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  1. So That's why we can't score! We've been trying for years to hit a smaller goal than is provided! Sorry. My mistake about the actual size. Should remember. I played in goal often enough. . No wonder |i let so many goals in. You do realise that you've not improved the position for the Kicker of course As for encroachment. The Ref is supposed to signal for the kick to be taken only after he is satisfied, and then the kicker can take the kick. Surely, if players re encroaching to the extent where it is going to distract him, the Kicker can stop his run up, and ask the Ref to send them backBut it is still no excuse for the player not being able to find the target!
  2. Not interested. He's no longer one of ours.
  3. Would we even be claoming encroachment if Bannan had scored? And surely the only area Bannan should have been concentrating on is the area enclosed by the goal posts -18ft x 8ft He didn't even hit that. Let's not blame incompetent Officials.
  4. I think there is a lot of sense in this post. I have no doubt that Bannan is our biggest asset. I also feel, however, that he is also our biggest headache. We have come to expect too much of him , and he is demanding too much of himself.The best example of this is in his dead-ball kicks, the majority of which are poor. Bannan is an instinctive player, who is better in movement. Unfortunately, if he makes a mistake, he seems to overcompensates Personally, I feel that he would be better without having the responsibility of the captaincy, which should be handed to someone more 'level-headed; Whatever, it is obvious that Bannan must work on his shooting. As can be seen in any of the warm-ups is ********-poor to say the least. To think that he can easily score through a crowd of legs, yet can't hit a set of goals from 12 yards is appaling. Come on, Barry, we knowyou can do better Show it as you have in the past.
  5. Would much sooner we didn't have to come from behind, but it would be very nce to get rid of that nasty recors.
  6. OK I'll pick up the Baton.. Whay the f##k hasthis got to do with Wednesdayite?. They never owned the land. They mearly leased it from those who did, and attempted, rather successfuly, to provide parjing space for fellow supporters. Pity the Club didn't buy the land , and come upmwith a plan for parking on matchdays with mulyi use units around and above.
  7. What a ridiculous topic to introduce, and so typical of many posters on this site. A player comes on as a substitute , almost 2/3rds of a game gone, a team 2-0 down and playing like a set of novices, even our twostar men BPF and Bannan both having stinkers, and we are asked to judge a brand new player to the team. If we say 'he played a blinder' that would make him a world beater. If we say 'He's crap' he's stuck as a no hoper the rest of his career. And we call ourselves fair?
  8. Whatever his price goes up to, we MUST buy him and sign him up.. It's a pity he plays for N Ireland. What a replacement he would make for Pickford. And IMO a good keeper is just as essential as the so-called -30-a-year striker everyone is praying for.. Anyone should be able to score, but the Keeper is a last line of defence,
  9. The latest round od WCup Qualifiers has seen England score 10 goals gainst defence who'd 'parked the bus'. and this with a Goalscorer of World Class scoring only 2 of these -and one a penalty!- and missing sitters. We have a forward line made up of multiple chance makers. It simply means that all the forwards must be prepared to 'have a go at goal' whenever the chance arises. For years now, watching Wednesday, I have seen attackers in a position to have a go, but looking for the nominated scorer. only forthe chance to go begging. I maintain that its not a 25 goal a season striker we want, but for ALL the attackers, and defenders, to chip in.
  10. In which season did Subs become legal in Engkish football? Its a genuine question. I remember one time in te distant past when, after an injury to our Keeper, one of the outfielders pulled the Green Jersey on when the Keeper went off, and we finished the game with 10 men.. There was a huge outcry around that time for subs be allowed for injuries to Goalkeepers. Sod the outfielders. If they got carried off, you played with 10 men.No such thing as Tactical Substitutions.
  11. No. I am definitely NOT saying its no big deal. What I'm trying to say is that it seems to be more of a problem in Soccer than in other sports. And it usually happens behind the goals! Not the only place , however.It seems funny to me that there does not seem to be this trouble in other sports, or ertainly not to the extent it occurs in football I am an avid lover of football, but yet I can go to a cricket match , for example, and sit side-ny-side with an Indian supporter, and we can have our arguements and opinions without abusing the players in any way When I go to watch any football game, I like to watch 2 sides whilst still wanting one side to win. As for football - we have two Governing bodies - EUFA and FIFA - who should be singing off the same hymnsheet. Yet we have the idiotic situation whereby a game wwould be spectatorless under one body but not under the other.. We also have saturation coverage by media and social media with its constany repetition of situations which certainly doesn't help situations. The main point I was trying to make is that we are certainly not blameless in any of these situations.
  12. We, as a Nation, cannot hold the hihj ground on this, unfortunately> A lot of this is simply Football Hooliganism' in a different disguise. Calling a black playyer a 'monkey', whilst being most offensive, isn't institutionally racist. It's no different from calling a player names becuse he played for anaother club, or stuck the boot inseveral times.As for throughing paper cups etc , I believe that it occured once a long time ago, when a club's supporters bombarded the pitch with seat cushions. For some reason, football seems to attract the dregs of humanity far more than any other sport. Maybe the time has come to ban football. paricularly in its international form, all together . Or maybe, the problem lies elsewhere. Maybe in the publicity it receives. Last night's coverage concentrated more on the aggro than on the football itself. Much was made of the name calling than the fact that Harry Kane made a complete ass of himself by scoring a relatively hard chance whilst missing 3 complete sitters that even a Wednesday forward would have found it diffivcukt to miss.
  13. I think, personally, that Sheff Cam has summed up the PJT completely in this blog. I honestly believe that the Original idea was a splendid one. Think obout it carefully . Soccer in England exsists in many forms. Lots of it starts wit pub teams, who will play weekly, for the sheer love of a game of football. This is followed by may hundreds of non-leagur clubs, often playing on public pitches, but some, many of whom have been in exsistebce for years,and having a rich local history. We then go into the 'semi-pro' leagues Don't forget that we have recently played two of these, Fleetwood Town and, dare I say it, Morecambe! The hopes of these is to acquire 'Leagur Status. These are followed by the likes of former Second division clubs like Wednesday and Sunderland Their immediaye aim is to return to glory days. Of the competitions, we have the League and FA cups, which , technically, all League clubs could win. These, however have been hi-jacked by the Premiership, and more importantly the Big Seven Clubs. It is concieveable that any League Club could win one of these.BUT this is unlikely. So, an idea is floated that a competition be arranged for the 3rd & 4th Division clubs which could result in a day at Wembley for those clubs A brain box of an idea. A day out at Wembley for two smaller clubs - and another pay day for Wembley! So far so good. Ah , but what a chance to give the younger players from the big clubs a chance! And so, another greatbidea goes down the drain to appease the money men of soccer. It's not e idea of the PJT that's wrong. As usual its the rule makers
  14. I totally agree that Bannan's set pieces are crap, and that he isa motivator par excellence, but for heavensake , don't set hm on the 18 yard box to hoot. His shooting is on a par with his set piece kicks.. Let him provide and leave others to score.
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