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  1. He was literally the only player with an ounce of attacking threat, and we stuck him on the bench or played hi. at wing back - a role he’d never played before, and a role his partner club do not think is right for his development. We signed a load of wingers in the summer, I’d expect a system to accommodate those wingers. Don’t get me wrong I get that some of the changes have been forced due to injuries. We’re not going to agree on this. I think Moore fcked up with Corbeanu.
  2. I can understand the short term contract. What I can’t understand is the way we treated the one other creative/attacking player who left a week ago
  3. - 4 months into the season and they put season tickets on sale - they put them on sale with a few days notice (keeping in mind early birds are usually released Feb/Mar) - they were put on sale during one of the most expensive months for most people - ridiculous weekly phases, where the prices increased between each phase - no finance options initially - oddly finance was an option 48 hours later after complaints Chansiri told us he was doing us a favour. Trying to give us a little back. An odd odd definition of giving back. They clearly could have given fans more time to renew. And those who scrimped and saved in Dec to be able to afford one, those that took on finance, could have waited a little longer and taken the pressure off a little. Whole thing has been a mess. And still no explanation as to why the burden is being put on supporters shoulders…again.
  4. If only they just gave everyone until the end of Jan in the first place, and gave people the option for finance/credit card upon announcement. A lot of anger might have been prevented.
  5. The previous phase was the last week in Dec. Which I think was about 20 or 30 quid more than the first phase, which was at the start of December.
  6. I think price goes up every time Wednesday concede a goal, or it could be every 3rd Wednesday.
  7. Needlessly put people under pressure during one of the most expensive months of the year at a time everyone is being squeezed.
  8. Legend status is subjective of course, particularly given that a generation of fans earliest memory is of the likes of Lee Bullen. I think Bullen is a legend of the recent era. Captain of a squad who gave us a brilliant day in Cardiff, at time where we were a bit of a mess off the field. Played in every position and then became coach, and caretaker manager on a few occasions. If people want a definition of a player who cared, he is it. Personally I don’t think a player has to be in the same bracket as Waddle or Hirst to earn legend status.
  9. Bullen is genuinely a top bloke who is happy to engage with fans, and give a little something back. That’s backed up by the stuff he’s done for fans. I’ve bumped into him a couple of times around Sheffield, and he’s always had time to chat…not even about football, just chewing the fat. It’s a shame he was hounded off twitter by tools. Regardless of peoples opinions of him as a coach or as a player, hopefully everyone can agree that he’s been a fine servant for this club.
  10. Really poor management. Signed a load of wingers, then didn’t bother playing with wingers. Used Theo as a wingback who’d never played that role previously as far as I’m aware. The one spark we’ve had in the side this season, but often benched. As others have said though, who’s actually improved this season? Wing was brilliant for Rotherham, now he looks terrible. Same with Shodipo, scored 10 last season. But for us he’s looked really poor. Poor
  11. This summarises where we are as a club. Which is why I don’t think we can put all the blame on Moore. Sure, perhaps he’s not getting the best out of these players. But he’s been made to shop in bargain basement due to the failings of Chansiri.
  12. Really wouldn’t surprise me. The fact we’re discussing it tells you everything.
  13. Did everyone manage to get their season tickets? Really hope you didn’t miss out.
  14. Mendez Laing has been alright since coming on. Why did I take 65 mins for that change to happen?
  15. No, I think Moore is to blame for a lot of stuff. But ultimately Chansiri is the reason why we find ourselves in League 1. Do we have one of the best squads? Not sure we do tbh.
  16. Not allowed to sign anyone for a fee Limited to frees and loans, and even then the wages have to fit within EFL guidance Failed to pay the players the week prior to the game against Derby So yes, let’s just blame Chansiri.
  17. Deary me. Thing is I just don’t see us scoring. It’s been woeful again.
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