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  1. They might be poor, but at the end of the day it should help us as much as it hurts us. Play your football right, and the officials should rarely be the problem.
  2. Wednesday way would be us being top of the league before Christmas break, and then Chansiri stops paying em.
  3. It's a bad omen, like the pink kit, and the shirt sponsor. I'd bin the lot.
  4. If it's the finances he's worried about, he'd have dug as deep as possible to avoid relegation last season, maybe even paid salaries on time to ensure the players would be up for the challenge...
  5. That's all goalkeeper gloves are these days, rebranded gardening gloves.
  6. "world records, now that's something I know about"
  7. How come all my posts in this thread have been deleted then? (satire)
  8. I think I may have found them. The bad news is that each of them is currently contracted to a different team.
  9. Half true. They only laughed for the video.
  10. After the Plymouth match I'm confident the only work they did on the training pitch was prance about for a few minutes for the video. Rest of the time they were stocking up on full English breakfasts, Carlos style.
  11. Better than our current slogan: "We'll find something you can afford, but can't make any promises"
  12. It does a bit, especially if you're using a dodgy pixelated stream
  13. It's rare for an away kit to get everyone's support, and of all colors, pink is always going to be one of the more controversial ones. But make a story about it, and you could get all fans onside. If the club rolled it out as pink for breast cancer research, with a portion of proceeds going to said charity, I'm sure everyone would be proud it.
  14. Not saying it's panic time, but it's really not just two poor results. It's two poor results, and mostly poor performances. A new team will take time to gel, and we seem to be decent on paper. Those are the "positives" we've got to hold onto at the moment. But based on what we've seen, is there anything which indicates we'll manage above mid table? Maybe mid table is fine for some. For me it isn't. What's the point of hanging onto the likes of Bannan if we aren't going for promotion?
  15. In 1996 Man Utd switched their away kit at half time when 3-0 down at the Dell, this allowed them to claw a goal back and lose a respectable 3-1. We could've done the same. Would've done wonders to our goal difference!
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