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  1. Joe Hart will be on an absolute ton, are people genuinely serious thinking we`ll go after him?
  2. It's all dependent on what wage he's after. He's been a great keeper for us, he's also coming to the end of his career. Bruce and his staff have been around and will know what is sensible (I hope). We are in danger of an embargo at the moment, every deal we make has to be right for the club. We cannot indulge in overpaying like we have done the past few seasons and we must strive for true value, or we`ll keep repeating the mistakes of the last few seasons and be a second division team for another 2 decades.
  3. I'm pretty torn on this - great keeper but 35 this year. Sensible options can be found elsewhere, like what United have done with Henderson. 1 year with the offer of an extension if he meets appearance targets sounds sensible.
  4. Surely Dawson? The only one that's played enough games to deserve it? Plus some great saves this season, most notably at the Ham Siro?
  5. Agree, the only player that I thought looked any decent for them when they came to Hillsborough.
  6. Our lass is German and always tells me this joke, and the Aldi Sud/Nord rivalry!
  7. Not sure tbh, wonder where he is based. Was he contracted to Reading before Chelsea? If he is settled up here then it can only help. Fingers crossed because he's been quality, but we have to be agile enough to move to other targets if it's not likely he'll come.
  8. I'm sure if Bruce wants him, we aren't restricted by FFP, he doesn't get another offer from elsewhere and is willing to relocate we will go and buy him. We must have contingencies in place if it doesn't come together though and have deadlines set for when we want to bring people in by - not drag it out and have to compromise on quality.
  9. If Fulham are interested we`ll have to have something as an alternative to draw him in rather than money - Fulham will blow us out of the water. Hopefully like you say he enjoyed it here and would be more settled, but Fulham is right next door to Chelsea so wouldn't need to relocate. Hopefully with them not having a full manager in yet that might pursuade him, plus maybe making him captain?
  10. So as another season comes to a close, I think it’s time for a good look in the mirror, as a fan base and club. So to us, as a fan base and club. It will be 20 years next year that we were last in the top flight, and near 30 years since we managed any real success. Why? Why in that 20 years have United gone up twice and we haven’t once? Why have Huddersfield, Brighton, Bournemouth, Burnley, Swansea, Cardiff all managed but not us? Poor financial management that we are still feeling? An arrogance in the last 5 or so years that we’re above United so it’s alright? A reluctance to sell players when stock is high and reinvest? Poor academy products so a lack of affiliation to the club and selling on assets? Poor recruitment? An inability to move with the times? For me, I think financially we were without a pot to wee wee in for so long when football was going so commercial that we got left behind and we’re playing catch-up still. I also think as a club we have an arrogance that holds us back a little. We don’t sell because we are too big to be a ‘selling club’ (hate that phrase with a passion). We are also sparing to those that cannot take us further and are terrified of letting them go - Hooper, Lee, Hutchinson are all injury prone with evidence staring us in the face and some still don’t want to move them on, Forestieri hasn’t been the same for near on two years, some wanted George Hirst to dictate terms to us so we could keep him. The amount of times we have been done by letting player’s contracts run down because we are scared of letting them go has burnt us - Brunt, Antonio etc. Are we stuck too in the past, inflexible and fearful to really progress? Or have we just been unlucky?
  11. Agreed, but I also think we miss goals from all over the pitch. Reach gets a few, but consistently where else do the goals come from? We don’t get many from defenders (Iorfa looks promising though). Bannan isn’t overly consistent, Matias got a few but has now gone. Fletcher himself isn’t prolific. Think as others have said, we need to create more chances as well. Dem red and white puddings have done well this year in getting the ball into the box and having men in the box when they do. Have a half decent finisher (who can get onto the pitch more than 20 games a season) and the more you do that the more will go in.
  12. Carlos’ first season was 3 seasons ago now. Where’s he been for the past two seasons? I’d personally let both go, could bite us on the arse but I’ve complained about players not being able to play for the last two years and Hooper and Lee have been top of that list.
  13. Yes it is sad, he’s one of my favourite players in the squad, but, given all the evidence, would you honestly give him another contract? What if, like somebody said above, we offer him another contract and then he gets injured again? So we’re again paying him to sit on the sideline, paying for treatment etc. All whilst FFP looms in the background. If we didn’t have FFP I’d be keeping them both on to try and get them fit and playing again. But we do have FFP, and keeping a player who has had serious injury problems isn’t financially sensible.
  14. No - out of the two I’d keep Hooper as I think Lee will probably get injured again, but we haven’t had a full season of him since he’s been here. Might live to regret it, but we could also put money into safer bets who have more chance of playing 40+ games a season. I trust Bruce to make the right decision any road.
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