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  1. It's getting close to Matchday

    I can’t stop looking!!! FFS
  2. January Transfer Window

    Big CM (Diame if available) and a winger with pace would do me. Probably need to ship some out though.
  3. It's getting close to Matchday

    Canny wait for matchday - pharking crap international crocklefish football FFS. And Carlos looks like he could have laser eyes. FFS
  4. Interesting with Rhodes, scored a lot of goals with a target man next to him (Novak & Gestede). We’ve got Fletch, Joao & Nuhiu who sit in that bracket, but playing them would mean Hooper would likely be dropped. Be interesting to see if he can get a good scoring run going with Hooper. If they both can we won’t lose many games. If he can’t though it’s a headache for Carlos.
  5. Really should be beating these. Owls Fans 2-1 International Break Sweary Pointy Man & Happy Clapper for us. Forestieri Gangrene Rumour for them.
  6. Could it be that...

    FFS, don’t really know what this thread has turned into. FFS.
  7. Flipping heck, you learn summat new every day. And not not a cockney, just worked down here for the last 18 months and dying to move back up that theer North. FFS.
  8. Three things for me:- Best shot stopper I’ve seen was Scott Carson. Remember going to Crewe and we lost 3-0 and genuinely could have been about 7 or 8. Can thank Steve McClaren for fecking a promising career up. Best overall keeper is Westwood that I’ve seen. Feel he has more to his game than Carson did when he was with us. Thirdly, Iain Turner is Scottish to the guy from the first page. FFS.
  9. SWFC best ever free transfer

    Was Thome a free? If so he gets my vote. FFS
  10. Could it be that...

  11. Joao

    Difficult with Joao - given a run I think he would get goals, but so would Hooper, Fletcher and Rhodes who are all better (or potentially). Do we send him on loan and try and cash in? Or ask him to be patient and he might get a chance? Depends on what his wages are I guess. Had a soft spot for him after he cried when he lost his tooth.
  12. F.A.O John Terry

    No it hasn’t.
  13. International Break - Pah

    I wouldn’t mind it if England didn’t have such a shithouse of a side with a boring crocklefish as a manager. We haven’t been entertaining since 98. A chance for our ever injured to come back and get injured again though.
  14. 2 points per game

    Doesn’t matter about the next 9 games though, all that matters is at the end of the season if we’ve managed the two points per game mark. We aren’t going to win 9 on the trot (most likely), just don’t lose more than one and things will look a lot rosier. Hopefully we will keep playing with the intensity like we did yesterday.