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  1. just replying to Flo! anyone with half a brain cell has known it's 5h1t since the rumor was created!
  2. Hearing news today that it is all a Croc of 5h1T!
  3. The Pub was renamed, i believe because of that sketch! Sure Ronnie Barker was from Oxford, watched a TV program over Christmas, that I am sure stated the pub changed its name, due to the hilarious sketch. he may have even been a regular in the pub!
  4. Dom has probably fallen asleep, or his internet is down.
  5. Southampton streamed it live on their Facebook account, it was an excellent stream, with decent commentary from I guy that had done some research on our lads.
  6. By who? it's complete BS from a guy on Twatter with 300 followers!
  7. Completely made up Tweet! Do people really believe everything that they read on the net?
  8. i watched the game, Southampton put it on their Facebook page. Don't get me wrong young Bailey is a top prospect, he took his goal very well, but other than that, he did not stand out in the game for me.
  9. As a youngster, if i was not a ball boy, i was sat on the front row of the North, one game it went out for a Wednesday throw in, it landed away from me, but before the next person. I ran after the ball and threw it to Zico, as he wanted to take it quick, he launched it into the box and Chapman scored! Zico jumped back over the advertising boards and gave me a hug! I was well chuffed with myself, as if i had set up the goal!
  10. i was definitely mad one away game. Back in the early 2000's, we were due to play Gillingham away in the FA cup, I was living in Manchester, I had been sent by work to Glasgow for the week. I got back into Manchester Piccadilly at 5pm on the Friday, after travelling most of the day on a slow train due to snow. On arrival in Manchester I phone Gillingham F.C. to see if there was any chance of the match being called off, explaining to the bloke i spoke to, about my shitty journey so far. i was assured that the game would be on, so i dashed home. picked up some clean clobber, dashed back to Piccadilly to get the train back to Sheffield, after another delayed journey, due to the weather I got to my parents home about 10pm. Got up Saturday morning and walked down Halifax Road to catch the Intercity owl to the game. We got all the way down to the last services on the M1, where we stopped for a break, 30 minutes later when we got back on the coach, we were told the game had been postponed. I was ******** livid!
  11. my trick is to take a spare bottle top in with me in case i get stopped!
  12. How about Simon Weaver from Harrogate, 7th in league 2 and he is an Owls fan (so i have heard). Only won one of the last 5 games though!
  13. I used to ball boy quite a bit, you just filled a form in and gave it to Steve. You normally got 2 reserve games and a first team game. The one match that stands out to me was a game against Swansea, i was not feeling well (MAN flu) and was going to call Steve, to say I couldn't make it. I did not want to let anyone down so went anyway. I got put behind the goal on the Leppings lane end. Those nice Swansea fans were spitting on me all match and hurling insults. think we won something like 4-0 Mick Lyons scored a header at the Lep end, came straight over to me, and gave me high five and gave the swans the RODS!
  14. That lino (assistant ref, my backside) got verbals from me when i walked to the bogs before haltime (sat on kop) He heard aswell, looked over at me in complete shock!
  15. I was sat in their main stand that day, just behind Emlyn Hughes (traveled from North Wales). he noticed i did not get excited when they scored, i just smiled at him!
  16. ifollow streams are supplied by the home team, hence the difference in quality week to week! I have not watched a game on ifollow for nearly 2 years, simply because of the number of cameras/streaming qualities etc.
  17. They should loan out there U23 players to lower league clubs , with no loan Fee and City picking up all the wages. That way the players will develop and struggling clubs will benefit!
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