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  1. All this because I said he was average (which he was)
  2. Well yeah he got one more Welsh cap than me who isn’t even Welsh. So well done.
  3. Calm down, who’s ridiculing him? for the record he played once for Wales and had played 41 games for Wednesday when he retired at 25.
  4. He was average but would probably have had a decent enough career at Championship level. He used to put himself about I'll give him that + he scored a cracking free kick once.
  5. Ryan Jones ‘tipped to go all the way’ Where to?
  6. Tha's done it nar, Geoffrey will be after you.
  7. #OnThis Day in 1980

    I think he did
  8. #OnThis Day in 1980

    I went on the train. It was a bit of an anti-climax to be fair but Blackburn a few days before was a magnificent evening, one of the best.
  9. U23s

    FAKE NEWS That table has us on more points than the mini Scrubbers which is not possible.
  10. Blimey! Sounded a lovely bloke. Really taken the wind out of my sails has that.
  11. What was the story with the first caller? Only caught the end of his call.
  12. They weren't before the game yesterday
  13. A few things from this video Pearson getting off the coach Hirsts tackle! Brights tackle! The disallowed goal Hirsts goal
  14. Leon Clarke Not having that