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Community Answers

  1. Tickets on sale Monday @ 18:00.
  2. Had a message from my brother to say he’d smashed it.
  3. He’ll do ok in a decent team where he sees plenty of the ball and gets it in good positions.
  4. I keep reading the we’re in ‘the pub league’. What is league 2?
  5. Just been to see my Dad. 89 and his eyes are that bad that he stopped going to games a few years about 6 years ago. He asked me if owt was happening. I told him the new kit was out and that the away kit was pink. Dad: ‘Oh, f**king hell!’
  6. Lovely. The Sky Garden is great for free. Bet you had decent views as well. I love the Tower, could easily do that again.
  7. Sounds great mate, can’t wait to go to London again. Sky garden?
  8. Great to see loads of young’uns making their way down to Hillsborough Park.
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