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  1. That idiot Kevin Gage

    Who is kevin gage?
  2. Spain for pigs game..?

    Thanks opti
  3. As usual the FL hacked my PC to get my holiday dates so they could arrange pigs game while I'm away. Its a long shot but any owls around Javea / moraira area.???? It would be good to watch it with fellow wednesdayites if possible
  4. C'mon Owlstalk, let's hear it for Carlos.

    Carlos knows far more about football than all the negative moaners will ever know. Mr C knows more about running a business and a football club than all the moaners will ever know. I support my club, I support Carlos, I support Mr C No time for negative moaners. Support your club ffs
  5. Adam Reach

    Totally agree. He's playing superb at left back, covers so much ground and started beating men and crossing much Improved Keep it up lad !
  6. Great post. I'm sick of the bedwetting brigade and their bizarre negativity. CC has had two fantastic seasons and is heading for a third. Makes you wonder what agenda these moaners have. Support Mr C, support Carlos, support the club. No place for negativity here
  7. Added time tonight

    True hunt was down about three minutes alone. I'm sure they just pick a random number
  8. Positives and negatives

    A huge scoreboard with tiny font...I thought that too. You can't read the players names! At least they made the clock bigger again. It was tiny v forest
  9. Brentford Tho'

    Brentford nylons were best team I've seen us play by a long way...how have they not won this season. On tonights performance they looked a top six side
  10. Added time tonight

    Ref was poor all game. Not sure how he got over 7minutes injury time from 4!!!!!!! Amazing how he blew up immediately after they bit the post...so he knew exactly to one second how much time? More like keep playing till they scored. He gave us nothing all night

    Will sky be happy when the grounds Are virtually empty because everyone is at home watching streams?? I hate sky and how they have ruined football. BT will take their premiership contract off them and in time they will go bust hopefully. Only problem is BT will mess football up instead !
  12. Bedwetters of the world unite....

    And "clappers" isn't? I actually see both sides of the argument I agree with most of the anti finlux comments......but if we lose to Brentford nylons on Tuesday, will you all be posting " don't criticise the club, let's just behind the club and support the lads"????
  13. Joost van Aken

    Very good debut and he will learn from that today. Well done JVA I think he will be a real assert. I 'Joost' hope he understands how massively important the game against the pigs is
  14. The thing that impressed me about Jones v Sunland was despite some awful passes in the first half, he never hid. He continued to make himself available to get stuck in, to pass and to shoot. I was delighted for him when he scored. Most players would have disappeared with the crowd groaning at him. Took some guts that
  15. Right you JR loving idjuts

    You have an IQ of 156 and call someone "spastic"...... Really?????? Go and look up what spastic actually means you ignorant idiot