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  1. Have you not noticed, we have fallen? From Championship Play-off finalists to League 1, points deductions, ground sale, failure to pay wages, umbongos, 15 players out of contract. We’re a League One team (like Rotherham, WW et al because we deserve to be. That’s our level. Its good to dream and aspire to better but setting unrealistic expectations can only lead to disappointment. Personally, I’m glad we still have a club. I hope one day to take my grandkids as my grandfather took me. I can see how far we have fallen and how hard it will be to climb to the top. We mustn’t go down again, I’ll take mid-table if there are signs of recovery this season. Playoffs would be fun, automatic would reflect a great job done by the club.
  2. If you’d care to cool your boiling head you’ll notice I didn’t criticise the original post. I asked (tongue in cheek) for the neg button back or a place to store negative posts. Would you say the original post was positive? I don’t need to judge Moore on this season as we have only played 9 games with a squad containing 13 new players after last seasons turmoil. I’ve previously stated I don’t believe we’ll achieve promotion this season. I think we’ll be mid table and I’m fine with that as long as we don’t suffer anymore DC inflicted torture. I see Derby, Bolton, Bury et al and think, there but for the grace of God…
  3. Harsh. I think he’s quite a handsome chap in the right light.
  4. Got a Readers Wives from 2014 in the loft somewhere. I’ll de-crust it for you mate
  5. That’s like saying ignore the first 20 years when she was alreet, ignore the missing front teeth, ignore the metric tonne of cellulite - for the majority of the time our lass looks like Claudia Schiffer
  6. In Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellen Bogen By The Sea ?
  7. Look. I know that Bazza’s hairpiece hasn’t taken root yet but frankly, calling it Weetabix is disrespectful to our club captain and only world class player.
  8. Nope. Do you have short term memory loss? I’m quoting your own words
  9. Could we take it one step further and have bouncers outside the ground politely refusing us entry cos we’re wearing trainers? Would save us: A - Heartache B - Hard earned cash C - From ourselves
  10. Dear moderators, As you doggedly refuse to give us back our beloved neg button, please can you at least create one place for all the guff like this post to be deposited in so that the majority of right minded supporters don’t accidentally step in it. You could call it, “negative nonsense” or perhaps “the bin”. Also, you could automate it by searching for terms like “anyone who doesn’t agree knows nothing about football” , “it’s a no brained” , “”best / worst I’ve ever seen” Yours tongue-in-cheekedly but a bit serious at the same time Lawrie’s Left Peg
  11. Sack manager based on performances in 2 games. Good call
  12. Bannan is more a liability than an asset in a 2 man midfield. Been proved many times.
  13. Didn’t see capitulation or a lack of motivation at Plymouth. Every time we lose doesn’t mean we don’t try. Last week the selection was wrong. We had 3 ball playing midfielders against 4 and sometimes 5 opposites who had more pace and power. We didn’t / couldn’t make the tactical changes necessary. Moore was out thought. Can happen to any manager e.g. Pep in the CL final.
  14. Effort wasn’t the problem at Plymouth. Wrong team selection and inability to react to being tactically outthought was the issue.
  15. If you feel this way, why not just ignore the press conferences and posts about the press conferences? Seems you’re wasting your time commenting on things you think are a waste of time ?
  16. Welcome to the Kingdom of the Keyboard Warrior in the Wonderful World of Social Media.
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