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Community Answers

  1. You haven’t named anyone yet. I think you’re struggling. Be time for you to disappear again soon
  2. Oh yeah, you think he’s a bully don’t you. Sorry, that was the other bloke who disappeared in embarrassment wasn’t it? And you are definitely not him come back for another go are you?
  3. Don’t ask him/her difficult questions. He has no idea who he’s replacing him with.
  4. That new fella who’s definitely never been on here before would agree.
  5. Well they still haven’t won at home since August According to the Sky reporter, the equaliser was deserved and it was one way traffic all 2nd half. Was he wrong?
  6. No you’re like that other poster with sh it made up stats. Anyway, who are you playing in Bannans place?
  7. A new poster and almost all your posts are anti-Bannan. Its almost as if you’ve been on here before.
  8. Come on then, you’ve obviously thought this through. Who takes Bannans place?
  9. But we have beaten Wigan, Rotherham and the best team in the league - Bolton.
  10. I have no idea wtf you are wibbling on about.
  11. 13 games played, only 5 at home. If only we can put a good run of results together up to the end of Nov. We also have home games in the FA Cup and EFL Trophy to go in with that lot. Lincoln H Cheltenham A Sunderland H Gillingham H Accrington A MK Dons H Wycombe H
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