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  1. Appoint them both. Three is the magic number!
  2. Remember it well. Sat in the North. We matched them for most of the games. As others have said it really felt like the club had made a change after these ties. We felt that we could get back. The love for Big Jack was huge.
  3. Nice to see a comfortable win for a change. Still wee wees me off that we don’t have any urgency in getting forward and committing players to attack.
  4. Wallace was a great player. If Beckham, Scholes or Ronald had scored that the pundits would still be talking about it.
  5. You are probably right but some of the bipolar nut jobs on here might be serious.
  6. We are very poor. So no. Not a chance.
  7. Christ we are rubbish. I’d fancy my 8-a-side team against us.
  8. Hang on. WTF’s going on here. Just saw two Wednesday players in the box after the ball and been cleared by Boro. Am I looking at the wrong match?
  9. It’s exactly the same brand of football we’ve been seeing for 12 months.
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