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Community Answers

  1. When did his ‘recklessness’ last let us down? It’s also been said many times that the managers who couldn’t handle him were the really sh ite ones - Jos and Monk. The good man managers had no problems with him - Carlos, Bruce and even Bullen who must have known what the problem was (if there even was one) brought him and Westwood straight back into the team.
  2. Just putting you right mate. If you’re going to post how many appearances he’s made than it has to be accurate.
  3. 207 appearances in all competitions including from the bench.
  4. Still baffled by this decision, let’s hope Moore has at least 3 better centre backs than Hutchinson to bring in. Without doubt one of our best signings of the last few years and proved a lot of people wrong after his return when we used to hear the sh ite below in the Hutch Bingo on a regular basis. Another 12 months seemed a bit of a no brainier but we’ll have to see who comes in.
  5. Sunderland showing that you need a strong defence in this league. Dean and Batth will do.
  6. Bringing the fat lad on has been a total waste of time. Playing with 10 man.
  7. When you say loads. How many do you reckon? And how many did he save us?
  8. We’d have beaten Wycombe I have no doubts about that. I also think if you’d have swapped the managers around in the semi final we’d have won that as well.
  9. I’d like to have seen Wildsmith gone and Dawson back as number 2 to someone like BPF. Play Dawson in the cup games and see how he shapes up in them. I really hope Burnley stay up and we can get BPF back again (if he wants to come back to L1 of course).
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