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  1. What a ******** head 30 year old. Shame he's too young to remember the fences at games. .
  2. I once saw the Chuckle Brothers live show and I've got to be fair here, it was reight funny. Can't really remember how I'd ended up there to be honest. Had had a few drinks.
  3. Don't really have a second team as such. Certainly none of the big uns. Me hate for most em ingrained. Always looked for the other local sides in the Green Un as a kid. Read all their reports too. Didn't realise at that time that most em didn't like us. But I was always interested what they were doing. Sometimes even now the odd name will suddenly pop in me head from back in them days of poring over the Green Un reports. Owen Archdeacon... Brendan Ormsby.... Clive Mendonca ...Jamie Hewitt...Rufus Brevitt. Proper names them. I always have a look for Cowdenbeath as they were once on Saint and Greavsie. There was some old bloke up there did everything. Marked the pitch, painted the stands. Worked on the turnstile. He even made all the pies for half time. Ran off and turned the ovens on once he'd finished flogging programmes. So I've always kept an eye out for them. Them and Stranraer. Me mate supported them. He was from there. So them two and Keith FC. Because, well, a team called Keith. It piques yer interest really. Wondering If they were named after an actual bloke. Also, due to a smudge in me Rothmans year book I inadvertently thought their nickname was 'The Morons' for about 3 years, till I realised they were actually The Maroons. Had a soft spot for Barcelona when Lineker went there. I loved Gary Lineker when I was a kid. But went off em when everyone started w'nking about em all along. The slavering makes me badly. That and mebbe I'm just accustomed to failure and can't resonate wi success. Anyway, I think the thing with me is, they can't really be an English proffesional club. Unless one is playing one if the big teams in the cup, then obviously I'll support em. I like to get along and watch Hallam and Club when I get a minute. You can't beat a game, a pie, a proper brew and being able to stand where you want for under a tenner can you really?
  4. Well, I would've liked one. But instead I had depressing plate of left over sausage roll and some baked beans. I don't even like baked beans.
  5. That could be a reight spanner in the works
  6. Black pudding, sausage, bacon, fried bread, yolky eggs. Right hungry now.
  7. To be fair, he couldn't continue with the Gregory/Berahino pairing. Totally anonymous and barely got within 20 yards of each other never mind make a partnership
  8. Never wanted Wedneaday to lose Nearest I've come were when Dave Jones were clearly taking the p'ss and hardly ever here at the end of his reign and was clearly waiting for a pay off. But soon as the game starts...your still desperate to see a win.
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