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  1. He's right that kids don't gain much playing other kids every week. Why I'm glad we've started getting loads of ours out on loan in men's football. Eventually. As for their kids playing in the EFL Champ, league 1 as a whole club... Bertie Big B'llocks cobblers
  2. Huge tanker stuck sideways on in the Don affecting supply lines. They were going to get a crane to get the shipping containers off the back but unfortunately some nearby hipsters have already started an occupation and set one up as a pop-up boozer and Weetabix-Tapas restaurant.
  3. Like look of Berahino. I think his beat position is in the hole behind the striker though. Not wide. Mind I think that's wing's best position too. Not sure we'll ever see either of them in it...
  4. Pick an 11 and give em five games. "They need time to gel" It's easier to gel if you're not playing with a different partner wi different attributes every week.
  5. Dennis. Great business and hes ours. Huge miss yesterday with his drive. But I like Brown too. Gives us some real energy. Think hes gone a bit under the radar but he's a consistent performer for me.
  6. West Street. Though I've seen a similar design somewhere else too. Division st? Barker's pl?
  7. Of these ready rusted buildings that are popping up all over. They put me about. Also, looking at the texture gives me a bit of the fingers down a blackboard sensation. Seems to be the material of choice of late. Taking over from the green unpolished copper look.
  8. Can remember this as clear as if it were yesterday. He might not though!
  9. With the rules in place forcing us to stick x many first teamers in every game, we might as well go for it. I dont think players will mind. Every game is an opportunity to try and impress the gaffer. We've got one of the strongest squads in these two divisions. I fancy our chances of winning it.
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