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  1. You could very well be correct, Sham. I seem to remember that the International gk's jersey was yellow. Having said that, second strips were very rarely seen. Home and away, we usually played in Blue & White stripes! happy days.
  2. Never heard such bullshit in my life! Director of Football Manager Head Coach Sports Director.... A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME. Too many chiefs, not enough Indians. We , have an OWNER. who because of legal technicalities is the Chairman or Boss. Under him, we have someone in charge of the Marketing side We have a head groundsman (or should/will have) All we need after that is someone in charge of the footballing side . This should be the man who has overall control of ALL football matters including which players are given contracts, which ones are bought, which sold,how the team is set up, how it plays, who is paid what, how many coaches he wants/needs, and all this within the parameters of a budget from the Chairman Call this chap whatever you like, he should be the one who directs the way we play, who plays, who stays, who goes, but of necessity within the boundaries laid down by the Owner, who's money he is playing with. He should have ONE boss- the Owner.
  3. Can anyone honestly say 'We want GVB' or 'We want XYZ' ? It should have been apparent by now that DC plays his cards close to his chest. This is shown by the number of sudden announcements that come from the club.Very few are speculative, most are definite in that they are not so much statements from the club as announcements, and I don't think any of us can really say what way DC's mind works. Having said that, for us to speculate that, as in the GVB affair, the manager plays a specific type of football , surely any manager looks at the staff he has at his disposal, and adjusts HIS style according to the way they play. To me the sign of a good manager is one who gets the best out of the players he's got. Not having seen Feeynord play, I can only go on the results as we see them, and with a win% of over 60, this is not something to be sneezed at. Also, his contract finished in May 2019 so he is a free Agent, something that seems to suit DC's ethics.
  4. My own opinion, FWIW Look closely at the time line.first. Benitez is unsatisfied with the policy of transfers and spending at Newcastle and so - leaves Afterwards, an none of us know the time difference, Ashley approaches Chansiri with 'May I speak to your Manager?' Bruce is linked with Newcastle Despite a supposedly lower offer, Bruce decides to take Newcastle job Nothing untoward that. Bruce has the choice of either a) managing an allegedly struggling Premiership side, with relegation worries, or b) a posslbly promising Championship side with hopes of promotion. The fact that Newcastle are his boyhood club is immaterial. Much as we may not like the move, the timing, or what, it is HIS future that he must consider.. The result goes gainst us
  5. Noticed a certain No.17 who scored one, laid on a perfect ball for Bannan to either score or cut back for one of the others to score, and caused quite a bit of chaos in their defence! And looked quite sharp too.
  6. Why not go back to the old days. Goalies had, by FA rules, to wear green, with a change of strip to yellow when we played such teams as Plymouth Argyle, who's strip was green.
  7. Unfortunately, we shall have to spoil the effect on the sleeves by adding the EFL logo, won't we? Anyway, comment, Mi'Lord?
  8. How do we think that the Managers-at-the-time were were completely without input in any of these transfers? I just cannot believe that men like Carlos, Jos and Bruce would simply stand by and accept any transfer either in or out without having some say in the what are these days extended negotiations. With the 'transfer' of Bruce to Newcastle, Chansiri has shown that he is no mean negotiator.When it comes to the affair of Joao, I can appreciate his spurts of brilliance, this is what they are - spurts. The words consistency and Joao are far from being spoken in the same breath. However, I return to my thinking of many years - if a player asks for a transfer, he is unhappy with something or someone at the club. If, after initial talks, he still feels this way, then his heart is not in the club and he should be sold! In the present circumstances, I would hold fireon this deal, concentrate on the Managerial position , then see if a new Manager wants to keep him. Unfortunately, time is of the essence.. The position can at least be covered with the staff we have got.
  9. Wherever he goes, his new Manager will have to work to get a full shift out of him, something nobody at S6 has been able to do.. He has got to 'man-up' for whoever he plays for.
  10. only Personally, I find it difficult to find blame , and hence hatred, in any of the parts of this deal. As far as I can see, everyone has acted in accordance with strict business practice. From what I can ascertain, Ashley and Benitez partedon what might be termed 'normal, everyday football 'practice.Manager and owner disagree and decide to part Owner then has to find new manager. -'Ah, there's a chap at SW who fits the bill, and he's a Newcastle supporter to boot'. Owner then approaches Wed, and asks, 'Do you mind if I speak to your Manager with a view to poaching him?. Presumably, DC answers 'No, Go ahead, but if he agrees, I shall want £x million in compensation.'. Ashley than approaches Bruce and makes him an offer. Bruce asks for the weekend to think it over. He then decides that the grass is greener on the other side. This is a scenario played out in a lot of clubs in Football. We may not like it, but its a fact of football life. The way I see it is that we have only two courses of action According to reports, Bruce (and his cohorts) has resigned,. This means that Chansiri can hold out for as much compensation as he can get, and, meanwhile, we scout for and approach someone to replace Bruce, someone with BETTER credentials, because whateverwe tghink, Bruce was not the be-all and end all.
  11. Don't forget that, immediately on Jos's departure, it was Bullen, not Bruce, who steadied the ship.
  12. When you oil this down to the bare bones, only TWO people come out of it with any distinction - the TWO Chairmen Look at it from Chansiri's pov -He has a Manager, whom he appointed, allowed leave of absence at a crucial time before he started. and has had the guts to allow N'castle to speak to man in the SW Manager's Chair He then reportedly says that they may have the Man they want provided they stick to the agreement and pay the required compensation. Look at it from Ashley's pov. He has identified the man he wants. He has gone through the. proper channels,speaks to the man (I presume). So far so good. Ashley then makes an offer to Wednesday about compensation which Wednesday refuse. THIS IS NORMAL PRACTICE IN THE FOOTBALL WORLD. Both Chairmen come out of this, having done exactly what is expected of them. The ball is now firmly in Steve Bruce's court.. Does he stay at S6 or does he go to his so-called beloved Newcastle Credit goes IMO to both Chairmen. First to Chansiri for refusing to budge -pay up or else the deal is off. Credit must also go to Ashley who has followed the rules. The fact that he is reported to have offered Bruce a 'mere' One million Pounds/ year is to be applauded, not because of the people involved, but because a Chairman has AT LONG LAST decided that Managers are paid far too much money. Well done Ashley.!
  13. Chansiri himself has claimed he has more of HIS OWN money which he would love to spend, but is prevented from spending due to P&S/FFP. I don't think anyone thinks he is skint. IMO DC is probably, like many Wednesdayites, smarting at the complete lack of honour in people like Ashley and Bruce. He has bent over backwards to accommodate a money-grabbing traitor in allowing him such leniency such as not starting his contract at the correct date, allowing him holiday at a vital time, allowing him to speak to a club who are intent of tempting him away. Hope DC has already been approaching his replacement, whoever he chooses, and that he wrings every pound out of Ashley that he can. If necessary, take them to court for breech of contract or whatever. As for Bruce, until he makes his mind up, and it appears that he has, he should be kept away from anything to do with the first team.If he's still available, put Bullen in charge.
  14. Got to be honest. My view of the whole affair is quite simple. it's the same as any of the players expressing a desire to go elsewhere -Put them on the Transfer List, whoever they may be, and ensure they have no contact with the first team in any form whatsoever. If a person is considering he can get a better deal elsewhere, good luck to him, but don't stand in his way.. However, if he is considering leaving, simply considering, he has not got Wednesday in his heart. Come on Mr Chansiri, grow a pair, and hand him an envelope - containing his P45.
  15. Treat him as we should do any player who asks to speak to another club - Transfer List him, remove him from the first team, and get rid!!!!!!!11 If he even thinks the grass may be greener, he cannot be 100% Wednesday, so off.
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