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  1. Yeah but if you’re on about selling him, most on here are suggesting it’s gonna be PL clubs in for him. I personally can’t see him adding anything to a PL side, especially for the fees mentioned. They’d be better off signing a continental player for half the money whose better
  2. FF vs Norwich Reachs’ goals were fantastic but the ball had forward momentum and sat up really nice for him FF was off balance, in the middle of the pitch
  3. Hate? Ffs people just don’t rate him as much as others, what I HATE is the fact that you can’t seem to have a different opinion on here FYI I don’t rate Reach anymore than a top 10 championship player, he’d fold in the PL
  4. Ooh great, another transfer megathread of over 100 pages with no actual signings or anyone ITK, just people posting tosh
  5. Gotta love when people think they’re ITK on here, embarrassing people with no life
  6. Will be a key player for us next season Have always loved Fletcher - a proper striker. Superb link-up play and ball rentention too, was running circles around the Norwich players at times on Friday, had 3-4 players who couldn’t get the ball off him
  7. And how do you know he’s off? Or are you speculating...like everyone else on here
  8. Very lethargic / lacks concentration. We don’t need another Joao Pass
  9. Yeah because he actually has to work hard now
  10. I can’t see Norwich buying a loanee they never play
  11. What game were you watching. Hutch wasn’t bad but abysmal? There was one moment where he chased one of theirs down by the corner flag and robbed him of possession - vintage Sam Dawson on the other hand should have done better with both goals (1st shouldn’t have happened), grabbed the ball outside the area (absolute lunacy, something you learn not to do when you first take the sport up), flaps at every cross, positional sense is wretched He brings absolutely no confidence or presence to the team whatsoever. That’s not me being harsh, that’s bloody clear as day for all to see And what great saves? I only remember the Norwich player shooting at his feet
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