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  1. Just had a look at other transfers to and from L1 because I had no idea tbh! Players similar to Iorfa in age go for around £750k at most, that's not taking into account contract length or previous injuries. Windass is similar, maybe pushing around a million? Nearly £2m for the both of them would be great business, think we'd get a bit less.
  2. If we get a decent offer for Iorfa I'd be looking to sell. He's been great for us, but injury prone and a bit of a luxury at this level. Would give a boost to the finances too. Feel similar about Windass personally, probably controversially. A saleable asset that would mean we could reinvest.
  3. Interviewer:- What do you make of that then Paul? 'Hecky':-
  4. All depends on the clubs involved. All depends if they're having a recruitment drive I guess. Sorry.
  5. High up on my list would be Adam Davies. Used to be at us, played 100 games at L1 and around the same at Championship level. Less than a goal a game conceded at L1 and almost a 50% clean sheet rate. Only 29, already plays in the city so wouldn't need to relocate. Wales international.
  6. I agree, but it sounds like he felt like he wanted to do it, and it's taken a lot of pressure off of him. Like I said above, maybe he will be an important landmark which will lead to that pressure never being there in the first place.
  7. Like others have said, must have taken some guts to be the first openly gay player in a long time. He said it was affecting his mental health keeping it hidden, and now feels like a massive weight off of his shoulders. Hopefully he will become a stepping stone for it to eventually not even be thought about for sportspeople. I think he will get a lot of support. He may well be an easy target for the hard of thinking, but hopefully they will then be banned from football matches (and obtain a criminal conviction).
  8. Always like to look up who we could bring in on a free:- GK - Adam Davies (Dem Blavges); Matt Ingram (Hull); Jamal Blackman (Huddersfield) RWB - Kane Wilson (Forest Green, 14 assists this year just gone in L2, only 22); CB - Elliot Moore (Oxford United, 6ft 4, only 25) CM - Dominic Ball (QPR) AM - George Honeyman (Hull); Yan Dhanda (Swansea). ST - John Marquis (Lincoln, was with Moore at Doncaster and scored a load); Freddie Lapado (Rotherham)
  9. Jon Flanagan, formerly of Liverpool, Bolton, Burnley and Rangers, now plays for HB Køge in Denmark. Their manager? Daniel Agger. I didn't find it that interesting either.
  10. I'd usually agree, but last night was a one off that we really could have helped with, no matter what was happening on the pitch. Certainly remember Brighton/Brentford playoff games being like that, whereas yesterday it was just everyone moaning.
  11. The loudest we were last night apart from the goal was moaning and fretting when the ball went back to the defence. Our biggest game of the season where we needed to get behind them and I personally think the fans bottled it. Think Twitter etc has also given people the idea that they can do what they want with a certain amount of anonymity, so doesn't surprise me about the abuse.
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