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  1. Well, I would've liked one. But instead I had depressing plate of left over sausage roll and some baked beans. I don't even like baked beans.
  2. That could be a reight spanner in the works
  3. Black pudding, sausage, bacon, fried bread, yolky eggs. Right hungry now.
  4. To be fair, he couldn't continue with the Gregory/Berahino pairing. Totally anonymous and barely got within 20 yards of each other never mind make a partnership
  5. Never wanted Wedneaday to lose Nearest I've come were when Dave Jones were clearly taking the p'ss and hardly ever here at the end of his reign and was clearly waiting for a pay off. But soon as the game starts...your still desperate to see a win.
  6. Wycombe and Rotherham went into pre-season training with more than 7 pros on the books and their players getting paid as far as I know. Two well run, stable clubs. Last thing you could ever call Wednesday is a stable club.
  7. Caught his achillies in the first coming together, that's why he didn't put his foot back down. So says Flash himself
  8. Any update on the Covid outbreak? There were only 5 training last week or sumat wasn't there?
  9. I've changed me mind. Build a tunnel. One way. And them them lot there. What in the name of.. Honestly if that's....what even is that....but. if that's the state...I'm ready to sign up fully fledged for me gimmer gammon membership
  10. Coz we don't want the drugs and guns getting here quicker?
  11. Make sure you get up regularly and have a stretch and a mooch about. I spent a day doing some auditing at work the other day and after about 3 hour I could barely get out the chair.
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