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  1. His English had improved since his last presser if that’s what he’s thinking
  2. If the club stopped communicating with its fans on social media......... ....... would anyone even notice ?
  3. Checking if we sell all our mobile phones, tablets and laptops to ourselves then rent them back again and that we can actually do the blackout in 2028 but backdate it to 2021.
  4. Your right. I’m heartbroken because you couldn’t understand a thread on a fans forum. Funny and sad at the same time.
  5. Now you’ve really lost me. The thread is called Pulis v Moore??? So why would you accuse me of being obsessed with TP ? I didn’t start the thread. Why would you bring Thommo into it. We’re critiquing two of our managers and I responded to a post suggesting Moore’s football was no better than Pulis. Your points are irrelevant. Please don’t try and patronise when you haven’t understood the thread.
  6. I expect more from professional footballers, being paid a small fortune like most OT contributors. I do believe that confidence is a major factor. This group have been mismanaged since CC (apart from a brief spell under Bruce). In military terms, they are shell-shocked and suffering from PTSD (just an analogy and in.no way equating sport to war). Yet we keep sending the same group over the top again and again. They’re shot. No longer fit for purpose and probably not to blame. Best thing we can do is clear the decks & start again with a group with hunger and belief even if that’s
  7. So to be clear... You're suggesting we had more possession in the final third under Pulis? You’re suggesting that under Pulis we had bodies in the box? Are you suggesting we conceded less “silly goals”. I don’t understand your point.
  8. We are creating more chances and having more shots on target under Moore and, QPR aside, our defence has been no worse. We have more possession under Moore. Although I agree with you that possession for possession’s sake is pointless, we have more chance of scoring if we have the ball and less chance of conceding if our opponents don’t have the ball. Pulis teams conceded possession and territory and tried not to concede for 90mins. Remember, it’s much harder to create than to destroy
  9. Your wit is sharper than the splinters on the relegation trapdoor.
  10. Pathetic, small minded and petty OP by Big D I’m afraid. We lose yet again, we’re second bottom, 7 points from safety. We teeter on the inevitable brink of League One and possibly, in the not too distant future, staring into the abyss of League Two. All you care about is trying to score points against fellow long-suffering Owls fans who might not agree with your endless and boring insistence that Barry Bannan is the love child of Mother Theresa & Lionel Messi. Sad really.
  11. Some fair points I also feel it was clearly noticeable from the first whistle, that the intensity, tempo and workrate was significantly down against the Cardiff match. We pressed at half pace and as individuals instead of as a pack, we played at a tempo that allowed QPR to get into shape when we tore Cardiff apart. We put safe balls into areas instead of clinical passes to specific targets. This is not tactical it’s about poor player mentality.
  12. This makes no sense. You said our problem was Chair or Willock dropping deep from a front three. Then you single out Urhoghide, Patterson and Rhodes for criticism and exonerate the two players (Hutch and Bannan) whose job it is to deal with strikers dropping deep ...
  13. But we were overrun in centre midfield because Bannan and Hutch lack pace, power and athleticism. Bannan and Reach made no attempt to close down the cross for the third. Bannan dropped too deep most of the time today after it looked like the penny had finally dropped against Cardiff. He set his standards in that game and fell way short today, as did most of our big players. The odd clever pass over 90 minutes can’t be classed as playing well. Bannan can’t be exempt from critique when he allows his standards to fall.
  14. All our big players were average today. Lee’s, Hutch, Bannan, Reach, Rhodes. The difference between their Cardiff performances and today was significant. It’s the biggest issue on the football side of the club. Too many players who are capable of being top class in the context of the Championship but more often are average or poor. Would rather have a team of steady 7/10 professionals than this collection of inconsistent and mentally fragile individuals.
  15. Your may be right Beauchief. I think he’d be a regular somewhere like Birmingham, Huddersfield, Preston. Anyway, the fear is that anywhere is better than SWFC for those players who have a chance to escape. If my son were in that position, I honestly don’t think I could find one reason for him to stay.
  16. You’ll feel better if you just accept we are down. To escape we need our rivals to implode, but more importantly we have to completely reverse our form of the last 18 months. This group don’t have it within themselves to perform a footballing miracle. Embrace the inevitable
  17. Very good point about Urhoghide being unlikely to stay, Rats and sinking ship springs to mind but I honestly can’t blame anyone for getting as far away from this club as possible.
  18. Bless you Owly Mowly. I love the fact that SWFC hasn’t yet crushed your every hope and dream. I, on the other hand, am a shattered dry husk of a man after following this car crash of a club for far too long. UTO, WAWAW
  19. I admire your boundless optimism. Your cup is not only half full, it’s overflowing into another cup that’s half full. However it is over and has been since January.
  20. Please my friend. Stop putting yourself through this. We will be relegated. We have too much to do to stay up and we don’t have the mentality to do it anyway. Accept the inevitable. You’ll feel better for it.
  21. That cross from Reach sums us up. Flat track bully when things all going our way v Cardiff. Fails to take responsibility and hits the first defender when we really need him to show his mettle.
  22. Was clear from the first five minutes that we allowed our intensity and controlled aggression to drop since the Cardiff game. On the 3rd Bannan & Reach just stood and watched. Last game they’d both have bust a gut to stop that cross. The club has a losing mentality and the close season clear out can’t come quickly enough. We have too many who can produce it ever so often but don’t produce it often enough.
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