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  1. Half-watching and half-listening to Channel 4's American Football, I heard them talking about one of the major franchises, who had run into 'bad times' and had come up with a novel idea. They started t the top with the Head Coach and ALL his staff, following the players etc and had a COMPLETE CLEAR OUT AND REBUILD. It took 3 years, a lot of pain and hard work. There had been a complete clear out off the playing and coaching staff, and they became noted for losing runs,, but are finally turning the corner Maybe there is a lesson to be lerned
  2. Simple answer to all this moaning - stop all live screening. Then we will have something to moan about.
  3. Why? haven't we got enough? What is our mid-field supposed to do? they certainly can't provide goals let alone prevent them. The chap's supposed to be a striker , isn't he. Only Wednesdyites want their players to be multi tasked. If he stays in the opposition's area, and we et the ball to him, that's enough for me. As to the 'recall' and contract to 22 business, the recall is a regular thing. How many of our players have we sent on loan, then recalled, and when did he sign his contract extension? Maybe during the first lock-down?
  4. Hope the new Jack Marriot is as good at scoring as the old one was as a winger, and as fasst!
  5. I am keeping out of this debate about Premiership cutting down to 18 or even 6 clubs. Let the money talk. It will eventually choke the top six, especially with lack of competition. What I would be against is this break-away league having ANYTHING to do with the Football League.. If they want to break away, so be it .Their fans will be the ones who decide, by their attendance or not. What I would definitely object to, is for them to have any say whatsoever in FL affairs. No parachute payments. No PL 'B'teams in the FL, and a premium to be paid for the signing of any player connected
  6. Because the 4th Official indicates 5 mins, it doesn't mean the Ref agrees, and he is the only one tht matters. Looks like we're passing the tradition on to the U23s.
  7. We tend to forget that there is ONE SOLE TIMEKEEPER in the game of Association Football - the REFEREE. These display boards are nothing in the context of the game. Listen carefully to any commentator, and his actual words will be 'The fourth Official has indicated a MINIMUM of X minutes added time may be played. The Referee can add on time wasted during injury time, and as much as he deems fit. He is the sole arbiter of when the game starts or finishes.
  8. As far as I am aware, the only pitch with the Maximum area, and certainly for years the largest playing area, was the old Doncaster Rovers pitch , the one opposite the Racecourse . Some clubs, even the top clubs are constructed so that there is little 'running area' and the terraces are closer to the pitch, giving the impression of smaller pitches. Whether this season's pitch is smaller/narrower can only be determined by the distance from the edge of the penalty area to the touch line, since the dimensions of penalty & goal areas are standard by law Even so, we still don't seem
  9. Why argue about pundits points of view? They will differ. Put two Wednesdayites side by side at a game, and at the e dyou will hae a minimum of 4 viewpoints when they come out of the match.
  10. Can he actually throw it that far back to reach our GK, or aren't we supposed to throw the ball back to the Keeper every time?
  11. Where exactly ARE the away team changing rooms.? And surely they are connected to the Officials' rooms where a bell system was always in action for the Ref. Half-Times are becoming a joke at any time. They used to be 10 minutes, and you could guarantee a finish before 4.45. I know the half timehas been extended to 15 mins, but recently I have been watching Final Score and the Wed. score is invariably one of the last. They'd even got the equaliser and final score before the Official Site yesterday.
  12. For a long time now, we hve been unable to close a game down. How many times have we been caught out in the dying minutes of games? We have forgotten the first rule of football. The best form of defence is attack. If the game is being played in your opponents' half they can't score. Another one - have we forgotten that the ball must be on the field to score. Many , if not most, sides will ensure the ball goes out of play by giving throw-ins , not corners.
  13. Certainly looks very like Quixall, even down to the quiff, but...? May be the photo but the hair doesn't look quite the fair, nay blonde,enough. Pity it doesn't show him from waist down. Quixall always used to wear his shorts rolled up at the waist in a very peculiar fashion. What a right hand side we had at that time. Quixall Inside Right, Alan Finney on the Right wing, and backed up bu Eddie Gannon at R.Half Quixall was the only player to 'put in a shift' in the post Munich match, and was later bought by Matt Busby, but largely kept out of the Manure Squad.Only player I know who o
  14. What is the definition of WingBack? Is he a forward or a defender?
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