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  1. Gary Hooper without the finishing, he’d get in over half the championship teams these days
  2. Is no one advising Chansiri on the stupidity of stuff like this? Christ, we really are a one man band at boardroom level, surprised we’ve survived this long without being hung to dry
  3. As long as there’s no Pelupessey in the team I couldn’t give a throw on the 11
  4. Sprint 2/3rds of the pitch and was probably gassed. I don’t think it was anywhere near as easy as it looked, and I can forgive him after his clinical finish for our 3rd
  5. We all know how football forums work, the same as they have been for the past 15 years. If you don’t like the criticism of your favourite players then piiiss off. No one is getting personal, everything is related to what’s going on the pitch
  6. Cursed with players with a shiit mentality then. Whatever the negative is
  7. Would be a very welcome addition until the end of the season but you just can’t justify keeping him any longer. Even if he played every game from now till May I’d still have reservations
  8. Put it this way, if that last min equaliser had come a few months ago there would have been thread upon thread. People just cba at the moment as there’s been so much crap recently
  9. Some people will say this is harsh but it really does stretch this far with him. He’s that poor that he shouldn’t play again, and Monk is on another planet for continuing to pick him. I’d rather play an out of position player there ahead of him
  10. Pelupessey is league 1, Dawson will get better. It doesn’t help playing in front of a defence who have been horrid last few months. I’m definitely willing to give him time yet
  11. Careful he’ll PM you and offer to come knock you out, stockport’s finest is @casbahowl, funny he brings up keyboard warrior when he’s the king
  12. Not mistakenly at all, he was drafted off for Fox and is not really a worth a review as he’s dog meat every single game
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