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  1. You would have thought that if he was after a free agent, the deal would have been done by now. A couple of thoughts occur to me. The obvious one is that Chansiri is giving Bully time to prove himself. Another is that he has targeted a manager currently in employment who - for whatever reason - is not immediately available but may be later in the season. Alex Neill? Danny Cowley?? Or here's a thought. Maybe he anticipates Steve Bruce might be looking for a job in a couple of months. Stranger things have happened........
  2. Very sorry to hear this. I believe he had suffered ill health in recent years. He looked, at times, like a special talent. I'm not really sure what went wrong or whether he really got a meaningful opportunity with us, but he never seemed to make the step up that I thought he was capable of. Terrible age to die. RIP Junior.
  3. Agree with all that. I realise this is a minority view, but if he became available before we appoint a permanent manager then yes, I would hold my nose and take him back. The way he behaved was s**t, but sometimes you have to put emotion to one side and look at things rationally. I was really pleased to have got him, really pleased with the progress we made under him and really pleased with the work he was doing behind the scenes. For the first time in a long time we seemed to have an experienced manager with a great track record at Championship level who understood what was needed both on and off the field and had the contacts and reputation within the game to bring the right people in and make those improvements. I don't see too many managers around of that calibre who are available or realistically attainable, so yes, I would have him back tomorrow. But in return I would expect him to eat a fair amount of humble pie, and I would insist that any new contract had a big release clause so that he couldn't even talk to another club unless they agreed to meet this.
  4. This is a Sky Sports readers poll. All I read from it is that a lot of people hate us.
  5. I think his stock has fallen recently. The Stoke job was clearly too big for him, and from being pre-season favourites last season they went backwards and were no better than mid-table by the time he got the push. Wrong man for us.
  6. I think what p***** me off more than anything else was the way he 'resigned' to force a move. I was disappointed up to that point but OK with it. But then to walk out while he was under contract....... How would he react if any of his players had behaved like that?
  7. I'm still bewildered how a sizeable portion of our fanbase still seem to think that Carlos' tenure was a golden era at S6. Yes, he got us to the play-offs in successive seasons, but we payed a high price. He failed both times, his brand of football was becoming increasingly dour, the recruitment was shocking and in his final season he was being found out big time. Plus we're now left with a FFP hangover that may yet hold us back.
  8. I've got an Ipswich supporting mate at the office who laughed when we signed him. Dominic Iawful he called him. Well that's fine by me; call him what you want but he's doing a reyt job for us.
  9. Got to give him time, though. We're on a good run at the moment but it won't last forever. Please lets not turn on him if results start going against us.
  10. In my book, 6 targeted signings in a starting line up of 11 qualifies as major upheaval. And how do we afford them? Unless Bruce has a list of out of contract gems from the lower leagues. I'm afraid I see no easy answers. It's going to be a case of tinkering for a couple of seasons until we've cleared out the dead wood and unwound the FFP issue.
  11. I know there's a lot of venom for Jos Luhaky at the moment, but jesus wept Carlos has a lot to answer for.
  12. And who assembled an expensive, overpaid squad of underachievers? And who allowed it to happen, in the process allowing us to be so screwed by FFP that we're probably stuck with a lot of them for the foreseeable future?
  13. I don't think anyone does. Mostly I blame Carlos, closely followed by the owner. Jos was clearly not up to the job, but we may recognise in time that the mess wasn't of his making.
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