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  1. Dawson needs to be given a chance, had a great season with Exeter. Wildsmith will leave so we will need another one
  2. Can we stop this , he is staying and that is that.
  3. Dean a big yes, Madine no, Flint may be but needs a couple of mobile players around him
  4. Palmer & Paterson have another year to go and we have another year option with Hunt. Would offer Dean and Hutch contracts
  5. We have needed someone with height for along time, might solve the problems we have with corners. Hope Dean signs as well
  6. yes we will see some leave and other commit to the club. Lets focus on who stays
  7. report it, no place for that language
  8. Bannan's wages have nothing to do with the fans, they don't pay his wages. He has been outstanding this season and won awards , we would be a poorer side without him. He has shown his loyalty and said he wants to stay next season which i am very happy with. We are all gutted at not getting into the final, I am sure Bannan is as well as the other players. Get off his back and start supporting the team, we need to start another rebuild with Bannan at the heart of the team.
  9. we need to sign him, no future at Birmingham
  10. We need to keep Moore, no good getting anyone else in. Moore will have some money to spend this coming season. Lets all support him
  11. Out: Kamberi, Brown, Berahino, NML Try and keep, Bannan, Dean & Storey may be BPF Think Luongo will go, not sure about Lofra & Dunkley New: A tall fast striker who can play with Gregory, CM unless Dele steps up, or Adenerin Left centre back ; Tall lad Windass should be fully fit
  12. ref needs to clamp down on time wasting, going to get worse in the 2nd half
  13. Bannan was superb yesterday and will be a big miss if out, hopefully he will have recovered for the Sunderland game. He is a big player for us
  14. This is the first season he has done anything, see what happens next year
  15. still room for improvement but that's why he is here. Hope he comes back next year
  16. After couple of poor performances Byers stepped up and produced one of his best displays
  17. Berahino is more likely to score than Paterson so he would be my choice although he will need to work harder. This is one area where we need to improve next season
  18. Would start the three, Byers, Bannan and Luongo, always bring on Dele later. Defence needs to start with Dean in the centre, missed his leadership
  19. Bring Dean into the middle with Storey and Palmer
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