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  1. "I can also be light years behind, if it helps"
  2. Exactly the same here. I don't keep up with the world football, just Sheffield Wednesday (for my sins!). But I think it has more to do with not being a young lad anymore. In the days of my youth, the passion for football in the adults around me clearly didn't compare to that of my peers. We get older. "Real life" takes the front seat. And at the end of the day, what makes football special isn't the game itself, but the wider community it creates.
  3. Looked outside the box to me. How tall does that make me? (if possible, could you add a few inches to my todger?)
  4. Ah, fair enough. I can see why someone might get in trouble for using a word which might suggest a product was sold in bad faith. In defence of the club, I imagine the intent was there, just they hadn't anticipated so few would take them up on the brilliant offer of getting a plaque (for one season) and a book for such a bargain sum! The poor response meant it fell by the wayside. But that wasn't the intent. I'm in no way defending the club's handling of what happened next, just stating that when making the offer, the intent to fulfill it was there. Technically and legally it makes a difference.
  5. Mate, we've been getting aroundtheshitty swear filter for ages. easy!
  6. It's being published by D-Books, so any day now.
  7. I've heard it's a nod to MK's history; back in the day they used to be a team of coalmen.
  8. Would actually be the best thing ever. I'd buy one, and if you don't, you're a blade!
  9. What's next? I'll tell you. Poor discipline and breakfast fryups!
  10. Fair enough, I'm not a mod, so probably miss a lot of what's going on. Perhaps I have too much faith in humanity... haha
  11. Expected to see Daniel Craig fight scene
  12. A bit bizarre, really. Both of my posts were deleted. One a joke about our club motto (WAWAW), and the other a joke about the Owlstalk userbase not being sociable, which suggests Mackem's in "the wrong place". Ironically I was called a whinger in response, likely because the joke was lost, so I just ignored the jibe. Does anyone here even have a problem with friendly fans coming on? I don't think so. Even the question that prompted all this was one of intrigue, or at worst banter, and not an attack. Surely only an idiot has a problem with other fans coming here for friendly chat or banter (although apparently banter isn't actually allowed).
  13. "Perhaps you missed the bit about us paying wages on time"
  14. Thought this thread was going to be about introducing the role of centre back
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