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  1. FreshOwl

    The future of Joao

    All the credentials are there, it’s only a matter of time before he hits 20+goals Let’s hope we sign him down long term. But this is Wednesday and you know what’ll happen. Stormer of a season next year followed by months of contract negotiations = Joao leaving on a free
  2. FreshOwl

    Surely bloody not!

    Throw the whole club in the bin if this happens
  3. FreshOwl

    Westwood Going

    I half heartedly agree with you. Hooper, lee, Hutchinson are players of the past, and unlikely to hit the heights they previously did time to shake it up and build the squad again. We need something new
  4. FreshOwl

    Westwood Going

    At the end of the day, would Westwood leaving damage the club on the pitch? You’d say probably not. If the price is right let him go
  5. FreshOwl

    George Hirst

    Just because you respond to a topic doesn’t mean your interested, you might just be sick to death of reading about it
  6. FreshOwl

    800k for Fred

    Losing lees would weaken the team (or the defence). We learnt from that last season when he was out and then noticed considerable improvement when he came back in
  7. FreshOwl

    Robert Snodgrass - Winning Mentality

    Totally agree but some on here won’t like it because he goaded us that time
  8. Deal, do it with the option of a recall in jan if he’s scoring, only fair if they’re only willing to pay half
  9. FreshOwl

    Sean Clare

    Whatever let him go
  10. Can’t see anyone taking him for even a half of that 40k a week he’s amazingly earning, royally foooked here
  11. FreshOwl


    Praising her when no one has any real idea what she’s been up to only on owlstalk
  12. FreshOwl

    #SWFC don't need to go mad.

    That’s just it isn’t it. Everyone eagerly anticipating next season with our current squad, who have 2 failed play off attempts in the last 3 seasons We haven’t really strengthened in those 3 years, apart from arguably reach,
  13. Shows that charisma can get you a long way in life bloke is an absolute con artist, a barely capable football manager who has seemingly talked his way into the business
  14. FreshOwl

    Jack Marriott

    Offer cash and try and offload some of (if any) the deadwood
  15. FreshOwl

    Welcome to Hillsborough

    Because you’re making up lies to sound funny but it’s just a huge fail for yourself