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  1. I know it goes against the grain but i quite like colin. Hes actually got a sense of humour . Hes a personality in an industry that is devoid of personalities
  2. Come on colin let us win on saturday now please
  3. Whats the score with them spending the parachute paymenrs already? Is that just a rumour? A blunt i know says its monsense
  4. Newcastle 16,000? But theyre the best fans in the world. They get 55000 every week every season. Cardiff less than 3,000 wow
  5. Ive said it before, but interesting to see how forest play against us the week before we play derby. Typical wednesday though, well relegate ourselves next week anyway
  6. Sorry but i just dont get half of these....what is that about? A player and a broke n stool ??
  7. Correct, it was the second leg and stockport switched it to maine road. Only about 1900 there...i was one of them
  8. Fine let them go, let them have their circus all round the world. It will be great to have an exciting EFL again without these arrogant tv clubs. I would imagine that new varieties of liverpool aresenal etc will start again at the bottom the same as FCUM have
  9. Let them go. Im happy with that, but exclude them totally from competing in domestic competitions. Ban players from world cup and euros And most important people dont be stupid and give money to watch this over hyped selfish crap. Let these clubs rot and dont let them back when it all collapses
  10. Long term it mat stop clubs paying stupid money out to players, gambling to get to the PL. Kick the 6 out, ban them from playing in UEFA tournaments, let them have their TV league. Hopefully they will all go bust DONT PAY FOR SKY!!!!!
  11. This is great news. Im excited by this and hope it happens. I cant wait to see the back of these greedy selfish tv clubs and their plastic fans. The PL is unbelievably boring, same teams dominate year after year. Its getting just like scotland. I cant wait for them to go and make football interesting again in England
  12. They were in the third division for 6 of those though
  13. I wonder how hard forest would try against us in the penultimate game, if it meant we could send derby down the week after lol. The biggest flaw in all these eventualities though is wednesdays ability to win ANY games ........and thats why we will go down
  14. That was pretty much my point. Its a good thing that we are getting rid of so many wasters. Yes it may take time to gel etc but i think DM will bring in hardworking positive players for next season
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