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  1. He’s had a new found confidence/swagger about him the last few weeks. Think he’ll be out number one for years to come, even in the PL (should we get there) as he’ll get even better. one of our own, you love to see it.
  2. We’ve got a more shaped team these days, with quality in a variety of areas. We’ve two of the strongest wingers in the division in Harris & Reach, and very strong back ups in FF & Murphy. We’ve got one of the strongest defensive line ups with an excellent spine in Iorfa/Lees- Hutch/Bannan - Fletcher (another one of the best in the league) The reason I feel confident this year more than others is because the leagues weaker, and we’ve got strength in depth (apart from Fletch)
  3. Ok, a friend? How do you know he’s been carrying an injury all season
  4. What a bunch of knuckle draggers. Yes they were getting thumped but weren’t they in the play offs pre game?
  5. Mom Rhodes for his 3 goals, utterly professional display and his lovely post match interview. Poor guy has clearly been through it here, you can tell by his body language. So happy for him
  6. Finally someone sees sense Since when has 29 been old Jesus wept. He’s at least got 3-4 years left at this level if he keeps up his fitness etc
  7. Someone on here posted yesterday, so I’m believing it
  8. Is someone gonna start this before every game now?
  9. Second striker next to fletcher, don’t think we’ll do any better. Everyone banging on about his age, look at fletcher and Vardy. We seem to be thinking early 30s is the equivalent of being a pensioner with false teeth and a walker
  10. First start in 18 months, now I’m not the biggest fan of Rhodes but what the hell were some people expecting? I actually feel he linked well with fletcher first half
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