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  1. Ridiculous amount of luck getting to play off final and then losing semi on penalties. All that superb football with brilliant goals were incredibly fortunate
  2. wakefieldowl

    Tactical changes in the last week

    Season ticket holder here, but for personal reasons not been this season (or likely to) so unfair of me to comment on what has changed. However, in my opinion, football is all about winning, or trying to win has to be paramount. Yes you can win games by being very negative and trying to catch team on the break etc . but who wants to watch that. Hate to say it but from what I gather l**ds will win this league by a mile, because of the style they are now playing. They haven't got great players either....and its quite simple. Very high work ethic i.e. you chase and harry the opposition when they have it, so you get the ball back...and when you have it you attack with the sole intention of scoring. Yes players have to be very fit, but hey these are professional athletes, paid huge amounts of money to be...... errr, fit ! Keep it simple Jos... get the ball back when they have it. and score when we have it lol Seriously we will all be a lot happier watching our team working bloody hard and going out to win every game
  3. wakefieldowl

    Operation Blame the Fans

    Not even worth responding to that made up nonsense
  4. wakefieldowl

    Operation Blame the Fans

    Noted but you are wrong. We are no where near worse than when he joined. you gotta be joking !!!! look at the side we had before he joined. we struggled every season since getting promoted. We now have forestieri hooper lees reach bannon etc !! rubbish players??? really ?? sorry you lost all credibility with that nonsense.. you saying 'fact' doesn't actually make it a fact you know. I don't think we are skint either. we cant sign anyone because off FFP. That doesn't make us skint As for me being daft, possibly, but above all Im a Wednesdayite. I have been all my life, always will. I have seen us in way way worse positions than this, so can speak with some authority on how very poor Wednesday have been. I am realistic enough to know though that there are 23 other clubs in this division equally desperate to get to the PL and we have no right whatsoever to think we should demand it. Chansiri wants us to go up as much as we do, if not more. Unlike people like you who want to moan and spread poison, Chansiri is actually trying to do something about it. For that I admire and respect him. We lost our first game of the season and so called fans are demanding he leaves !!! without any thought of wtf position that would leave us in.... untrue. lts like a mirror of our current society, people demand instant success but want someone else to provide it. Good night
  5. wakefieldowl

    Operation Blame the Fans

    I think your comments make you sound like a complete and utter prat. I wouldn't blame the guy for leaving if he gets comments like that The guy has come in and put a load of his own money into trying to get us promoted. Weve had the bet two seasons for years yet hes 'poison killing the club' What are you doing about moving the club forward ? being a keyboard warrior spreading your own poison ?
  6. wakefieldowl

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    you sound like a Brexit negotiator lol. We negotiate as follows; £20million minimum or p*** off. hes a massive asset to SW. We don't need to sell him. we aren't going bust or anything, we just cant buy anyone because off FFP
  7. wakefieldowl


    Who is out of contract next year ? Anyone know ?
  8. I get your point and would do, but i dont honestly think shorts, sock sponsorship would help us move much further forward
  9. I don't want our kit to look like a rugby shirt though. Look at Leeds and pigs shirts splattered with adverts they look awful. And for what.? I can't imagine wed be able to buy another forestieri type player based on sock sponsorship
  10. Why are we"in a pickle".... DC has the money to spend, the EFL rules won't let him.....whats so difficult to understand ?
  11. Great post and sums it up perfectly. Themoaners wont like it one bit thogh
  12. Strangely enough I've never personally done a survey on it,but when I get chance I will do. I think you'll find a lot get it wrong though. Womens clothes Shops "market " sizes intentionally lower, so that customers are pleased that they fit in a size 8 dress and therefore buy it, even if in reality it's a size 10
  13. Surely thats the suppliers fault, Not the club
  14. Exactly that, well said. It's the same people on here making the same over the top claims as usual