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  1. Monk gets his team and loyal club servants are retained in responsible positions where their experience can be of benefit. Good outcome all round.
  2. I've got a lot of time for Bully, and as you say I hope something is found for him. But being a long time servant of the club doesn't give him an entitlement to a job. He needs to perform, and as others have noted the coaching has become a bit stale and we're not really improving players. He and Weaver may have their badges, but there's a difference between coaching by the manual and incorporating new and innovative ideas.
  3. I assume you mean the bus driver, since Andrew Hughes is now First Team Coach on the footballing side...….
  4. We got him on a free, so definitely worth a punt based on what he's previously achieved. Promising signs that the recruitment is getting smarter.
  5. Yup. Staying up will count as a success IMO. Although it won't be good enough for some. If we're still in the Championship next May then I think we can start to look ahead with a bit of optimism.
  6. I would have thought moving from Premiership U23 coach to Championship First Team Coach is a clear step up. Even if at a lower level the responsibilities are greater and the profile higher. Hughes also comes across as a man who thinks strategically about his career development and who consciously seeks out opportunities to broaden his experience. The fact he's taken the job suggests he thinks it will be a career boosting move.
  7. I'm more than happy for Monk to sign a Fletcher 'type'. As long as he's not Fletcher's age, on Fletcher's wages or hampered by Fletcher's injury record.
  8. I'd never heard of Andrew Hughes before, but when I first read of the triple appointment he was the one whose name stuck in my mind. His resume is impressive and he comes across as being smart, capable and ambitious. If he's as good as he appears it could be a transformational appointment. I was interested to read that he has ambitions of first team management. One to keep man eye on for the future?
  9. Given the lack of high quality potential replacements, he'd also be taking a massive gamble if he replaced Monk.
  10. Where and how have they failed? I acknowledge the new team have plenty to prove. But I'm not sure it's fair to say they've failed.
  11. I hate to be the one to break the news, but neither Pep nor Kloppo were interested in bringing their backroom team to S6. We have to accept our reduced circumstances. And that means being realistic about back room appointments. Lets face it, anyone with a string of trophies and promotions will be in the market for a better job than anything we could offer.
  12. I've often wondered if our inability to secure half decent youngsters on loan from Premiership clubs is because their parent clubs don't trust us to look after and improve them. For my money, the right backroom team - coaching, fitness, scouting - is every bit as important as the Manager.
  13. The trouble is, if we struggle next season it will give even more ammo to the detractors. Personally speaking, they seem like positive appointments. Hughes, in particular, seems to have an impressive resume. Please let's give them a chance.
  14. Apparently his wife is a Wednesday fan. He reckoned that his strongest motivation for beating the Blunts was being able to look her in the eye afterwards.
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