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  1. I think you’re right but if it’s Beardo they’ve definitely glammed him up!
  2. Paterson has deceptive pace…..He’s not as quick as you think.
  3. This will be my last comment on this thread. I've spent far too much time on Monk than he deserves. Monk's history shows that when things are good he can achieve results. He did that here, at Swansea and at Leeds. Unfortunately when things aren't good he doesn't know how to change things positively. He was sacked from Swansea after a run of one win in eleven. He missed out on promotion with Leeds after a terrible run in the last 8 games. Same here - a good run followed by 6 months of purgatory. He can't seem to get the best out of players - freezing senior plyers out of the team which he did here and at Birmingham is not good management. So I think he's a poor manager because he has shown in most of his managerial positions that he can't manage effectively consistently, and when the pressure is on he doesn't know what to do. You might think I'm being unfair. I don't care.
  4. I’ve seen the videos. He always scores in training……
  5. Jesus f’in Christ. Why do you keep banging on about him if you don’t? That’s a logical fallacy. The fact that he lasted longer than the average doesn’t mean he’s not a poor manager. Lot’s of things play into when a chairman pulls the trigger. Even if everything was equal (which it isn’t) the best you could argue was that he was better than the others. A crap car that’s better than the other crap cars in the showroom is still a crap car. Look, I’ve got nothing personal against Monk. On a human level I hope he learns from his experience here and in other jobs and goes on to be successful at whatever he chooses to do. As the managers here, it didn’t work out. He’s gone. It’s history. Personally I think he has significant failings as a manager which he needs to work on if he is to have a successful career. You might think different. You are entitled to. I don’t care.
  6. The longest he’s managed any club is 22 months and that includes 3 months as interim. Typically he’s been sacked after less than 18 months. If he was as good as you believe he is that wouldn’t be the case.
  7. Dear oh dear. Are you arguing that Monk is a good manager? If so present your evidence. I think he is rubbish. My evidence is that he has never achieved anything as a manager and couldn’t man manage players effectively. Evidence Big ego players he couldn’t control and telling the players they were rubbish and they wouldn’t be here the following season. Present your evidence.
  8. Still unemployed. Won nothing. should have been sacked at the end of his first season I’m bored now with the Monk lovers. You are deluded.
  9. Wherever you go it'll be a lively time. Great night out Plymouth.
  10. I found one report about wages in 19/20 season: "Sheffield Wednesday players’ November salaries were initially only partially paid, writes Alan Nixon in his Sun on Sunday column. It is claimed the Owls’ squad received a maximum of £17,000 and were told the rest would be delayed, before the club settled the outstanding amount days later." There was another report in July 2020 suggesting that June's wages weren't paid in full. If I've missed something then I'm happy to be corrected. This does not to me suggest that unpaid wages were, or should have been a factor in the team's performance in that season. I'm not excusing DC for the financial management of the club but unless you can present evidence that I've missed I hold that wages were not a major factor in the 19/20 season. The reason that I didn't mention Monk getting us to 3rd was because someone else in the thread pointed out that Monk himself said at that time that he hadn't had time to implement his ideas. We can only conclude from that that the team were still doing what they had been shown to do by the previous manager. Monk was a terrible manager. Unless of course you know different......................
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