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  1. BPF - 6 - Didn't really have anything to do, can't really fault him for either goal. Palmer - 7.5 - Looked solid and made some great interceptions. Hutch - 8 - Always talking, and a great header. Puts his head where it hurts. Johnson - 7 - Poses a threat down the left from the CB position. Hunt - 8 - Great ball in for the goal. FDB - 6.5 - Wasn't at his best, but still made some rumbling runs. Gets in decent positions as well. Luongo - 10 - Ridiculous, won so much, intercepted so much, player some great passes, drove from the middle. Unreal performance. MoM. Bannan - 8 - Everywhere again, some decent passes, great composure. Needs so shooting boots! NML - 9 - A constant thorn in their side. Went in behind loads, their CB did not know how to deal with him. Great goal. Can take a corner too. Gregory - 7 - Could have had a couple on another day. Sets the tone with his closing down. I really like him. Sow - 8 - Great finish, showed some decent dribbling and closes down, which surprises me. Why has it taken so long to get him in the side? Windass - 8 - Great goal that settled the nerves and won us the game. Denis - N/A Paterson - N/A What a performance. Best of the season by far. We dominated from start to finish. Nothing really we could have done for either of their goals. We put them under constant pressure up top and from midfield so we just kept taking the ball off them. Luongo made a massive difference and I'm genuinely struggling to think of a better CM performance I've seen from a Wednesday player. Needs to stay fit if we want to make a push for promotion
  2. What a ball that is from Hunt. GET THE FECKERY IN F YOU PLYMOUTH AND GINSTERS
  3. What is happening? We look great. Luongo and NML controlling the game, NML looks a steal. Plymouth not had a sniff so far, best half of the season.
  4. There's been a few from West Ham - Oxford does play for Augsburg now though which isn't a bad standard. Dean Ashton - worked his way up from Crewe up to West Ham and then the England team. Looked a decent, old fashioned type centre forward, then broke his ankle at England training and retired at 26. Jack Collison - worked his was up to the West Ham 1st team, played over 100 games for them and capped by Wales. Dislocated his kneecap and retired in his mid-20s.
  5. I was trying to remember the name of him just the other day! Defenders would attack him with murderous rage on the videos.
  6. Remember he was on Soccer AM almost every week for walking through defences for Tranmere. Proper weird what's happened with him.
  7. Was it Napoli or somebody they got him from, and they kicked off after that goal about him basically being taken from them and totally undervalued? A year or two later he was turning out for Doncaster. Think he was valued just fine Lazio.
  8. Dunno why but was remembering Michael Johnson recently, the midfielder for Man City around the Sven era. Looked excellent and somebody who could have been a regular in the Premier League and England team. Then seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. He had mental health issues and retired at the age of 24. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/man-city-michael-johnson-news-21535314.amp Another player who fell off the earth was Michu. Was scoring for fun at Swansea in the Premier League and got called up to the Spain team. Then just vanished and ended up at an Austrian amateur team. Any others you remember?
  9. Fair, trying to shoehorn him in really, but he could play anywhere. Cafu, Lahm, Zanetti or Zambrotta could all have slotted in, just flipping love t'old Paulo.
  10. Like ANWTS put above, just in my lifetime:- Schmeichel Maldini Nesta Cannavaro R. Carlos Kante Iniesta Zidane Messi Ronaldo C.Ronaldo Subs:- Neuer Lahm Ramos Pirlo Ronaldinho Klose Henry
  11. Feel like he was one of the last of a dying breed of keeper back then. Big, chunky, great shot stopper, surprisingly agile, could smash a ball a mile but couldn't pass 5 yards. That keeper at Burnley who they called the beast was the same. Loved that header, just smashed everyone out of his way and nutted it in, surprised there wasn't more broken bones. And the cone assisted goal kicks
  12. Sodje was excellent when fit, proper man mountain who had a bit of pace too. Problem was his muscles were made out of cheese slices and was constantly injured. Remember Franck Songo'o being unreal for a game or two, so much so he flicked the ball over a player who then booted him into the stand in frustration and got sent off (QPR??). Kenwyne Jones as well, that 7 game stretch was ridiculous. Scored a volley from the edge of the area that he made look easy. Far too good for League 1.
  13. Turner. Lost more than he won, including 4 times in one season to Blackpool, and almost relegated us for our first ever time to the 4th division, missing out by 3 points.
  14. Graeme Lee just been appointed their manager. Great defender for us in L1 the first time. Remember him scoring a last minute goal v Bristol City after they had won something like 9 in a row.
  15. Back down to earth, conditions suit them. 1-2 Gregory for us.
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