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  1. I was hoping you'd take the bait, but you're always one step ahead.
  2. Was it a Montego estate? Any set of keys worked in one of them.
  3. Speak for yourself, pal. I for one have turned into a complete basketcase over this development!
  4. It helps when 90% of your fan base live in different cities
  5. Well it does make sense, because they'd want a piece of ELEV8 Energy Drinks to enhance their portfolio
  6. I think the takeover is contingent on it being called Red Bull Chansiri
  7. Not sure about this. Final game of season away from home, we're well clear on top of the league and playing a team which needs to win to stay up. If that team wins the Blades go down. Put out the reserves.
  8. Someone posted a picture of him in the Business Class line at the airport. He previously flew First... #skint
  9. Wouldn't be me. I waste enough time on here, so don't do Facebook. Out of curiosity, what did you see that made you think it might be me. Feel free to PM.
  10. Well, the premise is that we should be making smarter business decisions. The fact we're where we are today is precisely because we're clueless...
  11. Running an academy isn't exactly free. Perhaps the club would be better served allocating the time and money to the first team. Even by your own estimation, over the past decade the club has benefited relatively little from the academy. The only angles I might buy into would be the community and PR aspects, but other than that, the evidence suggest it's been mostly a waste of time.
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