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  1. I think it’s more he’s arguably filling the place of someone who can come in and do those things you’ve mentioned
  2. I still mad at the way he approached the 16/17 play offs, we were pathetic in both legs
  3. Funny how the players who talk/complain about this sort of stuff usually amount to nothing. I can’t think of a player who complained of bad crowds and went on to have a fantastic career
  4. How many times is he gonna talk about how he left?
  5. I was at the palace home match. I knew after the first mistake that he’d make another, was one of them days and the awful pitch wouldn’t have helped. Christ, Westwood used to get hammers thinking about it. All the fans sat around me in the south wanted to tear his head off, I used to laugh at how venemous they’d get
  6. Gotta stay. Hasn’t even played a full season, is young and has a lot of potential
  7. They just throw out the usual rubbish “Confidence” “we know what we’re capable of” blah blah Listening to Megsons interview that SWFC just posted, and Martin Hodges from the 86/87 video, players used to be so much more open, it’s like they’re chatting to a mate. Now they’re just robots
  8. Why they bother with these interviews I’ll never know “Explain the recent performances Dom” ”erm they haven’t been good enough” “Why haven’t they been good enough” ”Erm I don’t know, we don’t know” Superb insight
  9. I’d like to see him back here and see how he’s playing before we even think of a new contract. Is everyone’s memory being clouded by that one decent goal they saw him score recently? I’d heard he’d been below par apart from that
  10. And how has our transfer business been over the last 15 years? It’s not surprising they’ve come out with this, as the majority have gone on to achieve very little
  11. As if people are turning their nose up at this. I’d much rather this happen then no football at all. And we’re not going to wait for a vaccine before all this kicks off again, do you honestly believe that? I mean who the hell wants to see us in the flesh after this season? Play it out behind closed doors than back in the stands next season when we’re hopefully much improved.
  12. Collectively they’re not good enough and I’d wager at least half couldn’t give a shiiit
  13. Well yeah, it’s easy to say anything innit, but imo it’s poor they’re coming up with excuses like that, and I honestly do think it’s an excuse. A few players in a squad who suffered this I’d understand, but it seems to deplete our whole squad. That to me is fishy
  14. Doesn’t wash with me. Some of these players have arguably played for bigger clubs A half empty morgue like Hillsborough shouldn’t be having any of them worried. They need to get a grip or find a different profession
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