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  1. Good Morning, Gentlemen. So sorry that an innocent request from myself should lead to such disagreement amongst loyal fans.. If it is of interest to anyone, a kind Gentleman took the time to send me ways to download the way to see what I need. I will not cause any of you any further bother. Good bye, owlstalk.
  2. Unfortunately, it also works the other way. WE have a very fickle fan base who, while constant and always there, can turn on our own side , or certain parts of it, with consumate ease.
  3. Don't need that I WAS THERE. Maybe when you a) get to be approaching 80, b) walk with 2 sticks, c) are unable to drive, d) have never lived any closer to S6 than 10 miles , and d) only been watching Wednesday since 1947, you will realise why one cannot attend every match, but still love watching Wednesday, you'll want to watch highlights. Incidentally, my daughter bought me for Christmas .a framed photo of the Arsenal/Wednesday game in 1967, and asked me if I knew any of the players. She was surprised at my reply ' Oh, yes, and I can name two people in the crowd - your Grandad and ME. I was there.' Anyway, joking aside, thanks Enchanter. And thanks to OxonOwl. I tend not to use YouTube, but I'll give it a try. WAWAW
  4. How many of England's, let alone the European, clubs have a true share-based ownership? None of the top English clubs can be classed as such. The truly successful ones are all owned by Super-Rich Owners/families, who own the vast majority of the shares.The most successful club in England over the past two decades, Man.Utd, has been owned by the Glazer Family, and at times, various groups have tried to break this stranglehold, and failed miserably. Yet the club has continued in its success. Don't forget the old definition of a camel - a horse designed by a committee. Very few businesses are owned /run by groups of people. Individuals may be encouraged to invest money, but have little say in the running of the business.Successful businesses are run by businessmen. How many of our fans, many of whom are quite astute, could actually run the business?.
  5. if it comes to a choice, for me it's Fletcher every time over Joao. At least when he plays, its full time, not going missing for much like Joao does. As for fitness, maybe Joao should watch soe videos of Fletch.
  6. Two things have altered since the 'old days' of the standing era, and both cause much congestion. In those times you were allowed to smoke anywhere. The Law on Smoking in Public Areas means that many more go out for a fag than when you could smoke any time. The other is that the ground used to be 'dry'. This meant that there was no need for drinking areas, bars etc.. Just the simple kiosks serving hot pies and Bovril. Every 'advance' made inevitably has a cost.
  7. As someone who cannot attend all the games, I look forwards to the highlights of our games. I have not seen any from the Derby, and was unable to watch it on SKY. Is there some reason it has not been posted and is not, why has no-one posted it, please?
  8. Funny how, iwth very few additions, the same men who were sufferijgvunder Jos are now playing their hearts out for Bruce. Obviously a different regime, but that can't be the only factor, and some of the blame must rest with th eplayers themselves. However, let's forget the blame games. They are past. Let's look forward. At elast we appear to have new acquisitions in Sam, Tom, Liam , and Fletcher, who are all playing like different men.
  9. Without specifically pointing out Hutch, this is a sign of modern footballers and one hesitates to suggest that instead of being in the PFA, most footballers shuld be in the Actors union.
  10. Simple answer. Reduce the size of the Kop, and hence its capacity.! Strangely, I walk past the side exit gates of the Kop at about 5pm on a Sat, on my way from the nearly empty South Stand, and frequently see them closing the gates because the Kop has emptied That is no later than 15 minutes after the game has finished. This happened after the 23K crowd vs Swansea. Yesterday's crowd was 31.5K. Surely all these extra seats were not on the Kop. Having to walk with 2 sticks doesn't help, but I often find that at specific times, even the South concourse seems very crowded. The main reason, unfortunately, is everyone trying to get served at once. Impatience is often the cause.
  11. Maybe it's time for a total ban on glass bottles being allowed inside the stadium?
  12. I didn't shoot you down, mate. I fully agree with you. Pity the culprit cannot be identified. taken to court, and BANNED FOR LIFE.
  13. Consider the differences - We have an inferior goal difference to Utd. ( Theirs =25, our -70 yet they are the only team to have been unable to beat us, having failed to score on both meetings. Even when teams were slotting 2 & 3 past us regularly, they were unable to beat us.or even score
  14. Define the word 'passionate'! This old 'prices keeping the fans away' is rubbish! For a game which should have been played on a Saturday afternoon, and was changed to a MONDAY NIGHT to suit Sky and SYP, and given the weather, I understand it was a terrible night weather wise in Sheffield, and to attract a mere 31.600, is certainly much better than most teams would get. And don't forget the many regular fans like myself , who were not able to get to a night game!
  15. All these football experts. Just forget all your fancy tactics and leave it to the one man who is in a position to get shot at . Steven Bruce. After all, this is just another home game against one of the League,s 'better sides'
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