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  1. At this game, we signed 3 new players for our back four and started them all - thumped 4-0, at sodding Leyton Orient. If you think it's bad now you have no idea, and the above is no comparison to the Chris Turner years.
  2. Class thread (pun intended) Can have owt you like for me, just as long as its a full wrap around and not a wanky little pulled through the loop job. Head attire is key as well - anybody wearing a Peaky Blinders flat cap should be turned away at the gate.
  3. Another great video from the media team - love these
  4. Has plums the size of medicine balls - comes in first off, gets abuse, improves and still gets abuse, puts his head down and becomes even better. Never moans, never points the finger, makes some eat humble pie - and then goes and celebrates like a fan yesterday probably with some who gave him grief. A proper pro - hope he gets a new contract because he's more than capable at this level, and a good role model to have in the team.
  5. Vastly overrated by the media and the heart of a coward. Arrogant with nothing to back it up. Hope Leeds keep playing him.
  6. Amazing - they're going to crumble again aren't they
  7. Absolutely this. What message does it send out to him if he's fit after a great performance away at top of the league? What message does it send to the other youngsters at the club? What message does it say to lesser performing players if they just walz back in? Play him, if he starts to struggle that's when you take him out and away from pressure, he seems like he's got a good head on his shoulders and would understand. Not when you've come in and been one of the better players and not conceded a goal yet.
  8. Can we do a reverse Warhurst and get Nuhiu to head everything away now?
  9. The Keen Kosovan on to cause mayhem. Come on you sexful owls.
  10. We miss a leader on the pitch who can pick the team up when things aren't going right. When we were 2-0 down to Huddersfield in the 4-4 game I have a vivid memory of Rob Jones rallying everybody. I dont think Lees is capable of rousing the team imo.
  11. Don't agree - we need to clear some of the players out but not en masse. There are plenty who are good enough, like Dawson, Iorfa, Borner, Bannan, Luongo, Harris, Reach, Fletcher, then a few who are solid. I think what we have are a few who on their day are great, but are far too inconsistent, and then those who are fan favourites who aren't good enough for where we want to go now - Westwood, Hutchinson, Forestieri, Rhodes, even Lees. But all are big earners that haven't justified another team to come in and take them off us without us taking big losses or subsidising wages. A few decent acquisitions could see us challenging in the playoffs, then who knows. Problem is can we afford anyone who is better than what we have got with the well documented financial restraints Championship clubs find themselves in, or can we get some sucker to buy anybody that we don't need anymore?
  12. Harris to score first against his formers in a 3-0 victory to the sexy winged gits. Shove it up yours crap chuffing Welsh good fer nothin's.
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