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  1. Rubbish for Wigan - unique circumstances with Covid, but football has got to get the financial side of the game sorted. Wouldn't be surprised to see more go into admin, and maybe a few go out of business. Key organisations to culture and communities in real danger.
  2. Could be something like before, could be worse. No point on falling on any side of the blame game until more comes out about it. Bit of a shithouse whoever has leaked it though, when do the players get paid? Is it today? Would be quick to run off to the media.
  3. My prediction is, 12 point deduction and relegated. Only kidding like 😎
  4. I don't think we will be fully pushing for top 6 for a few years. We need to get our finances back in order before we do. Palmer is solid, won't be on huge wages and is rarely injured.
  5. Depends on how much of his wages and loan fee we would pay I'd guess. If he carries on doing well I can see him going to one of the newly promoted Prem sides. Got all the attributes, just needs to stay fit.
  6. Excellent, far more confident staying up with them signed. Murphy has been really good lately, hope he keeps it up.
  7. Can see him at our porky neighbours. He'll be on massive wages, he's a bit of a ******** and there will still be plenty of Prem clubs willing to take a chance. Even if it was realistic, he's the type of player I'd want us to stay away from.
  8. Players out of contract I think we should target:- GK - Darlow (depends on whether Wildsmith is seen as good enough now or not) CB - Ayala & Chester LB - Kingsley RB - Freeman DM - Colback CM - Irvine FW - Ward & Kachunga None would break the bank, although would think Ayala and Chester would be fairly high with wages, and all without a transfer fee.
  9. Is there anybody who is ITK about who the real ITKs are?
  10. What ticks me off a bit is this whole overlapping CBs like they created the system. Conte won the league with Chelsea having Azpilacueta and Cahill doing just that. United have just found the players that fit the system well and work their socks off. Full credit to them.
  11. Love him, hoping he can stay fit, offers a bit of everything. He's so competitive without being rash, and his positioning is excellent. Lovely hair as well.
  12. No idea why we've neglected set pieces for so long. It's a free opportunity to get the ball into a dangerous area, uncontested, and where you can really put a practiced plan into play. Well done Wednesday, hope it continues.
  13. Yeah, and look where they are, a lot better off than the other two that came up. Wilder is obviously really talented, there's no questioning that. But, a blot on the landscape is that's £55m on 3 players who seem to have had limited impact. Looking at it, they spent £65m this season, Norwich have spent £7m, Villa have spent well over £100m (that's from Transfermarkt so could well be bobbins!). Just to compare some signings, Maupay cost Brighton £19m and has scored 9, Mooy cost them £5m. Dendoncker cost £12m for Wolves, Ings cost Southampton £19m, Andre Gomes cost £22m, Delph £8m. Net spend this year I think there's only about 7 teams higher than them this year - I know there's a load of caveats with that though. But still, none of them have really set the world alight. Could be a learning curve or could be not the best at splashing the cash.
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