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  1. I was at twickenham a couple of weeks ago for the England game. After the game all the bars and loads of food places stayed open. An amateur band then started playing a load of popular cover songs. Result was thousands stayed behind singing along. Brilliant atmosphere with thousands of £££££s being spent at the ground, rather than elsewhere. Just a thought, but why not try and capture the market at hillsborough. Make it an event rather than just 90 minutes of football
  2. Why does the cameraman only zoom in AFTER the goal.....
  3. For the record in my opinion, hes the best keeper in my many years of watching SWFC
  4. I think "most" people were shouting for him to be back on the team and wondering what the hell jos was playing at. You might have had the odd numpty saying get rid but no way were "most of owlstalk" saying that
  5. Yes. Saw that too...... what a ***....they were going down all the time looking for free kicks to hoof into our box. That was their game plan. First time ive seen pigs this season...how on earth are they up there ??
  6. What a set of cheating tw**s they are.. simple game plan, go down under any contact to win free kicks to put into our box.... and the ref is falling for it.. Pig madine just before half time holding his head with NO contact. Wise up to them referee ffs
  7. Cant find it. Someone neecs to post a link
  8. Have to admit it would be the worst ever SEASON for a promotion....... but bloody funny... imagine if we beat pigs in play offs then won the final. Mcsue would be... well..... suing Just for the record though, we wont get in play offs. Its all about next season for me ...and hoping those scummers dont go up
  9. No way. Why on earth should we give that shower more tickets.. no thank you
  10. And that's exactly how a referee should be. Well done Mr Eltringham. I criticise refs a lot.....particularly those who want to be centre of attention. A great referee goes unnoticed
  11. Have to agree. Most are weeds... there are a few of us about, but I see zero pigs up here. Gobby when they're winning, but hide when we beat them
  12. Well said that man. The game is run by utter idiots
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