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  1. CalmJimmers

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Some well thought out and rounded posts mate. I quite like Fletcher, but if he’s on a big wage and we are struggling with FFP then at his age it makes sense to look to move him on. Agree re Lee and Hooper as well. Both very good players for us when fit, but they’ve proven unreliable in playing the vast majority of games in a season, especially with Lee - think he averages about 28 games a season for us.
  2. None of the truly big teams have got going yet, most have laboured to draws or the old goal win. Belgium the only ones that had a clear win, maybe count Croatia in there. Not sure if that’s teams being defensive and working their Harris off, or the bigger teams not going full throttle to keep themselves fresh, but it’s only Russia that have smashed anybody’s back doors in at the moment. Agree with the above, it’s cool to moan at England. First tournament in years that we don’t have expectation to go really far AND won the first game and people got their knickers in a twist. Crackers.
  3. Agree with this - played well to start with then hit some nerves. Youngest team out there (I think) won their opening game, takes so much pressure and negativity away. Beat Panama and we are basically through. To Panama, can see them running their arses to the ground so set pieces will be vital again - glad to see we have been decent with them. Hopefully do what they did v Belgium and be exhausted an hour in. England win and through to the last 16.
  4. CalmJimmers

    Clare rejected us??

    So bad but still upvoting
  5. CalmJimmers

    Wee Barry Bannan

    Love Bannan, even when he was going through a rough patch playing deep he would never go hiding. No surprise when he came back this season we looked a poo-ton better.
  6. CalmJimmers

    Robert Huth

    Wages would be through the roof I’d guess
  7. CalmJimmers


    Agree, but we aren’t going to get any bidders realistically. If somebody wants to take them for free and have their wages then it shouldn’t need a second thought. If they stay fit (as much chance as me getting fit) and have good seasons then who knows, but we are stuck with them for the moment so down to them really.
  8. CalmJimmers


    Think the finances are going to have a big influence on who stays and goes really. Westwood - I’d keep if FFP wasn’t enforced, he’s absolutely quality for this league. But we’ve got two good keepers it seems now, so if he can free up funds I think he’d go. Pudil - Like said above, rolling contract/1 year deals. Still quality and doesn’t need pace at CB anymore. Fox - Sell or run down contract. Hunt - If not astronomical wages then keep. Solid RB and RWB. Palmer - Sell or run down. Lee - Tough one. If we could get a fee for him I would let him go. Excellent player but cannot stay fit through a season. Again without FFP would keep. Bannan - Must stay, try and tie down ASAP. David Jones - Not sure, see how he does this season, like said above make or break. If we get an offer then tempted to sell. Boyd - See Jones. Abdi - Like what Snoots says, make or break for him this season. Nobody is going to come in for him with his injury history recently and it would be stupid to pay him off as it’d go to FFP anyway, might as well use him if we can. Matias - See Abdi. Hooper - See Lee. Joao - I would keep, looks a different player under Jos. Think loans are going to be the way forward next season. Got a good base of a squad and I think Jos will squeeze a lot more out of them than t’old Carlos.
  9. CalmJimmers

    R I P mum and fly high

    Sorry to hear Tinkerbell. Thoughts are with you and your family.
  10. CalmJimmers

    M.o.m & Ratings

    Dawson - 7. Really like the looks of him, looks comfortable and unflappable. Baker - 7. Looks a player. If I was his age and playing in front of 28k for the first time I would brown my trousers. Really solid and put some good balls down the line. Venancio - 8. Sign him up, if we don’t it’s going to come back and haunt us. Still young and is solid as a rock, good finish too. Loovens - 7. Solid, sad to see it come to an end but his time has come. Pudil - 8. Oozes class, can see why he’s been an international the majority of his career. Just seems to keep getting better. Reach - 8.5. Two assists and never stopped running, great player. Banan - 9. Everything goes through him. Great array of passing, puts a shift in and gets back too. Absolutely vital for us. Pelupessy - 7. Solid, positionally very good and can hit a shot. Always seems to be there. Fessi - 9. I would let him do unspeakable things to me, and I’m twice his size and 3 times his weight. Joao -7.5. Good run for the first goal, held it up well at times. Looked frustrated to not be on the scoresheet. Nuhiu - 10 MoM. Hattrick. They could not handle him at all, looks a completely different player under Jos. Thorniley - 7. Solid, can put in a half decent cross as well, impressed again. Palmer - N/A Matias - N/A We look so solid and I effing love it, they could not break us down. Also broke with pace and meaning, boring Jos eh?
  11. CalmJimmers

    Glenn Loovens "My Time Has Come"

    Only echo what has been said on here. His time has obviously come to an end, but has been excellent at times for us, and players like Lees didn’t look the same when he wasn’t next to them. Good luck for the future Glen, never change your hair please.
  12. CalmJimmers

    Jos Luhukay vs Carlos Carvalhal

    I wanted Carlos to take us up - the first season’s football was sexual. But how do you reside over the mess of a fitness problem he left this season as a professional manager? Think Jos has done a really good job to say a big chunk of his time here he had a second string to work with, of which only Pelupessy was his signing. Got a good feeling about him - but I also had a good feeling about Jay Bothroyd so ya know, not the best gauge.
  13. Depends how she keeps it I guess.
  14. I’d love to see Tay Tay’s director’s box
  15. CalmJimmers

    #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Trounce these, kick off a run that sees them relegated, snap up Barrow for next season. Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt.