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  1. Ross Wallace

    Wallace has been very good for Wednesday and we should thank him for his efforts. Technically excellent and always played as if it mattered to him. Never saw him to55 it off, wind up merchant who plays with a smile on his face. It’s been a pleasure.
  2. I’ve been out and I’m a bit pi55ed but I can’t make that picture out
  3. Ross Wallace

    Because it’s ridiculous
  4. Not Big & Not Clever

    Wednesday players were fouled once in total today. That tw@t won 8 free kicks. Ref wants shooting.
  5. Knee injury, needs op and will probably miss rest of season
  6. Villa committed 1 foul to our 16
  7. Not Big & Not Clever

    I’ve calmed down now but still hope to see this happen.
  8. But I hope to see Snodgrass leaving the pitch on a stretcher with a bad’un before the end of the season. Absolutely f**king loathsome player.
  9. Pigs win anyone??

    Indiana will be right into Wilders ribs after that sh ite performance against a poor team won’t he? Especially with Adkins getting one over on him. Can’t wait for the interview.
  10. I’ve been going to Hillsborough long enough to know if it’s a good crowd or a sh it one. Never even crossed my mind that it was poor. Howson, Shield and Biggs The only one I enjoy reading/following is Chris Holt.
  11. I’m getting a bit sick of Howson and that f**ker Indiana now. Staton is trying too hard, he’s like that Dad who has to ref his lads game and gives everything to the opposition because he doesn’t want to be accused of bias.
  12. Young George

    Great news (potentially) C’mon George
  13. Young George

    I think for an extra couple of bob he’ll pull anyone’s shirt on.
  14. Young George

    Yeah but it's his 'dream to play for Sheffield Wednesday'