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  1. None of the three of them can get us quickly up the pitch.
  2. So you think at Exeter City in League 2 and in the space of 12 months Dawson will all of a sudden be able to distribute balls to full backs, take the ball under pressure? A lot of that is natural ability that he hasn't got. Dawson had a good season at League 2 level as keepers at that level are not expected to be sweepers. Most of the bottom half of this league he will be fine too. It was no surprise he did very well in league 2. As soon as he is expected to use his feet more is where I think his limitations will become obvious. I saw him play a few times last season and he was slicing balls as usual, it is his issue imo.
  3. Agree. Dawson is an excellent shot stopper. This is the area when his confidence dropped he let silly goals in he would normally save. I just don't see why some people think a stint in League 2 means Dawsons issues with the ball at his feet will become void.
  4. Too small. Move on. If you are as small as Hunt you need to be Messi like.
  5. Similar. Dawson is what 26/27? He is not 16. If he had no technique and little composure with a football its unlikely he ever will have.
  6. Can defo improve but can a slow player go out on loan and become rapid?
  7. Seems a huge wave of support on twitter for Dawson to become number 1. Are we all ignoring that Dawson cannot kick a ball?
  8. In that Bannan and Byers social media thing they kept referencing he is always late, so maybe something to do with this. Surely can't have been a footballing decision. Most of us would have had him on the bench that game at the very least.
  9. I cannot see a definitive quote from Moore or a question ever asked. Obviously, has got forgotten about a little bit due to the huge disappointment and hangover of the latest playoff defeat. Why on earth was he not on the bench instead of Kamberi? We had Patterson and Berahino on the bench but no real cover for the midfield three. FDB only started at MK and got MOM weeks before, going from that to not even in the squad? Byers Bannan and Luongo all looking leggy did not help the fact that an obvious young CM with an engine to get us up the pitch was not even on the bench? Hopefully he was injured because if it was a tactical decision it's up there with FF at left wing back and no strikers at Millwall.
  10. Like many if Moore went I wouldn't be too bothered, if he stayed I would also be fairly happy for now. The biggest shame would be that we look to have stability now and a manager the players trust. The club does need some consistency in the managerial department to help aid the consistency around the whole club and be a springboard. Then again we could also end up with a better manager if he leaves who gets the team into a cohesive shape quicker than Moore did last season and whose tactics don't keep coming into question.
  11. It's mad the locals tweeting we need to offer him a new deal - it's almost as if they have forgot our history of offering contracts on high salaries for no reason and to no avail. Gregory was a good signing whose turned into a great one. He is 34 at the start of next season - why on earth do we need to offer him a new deal. He is our player and in contract. If he plays well again this season then let's see. Was surprised the local journalists advocating jus freely offering him more money (at his age and in contract) when we have only just come out of an embargo.
  12. And not the FFP and Chairman.....it's because we signed committed experienced players.
  13. Kind of like Patterson just without the conviction. Bannan verbally slapped a fan on twitter today..... some of our fans can be quite annoying
  14. Think that may have been game I watched but also saw some snippets on class of 92 - seems a level headed player, still young and defo has ability and pace.
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