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  1. FreshOwl

    Sheffield Star

    I guarantee once the players step out at 3pm no one in the entire ground is thinking about any of that, so it can’t be to blame for results. There’s debate at every club
  2. FreshOwl

    Sheffield Star

    Whose going ballistic over it? The op mentioned it wasn’t the right term and if anyone’s gone ballistic since then, it’s been you
  3. Might as well start playin fans then, if effort is all that’s required
  4. FreshOwl

    George Boyd

    George Boyd just useless
  5. Who cares, recovery time won’t matter as we’ll play a weaker side on Thursday
  6. FreshOwl


    You can’t be that stupid
  7. That’s not ‘explaining the situation’, that’s lying
  8. FreshOwl

    Just got back

    6/10 attacking midfielder? He’s barely a 1
  9. FreshOwl

    Another pathetic manager

    Scrap the holding midfielder position, it’s a waste of a shirt in this league
  10. FreshOwl

    Another pathetic manager

    I was watching his pre match conference yesterday The whole thing just doesn’t feel right. The guy slumbers his words, is awkward and has the personality of a wet sponge. Would love to know what he has done, or is doing to motivate these players
  11. FreshOwl

    Joey Pelupessy

    I’ve said it since his second game. An invisible player who will never be good enough why do we insist on having these useless anchor, steady the ship type of players like joey and David Jones ? An uneeded type IMO. Works at the top level where you need that sort of player (kante)
  12. FreshOwl

    Joey Pelupessy

    No one expects zidane we’re just mythed as to why he’s starting, he’s league 2 standard. Never thought I’d say it but get bloody Jones in ahead of him
  13. **rubs hands** right 0-1 down whose getting it
  14. FreshOwl

    One more sleep

    What’s he supposed to say? Sadly that’s the reality of the situation
  15. Needed to go up 16/17 season, bottled it to Huddersfield