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  1. That’s nowt, we got a new pitch, a scoreboard, a cake that we could wash down with a delicious energy drink and a taxi to take us home. In DC we trust
  2. Premier League West Ham have made enquiries over Wednesday youngster Bailey Cadamateri, who is believed to be happy to keep progressing as he is at S6. Do you think we should tell him that he’ll be “progressing” to Celtics reserves or Rovrum if he stays at S6?
  3. DM already found a better replacement. Plenty of volume in those legs. In Moore we trust!
  4. Aren’t defenders supposed to stop it going over the line? Sounds like a right dud
  5. Hot off the press!!!!! Player who no one else wants who was good for 2 matches 5 years ago but isn’t anymore linked (by his desperate agent whose bank is about to foreclose on his mortgage)) with SWFC OT: My granny’s gerbil goes to the vets with a hamster that belongs to a bloke who watched him play for 30mins who says he could do a job for us. Worth a gamble. No Brainer. Sign him up FFS
  6. Yep. History can teach us a lot about people. Luke replied to thekimmyowl's topic “History shows Moore is a pisspoor manager” Luke replied to @owlstalk's topic “Dunkley acted a moron as did the people defending him” Luke replied to Luke's topic “Ye he's definitely full of sh!t” Luke replied to YesWeCrann’s topic “Why is DC allowing moore to sign players. Just sack the useless tw@t”
  7. Maybe a little harsh on our Owlstalk brothers and sisters but a midfield of Corbeneau, NML, Bannan and Luongo would undoubtedly have been over-run and outfought in this division.
  8. Unless the other team decide to attack.
  9. F kin hate Palmer & Johnson in a back 3. Makes it so hard for both of them and weakens us elsewhere. Back 4 with Hutch helping Brennan through the game for me.
  10. I don’t understand your post. Would only make sense if there was someone in our squad that plays the ball backwards and sideways too much, had wispy flyaway hair and was cr@p at set pieces but undroppable….. …… No wait
  11. Getting Hunt used to losing, weekly disappointment and abject failure is exactly what Hunt needs to develop into a Wednesday legend.
  12. Can’t you just buy your ticket? If the game is subsequently called off you can simply request a refund … … No. Wait!
  13. Totally this. Only sober, law abiding, god fearing citizens in Scouseland.
  14. Oldham in early 80’s. Think I was about 12 at the time. Felt physically sick. Tottenham away in mid 90’s. Escorted on foot between 2 sets of tower blocks. Got pelted with missiles. Couldn’t really tell where they were coming from. The guy next to me got hit by a roof slate. Head split open like a watermelon. Derby away. Late eighties at the old Baseball Ground. Got trapped between two groups of Derby fans in that fenced off waste ground in front of the away end. I’m a lover not a fighter and got the bejesus kicked out of me. 3 broken ribs, broken finger and 6 stitches in my face.
  15. According to reports everyone has more money to spend than us. Even Bradfield Parish Mens have just bid 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps for a new CB
  16. Bench warmer Centre back Crock Best player we’ve ever seen (after only seeing 15 mins cameo) Worst player we’ve ever seen (after only seeing 15 mins cameo) No brainer Stealing a living Take your pick. It’s the OT way
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