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  1. jamthesun

    Thread of the Decade - Vol II

  2. jamthesun


    I can’t get too annoyed at this sort of behaviour. My main thought it “Why?”
  3. You are living in a dream world. Brexit isn’t going to solve anything least of all football. The Tory party have consistently allowed the expatriation of huge amounts of UK £ through the sales of ex nationalised industries to overseas owners.
  4. I’m calling bullshit on this story. Anyone really born on t’Arbourthorne can easiliy spit to Hillsborough.
  5. Sterling has been dogger all tournament. His every second touch is a tackle. Has to be rashford rather than him surely. Alli still doesn’t look fit and Lingard wasn’t at the racers last night. Beeen Ok in the other ghames though.
  6. jamthesun

    George Hirst reveals new shirt

    I'm replying because I'm genuinely worried about your mental health.
  7. jamthesun

    George Hirst reveals new shirt

    fizz me. If you still need to "talk this through" you either need to get a sense of proportion or a therapist.
  8. jamthesun

    George Hirst reveals new shirt

    The greed element is just football. It's not that that wee wees me off. The slightly backhanded way the move was engineered to seemingly avoid compensation payments to the club shows that some of our heroes don't feel the same way about the club. Sad and annoying but I'm not losing any sleep about it. He is unproven - we wouldn't have this much nonsense about Nando leaving which would be a significantly bigger blow to out immediate prospects. I am fed up with thread after thread about him. If his surname wasn't Hirst he'd have been forgotten about ages ago. HE'S NOT OUR PLAYER. LET IT GO!
  9. jamthesun

    Questions regarding Financial Fair Play

    Yes of course you're right. I was assuming the resigning was at the end of the initial contract.
  10. jamthesun

    George Hirst reveals new shirt

    AAAAAARRGH! Can we stop with the George Hirst threads. fizz the little tail and fizz his dad.
  11. jamthesun

    Questions regarding Financial Fair Play

    Once the transfer fee is paid for (amortised) it’s paid. The only thing hitting the accounts after that are on-going costs are salary, bonuses etc.
  12. jamthesun

    Questions regarding Financial Fair Play

    I believe that transfer fees are amortised over the duration of the contract. So if we paid say £3M for a player on a three-year contract the charge on the accounts would be £1M for each of the three years of the contract not £3M in year one.
  13. jamthesun

    Our new CEO

    Invisible. Which may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your perspective.
  14. jamthesun

    OITP was one of the best days ever.

    I think it’s brilliant that Wednesday do this. Well done to all involved.
  15. Half stripes so I’m half happy. Nice shorts and I love the keepers kit.