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  1. Hats off to Leeds. They could have won by a few TBH. When they went forward they had numbers and threat. Something we’ve lacked for a while. We either have one up isolated or the attack is slowed down by passes backwards. We have to have some pace and forwards and midfield getting up in support. Looking forward to the closed season and the ins and outs. This is Bruce’s time to get us sorted out.
  2. I agree. Fessi can rip teams apart when he’s on it. He needs to be picked and play.
  3. I thought Villa played some good football first half and had more threat than us. They Didn’t have a kick in the second half until injury time. WEe still lacked real threat though.
  4. There has been lots of discussion on here about a potential new stadium. Lot’s of people feel that new stadiums are soulless and characterless. I’ve seen some footage of the new Spurs ground and I have to say I think it looks fantastic. Thoughts?
  5. Reda crap? Queue someone posting the gif of “that” tackle.
  6. Palmer has performed well in a decent Championship team which is settled and where he has decent players around him. National teams are a different beast. Scotland are even more different. I frankly couldn’t care less if the jocks get pasted by every Stan. Every island. Every two bit team cobbled out of amateurs. They are not and never have been a strong international team. Palmer has played well for Wednesday. Good enough for me.
  7. There is always holding and pushing at set pieces and Madine also had hold of Hector's arm but if it had been the other way we'd have been screaming for a pen and slagging the ref off if he didn't give it.
  8. No yellows in a local derby. Can’t be right. Sharp should have been booked at least and have to admit Hector’s challenge on the reject was a pen.
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