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  1. wakefieldowl

    Chairman’s statement

    It's a football forum... go and post stupid political posts elsewhere. It's not difficult
  2. wakefieldowl

    Chairman’s statement

    Not at all.. he says money is Not the problem. We are not struggling to keep afloat at all. Bloody ffp or whatever they call it is the problem. If there was no ffp I really think DC would go for it again. It's not a happy statement, but I believe DC to be an honest and genuine man that loves this club. As a lot of people asked a few months ago, he is communicating with fans about the problems ffp are causing us. Fair play to him
  3. Great idea OP. I'm sick of opening threads of players names, with just some random, asking if we should say him Makes me proper angry mad
  4. wakefieldowl

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    Barnet at home would be ruddy hilarious
  5. wakefieldowl

    Added time

    Villa game last week had 14 minutes i jury time. I checked the BBC real time text out of interest and there were only two stoppages of a minute each..... so yes plonk, they do make it up
  6. Well done Mr Chansiri. I think he is a very decent man that only wants what is best for SWFC. Admittedly he has made mistakes but he is learning from them and for a multi millionaire that is something. I hope he sticks with it as I'm sure he will take us up. It's a pity that we have such a noisy minority, who are rude and obnoxious (all clubs do I'm afraid)
  7. wakefieldowl

    Jos Luhukay

    Jo's made some very strange decisions and maybe one day we will find out why. I think he was well supported by the fans until the last couple of months The decision to leave out senior players totally bit him in the bum, as results have shown. Sorry it didn't work out for him, but am excited about our future again. Good luck Steve Bruce
  8. Sounds about right. It sounds like the rest of this season will be assessing and getting a squad assembled to go for it next season
  9. wakefieldowl

    1993: A few questions

    I cant see that there will ever be a game like that again..... unless we both got to the fa cup final.
  10. wakefieldowl

    That Goal

    Just watched it and have to say a keeper should be punching, catching that all day long. Any ball within 6 yards of the centre of goal has got to be dominated by the keeper. The chances of making a point blank miracle save are very remote from there. Whereas a 6ft keepers outstretched arm will out jump any opposition all the time. Danger eliminated easily. Cameron is a fantastic prospect but needs to learn from stuff like this. Dominate your area cam. It's what will make you a brilliant keeper from now. On the plus side, that point for what may be the difference between automatic and play offs for the pigs come may
  11. wakefieldowl

    FF in miscommunication with the courts

    Well that diffused my angry tirade. Fair play mate
  12. wakefieldowl

    FF in miscommunication with the courts

    Totally agree. Some people made real ***** of themselves, slagging FF off, with no evidence. Be nice if they were big enough to admit they were wrong
  13. wakefieldowl

    FF in miscommunication with the courts

    What total hypocrisy You talk of not judging until you know the facts then call FF an embarrassment that day !! Comparing rape to using racial words are not remotely comparable
  14. wakefieldowl

    FF in miscommunication with the courts

    That's not what I said and you know it.... Tell you what I'll make it simpler for you.... What's worse a flying drop kick or calling someone nasty names ??