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  1. gutted

    I'm gutted about the last gasp equaliser - it feels like two points lost rather than a point won. But we won't get many tougher away fixtures and I would have gladly taken a point if you'd offered me one before the game. Some positives about the way we played as well. Onwards to Hillsborough next Sunday.
  2. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    A very good side? Before tonight they were bottom but one, without a single win and without an away goal. I think we need to stop bigging up modest opposition as an excuse for our own poor performance.
  3. Carlos Out...?

    I think you make your own luck sometimes. Despite my scepticism, if Carlos can get us to another play-off campaign then I'd support him carrying on regardless of the outcome.
  4. Carlos Out...?

    That's one reason why, when you've got the opportunity, you need to make the most of it. Credit to Carlos for getting us to two play off campaigns in a row, but having got there we didn't exactly rise to the occasion. Last season in particular was a huge disappointment - I really think we had a golden opportunity to get promoted via the play offs, but we just tried to shut up shop and paid the price.
  5. Carlos Out...?

    This. Don't get me wrong, I'm well pleased with todays performance. But Carlos has a horrible habit of tinkering with a successful formula. I've never been one of those who has called for his head, but I think I'll reserve judgement for the time being.
  6. Carlos Carvalhal's best start to a season ever

    I feel more positive than I have done at any point this season (not that difficult, to be honest)...... We've got to keep the momentum going though, I've seen far too many false dawns in the last couple of seasons. Anything less than 3 points against Brentford on Tuesday will be a huge disappointment.
  7. There. Fixed it for you..........

    We sacked the manager and got promoted under his replacement.........
  9. Carlos

    I hope he gets it right, but I'm becoming increasingly pessismistic that he will. I would have hoped that into his third season as Head Coach he would have sorted out the shortcomings in the squad, identified his best players and instilled a team ethos and work ethic. This is the season we should really be moving into a higher gear and making a serious challenge for automatic promotion. But I'm not seeing any of this. Of course it's premature to write us off, but the omens aren't good. Just one win in five games this season, and averaging less than a goal per game, against (on the whole) run of the mill opposition. Am I the only person who thinks Carlos peaked very early in his time with us and doesn't really know how to take us any further forward? Let me be clear that I'm not talking about sacking him, unless we get drawn into a relegation battle. But he really needs to raise the bar this season. If he fails to at the very least get us into the play-offs then his position should justifiably be considered as untenable.
  10. Carlos haters

    I support the club. I owe my loyalty first and foremost to Sheffield Wednesday. That does not mean I have to unconditionally support the chairman, manager, players or particular aspects of how the club is run
  11. So

    At risk of being negged......... I'm pleased with the result and pleased with some of the individual performances. But I'm not getting carried away. We rode our luck today. If Fulham had taken a couple of their chances we'd be having a very different conversation. I think there's still a lot of unanswered questions about our tactics. We got away with our slow start today, but we won't always. Lets see how we get on against Burton next Saturday. And for the record, I'm NOT calling for Carlos' head. It's far too early in the season for that. By the end of September the table should have settled down and we'll have a better idea of our prospects.
  12. Why are OT's most knowledgeable fans viewed as...

    Being sceptical about the ability of the Head Coach doesn't mean you hate him. And good intentions won't get you promoted.
  13. Feel more positive?

    This goes to the heart of the problem. Yes, we can play, we all know that. But we can’t play consistently. We can’t even play consistently within a single 90 minutes. We’re particularly prone to slow starts, and so often we end up chasing the game. OK, we recovered to get a draw yesterday, but we won’t always. And when we do finish strongly we rarely seem able to carry that momentum into the next game. The infuriating thing is that we make a habit of this, and two and a bit seasons into the job Carlos still doesn’t seem able to fix the problem.
  14. Bit of faith restored

    We've been here so many times before, though. A poor first half followed by a decent second. But we never, ever keep that momentum going. However well we played in the second half, I've just lost confidence that we'll build on it.
  15. Nigel Pearson