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  1. The majority on here do have a knee jerk reaction to pretty much everything that goes on, smart Alec. if he’s been one of our better players this season then we are in a real mess. My opinion on this is simple...he's had 2 decent games, a couple of ok games and the rest have been his usual clumsy standard.
  2. just shows how some fans minds work...forget the previous 8 games and can’t think in front but he’s been exceptional this season based on tonight.
  3. I said in another thread I’d take thirty 1-0 wins if it’s possible. We don’t need to be pretty we just need to win!! if we can figure out a way of converting chances we can build in tonight. Could have been 2 or 3 based on chances created.
  4. And you can hear the commentator at the side of him
  5. i can tell you how it plays out and I take no pleasure in this...we play bad players our if position, we will lose 3-0, play terrible and all feel even worse than we do now about the whole thing at around 9.00pm. fans will continue to call for monk to go for an hour or two after the game, go to bed, wake up and go to work. if I’m wrong I will happily apologise.
  6. Two questions.... 1. do we finally have SWFC ladies??? Exciting times...it’s been eating away at me ever since the lady asked at the open evening a couple of years ago. 2. have SWFC ladies got any strikers who could step up to the first team??
  7. How many more times...this is a purposeful ball by our most creative player.
  8. There is no positive answer to this based on current form!! The reality is, we are terrible
  9. I agree mate 100% and these type of managers are a dying bread...that’s what I’m trying to say about Megson, we need something similar to this style of management...even if it’s a short term thing.
  10. Agree that there is plenty still to play for but with 3 games a week, those games/points will soon disappear and under the current management, tactics and form we don’t look capable of achieving this.
  11. again don’t disagree but teams/manager go through bad spells...the sacking proved the right thing to do as jones took things to the level and the rest is history. managers/teams don’t win every game, it’s impossible. I just think the players, fans and the club is lacking that spirit and togetherness that we need at the moment. Look at them over the city...punching above their stations because of everything we lack.
  12. he ruined several players, our fitness was appalling and took ages to sort. He also installed some sort of lax mentality into some players that is still hanging around, this has been mentioned in several ex players interviews. That first season was great but after that it started unravelling for him.
  13. I don’t dispute he’s a dinosaur and long term absolutely not the answer but managers like Megson, big Sam, Warnock etc.... have a made a living by been organised, winning ugly and sadly that’s what we need for the next 30 plus games. beyond this season who knows but what we need at the moment is togetherness, spirit and fight!! We are not getting that from monk at the moment. We need someone who can install that into us. I’d take twenty 1-0 wins this season.
  14. Only in your argumentative mind...but my opinion is valid, Carlos is a major part of the mess we are in.
  15. I really don’t understand this sort of comment...one thing Megson would bring is spirit and fight and in our predicament his “old fashion” ways are what we need in the short term. We don’t need tippy tappy non productive shyyte.
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