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  1. We couldn’t put two passes together, it’s a complete kick and hope. 2nd to everything we never get near second balls no identity is how I’d describe that
  2. FreshOwl

    Lees why...

    He can square that ball to Palmer, it’s almost like they’ll get a whipping in the changing room if they lump it forward
  3. FreshOwl


    Should have brought him on for Joey straight after their 2nd
  4. FreshOwl

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Dawson 6 lees 4 hector 6 thorniley 5 Palmer 6 reach 6 Pelupessey 7 bannan 6 penney 3 joao 5 fletcher 6
  5. That was like something out of the Irvine era, league 2 standard performance, truly gutter Don’t know what brought that on but hope it was just an off day
  6. A horrendous game, from both sides, glad that’s over and completely forgotten
  7. I actually can’t listen to him anymore
  8. FreshOwl

    “Keizer” Hector

    Rolls Royce big don Hector
  9. Penney is playing without any concentration it seems, nerves maybe
  10. Penney looking a year off the pace
  11. How many times are you gonna go on about this Pulis, doesn’t sound like you’re ‘getting on with it, it sounds like you’re moaning about it
  12. To be fair it’s quite admirable how he’s found a loop in the system, footballers are universally known to be a bit thick, Carlos comes across as this suarve foreigner with a fancy dictionary. His agents played a blinder, from the Portuguese third tier to national coverage, as well as a job in the premier league
  13. Carlos is just desperate to be seen as this philosophical guy
  14. FreshOwl

    Converting Draws to Wins

    They kill you if you have aspirations for promotion yes, valuable at the other end though