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  1. Couldn't agree more with your sentiments, Dewsbury, but having he pedigree to play at U23 International level is certainly NOT a proof of ability to cut it in the Championship, a league that even proven Premiership players find difficult. natural goalscorers are certainly worth more than gold, but the point I have tried to make over the last few months is :- It is virtually certain that Hirst is not going to change his mind, and if so it's like us worrying that we haven't signed Lionel Messi yet. Why worry about something that is not going to happen. We have enough to worry about. We might as well write off the man, and move on.
  2. Nixon

    Forgive me for being thick, or possibly 'out of he loop' but WHO IS this Nixon chap. Not living in Sheffield, I don't get to read the Sheffield -oriented papers, and, to me Twitter is something that birds do. That's the trouble with my generation. The question is, however, genuine. I like to follow the news on OT, and oblique references to 'Nixon' may as well be the ex-President Richard Nixon as far as I am aware.
  3. This statement was said to a group of us , dining in the Ron Springett suite, prior to a game, and for the birthday of a fan, so it can be taken as FACT, unfortunately.
  4. Who should show interest? He's been linked with numerous Premiership clubs, in particular manure. He's been offered terms by SW and refused them, he has been offered improved terms by SW, and refused those. His father, when asked when George would be signing, said 'He won't' and this some almost two years ago. The saga has gone on almost as long as Coronation Street (and gets no funnier). He obviously considers himself above the club, and for me personally, the quicker we can make some money on what is , don't forget, an UNPROVEN at this level player, the better for all.
  5. Sunderland support almost puts ours to shame. Imagine if, instead of enduring 10 years + of lower league crap, then finally begining to see some light, we had seen the hallowed heights of the Premiership, but had then seen your side go, in TWO seasons, from Premiership , through two seasons of relegation to the depths of League 1, what would OUR gates have been like, and who's head would our armchair fans be calling for? Despite the sight of a side being within sight relegation all season, for the second successive season, Sunderland's average attendance has actually been approx 1000 per match HIGHER than ours, and their away support slightly higher than ours! Had the roles been reversed, I cannot imagine our attendances would have approached 20,000. And given our poor run this season, despite 2 years of finishing 4 and 6 in the league, suffering the injuries we've had, and the poor play, we have all taken to the social media in our thousands, staying home and posting vicious slurs. The term 'glass houses' and stone throwing comes to mind.
  6. Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    Whilst I would hate Reach to be used as a LWB, I think he is better playing forward, I was impressed by the performance he put in when dropping deep to cover for Hunt on Saturday. Maybe we have found a good place for an excellent player?
  7. Surprised at some of the comments regarding 'can't get in the team' etc, seeing as he has played in a mere 41 of the 44 matches already played, as well as having a little Premiership experience. Certainly more than Clare and Hirst. If the chap can play midfield, defend, and score goals ( Note that he scored twice against a certain Sheffield Wednesday this season) maybe there is some potential there.
  8. Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    Not just about jack Hunt, but have noticed it frequently recently. If a player is injured anywhere in the corners or close on the North Stand Side of the pitch, and the Ref calls for the stretcher (and it is the Ref, who authorises it) we then have a what seems interminable delay before 4 'space suit clad' men struggle on with a loaded stretcher.They then, on reaching the player proceed to unload equipment before getting down to treating the player. They then, after the player has been loaded, stagger off directly across the pitch. Now. I am not for one minute questioning the skill or commitment of these first aiders, or even the amount of clothing they wear, equipment they carry (probably in line with H & S regulations) but what concerns me is the TIME factor. I have been involved in many injuries in coal mines which have resulted in the patient,being carried log distances over rough terrain, helping, myself, to carry the stretcher, so have admiration for these chaps. But I do know that the major factor is the comfort of the patient, and the TIME to receive expert treatment.I have recently found myself watching a lot of American Football (I know, sad isn't it) and am amazed at the spd they remove injured playrs. The secret - simple, a small motorised guerny similar to an adapted golf cart. Surely the purchase of one similar to these would be a useful addition to our ground equipment. It could be used for numerous transport jobs when not on standby at matchdays. It just occurs to me that , in the old days of my youth, things seemed to be faster with the aid of two teams of four St.John Ambulance stationed at opposite corners of the ground, but then 'things were so much better in the old days'
  9. We are worrying about STRIKERS and who we should cull. I would suggest that, as usual, we are putting the cart before the horse. Football is essentially a simple game - the whole idea is that you score more goals in a game than your opponents! Since the beginning of March, that is appoximately the time that Jos had had chance to watch his 'mini squad' in action and for most of his important injuries to recover and be available for selection, we have SCORED 22 goals , and CONCEDED 18! I would venture to suggest that is our defence that is the concern rather than our attack. As for that short period, our 'pairs' of strikers have included the majority of our attack with the exception of Hooper, Fletcher and Wallace. This is not their fault , but an injured player's usefulness, if unavailable, be it Messi, Ronaldo , Pele or whatever, is ZERO.
  10. Got to agree that it's superb to watch the whole goal from a different angle. I realised how Nuhiu as laid the ball to FF as he started his run. What I hadn't realised was that he actually brought the ball forward for quite a way before running over it to leave it to FF. A superb move .
  11. Todays Referee

    Thought ALL the Officials today had an excellent game. Even the Linos or whatever they are called these days,. None of them were 'whistle /flag happy', they let the game flow and I think the players realised this , and played their part. Seems years since I've actually had to ask 'who was today's Ref etc.? The sign of an excellent referee. Noticed him several times just have a word with various players instead of 'carding' The Red card shown on he replay , whilst seeming to come from a suffle, was a definite kick at Nuhiu, who had used his weight legally and to advantage, and it was definitely the Lino who instigated it, rightly. For once , Officials 9/10.
  12. Player Ratings

    Very disappointed with Bannan today. He always seems to be involved, but a pass to him invites an immediate return. Doesn't seem to run with the ball, although puts himself about a lot. And has anyone noticed his reluctance to pick Reach with a pass when it seems the one option.Are they not on speaking terms.?
  13. Connor Kirby's mum

    The lad did them proud.Is he contracted?
  14. Formation

    dare I say it. The weakest link in the chain was Bannan.
  15. Why do we always have to ask, whatever our position,when a Name becomes avalable, we have to ask 'can he do a job for us.?'. If we had all these , we would have mor Managers than the NHS, and probably be as big a basket case.