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  1. The idea of having all the players in the box to defend corners originated in Laws' time as Manager, and is IDIOTIC. Not only does it encourage opponents to press more, it simply means that any clearance canonly be made to opposing players , resulting in the ball being immediately returned to the area.. As for Bannan, much as I appreciate his skills and work rate, his corners are terrible, as is his shooting! On Saturday he had three chances of shots from outside the area, none of which eventroubled the Keeper. These are two areas Bannan HAS to work on.
  2. What is it that we, the fans, want to see? A winning team, playing attractive football, ,and a well-run club. What will this take ? MONEY Were we to change Owners, where would this change? Any new Owners would still be under the SAME restrictions as the present one!!!! Don''t forget the restrictions are still there. They apply to the CLUB not the Owner.
  3. Took a while to settle in at Wed. .and because of this, many supporters did their usual trick ='He's useless, and always will be' I always felt that he gave 100% for us and was a very useful player. 'Always one of the first on team sheet for me.
  4. O'm afraid this is where we are lacking the old system of Central |League football
  5. And why should they? I certainly wouldn't like any loanee of mine being treat the way Theo has been at Wednesday. The whole idea of a player going on loan to another club is to give him game time in the position that you as his employer and he as a player, think he needs , but you cannot or will not provide . This is something that Wednesday did not do, and the parent club were obviously not haooy with. More so, THE PLAYER himself, felt that was not happening. Read carefully and youwill find that it was the player himself who took this decision.
  6. We certainly do need a good shake BUT - and it is a big but - please don't forget that we are under a 'soft embargo' placed there by the powers that be. In other words, whether the money is there or not, we cannot spend any. We can only be like a small boy in front of a sweet shop. We can look, but not touch.
  7. Sorry, Grandad, but journos are the last people we want to be hearingthis from. What is needed is a statement from the club and/or the EFL. Only then will we know the exact position.
  8. Typical OT post - just like the old days of 'Send reinforcements , we're going to advance ....Send Three and four pence, we're going to a dance!' How many of us use Twitter etc. to simply get recommendations for jobs we want doing around our property The Twitter is simply an ask for a recommendation, not a transfer request.
  9. Don't forget that we were beaten by a very experienced 3rd Division side, and its still P2 W
  10. Many 'Makems' still have fond memories of Roker Park, In it's time one of the finest in the FL
  11. Yes. They did extremely well. and don't forget that they were formed a mere 10 years after the mighty Owls. They may be a small club, but well run. Pity I cannot go and follow them. It's also a pity that this has developed into another Chansiri-hate/out campaign. May I remind people that it is scarcely 2years ago when fans were almost rioting against two of our largest Northern clubs ' owners ! .Newcastle and Manure How fickle the football fan!
  12. Sorry, Rotherham Owl. but unfortunately there are many, many of us Wednesdayites who would love to watch our team in person, cpme hell or high water, but for circumstances beyond our control, in my case, disability and lack of transport, can only get to the very rare match. I still renew my ST in hope. I have been a keen W'ite from 1947, and would love to go every single match, which I did for years, no matter how well or poorly they are playing. It breaks my heart to sit at my computer and follow the Wednesday game minute by minute, and not be experiencing the thrill of being there in person.
  13. This whole topic, and the reactions to it , are symptomatic of the whole nation's reaction to the pandemic. = 'It can't happen to me!' No one wants the virus, but likewise, no one wants the tiresome process of isolation. We all want to return to 'normal', but unfortunately, Gentlemen, there is now no normal to return to. The rules have changed. Someone has shifted the goalposts. A good example was my daughter, who, whilst her Mother and I were self isolating, isolated herself and Daughter. Seeming to have taken all precautions , she set out before the recent crisis, set off for France to see her lifelong friend, only to be stopped at the airport due to a positive test on lateral flow for her daughter, who had picked up the virus at school, and whist not feeling the effects, had become a carrier.from school. This virus, Gentlemen, IS real, and is unseen.and we do well not to ignore it at our peril. This variant is showing more now in the younger and fitter end of the population, the older end having largely been vaccinated.
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