( to be fair one was Leon Clarke so understandable) and falling out with everyone.
  12. 6th time as Oldham manager - ridiculous !
  13. I am pleased the biggest myth in football is now being shown for what it is. You read and hear constantly that fans would rather we lost 4-3 and had a go than try and scrape narrow draws or wins. That is , Of course, nonsense and always has been as any loss , even one where we have a real go, play very attacking football and score 2 goals triggers pitchforks and protests.
  14. I wouldn’t look at most of the fossils on here. Ronnie Moore ffs! If we do decide to change manager, I would go persuade Gary Cahill to do it. Play the season out as player manager and get a good coach alongside him.
  15. I am going to stick my neck out here a bit. I don’t think we should even be thinking about a managerial change. There has been significant improvement in our attacking play over the course of this season. We have been horrible to watch for 5 years but we are now scoring goals and creating much more than we have for a long time. The issue yesterday was lack of focus at the back, and probably a lack of dunkley or iorfa as I think we win that game with either of them playing. I do not think we are far off at all. we will always have a horror game every now and then like Sunderland was. But I honestly think we are a centre half and a bit of concentration and focus away from a very good run between now and May. They are not that hard to solve for. stick in with the manager.
  16. Hutchinson who earlier this week on owlstalk could walk into any championship team. another defeat with him in defence: he was out injured in our unbeaten run.
  17. Very honest assessment by our straight talking gaffer. we go again ! It’s a marathon not a sprint. All about where we finish in May. Rome not built in a day . Another workout for Darren’s big duster on the coach home again, get on the training ground and get some more volume in the legs, bounce back !
  18. Indeed. Fantastic club with amazing facilities. I did a stadium tour of West Ham with the kids over the christmas holidays. Having done the same at our great club pre lockdown, there is one hell of a difference it is fair to say! They have four schools by each corner of the stadium, all kids from 8 who play for west ham teams have to go to those schools. Its an unbelievable set up they have there. At worst he signs , develops and does loans for 3 years ish. Not much to lose for the kid (apart from having to work with Alan Irvine).
  19. Bailey Cadamateri Wednesday legend Bailey Cademateri's Wednesday record: Games - 0 Goals - 0 Owlstalk threads - 43 Good luck Bailey Cademateri. @aeroswfc
  20. 43 goals in 46 matches in his full season in charge of us, i am pleased he is now attack minded.
  21. 'Whats the story , Jordan Storey' Welcome to SWFC Jordan Storey.
  22. Just read this post. Virtually all of the music from that britpop era is completely unlistenable nowadays, but a rare exception are the first two Gene records plus the B side album they did from same era. All still stand up. The only other records I can tolerate from that era are 13 by Blur and the first two Suede albums. The third Gene album is truly dreadful.
  23. Much as I admire Hutchinson I would not agree entirely with that. An example of the player you are talking about there is the centre back Dickie. Was in League 1 at Oxford, now a regular at QPR. Dickie is streets ahead of Hutch today at centre back. There is no way Hutchinson gets in the QPR side ahead of Dickie. I also think there are better league 1 centre backs than Hutchinson EG harry darling at MKD. Even in recent years I would put at the very least Loovens, Hector, Venacio and certainly last season Lees ahead of Hutch.
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