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  1. Yeah total crock. Only the 73 games and 22 goals in the last two seasons ffs
  2. We need to be looking at players who were in the same situation as Bannan was when we signed him. Mid career - aged 23 - 26 ish so not entirely untested but no longer a youth prospect Players who'd have been in and around the Premier League squads, but for whatever reason had moved around and not played much/wasn't fancied as a starter. Bannan came here with a decent reputation but with a point to prove
  3. No, we need to stop bringing in old timers for one last pay day and start bringing in young hungry talent. We've just gotten rid of Boyd and Abdi, I don't want to replace them with more old timers on big wages
  4. Cahill turned down moves to Monaco & Juve in the January transfer window. He's not coming here, some of you need to have a word with yourselves
  5. I think you're being harsh on Carlos there a little, I'd say Karanka at Boro was the man to start making Rhodes doubt himself and Carlos just compounded it. I don't think Karanka wanted Rhodes at Boro either and had him bought just like Carlos did here
  6. Even if Villa don't go up he might be available I think they're in a worse position than we are if they don't go up this time round.
  7. If Jos had gone earlier in the season, Bruce wouldn't have been available to work It's a moot point
  8. I've said it a few times but other than Fessi, Matias is the only other player at the club who can make something out of nothing
  9. We're going to smash Blackburn about 4-0 I reckon. I've got a feeling this is the corner turning performance when it all clicks
  10. Football is full of players who win things they don't deserve Djimi Traore and Igor Biscan are Champions League Winners.... I'm surely plenty of teams have gotten out of this division with players their fans thought didn't deserve to be there
  11. Or teams know that we're fizzed with FFP and are likely to be more fizzed come the summer, so think they'll have our pants down in regards prices then rathjer than pay over the odds now
  12. I don't think we would either. If someone was in for him or negotiations had started he wouldn't have played to avoid the injury risks
  13. I agree but it's the Wednesday fan way, our players are either world beaters or absolute dog poo, there's never an inbetween
  14. We need to get rid of the been there and done that's in the squad, there's no motivation for players who've played at a higher level and are winding down their careers. They've been there, had the wages, bought the flash cars and are here going through the motions We need hungry players, players with something to prove. I have to say to it but look at Leeds and United, not a big name player amongst them. Even Norwich are the same
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