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  1. If they had celebrated that goal it would have been so cringe. There’s nothing to celebrate at all with this season. Like arsenal celebrating their last min equaliser at home to Fulham, just corny
  2. I just said it would be good to see them in the PL, the logistics of that I don’t know, you don’t have to deep it
  3. what I didn’t like about the ESL was that it was a closed shop. This wouldn’t be that. I’d much rather see Celtic and rangers than Watford or Burnley
  4. Lol wish I was as optimistic. One result against us could finish us
  5. But they won’t lose all of them. The law of averages says they’ll pick up at least a couple wins
  6. Still too many games for Rotherham. It ain’t happening folks
  7. It was, but I just feel in the last few years his man management ability has deteriorated
  8. What on earth makes Semedo better? He did it in league 1, and couldn’t hack the step up to the championship
  9. I’m sick of reports asking managers in interviews about this now. It’s almost as if they’re baiting them in when they know they can’t talk about it, or don’t have the information
  10. Clear and obvious improvement. You’d be a donkey to think otherwise. We’d definitely have a few more wins I’m convinced of that
  11. Like this year you mean where they got QF
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