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  1. Buxtongent

    John Marquis

    Two positives for him - he can win headers in the box, And he can use BOTH feet. Looks to me like a fair replacement for Hooper.
  2. Still cannot understand the appointment of a manager who does not take over IMMEDIATELY. If S. Brucecannot do this, I question his suitability for the job.
  3. At last someone who agrees with me. For many, many years I have comlained abut throw ins. Whenever we get a ti the thrower has to wait for our players to stroll into a position, giving the opposition to retreat, or set up. The idea of a quick throw in is a concept completely alien to SW.AND HAS BEEN FOR DONKEY'S YEARS (50+to my knowledge) Similarly the clearances from GK Westwood tried this in his early time with us and it failed because our players seem to switch off and there is no-one to throw or kick to. Likewise with passing. We seem to need to kick the ball to our players' feet, where there is a time for them to try and control the ball, then think what to do with it. This might be ok if we didn't a) kick the ball straight back or b)fail to control the ball first time, but thinking first is a no no. None of our players seems comfortable with the ball at their feet. I well remember Albert Quixall, who never went anywhere without a football at his feet , juggling it as he went. Our players seem to want time to think. Thinking ahead is anathema to them. Precisely the same thing happens when our opponents have a man sent off. It's as if we don't know what to do with a spare man except for him to get in his teammates way.
  4. Good as he is, FF would be one of he first to go. What has been his contribution this season.? Injury or no, if he is not on the feld his use to us is zero.
  5. Certainly not if we were to to keep the Coaching staff!!!!
  6. One point I would like to make about all this is that I cannot understand why we have a change of management and delay the services of the Boss, but still bring in his understudies. Seems peculiar to me.
  7. Buxtongent

    Agnew on recruitment

    Why do we have to keep signing players when we have so much talent on the books? We have successful U18 & U23 squads. The time has come to get some of these playing a part in the First team, and please, please do not play the 'they're too young, or too inexperienced' card. Liverpool, a team vying with Premiership hopes, brought on a replacemen for a major player after about 25 mins against Wolves. The lad was not yet SEVENTEEN years old, and played like a veteran, while one of their 'names', an English international, played worse than some of our much maligned backs. Not only has our new Manager, who will have to carry any can for lack of performance, and has not even put his foot through the door, not had time to assess his FIRST team, let alone his youth sides, had time to scout for players to improve his hand, we are wanting to defy FFP. Would that our fans who want to buy and sell like Market traders came up with the wherewithal to do such spending. As for the mess of FFP, we hear a lot about the financial plight of Bolton, but little about our own. Are we better at concealing our plight?
  8. Buxtongent

    Agnew on recruitment

    Be surprised if there is much movement in the Jan transfer window. It is barely a month since we sacked our last manager, and our new manager was mooted. Since then, he hasn't been fully involved with the club himself, and am sure that, knowing his reputation as being his own man, any sale/buy would need his agreement. He has not had time to make his mind up for himself which of the current staff he wants and which he wants to keep, and more importantly, who he wants as replacement.
  9. Buxtongent


    We did. When we (the club) thought that Rhodes, who was a major must have for many clubs at the time, was unavailable, we pounced and bought a relatively unknown, who was slamming them in for fun at our neighbours, Barnsley, playing in the Championship. Then suddenly Rhodes becomes available. THAT was the time the decision should have been made - do we go with a relatively unknown scorer, and stick to our first buy, or do we make the decision to buy the proven striker, despite his age , price and current form. I honestly believe that the decision to buy Winnall was CORRECT AT THE TIME, but should we have stuck by him and forgotten Rhodes? I honestly did not know at the time, and I don't think that CC did either. Hence the 'between two sticks' situation. Given the time that has elapsed since, I believe we should now persevere with Winnall, who was never given the chance to play HIS type of football. BUT it's easy to be wise after the event.
  10. Buxtongent

    Mr Chansiri

    Agree that this sort of thing is the sort of thing that needs more good publicity. The main things which seem to get aired now are the moans and groans of the fans., who are never satisfied. This appears to me to be a case of a chap and his son happen to be passing the entrance when Chansiri comes out. I don't doubt tat he is a busy man, but he takes the time to fetch the lad a shirt, and stands while the lad has his picture taken with it. A simple act of courtesy and also good publicity. . Good Job done. The ensuing stir when the lad's Dad posts the twitter is unbelievable. Mention the name Chansiri in the presence of many Wednesdayites, and that's another stick to beat the chap with. Chansiri must have a real love of Wednesday, because, were it myself who was on the receiving end, I would have upped sticks and left, without giving a second thought to SWFC.
  11. Buxtongent

    Wednesday vs Non-League Posh 1960

    If he'd been like any of our family - male line - he'd have shrugged and said something on the line of 'plenty of time to watch end of match'. Neither my Dad nor I have ever come out before the final whistle. Have felt like it many times, but NEVER done it.
  12. Buxtongent

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Unfortunately, if he comes, he'll not help us to beat Chelsea, or even Luton. He's cup-tied isn't he.
  13. Buxtongent

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Stranger things have happened. Don't forget a certain young lad who 'cut his teeth' at Hillsborough a certain Ross Barkley.
  14. Buxtongent

    FA Cup replays

    Let them keep their broadcasting to themselves. Look what happens when the Broadcaster take over - Wed - Utd derby now on a Monday Evening. Stuff TV Convenience should be given to those that want to attend the match, with broadcasting by TV being done live at the proper time. And for anyone who says they can't attend, use the club website to keep up to date, or purchase ifollow! I am one who would much prefer to go, but ave had to get used to following my team this way, and fthere is no way I can agree to the Sheffield derby game on a Monday night
  15. Buxtongent

    Part timer

    Or the extra surge when everyone wants the 'last pint before...' Went to an event somewhere, the mind you know, where they had large notices stating Bars Close 15min before KO. Good job its not Hillsborough.