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  1. God bless, Jack. A true legend in every sense. Thank you for all the great memories. You gave me my first taste of actual success in that 79-80 season. Such fantastic memories
  2. How is monk still in a job? Chansiris first job has to be to get a decent manager in.
  3. First time ive seen them. Only saw 2nd half, but they are very direct. I didnt see anything that made me think they were anything but ordinary against an ordinary arsenal side. Didnt think they threatened or dominated at all.. a draw between two average sides would have been about right. Like plonk, i was worried they might achieve something this season. Yesterday was a massive defeat as i never want to see them in europe or win a trophy
  4. I honestly dont much about their players..... mates have said o connor /o conndll or something is going to liverpoo for 50 million, which is why he isnt playing... ........does that make sense ?
  5. The most important signing, is a new manager
  6. * I need to remember to read the whole thread, rather than replying to the first post
  7. Yes i was. Didnt colin walker score a hat trick?
  8. What a fantastic post john. Good luck to Jordan. We all look forward to his return. What a story that will be !
  9. What agreat thread. Crazy days in the 70s and 80s. Almost every away game carried a major risk. It didnt stop us going all over the country though. As someone else said, totally different to todays wannabes. Always makes me laugh now, how they make out theyd rip each other to bits, if it wasnt for that pesky yellow police tape saying "do not cross this line"
  10. I wonder if we were on the same coach, as exactly the same happened to me. My first ever away match too. Was it the 1.1 draw. We played in orange, peter eustace scored a penlty?
  11. I remember the return leg at Hillsborough where there were a lot of revenge attacks on any man u fans stupid enough to be at the wrong end of the ground before the match
  12. Good lad owlsfan81. Glad you could help Stemag
  13. Thats the game i remember. I thought it was an fa cup game we won 2.0. He was immense that day. I agree with o.p. a great keeper, but the cup final and game v pigs will always be remembered sadly
  14. I think that was the right way to do it. Carrying on behind closed doors is utterly embarassing. The season has ended.....everything played now is a joke. Well done rovrum. What a really rubbish way to go up though........Be funny seeing them relegsted again next season
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