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  1. I’d have him back.,,,,,,,over the current coach.
  2. Essentially this team had promotion form at the back end of last season. This team had promotion form for the first half of this season. The longer he’s been here and the more he’s been able to exert his influence the worse we’ve performed. no brainier. Get him out.
  3. The key phrase is “successful”. are we successful right now?
  4. Well that was not very good at all. No time on the ball, no urgency, no desire. New boys have done well with the ball when they’ve had it.
  5. At last he’s come out and said what many of us have been saying and thinking. Team not hungry enough. Too many players too comfortable. Too many happy to settle for the status quo. Some sacred cows need slaughtering.
  6. I don’t agree with resting him. He’s worked his way into the team. If his performances justify playing him then play him. I’m sure he would be more than happy to play. I know I would in his position.
  7. Surely whether it’s loans or full transfers Monk has to identify what he needs? What makes you think he hasn’t? I’m sure he’ll take your views into account though.
  8. Hillsborough is a striker’s graveyard. We seem to take prolific scorers and turn them into garden ornaments.
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