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  1. What evidence do you have to support this? Remember no one knows what has been said or done to lead to 2 senior players being made unavailable for selection. My point is that leaving them out hadn’t improved things, in fact the contrary. Managers stand and fall by their decisions.
  2. The 2 managers in question are arguably the worst 2 managers the club has had in the last 20 years. They both seem to struggle with big characters and reading between the lines (without any proof or evidence) seem to struggle with their authority being challenged. This is a results industry, if the manager takes a stance and it works people will praise him for his principles. If a manager takes a stance and it backfires people will call for his head. Unfortunately for Dross and Monk, their stance coincided with a serious deterioration in results and performances. Both knew what they didn’t want but not what they did want. Result personal and collective failure.
  3. Agree with what you say. Stopped trusting current squad some time ago. But I still say why now? None of them have played hump ball during there time at Wednesday. Suddenly Monk arrives (with a reputation for direct football and everything is whacked long. Coincidence? Surely not......
  4. Sorry. Makes no sense. If the movement is crap they should be working on it in training. Pass and move, angles of support etc. If the coaching is of reasonable quality you’ll start to notice a difference from the stands. If we continuously lose the battle in midfield (which we do) they should be working on it in training, starting positions, defending one v one, distances between players etc. The fact that Lees, Palmer and Fox are looking to go long as a default when they did not under CC, Dross or Bruce suggests they are under instruction to do so.
  5. Think your missing something here. Bruce took over a shambles and improved it and was showing signs of a pattern of play, a philosophy and improvement. Monk took over a relatively stable situation and we are getting worse week by week.
  6. Wonder if that’s because they’re being asked to play in a back 3 which doesn’t suit any of them or is it a coincidence they’re all having shockers???
  7. so explain how you outperform or overachieve??? It isn’t possible to do more than you can. Like saying you can give 110%. The rapid decline in this team since we could’ve gone 3rd is appalling and Monk doesn’t appear to know what to do about it
  8. So pick a ridiculous formation that doesn’t suit the personnel then take of FF because he hasn’t been brilliant at left wing-back. Surprise, surprise. Monk has lost the plot. He needs to find it soon or he should go. We look like a team that has never been coached.
  9. Biggest issue for me with this post is that Wilko understood how to play the long ball game. There were always 2 strikers. One to win flick ons or hold up, one to play off the target man. Because we basically bypassed midfield, our midfielders played in advanced positions in support of the target man. Also we played much more in wide areas than people give credit for, with overlapping fullbacks like Sterland , Snodin and Worthington and wide players on their correct wings like Marwood and Chamberlain. The team relentlessly played balls into the area. If it was possible to play forward, it went forward. Monk doesn’t play with a second striker, or overlapping fullbacks. He favours 2 deep midfielders who continually slow play down. Going sideways and backwards until closed down and there is no option but to whack the ball aimlessly long. His wide players play on the wrong side, cutting inside into congested areas. In short his tactics (if you can call them that) are to play long and direct without understanding how to do it correctly
  10. This is becoming an urban legend. If by spine you mean through the middle of the team then Dawson, Borner, Joey (Luongo) Windass, Wickham (Fletcher, Winnal) haven’t been here for 4 years. Neither have Iorfa, Fox, Harris, Reach, Murphy for the record
  11. Generally I’m with you that constant chopping and changing of managers will not bring success. We were prepared to give Bruce time because we could all see and hear what he was trying to achieve so we were able to get on board with him. What is Monk trying to do? No one knows therefore, give him time to do what? Look what Bruce has done with relegation favourites and to turn around a hostile fan base compared to what Monk has done with promotion outsiders and an expectant fan base (in much the same time period)
  12. I wish I could agree with you Beholder, I really do but I can’t see one crumb of comfort, not even a small sign of recovery or improvement. I think we’re slowly getting worse and the manager is losing credibility with the fans and the players. How do you think Monk can turn it around?
  13. And knowing that we signed him any way Let that sink in.
  14. How do you know he hasn’t? How do you know there have been any transgressions that would warrant a warning under employment law?
  15. Josh Laurent from Shrewsbury could tick those boxes
  16. I actually suggested we didn’t spend on short term loans. I didn’t suggest we spend anything this season. Perhaps if you read my post before starting your rant Furious George?? As before, certainly not ranting, merely posing a question..... on a fans forum
  17. Fair comment but It should help our midfield in its decision making and tempo to have a game plan of hitting the wingers as early and as often as possible. At the moment they seem to play entirely off the cuff and lack the strength, quality and creativity to do so resulting in little or no threat and losing the ball too close to our goal. By being more direct, like Liverpool at least we should create more opportunities and worse case lose the ball higher up the pitch
  18. I don’t know what to believe any more tbh. There was a clammer to bring in Rhodes before he came. Whether it affected the decision to sign him, I have no idea. We have held on to some fan’s favourites way to long, whether that’s because the chairman wants to placate the fans, I have no insight. You tell me
  19. Your missing my point. Bringing in temporary quality doesn’t really address the mediocrity does it? At the end of the season they go back to their clubs and we are back where we started. My question was, assuming were safe (big assumption), then would looking inside the club for long term solutions be a better option than loans. If we find the solution isn’t here at least we know.
  20. To be fair I did acknowledge that replacing Fletcher was a priority. My question was whether bringing in temporary players who won’t be part of the solution moving forward made sense. Some posters highlighted the threat of points deduction. Fair enough. Some say our kids are way off. Fair enough, they see them more than me. Crazy talk? If you say so
  21. How ironic Furious George. That you accuse me of ranting. No rant here. Just questioning the wisdom of investing money we aren’t allowed to spend on temporary solutions versus a more long term view. I’m also intrigued what your point is when quoting your statistic? Because 18/23 deals were loans then we have to bring in loans over developing a strategy for next season? If 18/23 posters told you to jump off a cliff........
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