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  1. Can’t believe we’ve had Steve Bruce in for about a month and he’s injured already ffs
  2. Pretty much since I’ve followed Wednesday we’ve had, it seems, more injuries and to key players than others. Do we sign injury prone players or is it our facilities? You get players who do play nearly every game for us and don’t get injured - Palmer, Reach, Lees, Hector - who don’t get injuries. Do they condition themselves better? Needs getting to the bottom of any road.
  3. Gonna win this now, can feel it in my groins. Bannan outside the area believe you me, you.
  4. He’s done well for them, let’s see if him and United can finally hold their nerve for once. He’s excellent at embarrassing himself though.
  5. Hector was the MoM for me, Palmer was excellent, Hutch was good, Westwood earnt his keep. Says a lot about the derby recently that the best players again were defensive. Thought Egan, Norwood and Henderson were their best and all. Not much between us at all.
  6. Had 10 sheets on Aarons to score first so apologies for the inevitable Swansea first goal.
  7. Add @Ethel The Tree the tree to this as well - can we get you both on Radio Sheffield please??
  8. Love these weekly updates you do @John O'Brien - really appreciate you putting the time and effort in. Especially because win fairly often! How’s your lad doing?
  9. Remember when they released this catchy number? Chuffin’ embarrassing southern chuffers. 2-0 Wednesday, Lees & Fletcher.
  10. Had Reach first scorer at 14/1 - if it comes in I’ve promised our lass the full force of tiny CalmJimmers tonight. She wants Joao to score first.
  11. What an absolute toerag. Wins the ball clean then deliberately tries to injure a fellow professional, and one who has had his fair share of injuries the past few years. Chuffing crap hair and all.
  12. I’ve heard if you swallow burps back down they turn into trumps
  13. Had Joao first goal scorer so he best chuffing get it or I’m starting a thread about him moving to Watford.
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