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  1. They’re getting a bit upset about him deleting all his old social media posts
  2. Just imagine the meltdown in S1 and S60 if they turn up at Wednesday….
  3. Regardless of the reasons. Looking at footage the police response didn’t look at all proportionate. There’s also lots of journalists saying the organisation was appalling.
  4. I thought he had a decent second half of the season. I do think he should’ve started more games in the final few weeks/month. Heart says I’d like him to say but head says this is for the best, not because I think he’s done anything wrong but because I think overall he struggled with physical L1 defenders. Especially when we needed to go more direct. Good luck to him.
  5. They look like they’ve won a competition to be there.
  6. Some fans have gone feral through the lockdowns.
  7. Imagine waiting for your team team to get to Wembley for the first time in 25 years. And then getting banned from attending. Also imagine wearing a bright yellow shirt and then deciding run on the pitch and attack someone. Special kind of stupid
  8. Wow that’s awful. Why are they stood there? Get down the tunnel out of the way.
  9. Meanwhile at the New York Stadium beam back
  10. Don’t take things so seriously fella
  11. As much as I dislike the pigs. I really wish we had the same fight this lot have given tonight.
  12. Losing to Huddersfield in the final again would be funny though.
  13. Forest gave absolutely sh*t their pants this half
  14. Eye ball Paul limping to join the melee with his moon boot on
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