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  1. Reda crap? Queue someone posting the gif of “that” tackle.
  2. Palmer has performed well in a decent Championship team which is settled and where he has decent players around him. National teams are a different beast. Scotland are even more different. I frankly couldn’t care less if the jocks get pasted by every Stan. Every island. Every two bit team cobbled out of amateurs. They are not and never have been a strong international team. Palmer has played well for Wednesday. Good enough for me.
  3. There is always holding and pushing at set pieces and Madine also had hold of Hector's arm but if it had been the other way we'd have been screaming for a pen and slagging the ref off if he didn't give it.
  4. No yellows in a local derby. Can’t be right. Sharp should have been booked at least and have to admit Hector’s challenge on the reject was a pen.
  5. TBH It was a bit over the top (I may have had a drink) but it is a stupid question.:-)
  6. You are missing their whole point of “mathematically” safe. It means there is no mathematical way. Not that it isn’t likely. Or that it probably won’t happen. It means it cannot happen. Reacting to your neg btw not yr post.
  7. Sorry if this has been said before but..... FFS. What a stupid question. Can’t you just do the maths or were you that kid at school who spent the whole class picking his nose whilst staring out of the window and fiddling with his todger through his trousers? This isn’t an matter of conjecture. it’s simple fact. F*ck me! Knob.
  8. It’s true we don’t have a good set piece taker or a good crosser. Unfortunately we don’t have anyone who can attack a decent cross if they had one. This though could be down to lack of bleedin’ Practice!
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