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  1. Probably cos they're spending all their spare cash on paying Jordan Ibe
  2. I'd be happy with a point, but I think Watford are there for the taking and I've got a feeling we'll pull out a win today
  3. It took us weeks to get Windass out of Wigan because they owed Rangers money for Windass. It was that what took the time, sorting out the money situation with Rangers
  4. If Windass keeps playing like this for the season then that 500k is looking very very shrewd indeed
  5. He'll retire to focus on the kids academy he runs. 100k a week plus whatever West Ham are paying him to terminate his contract - he's not gonna be looking down the back of the sofa for 50p
  6. £3 and still seeing ads is a bit of a ******** take
  7. Haggling with Wigan because they're in a poo situation perhaps, why pay more than we needed to? We could back load the deal for Zohore, certain amount upfront, more payment on certain number of appearances, goals & lump sum if we get promoted
  8. Not this summer we haven't, which is the point of the post
  9. I wonder if Owlstalk would have been about in the 90's what the posts would have been like when they found out Francis was going to play Warhurst up front.
  10. No one is going to pay a premium in wages for players on the downward slope of their careers like Huddlestone or Brunt.
  11. 3 millions is a snip and should be looked at as an investment. He plays like he played towards the end of last season and we'll easily make the money back
  12. We need to field a full strength side tomorrow, hit the ground running and get some confidence for the Cardiff game
  13. We'd have been too late, was already full of HGH at Barca by then 😉
  14. And Watford fans raved about Abdi and we all know how that worked out. Villa Fans had nothing good to say about Bannan Judge them on what they do for us, not what they did or have done for other clubs
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