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  1. wakefieldowl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Totally agree. Are these people stupid?
  2. wakefieldowl

    Fantastic from Tango

    Really nice guy too.. can you imagine anyone going from world cup semi final on Wednesday to a friendly at Lincoln in 2 days ! What a legend that man is
  3. wakefieldowl

    New Scholars

    Good luck Luke Jackson. Lives 20 yards from us and born the same day as my son Luke too.. I was always suspicious someone swapped babies at birth
  4. Why would it be moved ?
  5. Very true I thought the same.... two seasons ago we had two consecutive home games before Xmas and awayboxing day...similar last season too When was last time we were home on boxing day? 1979 v pigs ?
  6. Un_ f*******_ believable !!!!!! Yet again.....im away when we play pigs............ managed to only commit to one weekend away during the whole season.....and guess what......we play pigs that weekend !!!!! f******* football league fixture list tb******** computer programming t**** Every f******** time
  7. I agree. I'm happy to go with the existing squad too....... just keep injury free!!
  8. wakefieldowl

    The new/old #SWFC badge

    I much prefer the traditional badge and was delighted it was brought back. The other one is so 1970s
  9. wakefieldowl


    He's barely fit in two years !!! When he's played he's looked average at best......not a chance in hell he will get a new contract !
  10. wakefieldowl

    Extended Highlights

    Forestieris run for his goal was superb... brilliant gamble
  11. wakefieldowl

    Reach At Left Wingback

    It would be nice if we could all draw a line under Carlos. I get sick of people constantly bringing him into just about every thread. He's gone...been gone months.....cant we stop these stupid comments and look forward
  12. I'd go for Westwood and Dawson as my two.. West and Dawson,both dominate their areas.....wildsmith is the one that prob needs the extra experience on loan. Aren't we blessed with 3 superb keepers
  13. wakefieldowl

    Venâncio celebration

    We didn't get promoted though
  14. wakefieldowl

    Glenn Loovens

    I hope he got a great send off today that he deserved. He's been an outstanding player for us
  15. wakefieldowl

    M.o.m & Ratings

    Sorry I had to miss today's game.....did reach play left wing back? If so how did he Do? I've always believed he'd be perfect there......tons of energy. Very excited for next season......its all taking shape nicely