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  1. Roy Of The Roasters


    You may be right. But I can't but help ask myself how things might have looked right now if we had addressed the issue of our defence a couple of years ago when we had a decent budget. By all means criticise Jos Luhaky, but he can only work with what he's been given.
  2. Roy Of The Roasters

    Sam Hutchinson

    Except the truth isn't quite as simple. I understand why people want him back, but I don't understand why they think he's the answer to our problems. He has been injury prone all his career and he's not getting any better with age. He might be a solid Championship player if he could stay fit, but he can't. So he's not part of the solution. The sad fact is that he's one of those who we need to clear out.
  3. Roy Of The Roasters


    I wouldn't object. But he would need to work with the players we have and no budget for the foreseeable future and I'm not sure if he will be able to adapt to that. He will, of course, be more animated on the touchline than JL, which apparently is all that's needed.........
  4. Roy Of The Roasters

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    We can't afford to play Westwood, and the chances of Hutch making it to 90 minutes are not great. I'm as unhappy as anyone else right now, but this is clutching at straws.
  5. Roy Of The Roasters

    Cameron Dawson

    I'm glad people seem to be coming round to supporting him. Some of the abuse he got earlier this season was disgraceful.
  6. Roy Of The Roasters


    While I wouldn't put it quite like that, I think football moves on and the tactics and techniques that worked 10 years ago are probably outdated now. One reason I wouldn't want Martin O'Neill for example. I saw little back in the day to suggest Meggo has what it takes to get a group of poor players to outperform (FFS the likes of Stevenage were beating us while he was in charge) , and while he may have an eye for a decent player who might improve the side like Antonio we don't have a budget. He's not the answer.
  7. Roy Of The Roasters

    Players Leaving Aug 2019

    I'd never heard we had a £11m offer for Reach. Anyone else? Considering the financial mess we were clearly in and the fact that we let Hunt go for a mere £1m I find it difficult to believe we wouldn't have accepted a quick profit on him. But to answer your question, no, I don't think he's worth that much and I don't think his value would have increased significantly since the summer. And in general, I think some of the values being attached to some of our players by some of our fans is laughable. The other thing to consider is that any potential purchasers will know full well that we're conducting a fire sale and under pressure to shift any saleable assets. So they'll be looking to lowball any bids in the expectation we'll have no option but to accept.
  8. Roy Of The Roasters

    Moyes Please

    All Belgian, weren't they?
  9. Roy Of The Roasters

    Players Leaving Aug 2019

    Hysterical, absolutely hysterical..........
  10. Roy Of The Roasters

    Players Leaving Aug 2019

    I agree. But the key phrase here is "the right manager". There's not many out there who could succesfully do this. I've seen a lot of names batted about on Owlstalk in the last 24 hours - 95% of which are unavailable, unattainable or too shrewd to risk their reputation by taking us on in our current predicament. We're pretty much stuck with the untried, unknown or desperate.
  11. Roy Of The Roasters

    Carlos v Jos

    What sort of shoestrings cost in excess of £30 million. Seriously? Think about what you're saying. Shoestring budgets don't land you with a transfer embargo and in potential breach of FFP rules.
  12. Roy Of The Roasters

    Carlos v Jos

    And failed twice. And now we're living with the hangover............
  13. Roy Of The Roasters

    Serious Candidates?

    Paul Cook? Danny Cowley? Come on. This is supposed to be about serious candidates. Both the above are up and coming managers. Why would they touch us when they would be on a hiding to nothing at S6? I doubt either of them are stupid - they would know that coming here would only damage their careers. If we're going to be serious, Paul Hurst is probably the best realistic option for me. I don't read too much into his brief time at Ipswich, he's been damned good everywhere else he's managed. But it would take time for him to reshape the squad and get them playing the right sort of football, and probably a drop into League 1 before he gets the job done. Would we accept that?
  14. Roy Of The Roasters

    Serious Candidates?

    Because who else is going to come? We need to get over the idea that we're a big deal and that big name managers would "love" to come here. Ain't going to happen. No-one currently employed at this level is going to quit their job and come to us (and we couldn't afford to pay compensation anyway). Any unemployed manager with a half decent reputation in the game knows they can wait for a better opportunity. Even an up and coming lower league manager would probably look at us and decide we're too toxic to touch. So we're left with the desperate, the journeymen and the unknown. That's why Heckingbottom and Hurst get a mention - because realistically they're the sort who might take a chance on us.
  15. Roy Of The Roasters

    Transfers done right

    Totally agree. But how many of our fans will complain that we're not signing "big names"?