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  1. That's made me giggle after the 100 words that came before it
  2. Please lads, please just keep 11 of yoursens on the pitch today
  3. Weenesday, I prefer we play away Don't think I can take the pain (Shoot now) Of another home game (Shoot now) Oh don't play defensive like this Don't you say it's another miss (Shoot now) Can't we just play away (Shoot now) We just can't keep hold of a lead ..now Just go and try to throw it all away Gaffes making me miss old Lance ..Key We need a striker who is fit to stay This reminds me of as such, Stu All I can say is won't you let us play away Wednesday! can't you just play away Don't think I can take the pain Of another winless home game (
  4. That's gotta be money ant it. If your gonna try and replace somebody liken Fletcher wi someone anywhere near same quality. ...wage bill int going to lower much. Fox is and odd un int he because I actually think he'd be up Pulis's street , a six foot full back wi a half decent long cross. Mind, not surprised he left.
  5. Aye. Mind you it got better! Still nowt finer than seeing a first time cross going in from a marauding Sterland and knowing that was every chance Chapmans head were gonna bravely bullet into the net. Bit like there were nowt better than seeing a great Hutchinson tackle. Them historical memories.
  6. I miss Lee Chapman. Sometimes I couldn't make out who was who but I could always recognise him with his lanky frame and flash of blonde hair
  7. How come he brought it up anyroad? Did he pluck the name out or did one of the journo's mention him? Just seems a bit random.
  8. Played in games like thst when you're down to ten. Or nine. Yer legs are that heavy at end you can barely stand never mind hit accurate passes. I'm not gonna be too harsh on em wi our possession. Having to defend against a good team wi an extra man is absolutley bloody draining.
  9. Not been fit mainly. Thouh there was also the lazy pass on Satdy that got Luongo a booking.
  10. I were just thinking that when their Semedo shot hit roof of Hing Fah on Leppings lane
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