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  1. Hasn't there been a thread on here recently that Fletcher had gone to a Portuguese side, or did he get injured there? As for the idea of a 20-a-year striker - one rather interesting fact came out of the recent World Cup. England's Harry Kane won the Golden Boot, and we finished FOURTH. I believe it was Croatia who had no fewer than TEN goalscorers. We have played for far too long with the ball in the area, and attempting to get it to our quasi centre-forward. Lots of the teams at the world cup were prepared to have a go from 20-30 yards, and did not rely on ONE man to score the goals. We have potential strikers throughout the team. I'm thinking mainly of bannan and Reach, but there are others. And Bannan , in particular, has a powerful shot on him provided he can hit the net! Unfortunately, his shooting , from anywhere , has become very woeful, something I'm sure that Jos has spotted and is working on.It's the one part of his game that lets him down.
  2. I think that basically what Reach is trying to say is that the team had got it into their heads that ,after 2 seasons nearly there, last season was going to be a 'shoe-in'. and it wasn't. BUT, and it is a big but, they were not alone in this attitude. It was also the attitude of most of us fans! We all forgot that promotion isn't just given to the ones with the biggest stadium or the noisiest fans, but has to be earned, even ground out.
  3. I think that basically what Reach is trying to say is that the team had got it into their heads that ,after 3 seasons nearly there, last season was going to be a 'shoe-in'. and it wasn't. BUT, and it is a big but, they were not alone in this attitude. It was also the attitude of most of us fans! We all forgot that promotion isn't just given to the ones with the biggest stadium or the noisiest fans, but has to be earned, even ground out. It was my opinion that, the first season, we overachieved, The second very good, but I think we thought ourselves entitled to it. This proved the case.I think we (players AND supporters) thought that the Division owed us automatic promotion.The Championship is proving to be even harder to escape than did Div 1, especially given the compensation payments and lack of FFP from relegated teams. It needs everyone- players and fans - to put everything into every match. I fel that this is what Reach is trying to say..
  4. I personally would like to see Refs given MORE backing by the EFL, so that, if they are surrounded by screaming players , they simply book them all. It's surprising the fewer number of casualties there are in the more physical sports of Rugby, especially the rule where contesting a decision results in the penalty /free kick be moved up 10 yards. Give the Officials more backing will force the players into accepting decisions, and this in turn will lead to a better standard of refereeing. The only time a Manager should contest a Ref's decision is after the game. Goal Line technology worked fine in the world cup, as, for most part, did VAR. he one thing which did NOT was the constant replays and chirruping of the 'Still in it for the money' football commentators.
  5. Buxtongent

    Looks lik Palmer and Baker for RWB.

    I totally agree. At 22-23 you are , or should be, no longer, 'youth' The average age of some of the top International teams at this year's World Cup was in some cases this age or just a little higher. We thought that the England team were young, but compared to many. they were old. Jos appears to favour youth, and good luck to him and them.
  6. Now we've seen a list of Player transfers, can someone produce a list of Management transfers, including Premiership, please? Finished up watching start of World Cup final on live pause yesterday. Of all the days for an interesting WC Final, we get, at the same time , one of the best Wimbledon men's Finals for years on the same day and same time. Thank the Lord for Rec. and Live pause.
  7. Buxtongent

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    Disputable decisions aside, the Croatia side played their hearts out, but were well held by a French side that relied on tempting the opposition forward, then hitting them on the break and at speed. I think Croatia, along with Belgium, who thrashed us in the semi-final play-off, are two young teams who will only improve. As for France, how does their Manager get Pogba into a world-beater, when Man.Utd can't? All in all, despite some superb performances by most of our young lads, we were justifiably FOURTH. A little aside for those who cry out for a 20-a-year striker, a little fact. Harry Kane got the golden boot for 6 goals (4 Penalties), whilst on the Croatia side , no fewer than 10 players scored. The days of the old Centre Forward, or even the current lone striker, are long gone. Every member of the side MUST contribute to scoring.
  8. Buxtongent

    Footballtyper's Articles

    keep going, Typer. I've already got you on my speed dial. So far, I have considered your posts to be well thought out, without the usual hype found on here. To me, you are a Wednesday supporter who can see both sides of the coin, and thinks before he speaks, without much of the bumf found on here. Must say I've found your website interesting reading, and you speak as though you have got some good connections at the club. Well done.
  9. Buxtongent

    Team vs Lincoln

    Has anyone ever given it a thought that the main reasons we have not been involved in buying players are simply - 1. There is no-one on the market that Jos likes/wants, who is better than we alraedy have, or 2. Anyone Jos wants to buy is, in his opinion, not worth the price required, or eve 3. Jos is more concerned with getting rid of crap and trying to improve the fitness and skills of the ones he already has. We don't necessarily have to buy ourselves a ready-made team.
  10. Buxtongent

    Team vs Lincoln

    This is obviously Jos's accepted set-uo, and has been echoedby almost all the International teams adopted.
  11. My one fear is playing Hutch. Yes, I admire hm as a real battler. The only thing is that his way of playing means he is invariably a walking Yellow card. Hope Jos has managed to calm him down a little, but not taken all the bight out. Must say I like the idea of using the young lads at full back.
  12. Buxtongent

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    Reminded me of so many games at Hillsborough. First half - one team parks the bus, and allows the other to rely on break-aways or set-pieces. This takes a lot of the steam out. Second half, they attack, and we are found lacking. Look at the stats, and throughout the tournament, the number of shots on goal, apart from set pieces, was the lowest of the tournament We have improved, BUT, and isn't there always a but, we lack a true acreative attacking forward. maybe a role for Macguire, if a replacement centre back can be found.
  13. Buxtongent

    Post World Cup

    The top clubs have much to blame for the non-progression of English youth, prefering to play foreign players of known capabilities, But don't put all the blame on the clubs .We, the Fans, must take some of the blame. e had an up=coming star in Hirst, but consider this - would we have liked to see Forestieri dropped to give him a chance? Unfortunately, foreign 'stars of the future' seem much more prevalent than their English counterparts. For example, from a nation of 4M people, Coatia played at least 4 playrs who would be true 'stars' in this country.
  14. Buxtongent

    Jos trimming the squad

    Take any newspaper, especially during the off season, and especially when England have failed to progress to the World Cup Final. 1.Check the title is correct 2.Check the date is correct 3. Go to and read sports pages 4.Believe approximately 10% of what is written 5. Discard the rest.
  15. Buxtongent

    Elev8 done it again

    The only 'kit' I ever had as a kid was a blue and white scarf my mother knitted me. Oh, and later on wheen my Dad could afford it, a Blue and White Rosette. Never made me feel neglected, underprivledged or less of a Wenesdayite. One thing which I treasure and wear to every game is a metal pin badge of the 4 leafed clover shaped Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Club Badge, bought for me, and proudly worn in 1949.