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  1. Love it that he has pace but can put a cross in as well - something we've not had since Antonio, always been one or the other. Looks class, cheers Bruce.
  2. If this is true, can the club please learn from mistakes made consistently over about 2 decades and sell high please. No doubt we'll get a high offer, people will moan about being a 'selling club', we'll wind his contract down, he'll go for nothing and then later on be the first £1bn player and wins England the WC and the Ashes for some reason.
  3. Yes he is, he's also entitled to getting his opinion scrutinised if it's in a chuffing thread about chuffing women's football
  4. Can anyone genuinely bring out any proof that it is being shoved down people's throats? Or is it that they don't personally like women's football so would rather not hear about it at all?
  5. Nope, don't think it's embarrassing to have a different opinion, all for that. I think it's embarrassing and cringe worthy that people get so worked up about it. It's a game that women are playing that's getting some coverage, nowhere near the amount that the men's side gets but is finally getting some. It was pushed because people probably thought they could make money on it and generate interest, lo and behold, millions of people watched it. I don't get the belittling and scorn towards it, that's what I find embarrassing. You don't like it, I get it, what I don't get is the need to come on the thread if you don't like it. It was a question if we had a team, I'd personally quite like there to be one as I think it'd benefit the club and I was genuinely curious.
  6. I would also love to see the big man score, and then us to score 72
  7. I can't say that I'm a misogynist, but I'm fairly certain I tick all the other boxes yes
  8. Care to point out who has been labelled a sexist? And also, those that are saying they have no problem with women's football have come directly in to a thread talking about a potential women's team and first thing they post is it's being shoved down people's throats. Asked to back that up and there's literally no come back. The amount of bed wetting about women playing with a bag full of air and it being in the media is so cringe worthy and embarrassing, I just don't get why people are so against it. If you don't want to read an article or watch a programme, don't. The flapping and stamping of feet is, again, embarrassing.
  9. Fantastic, somebody who knows what the whole of the female population want. Any facts to back that up or do you just know? How much does the mens game subsidise the women's? Wasn't it 11m people watched the WWC? So really just a few people interested. Being shoved down our throats it is! Broken Britain.
  10. Yeah we are absolutely inundated with women's football coverage, can't move for it, literally on Sky all day everyday. Think there's about 1 article on the BBC website every day compared to 30 or so men's ones. The flapping that people do by inferring that it's taking over is people just embarrassing themselves tbh. Really enjoyed the WWC, I play football in a mixed group and there's women there who run the games, easily. Got children in my family who love it, so it's great to see achievements that have been made being belittled. Sure it gives people the confidence to go out and play. Anyway, good to see we have a team, like to see us go more professional if possible. Only good for the club, community and city.
  11. Watching Football Focus and the main piece is about the WSL. Does anybody know if we have a Women's team? I know the lesser half of the City do, but not sure about Wednesday. Really enjoyed the WWC during the summer, so I'd hope we do have one, or if not then looking into it.
  12. I'm just glad we've gone for someone tbh. The uncertainty was doing my loaf in. Can't wait to get my monk on.
  13. Is this actually happening then ffs, how much should I be lumping on?
  14. I agree it does go deeper. Why have we made it to the international break without appointing anybody permenantly and allowing them to bring in a backroom staff? If it's the waiting for the right person excuse I'll scream. Give it to Bullen and let him have a team behind him, or give it somebody else and let them have a team behind them. As Cicero said - 'more is lost by indecision than wrong decision'. We are hoping things will go right rather than planning for things to go right. Some strong leadership is needed over the international break.
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