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  1. Nigel Clough

    Crazy suggestion

    It's been time to go for a long time
  3. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Fighting for a draw against bottom of the table Bolton

    Some things never change
  5. All managers big up the opposition, it's so that if they lose they have an excuse
  6. Hull were absolutely there for the taking
  7. So he needed some home truths from a no name radio presenter not even involved in the football world, for him to change his approach?
  8. Gary Hooper Wanted by Premier Clubs

    If they want him and come in with an acceptable offer than he'll be off, no question what is he, 29? Perhaps last chance to play premier football and double his salary at the same time. Plus if he does well there and palace go down he could earn himself another move here's hoping none of the above happens though. I don't trust the current regime to spend the money wisely and we'll shoot down the league without his goals
  9. Just Visiting

    Because what he said was right! is there something against telling the truth on here?
  10. Just Visiting

    Oh cmon, you can't argue with much of it. Leeds could and should have been 2 up in the first 20, and no doubt it would have been a different game its the same in the pigs thread in the non swfc section. Wednesday fans saying they were lucky and we would have thrashed them on any other given day. The pigs played us off the park 2 weeks ago, complete fact. if you supported any other club and came on a Wednesday forum you wouldn't believe the self entitlement you read at times. We must have the most subjective fans in the country, unable to accept that we are a top 10 championship side and nothing more. But anyone who says that is a pig or wants the club to fail, it's lunacy
  11. Just imagine if we lost, that feelings enough to say no