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  1. They knew it was a big chance to bury Boxing Day. Gutted with a 0-0? You’re having a laugh.
  2. They’re a few players short. A couple of quality strikers for starters, we played a high energy game in Carlos’s first season but we had Forestieri and Hooper up front. It’s also ok when your defenders drive up the pitch and it causes chaos but once they get there they have to be able to deliver.
  3. He’s one dullard that bloke
  4. City v Utd. City have 83% possession and lead 1-0. Imagine the meltdown on RedDevils Talk.
  5. Another one to go in the bin along with playing FEAR last season
  6. BIG D

    The Big Issue.

    Snowflakes Geoff Sheard isn’t happening, get over it.
  7. BIG D

    The City Is Theirs

    This tweet has since been deleted
  8. 250 mins + stoppage times since they scored against us at the Lane. No wonder they've got the raging hump.
  9. I would think the scrubbers had the biggest budget the year they went up but he doesn't like to mention it.
  10. BIG D

    The City Is Theirs

    Anti-fan. Do one
  11. BIG D

    The City Is Theirs

    The semi at Wembley for starters
  12. BIG D

    The City Is Theirs

    I wasn’t there but been plenty of times in the past. Not sure if you still go to Hillsborough because a few weeks ago you’d done a 6/10 flounce (to follow on from Grandads 7/10 flounce) and jacked it in. Jos & Chansiri won’t be here forever and when you look in the history books in years to come you will see that we didn’t get hammered at the Lane in 2018 we drew. You and Farrell will still be able to bore ever f**ker to tears about how far behind we were at the time and no one will give a shiny sh ite. I dont care care about the club? If only I’d realised that when I started going in ‘67