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  1. I was thinking more domestically but you’re right re Zidane. It just feels like managerial appointments in the past were based on what your experience was and what you’d achieved. But I suppose if you’ve won at the highest level and been in those dressing rooms that’s valuable experience
  2. I’d give him a year, but he’d never accept a contract that length
  3. But you got promotions due to ability I assume and not just for knowing your boss? my point was experience doesn’t seem to matter anymore when going for the top positions. If you played at the highest level in your career then you’ve got one foot in the door already
  4. Does talent or experience even matter anymore? Starting to annoy me seeing all these ex players walking straight into top clubs with little or no experience Pirlo at Juventus is the latest rumour lampard at chelsea arteta at Arsenal Managerial appointments seem to be based off relationships these days - who you know John Terry has done a bit of coaching at Villa, no doubt he’ll be rewarded hugely soon
  5. Tbf he was decent at this level at Derby a few years back and seems to have gone stale since On a free on decent wages I wouldn’t say no. I can’t imagine us signing any better
  6. I think we’re looking back with rose tinted specs a little here Yes on his day JJ in league 1 could be unplayable but how often have we said that about players over the years, and let’s not forget we’re talking about L1 here He couldn’t control the ball to save his life, watch that highlight video someone posted on the 1st page. Like Helan, Esajas etc, it was just run and hope. Sometimes it came off and looked spectacular - 95% of the time it failed He brought some decent memories I’m not knocking that but Christ, I’ve seen threads on here the past week on JJ and Rob Jones, effectively two journeyman Lower league players who we class as legends here. It’s almost a bit sad tbh
  7. Wow players keen to join us, have they been told about the -12
  8. It’s because people’s brains aren’t engaged properly and they’re not smart enough to see the difference
  9. The people who usually do this are under the age of 20, or an adult with mental issues Where do these ‘half arsed effort’ comments come from? These dim-wits are confusing a lack of effort with not being good enough. The majority of professional players give 100% every match (apart from the jay bothroyds of this world) and I’ve rarely (if ever) seen a player not trying
  10. Fair enough tbh, can’t begrudge him that
  11. I dunno there’s just something I like about him. He’s a modern day player who needs better coaching and will hopefully improve his temperament and decision making as he gets older
  12. The reincarnation of big Dave you couldn’t make it up. Bring him home!!!
  13. Putting a positive spin on this, it could galvanise the club and players like never before
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