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  1. Couldn’t hold a tune in a bucket that lad.
  2. Yep. Right thing for both parties. Good luck lad.
  3. Could do that at Hillsborough surely. Turn the stadium round by 36.4 degrees. Demolish the North, South, West and cop. Demolish the houses behind North. Reroute the main roads. Divert the river. You’re almost there.
  4. I know what you said - I just don't believe it :-) Look I'm not tring to pick a fight, I just don't believe those stats. They don't feel right to me. I don't believe that 50% of fans at matches come from within the yellow circle. And area of 7.5 sq miles out of Sheffields 142 sq miles total. I don't get your point about busses. I assumed 9 miles/hr which is at the top of the speed range and single direct journeys which they mainly wouldn't be. You are saying that 90% of matchday attendees come from within the red circle - an area of 28 sq miles. I don't believe it. I'm aslo not convinced by your new point about the highest density of fans living in districs within 2 miles. What do you mean by density exactly? Obviously if you have data that you can share along with the methodology for capturing it, I will gladly bely up and tuck in to the neccessary humble pie. To be clear I have no data at all - absolutely none. I have only anecdotal evidence based on the fact that I grew up well outside the yellow circle and know loads of owls fans who lived in the same place and went to matches taking two busses to get there. Also by observing how many people come on the Supertram from town (and beyond) and how busy the roads are with people in cars with scarves on display. Having said that I did sometimes walk to the match from inside the red circle....I had to drive there and park up mind!
  5. I don't know where these figures come from but I think they're testicles. A good walking pace is just over 3.1 miles per hour so half an hour is 1.55. A circle with a radius of 1.55 miles doesn't even get you to Sheffield city centre. A bus can do about 9 mph in traffic and with stopping and starting so even if we assume all bus journeys are direct with no changes, a 20 min bus ride doesn't even get you to the pigs ground.
  6. It would give them plenty of time to get the away fans out of the ground without incident!
  7. He comes across really well actually. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/august/winnall-joins-championship-podcast/
  8. I asked the Spurs fans what they thought of the match day atmosphere. Response “It takes your breath away Jim!”
  9. I’ve also got some mates who are happy hammers. The got season tickets to the Olympic stadium and go to most games. They often joke about being a long way from the action but they do go. They weren’t regulars at the Bow Lynn.
  10. Not the same with my mates. What was his issue with the football experience?
  11. Spending more money on an asset with poor returns doesn’t make any sense. Spend no more on the ground and move.
  12. I have some mates who are Tottenham fans. They were telling me about their new stadium. Apparently under the stands are huge bars which stay open after matches and have bands playing. Great way to generate more income and keep fans engaged. I’m not saying we should be aiming to copy Spurs ground but a new site with good transport links creates lots of opportunity.
  13. What you’d expect really. Every supporter thinks their team underperformed. In this instance we were just better than them. Much better.
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