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  1. Fair question - I'd be a d!ck and answer with my own question! Which teams are more successful, those where the fans are behind the team, or ones where everybody is panicking and slating them?
  2. Good points made @Kopparberg, and I fully agree. Said at the start of the week we need to be aiming for at least 3 points this week. Still got the opportunity for that. I'd rather take a loss and a win than 2 draws (got to win the game Saturday first like!) Set backs are going to hurt because of the points deduction, but we are still on track. Just got to rally for the weekend now.
  3. Helps us slow their attacking play down, just need to mark as we did there
  4. Of course you would - goes without saying, would at the start of the game
  5. Hope Patterson scores another and shoves it up Toney's arse
  6. Yeah agreed - would bring Dele on to try something different
  7. Great play Flint and Marriot there, come on just before HT
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