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  1. What is more frustrating is for those ten minute spells we do play with a higher tempo, it is exciting. When we scored last Saturday we were exciting for a 10 minute spell. When we played AFC Wilmbledon we were exciting for short spells. The second home game of the season I think it was, we were really good for a 10 minute spell. Yet the manager chooses to stifle this, by being far too conservative. We can see from these spells we have the players to really go for teams and dominate. It is his trepidation at the start of most games stopping is from playing like this for longer periods of the game. He won't get a position at a club like ours again, yet instead of taking the opportunity with both hands and setting us up to go for it, he is sat driving a Ferrari at 20mph.
  2. Because the signings we have made as ever are not better than what we already have.
  3. Why doesn't Moore consider playing BPF at left cb and put Wildsmith in goal. BPF better on ball than Dunkley too.
  4. Surely Darren it would make more sense to revert close to the back four that was keeping clean sheets. Hunt Iorfa Hutch/Dunkley Palmer. Clown.
  5. Carlos first season was very disjointed like this season, until we signed BB, Pudil and FF. Luongo/Byers, Windass and a new left back come have same effect hopefully.
  6. Moore had last season and pre season to work out what we all know with regards to Dunkley and Iorfa. The fact he signed 14 players and only Gibson was a CB is baffling, as well as all those wingers just to play full backs out wide. All clear evidence he does not have a clue what he is doing. 29% win ratio. People on OT love a stat well what about that one
  7. You know times are tough when the coaches at Cheltenham Town are bating you.
  8. Passing out from the back under Moore just involves GK passing to CB, who panics and passes back to GK to launch or they give away. You would think if he wants to play this way he would have identified last season that Iorfa and Dunkley are not able to play with the ball at their feet in this manner and go about signing CBs that could. There is no composure on the ball from any of the team. He has his detractors but the one player in our team who can be trusted with the ball is Bannan. Darren Moore SWFC - is literally instead of GK just kicking it, they pass to Che Dunkley or Iorfa to kick it. We deserve a lot better!
  9. Moore win rate of 29% is all anyone needs to know about his methods. Does not surprise me about the laid back attitude to training and time keeping with the amount of goals we concede late on and sluggish first 45 mins. It is very annoying that we have gone through an array of stubborn managers set in their ways. Is it too much to ask for a more forward thinking and flexible manager.
  10. 10th best in League 1. Let's get the champers out shall we Dunkley is mediocre at everything. I don't need stats to tell me anything different. The only thing he is good at is self promotion on social media.
  11. He may win them, but not convincingly imo. They never go very far out of danger. Stats can be misleading.
  12. Moore has a lower win rate than Jos Luhukay. Let that settle in.
  13. It’s not just that Dunkley is bad on the ball he is so so slow!!!!!! He moves like a snail. The guy is useless. He’s not even that great in the air which many say is his best quality. Surely we have to consider recalling Brennan?
  14. Not denying that but Dunkley is one of the worst CBS I’ve seen play for post Prem days, including Maddix and Westwood!!
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