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  1. The game has moved on since we were good 30 years ago. Who plays like Palmer did now who is decent at any level? Pogba the only one who comes close and he's an attacking midfielder. We are stuck in the past and it's holding us back.
  2. I've been to Dresden, really interesting and nice place. I'd recommend it for anybody going over the East side of Germany. The football club as well has a pretty interesting history. Still not been to a German game which is criminal really. Our lass is from Saarland though and I think the nearest Bundesliga team is Mainz which is 2 hours away.
  3. Had people coming on here before kick off saying not to boo the players because it's Monk's fault with a terrible team selection and tactics when we inevitabley get hammered today. I don't know if Monk has been going around shagging these people's mums, either that or they have some sort of agenda against him. Just because he drew a game at Cardiff where a giant was doing star jumps in front of our keeper. I'd get it if we were awful, I really would, but we were sat in effing 3rd start of today and could have beaten the team everybody is touting for top spot. At least the 'we've only played sh@ teams' excuse can rest for a few hours.
  4. 2-1 Wednesday. Leeds take the lead early, we score just before half time and rattle them, win it 2nd half. Iorfa and Fletcher for us.
  5. I'd say you need a certain amount of goals in season rather than a prolific goalscorer, although it obviously helps. Somebody on here will have worked out an average of what's needed to go up I'm sure. If not I'm disappointed by the lack of anorak-age.
  6. Absolute prime material to use to get the team up for it. Let's see who finds it more difficult on Saturday, pressure is all on them. We have the pace to counter now. I certainly wouldn't want one of our players putting more pressure on our team after imploding the season before.
  7. We're Sheffield Wednesday, we never concede (or score that many but who gives a chuff ffs)
  8. Contactless is excellent - our Gert is German and they don't have it as much over there. Does our bonce in I tell thee
  9. I don't get the 'poor league' statement. It's the second tier of a country's league and there is currently sat at the top:- West Brom - Have a manager who has managed internationally, knocking out England of qualification in the process. Also managed in the Premier League. Team littered with former or current internationals. Leeds - Have a manager who has managed in the Europa League to decent success. Managed some of the biggest teams in Europe, as well as Argentina and Chile. Littered with former and current internationals. Fulham - Spent over £100m last year, and built on that this year. Littered with former and current internationals. Our own team - Current ROI, Scotland, Australian and Kosovan internationals. Former u21s throughout the team. It might be a comfort blanket to those that think the Red fifth of the City went up because its a 'poor league', but it isn't. It's a ridiculously competitive league with lots of money invested into it for not even the main league in the country. FFP has brought that competitiveness closer as teams with rich owners can't just spend their way to success as much as they could before. If you want a poor league you should see some of the 5 a sides I've played in, to say the Championship is poor is not only a really vague comment, it's also not even remotely true.
  10. Nowhere near as bad as some of the shouty sexually frustrated cross lot make out. Reyt nice hair as well, probably top of our midfield hair league, Bannan bottom with minus points.
  11. We don't seem to be conceding many again this season at all, get scoring some goals and we'll be reyt good.
  12. I'm gonna go for a cry and have a few biscuits - see if that changes our fortunes.
  13. Gonna be listening to this whilst sat on the throne - got norovirus from my nephew and it has absolutely flattened me. 2-1 Wednesday. 2 set plays - Borner and Dom
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