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  1. BFP Hunt, Lofra, Hutch, Palmer Denis, Bannan, Brown Berahino, Paterson, Shopido
  2. No, no and thrice no. Need two strikers also Paterson is far better than Kamberi
  3. they lost 2-0 to Charlton, no 1st team players in team
  4. would play 4-1-3-2 BPF Palmer, lofra, Hutch, Brown Denis Theo, Dele, Bannan Gregory, Berahino
  5. Been getting `8' for last few matches
  6. Gregory, Theo, Shopido But Windass instead of Shopido when fit Midfield is big concern as we are not creating, again
  7. BPF Palmer, Lofra, Hutch, Brown Luongo Theo, Denis, Bannan, Windass, Gregory
  8. Wing needs to starting taking the set plays, Bannan is awful
  9. The problem that we have is that we don't have players who are comfortable with playing out from the back. Pulis tried this, remember Also playing a long goal kick we only have one forward with no one supporting him, if he manages to flick it on who is there? we need two up front Either way we need to sort it out
  10. BPF Palmer, Lofra, Hutch, Brown Wing, Bannan, Denis(Dele) Theo, Gregory, Shipedo Although would prefer us to play two up top and go 4-4-2
  11. Everyone was crying out for Hutch to be moved to CB and as a result he has received less yellow cards. He could be a short term option in midfield if Luongo and Denis are unfit. Byers/ Bannan doesn't work would rather see Dele and Bannan to add a bit of steel especially in away games Midfield of Bannan, Denis, Luongo would work for me
  12. Both Denis and Brown would have played today Byers can only be a sub for Bannan
  13. Yes midfield needs some steel Bannan, Denis and Luongo when fit if not Brown/ Dele. Would also try Wing on the wing
  14. We have the same problem as last year, not creating any chances and playing one up front , isolated
  15. The around the ground problem has been going on for two seasons and still not sorted
  16. BPF Palmer, Hutch, Lofra, Brown Adeniran, Bannan, Dele Theo, Gregory, Berahino
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