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  1. We are Wednesday Sheffield Wednesday I don't think our players understand, To win for us is hard, Even without a red card, So please stop doing it Wednesday.
  2. We've had a couple of 5+ goal losses at Reading over the years. Could well be another one. Cheers Julian, can't wait for the Instagram apology later.
  3. Mate it's not worth it, people will have made their minds up already.
  4. Surely it is better to overhit a corner than underhit it. Just aimlessly kicking it into the box gives you more of a chance than not getting it over the first chuffing man.
  5. Swear after our 3rd game people were saying we should push for the playoffs.
  6. Was going to joke when it went to 1-1 that we will lose this, but felt too close to the bone to joke about. Absolutely no leaders on the pitch. Eh well, at least we have a new manager we can blame again.
  7. Can't believe Moore hasn't sorted us out after 2 and a half days in the job me.
  8. I thought I was the jinx - I kept predicting we would win and we didn't, so went to predicting we would lose but then we did. I think we are just rubbish.
  9. Dem fans trying to pretend they haven't got Carly on their playlist when they go for a bubblebath. Embarrassing.
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