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  1. CalmJimmers

    Hector was the biggest plus yesterday

    If you’ve gotten so excited about a 10 min cameo from a CB that didn’t have time to do that much, I can’t imagine what you’re like when you get your tail/tuppence touched.
  2. CalmJimmers

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    This. He marked him pretty much the whole first half, wasn’t especially difficult to see either. Those with the ironic cheers are idiots, but think it was encouraging to here the vast majority applaud him as he went off. Just a vocal minority, I hope anyway. The logic of we want him to play better so we’re gonna shout and chastise him every time he gets the ball is the worrying part. He can’t do any right for some - the old I’ll turn a blind eye to anything that doesn’t back up my argument stance.
  3. CalmJimmers

    Marco Matias Hows He Doing

    Can only really comment on yesterday, but he looks solid for this level. As been said, looks like he gets into great positions, and it was a good finish - good work rate and all. Like the fact that even though he’s had a series of muscle injuries he’s not afraid to put the miles in, seems to have a good attitude.
  4. CalmJimmers

    Stoke were quite good

    Their midfield is one of the best in the division if you look who they have. Woods, Etebo, Allen, Ince, Fletcher, Imbula, Clucas, Bojan, Afellay. Hard game against a team we always struggle to beat.
  5. CalmJimmers

    Is it just me

    People genuinely cannot wait for him to get the ball to get cross and angry and shout at him. So cringey and embarrassing it’s untrue.
  6. CalmJimmers

    D taxi

  7. CalmJimmers

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Dawson - 6 - Hesitated a couple of times, one good save. Palmer - 5 - Caught out a lot, didn’t seem to make a tackle, worked hard. Lees - 6 - Won a few headers, few good blocks Thorniley - 7 - Looks a real prospect, a few great interceptions and headers Penney - 7 - Ince is one of the best wide men in the division and had the run around on him a bit first half. Grew into the game, credit to him, few great runs. Joey - 6 - Few good tackles, few misplaced passes. New boo boy favourite, fairly embarrassing. Bannan MoM - 10 - Unreal, what a pass for the first goal, what a finish for the second. Hardly gives the ball away, always working. Reach - 6 - Worked hard, bit on the periphery. Joao - 7 - Looks to have worked on his first touch and dribbling. Not a wide man though and looked a little frustrated at times. Matias - 7 - Works hard, good finish, gets into decent positions. Fletcher - 6 - Good assist, better second half, anonymous for about 30 mins. Nuhiu - 6 - Held the ball up well, really strong. Onomah - 6 - Promising little cameo, looks fast. Hector - N/A
  8. CalmJimmers

    Bannan lauds Joey

    Gets through some reyt distance, scapegoat of the month at the start
  9. CalmJimmers

    Reading Fan On Twitter...

    Quite clearly a wind up merchant but it always makes me laugh the ‘moral win’. What’s moral about passing a ball?? It’s not like you’re punching their mothers in the face if you pass it long. Kicking lumps and diving I can understand but passing? Morally it’s probably even better to go long - it’s more exciting so you can focus on the game and not on letting out silent little trumps that make people chuck their pukkas.
  10. CalmJimmers


    Bear in mind I’ve only been to one game this season and only seen highlights, but watching the Reading ones from yesterday it stood out at how we seemed to be there and ready to challenge every ball. Bannan challenged back a few times on the highlights, when the ref blew the final whistle Pelupessy was harrying like it was the first minute. Do the players look a lot fitter at the games?
  11. CalmJimmers

    Adam Reach

    Either sets them up or scores - quality player. So effective.
  12. CalmJimmers

    Line up meltdown thread.

  13. CalmJimmers

    Devaluation of the League Cup

    As has been mentioned, clubs just follow where the money is. Finishing bottom of the Prem now gets you c.£100m? So why would you, from a business standpoint, risk injuring players for a cup where you get near enough 100 times less for winning it?