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  1. Still not giving up. Head and shoulders above anyone else mentioned.
  2. Just a reminder kids that because something doesn’t happen it doesn’t mean there wasn’t an interest and stuff going on.
  3. Not convinced so far. I prefer the bolder blue of last season tbh. I’ll get one though.
  4. I’ve not given up on Hughton yet but let’s face it he’s managed at the top level and will probably bide his time until this seasons sack race starts.
  5. I'd like to keep them all but it sounds as if we are looking to offload a couple.
  6. So we keep hearing that we have to make the squad more balanced and get shut of a couple of strikers. Which 4 would you look to keep? For me: Forestieri Joao Fletcher Rhodes So that would mean Nuhiu and Winnall leaving. I think the club would like Rhodes to be one of forwards to go so we could get rid of his wages and hopefully recoup some of his fee but I do wonder if he will thrive on better supply from out wide?
  7. Only problem with shirts without the sponsor on is that can look like knock off. I got the last promotion shirt without the VW on
  8. Haven’t read it all so don’t know if this has already been posted but stuff like this from a tw@t like him turns my stomach
  9. Say what you want about the whole Elev8 thing but they have produced some quality kits
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