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  1. George Hirst Saga

    All about the dosh
  2. George Hirst Saga

    Over £1M guaranteed for a lad who seems motivated by money could lead to him suddenly not being that bothered?
  3. George Hirst Saga

    He's turned the contract down
  4. Carlos vs Stuart Gray

    How come he's struggling at Fulham with the best team and best manager in the league?
  5. George Hirst Saga

    That's fine but at least be honest about
  6. George Hirst Saga

    A Scrubber and one who's mates with his Dad. Very balanced.
  7. George Hirst Saga

    What does Beresford say about him turning the contract down?
  8. Season Ticket Renewal

    I loved it when we used to fund that bloke who didn’t buy any players and took Wednesday fans to court. Happy days
  9. Season Ticket Renewal

    You’ve never felt like stopping before?
  10. Season Ticket Renewal

    It certainly is and I imagine people might even get out of the habit? Then next time we get to Wembley they’ll be swearing allegiance and forking out for Club Wembley tickets again.
  11. Season Ticket Renewal

    Always gone, always will. A decent team is just a bonus.
  12. Bannan

    Quality player is Barry. Written off by quite a few on here not so long back.
  13. Season Ticket Renewal

    Well, as dopey comparisons go that’s right up there.
  14. Great Point

    You’re right to be fair