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  1. How cany anyone possibly vote to keep him???? Come on Mr C get rid tonight.... give us half a chance to stay and sack him
  2. How cany anyone possibly vote to keep him???? Come on Mr C get rid tonight.... give us half a chance to stay and sack him
  3. Go monk tonight....do the right thing and walk
  4. It just shows how pathetic modern football is, if you think the ref had a good game. All i saw was lots of play acting by embarassing so called athletes, feigning to be hurt and the referee falling for everyone. Not the refs fault particularly but its cringeworthy. Football has become a virtual no contact sport. The likes of billy bremner must be turning in his grave. I feel sorry for youngsters having to watch this embarassment, which masquerades as footbal
  5. Uriah wilder... i love that....that should be his name from now
  6. I thought it was new years day.......we got to the ground and they wouldnt even let us in for a pint, miserable gits
  7. Yes it was bizarre that......the guy at barnsley rambling on for 5 minutes ( i timed it as i was counting down the i jury gime) with absolytely nothing happening on the pitch. I switched off out of frustration and found tge full time from bbc website. What on earth were they thinking?
  8. I tend to agree. Im a bit gutted be ause they should have lost. Did mtirovic sign for dem blavges? Not sure ive ever seen a player give so much value to the opposition
  9. Cut the defecit to safety from 12 to 7 points after 5 only games....and only 4 more to get off the bottom. Good going. Before the season started i thought wed catch barnsley rovrum wycombe and luton. Weve got 3 of those coming up in october. We need to be looking at 7 points minimum from those 3. We do that and well comfortably stay up, by the look of it
  10. I honestly thought monk had seen the light after the first couple of games. I thought we were going to play an attacking, high press game........but no, monk thinks a defensive, boring, hit and hope long ball game, will be more attractive and succesful. I think we were very unlucky in a lot of ways yesterday, but look at the stats on here. Sadly i have to say, he will take us nowhere except down with a wimper
  11. 1 i didnt make the stat up. You need to tackle the op 2 i have absolutely no idea what your reply is supposed to mean
  12. Thats an appaling statistic. Even worse than not winning a home game since February......You have to question what the hell the manager is doing to continue letting this happen
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