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  1. He arguably should have come on at Milwall too, instead of Rhodes. last 20 mins-ish I have no problem bringing him on, he’s usually exactly what we need
  2. You’re right, and to be honest I completely forgot Hutch. What a nightmare choosing this midfield
  3. We need to step away from the Bannan philosophy, it’s not brought the success we need and moving forward it won’t do either. Change it up
  4. Hands up, good of you not to rub it in my face tbh
  5. Wouldn’t have made a difference. He’d be one of those putting in a 2/10 But expected this comment
  6. Playing us must be the easiest preparation for any opposition manager “All they do is give it Bannan, just double on up him” Is it time we try something/ someone else? Lee Hutch and Luongo
  7. Bye Bully, nice bloke but stick to flogging houses
  8. From what I’ve seen of him so far, just a bizarre player....is he good? is he bad?
  9. How on earth is this kid keeping Palmer out the side? Must be doing wonders in training
  10. We’ve got too many strikers, we all know that. If we’d got rid of another and had 2 on the bench would you still be moaning?
  11. More in terms of body stature and style yeah
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