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  1. I have absolutely no doubt that if he left us tomorrow, he would do so with his reputation considerably enhanced.
  2. But this is one of those areas where DM is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. For every post made by his critics claiming he tinkers too much, there is another arguing that he is tactically stubborn and never has a Plan B....... And based on our form in the second half of the season, once we really got going, we would probably have done so. The difference is that under Turner and Megson we were going backwards. With Moore, we're actually moving forwards, as demonstrated by our improved form in the second half of the season.
  3. You do know that only four teams in L1 conceded less goals than us?
  4. Does it matter? It's easy to pick some when you have the benefit of 20-20 hindsight......... Darren in. Once we got going, we were in automatic promotion form, and it seems bizarre to ditch a manager who has got us playing well. And quite honestly after the upheaval of recent seasons we could really do with some stability and continuity.
  5. I think that's about right, but it depends which 7 - 8. Players of the calibre of Luongo, Dean, Storey, BPF will be big shoes to fill.
  6. I know we fell short this season (although we still finished ahead of my own expectations) but I'm seeing plenty of positives and some firm foundations being put in place. Yes, there have been shortcomings, but they are things that can be worked at and improved IMO. Like yourself I'm optimistic. More optimistic than I have been in for several seasons in fact. My biggest fear is that with the departure of some key players there will be another period of adjustment and bedding in of replacements. Many fans are expecting a flying start to next season, and I've already read multiple comments on Owlstalk suggesting that if we're not firmly in the top two after a couple of months then Moore should be dismissed. Personally speaking I think this sort of thinking is short term and counterproductive, and that he really needs the whole of next season to continue the rebuilding. Unfortunately, a lot of our fans are impatient and (IMO) have unrealistically high expectations, so I can see people quickly getting on the managers back yet again.
  7. Really interesting. Thanks. My immediate observation is that with the exception of Bruce, in the short term changing the manager didn't alter our trajectory. Shorter term managers (JL, TP) just continued on the downward trends. GM initially continued the improvement under SB but then peaked and declined (as did Carlos). DM, in the short term, also continued Pulis' downward trajectory, but eventually turned it round, the first manager under Chansiri to do so. What does it mean? I don't really know. But maybe, just maybe the lesson is that a managers influence becomes more apparent given time rather than in the short term.
  8. I think the answer is that none of us know. So he still has a lot to prove. But personally speaking I'm sufficiently encouraged by the improvement I've seen this season to believe that he has earned the right to carry on with the job he started and demonstrate that he does have what it takes. And lets face it, every manager starts with zero promotions on their CV. Big season for DM next season, though. Has to show that he can continue to build on a solid start.
  9. There's facts and there's context. The two need to be considered alongside each other.
  10. Why not? Lets put aside the failure to bounce straight back up, and consider the following: DM took over at a relegated club in some disarray Overhauled the squad with no transfer budget and despite being under a transfer embargo Steadied the ship Improved the atmosphere round the changing room Gradually established a particular formation and identity Continued to fine tune the squad Began to climb the table, finishing with a >65% win ratio in the second half of the season Made the home ground a fortress Finished in 4th, and the play-offs, having briefly looked like a surprise contender for automatics So if Derby were looking to tick those boxes then yes, I could see them being interested in Darren Moore. If nothing else (yet) he's shown he can point a struggling club in the right direction.
  11. If you want to make a direct comparison, try comparing their respective win rates since Alex Neil became Sunderland Manager. Neil - 53% win ratio Moore - 63% win ratio As to the play-offs, Sunderland indisputably won over two legs. But tactically? That's a matter of opinion. They won the first leg courtesy of a defensive error on our part rather than any tactical superiority. And in the return leg, they opted to dig in, sit on their lead and frustrate us. Hardly a tactical masterclass. And given that we eventually drew level on aggregate and were arguably in the ascendency until their goal, questionable whether it was even the right approach on Alex Neil's part. So no, I don't see a tactical mismatch.
  12. Thanks, appreciated....... I don't really have time to comb through our rivals squad details, but I'm sure that many clubs in the top half of L1 have plenty of players with Championship experience and we're certainly not alone in having players from Premiership clubs, albeit these are mostly loanees - young players sent to get experience or others who aren't considered up to standard by their parent clubs. Just a personal observation, but in my opinion a lot of our fans think our squad is significantly better than it actually is. As for the grinning Emoji's, agree 100%. It p**sses me off when people do that. If they disagree with something I wish they would say so and put across their counter argument.
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