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  1. Firstly, be warned - it's got a couple of key LoD actors in prominent roles........ Two series (so far). I've no idea whether that's it because I lost interest after the first. It really didn't engage me.
  2. You know what might have been good? If the James Nesbitt character - Marcus Thurwell - had been the 4th Man, and had gone on the run following a failed attempt by OCGs to murder him. That would have set it up nicely for a concluding Season 7. We would have known, irrefutably, who "H" was, and AC-12 would be attempting to track him down in the face of obstruction from their superiors while trying to stay one step ahead of the OCGs who wanted to silence Thurwell.
  3. I think that's a problem generally when a self-contained series becomes hugely successful and the makers see an opportunity to flog it for all it's worth. One of the problems with LoD, great viewing though it often was, is that the sub-plot just grew and grew until it became this huge sprawling mess that overwhelmed the final couple of series and which was always going to be difficult to resolve satisfactorily.
  4. I thought it went out with a whimper rather than a bang. Ultimately, it was a bit underwhelming, and felt rushed. Kind of like, "Oh s***t we've got all these loose ends to tie up and only 60 minutes to do it in." Having said that, I'm really glad that "H" wasn't any of Ted, Kate or Steve. The whole LoD universe revolves around them and I think it would have been deeply compromised if any of them had turned out to be a genuine bad 'un. There was also a nice touch of ambivalence about it - the hint that even with Buckells out ofthe way, there was still a rich vein of corruption in the force, pre
  5. Neither Luton or Cardiff are a easy game on paper. As you say, a lot depends on whether they really care about the outcome.
  6. I don't know what was worse. Finding out that the final episode had been pulled from the schedules, and thinking that I'd wasted 4 hours of my life for no good reason. Or finding out that the concluding episode was on ITV Hub (for a limited time), watching it, and realising that I'd wasted 5 hours of my life. I think I might have been fooled by Unforgotten into thinking that ITV weekday drama was pretty good. Based on Viewpoint, and Too Close (previous week) it's really just low budget conveyor belt stuff.
  7. I thought the same. Nothing to do with time elapsed, though...........
  8. Trying to get in lunchtime 5K runs at the moment. 29m18s two weeks ago and 28m22s last Friday. But jeez I'm struggling to recover afterwards. It's been a long time since I could run two days successively anyway, but I'm finding my legs are stiff for 3-4 days afterwards.
  9. I think LoD stopped having any credibility about 3 seasons ago. And yes, it has become a bit too self-reverential. But to say it's not compelling is completely wrong. You've only got to look at the viewing figures, the press the next day, and pages of discussion on message boards to see that people are gripped by it. I would happily have watched Episode 7 immediately after the end of last nights
  10. So there's also institutionalised corruption in the Spanish police..... Spin off anyone?? LoD goes international?? Here's a theory. The 4th man is actually Terry Boyle. And he's going to go all Keyser Söze out of The Usual Suspects in the final episode of S6.......
  11. Only to be hounded out after a couple of months because we weren't top of League 1. Your full comment is spot on. Moore came in late in the season, inherited a shedload of problems, and has been hamstrung by his own health problems. Nevertheless, even if the results haven't been great, you can see what he's trying to do. He's had to work with the squad he's been given, and he'll also be learning as he goes along, working out who fits and who doesn't. That may not keep us up, but it will give us some continuity and direction into next season.
  12. Great. Lets sack another manager after a handful of games. Because changing the manager 3 or 4 times a season is definitely going to sort out our deep rooted problems.
  13. Isle Of Dogs (2018) Anyone familiar with the work of Wes Anderson (Moonrise Kingdom, Fantastic Mr Fox, Grand Budapest Hotel etc) will immediately recognise his visually quirky and eccentric style in this stop-motion animation, set in a fictional Japanese city in which all dogs have been banished to an offshore landfill site. When a young boy arrives on the island seeking his dog, the very first to have been exiled, he and the dog gang who fall in with him unwittingly begin to re-enact an ancient legend. The voice cast is absolutely star studded (Scarlett Jo
  14. Much as I love Unforgotten, it works to a specific formula, and I don't know how often they can repeat that formula without the series starting to look tired.
  15. I think if one single thing can be regarded as a USP of LOD* it's the interview room scenes. The way something so supposedly mundane becomes incredibly tense, with the antagonists playing cat and mouse with eachother and the advantage can switch from one side to the other in a heartbeat. * Apart from the serial use of acronyms.........
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