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  1. We've already got Dawson/Wildsmith, why would we want to sign them
  2. Surely we could pickup a keeper for 300k that could do a job without it being temporary.
  3. This thread is already 2 pages long and I've got Owlstalk Reach bingo already
  4. It's not really evident as after a couple of shots it turns into a brawl. I've trained with a couple of the UK's top bare knucklers a few years ago and the training they went through was ridiculous. Can't throw full power, have to pick shots as it's all about connecting clean & hard enough without hurting yourself MMA would be bare knuckle if it wasn't for injuries, gloves were only introduced as a minimum as they found that a 4oz glove was the perfect size for reducing broken hands without sacrificing power, the gloves in MMA are to protect the fighters hands from breakages rather than the opponents. That said, I'm not really a fan either. I do think there's a market out there for a promotion to do kickboxing or Muay Thai in a cage with smaller MMA style gloves.
  5. For a human representative of a picasso painting
  6. Queue 5 pages of grown men crying about him celebrating with Grabban
  7. Being "sustainable" is the current footballing buzzword and only a very few minor clubs make it happen Man City reckon they're sustainable but we know it's all testicles
  8. This didn't actually happen did it? I went to 3/4 of those games and he wasn't in any of the games I saw We played in the Intertoto cup in 1995, he signed for Palace in 97.
  9. He was linked with us all summer and then went to Newcastle
  10. Joe Royle & Jim Smith too at one point said that Ferguson had put them off taking the job here too He really ******** hated us after the Hirst saga didn't he
  11. It is tonight. I'm sure they've done some cards on a Sunday night before, guess it depends if it's a Bellator/UFC double weekend as Bellator do Fridays usually
  12. He's one step away from being made into glue....
  13. I mean better to be convinced by someone who plays an idiot on TV for money, rather than the actual idiot that owns us
  14. I forgot the sexiest fight that has ever been fought is also happening this weekend.
  15. Deffo mate. Some macho over postering in here about the colour. Embrace it boys, wear the pink
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