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  1. FreshOwl

    Great pic...

    Facts, he’s so obviously a league 1/2 player it can be painful to watch
  2. FreshOwl

    Great pic...

    We need to play the ball far quicker Boyd got in a few good positions but took an age to cut it back his cement boots
  3. FreshOwl

    Great pic...

    Yes all true but don’t forget that Rotherham should have clearly won on Saturday, they had 3/4 guilt edged chances, a decent team would have battered us
  4. FreshOwl

    Team for Swansea

    I fear the same, that Boyd is one of Bruce’s boys...he’s the definition of cement boots, Sedgwick-esque
  5. We’ll probably finish where we are now, gonna be an absolute drain until the end of season
  6. FreshOwl

    Out of Contracts

    Makes me feel a bit sick knowing we’ve got big Dave for another year and a half
  7. FreshOwl

    Man of the match - Rotherham (A)

    Joao needs outing like the rest of them How long do we stay patient and wait for this ‘potential’ to prosper? Its never gonna happen
  8. FreshOwl


    That’s brilliant
  9. FreshOwl

    DO we trust the players

    Absolutely not. We’re gonna get smashed and I’m glad I’m missing it
  10. FreshOwl

    We've not replaced Wallace

    You’re right, we don’t have a midfielder who can carry the ball down the wing, cut back and whip it in the basics of any football team apart from bannan, hutch and FF I can’t tell what the rest of the outfield players are supposed to be good at Reach, Boyd, Joey, matias just empty footballers, athletes who run around a bit
  11. FreshOwl

    Not good enough

    Agree with this But we also need forwards who have got a bit of movement and pace about them, who can play on the shoulder of the CB Midfielders can be creative and carry the ball forward - but when you’ve got fletcher and Joao up top (who lack pace and movement), and Boyd on the wing, you’re never going to trouble defenders
  12. FreshOwl

    FAO all playing staff

    People let a last min goal against Shiite cloud their judgement, and forget about everything else
  13. FreshOwl

    Not good enough

    Westwood isn’t Ireland’s number 1 anymore Fletch and Boyd have experience in the PL but that becomes obsolete when your past it Reach is an average player at this level, bannan needs better players around him FF isn’t one of the best players in this league, I wish people would stop saying this When has he ever proved it?
  14. FreshOwl

    Forestieri Red Card

    Does it even matter anymore- sorry to be a drain but FF peaked a couple years ago and has been either injured or suspended ever since barely gets a run of games together, pretty obsolete like the rest of our squad remember when I used to get excited seeing his name on the team sheet, now it’s a feeling of nothing, meh