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  1. Sack monk tomorrow and i sill say thanks too
  2. He should walk out tonight. Embarassing monk. Just go
  3. Agree with OP. Monke will take us nowhere
  4. Hes no where near good enough. Need a new manager for next season. Sad to say but that treacherous t@@t bruce would have taken us up this season. This division is poor this season
  5. What an utter bellend. So...."we were always going to do that"....what ? Bring him on for the last 20 minutes?...... and you couldnt even cope with him for 20 minutes. Nuhius pass to murphy split you in half........ he completely and utterly lost YOU and put YOU on your arse as he smashed in the second.......oh and thanks for your abysmal amateurish pass to Borner to set up our second. Can we class that as an assist? As for your big club comment, your still a stupid ignorant child. Looking forward to watching your career going backwards, white, you nobody
  6. I loved walking round leeds yesterday in my wednesday hoodie. It brings a great satisfaction when they saw the badge and just dropped their heads. Couldnt even make eye contact with me .........happy me
  7. A real pity as FF was unbelievable player and so loved by the fans. No idea whats happened to him, but hes not missed. I was one of his greatest fans, but nothing in 3 years now. So sad. If he has anything about him, hell be working his nuts off and trying to restore his reputation. Its his only chance as he wont get any sort of offer like hes on here. The balls in your court fernando........wed love you to come back and impress us again
  8. Great debut today by Tran Hoc and capped it off with his first goal for the club !!!
  9. Great debut today by Tran Hoc and capped it off with his first goal for the club !!!
  10. Sheffield Wednesday 6th in EFL - The Championship · EFL fixtures LATEST MATCH MATCHES STANDINGS EFL - The Championship Leeds Today · FT 0 - 2 Sheffield Wed A. Nuhiu 90+4' Trần Học 87' Elland Road · Ref: Oliver Langford · See full recap on MSN
  11. HA HA HA Happy here in West Yorkshire tonight...… look at the miserable f***s in the background pretending to look the other way lol
  12. Corbin and mcdonald tho....lol Preferred levellers 5 myself
  13. How long have you known him to have such an in depth knowledge of him?
  14. Thats a really good idea. There should be some form of memorial at the ground
  15. Monk signing his own p45 if he continues with the same style.... i know weve got some results under him and in a lofty position, but i dont think anyone thought we were serious promotion contenders. That season under carlos, there was a real buzz about us and a belief Hate to admit it, but admire l***s attitude to games (and to some extent, pigs too). Go out to win ffs... i cant imagine it does players confidence much good, when we got out against teams like black bum, ull, etc with the intention of stopping them scoring and try and pinch it. Have some belief... we have the players..... go out with the belief and committed intention we are better
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