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  1. Not convinced Rhodes has ever or will ever work on his todd up top. Happy to be proved wrong.
  2. Oh aye. He had to go. To off set all the coin we'd spent on players that didn't fit in...
  3. When you were meant to be at school but your waggin it in town and yer fatha sees you over the road on his way to Wickes.
  4. Young enough that he could build sumat if given time. And enough say...
  5. Happy with this. Seems a decent bloke who's teams try and play a bit.
  6. As soon as owt goes against us we mentally collapse. We're just not good enough. That's be all and end all. As for off the pitch. Don't wanna think about it. Can see a Coventry situation arising.
  7. So the Yorkshiremans has gone. Never to return. As part of the doing up of town the major building work next door and demolishing then rebuilding the old co-op. Unfortunately has meant scaffold through the Yorkshireman which will compromise the structural integrity of it. Which seems a bit convenient to me. But there we go. It brings a feeling of emptiness to the stomach. As these things do. This is another "forever building" of me memory maps erased. The brickwork, it's shape, the way the windows sit, are etched in the mind. And always will be, though those i
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