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  1. Nuhiu's Second Goal

    This! Thought exactly the same. Well done Dave!
  2. Big Daves left peg..!!

    That was a cracking goal. I really think Dave has it in him. Maybe it’s a confidence thing. A run as starter, a few goal and he’s off..I hope so.
  3. I don't expect it's the first time. JL said seeing a specialist to determine next steps (in his recovery).
  4. Well, time to get to Specsavers. I thought it was a lasses thigh!
  5. They all look great. Can we see more of the one top left?
  6. Some beautiful stripes on show there
  7. Just seen this and want one

    Buy one then.
  8. Sorry mate, been busy!
  9. flippingnumpty. Is the earth flat too? What about those moon landings eh? Never happened did they? Jesus wept!
  10. I wouldn't complain about passing the ball around the back four if we retained possession and created a threat like this.
  11. The Ipswich Free Kick Goal

    Our defending was shambolic look at this still of their first goal. Which defenders were marking which strikers? Why did they have more men in the 6 yard box?
  12. The Ipswich Free Kick Goal

    From that position with a 2 man wall you need to have a man on one of the posts leaving the keeper to cover the other.
  13. It’s been so long, can someone remind me. What’s up with Hooper?