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  1. Are you from the Victorian era ??
  2. SWFC U-23's v Sheffield United

    Well done u23s. Great beating them rapist loving b****D's at any level
  3. This league

    Agree with you. I think its surprisingly weak......its there for us if we want it bad enough
  4. Man of the match - Player ratings

    Great post. We have go go out every game thinking f*** it, we are better than them let's take them. I understand why CC sits back to draw teams out and v l**d's it worked, it doesn't always tho..I'd rather teams defend for 90 minutes and yes, they may get a 0-0 occasionally. But I want us gyk attack them because we ARE better than them
  5. It’s all gone quite

    I'm putting this before even reading the first reply...but would bet my house that there will be posts from all the usual anti Carlos brigade, saying don't have a go at fellow fans / enjoy the win ffs / you never say that when we lose etc etc
  6. Poll: Carlos Back him or Sack him

    Yet, you dont know Mr chansiri, yet are posting comments judging him, insinuating on a much greater scale
  7. Poll: Carlos Back him or Sack him

    Sensible comment Hate to say it but that pigs result really rocked us as a club. We were actually in a good place until that. It's taken some doing to rebuild confidence, but you know what, I think carlos is doing exactly that. I thought he'd gone as far as he could with us, but I'm changing my mind now Plus a lot of the anti Carlos comments helped changed my mind. They were blaming him for everything (include such crap as "I don't like his voice"........really). I don't want to be associated with all the negative anti Wednesday stuff they were saying.its like they want Wednesday to lose to fuel their own bitterness...............well, .......its a no for me. Carlos is our manager for the season and we should support him

    Exactly that well said

    You are so bitter....enjoy the win....but you can't can you because you are consumed by bitterness I don't think Carlos can take us further, but I don't know, same as you don't. He may sort it out. No one knows Your comments and others are consumed with bitterness makes a Carlos sceptic like me want to support him rather than side with this negative anti Wednesday crap Your op is an embarrassment
  10. Just Got Back

    We played some nice stuff but looked very fragile Rhodes could have had a hat trick with a bit of luck. We are far too weak though. No bite or strength in our tackles.. We miss hutch kicking opponents up in the air.. Bannan was mom I expected a nervous last 10-15 minutes but they never got close to our goal Relieved with a win, but we are fragile and will take some building back Bonus was pigs and l**d's losing
  11. Winnall

    We haven't GIVEN him to anybody !!! He's on loan. He is OUR player. Would you prefer him in the reserves? In case none of you noticed, we have loads of very good strikers. Should we keep them all in the reserves?? I can't remember reading angry posts about winnal before Saturday...why was that then ?
  12. Winnall

    So boring I have serious doubts about Carlos taking us further, but ffs some people are consumed with bitterness. We are three points off the play offs yet the number of people slagging Carlos off for anything and everything is ridiculous. I actually want Carlos to succeed, because I want Wednesday to succeed. Some people on here seem more interested in slagging Carlos (and now Mr C) wanting wednesday to fail to fuel their bitterness. Are you sure you are wednesdayites ?
  13. We played some lovely football tonight. No doubt about it we can play some great stuff. The one thing we miss though is steel. There is only bannan that seems to have a tackle in him. Our midfield is so light weight. If we can get tougher I think we can still do well Bannan was easily mom again
  14. Left side

    Good. Both got forward lots
  15. Tonight’s performance

    Ridiculous.....we actually manager the end game really well. Millwall didn't get anywhere near our final third in the last ten minutes and probably didn't get in our half in the four minutes injury time !. The only time we kept it in the corner was in the 94th minute! Cheer up. Were only three points off the play offs !