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  1. You weren't wrong. "I'm sorry ....even though I haven't done anything.....and I'm seeking help....even though I haven't done anything.....I apologise to the people.....even though I haven't done anything"
  2. Two 0-0 draws To bring the season to a drawn out, non-climatic conclusion.
  3. Looks like that stuff they put displays on at the Fruit shop laid over over old concrete.
  4. Ed Sheeran has been named as the new shirt sponsor for Ipswich Town Football Club. The singer, who lives in Suffolk and is a Tractor Boys fan, has signed a one-year deal to sponsor the shirts of the men's and women's first-teams. The mysterious logo on the shirts features mathematical symbols and the word "tour". Sheeran said: "The football club is a big part of the local community and this is my way of showing my support." He added: "I have always enjoyed my trips to Portman Road and I'm looking forward to going back there as soon as supporters are allowed into stadiums ag
  5. Dictatorships all right if you've got an expert running the show. We ant.
  6. Into the Spiderverse I know. It's been out yonks. But I rarely get the TV remote. I right enjoyed it. Though having to explain multiverses and in jokes to our lass was a bit of a pain. Kids twigged it straight away and they're not even into marvel.
  7. From what I can make out its site for folks who can concisely let you know what sort of knobhead they are in 280 characters or less.
  8. I would. I'd love to play for Wednesday and pull on them famous blue and white stripes. Get down on that pitch. I'd leap on the ball like a bomb blast hero so no one else could get it if we got a free kick at KOP end. God, I can't imagine what it would feel like to score a goal for Wednesday. I'd probably collapse and have to be subbed like that bloke who played for Ipswich and had to be subbed coz he fainted with excitement. I'd play for nowt too. I would. Our lass would have to hammer the overtime to make up for the shortfall. And the kids would have to go
  9. I reckon I'd be more likely to be shot running the other way.
  10. I'd got it in my head it was all of them. Sure there used to be a plaque in Weston Park.
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