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  1. I don’t feel sorry for Rhodes. All my sympathy goes to us f**kers, I have none left for any of these players.
  2. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/bbc-football-pundit-steve-thompson-230820 BBC football pundit suspended for referring to players' scuffle as 'handbags' BBC pundit Steve “Tommo” Thompson described an incident in the recent clash between Swindon Town and Lincoln City as "handbags", landing himself in hot water with the broadcasting giants. Steve “Tommo” Thompson has been suspended by the BBC from his punditry duties after referring to a scuffle between two players as “handbags”. The 65-year-old, who works as a freelancer, has been laid off fo
  3. + the only thing that stops Messi being the best is the fact that he hasn't won the world cup. He's better than Pele who has to be classed as a true great but he's not the same level as Maradona & Messi
  4. True Greats Maradona Pele Messi Next Level C Ronaldo Ronaldo Zidane Cruyff Eusebio Best
  5. I didn't like him but he was one of the true greats. To mention Zlatan and Beckham is laughable
  6. Not my favourite because of '86 but blimey, some people
  7. I should just point out that Westwood kept a clean sheet tonight
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