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  1. Don't mind Palmer as back up
  2. I'm not a fan of this move tbh. Palmer isn't as good as Hunt so we're going backwards in terms of that position at least. Keep changing players for an inferior one and you know what'll happen. It's still a mystery to me how we went from Des Walker to Ashley Westwood but that's what happens.
  3. BIG D

    #OnThisDay 25 years ago

    Fantastic for Wednesday was Des but I’m sure we took years off his career with some of the utter sh ite he had to play next to.
  4. I'll be a bit sad to see Jack go. Not the best full back in the league and certainly not the worst but the lad is as honest as they come and never gives less than 100%. Good luck Jack.
  5. So are these available in the shop as well?
  6. BIG D


    Cheers mate
  7. BIG D


    Was going to order one, forgot and missed out
  8. How many players have we had since Chansiri has been involved at wednesday? How many have fallen out with him?
  9. BIG D


    12 left? Are they signed?
  10. BIG D

    Peter Atherton

    Correct. Sonner, Booth, Pembridge etc etc
  11. Exactly this, as I said above it's dishonest.
  12. He wanted to go and earn more money than we were prepared to offer him. Fair enough. Just be honest about it though and don't pretend you're a fan. It's insulting to the thousands of fans who would have loved the chance he had.
  13. You might as well shut Owlstalk down then
  14. They’re obviously not