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  1. Hi, Asteener, No, it certainly wasn't a complaint. I am highly delighted with the response I have had from all the SWFC Stewards, not just in this instance. I have found them approachable at most times, very different from the other stewards and the SYP.
  2. Simple. I was stopped at the Barnsley game and asked if i required assistance. I walk with two sticks and was facing the e trance and the flight of stairs onto the concourse, a mere 39 steps, The young lady steward assisted me to the lift, into the Club Foyer and thence through a door into the Concourse. The gentleman there arranged for me to use the Main Entrance. Very useful for someone aged and not good on one's feet., so not a complaint, but very helpful . Just thought the club comes in for some stick, and I thought it only fair to give them a 'pat-on-back' Would suggest that their reply was 'run of the mill' for them, but thought the whole episode showed that the club does often care. It started when I had walked from the Kop gates and stopped for a blow at the Ticket Office. I was approached by 2 stewards, offering help. It seemed so 'run of the mill' but has been so helpful I would expect that they WILL reply to complaints, but don't know the outcome. Sorry if that doesn't help you , but it did me
  3. Having watched football for many years, i must admit to a certain leaning towards the idea of 'bogey clubs & players'. I know Knockheart certainly comes into this category, and I'm almost certain that Fulham do too. For that reason alone, I'm not expecting, though would love to see' a great result on sat I wouldn't mind Knockie scoring a hat-trick, if the result was 4-3 to us.
  4. Thanks. It was sorted overnight! I e-mailed the link some time after 6pm Tues. and had a phone call by 10.30 AM next morning. Well done, SWFC. and its employees.
  5. Have had reason to contact the club over a personal issue. After several mistakes, mainly my fault, I went on the club website again. and clicked the Club Contacts. On srolling through the whole lot, again,i came to the bottom, and read - 'Should any problem not be resolved to your satisfaction using the addresses above, please email welisten@swfc.co.uk with full details.' In desperation, I did, and had a reply within 15 mins, saying the situation had been forwarded to the appropriate people, and would be actioned. Smart work, welisten.
  6. One trging worries me. Monk talks of the team's fitness. This was the constant moan from Bruce that the team were not fit, and that he wa working on this. Didn't do a very good job, did he?
  7. keep this up, ETT. It's good to know how our loanees are getting along. We cry out about some of our players would benefit from going out on loan, only to find that few of them are playing full, regular games, and so are not benefiting overly from this..
  8. Got to agree, Shezza, this is what is called 'FOOTBALL'. Unfortunately, we have several 'self-admirers', who often seem bemused by their own genius., and forget that football is a team sport The comparison between Bazza and Lee is a good example. Another who is master at this, unfortunately, is FF. Watch him when a good attack has broken down (and this is what defences are for) and he can be seen to be strolling back towards the centre line as though he was out for a stroll on Blackpool front. Many new attacks have come to grief with FF being offside. Of the two goals on Sunday, Fletcher can be seen in the centre of 2 defenders and actually out-jumping them. Winnall's was, as has been said, an opportunist step between the two defenders to aim for the the forward pass. Both excellent goals. .
  9. It's something Wednesday have been lacking for a long time. It's called ANTICIPATION. It's something we have been sadly missing all over the pitch. Other teams seem to be able to pass into open spaces and find their own player, knowing he will have been thinking ahead, and will have moved into a proper position. It may sound simple. It is, and it's what sorts the wheat from the chaff. It shows that players do not need the ball to be played directly to them all the time. Sadly, we seem to play a lot of our football at a pedestrian pace, especially from defence to attack, which, for many teams, is so easy to defend against. Soccer should be more like snooker, where the player is not just thinking about the move he is about to make, but the move AFTER that Football. at its best is a very mobile game
  10. Wish they'd do away with the 'squad number' system and go back to the original. Can't pronounce half the names anyway. Always seems odd for a Left back to have a number 2 on his back. Looks as though he's playing out of position. As do many of the others. Time to go back to the old system.
  11. Sorry. So fed up of living in the place. I actually meant Palmer, who cannot be said to be past it. I fact he's playing some of the best football of his career.. But then, I've not seen many LBs at Wednesday. I can only go back as far as Hugh Swift.
  12. For heaven sake do NOT put him at LB. Reach has shown he is an attacker not a defender. I rather like the idea of him being given a Sterling role , especially now that we have got Kieron lee back, and no FF.for a while at least.He has shown he can score goals when playing in an attacking role, but is wasted in midfield, especially when we start to fall back, as we have been doing.. Maybe this would force Bannan to move up a little. He's playing too deep at the moment. As for left back, why are we moaning. We've got Buxton, who's put in some good performances for us, and the change recently in Fox has been exceptional. I believe he is gaining confidence match after match, if only people would get off his back, and focus on what he does well not on his mistakes. Look at some of the other 'stars' and analyse THEIR performances. What about our Yellow Card King, who has taken over from Hutchinson in the roll of 1 card per game certainly.The almighty Bannan.
  13. Got to agree, dumboldowl. As far as I'm concerned, he should come to us with NO BAGGAGE! The number of previous clubs should only make him more experienced. A manager moves for two reasons. the first, HE feels that he is not doing a good job, the second, the OWNER thinks he is not doing so. Chansiri is known for loyalty to his managers, and his willingness to give them a chance. to prove themselves Carlos was here 2 years then jumped ship, Jos was kept far too long without producing, and the last s\#######e, after being treated almost like royalty, decided in a couple of months to jump ship. Whilst this says little about Chansiri's choice in managers, it does say a lot for him as a gaffer. I know little about Monk, but he has been appointed Manager of MY club, and as such will get my loyalty until such time as he remains.
  14. The topic title says it all. The time we take to turn defence into attack seems to be getting longer and longer. last night's E v Kosovo match was an eye opener. The England forward line , in the first half, looked unbeatable, yet still needed an own-goal to establish what looked like an insurmountable lead. Yet the Kosovo players still continued to be attack -minded, and started to pull the lead back. The Kosovo team played some superb football and were a pleasure to watch when compared with some of the international rubbish we see. Maybe we could do with a couple of Kosovo coaches?
  15. Thought the same, while watching it . I think that a England seriously underestimated Kosovo throughout the match, particularly in second half b The scoreline flattered England, who missed a penalty, and of those scored one was a rather simple own goal c The England defence is CRAP. d. Some clubs, not least our own, may start sniffing in Kosovo. One thing that really took my ear, was when the commentator was talking about the LEFT BACK, and he said something on the lines of 'There is a grave shortage of English Left Backs in the entire game itself. Maybe , with a little perseverance, a certain FOX might be considered a reasonable Championship LB.
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