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  1. Am I just being thick or has someone moved the goalposts (the first probably, the second certainly) but from the procedures involved, I was under the impression that - the EFL didn't accept our version of the ground sale deal, which put us in sanction because of FFP or its successor. We argued this in court of appeal, yet he EFL didn't accept this verdict, It then went to an INDEPENDENT tribunal. It's at that point that my mind gets in a tizzy. In my days in industry, the final decision in a dispute would be to 'appeal the decision' ,.in other words, go to arbitration. This was an Independent body which looked at both arguments, and came to a decision which was binding on both sides. Something since the turn of the Century has altered. Can someone answer me the question 'If you have a dispute, who's decision you can't/won't accept, surely , if this goes to an Independent body, their decision cannot be appealed but is binding on both sides. The dispute here is between SWFC and EFL, and thought the effects might impinge on other clubs, it is nothing to do with them.
  2. So, what's wrong with that? The years when Public School and football were incompatible are long gone. Football is no longer the sole preserve of the 'working man', many of whom can earn more than their gaffers.
  3. Whether Wednesday, Barnsley or Wigan keep waitind decisions made in court, it shows that, instead of football falling into the hands of rich business men, out for a quick buck, the whole business of EFL has handed our beloved club and others into the hands of lawyers, barristers and the like instead. What a messed up sport we've become..
  4. It matters little now what Monk or Chansiri do now, the only people who can reverse this position , are the ones who have been AWOL in the post Covid era -the players! Now is the time for them to step up to the plate
  5. My father, rest his soul, would have given his high teeth for one of those at the time. Instead, he backed Wednesday at the bookies, and got drunk on his winnings.. Some 12 years after, he took me to my first Wednesday game (and with a struggle,i still go), and I was brought up on two chants - the League Championship side winners and the Cup winners, and I can still repeat them.
  6. True to form, Atde has once again split the fan base. I'm afraid he is the type of chap where there are no half-measures. You love him or hate him. Even his final interview reveals this about our fan base. personally I was on the love side and seemed to find more in what he did than the chap sitting behind me, who was of the hate him brigade. And please remember, when push came to shove, he didn't, like FF, Fletcher and others, refuse to extend his contract at the end of the season.
  7. , I This one slipped by me, but I've picked it up and started to read the Kindle version.It immediately brought back memories for me. The '70's were a rather tempestuous time for me. I'd moved late in the '60's into Derbyshire from my home in Hoyland.a promotion to Colliery Undermanager saw me working in 3 different pits, undergoing a complete change of friends, and two strikes, as well as missing my beloved Wednesday, often because of work commitments. Whilst often not being able to be present in person, I was always there in heart.It's the only decade where I could not say 'I was from High Green, and went to every game', a situation so unusual for me! And I've heard of but never heard The Arctic Monkeys', but believe me, I suffered. This season seems so like that era, but take note of many of the names of clubs we played and how they've all been through the wringer - even the top of the list -Manchester UNITED. It happens to the best. Do not give up hope.
  8. whether we have sympathy with the Blunts or not is to me a travesty of justice.i have no objections to clubs appealing VAR decisions . The one thing I do object to is the time which expires between the action , the appeal and the decision.More and more football decisions are turning into court dramas. At one time , long before the introduction of 'technology', there was one man who acted as Judge and Jury, and there was little or no appeal to the Referee's decision. I honestly feel that the more the Ref's authority is questioned by camera, slow-motion whatever, the worse the quality of Refereeing has become, and Sport is the worse off for it..
  9. Would we want to keep all of our loans? To me, the biggest disappointment has been Wickham. Da Ceruz seens a bit iffy, whilst it is quite recently that Murphy seemed to settle in,
  10. Don't forget that at least Fox, Fletcher and FF refused to extend their contracts in order to complete the season. At least the much-maligned Nuhiu saw the season out.
  11. What makes anyone think that , were we to suffer relegation, we could rebuild and get back into the Championship easily. Remember last time?
  12. Doesn't matter when season starts, or even what division we're in. We should be starting immediately, preparing for the higher division come what may.
  13. Not an anti-Bannan post at all. He's performed no better and no worse than anyone,. Simply the name that seems to crop up most on posts as adoreable.. By all means change the name. But include him in the list of all the lot.
  14. As far as the season is concerned, it's started and the first priority is to decide who is the Manager of the team The next priority, whoever it may be, he must know immediately The next priority, whoever the Old/New man may be, HE MUST BE BACKED.and must be left to chose the players HE wants, not who the Chair,an wants, or even more, who the fans may want. If he decides he wants to sack the lot, then sack the lot! It may not be obvious to the fans,that most of these players CAN play football, but for some reason, and that is something none of us knows, the TEAM has simply not turned up, and that includes our 'stars'. No-one is to blame individually except the men on the field. Maybe the Chairman knows 11 Thai players. If so, bring them in. They can't do any worse than the shower we've got, and though it may hurt, that includes Bannan!
  15. Sorry for being a little bit thick as wll as hung-over from birthday celebrations,, but what did Forest do/
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