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  1. Yes,...... hook line and sinker....get in ! Only people of a certain age will get that
  2. Ive just read the last part of this.thread......and roland......as a relative neutral, ......you really arent making yourself look too clever, you really arent
  3. Is that 3 on the trot hes missed now?
  4. A lot of cash released there......and no pace amongst them. Excited about next season already. It will be interesting summer
  5. So by implication, whos staying / offered contracts ?
  6. It was to show respect to the man who cares deeply about this club. We may not care about the royal family here, but its important to mr C, so worth shoing some respect
  7. Probably sign for pigs and be a world beater
  8. Be a good signing for dingles. Good luck DP
  9. Maybe he was conceived in darnall.... but they didnt spell it right
  10. KL has got to be one of the most loved players we have. Delighted to see him back, as like most, i never thought id see him back on a pitch. Id love to see him have an injury free season and take us up next season
  11. Well done cameron...... learn from KW, how he dominates his area and organisesthe defence and you will have a very bright future i deed
  12. Why are you so negative all the time?
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