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  1. Wow. I'll be honest, I didn't find them the easiest listening. But their influence and the respect they had amongst their peers is self evident. RIP
  2. As purpose built resorts go, Caleta de Fuste is actually pretty decent; low rise, laid out for the convenience of pedestrians / cyclists etc rather than motor vehicles, plenty of open spaces and a pleasant sea front. Only fly in the ointment is that it's a few KM from the airport and directly under the flightpath. Generally I found Fuerteventura a bit dull. As already mentioned, Corralejo is worth a trip, as is the old capital of Betancuria. Puerto del Rosario is OK for a half day wander round.
  3. Coincidentally, I've got A Deeper Understanding on the car stereo at the moment. I'd forgotten what I fine album that was.
  4. I sat and thought about this last night after the all too predictable meltdown in some quarters, and tried to put things into perspective. Looking at the season so far, we've played 7. W3 D2 L2. GD +1. We've won more than we've lost, or drawn. We've only lost twice all season. We've scored more than we've conceded. We're 2 points off the playoffs. That's hardly cause to push the panic button. One of the games we lost, we dominated, and most other weeks would have won. One of the games we drew, we missed a penalty and had a valid goal ruled out. That's unfortunate, but again a million miles away from a catastrophe. We've been less than convincing in some of our games, but we've also been outstanding in spells, and have seen a glimpse of what might be possible with the current squad. Personally, I think the things that have gone wrong are fixable. I can't say if Darren Moore is up to the job of doing that, but I'd rather given him at least half a season to work on it than throw him overboard and recruit yet another manager who may want to tear everything up and start again.
  5. There's a couple of crucial statements there. 1. The downward spiral. Far too many of our fans seem to have forgotten about this, and simply assumed that the off field problems have basically been solved. Not only is that probably not true, but the general malaise will linger for a while. It's just not as simple as thinking that the finances, the infrastructure and the squad have been fixed so it's business as usual. 2. The expectation of promotion. Again, this partly comes down to the 'problems have gone away' mentality, but also to the jaw dropping sense of entitlement that some of our fans seem to possess. I really don't know why anyone assumed we would immediately challenge for promotion given the miserable season we had last season, the off field problems and the turnover in playing staff. You've only got to look at the other so-called 'big' clubs who have struggled to get out of L1 to see that it was never going to be a cakewalk.
  6. It's hardly fair to blame either relegation on him. Both times, he took over when the ship was already sinking. And let's face it, if it hadn't been for the points deduction we wouldn't have been relegated last season.
  7. Scored 1, conceded 5 across those games. I'm not calling for DMs head, I don't have any feeling of entitlement, and I don't expect miracles. But I think he needs to instil a winning mentality into the team very quickly. We've shown we can dominate other sides, but we don't capitalise when we're on the front foot, we surrender the initiative, and once we've done that we never look like regaining it.
  8. Doesn't matter what position. Forwards don't automatically make good penalty takers. I'd be happy with Big Dom taking penalties.
  9. This. ^^^^ I accept they'll stay up, but what I really don't want is for them to go straight back back up. The longer they fail to do so, the harder it will become for them as their momentum diminishes, their best players move on, and they fall behind the best clubs in the league.
  10. He's got a good track record at Championship level, but always seems to get found out in the Premiership. I think Forest, right now, are one of those clubs (bit like us) where it's such a horror show off the pitch that the negativity affects the squad. Managing a club under those circumstances is always going to be a thankless task.
  11. I've lived and worked there. I found the petty restrictions on everyday life (places you can't go, being thrown out of shops at prayer time, newspapers / magazines being heavily edited to remove 'offensive' articles and images) quickly became tiresome, but you learn to live with it. As already pointed out, assuming your employer provides accommodation, the quality of housing is high. If you live on a compound, you can pretty much enjoy life as normal. Alcohol is prohibited, of course, but people find a way round it, either through unofficial channels or brewing it themselves, and provided it stays within your residence no one should mind. I think life for western women has improved since I lived out there. Probably still need to be accompanied by a man and to dress conservatively in public, but I believe the reviled 'religious police' have been cut down to size (maybe even removed from the streets altogether). I would recommend the Eastern Province (Dammam / Khobar being the major population centres). More westernised than Riyadh probably due to oil workers and military, and if it all gets a bit much and you need to let off steam, Bahrain is on your doorstep.
  12. If Max has a tow, surely there must be someone in front to give him one?
  13. Sorry To Bother You (2018). Surreal black comedy. Cash Green (Lakeith Stanfield) is a struggling Afro-American telemarketer, desperately short of money and continually facing eviction. Advised by a colleague to adopt a ‘white voice’ when calling customers, Cash subsequently becomes hugely successful and is promoted to a ‘Power Caller’ position in which he sells arms and cheap labour to world leaders, but in the process becomes distanced from his girlfriend and colleagues. However, when he is drawn into the orbit of cheerfully immoral businessman Steve Lift (Arnie Hammer) who is breeding a race of servile human / horse hybrids to use as slave labour, Cash begins to reassess his values. I didn’t see this film when it was first released, but it got good reviews so I made time for it when it reached TV. I’d always assumed it was a satire on the compromises Afro Americans have to make to succeed in a world where many of the rules seem to be written by and for white people. And indeed it as, as well as both a dig at unacceptable business practices and a morality tale about not throwing away the really important things in life. However, what I didn’t realise until I watched it was how utterly bonkers it was. Definitely worth a watch. (8/10).
  14. The stewards think otherwise.......
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