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  1. A conundrum appeared on Sat whilst I was watching football. St Andrews, or what ever they call it now, is the home ground of Birmingham City. I presume that BCFC have Season Ticket Holders, who's seat should be reserved at home games. Coventry City have rented the BCFC ground for use ass tneir Home ground. I presume that this means the full stadium, and hence Coventry City will have ST Holders with a guaranteed seat We know from commentators that, on Sat, Coventry played Birmingham, and as such, were considered the home side. This would mean that Coventry would use the home team dressing room. What happened to the fans? for instance, if by some ridiculous turn of foot, United were to play their home matches at Hillsborough (heaven forbid) and united were drawn at home to Wednesday, would I have to give my seat to some piggy fan while I sat in the Leppings Lane, and then what happens if we have to replay, as have Coventry & Birmingham. While I can't see it happening here, it has happened at St Andrews. So, what was the outcome of this logistical nightmare?
  2. Have seen that one before., but there is one similar that bears the proper Sheffield City coat of arms, which used to be part of our original badge. I believe some like this were given out around the centenary, and/or the opening of the Cantilever
  3. Surely, these could happen in a league fixture as well?
  4. The once-great competition that was the FA CUP has been reduced in importance by the 'big clubs' for one simple reason - money This grumble about congestion of fixtures is entirely one of the Big Clubs own making. Originally there were two competitions - The League, and the FA Cup. Even then the big jobs were favoured since they didn't have to go through qualifying rounds and were exempt from the First and Second rounds. This congestion is a red herring. The premiership clubs play 40 games per season as to the Championship and lower, who play 46. It only starts to become complicated when you startadding the lucrative European competitions. This is not including the League Cup,an idea conceived to allow further involvement. in Europe. This season's competition has been further twisted by the use of VAR at certain, but not all, grounds, and by the removal of replays after R4. I could never understand why ET was not involved on the first game either. The FA is supposed to be the organisation that, unlike EFL which looks after League Clubs only, is for football at its grass roots.
  5. It's also 3 straight away wins, including 1 vs a Premiership side.
  6. 1 How many ST holders have we? 2.How may tickets were issued to Owls fans for away games Surely ST holders get priority of away tickets, hence the majority of away tickets will be taken by ST holders. For any of the POTG fans, surely they have discovered that the cheapest, surest way to watch Wed is by ST, and anyone wanting to go away, the surest way of obtaining this is to be a ST holder? Conversely, if the majority of the Away following are POTG fans, why are they not at Hillsborough? I agree with Birley that there are many of our regular home fans who seem to delight in pulling down certain pllayers , or even the full sie.
  7. Isn't it amazing what you can get from throw-ins if taken quickly? For years, it has been a failing of Wed. that no-one seems to be bothered about what happens at TI's.Far too often the taker will appear to be ready for a quick one, but has no-one to throw to, and the opportunity is wasted. Come on Wed, and learn the lesson!
  8. our lads seem to perform better away than at home at present. Three things spring to mind, unfortunately ;- 1. Playing in green rather than our traditional strip 2. Away support is for the fanatics, who cheer all the time, and don't moan at the players. 3. Bannan not playing , which means we don't play as deep?
  9. Yes to both questions. In the days before Everton nicked Tony Kay, Gerry Young had come as a Forward, pften playing on the wing, but often as Centre Forward, a position he was, whilst not one of the better known CF's of the time, wasbloody good wherever he played, and always gave of his best. He was moved to Wing half or Half-Back as they were known, to replace Kay who had defected to Everton. In this position he was actually capped for England., Oh for his like today! I was also at the Barca match. Funnily enough, my daughter, who always tries to surprise me at Christmas, came up this year with a set of place mat/coasters. Each depicts the advert for a special match - Wed v Utd (93 Semi Final), Wed v Sunderland 68, One Festival of Britain Friendly, Wed v FREM (Denmark) (May 510 and the one match I shall always remember, even more thn the appearances of Pele - Wed vs Torpedo (Moscow) with the great Lev Yashin in goal. In addition, last year she bought me a photo of a group of Wed. Players surrounding the Lino in the match at Highbury which was abandoned because of snow. 'Bet you can't remember that , dad'. to which Ireplied, 'I can, because I was there!' ah happy days
  10. random shirt suppliers - in the years pre-Chansiri, Owlstalkers could not agree about which of the Shirt Suppliers were best. Season Ticket Schemes -far too many, I agree, BUT none have actually 'punished financially' any buyers. Sponsorship -surely we have a sponsor - DC Incidentally, what position on the field has DC been playing during our recent run of poor form.
  11. Gentlemen. Please read the quoted paragraph very carefully. WWe all seem to be under the impression that the 'ban' itself had been completely defeated.This was not the case.
  12. Does anyone wonder why players are unwilling to sign for us? We have bought a young 20-y-o , who, I presume, none of us has heard of, and he's crap already, according to many.This is obviously a buy for the future.. Yes, I know we want someone NOW to replace Fletcher, but at least this shows we are not blindly looking for replacement. It may have escaped many people's minds that we have an ageing squad who will need to be replaced within the next couple of seasons. I don't for one moment expect him to be placed in the First XI. That is not the Football way, and it certainly is not the Wednesday way.ecause we hve brought in some youth doesn't mean thatvwe have taken our eye off the ball. B.
  13. I definitely know of a coach running regularly from Bralborough, and frequently saw a bus from Wombwell..
  14. 23 is 'aging'? Doesn't say much for our current forwards , does it? And all this 'panic buying'. We are in the situatuion where our principal striker has been side=lined for the next 8-10 nweeks. May I just point out 2 rather important facts - the transfer deadline ends in some 2-3 weeks, and the season closes in April/May
  15. Yes. it was an excellent pass from Bannan, but he was only one of FOUR men in the move, all of whom deserve credit. Analise the move closely. Nuhiu got himself into the ideal position to take the pass and score a superb goall Reach received an excellent through ball from Bannan, and could not have been criticised for actually having a go himself instead of pulling it back for Atde Bannan ran to a beautiful ball, and put in a superb ball for Reach to have a go at goal or... A central defender played a superb ball exactly where Bannan wanted it I missed the CD who started the move, and he doesn't seem to get a mention, despite being the starter of the move So, without down playing BB's role, it was a four man move..
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