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  1. Buxtongent

    Reach song

    If that's what being a modern day Wednesdayite is all about, I can only say how pleased I am that I'm reaching the end of my days. And we have the nerve to complain about the 'crush' before the game.
  2. Buxtongent

    To the Jos out brigade

    With a set of wining supporters such as this, which manager would want to take over Wednesday I certainly wouldn't. A number of relevant points - There was a difference of 14 positions between the teams. There team 'in form' were playing at home. The team playing away had the record of being the only side NOT to have kept a clean sheet all season. Anyone going to a local derby anywhere, on a Fri Night, and expecting to see attractive football must be crazy. Yes, IMHO the game was rather dour, but how many times have we had the same played on us? We seem to have it engraved on our hearts that United are crap. This is not so, gentlemen.Don't let your bias show. We are never going to go out and win every game by 4 clear goals. Against a forward line such as Utd's , to grind out a draw was not a badresult. Were a forwardline to goall out attack, its defence would have been overwhelmed.
  3. Forgive me if my fcats are a little out , but- Following Wilders comments (sounded to me more like many Owlstalk posters), I have a couple of questions-1/ Where did his forward substitute, one of his best marksmen /scorers, come from - a certain Leon Clarke ? and ,2/ Doesn't United now have a rather wealthy Arab owner?
  4. Buxtongent

    Fake crowd sounds on sky

    SKY's match coverage at any sport is CRAP. The amount of 'crowd noise' is always greatly enhanced.and their commentators biased.
  5. We talk as though we lost against a crap team. Has anyone looked at the League Table recently.? Look at the facts. We were playing against the club lying third in the Championship, and some 15 points higher than us, on their turf, with their support at its best. We were prior to the game the only club to have failed to keep a clean sheet. Who but either an idiot or a Wednesdayite would have forecast anything but a win for Utd,yet we come away with our first clean sheet, having saved a penalty, AND STILL WE MOAN!
  6. Buxtongent

    Jo's fans?

    By all means sack Jo's, But at the same time, to be absolutely fair, you also have to sack :- Dawson, Palmer, Baker, Penney, Fox, Pudil, Bannan , Reach, Nuhiu, Joao, and a few more who are the ones who,ve lost us the points where it matters - ON THE PITCH.
  7. Buxtongent

    He’d be worth a fortune now

    Does this thread show the problem with a large majority of Wednesdayites? I was always a lover of Carlton Palmer, and defended his style of football against many detractors, but CP was in the PAST. I have many favourites over my many years of watching the Owls, but football today is a different game. We should concentrate on the players we have now.I feel that far too many of us live in a distant past that, in all fairness, was not as good as we may believe. Let us start looking forward not backward.
  8. How parochial can we get? I wouldn't care if our star man was United born, bred and educated, and couldn't stand the Wednesday fans, provided that, when he ran onto the pitch he played his heart out for us! I'm not interested in his upbringing or anything about his past. I wouldn't care if the fans hated his guts, or if he even refused to acknowledge the fans very existence, provided he was winning matches for us. Look at the Man.City's, Man Utd's, Liverpool's, Chelsea's of this land and without the help of Television, pronounce the names of the players in the team. Yes, it would be great to see eleven Yorkshire/Derbyshire lads, let alone eleven Englishmen in the team. All I want is for there to be 11 men out there trying their hearts out for Wednesday, even if it's for the money!
  9. Buxtongent

    Chansiri kicking off

    So. What are our plans for playing in Div 1 next year?
  10. Buxtongent

    Chansiri kicking off

    Surely, this has been made clear. All the business with P&S, and the possibility of fines and points deductions earlier this year were not something made up for the press.. I must admit I'm beginning to feel very sorry for Mr.C.. To my way of looking at things, he has faced the fans numerous times, has answered any questions put to him in a correct manner, maybe not to the fans liking, but truthful, he even faced the fans on Sat which I thought extremely brave. . and answered mst questions put in a proper manner.. We fans tend to think that Wednesday is our club and there is only ourselves who know how it should be run.Don't forget that we may have invested thousands in watching the club, but Chansiri has invested Millions. He has stated his desire to invest more, but is unable to do so by FIFA . And don't you think that he is hurting after seeing the last fortnight's performances? And don't forget it is only a fortnight ago we were lying in SIXTH position. By all means criticise the Chairman, the Manager, the Players, even the Gate man if you want. It is your right as paying customers, BUT, and it is a big BUT, do so without abuse. Anger yes, abuse never.
  11. Buxtongent

    Adam reach

    This idea of 'sell yur bestplayer because of FFP ' is idiotc. At present, the only candidate for 'best player in the club' and we want to sell him? If necessary, take our points deduction, drop into L1 (not necessarily a done thing) and rebuild a team that looks full of talent but woefully short of passion and belief in themselves. Having watched the extended highlights of Sat, two men stood out , and for different reasons - Reach , for his total commitment and ever present treat, and Oomygod, who was certainly Norwich's best player.Shame he was supposed to be playiing for us.
  12. How time can alter things. With virtually the same personnel, last season we were measuring how man hours we had played without a shot on goal.
  13. Buxtongent

    We are also guilty.

    Excellent post. I don't think anyone is blaming the fans ENTIRELY for the state we are in, since they are the ones who pay ever week , BUT one thing is certain.It does not help the players to be continuously belittled and criticised by the fans. In this respect, the fans must carry some of the blame One of the main contributions to this is social media. It is far too easy to type abuse, and there is always much of that on here. We are all to blame for this.It is easy to grumble at our side allowing the club to drop from 6th to 15th place in the space of 2 weeks. It is not easy or pleasant to watch, but our own over-reacting does NOT help the situation. In a league such as the Championship, it is very competitive, and the slightest blip in form has dramatic results. And don't forget - this league is not being played on a level field as regards finance. The parachute payments have made things very unequal. We are apparently in dire straits, but a couple of wins, flukey or otherwise, can alter the position tremendously.
  14. Buxtongent


    Thought it was a Football Stadium, not a pub/cafe?. Having said that, the football being played is from the opposition.
  15. Buxtongent

    Press conference live now

    Of all the older players, most of whom have carried long time injuries , can anyone say with all honesty that any of them with possibly the exception of Westwood are any better than the ones playing? Hutchinson, whilst a good player, is always an accident waiting to happen if we follow his record, either with injuries or his disciplinary record. Abdi has proved to be an injury room regular, more injured than available. Boyd's form, when playing , has been only so-so. Matias seems to be a mystery, certainly not certain of a place. The enigma is Westwood.Injured and out of form, or certainly not match-fit at the start of the season, is he brought back immediately to replace a young relatively inexperienced Keeper who has not let the side down (mistakes have been made by defenders more than any other) This is a decision that only someone CLOSELY involved with the everyday work done by the players involved can make - whether we like it or not.