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  1. I remember the exact moment we signed Barry Bannan. Very similar circumstances to this Byers signing. When Bannan signed we had McGugan, Lee, Lopez and Hutchinson already at the club and 95% of us wondered why we had signed a new CM. Same with Byers. Let's hope history repeats itself and Byers has a similar impact to Bannan or even a near impact as Bannan and we will be laughing.
  2. I don't think the striker we are after will be any of the strikers some are speculating about. The wolves lad came out the blue as did a few other signings. I suspect the striker we sign will be a good one and will be a surprise to most. We will start the season with Patterson and Kamberi for now. We may wait right till deadline to ensure we get the best striker possible. Realistically with Johnson signing for more cover down the left, we only need 2 now. CB and Striker.
  3. Patterson has managed to look below average vs two non league sides. He has nothing to his game as a striker. Windass is a second striker. I pray we are after a striker.
  4. I am liking what Moore is trying to do. We have some pace now in the team and some youthful legs which was needed. For me we have 3 senior players who need shifting out this club and replaced by younger, hungrier more talented players. Dunkley, Patterson and Borner. All to slow and ultimately poor footballers.
  5. Bola has been excellent in both games. Composed, reliable and looks a great athlete. He has played the role when he has come on a lot better than Borner.
  6. Could do with trying to offload Patterson, he offers very little but I bet he is on decent enough wages. We could then look to replace him with an actual striker.
  7. I wish I had first half but second half has me a little more upbeat about the season ahead. I have heard very good things about Shodipo too, so it looks like Moore has an eye for a player.
  8. Even when Borner did want to be here, he played like he did today on many occasions. Just giving so many silly fouls away. He is awful. As someone said above, Bola looked miles better.
  9. For me this game was a game of two halves. First half it was the same slow, tepid Wednesday of last season. Predictable everything into Bannan football. Patterson offering nothing upfront and just general meh performance. Second half we had umph. We had mobility, pace and directness. We mixed our play up and to be honest it was very refreshing to watch. Clearly Patterson is not a striker and the lad who scored made a huge difference with is ability to play the role and be dangerous (as a striker should be). He can go either way and looks to get in behind and stretch the play. Hunt came on and really reminded us he is still here. Borner was horrendous. He gave 4 erratic fouls away in the space of 5 mins. Do we really need to put up with him for another season. The lad on trial was miles better and assured. (Who was he, surely need to sign). Looked like a composed Reda. I would sack all the dead wood off now like Borner and Patterson and play the younger lads. Moore has a tough call with Bannan as for Hunt to develop, Bannan cannot be in his way. If Hunt can keep that up it may be time to look to save BB wages and sell him. I am a massive fan of Bannan but he really does make us a predictable outfit. I think Hunt can step up now. It's now or never. He is our future. So the point, trust the kids. You cannot win anything with kids you say..... You won't win anything with donkeys like Borner and Patterson blocking their route to the first team. You will get relegated as we saw. Great second half and the new lad Adrenian massive improvement on JP. UTO
  10. So last week we had the news players about to hand notice in and this week it’s Borner leaving on a free. Doesn’t take Ted Hastings to work out what went on there IMO.
  11. Assuming he is being paid then. Even if he was, I am sure he would be able to get a job before the season starts at another club and get out at what appears to be the Titanic. He has come out and done some social media speaking about next season, looking fairly relaxed. Think there is more to this than meets the eyes. I am not flapping like the majority on here until he leaves, then I will worry.
  12. If all we are reading and hearing is true there is no point for Moore to stay on is there. Tbh the fact that Moore is still here gives me hope it is not as bad as it seems. When Bury, Macclesfield and others were going to the wall, they did have managers and players coming out and slagging the owners off. Remember Campbell doing it at Macclesfield and remember Bury had loads of players on Talk Sport talking about the situation and not being paid. Why are our players not doing the same? Why is Moore still here? Why have no ex players come out and spoke about it? It seems that those within the actual club do appear to have some sort of respect for the chairman. I asked this earlier in the week, why does BB sign a new deal. It is not PR! All very strange, half glass full says there must be stuff going on in background to resolve this, otherwise we would be having more drama such as the manager leaving, players speaking out if it was quite as bad as some fear.
  13. Serious Question. Why hasn't Darren Moore left already? What is he waiting for?
  14. He’s very limited that is all I’m saying. He’s played well when his physical attributes have shone but technically he’s very poor and for me that will never improve and rules him out of ever being a premier league player
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