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  1. Maybe the owners would like to have their cars looked after during the match. A simple suggestion, but it will cost a fiver a game - put your car in one of the pay Car Parks. To have police or other protection will eventually come out of the rate payers, many f whom are not Wednesdayites. We all tend to forget that nothing is obtained without cost. No Council, or government for that matter, has any money whatsoever, other than what it takes from you and me in the form of taxes.It is easy to say 'the council/government should pay for this or that' , not remembering that the bonly money it has is what has come from you and me..
  2. Buxtongent

    Dom Howson not a Pelupessy fan

    It would appear that the only one who appreciates the role Peluppessy is playing is a certain Barry Bannan, who himself praised the support he gets from JP. Didn't manage to get to the game yesterday, but from the highlights, one thing stood out for me, and I've seen this before. Stoke,who were relegated from the Premiership last season, because they weren't good enough, seemed as a side, to be so much FASTER on the ball. I've often thought that, no matter who we play, our change from defence to attack, and visa-versa, we seem to be so pedestrian in the change compared with many clubs. It's as though we are using a manual gear box instead of automatic to change our thought. We often complain about distribution from the GK out, and this was always a complaint levelled at Westwood, now it's Dawson, yet both GKs have tried often tondistibute fast, but our players seem to simply amble away from goal. It's not simply a case of having slow wing-backs the whole team seems to play tis way. It's time fo them to step up not take a breather.
  3. Buxtongent

    Bronco Layne

    Tere were several reasons for Ron's poo game against France, two of which were a) badly sighted floodlights and b) a lack of communication between Ron and his centre-half. Not the usually secure Swan, but the carthorse of a centre half - one jack Charlton. 's Swan kept the Three Horseshoes in Brimington, Chesterfield, whilstt at the same time, Bronco kept the Castle Arms a the bottom of the hill comiiing out of Bolsover, near the NCB Area HQ.
  4. Annoys me almost as much as the stupid Offside Flagging Much of this 'stupid ' flagging is, i would be the first to agree, is annoying. It is, unfortunately, correct under the current offside rules, which mean that a player can be stood clearly in what we would term an 'offside' position, is NOT offside unless, and until, he is considered to be 'interfering with play. This is usually taken to be when he receives the ball.
  5. Buxtongent

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    Thereby hangs a tale! We have a number of players returning to training, but not at full fitness. We have an U23 Squad that is playing like a good side What do we do? Do we halt the progress of these young lads to accommodate the advancement of a possible first teamer, or do we keep them together, and try to achieve fitness for Abdi? At one time, it would have been easy! Put him in the Reserve team until he attained the proper level of fitness. Unfortunately, we do not have a reserve team. This is the folly!
  6. So. All the fans who complain so much about Sky taking over football. and the huge amounts they are pouring into Premiership, which affects the Championship by the parachute payments relegated cubs have to spend, are quite happy for us to cheerfully accept a REDUCTION in the amount that the mighty BBC is prepared to pay clubs, and ARE HAPPY ABOUT IT.. This from townships who fought the Governments of the day, and the Leaders of the Industries to the bitter end! I thought that Chansiri was correct when standing up to the Bosses of broadcasting. It seems as though I was wrong. What happens next year, when the Beeb reduce further the cost of broadcasting payments , which it certainly will? Still. It won't concern us, will it? We shall be in the moneyed halls of the Gods.
  7. Buxtongent

    Who's the second toughest

    Norman Curtis would take some beating. Only small for a full back, but ferocious in the tackle.Used to bounce back like one of those Subutteo players. Only ver saw him stay down once, and that was when he brooke his lg.
  8. How very apt, Bulgaria. It is, unfortunately, a sign of the times in every part of life. People will not listen to another's point of view, then argue sensibly against it. We have forgotten the idea of holding meetings, and the purpose of the Chairman. In any well-ordered meeting, there is NO arguing amongst yourselves. EVERY remark should be addressed through the Chair , the person who's role is to control the meeting, making sure that every argument is heard, but in an orderly fashion. I may think you are talking a load of cobblers, but it is your right to be heard, and for me to then put an opposing point. In this way, everyone can make his point, and people can then make up their own minds. As for swearing, having worked in pits for year, my language can match the best, but I try to remember two points made forcefully to me in my youth. The first was from my English Teacher who insisted that swearing was used only because people forgot the English Language, and didn't know what they were saying. The other was from an old Colliery Manager I worked for, whi, if you bswore in his presence, simply walked away from you with the words 'I don't swear a you, kindly do not swear at me., and then I am prepared to listen.'
  9. Buxtongent

    Youngsters and Checkatrade

    This was the beauty of the old Central League,when we had a Second XI. This would contain all the first teamers who ere not 'playing and on the bench'
  10. UEFA Nations League/Cup. Does anyone know how the bloody thing works? More important - Does anyone care?
  11. Two points ;- First, I totally agree with Milord's comments. It shows the distance between the National Side and the Premiership Club sides The latter have little or no respect for the National side Secondly, back to my original post. The first point I must admit to is my error. Yes , we did reach the Semi's not the Quarter finals -mea culpa - and yes, our lads played some superb football, and gave it their all. I was proud of them And I watched all the games, BUT, and it is a big BUT, there was a world of difference between the final two teams and ourselves. It appeared to me, and I don't know whether I should say this, that Croatia played against us much like a Carlos team. They sat back and soaked up much of our pressure for the first half , then hit us when it hurt. The point I was trying to make, and obviously failed to do so, was that, much like a couple of years ago at Wembley, a certain side played against Hull City, and didn't make it! All praise to the England side and Southgate, but in the end, we didn't make it. I honestly believe that a reality check is in order. Much as we would wish, and I as much as anyone (I can actually remember 1966 ) we are not yet the finished article.
  12. Frank Westlake. Hugh Swift. Joe Cockroft, Cyril (Mother) Turton Doug Whitcomb Jimmy Daley.
  13. Don't everyone follow the example of the Commentators and Pundits on TV and consider that we are one of the top international sides. Look at the results! The thing that sent everybody wild was Harry Kane winning the Golden Boot - the majority of his goals being Penalties. We reached the quarter finals not the final. Yes. England are a team in progress, but no more than that. And don't take this as a criticism of the manager and the players. It's the ex-pro's who make us to be something we are not. men who should know otherwise.
  14. Can't remember very much about how, who, and exactly when, the Owls were playing, but I certainly remember the year - 1947 - and the place - the Old Stand! We went, my Dad and I, on the old Service 70, Sheffield-Upton bus from Hoyland.into POND Street, between the old Castle Market and the river. We then walked up to the 'Mucky Duck' at bottom of Snig Hill, between the Tennants and Duncan Gilmour breweries (what a pong) where we caught the tram (the old Sheffield Trams ) up to Middlewood Road, walked down Leppings Lane and into the ground. At that time you could get from either side and if you wanted, stand on the Lepp fo the first half then go round onto the Kop for the second half, or you could do as we did, pay a bit extra and transfer into the Old Stand, where there was either covered terracing, or Seating at the back. I remember we sat there directly opposite the players' tunnel, so that I could see them run down the tunnel, up the slope and onto the pitch. Not long after that, dad came home one Fiday night and handed me my most treasured memory - a Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Club badge - 'Ah think tha're old enough for thee own nar, Lad.' I still proudly wear that to every home match . Funnily enough, that's the nearest I've lived to Hillsborough, having moved to Clowne (work),and later to Buxton. Usually, my daughter, who lives 20 mins away towards Congleton, will come and pick me and my wife up to the game. Unfortunately I can't get her to go. They'll visit Meadowhell or like and pick me up after game., but the first question is 'Well?' and that's not my health they are asking about.
  15. First two full-backs I can remember- Frank Westlake & Hugh Swift,