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  1. Interesting comments.

    Yep. 13 clubs in 13 years, I always revert back to this fact and have done ever since he took over. Hes a fraud who manipulates and leeches off chairmen who aren’t wise to the footballing world
  2. Stick With Carlos

    Another 10 years? He shouldn’t be given another day I fear for the January transfer window. I sort of hope we have no money to spend. I wouldn’t trust him with my shopping list
  3. No Bannan, better tempo,

    I must have seen a different game last night. It was the same shocking stuff, no tempo, no creativity, nowhere passing, didn’t win any second balls (especially in the middle of the park). We have absolutely no idea how to break a football side down. It’s desperate stuff and won’t get any better soon
  4. I’ve seen many games this season. My point was last night was a record for it, understand?
  5. We must have set a record for back and sideway passes last night, and a few of them were when we were in good positions. Just what the hell is going on in training
  6. Ross Wallace

    His floaty crosses had me suicidial tonight
  7. Ross Wallace

    Agree with this. He deserves our respect but my god that was a nightmare performance tonight
  8. It’s the same crap we’ve been watching for god knows how long, what’s different? I give up
  9. 10 secs left from the 1st half, we’re in space in the middle and he passes back done with this crap, completely done. Won’t be watching the second half
  10. I’ve had enough already
  11. I want us to lose, but only if it meant he’d get the chop i don’t give a shiit if that makes me a bad fan
  12. One of the worst midfields in the football league never mind the championship
  13. Not going tonight

    “Walk out is not good for the players” does anyone think the players give one shiit about the club?
  14. We don’t have the squad or the manager to win promotion, simple as that. Clear out the entire coaching staff and 3/4 of the playing staff. Easier said than done though.