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  1. But what about teams that put 10 men behind the ball that need drawing out. Teams that come to Hillsborough and are happy to sit deep, defend and take a point. You need to draw these teams out with build up and possession
  2. Can't we use both dependent on the opponent and if one isn't working? Why do we have to stick with one?
  3. Must be able to curl out a perfect Mr whippy style turd on underperforming players doorsteps.
  4. When Kieran Trippier has just sold for £20 million I don't know how Spurs expect to get £10 million for Onomah
  5. Literally who cares? It's one pro wishing an other pro well in the new role, complaining about it and moaning that Sky have an agenda over us makes us look small time and pathetic We've lost a manager, we'll get a new one and move on.
  6. Stuart Gray did the double over him the season before they went up 2-3 at theirs and 2-0 at Hillsborough
  7. That's more far fetched than JK Rowling writing that the ginger kid in Harry Potter had not 1 but 2 mates!
  8. No He's made his intentions clear, he's not bigger than the club. I mean physically he might be, but not metaphorically
  9. That would be wondrous, but would that leave us up poo creek in regards to compo?
  10. We got around 2.7 for Kovacevic when he left, around the same for Emerson Thome too
  11. You're* And how informative, why don't you tell me how I'm wrong instead of giving two word answers
  12. Our previous was £3 million for Chris Brunt, so yeah he will have
  13. If we get £4 million for him, he's smashed our record outgoing by a million quid.....
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