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  1. Road Closures Sunday

    Some of us poor tw@ts have got to run the bloody 10k and then get to Hillsborough
  2. We will hammer United

    Coutts iNcident t.co/i6hhUJCbyf this may or may not work!
  3. This tw@t Sam has texted this in already
  4. Honest opinion on the derby

    A couple of weeks ago people were saying what a tough start they'd had. They've lost against the 3 highest placed teams they've faced - Cardiff 3rd, Boro 7th, and Norwich 12th. And beaten Derby 15th, Barnsley 20th, Sunderland 21st, Brentford 22nd and Bolton 24th.
  5. U23s v QPR

    He's got the same chance as every other young'un at the club but won't sign a new deal.
  6. You mean they are going to wait until all the cleaners have turned up for work this time
  7. U23s v QPR

    Yes he could
  8. U23s v QPR

    How much do you reckon we should pay this 18 year old kid?
  9. Well, if anything sums the Scrubbers up it was that dic khead
  10. U23s v QPR

    I'd love to know what this derisory offer is to a kid who has done next to nowt so far. I keep hearing how his Dad regrets not getting his big move to Man U. Well excuse me if I don't burst into tears because David Hirst was playing for one of the best teams in the country at the time, was hero-worshipped and no doubt was paid very well. He should perhaps look at himself a little and wonder if he did all he could to maintain fitness at the time and did he do enough rehab wise when getting injured. You only have to look at Shearer who (I think) suffered an injury worse than anything Hirst did and see the drive and determination that he had to get back right to the very top.
  11. U23s v QPR

    Fancy what
  12. Pity he didn't receive a bi tch slap and a kick up the 'arris as he was leaving.