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  1. This season has been positive

    I just don't get why people are so obsessed with Carlos. He has been gone months now and yet we STILL get posts like this trawling over LAST season. We finished 4th remember, son is were we so crap? The game v duds was there for the taking, but they were not totally useless you know. We were winning 1.0 and they didn't really look like scoring until that own goal. I genuinely believed we were off to wembleythat night when fletch scored. We then lost on penalties. I felt we had let a golden chance go, but don't make it out last season was a shambles. It was time for Carlos to go without a doubt but I don't understand why some people make CD to be the devil. I LOVED those two seasons under Carlos. Stop being so negative
  2. That Noise

    The music before the game was ridiculous too.. so loud no one could talk to each other
  3. Adam Reach

    Reach has been great this season.....im looking forward to how good he will be with a fully fit squad round him
  4. Fernando Forestieri

    We have missed him so much this season. Love the guy. What a missed chance this season because of all the injuries. I have no doubt whatsoever wed have been top 6 again this season without the injuries
  5. Todays Referee

    I barely noticed we had a referee. Probably the best we have had all season. Why can't all referees be like that
  6. Brilliant .... Jordan Rhodes

    Jos seems to get his strikers fired up. Imagine if we have FF, JR, Nuhiu, Joao, Hooper and Fletcher firing next season ! We desperately need some strength in midfield, and defence bolstering, but we aren't a million miles away. The biggest issue we need to sort is bleddy ijuries situation
  7. Brilliant .... Jordan Rhodes

    I think everyone is willing Jordan to do well. Great goal today, I really hope this is the start for him. If he can finish the season with a flourish he'll be buzzing for next season
  8. #SWFC - new Injury Update

    I'm getting to the stage where I don't care anymore. I just want this season done. The injury situation is just bizarre and I don't know what to believe anymore.i can't honestly say I fully believe that this amount of players are out injured for this amount of time is just unlucky / coincidence...it must be double or treble what the nearest worst team has in the entire country......it just doesn't add up. A lot of people were happy to blame Carlos for onjuries yet he's been gone months now and it is as bad, if not worse than ever If I was Mr C I would be asking some very serious questions, because the injuries have cost us the play offs at the very least
  9. Positives

    2 more points for safety now. Sundand and Burton's biscuits can no longer catch us....and notlob play baaarnsley saturday
  10. Referees to blàme

    Bloody hello....how many times....im not blaming the ref for this defeat or any defeat......it just really pees me off to see wimp, cheating footballers conning the referee. The referees have the power to stop it. Ignore the wimpy CHEATS and tell them to get on with it. The ref yesterday and against Preston were far too weak and conned again and again. Referees are the ones that can stop this pathetic cheating
  11. Brian Hornsby

    I remember him scoring a screaming volley at Millwood to win 2.1. It was on It be the next day and Martin Tyler was the commentator. " comes down...to hornsbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" I'd love to see that goal again
  12. A disagreeable incident

    It might be sad, but walking around the home end singing, is only going to get you in trouble. A bit stupid by the Fulham blokes really
  13. Referees to blàme

    I never even mentioned anything about us losing because of that.. it's a major complaint about wimp cheating footballers and stupid weak officials. The game is becoming awful and embarrssing because of this
  14. Today’s 11

    Hutch and bannan come back and we win 3 Hutch and bannan out and we get overwhelmed In midfield and lose
  15. The last two home games has seen us come up against two teams of cheating divers. I was applled by Preston awful cheating, yet Fulham did exactly the same today. The slightest contact and they were falling over in agony. Who wants to watch this? Conning the referee by pretending they are in agony, rolling around.......only to get up (with the obligatory little limp..poor little soldier) and then run around perfectly normal, happy that they have cheated the referee. While ever the referees are stupid enough to keep REWARDING this cheating, they will keep doing it. Try watching some of the football on you tube from the 70s. Played with honesty, with tough tackles Why would anyone want go do a profession and be happy to blatantly cheat and act like wimps It's about time someone tried to sort this out Embarrassing players. Embarrassing officials