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  1. I haven’t thought of him for years but he just came to mind when reading that Johnny Quinn left before The Mighty Quinn was released. Just checked up and he died in 2002 aged 55
  2. He played 46 times in seasons - 74-75 & 75-76 I remember him being a fairly exciting left-back in an awful side.
  3. I can’t remember much about him and he wasn’t in the same class as the players you’ve mentioned. Let me have a look in my book!
  4. We did have a full back called Jimmy Quinn in the 70s.
  5. ah right must have missed that. If both our lads go on to have half the career Westwood has then they’ll have done well.
  6. Christ, I was expected to sort COVID in March because I was criticising the government and now I’m supposed to sort out the problems at Soccer Saturday. I pay my taxes and subscriptions so others can carry out these tasks.
  7. No home win in the last 8 games. Is that a record?
  8. Good point in the end, second best for the whole 2nd half. Still struggling to create chances at home.
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