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  1. I feel for you, as you are similar to us. I have no problem with derby. The problem is, fottball is screwed. The PL and EFl are 100% responsible for all of it. They are the governing bodies yet have failed with utter irresponsible managing of the situation. They brought the money in, without any understanding or control of how clubs would react. They created a platform of greed that they knew clubs would gamble everything to get the riches, without any understanding of managing it. Parachute payments and ffp simply exacerbate it. We have a global pandemic and the efl punish teams for financially struggling. Its a shambles. Football is dying a slow death and the management structure havent a clue what to do
  2. What should the govt have done to help swfc exactly?
  3. We were in that stand too. There were quite a few Owls at the away end of the stand. That megson goal was amazing
  4. Thats a great summary. We never went for trouble, but it was everywhere. Our followings back then was spectacular and kept us young uns safe. I genuinely believed i was part of a huge special family It was scary as hell at times but utterly exhilerating
  5. I was chatting to a derby fan last week and he said they are still 100% in efl sites. They have made them resubmit their last three years accounts and will have more than enough ammunition to give poinrs deduction for the coming seasons. They have 13 players for next season, so already will struggle I think stoke will be next. Didnt they lose 93million last season? Parachute payments gone, huge chunk of the fairweather fans gone. Cant see them challenging this season......huge problems heading their way
  6. What an utter shambles. £3.5million is a joke... absolute minimum should have been 20 point deduction each
  7. Where do i send my £1500? I desperately want to pay to the millionaire players, who have been paid late. Maybe we could do a tv ad to make the greater public aware of their suffering
  8. Good luck with that, when allocations at the likes of wimbledon and accrington are in the hundreds
  9. Exactly right. KW has been an outstanding keeper for us. Hed be in my top 3 SW keepers of watching Wednesday over nearly 50 years
  10. Happy memories of both TL and KW. Both served the club well during their time here and remembered well. Good luck both
  11. Agree fully. Part of me is actually looking forward to next season, but there is no way i will pay £35 or whatever, for a third division game. £25 would be ok, £20 and id be a regular. I think a lot of people would be similar. Next seasons attendance will massively hinge on prices
  12. I thought var was brought in to make sure that clearly wrong decidions were overturned. Today wasnt that. He was in line, but his left toe was 2 inch offside. Its an absolute shambles and makes the game a joke. Like everyone though i laughed when it was disallowed. Great to see anyone but the same boring teams winning
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