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  1. Wouldn’t pay him another seconds thoughts tbh
  2. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLw2d29D/?k=1 Watch this everyone, and ignore the fact it’s from tiktok. A great story into his career. Mourinho called him the next John Terry. But then began to struggle with chondral effect. Retired at 21, fought back and had a tremendous career Top bloke and top pro
  3. My dads Wednesday. I’m from down south. He apologies to me all the time for it
  4. It’s been a pleasure can mean a few thing and not necessarily that one’s leaving
  5. Every team does it under certain circumstances, I’d get over it
  6. Would have gone up with him this year. Would have added another 5-10 points on the tally
  7. Because if we’re talking about atmosphere affecting the players, why didn’t we see them thrive at 1-0 when all the phone lights were ringing around hillsborough accompanied by “we’re on our way” ?
  8. Nope, poor excuse. I hate this blaming of the atmosphere if we don’t win
  9. Big fan of Luongo but he’s definitely lost a yard of sharpness these days
  10. Wycombe will go up I reckon. Sunderland have bottled the play offs 7 times haven’t they
  11. I’m honestly a bit lost, because not one point over 180 mins did I think we were up for it, even when we scored. Sunderland were first to everything the entire leg
  12. You thought we gave it a good go tonight?
  13. It felt like us in the championship. this season we’ve been playing it on the deck, creating a host of chances against nearly every team in this league. I just don’t really understand how we seemed to be so easily outfought across the pitch
  14. It’s not a god given right, but they were easily more competitive than us across both legs. So I was asking, what went wrong
  15. Wasn’t even, they won, and were better than us across the pitch. They were one yard quicker, had more fight, more care with the ball & overall more quality
  16. Did the players not want it enough, or did Moore tactically get it wrong these play offs. Combination of both? Because Sunderland finished below us yet man to man were easily better than us over both legs
  17. Not the man I’m convinced of it
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