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  1. Roy Of The Roasters

    Sam Hutchinson

    Cruel, but unfortunately true. He's always been injury prone, but recently even when he's been fit he's struggled. Although he's been a great servant to the club and I'll remember him fondly, his time is up and he needs to be let go when his contract runs out. We need to be looking beyond Hutch, and we might as well start now.
  2. Roy Of The Roasters

    Middlesbrough were just stronger than us

    That's the thing I've noticed about us this season. We don't look out of place against the highly rated teams, but we seem to get punished by errors and lack of concentration. Hopefully Jos can work on that.
  3. Roy Of The Roasters


    Absolutely correct. Not only that, people were praising Cameron Dawson's performances and saying that he, rather than Wildsmith, was the way ahead. While I would prefer Westy between the posts, I accept that - for whatever reason - he's out of the picture and we need to move on from that. So that means that right now Dawson is our best option. and trashing him can only be counterproductive.
  4. Roy Of The Roasters

    Nuhiu, Palmer, Pelupessy, Dawson et al

    I think sometimes you've got to look at what they add to the team as a whole, not just just what they offer as individuals.
  5. Roy Of The Roasters

    Maintaining a top six position

    That's very true, and I think it may have cost us automatic promotion in 2016 / 17. I think we showed that type of team far too much respect. Almost as if we set out to nullify them and try and nick the old goal, when we might have done better to have played on the front foot.
  6. Roy Of The Roasters


    Maybe, maybe not. But he's doing a good job under the circumstances and with the resources available. He's steadied the ship when it was off course and slowly but surely turning it in the right direction.
  7. Roy Of The Roasters

    Why on earth ....

    Maybe because it was less than 4 days ago?
  8. Roy Of The Roasters

    Last 8 games brings optimism

    To me, this season is about stopping the rot, and next season about starting to lay some solid foundations. To be honest, I expected us to be in the bottom 6 and trying to grind out draws. So to be where we are is a pleasant surprise. OK, we are grinding out draws, but against Leeds and West Brom rather than Reading and Ipswich. So yes, recent results are a cause for optimism. Not so much for a Top 6 finish, more for a season where we can be competitive against most sides in the division and stay clear of trouble.
  9. Roy Of The Roasters

    Is the transfer embargo back on?

    I'm sure, with the transfer embargo lifted, that we're allowed to do business in the transfer market. The paradox is that we can't really afford to. My reading of the situation is the same as yours; the lifting of the embargo was conditional on us cutting our losses. That will surely mean a big clear out next summer, but may also mean selling players who command a half decent transfer fee in January. Whether that will be sufficient to avoid a points deduction remains to be seen; hopefully the authorities will give us some credit for taking the issue seriously and moving in the right direction.
  10. Roy Of The Roasters

    I think Jos is doing a good job

    That's the critical thing for me, in a nutshell. There seems to be a meltdown every time we drop points or don't play particularly well, but that way of thinking is very short term. We need to be seeing the bigger, longer term picture and looking at the direction of travel rather than individual games. We're fashioning a new team and trying to free ourselves from the FFP shackles that are tying us down, and the young players and their development are going to be a big part of that. So we might as well start giving them the experience.
  11. Roy Of The Roasters

    I'm still feeling positive

    I would have taken that result at 7pm tonight. Yes, it feels like a kick in the teeth, it always does. But that's another point against one of the best sides in the Championship and we've now only lost one in eight in the league. Keep the faith.
  12. Roy Of The Roasters

    Perspective thread

    I agree, but I think you're taking about expectations and desires rather than perspective. I don't expect a play off place, so on the whole I'm OK with where we are. I want a play off place, at the very least, but my perspective (which may be different from others) is that because of mistakes made on and off the field in the last couple of years we have a weaker and less experienced side than we did 12 months ago and so a promotion challenge is unrealistic.
  13. Roy Of The Roasters

    Get through this season..then?

    I've never doubted that the lifting of the transfer embargo was conditional on cutting our losses. I think FFP is applied over 3 consecutive years, so when year 1 drops out year 4 drops in. So given that we still have a lot of high earners at the club, we remain in deep bobbar. And the only quick way out of that situation is to get promoted, hence Chansiri's remarks. Personally, I can see more players being sold if we're not in the promotion mix come January (which I don't think we will be). FF in particular is a saleable asset, but others may be available for the right price - Bannan, Reach, Westwood. And if they do go, don't expect any big name signings to replace them; it'll be youth team or loans. And come summer, I expect another clear out and even if we do escape a points deduction possibly another difficult start to the season. We tried to get promoted by throwing money around and now we've got to live with the hangover. For at least the next two seasons. In the meantime we've just got to try and stay reasonably competitive. All the more reason to support Jos and the team rather than negging them because we're not dominating every single game.
  14. Roy Of The Roasters

    Not sure how to feel...

    I would have said higher than 14th. But yeah, pretty much my thoughts too. We're actually ahead of where I expected. We do have a run of tough games coming up, but I see no reason why we can't grind out a few draws.
  15. Roy Of The Roasters

    Still an out from me

    And only one league defeat in seven for us.