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  1. You're absolutely right, and speaking personally I would hold my nose and take him. The trouble is that many of us wouldn't. It would be a bitterly divisive appointment. And for that reason alone we probably ought to steer clear.
  2. I'm not actually touting Warnock for the job; believe me, I'd have to hold my nose. But it says a great deal about the state we're in that I'd even consider it - a couple of seasons ago that definitely wouldn't have been the case. As for Warnock above Megson, it's very simple; Warnock has recent managerial experience and recent success at this level. Megson hasn't.
  3. If Megson is the answer, perhaps someone could explain what the question is? As others have said, right now it's difficult to identify anyone with reasonably up to date managerial experience and a half decent track record who would touch us with a bargepole. Not only are we in something of an accelerating downward spiral, but we tend to destroy managerial careers. I can't see anyone any good being tempted away from from a current job, so that leaves the recently out of work . Warnock, Grayson, Paul Hurst, Paul Tisdale, Nathan Jones, Stephen Pressley, Jack Ross, Daniel Stendel....... To be fair, many of those do have some qualities, but we're in such a state that I can't see any of them (bar maybe Warnock) being up to it. What a state we're in..........
  4. That pretty much nails it. I've always been a staunch defender of Dawson, and I think some people are blaming him for not being able to cover for the shortcomings of the team as a whole. But it's getting to the point that he needs to take some responsibility. If nothing else, it can't be doing his confidence any good. Time to give Wildsmith another chance?
  5. I feel a bit sorry for Monk. He inherited problems not of his own making, and despite a decent start the general malaise at S6 has caught up with him. I agree he has to go. The wheels have come off and it's difficult to see where the next goal, let alone the next point is coming from. But he's just one part of an ingrained culture of under-performance. Whoever replaces him will have the same problems, and I just can't see any obvious candidates who are up to the job.
  6. No way. His track record as caretaker is always the same - a couple of OK performances before the wheels come off.
  7. The trouble is, none of us know what's actually gone on. I don't think there's anything wrong with players expressing an opinion, provided it's constructive. And a good manager should be able to accommodate that. But what if those players are openly disrespectful to the manager? Outspoken to the point of being verbally abusive? If you were their boss, how much of that would you tolerate? Especially if those players were the strong personalities and their attitude was starting to rub off on others in the squad.
  8. So why are they frozen out? By not one but two managers? I don't deny they have leadership qualities, but maybe they're misusing them?
  9. All very true. We could sack Monk, get someone else in, and they would inherit the same problems. There might be a short term bounce but I suspect that longer term the same old issues would re-occur. As someone said a few days ago, I just can't be bothered to get angry any more. Not at the manager, anyhow. I think there needs to be a deeper culture change in how the club is run, something that everyone - off the field and on, top to bottom of the club - buys into and feels part of.
  10. You do remember the play-off semi against Huddersfield? Yes, we reached 2 play-offs. And we've been suffering from the hangover ever since.
  11. We were shocking when he was here. He has to take a big share of responsibility for our current woes. It's a "No" from me.
  12. Head. Nail. Hammer. Monk wasn't my choice, and I've yet to be convinced he's the right choice. But he's been lumbered with a squad of ageing underachievers and an off-field financial debacle which has tied his hands. If we throw him overboard, who could we realistically replace him with? DCs track record in picking managers isn't exactly brilliant.
  13. All true. Trouble is, you don't know who he might sell to. We might end up being owned by someone who has a fraction of his good intentions. Also, would he leave us saddled with debt? All things considered, I would rather stick with him and hope he learns from his mistakes.
  14. I'm totally on board with that; look at how Brentford have outperformed. But to make it work, you need to have a system that everyone buys into, from the very top to the very bottom of the club, both on and off the pitch. So someone with a bit of actual football knowledge needs to devise that system, implement it and enforce it. I'm not sure we have such a person. And if we did, I'm not sure that Chansiri would be able to resist interfering in or overriding it. No easy answers and no quick fixes I'm afraid.
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