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  1. We're going to smash Blackburn about 4-0 I reckon. I've got a feeling this is the corner turning performance when it all clicks
  2. Football is full of players who win things they don't deserve Djimi Traore and Igor Biscan are Champions League Winners.... I'm surely plenty of teams have gotten out of this division with players their fans thought didn't deserve to be there
  3. Or teams know that we're fizzed with FFP and are likely to be more fizzed come the summer, so think they'll have our pants down in regards prices then rathjer than pay over the odds now
  4. I don't think we would either. If someone was in for him or negotiations had started he wouldn't have played to avoid the injury risks
  5. I agree but it's the Wednesday fan way, our players are either world beaters or absolute dog poo, there's never an inbetween
  6. We need to get rid of the been there and done that's in the squad, there's no motivation for players who've played at a higher level and are winding down their careers. They've been there, had the wages, bought the flash cars and are here going through the motions We need hungry players, players with something to prove. I have to say to it but look at Leeds and United, not a big name player amongst them. Even Norwich are the same
  7. Wheres the rumour come from that Bruce wanted to sign Rhodes for Villa come from? Rhodes was already at S6 when Bruce took over at Villa, I can't remember any stories linking him with Villa since we signed him.
  8. I'm quite pleased we have put a full strength side out. Shows our opposition that even though they're lower league we aren't taking them lightly. Also respects the competition, too many teams put weakened sides out in the cup. I like that Spurs put a strong side out last night against Tranmere, showed the it meant something to them. A good battering of a lower league side by a bigger team is the magic of the cup as much as a good giant killing is.
  9. I thought we'd see a bit more of a change in the lineup, expected Winnall to start, would have been a perfect game to get him up to full match sharpness, surprised Wildsmith and Penney aren't in there either
  10. It could have been Hillsbrough,the 5-0 was the only one of the games I didn't go to, being 7/8ish and played on a school night the old man wouldn't take me along with him. Everton were league champions at the time too weren't they?
  11. One of my earliest memories was when I was around 7 and we replayed Everton what seemed about 5 times in around 87/88 ish each game was 1-1 until we got battered about 6-0 at Goodison
  12. Hutch is my favourite player to play for us since the days of Hirst, Waddle et al. I was gutted when Jos didn't play him and it looked like he'd be leaving, I hope he's here until he retires.
  13. If you go on any club forum you get the same sort of posters we get on here. And everyone's sat next to someone in the ground who they think is a bit of a melon. It's just football in general, it's not something exclusive to our fans and club
  14. DC couldn't get involved Fans hate owners getting involved in team selections, he was damned if he did, damned if he didn't
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