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  1. Honestly, some people are so chuffing sensitive it's ridiculous. New studies have come out that shows the clear link with heading the ball over their professional career, heading the ball every day for 20+ years, that it causes horrible illnesses later in life. New scheme comes in that reduces the amount of heading in their career, that only focuses on training, that might reduce those effects, so people don't get brain damage. How people can get precious about it, when it doesn't affect their life at all, is just being over sensitive.
  2. Who to believe. Them there on Owlstalk who used to boo Jack Hunt when he played for us before and probably think COVID is a hoax. Or experts. Not sure me.
  3. Did training changes to NFL to protect people's heads and think it's worked really well. The 'we used to be good in the 90s' crew will be along and tell us how protecting a player's brain as much as possible is crap and we'll soon be a communist state shortly.
  4. Starting to look like a top 6 team, hopefully we get some luck with injuries
  5. The difference between us and Man Utd is that they have a massive budget, one of the highest in worldwide sport, nevermind football. And the fact we have suffered for the past 2/3 years after signing players we didn't need on big money. A one year deal makes me feel better about it, but people are rightly going to question signing a RB when we already have 3 that can play there, after we have just been relegated in huge part to stupid recruitment decisions.
  6. Never knew that - I would have taken either at the time. Glad we took Stevie though, thought he could have done it properly in the Championship but was shipped out after getting 12 in a season I think?
  7. https://youtu.be/FuMjmQMZu5A Personally I'd want this from one of the best bands on the planet right now. Would also be my WWE entrance music, with my alias being The Yarkshire Pudding.
  8. I forgot about Beckett, great shout! We also tried for Scott Taylor and Steve Howard which were big news at the time. We did eventually land Howard, but can remember there being pages on here dedicated to him whilst at Luton.
  9. Can't believe Hamburg and Schalke are in Bundesliga.2. Not long ago they had Van der Vaart and Huntelaar respectively! My missus used to live in Osnabruck for a while so got a soft spot for them. They had Van Aken a bit back on loan too. Played with them on FM but never quite got them promoted!
  10. The two biggest of big uns. Adam Le Fondre and Billy Sharp.
  11. I can't say I've seen him play, but watched his highlights yesterday and he does remind me a bit of MacLean or Ryan Lowe. Mainly does his work inside the 6 yard area, one or two strikes from outside the box. He won't be on huge amounts, I think he's 26 so not up and coming. No transfer fee, won't break the bank, we're struggling for strikers. Wouldn't mind us testing the water with an offer.
  12. I like the away one, home one the sleeves look a bit weird, but we've had much worse. Fair play
  13. I call bullshine. I've got your wife's pink thong on so you can't have.
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