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  1. It was indeed. I won't include any spoilers, but that was straight out of the Line of Duty manual of "S**t I didn't see that one coming" plot twists
  2. A Most Wanted Man (2014) Hamburg based espionage drama based on a John Le Carre novel and which appears to be loosely inspired by real life events including intelligence failures related to the Hamburg Terror Cell prior to 9/11. The interesting twist with this film is that it focuses not so much on the intelligence services investigating would be jihadists, but various different intelligence services competing against each other. Philip Seymour Hoffman, in the final film released before his untimely death, plays Günther Bachmann, a dishevelled but driven ag
  3. I had a quick scan of the Football League paper this morning, and there was an article on Paul Cook. The byline seemed to be that the reason he is still unemployed is that he wants a) a long term deal (i.e. different to Woodgate or Pearson) and b) he isn't particularly keen on working as a Head Coach in a continental style set-up. The article also mentioned that he felt - having proven himself at a succession of lower league clubs - that he was interested in a step up; a Championship Club that had the potential to be a Premiership Club. In that respect I could understand why we might still be
  4. To be fair, for four seasons it was very good indeed; cases which were all standalone but which also tied into a broader sub-plot of high level police corruption lurking in the background. S4 was probably my favourite - Thandie Newton's DCI Roz Huntley was a particularly vile protagonist even amongst LoD's rogues gallery and you just wanted her to be taken down so badly...... But for me it was those cat and mouse games between the AC12 team and the copper under suspicion, the way the advantage could shift from one side of the table to the other in a moment that were it's signature. I think the
  5. +1 Bodyguard was hugely overrated and Richard Madden was absolutely wooden. I do like Line of Duty, but was well disappointed with S5. The subplot went mainstream and the lost something in the process. LoD has always toed a fine line between the credible and ridiculous (anti-corruption officers having machine gun battles in the streets - really......) but I thought S5 just tipped over into complete parody. LoD was always at it's best when it kept things down to earth; the interview room scenes for example were extraordinarily dramatic.
  6. He might want to consider Sean Clare's career trajectory since joining Hearts.
  7. The Hunt. I think this was discussed here a few months back. It reminds me of something else, but I can't quite put my finger on what. But basically a variant on the Hunter and Prey concept, with the twist that the hunters are fully paid up woke-liberals and the prey are a mixture of Rednecks and Q-Anon a**holes. Apparently Donald Trump and his supporters were quite offended by it, although if any of them had taken the trouble to watch they might have realised that the hunters were being satirised at least as much as the 'deplorables' they were using as sport. But I guess irony was
  8. Always enjoy these. You could argue it's become a bit formulaic, but the formula still works for me. And it's just good to see a team of detectives who aren't all mentally ill or struggling with some deep psychological issue. Heck, one of them is even called Sunny......
  9. Weren't Phoenix their 'live' backing band?
  10. Yes. I've only run intermittently this year, mainly due inclement weather, but I did 5K on Saturday, my first for several weeks (legs still sore), and hopefully with spring and longer evenings on the way I can get back into the routine. With normal life possibly on the horizon I want to get back into shape for whenever Parkrun resumes, plus I'm planning to take part in a 10K race this autumn so my plan is to start doing a mixture of 5 and 10k runs, ideally one of each per week.
  11. Cool. I want £ 2 Million for my house. My house is therefore worth £ 2 Million.
  12. Exactly this. We, the fans, would need to get behind him, even if things don't click immediately. I'm not sure all of us have that patience.
  13. Well, he is to blame. But to be fair, some people just aren't management material. Chansiri really should have made a permanent appointment and let Thompson revert to his normal role.
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