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  1. Bobby robson ‘nice manager’ I remember when he told Craig Bellamy he’d squash him like an ant
  2. Absolute cry baby Bruce. Take your millions and get over it
  3. Meh who the f*ck knows what the problem is anymore. The players are sh*t The manager is sh*t What do you even do at this point
  4. Leave tonight Moore, and take your shoddy coaching staff with you
  5. Only a win will be good enough tonight. We are already drifting behind the top 4/5
  6. You can’t suggest keeping a manager just because you don’t like chopping and changing The manager has to earn that right himself It’s becoming more and more obvious that Moore doesn’t really have much of a clue Are we expecting this to suddenly click under his guidance? When has that ever happened? The players are all of a sudden going to understand what is required of them in the formation and system he implements? It’s incredibly wishful thinking
  7. Forget about top 2. It’s not even worth a conversation Play offs would be a huge achievement this season
  8. Another loss for United. Incredible how they keep coming out in support of the useless Ole. All because he scored a champions league winner 20 years ago I would be beyond fuming as a fan
  9. I think they’ll come good in time, but I don’t think the owners will have an easy first 1-2 years
  10. We would have gone down under any manager last season
  11. Don’t start Dunkley, and don’t start Hutch in midfield The rest im literally not bothered about as it’s a flip of a coin on how we do
  12. Wouldn’t be surprised. The man loves the PL. I doubt he’s really in Rome out of choice
  13. You need to stop with these white knight posts after your Moore out tirade after Plymouth. The truth comes out when you’re drunk as they say
  14. Ban the idiot above. regarding the Twitter stuff, it’s always the tosspots with no profile picture. I wonder what their employers would think if they were saying it with chest under a real profile. That’s if they even have a job to begin with Mental health issues, depression. They’ve got the lot
  15. I definitely agree with the last sentence But my point was we play with wing backs. I guess what we could have done is play a flat back 4 with the full backs staying in position, but then have a look at the bench from Tuesday night, there’s not much there and the half decent ones are all wingers so if you take mount off for say a Sancho or Saka, you leave Rice stranded in the middle where he would have got ran through Henderson for Sterling made sense as it meant Henderson dropped back into midfield (into Fodens place), and foden took sterling’s spot on RW/ right sided forward I don’t know what else could have been done the other night tactically. The players just had a crap off day
  16. I remember that era *shudders* didn’t we not score a goal for like 7/8 games in a row?
  17. Everything crossed for him. Can’t imagine the fear receiving that news especially at such a young age
  18. But the wing backs aren’t the problem so you can’t exactly haul them off
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