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  1. The footballing side of the club at the moment is a symptom of what is happening higher up. What is the structure to the business? Look at those at the very top and they have CEOs, COOs, DoFs, Heads of Football Admin, Heads of all sorts of other things. We are completely rudderless at the moment - we are blaming the cabin crew when we don't have a captain of the ship. Chansiri could easily start to turn this around by bringing in talented people at key positions and letting them run the club, and he could take all the glory if he wanted for bankrolling it. Instead we haven't got anybody with industry experience leading what we are doing, and all we can do is blame a manager who hasn't exactly been bankrolled and footballers who don't exactly have much loyalty to us apart from picking up a pay check that we negotiated that they could receive. Something has to change at the top level or we'll continue with mediocrity or worse.
  2. Well that's 10 seconds of my life I'll never get back, and another 15 to write this. Could have annoyed the wife in that time ffs.
  3. The lack of a strategy and having key organisational positions filled with talented people is the problem, right the way through the club. No CEO, no DoF, no assistant managers. Who is running the day to day? Are we joined up from top to bottom of this club? You can blame the manager & players until the cows come home. We appear to have been rudderless for a period. Bring in talented people at key positions all pulling in one direction and we could go somewhere, or we can keep hoping one person down the chain will change everything and we will ride off into the sun (sort of like what happened with dem blayads, so it could happen I guess!).
  4. I liked him a lot, and would have him in the team now tbh. One of those players who was a bugger to play against and wanted on your team. Could ping it up to him and he'd keep it, despite not being very tall. Could draw a foul, and had fire in his belly. I'd have Jermaine Johnson at his peak and all. Value for money we got a lot better back then than a fair few recently. Majid Bougherra, Chris Brunt, Glenn Whelan, Lee Grant, Frankie Simek etc etc. Not world beaters but excellent value for what we paid in total.
  5. Knew if he brought his Dutch winkey enlarger he'd settle down a bit
  6. What the hell has happened over the past 2 months? I don't think Monk is the problem but I think his position is untenable now. The footballing side of this club needs fully evaluating in the summer, a structure put in place to best help us succeed long term, and personnel brought in that either want the club to succeed, or are driven to succeed personally.
  7. Major advantage to know they obviously haven't scouted us.
  8. TL;DR - Have a plan and sell players at their highest value ffs. The recruitment strategy we employed was so short term - great if we could have got promoted in the first three years, but its become evident there was no medium or long term plan, or decisions have been made heart over head. We bought players in or close to their prime on the whole who would have little resale value. Those that did have resale value were held on to until they fell completely out of form or ran contracts down and out. The strategy has been the number 1 thing to blame. As others have said it looks like we are starting to change - Joao moving on, players brought in for less than the market value (Borner, Iorfa, Luongo). But it concerns me that we have brought in Wickham & Windass on loans I guess big loan fees, plus wages, when we probably aren't going to win the playoffs. See if the latest gamble pays off, but it stinks a bit like lessons not learnt, unless we are anticipating a points deduction and need to fight for points. Also, those that use the 'selling club' cliche need to give their head a shake. You sell when a player's value is high, ala Pogba, Ronaldo, Neymar, Hazard, Coutinho, and plan to use the money to improve. If any club is evidence of why you don't want to hang onto players for too long, look at Sheffield Wednesday.
  9. At this game, we signed 3 new players for our back four and started them all - thumped 4-0, at sodding Leyton Orient. If you think it's bad now you have no idea, and the above is no comparison to the Chris Turner years.
  10. Class thread (pun intended) Can have owt you like for me, just as long as its a full wrap around and not a wanky little pulled through the loop job. Head attire is key as well - anybody wearing a Peaky Blinders flat cap should be turned away at the gate.
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