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  1. Needed 6 points from these two games, got 2. Not good enough.
  2. Need to break the duck, no better chance than now, these aren't good at all.
  3. We've scored! Nightmare lead now. Ahhh wait we're now drawing. Nightmare draw.
  4. They had the wind behind em first half. We found it difficult with the wind behind us second half.
  5. Are we winning yet? Wait, sorry... Have we got over the halfway line yet?
  6. I'll do the hayf time team talk. ***** ***** ***** PASS TO YOUR OWN **** PLAYER **** ****** **** ***** **** MOVED AWAY FROM DONNY DOME FOR THIS ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** YOWSLESS LOBBERS ****** And we go again.
  7. How many points have we got from behind in the past few seasons? A loss coming then.
  8. Remember you can tackle the other team tonight Wednesday.
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