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  1. We really need to get rid of him, it's definitely the way to improve the team
  2. What I’m trying to ask is what conclusion would have sufficed?
  3. This was posted the other day. incredible that 44 points might keep us up.
  4. Who did you want H to be though? Who would have satisfied?
  5. City will pass them to death. Aguero winner in his last game
  6. It’s not all on the keeper though is it? Christ, I hate the f**kers but I’m trying to be reasonable
  7. I'm as biased as most (not all though obviously) and I think he's done well recently. Saved them from absolute hammerings in a few games. Not saying he's worth £18M like.
  8. Same day as the Championship Final at Wembley so would have to go somewhere else. Plenty of decent grounds to choose from though.
  9. I always remember our last chance in the play off final falling to Helan who curled it way over the bar
  10. Got to get straight in the front foot, no good feeling our way into the game and conceding.
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