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  1. It would have been screened at Hillsborough like it was in the past if it hadn't been on sky
  2. wakefieldowl

    The Big Issue.

    Knock knock Who's there? Biggish Biggish who No thanks
  3. wakefieldowl

    Rhodes price tag increases again

    A thread about Rhodes.......but you still manage to turn it into a dig at Carlos. IT'S A YEAR AGO FFS.....LET IT GO....... It makes you look so sad that you are still going on about it
  4. wakefieldowl


    Could the problems before the game have been caused because the hosting club demonstrated themselves to be amateurish, incapable of handling big crowds and being tinpot?
  5. wakefieldowl

    The Blavdes best ever chance to avenge BDM

    Both games at bumhole lane saw us expecting a trouncing...revenge for BDM. last season we were so relieved and happy with the 0.0 it seemed like a win. Fast forward to this season and we are disgracefully in the same situation. This time though the 0.0 seems embarrassing rather than a triumph. Someone at SWFC needs to learn from this. We are Wednesday ffs. We should NEVER be going to the stain fearing a thrashing ever again.
  6. wakefieldowl


    Sour faced ugly tw*t Sad bitter little man
  7. wakefieldowl

    Jos Luhukay - In or out?

    What utter rubbish.That crap side got us to two play offs. His job is to motivate, organise and get them playing to the best of their ability. His abject failure to sort out the defence is enough reason on its own to go. The embarrassing decision to sideline players like hutch, Westwood etc is beyond ridiculous. I feel sorry for the young lads that have been thrown in to this situation
  8. wakefieldowl

    Jos Luhukay - In or out?

    So tell me why he should stay.......stop going on about Carlos. Let it go ffs it's a year ago now
  9. wakefieldowl

    Jos Luhukay - In or out?

    He's dismantled what was a good side. All the recognised "star"players out of favour. No style no passion. No organisation. The worst defence in the division by a mile You have to question whether Jo's is a pig in disguise He's got to go now Plus he's lost faith of the fans. 90% want him out in the poll on here
  10. wakefieldowl

    Are My Eyes Painted On

    We aren't skint. Far from it. We are just not allowed to spend
  11. wakefieldowl

    No wonder we're fooked

    He took us to play off final where we lost by one goal and then we lost on penalties in the semi and would have played reading in the final, who I think we'd have beaten. We were very very close to going up. I still do not get people's obsession with trying to rewrite history and blame Carlos for all our ills. I LOVED those 2 seasons under Carlos. No amount of clever replies will change that
  12. wakefieldowl

    The 30+ crock sqaud

    No offence taken prowl. Yes I still play younger lads 25 years younger. I love it when I'm still going and they are knackered as they must see me before and think they'll run rings round me. I think if you keep your body (and brain) working at the same rate, then you can sustain a high level of fitness for some time. It scares me to death that I will have to stop one day! Some good points though about breaks etc. Im lucky in that I've never had anything like that and I do get how injuries like that can be devastating. Same with marathon running, the pounding on your knees over that long duration will knacker your knees. I was more having a go at players that get tired playing twice a week. The original op about serious injuries such as hutch though is very valid
  13. wakefieldowl

    The 30+ crock sqaud

    I'm the wrong side of 50 yet still run around a squash or badminton court like a lunatic for 45 minutes. I could play 2 or 3 times a week easily and don't get tired and complain like modern footballers do. I LOVE playing and because I've played every week since 15 my body can still run around as fast as when I was 20 and my reactions are still as fast. My point is that these are professional athletes in the prime of their lives that have a team of people pampering them and advising on training and diet Tec. Yet struggle to play 2 x 90 minute TEAM games in a weak And roll around in agony after the merest touch by an opponent Can't say I have much sympathy
  14. wakefieldowl

    Keiren Westwood

    True but whatever the situation, we should be sorting it out. We did this with george hirst and that ended disastrously . Get our best players back playing. Our defence is a shambles. Get Westwood back
  15. wakefieldowl

    Keiren Westwood

    Jo's is doing himself no favours by isolating The best keeper in the division. Bizarre decision to make him thirdchoice. Our defence is absolutely abysmal.....stop being an arse jos...get westwoodback in now