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  1. Swanny wasn't 'a good player'. He was a great player, both for hs club and his country. His class and silky style of play made Jack Charlton look like a cart horse against a thoroughbred. R.I.P. ps He wasn't a bad landlord either. Had one or two cracks with him in Brimington.
  2. Q1: have we got a new manager yet? Maybe there is no ne daft enough to take the job!
  3. Why do we always look back for our saviours. With all respect to Hutch, who incidentally was one of my favourites, the only thing extra that I can see is that he could take back the roll of Yellow Card Winners from Bannan
  4. No. I'm simply pointing out that, should a new owner turn up, he would have to a) have to pay Chansiri off , THEN pay for all the list of requirements to be brought about. This requires investment . in other words mONEY, and lots of it. Don't forget that the richest club in the world -Man Utd- went through this years ago, and they are now owned by a consortium. I'm not against a change of ownership, but its a case of finding the correct one, and if businesses such as Debenhams can go into receivership, new monied owners are few and far between
  5. What planet are you living on? Tables published last season showed that , without TV money, the vast majority of Championship clubs and that includes us, are living on broadcasting money, and none are getting attendance money at all We may be one of the best supported clubs in the Championship, but our gate money is far from supporting the club. And please don't start the old argument about lowering prices (though it would be nice) Facts have shown that when prices have been lowered for certain games, the expected increase has often led to the opposite.
  6. I'm not a Chansiri fan by any means, BUT what is the alternative? Has anyone got a minimum of £350,miliion to buyhim out? And then what? We are in exactly the same position as now, and are still governed by FFP. We then need to rebuild. The immediate future would not be any different.
  7. Even with a work permit, where in gthe worldis he now, and could he get here. If he's somewhere abroad, even with magic carpet, he still needs 14 day quarantine
  8. And where do we find another idiot multi-millionaire /consortium to replace him?
  9. We are all forgetting one thing. It doesn't matter a jot how much money Chansiri has, its how much he's allowed to spend! FFP or its successors are the ones that now hold the purse strings. One reason why 'managers are not allowed to manage' is that they are not the ones who's money is being used, and the ones whom the FA will charge if any spending rules are broken. I would love to manage SW .I'd immediately sign some of the world's best young players, along with a super coach, a super physio team etc then let the Owner face the music.
  10. Looks as though we're in our usual situation. A player's name is mentioned. This is followed by a video showing in about 5 mins every goal he scored/was involved in. Then follows a diatribe about a) he's been a free agent for yonks. why haven't we had him before or b) he's not match fit and will pick up a long term injury., or c) replacement for Reach (aa player who has put in probably as much playing time as anybody, and scored a fair number of crackers, despite being a defensive wing back, followed by the inevitable 'according to TMkt has only scored twice last season.. If we pick playe
  11. What about VAR? Will it be in use at Goodison, but not at S6 if we beat them ?
  12. No, you're certainly not. But its a cheap way of filling schedules and at least it stops all the waffle about the Coronacrisis. We realise it's serious, but from many of the comments in the media, they don't First they want lock-down sooner than it was, then they want it over immediately.
  13. This an annual problem, not a new one. Think ! We obtain a player, or have a player who's out of contract. Do you offer him a One year or a Two year contract? I can't see anyone offering above that length anytime, let alone in the Covid era, If they sign, the One year ones will be out of contract at the end of the next season, the Two year ones the year after that. It's what is known as a fluid situation. This is to say nothing about the constant turmoil of FFP. and clubs being artificially than others. And the one thing that most people forget - It is the player who either agrees to th
  14. When and where is the draw being made I pre?sume it's live on TV
  15. Fans in general tend to overlook the main thing about a footballer's life. It is a relatively short span. very few players are at their best for much above 8 years .This is the time when they are at their highest earning potential.. This FA Cup period has shown that many lower and non-league clubs have 'big' names on their staffs. Put yourself in the position of the player. He is not playing for the fans, but for his family and himself. He has a relatively short time when he can earn his money. If he is playing well for club A, but can get better terms from club B, who is to condemn him
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