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  1. I thought he was going to announce he was selling up at first and then thought he was selling the ground and then n'owt really!
  2. BIG D

    Brentford rearranged

    Lovely, squeeze a game in the midweek before we play the scrubbers ffs.
  3. I mentioned Kevin MacDonald last. Ought and the more I think about it I reckon he’d be a good signing (if fit & if available!) Him, Bannan and Sam would be decent in the middle.
  4. Kevin MacDonald not getting a look in at the moment for Fulham. Not sure if he’s injured?
  5. It’s all Bannan fault. Christ Almighty
  6. BIG D

    FA Cup replays

    Same here
  7. BIG D

    Imre Varadi

    Yep, didn’t clap him on Saturday
  8. BIG D

    FA Cup replays

    Close. Yeah as a young'un the cup has mainly been sh ite since you were old enough to be bothered.
  9. BIG D

    FA Cup replays

    Torres must be about 15
  10. BIG D

    FA Cup replays

    I pity you young'uns who never saw the cup at its finest. As a Division 3 team I saw Wednesday take Arsenal to 4 replays - 3 on a neutral ground (Filbert St) and I saw us beat Division 1 Crystal Palace in a second replay at Villa Park, coming from behind twice to win in extra time with a Brian Joicey hat trick. No team ever put out a weakened side, they were the most important games of the season. The FA Cup Final was on from about 10.00 in the morning and kicked off at 3 o' clock and was fantastic. I posted the other day and I'm being honest, I cannot remember who won the cup last year. As i said, I feel sorry for you.
  11. BIG D

    FA Cup replays

    The competition is 'on it's backside' because of all the changes that have been made to it over the last 20 years. Not a patch on what it used to be. No replays
  12. City selling 19 year old Diaz to Real Madrid in deal worth up to £22M. He's made 5 league appearances as sub
  13. BIG D

    Lookman deal done....wow

    I imagine Ross Barkley was similar when we managed to get him?
  14. BIG D

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Someone has asked Nicko and his reply is 'put it this way I've blocked the journo'
  15. BIG D

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Well don't fanny about then, get on the blower