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  1. Fans are notified of this sort of stuff at any other club in the country As long back as I can remember Wednesday have always been reluctant to release this sort of info
  2. FreshOwl

    When Bruce Becomes Manager

    Average in terms of attendance, nothing else about the club is big
  3. FreshOwl

    When Bruce Becomes Manager

    I’m more of a Ritalin man myself
  4. FreshOwl

    When Bruce Becomes Manager

    100% There’s not a chance in hell Bruce would entertain us, due to the set up here under DC But I’m not sure he’d listen even if we didn’t have DC and were in the same league position. We’re not particularly a big club, people need to start realising that We haven’t been a draw for 20 years, and even then we were a bottom end prem team
  5. FreshOwl

    Christmas Megastore Video

    It was awful but brilliant at the same time
  6. FreshOwl

    Christmas Megastore Video

    Gloomy and confusing, they’ve certainly captured the mood
  7. Let’s hope it’s the fans who are willing to voice their concerns and aren’t afraid, are the ones going next week no questions about the kiosk or anything daft (or save that for after the important stuff)
  8. FreshOwl

    Shortlist of 5

    Steady there big fella
  9. FreshOwl

    Shortlist of 5

    Pig 100%
  10. FreshOwl

    Paul cook

    Do you have to bloody start a new thread on it though? Haven’t we got enough
  11. That’s been the football industry for as long as I can remember
  12. Truly unbelievable, you wouldn’t see it in any other profession
  13. FreshOwl

    Westwood to Weeds

    None of our players are good enough for the Prem
  14. And we will get tonked no question. Swansea are in decent form and will make light work of us