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  1. You need a new hobby mate. Sounds like Wednesday isn't for you. Jog on with your negativity. Sick of all the moaners.
  2. I'm feeling more pessimistic & I'd quite like the day off tomorrow.
  3. As you say we have the bigger fanbase, so larger crowds plus the capacity to take more neutrals. Hillsborough is still a superior stadium to the sty, Hillsborough has more history, Hillsborough will attract larger away followings, all this will add up to a better atmosphere and matchday experience for a neutral.
  4. You broke into the kop again? In training for matchday eggys?
  5. Yes, get to the premier league & you're in a different dimension. I don't go now for a number of reasons but cost is a massive factor, however if we got to the premier league I would be getting myself & my child a season ticket, as I know it could be a once in 20 years opportunity! There are thousands like me. Plus the premier league is also a big draw for local neutrals looking to go & see a game at that level. Our attendances would receive a boost from this. Hillsborough for a premier league game would also be a much bigger draw for a neutral than the sty if the pigs are still up.
  6. Crazy win in a crazy league. Just roll with it.
  7. Yes have Nuhiu stood there, instead of star jumps have him mooney the goalkeeper as the kick is taken. All will be legal as clearly anything goes now.
  8. In the PL every player would have surrounded the ref. Our boys definitely made the mistake of not backing up Dawson quickly. These players need to realise that these decisions are potentially worth millions to the club, players realise this in the premier league & that's also why VAR has been brought in. As we don't have VAR yet in the championship they need to surround the ref on mass when such ludicrous decisions are being made.
  9. Look at it this way, it's a point away from home & two points lost at home for a prospective play off rival. Still adds up to a three positive points perspective! Genius.
  10. He's the next Neil Ruddock, albeit with a sh*ite football career behind him.
  11. "we scored from the set piece as we couldn't break them down any other way"..... "No disrespect but I didn't think they we're that good, we just made them look good" Total disrespect you cheating piggy twa*t.
  12. How old are you? Sorry for repeating the question
  13. Lovely jon, fraudsters just needs your address now. Be careful mate.
  14. Sky don't even like their own customers.
  15. I think it's because you stepped into your study & the candlestick is missing.
  16. Glad Bob's back, it just you. One love, sun is shining on S6 bro.
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