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Steve Bruce

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5 hours ago, sethman75 said:

Best manager we had since we drop from the Prem

Yes he was fantastic. The way he guided us from 17th to 13th was amazing as well as leaving us stuck with old crocked goalkeepers on huge contracts and amazing new players like Kadeem Harris.

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I personally wouldn’t want Bruce back after the way he departed and there is no chance the chairman would have him back. 

Then again Simon Jordan and Bruce are now friends despite Bruce doing the same to him, so never say never.


If someone asked me Bruce or Moore, it’s an easy answer. Bruce would get us out this league with the tactics we are all wanting. He sometimes gets accused of being a defensive manager but he’s quite often managed poor teams in the Prem where has has to. 

He would employ basic tactics that would allow us to perform. He wouldn’t over complicate matters like Moore does. Bruce is old school and understand how to win football matches. 

Other than him I would love Ryan Lowe here. 

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20 hours ago, Wednesday_Jack said:

Bruce has an history of betrayal in his managerial career…why in earth anyone would you him back is beyond me. 


Exactly, would just happen again.


There would be no trust in him whatsoever. Would be a recipe for disaster imo.

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22 hours ago, darra said:

This thread is going to explode when Wilder gets the job he's been waiting for at Newcastle. Believe you me.

You are wrong there I'm afraid. 

Carlos has been a fan of Newcastle since he was in the womb. It's his boyhood dream to manage them. 

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On 09/10/2021 at 20:22, Django said:

Yep I’d have him back in a heartbeat


Imagine if you were managing Reading in  the championship and Wednesday (if we were in the prem) came calling…. If anyone on here says they’d stay at Reading then they’re a bare faced liar 



How long is it since we were even near being a Premiership side.

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13 minutes ago, bigdan2003 said:

Perhaps when he’s relieved from his duties he can find the time to be a better landlord. 


He'll get the mould sorted as soon as he's back from holiday. 

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No, is a self serving righteous tvvat who plays with peoples emotions and tells them what they want to hear whilst dipping into their wallets. We really should have taken heed from him wanting to watch the fxxxxxx cricket instead of taking up his post. That told us all we needed to hear.


Why do we lower ourselves to even discuss this excuse of a human being, it'd be like taking your missus back after she's been hoiking herself around the neighbourhood, so let's do ourselves a favour and dispatch Bruces relationship with Sheffield Wednesday into the ether.

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