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  1. We're still on the operating table but the life paddles are kind of doing something
  2. DC's waiting to see how much pocket money he's getting from Daddykins before he commits to new contracts or a transfer budget
  3. I'm getting Deja Vu Is this the Liam Shaw thread?
  4. DC: You can't make future plans in football
  5. Maybe you're right and i'm taking the naive view, it's just fishy with the timing when UEFA are about finalise the Champions League changes today/this week. I do agree that it'll happen eventually whether this time or the next time UEFA do something the elite don't like Siding with UEFA on anything still feels wrong, They're all corrupt money grubbing shysters, they all deserve each other frankly
  6. It won't happen It's the clubs protesting the new Champions League format, UEFA will concede and not go ahead with the restructure and the Super League idea will get put back in it's box until the big clubs want UEFA to bend over for them again.
  7. I think if Bruce had stopped rather than leaving for Newcastle, we'd have ended up like Villa under him and got worse rather than better.
  8. I mean he's not wrong, having done both boxers do hit harder but it's different, punches are mostly used for setup in MMA, the gloves in boxing also are better for hitting harder being a heavier weight Elbows are on another level completely I never did say the fight was fixed, tbh Ben was there for the cash, would Paul knockout an MMA fighter at a similar weight? Who knows it would depend on who it was, my take is if he fought another MMA fighter, it would be another non striker with a name.
  9. Stupid thing is Venencio was signed about 2/3 weeks before Van Aken and Carlos never played him. I don't even think he got a look in until Carlos had gone on his merry way to Swansea and Jos was in. He'd haved loved to have stay too, you could tell by how much he loved scoring against Norwich in that last game of the season
  10. I wouldn't look into the MMA community too much either. They're all a bit weird Watch far too many Joe Rogan podcasts and smoke far too much weed
  11. I think you're being a tad over the top there. Throwing an elbow in a fist fight is like bringing a hand grenade to a knife fight, unless you've ever felt both clean, I don't believe you should be commenting on boxing punches and elbows The counter point to that argument is that he took the beating from Robbie before he took that brutal knee from Masvidal, that was a devastating knock out, who knows what effect that had on his chin, his fight immediately after Masvidal was against Maia who is as one dimensional as Askren is. That Masvidal knee could have
  12. He's literally the worst boxer you're ever going to see in MMA. He was as close to a one discipline specialist as you're ever going to get in modern MMA too, he's a literal throw back to the wild west UFC 1 days of being a wrestler and not being interested in learning or developing anything else.
  13. Should have saved ourselves a lot of cash on Van Aken and bought that guy permanently. Never played under Carlos though and made his name under Jos, by the time we realised we had a player, the fee we had in place 800k or so had expired and they wanted £2.5 million for him, which as we had paid through the nose for Van Aken, couldn't afford
  14. Depends if they get kick out of the Premier or not. Afaik It's to replace the Champions League rather than them leaving their domestic league
  15. 100% DC underinvestment since the the mad transfer summer has lead to this The squad just isn't good enough for the Championship
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