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  1. You see I'm at the age where I remember it happening (I was 28 at the time). I know people who were involved and have spoken to others over the years who live near the ground and no amount of reports or inquiries will change my mind that the Liverpool fans were at least partly to blame.This causes arguments when we talk about it with younger family members who weren't around at the time and like many on here they will probably pass me off as an silly, ignorant old tw@t. I care not, I know what it was like at the time. Yes other mistakes were obviously made but folk like Duckenfield were just trying to do their best on a bloody awful afternoon. RIP the 96.
  2. His Father-In-Law is a massive Wednesdayite!
  3. I keep thinking there might be a player in there despite what my eyes have told me. All the attributes but poor decision making. Took a heavy whack against Sunderland and I don't think we've seen him since?
  4. Yep, saw his debut. Loved how he just used to roll the penalties in. My Dad named my younger Brother after him
  5. I can't think of another team with less class than the scrubbers. Hope they get pumped from day 1 next season
  6. Seemed a bit too big if that's possible for a centre back
  7. Played 20 out of 24 league games after Jos had left
  8. Hooper crap Hows that away end at Mansfield? Still getting sold out every week?
  9. Young enough and like I said a ‘no brainer’
  10. Keeping Lee is a no brainer. Young enough and worth a gamble. Hoops, it’s a shame and I bloody love watching him but wrong age and fitness is a massive worry. Surprised at Matias because he’s played quite a bit recently but no problems at all. Full confidence in Bruce, proper manager.
  11. Lovely stuff. Let’s get f**king cracking
  12. I think they’ll be putting their invoice in to us very soon
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