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  1. Amazing, so wound up.
  2. He’s a good manager for sure, look at their budget and where they are in the league. So bitter and reyt proper angry with us for some reason though - the FEAR stunt last year and the programme thing this year is so cringeworthy it’s untrue. Will probably always be his downfall, gets so wound up that he loses his head. And when the obligatory pen they get each game dries up they’ll have to start knocking in goals that count, so no tap ins either.
  3. CalmJimmers

    BCFC U18s 0 v 3 SWFC U18s

    Love these updates - hope your lad keeps progressing and makes the breakthrough in the future! I see we are top of the league. Is it the ‘top’ league for U18s? Or will we get promoted somewhere if we stay top? Or is it just regional? Apologies for my ignorance, probably been covered a million times on here.
  4. Do I feel shame? No. Do you feel shame? If so, why?
  5. So would you rather we have gone more attacking and lost? How is the first clean sheet against a team at the top of the division away from home with 3 out of the back 6 from the academy not a building block? We have just lost 4 in a row, you have to stop the rot somehow and it’s not going to be pretty. We obviously miss Matias and Forestieri because they have pace - you can’t just magic them out of thin air if they are injured. It’s what Carlos did and ended up crippling half the team.
  6. Have no idea how Rotherham will play, or any other team in the division. A lot will go there and get beat though. What were people expecting? For Forestieri, Hooper and Lee to magically shrug off their injuries and batter them? 3 out of our back 5 are from our academy and kept a clean sheet against a side that score regularly in this division. People also need to get it out of their head that United aren’t a good team in this division. They’re proving again this year they are. There’s plenty to paste Wednesday about, but I just don’t get those so negative about tonight.
  7. What is going on on here? We’ve just lost 4 in a row, playing against our rivals who are riding high and score for fun, we’ve kept a clean sheet for the first time which is huge for our young keeper and other youngsters. We aren’t a force in this division any more, and will not be until a clear out is done. People have to get it out of their heads that we are this amazing team in this division.
  8. CalmJimmers


    Not afraid to get stuck in, exactly what you need in a derby.
  9. CalmJimmers

    Well Done, Dawson

    Between him and Hector MotM for me. Bloody well done.
  10. Dem bottling Blayads strike again.
  11. Excellent as always Snoot Dogg. I want this to be played to our lads before the game - no soft as sheet fanny around music lark. Time to get amped up and win. Know Your chuffing Enemy.
  12. CalmJimmers


  13. CalmJimmers

    The silence from S6

    Whilst I agree that you can’t have a statement every time things go to pot (we’re Wednesday, there’d be one every farking 2 minutes), there needs to be a rallying cry of some sort from somebody. We have had videos of the Chairman arguing with fans, fans chanting for other pros to be put in, results getting worse, not better and a game that could help define a season coming up. Communication when DC first came in was fairly regular and helped create a positive atmosphere around the club. At the moment it feels pretty toxic. Silence and a battering on Friday could see things really spiral for the season. I’d like to see a joint statement from Chairman, Manager and Captain. Whether that’s a rallying call, a call for patience or just something to bring the club together. It doesn’t cost anything and could help diffuse some of the negativity leading up to Friday.
  14. CalmJimmers

    So near, so far...

    We keep saying one of the best squads in the Championship, but do we really now? In their day Lee and Hooper were but can’t stay on the pitch more than handful of games a season, same with Hutch. Lees hasn’t shown form for about 18 months now. FF has caught the injury bug, Abdi we’ve hardly seen. We have Bannan, Reach and FF you could call top class at this level, the rest are OK, some can be good on their day eg Joao and Matias, and some are youngsters. We aren’t the team we were even 2 years ago, there is a major rebuild needed. To say we have one of the best squads in the Championship isn’t true anymore.
  15. CalmJimmers

    So what is the way forward?

    For me, we need to articulate some sort of plan, so we need a clear statement by the chairman and perhaps the CEO about what the plan is and where we are going. We’ve said at the start of the season it is poo or bust this year financially, and then not heard much since. To leave that message hanging in the air over the club, whilst in a bad period of form where we have fallen away from the playoffs, is just causing angst amongst fans and is a PR nightmare tbh. So what is the plan? Then we just need a sodding clean sheet. We need to prove to ourselves that we can grind one out. The longer term is obvious. Deadwood will be shifted by the end of the season in some way and so we need a recruitment strategy that goes longer term, that can stay constant whoever is manager. So do we need a DoF in to help out? To set a long term vision? We’ve had a lack of leaders on the pitch for an age it seems so that really needs to be addressed as well. Lastly, change the effing season ticket prices. If fans are paying Premier League prices for Championship football you are setting yourself up for negativity and pressure no matter how well you do.