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  1. Fair points, but what I'm getting at is as long as a team is successful I really don't think fans care what the system is. I don't think Chelsea or Inter fans were complaining when Mourinho was winning domestic and European trophies whilst playing boring football, and I remember my mate saying when United had David Weir they played some great football but got beat every week. I want my team to be successful, I don't care what system that is under.
  2. If a team is playing well and meeting expectations then I think 90% of the fan base would be happy, regardless of playing style. We could win 1-0 every week and stick 10 men on the line most of the game, wouldn't care one bit. Might be going against the grain somewhat with this as well, but watching great defensive work and a gutsy performance is equally as satisfying as watching exciting attacking play.
  3. That's outstanding - the ball is pretty much behind him, and he's a few yards away from him.
  4. Erm... Tony Pulis sounds a bit like Phony Pube-lips. I'm all out now.
  5. Unreal scenes, we had about 6 players v 2 defending and it still only went in because Simek scuffed it.
  6. Shaw will score tonight mark my words. I think.
  7. Gonna smash these I tell thee believe you me. 2-0. Up the hoofers.
  8. Why are we so obsessed with sticking defenders up front? When was the last time a defender went up front and became a consistent scorer. If it was as easy as being tall and good in the air then why aren't Chiellini, Van Dijk, Harry Maguire, Gérard Pique etc all breaking scoring records?
  9. Still get dem blayads taking the p!ss for us signing Rhodes for so much (probably fair). Wilder paid 5 times that on McBurnie, Brewster and Moussett.
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