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  1. Keep dreaming. Bruce would throw himself at the chance and rightly so
  2. Not even an upgrade, would be an utterly pointless signing
  3. Under 100 career appearances at 26, not another crock I hope?
  4. Haven’t kept up with the thread, who on earth is Harris?
  5. If Bruce is getting pissed and getting more involved then are these free transfer signings (German lad, Moses) actually done? Because the above would argue otherwise
  6. Need to be winning both those or we can forget the play offs
  7. Good write up apart from the Charlie Austin part. £2m, where on earth has that come from? I thought he’d go for at least quadruple that
  8. I can’t think of why any decent player would want to play in the bloomin Scottish league over the championship, you couldn’t pay me enough
  9. I must have been asleep in my old age of 27, though I do admit in the time he’s been out I’d forgotten about a lot of those games. Like I’ve said he’ll be a strong addition to bring back in and hopefully he’ll stay fit, I think I’m just a bit reluctant to keep going with the 2015 team.
  10. Bristol city at home? Rotherham away, how often else has he changed a game? now before everyone starts kicking off and misconstrues what I say, I like Lee and I think he is a good championship player. But for a midfielder is he a game changer? Hooper was a game changer, FF is, Lee is a solid midfield player but it’s the usual case on here - absence makes the heart grow fonder Part of the failed play off team, part of the midfield that got bullied at Wembley
  11. Lee’s a good championship player, but are people bigging him up a bit too much? He’s never been a game changer, and is another part of the failed play off squad Be good to have him back, but some are acting like he’s the second coming of Jesus, and the ‘best piece of busiiness’ we can do all summer. I disagree with that
  12. All permies then, interesting. Hoping we get a few loans in (Arrons being one)
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