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  1. CalmJimmers

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Had Reach first scorer at 14/1 - if it comes in I’ve promised our lass the full force of tiny CalmJimmers tonight. She wants Joao to score first.
  2. What an absolute toerag. Wins the ball clean then deliberately tries to injure a fellow professional, and one who has had his fair share of injuries the past few years. Chuffing crap hair and all.
  3. CalmJimmers

    40 grand a week??

    I’ve heard if you swallow burps back down they turn into trumps
  4. CalmJimmers


    Had Joao first goal scorer so he best chuffing get it or I’m starting a thread about him moving to Watford.
  5. CalmJimmers


    Brentford in free fall since Smith left - if Maupay goes they’re gonners.
  6. CalmJimmers

    Winnall to the pigs?

    Do you think if everybody better than Morgan Fox suddenly retired Real Madrid would be in for him? I could see it happening. FFS
  7. CalmJimmers

    If Jos goes... who's in?

    I think Bruce would probably take it - last big club chance probably. I think I’d have him as well, I don’t think we’d get relegated under him. Somebody like Holloway would take it, but is he any decent anymore? Jokanovic wouldn’t take it I don’t think but he’d be excellent. Apart from that, you go with managers with potential who’d want to try their hand at a decent sized club, but it’s a gamble. I have to put my hands up though and say we need a new manager for sure. 4-2 away at Blackburn? Really? We are going backwards and making the same mistakes over and over. Lost the fan base completely.
  8. CalmJimmers

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    Excellente as always Snoot Dogg. With the days growing shorter it’s time to give these chuffers an absolute pasting as the sun goes down. Want dem fake blue and whites to be hearing this as they throw and turn in their slumber tonight.
  9. CalmJimmers

    Infinity Card

    I’d get one but heard the manager isn’t English.
  10. CalmJimmers


    The more I see it the more I think I agree with you, and a victory against Bolton has eased the pressure somewhat to give it a bash. If we did try it though we would get those berating Jos for playing a changed side again.
  11. CalmJimmers


    Agree with having to get Bannan further forward. Love his energy and commitment, and a bit of bite in the tackle too. But when I’ve seen him he’s absolutely at his best taking the ball forward and causing havoc in the final third. The problem is he’s having to curtail that to stop us being penetrated too much down the middle (oo er). If that means dropping another CM in though you either get rid of a striker, and we don’t score too many at the moment, or a CB and both our clean sheets of the season have come with 3 CBs.
  12. CalmJimmers

    Next Three Games

    I think whilst it looks attractive on paper, as we’ve seen, as soon as we go to 4 at the back we chuck goals away. Hector has looked decent at CB, so I’d be skeptical of getting him in at DM, but it might well get us some backbone in the centre. Could Joost Van Aken come back in there? Looked decent on the ball but yet to prove his solidity. Think we do need Bannan further up the pitch though. So much more effective at AM than sitting back. But anyway, I’m still sticking with a back 3.
  13. CalmJimmers

    Next Three Games

    What formation would people advocate during these? Absolutely crucial matches and we now have some forwards coming back so do we try and get as many back on the pitch? This would probably mean a back 4, which is leaky to say the very least. Or do we go to a back 3/5? Means less attacking players on the pitch but we might be able to concede one goal or less a game. I think we need to go for the latter. We have the players who can get us a goal - Fletcher, Forestieri, Reach, Matias, Joao - so we should be as solid as we can and back ourselves to get a goal.
  14. CalmJimmers

    Top prices in the league.

    The ticket prices are absolutely killing us. It means that we have to be near the top of the league almost constantly or there’s going to be a toxic atmosphere around the club. 1 point in 18 with the highest prices in the league is dreadful on every level, and until they are reduced or we are top of the table the fans are rightly going to demand a lot better.