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  1. ‘In chefs own special sauce’! I’ve heard about these sort of places
  2. He’s obviously had the nod and decided to celebrate accordingly.
  3. I’m a Lefty snowflake and I’ve never reported a post, I need to up my game
  4. Fletcher I can understand, I find it worrying if we can’t keep hold of players like Fox.
  5. I’m hoping for a video of the inside of The Grand before you make your way home.
  6. Even when he’s claimed in the past that he’s fully fit?
  7. I’m pretty sure if Westwood had refused to go on the bench as implied above then Wednesday would have grounds to dismiss him? I would expect them to have done this if he wasn’t going to be picked again.
  8. Better placed clubs than us I would imagine
  9. I think I’m right in saying (points deductions aside) unless Barnsley and Boro win their next 4 games we will be safe with a win against Colin on the last day.
  10. 3rd on Christmas Day. 1 point in front of Fulham, 2 ahead of Brentford. Just check the gap between us and Luton! So who is to blame? It cant be the ‘wrong’uns’ because they’ve hardly featured since that day.
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