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  1. You missed the realistically who we could get bit.
  2. It’s ok getting rid of players if you replace them with better. Would I swap Nuhiu for any of our strikers right now? Yeah I would. We now have the same with Bannan the current boo boy for the loons. I’d love to know who you think we could realistically bring in who will be better. Oh and Rhodes should start every game that much is obvious.
  3. Interesting also that Bannan has more/as many assists as any other 2 players put together BUT he’s the problem.
  4. A country mile better than anything we have now
  5. Most will have seen this but this is on The Fat Cat at Kelham.
  6. Could be Paterson getting his name out there.
  7. They’ll come up with some deal/offer to those who’ve already paid. He won’t want to be giving any money back that’s for sure.
  8. It’s going to be a new team next year, as long as the recruitment is right (and players will come to by play for Wednesday in League 1 if the money is right) there’s no reason we can’t do well. The problem is we are now in the position of some fans wanting us to get worse to hopefully get shut of Chansiri.
  9. What a video ‘fuckoff United the City is ours’ It will be again, keep the faith.
  10. Not bothered what the division is, promotion seasons are amazing. No matter what people say now the vast majority would return. Let’s hope DM is allowed to bring in who he wants (could be a problem) and builds a dynamic young team.
  11. This talk of rollover, surely if you want your money back then you’ll get it? You will probably have to wait though
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