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  1. We're she the one shot her sen in the head?
  2. Former Wednesday youth product. Played for Rotherham after a couple of squad appearance for us.
  3. I liked old Des. There were sumat comforting about old Des.
  4. Reminds me of when yer young and seeing a bird. Then a milf walks past and all the lads have told you that this milf is a reight goer. So you chat her up. But you then find out that it's just reputation she's actually a knackered old hound who lays like a sack of spuds, and who's usually got a headache anyroad. So you turn yer attention back to your younger bird. Only to find that while you were entertaining the old trout yer birds run off wi an older fella with a better car and loads of coin. And your left wi no bird, a dose of the clap and a sense of longing for what could have been.
  5. I prefer it. You can hear the players "Step up! Step!" "Send me! I'm going!" And mi favourite ....Some random voice echoing from the back of the stand... "SHOOT!!!!! For fcks sake shoooooot!"
  6. What were wrong with-: European Cup Cup Winners Cup Uefa Cup Everything's a bloody faff these days. About time they made em straight knockouts again n'all. Banging on about fixtures congestion, yet everything had to be a bloody league these days to ensure there's no upset and keep the bloody money coming. I've just answered me own question. Either way. Meh!
  7. Sibon?Lol. Strolling about like a hungover student in Tesco
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