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  1. we don’t play with wingers…the system is wingbacks, which means there as to be a defensive element to their game. I think it would be difficult to fit them in without changing the system/formation
  2. I have thought this for some time now but where would it fit into the side??
  3. Our early signings are amazing!! Anyone who says any different Is either a complete tool or just a simpleton!!
  4. we will see but if they’ve been charged they’ll be confident.
  5. it says they’ve been charged after interviews with Nottinghamshire police. Nottinghamshire police have been contacted for more information so it’s a fair assumption they’ve been formally charged by the police.
  6. Mcburnie as been charged…I’m always right pal, just ask my missus
  7. Good signings???……….what a day to be alive!!
  8. they’ll know all about him from football manager or summat.
  9. they’ll be no tartan army in Qatar… they’ll be no tartan army in Qatar………. there will be a waistcoat tho
  10. agree but it wouldn’t take long for greed to set in!! £10 a month soon becomes £20, £30, £40…… sky are absolute scumbags but so are many other businesses when it comes to This kinda thing
  11. Can’t fault him for wanting first team football at the age he’s at…I’m sure everyone will wish him the best of luck!! He seems a genuine lad but sadly he wasn’t up to the standard.
  12. I think he meant he would be mad with himself. Seriously...why do people look for the negative with everything??
  13. totally agree with this…quite impressed by how he came across and what he wants. sounds like he wants to win…great mentality and attitude.
  14. Over 2.5’s would have been a good bet…mind you I’d picked the Leicester game
  15. n made yourself look like a ********!!
  16. My scenarios where purely examples of what happens but there you go…he’s not been cast to the scrap heap just yet then. some fans having a meltdown over signing an experienced GK
  17. Somethings just come to a natural end!! Maybe Wycombe want to reduce their own squad age or maybe have a long term plan. Not every player who is available on a free is a bad player. Stockdale is a solid signing either as a short term nr 1 or a very capable backup if called upon.
  18. I’d have put my foot through it…I hate unnecessary noise. Decent bargain tho for £10 Do you know what make it was?
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