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  1. Probably the least of our problems right now
  2. How much of that was on the playing side? He’s put a lot of money in, but aside from Rhodes I can’t think of anyone we’ve spent big money on
  3. I wouldn’t stress yourself out over it all. It’s really not worth it
  4. haha to be fair he does look like he’s just pulled a whopper. Like when you win the lottery and have your picture taken
  5. Better than hutch and willing to come here? I extremely doubt it
  6. What would you rather - no signings, or signing hutch who improves the squad on a 6 month deal while we battle a relegation fight? Because those were the 2 options
  7. I’d have him. Still think he’s got a bright future, but managing top European players came too early for him
  8. Don’t bother, it’s all too ‘embarrassing’ and ‘pathetic’ for them to understand
  9. Why they hiding his face like we don’t know who it is
  10. Definitely. I look at their squad and there’s some top European talent in there. He’s not capable of managing players of that level yet
  11. Big time. Called it at the time. Not his fault, but Roman was stupid to give him it off the back of one decent season in the championship
  12. Surprised not to see a thread on him, as for me he’s the biggest plus point of the night. Having him back brings much needed stability to the defence, and he’s a capable ball player
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