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  1. Thats a really good idea. There should be some form of memorial at the ground
  2. Monk signing his own p45 if he continues with the same style.... i know weve got some results under him and in a lofty position, but i dont think anyone thought we were serious promotion contenders. That season under carlos, there was a real buzz about us and a belief Hate to admit it, but admire l***s attitude to games (and to some extent, pigs too). Go out to win ffs... i cant imagine it does players confidence much good, when we got out against teams like black bum, ull, etc with the intention of stopping them scoring and try and pinch it. Have some belief... we have the players..... go out with the belief and committed intention we are better
  3. Absolute clear red card. Ref seemed ok ish That linesman at the south stand tnough........oh my word, what planet was he on
  4. How come the rest of the country finishes ages before us... 7 first half, 8 second. Thats a ridicuolous amount of injury time
  5. No, no, no no never... id rather have refereeing mistakes than the passionless sterility that var brings
  6. Theyd have been second if theyd won. Its like they are scared to be succesful
  7. What a great signing this lad has been.
  8. Hope they collapsed on the floor when nuhiu netted
  9. The main reason why i have totally fallen out of love with football...... absolutely pathetic lobbers cheating, falling over, pretending to be hurt..... they are supposed to be athletes in prime physical condition..... reality is they are pathetic cry baby cheating wimps.... a total embarassment. And to make it worse referees are too inept to sort it.. if a player is deliberately trying to cheat and con you, you wouldnt let it happen twice........yet they do
  10. He needs a song... What an absolute steel he looks
  11. Totally dusagree. You seem too hung up on what other fans tnink. Why on earth would we spend a small fortune demolishing something that looks totally fine as it is.as and when we get promoted we will look at a new stadium or a major revamp. Until then, we have other priorities
  12. Wonder what bruce is thinking now.....im guessing its something like... wtf have i done. Agree witb tom tho. Newc could be his last job now.... huge clanger dropped brucie
  13. Ive never done good things. Ive never done bad things
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