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  1. It's not going to be much either. It’s important to stress at the outset that compensation is not due in lieu of the transfer fee that would be payable if the player were under contract. The compensation is of an entirely different nature and the player’s perceived ‘market value’ and transfer fee comparables are irrelevant. Instead, the compensation is payable solely to compensate the former club for its training and development of the player, the rationale being that clubs should be rewarded for bringing through talent and incentivised to continue doing so. https://level.law/news/determining-the-level-of-compensation-for-out-of-contract-football-players-2
  2. All depends - if our cut of a sale was £500k that's still £500k more than letting him go for free, plus we could put our own sell on clause in. If we let him go for free we haven't learnt anything from the past 20 years, nevermind couple of years imo.
  3. Just having a look at players in the last year of contracts at CB and CF. Could be tempted to cash in dem chips:- CB Lewis Gibson (22, Everton) - Here last year, know what he can do. Injuries though. Matthew Pennington (27, Shrewsbury) - Plenty of League 1 and Championship experience. 15th in interceptions last year in L1. Jack Fitzwater (24, Livingston) - In the top 10 for almost all the defensive stats last year in the Scottish Prem. Macaulay Gillesphey (26, Plymouth) - Top 10 in tackles and 14th in clearances last year. Jordan Thorniley (25, Blackpool) - Played here before, got promoted from L1 before. Can also play on the left if short. Michael Rose (26, Coventry) - Plenty of L1 and Championship level. Not played for Coventry yet this season. CF Luke Jephcott (22, Plymouth) - A goal every three games last year in L1. Paul Glatzel (21, Liverpool) - Involved in a goal every 3 games at Tranmere last year. They're prepared to loan him out again. Ryan Hardie (25, Plymouth) - A goal every two games last year, finished with 16.
  4. I'm going Stockdale again. We win 2-1, but Stockdale can't stop a 1 yarder being smashed in after he pulls off a quintuple save, all on the line. He also scores our two goals as well, both with his willy.
  5. If he'd have booted the ball upfield, ran into it himself and scored 3 times we wouldn't be worrying.
  6. I reckon a significant number of Wednesday fans still use VHS tapes, so I don't think we're ready for it no.
  7. The whole tournament has been so entertaining. Great to get games in Sheffield as well. Watching the men's game can feel like a chore sometimes (especially with Wednesday FFS). The whole tournament has been so entertaining, fun and positive. Made me remember why I love football so much.
  8. Millie Bright just said she told them to go out and be brave, don't worry about making mistakes. Can tell that's been a big problem with England (and Wednesday and all). Ian Wright is a legend as well.
  9. Loads of fans milling around and mingling, no fighting, no abuse. So refreshing.
  10. How can you not feel happy after listening Alex Scott and Chloe Kelly. My niece is football mad, she's been to two games and has loved it. I hope this really spurs her on to play more. Unreal England, so determined and full of skill. What a tournament.
  11. No quality in women's football. What a finish.
  12. Earps is class in net, claims everything.
  13. Stanway and White need to keep their heads. Can't get someone sent off here.
  14. Be interesting to see the replay. Weird VAR hasn't picked it up.
  15. Two dubious yellows. How did that not go in
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