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  1. I reckon teams will go down on less than 50pts, more like 44-50 Wycombe for example look like they won’t even manage 30
  2. Interesting way of looking at it. Especially at home, where we have looked so cagey at the back on multiple occasions. The arrival of Flint and resurgence of VA is really positive to see, as well as Dunkley to come back
  3. Felt like this? Flint. VA Odubjao. Luongo. Harris Bannan Reach Windass Patterson Kachunga
  4. Yes I think we will. We have more cohesion, work rate and team spirit than any other period over the last 4 years On a normal season, I reckon this team would finish with around 60pts
  5. He ended up about 2 miles away from where the incident took place
  6. Tactical genius is Monk Birmingham had no idea what was going on yesterday. When in defensive mode we had Luongo drop back into CB with VA and Flint spreading out, and Reach and Kachunga move infield with Harris and Odubjao smashing the wings Making Mourinho look like Jos
  7. Can you not look at the situation objectively enough to understand it’s nothing like the Jos reign? Cmon man
  8. Brought in his own staff formation and tactics taking shape The players are clearly playing for him, and there seems to be a good bond there When have you ever seen Wednesday press teams like they have been? I don’t see 1 benefit of sacking him, not one
  9. Seems to have worked on his quick distribution too I used to age 10 years between him receiving the ball for a goal kick, and him actually starting the game again
  10. It’s the home games I worry about, as we are a completely different side
  11. Reach - credit to him. Head down and this free roaming role on the wing is much more suited to him Windass - Livewire. Great footballing brain. Unlucky with free kick Luongo - Usual dominant self Van Allen - Solid with a game winning block
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