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  1. #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Trounce these, kick off a run that sees them relegated, snap up Barrow for next season. Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt.
  2. Defensive manager ...

    That’s the thing for me - we’ve got good strikers in the squad and has them scoring. If he is as defensive as is made out and we get our strikers scoring at the rate they are then we’re going to win games. I have a good feeling about Jos, think he knows what he’s doing more than Carlos, and Carlos got us to the playoffs.
  3. Remember when Lee Camp was hailed as a potential England keeper at Derby and they sold us Lee Grant. Think we did a lot better of the two, don’t think I’ve ever seen Camp have a good game.
  4. Pelupessy

    Good point about consistently playing - with Hutch and Lee not being the most reliable fitnesswise it’d be good to have someone who is. Captain as well at his old club wasn’t he?
  5. Wildsmith in the air and his own box

    Not been to enough games to comment on what has been, hopefully though it’s something that can be taught if it’s an issue. Plenty of time on his side hasn’t he. What I’ve seen of Dawson he’s done it OK - wonder what will happen regarding the keepers in the summer.
  6. Nuhiu's Second Goal

    Never been a footballer.
  7. jos

    Yeah but he couldn’t beat teams with 13 players out FFS
  8. The United fan who threw his little trotters in the air for Tudgay’s strike at the Lane, only for it to fly into the top corner in our one goal massacre.
  9. Mark Crossley and his cone. Gave the ref the rubber sign to the crowd after he told him off.
  10. Harthill Owls

    Sky Sports and all, somebody’s doing well for themselves. Bet he’s got those electric air fresheners that let off those little bursts of fragrance every so often as well.
  11. Lack of buttoning consistency is winding me up on those pictures as well. Some all the way to the top, some top one undone, and Abdi even has TWO undone. Sort it out Jos.