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  1. I started to think I was injured at one point
  2. Maybe he’s told to stay on his line as his shot stopping is so good? Just a theory
  3. Great win but need a shower after watching that orrid game
  4. Happy with that, although Reach lucky to keep his place ahead of FF. let’s hope he has a better game
  5. Just give us a decent ref tonight ffs
  6. You should have offered to wash it for him ffs
  7. You been sipping the moonshine if you think he’ll start tonight
  8. It seems most are letting his shot stopping take precedent over all his other attributes. Their were opposition crosses hitting the 6 yard box last Friday that he wasn’t coming for
  9. Never had an issue with Fox, always been a steady left back. Theres no doubt that Dawson is a solid shot stopper, but if he comes out to claim even one cross tonight I’ll be pulling cartwheels
  10. And we’re all glass hall full mate, we support Wednesday ffs
  11. Thousands of times I’ve praised players on here, Fletcher, Borner and Iorfa every week for example. So don’t call me the critic for pointing out faults with Dawson. As I’ve also said (if you’d bothered to look) his shot stopping is very strong, but his command of his area is pathetic
  12. Amazing how people keep listing Reach in the starting 11, after his 4/10s each week. Some have even put Harris on the bench, I honestly give up
  13. What constitutes ‘having a go’ these days, commenting on whats right in front of you?
  14. Luongo is an attacking midfielder, needs to play higher up the pitch
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