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  1. He needs a song... What an absolute steel he looks
  2. Totally dusagree. You seem too hung up on what other fans tnink. Why on earth would we spend a small fortune demolishing something that looks totally fine as it is.as and when we get promoted we will look at a new stadium or a major revamp. Until then, we have other priorities
  3. Wonder what bruce is thinking now.....im guessing its something like... wtf have i done. Agree witb tom tho. Newc could be his last job now.... huge clanger dropped brucie
  4. Ive never done good things. Ive never done bad things
  5. Makes you wonder what our lawyers are doing, if us stupid people can pick holes in their argument so easy
  6. I still dont get why i cant buy a ticket though. I even promise to leave by penistone road. Would be my first match for over a year and i cant buy a ticket. WTF?
  7. Anyone any idea why no tickets available on north for luton? I cant imagine its sold out already
  8. Apparently a pig tweeted him saying were sheffield u*****. Not sheffield. Not sheffield wednesday...... lineker apparently said hed worked in football all his life, as if idmake that mistake
  9. Am loving that graph. Imagine if it could keep going at the same trajectory Come on wednesday
  10. Its pronounced "Osarzi ohieedy" i am relably informed by a nigerian friend
  11. Except the fact that there isnt anyone worth having! Id rather the lub "fanny around" as long as it takes, to get the right man Why the rush to simply appoint "someone" ?
  12. No. Not now. Hes shownwhat sort of a he is. Hope hes sacked within 3 months
  13. Makes you wonder what sort of person bruce is to do this. Hes obviously quite well off, yet clearly doesnt care what people think of him. Hes happy for the vast majority of people to think hes a lying scumbag. Really hope he makes a b****** of it and gets sacked by christmas. Absolute lying snake
  14. Best possible outcome from this mess... really hope its true... if he is wanting to leave, why on earth would he be at lincoln ?
  15. Its been reported that his contract is LESS than we are paying him
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