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  1. Sounds as if he’s got a mistake in him but he could also be just what we need. I can see us going back to a back 5 though
  2. Just been sent this by my Barnsley fan mate
  3. BIG D

    Clare Fee

    Sean, you’re fooling no one mate.
  4. BIG D

    Clare Fee

    He’s a footballer so of course he will be earning decent money compared to us normal folk. Rooney recently left last years Scottish runners up to sign for non league Salford because the money was better.
  5. BIG D

    Clare Fee

    Why didn’t he take the shortcut and take his big move now? Do you reckon it’s because it wasn’t there? It’s the middle of September and there was 1 offer on the table. #seanflair #billybigbollocks
  6. BIG D

    Clare Fee

    What do you suggest we should have done with Clare?
  7. BIG D

    Sean Clare

    So, how did we miss out on him then?
  8. Loved Wallace, shame that he'll have to share a changing room with the Ripper.
  9. BIG D

    Sky Sports Red Button

    I had a call from a Blade mate last night to say a boozer on Crookes was showing both Wednesday and United games. No chance of it ever kicking off is there?
  10. BIG D

    Hayley - Update

    Terribly sad, RIP Hayley
  11. Funny that’s hes playing for #seanflairs new club at the age of 36
  12. Yeah, the next Stevie May. Imagine that
  13. BIG D


    I think he needs to work on his shooting
  14. BIG D


    Onomah just looks a player. Looking forward to seeing him settle in.