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  1. Its a no to cook for me, so no need to have a poll
  2. I think goals from the boxing day massacre took about 20 odd years before being seen again.....maybe that 5.0 will be seen again one day soon..... id love to see that night again......what a night
  3. I was there too. On the away end and it was ridiculously full. Proper crushed. There were loads of wednesday ites on that open end. Police moved about 1000 owls on to where we were and i remember thinking how the hell will they get another 1000 in here. Unbelievable disregard for safety in those days. The atmosphere was brilliant tho. I think they got a penalty in tge first minute which bolder saved. The 5 nil replay was one of the geatest ive witnessed. Ive never seen the goals as i dont think cameras were there which is bizarre considering it was quarter final. Grsat day
  4. Who cares........... What about a picture of melanie at the pub. Far more important
  5. So youre saying theyll be be the best in the championship.....because they were good 2 seasons before? That doesnt make sense at all And didnt norwich go up as champions the year pigs finished second?
  6. Which person? Are these multi billionairres like buses or something............force chansiri out because there are so many people out there with huge sums of money (that also cant be spent because of ffp) that are happy to keep bank rolling a club with no income for the forseeable future.........ok...
  7. Why is HE struggling financialy now? I dont think you understand ffp or the finances of business.. Yeah lets hound him out, the only person keeping the club afloat......no wonder DC gets pissed off with some of our fans
  8. Why do people THINK using "fink" instead of "think" is funny and that it hasnt already been done a hundred times?
  9. Yes without a doubt. Im convinced hed have taken us up and convinced he will if he comes back. Yes im pissed off with him fir what he did, but dont care i want to go up and bruce will do that within 2 seasons
  10. Little things? I could go on all day about how rubbish footbal is now. If honest ive lost all interest in football. Unfortunately i love wednesday, so will follow them regardless, but dont watch it at all now. The CHEATING by so called professional fit athletes is embarassing. Utterly embarassing how they fall over at the slightest touch and pretend they are injured...utterly pathetic. They do it to con the reveree.... i.e. they CHEAT dont even get me started on VAR !!!!! Football is sterilised and will get worse and worse
  11. Pearson for me. Hed bring us the long craved for success. Cant see cook doing that. Absolutely no one knows how how nige and DC would get on. They may just click
  12. Its on hesgoal....no adverts no sign up, good quality
  13. Worrying that ladbrokes have "homeless man" at 5 to 1. Hes come in from nowhere
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