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  1. No. Not now. Hes shownwhat sort of a he is. Hope hes sacked within 3 months
  2. Makes you wonder what sort of person bruce is to do this. Hes obviously quite well off, yet clearly doesnt care what people think of him. Hes happy for the vast majority of people to think hes a lying scumbag. Really hope he makes a b****** of it and gets sacked by christmas. Absolute lying snake
  3. Best possible outcome from this mess... really hope its true... if he is wanting to leave, why on earth would he be at lincoln ?
  4. Its been reported that his contract is LESS than we are paying him
  5. This whole aituation absolutely stinks... rotten to the core We all knew exactly where he would end up. What a disgusting club leicester must be to pull off a stunt like this. Sorry george, ive always tried to sympathise before, but hope you fail miserably for this
  6. Disappointing thread.... no bikini chicks
  7. I agree. No one really knows whats happened, but for mr c to act as he did, it must have been serious. Id love george to do well for us, i still would, but it looks like hes been given some pretty atrocious advice. From such potential, to a poor begian second division team is quite a fall. Leicester may have turned us over for £2m (pretty pathetic for a premiershit club) but theyve also seriously harmed hirsts career too (again pretty crap from leicester)
  8. 44 all now.... we are good at tbis sort of thing....come o lets win it for FF
  9. Yes,...... hook line and sinker....get in ! Only people of a certain age will get that
  10. Ive just read the last part of this.thread......and roland......as a relative neutral, ......you really arent making yourself look too clever, you really arent
  11. Is that 3 on the trot hes missed now?
  12. A lot of cash released there......and no pace amongst them. Excited about next season already. It will be interesting summer
  13. So by implication, whos staying / offered contracts ?
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