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  1. FFS - erm has anybody mentioned Alan Curbishley yet?
  2. Shall we take bets on who the next thread will be about? I'm gonna go for Tim Sherwood.
  3. He also brought Victor Valdes and Alvaro Negredo to chuffing Middlesborough FFS. Personally think he has a bad rep and doesn't deserve most of it. When they beat us 3-1 in the playoff final season they did a professional job on us and got automatic.
  4. I'd take him, Boro were properly struggling before he came in. Hopefully convince Ayala to move and all.
  5. Seedorf just been sacked as Cameroon manager. Purely want him for his long range shooting ability on PES in the early noughties.
  6. Taken both Newcastle and Brighton up, and kept Brighton up twice. I'd take him in a heartbeat - no compo needed either.
  7. Yeah agree - if he does stay he needs to come out and clear the air and be honest with everybody. Think fans will be more understanding if he comes out saying its his home club but the fans and the way the club have treated him made him want to stay. Be a serious PR piece needed anyway.
  8. Do also hope that Bruce rocks up at a barcodes press conference, looks at that big pudding Mike Ashley and goes Dicaprio on them.
  9. Yeah I guess that's fair as well - you make your decisions and you will be judged for them. Guess what I'm trying to get at (not aimed at you) is that people saying we gave him time off before coming, we're Sheffield Wednesday much bigger than Newcastle etc have their heads in the sand. If we've gotten stung by Bruce wanting to take time off before coming here then more the fools us, and we need to learn from it. Any manager in this league who would get approached by Newcastle would leave, easily, they are bigger and better than us. Unless you are Real or Barca you are going to get your head turned at any club. We rest on our laurels and what we did 20+ years ago far too much. Time we started building up to being big again, which means cutthroat and professional business decisions and structures, rather than stamping our feet and telling everybody we're a big club.
  10. It does, but it's not uncommon is it, especially Senior level. We've just had somebody accept a job and turn away from it before they even started. We had a replacement ready for if that happened. Yes it's frustrating as owt but that's why you have succession strategies in place to minimise damage.
  11. If he moves on then that's business - 99% of us would do the same if it was a better job, for more money and an area they'd like to be. Add to that it's his boyhood club. I'd be sick as a parrot if he left but I won't begrudge him. What is also business is having potential candidates in mind and identified well before he leaves - effectively having a succession strategy. I hope that if Bruce does leave then we have somebody lined up sharpish. We can bemoan bad luck but we are a professional football club and a business, there's always the potential for this to happen.
  12. Really interesting, cheers for posting. Things like overcoming monotony and sleep requirements to maximise fitness and performance is something I never really considered. Points to the mental side of the training and prep which I think is fascinating.
  13. If a new cash injection is true and we can spend money on players, I hope we've learnt our lesson of the past few years. Strength in places that need it, no vanity signings, no long term contracts to crocks. Faith in Bruce can sort it though.
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