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  1. There's definitely an Only Fools and Horses episode in there
  2. I might be proved wrong but I think we’ve got the right guy out of the 2
  3. Christ Almighty, are we saying Pot Pourri is middle class
  4. Are the EFL going to put a value on every player sale? The ground is worth what someone is willing to pay.
  5. Is it Lincoln who play the air raid siren when they get a corner?
  6. Stuck in traffic - its a sign. Literally!
  7. Happy Birthday Harry. I was 59 a couple of days ago and feel like my years watching Wednesday are running out. This makes me realise I could have 30+ years more of this!
  8. He’s annoying but overall seems a decent bloke. Something very wrong at Hillsborough at the moment, it’s going crackers
  9. We always win so easily at Toytown and never leave it late so I see your point
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