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  1. Shaw is so over hyped. He won’t do anything once he leaves us. Slow and cumbersome players never do.
  2. Reach having a haircut was up there this evening and I’ve heard he’s donated it to Izzy Brown to help his receader.
  3. It’s a shame players like Lees, Bannan and Westwood are going to end their time with us like this. Lees made a mistake today yes but has arguably been our best player this season. Bannan is head and shoulders above anyone in our squad and Westwood has been a terrific signing whose only fault is the club can’t replace him. It’s a shame these three get lumped into the overlaid and don’t care bracket. They may all be over paid but they certainly care. I can’t fault their application. It’s as we know the replacements of the players they once called their team mates that
  4. If only we had saved money on appointing three different coaching set ups we may have been able to afford a striker! The money wasted on there different setups and yet we have played a right back upfront for the majority of the season. Kind of ironic don’t you think.
  5. Most probably the same guy who thought with 7 cup finals left he’d play Wildsmith over Westwood. It’s a common theme this season. Manager errors on a consistent basis proving to be our downfall. Having said that, we are playing better as a team under Moore that’s clear so that’s the positive. Looking like not appointing him straight away and the disastrous 10 game Pulis era sealed our fate.
  6. Tbh if we go down to league 1 perhaps Monk was a visionary as a lot of the players he signed will be decent in league 1
  7. Bannan like the rest of us just sick to death of Wildsmith and his clangers
  8. As soon as I saw Wildsmith was playing I knew we would lose, especially with Westwood back and fully fit. Cardiff was probably to soon for Westwood even though he was on the bench. Getting increasingly sick of managers constantly not playing the best players. Westwood vs Wildsmith isn’t even a debate. Wildsmith is garbage and always has been. He’s wooden. Sticks to his line and looks far to laid back to be a keeper. Westwood is 10 years older and far more alert still!
  9. I was being sincere. I was genuinely wondering how Hunt managed to leave seeing as I do agree the Chairman has stopped so many other leaving. chill
  10. Dunkley is no where near as good as any of other CBs. Tbh I would have Van Aken ahead of Dunkley too, which is saying something as I do not rate Van Aken whatsoever. Seems that being a little vocal on Twitter has helped Dunkley cloud peoples judgement on him. He will be okay in League 1. At this level he’s not a starter. Lees and Urgohide even Borner are all streets ahead.
  11. The most random aspect of this not allowing any players to leave was Jack Hunt managed to escape the regime. We need to track Jack down for Darren Moore , so we can get the secret on how he managed to leave. That way Moore might be able to do some revamping of the squad.
  12. Let’s hope he’s not running against Izzys Corners otherwise both may not make it out the traps!
  13. Good Afternoon OT, David Jones also stated he didn’t agree with Jos and Monk isolating experienced players and confirmed there was no falling out between Westwood, Hutchison and Jos. Assumed same for Monk. He later went on to say when he is a manager he will never isolate experienced players as it’s cutting your nose off despite your face. Couldn’t agree more David Jones.
  14. Exactly. Rhodes is a better player this. He is still a pretty basic striker but he has added to his game. I remember Thompson saying that too and his endeavour and determination has improved this season. What always saved Rhodes in terms of his undeniable and unwavering fan club was he would have the odd game where he scored 3 at Forest or a goal here and there. Then he would have a run of three or four games where he contributed absolutely nothing, and it would be everyone’s fault bar Jordan and his ability or application. He’s had chances it’s a myth that he hasn’t.
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