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Community Answers

  1. Given how much he earned for so little game time, i think he owes the club another season. However there isnt much loyalty in football
  2. My comment was not about religion, just how people are scared to death about offending anyone. Should i be offended by your ""old fogies" comment ?.......or am i one of the categories, that its ok to offend ?
  3. Ruddy hell....thats embarassing !!!!! Is it because they cant sell their tickets?
  4. Congrats to Sunderland, well done, worthy winners. Stuff the pigs twice next season please
  5. Well done Sunderland. Please beat the pigs twice next season
  6. Im probably too old now, but this thread sums up todays youth culture. Everyone is scared of saying the wrong thing and offending people. Its like " i think its wrong that some religious groups are against gays......but its ok for them to think that, as i dont want to offend religious groups......and i dont want to offend gays now, by defending religious groups right to their opinions......"
  7. Very sad to see Sam go. Great servant to the club. Gave everything, every time. Surprised hes not been offered another year
  8. We are equally as puzzled about BB. The concensus is that he wasnt match fit for either game. He just sat ridiculously deep, so it wasnt as if he was man marked out of the game. Either unfit or asked to play so deep he wouldnt be involved. Either way it cost us a place at wembley
  9. Lovely introduction post,made me laugh. Good luck tomorrow, i think youll win comfortably. PS, all sunderland fans.......dont expect the same friendliness from the scrubbers at the other side of sheffield next season. They are a totally different breed to us
  10. Ok, dont rub it in !!! We should have been setting off at lunchtime today......gutted Have a great trip SAFC. Hope you win
  11. Bristol city Crystal Palace Sunderland Wolves Burnley Huddersfield Yeovil Swindon Welcome Nottingham Forest
  12. Mate, why the negstivity always? Just enjoy their loss.......if you dont like it, then dont come on this section
  13. Norwich watford and dirties/burnley will all be above dem pigs. If they dont make it next year then they will need to cut back enormously
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