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  1. Gage says they’re 2 evenly matched teams. They might be in his f**king pea brain.
  2. George Hirst

    Bloody hell, how much have they had to pay his Dad for that?
  3. To be fair they have agreed to wait until Doris the cleaners supervisor is on the premises as well this time
  4. That idiot Kevin Gage

    To be fair that more than qualifies him
  5. Road Closures Sunday

    Crucible - Hunters Bar - Rustlings Rd - Hangingwater - Riverdale - Brocco Bank and back to Crucible.
  6. Talented Individuals

    My God, I want to paste these tramps on Sunday
  7. Should have passed to JJ though
  8. U23s v QPR

    I think the player is being badly advised
  9. U23s v QPR

    We could offer him a mega money contract and he might never improve. That'd be great
  10. Road Closures Sunday

    Some of us poor tw@ts have got to run the bloody 10k and then get to Hillsborough
  11. We will hammer United

    Coutts iNcident t.co/i6hhUJCbyf this may or may not work!
  12. This tw@t Sam has texted this in already