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  1. Roy Of The Roasters

    Big shake up

    In my book, 6 targeted signings in a starting line up of 11 qualifies as major upheaval. And how do we afford them? Unless Bruce has a list of out of contract gems from the lower leagues. I'm afraid I see no easy answers. It's going to be a case of tinkering for a couple of seasons until we've cleared out the dead wood and unwound the FFP issue.
  2. Roy Of The Roasters

    Big shake up

    I know there's a lot of venom for Jos Luhaky at the moment, but jesus wept Carlos has a lot to answer for.
  3. Roy Of The Roasters

    Rotherham 2 - 2 Wednesday OMDT -16/2/2019 1:00pm

    And who assembled an expensive, overpaid squad of underachievers? And who allowed it to happen, in the process allowing us to be so screwed by FFP that we're probably stuck with a lot of them for the foreseeable future?
  4. Roy Of The Roasters

    Rotherham 2 - 2 Wednesday OMDT -16/2/2019 1:00pm

    I don't think anyone does. Mostly I blame Carlos, closely followed by the owner. Jos was clearly not up to the job, but we may recognise in time that the mess wasn't of his making.
  5. Roy Of The Roasters

    Rotherham 2 - 2 Wednesday OMDT -16/2/2019 1:00pm

    Are you nuts? There's nothing mid-table about us. We're struggling (and generally failing) to overcome the worst teams in this division. If Bruce doesn't sort this lot out quickly we still might get sucked into a relegation scrap.
  6. Roy Of The Roasters

    What the f*ck was that?

    Hopefully, the penny is starting to drop that we're not half as good as some of our fans believed. I was always bemused by the talk of a 'playoff quality squad' and valuations of the squad in the high tens of millions. Perhaps a reality check is no bad thing, because we're no better than mid-table at the moment. Jos may have gone, but the underlying problems remain. Bang average players, weakness in critical areas, an oversized and overpaid squad and no money to invest in new players. There is no quick fix, and employing Bruce (welcome as that is) doesn't change that. I always said it would be at least a two season job to clear out the deadwood, unwind the FFP chains and start to move forward again, and my opinion hasn't changed. A late charge at the play-offs was always a hopelessly optimistic goal, and in all honesty we should still be looking in the other direction. Assuming we survive, and I'm confident we will, I think the best we can hope for next season is mid-table anonymity.
  7. I partly agree. 3 clean sheets is welcome, but it has to be noted that these were against 3 of the bottom 5 teams. Let's not get carried away and assume our defensive issues are sorted, because better teams will probably find a way through. Having said that, I don't think there's any need to panic (yet). There are definitely worse teams in the Championship and we should be able to grind out enough results to stay up. And with every game Bruce will be learning more about the players at his disposal.
  8. Roy Of The Roasters

    Play-off push

    Who for?
  9. Roy Of The Roasters

    Steve Bruce and Neil Swarbrick

    I'm normally the first person to defend the ref against our aggrieved fans. But in this case the outrage was justified. Quite honestly, Chansiri should have taken legal action against the FA for failing to provide a competent and objective referee. I'm not saying it would have been successful, but it would have been a treat seeing Swarbrick in the dock trying to justify his touchy-feely behaviour with Villa management and players, and giving us one free kick compared to their 16 or whatever it was.
  10. Roy Of The Roasters


    That's what he does, though. He's never going to be prolific, but he's hard working and reliable and chips in with important goals. In a game like today, that can make the difference.
  11. Roy Of The Roasters

    Steve Bruce is going to be so annoyed...

    It's shocking, utterly shocking to think how we spent in excess of £30 million to get to this point.
  12. Roy Of The Roasters

    Steve Bruce is going to be so annoyed...

    And what's more, that situations not going to change anytime soon. For those who reckon we have a play-off quality side full of valuable players, today should be a big reality check.
  13. Roy Of The Roasters

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Since last weekend, in fact.
  14. Roy Of The Roasters

    van-aaken Hooper now reach Speculation

    Well, if Reach is as valuable as some here seem to think, then once it's seen that he's available then other clubs will come in and try and gatecrash the party. If not, then we ought to accept what we can get for him. We shall see. Personally speaking, I don't think we can afford the luxury of holding out for an unrealistic fee. It's not that I want to sell him (I genuinely don't) but I think we're going to struggle to move on until we can sort out the FFP issues.
  15. Roy Of The Roasters

    van-aaken Hooper now reach Speculation

    I would be sorry to lose him, but we're not in a position where we can afford to turn down an attractive offer for any of our players.