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  1. Quite true. But the point is that Wednesday, like many other clubs, is operating at a loss! There are only three ways out of this 1. Cut the operating costs (Sell players and pay lower salaries) 2. Invest more money (the FFP is preventing this) or 3. Raise prices. Simple ( I don't think)
  2. True, but I don't think there is any signs of Chansiri moaning about the odds. Quite the opposite. He seems willing to plough more in. The Authorities are preventing this. One thing however. I have no love for the EFL, but remember, the FFP or whatever it is called now, is simply EFL carrying out the work of their governors the EUFA.
  3. Anyone in mind, brigg? \one point, however. Given the feeling on here, if, and its a big if (though not capitalised, note), the EFL allow us to trade, who's going to pay for it? Lots on here obviously don't want Chansiri's cash, and the club is losing money?
  4. One thing always amazed me if I went away.. The team would turn up in a Blue bus, followed by several coachloads of supporters, in red coaches bearing the \operator's name - Sheffield United Tours This was not a company owned by the Sheffield United club, but a world-famous luxury coach firm.
  5. Can't help feeling that the wrong person got penalised . Yes, Di Canio deserved sending off for pushing the Ref. That is indefensible, but I still think the real culprit was the \ref. The way I saw it, the Ref said something which Di Canio disagreed with, and he pushed himself away from the Ref, turning at the same time. The Ref's subsequent fall was so theatrical as to be outrageous........and then-
  6. Sorry, DJ, didn't realise this was a comedy post. Sorry , roamin', just trying to inform people who tend to mix things up. Capitalise ii to emphasise. Will try avoid.
  7. Thank you for making me feel my age! Can't quite remember, but in my earliest games , my two favourite scorers wer JIMMY DALEY and DENNIS WOODHEAD
  8. Some of the replies on here show how small and moronic some of the minds are on here can be even in jest. Can I make several very important points:- First - The 'Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Club was founded in the years between the two wars.It had NO connection with the club , other than being comprised of fellow fans of Sheffield Wednesday. It was purely a social club, who's HQ was in the pub on the corner of the old Castlegate Fish Market. It's purpose was to bring together the supporters of SWFC (and note, I said Supporters NOT Investors) Second - The idea of a Supporters Club quickly spread to many areas outside Sheffield, who's members were interested not in the politics of the club, but simply of going in groups to see the club play football, home and away Aside from the Main branch, it had self-governing groups which sprang up in places such as Hoyland, Hoyland Common, and Wombwell, to the North of the city, as well as, even in the 1960's, large branches at Killamarsh and Creswell. These are the branches I know of, and had personal contacts with. There were others. Third -Apart from each branch holding an Anual dinner, the Main branch used to organise an Annual Dinner and Dance, once in the Cutlers Hall at Sheffield, and the following year in the large dining suite in Steel, Peech and Tozer, Rotherham It's aims were to increase the fan following of SW, and to have an enjoyable time meeting fellow fans. Many of the 'smaller' branches would meet occasionally for Games nights It was never its intention to tell the club how it should be run, and by whom, AND IT NEVER HELD ANY SHARES Fourth - it never had anything to do with 'Wednesdayite' since it folded before the formation of that organisation, yet always called themselves 'Wednesdayites' After my second match, when my Father had taken me to watch Wednesday, he came home one night from a meeting of the then Hoyland Branch, handed me a card and a badge , and said' I think it's time tha' wore this, Lad' THE BADGE, OF THE 4 LEAF CLOVER DESIGN, I STILL PROUDLY WEAR TO EVERY MATCH AFTER OVER SEVENTY YEARS.
  9. Well done, Atdhe! Looking at last night's goal, the the later follow-up showing Atdhe's goals for Wednesday, simply confirm for me an atitude and opinion I've had for a long time. When we first bought Nuhiu we were under the impression that we were buying a 20+ goal a year striker, who would be our next Dooley. This was what we in our minds thought - we wanted a Centre Forward, big, bustling etc. Someone who would overcome and terrify centre halves and defences. This was NOT the case. I have said for a long while that Nuhiu is not a forward to lead a line. He is more of a 'back-row' forward. One who can keep the ball if need be (watch players try to take the ball off him.- if they can) .and watch how many of his goals have come from him darting in from an inside forward position, and with his head . I have for a long while considered that Managers and fans expect too much by playing him as a centre forward, a role he is not IMO cut out for As for England v Kosovo, I am a Wednesdayite for 365 days a year, and an Englishman whenever we play. What I would love to see is Enland win 2-1 with Nuhiu scoring for Kosovo.
  10. The thing which has always worried me about the loan system is - does it really work? Just look at the number of youth players we have out on loan, and add up the number of minutes of actual playing time they have had. It doesn't apply to all, but many are warming subs benches at other clubs. This will not improve their playing ability. And one of the greatest proponents of this has been SWFC. During the last few seasons ,it has become a habit of having loanees and not playing them. That way, they get NO experience whatsoever/ .
  11. is it such a missed opportunity? I thought this often, but think clearly.The area is to be for proposed development. Were we as a club to have purchased this site, it would have provided Car Parking. Even if this were double the number in the proposal, say 500 cars,this would have provided an income , if it was full EVERY home match, and the cost of parking was £10 (double the current price) it would bring in £110, 000, per season.Convenient for supporters to park on match days , but unused for at least 330 days per year. The proposal is for a £25 Million redevelopment, in other words, the recoupment of 120 years+ of fees for the initial cost. What it does throw into light is the cost of providing car parking at entertainment venues. At first sight, and I agree that I was one, it appears to be an ideal proposition for Wednesday, but it would need to have other business attached to it, business that would need to be unoccupied AT ITS BUSIEST time Like many ideas, it is ideal from one point of view only, unfortunately!
  12. At one time it would be perfectly doable.Worked for many years down pit, usually on Afters, but usually managed a couple of pints before closing time Showing my age now -before 24 hr opening -then after retirement could usually be found propping bar up in Apollo at Barlborough. Then was told I'd to pack it in - horror of horrors Now I'm afraid its a glass of wine in front of idiot box. Only a 6 pint man, but regular, and loved a fag. Now can have neither, and often unable to get to see my beloved Owls. Can still tell a tale or three, but cannot beat Old Father Time.. Still, can't grumble. I've enjoyed my life, especially my Saturdays at S6
  13. Are you sure that parking at bottom of Moor isn't going to be causing an obstruction to away supporters at S6? Seems a little close to me!
  14. Over last few years , average 41" The story of constant rainfall is a myth., however it can rain. The water we sell, and many people buy, is actually spring water.. We have a well in the centre of Buxton,opposite the Crescent, which runs continually, has many people coming to fill bottles, containers etc for free. Personally, I have several empty Buxton Water bottles which I consistently with SevernTrent Water (paid for on meter) And don't forget we 9or rather Nestle SELL it, you \BUY it.
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