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  1. So all of it...decent opinion that.
  2. in hat case I'm going to have a "BIG DAVE" tattoo on my back to show my love and appreciation.
  3. Slight typo...I offer my sincere apologies
  4. How many players get boo'd off at Hillsborough when subbed? To be fair to the fans they are pretty respectful with things like that at matches.
  5. Lumbering...that’s the word hahahaha
  6. It wasn’t an insult mate it was simply my opinion...and my opinion is that your opinion is somewhat deluded and not factual. I think its fair to assume that we won’t agree on the situation, which is fair enough it’s a democracy and it’s a forum of free speech. i just hope that when winnall is fit nuhiu drops out of the squad...a fully fit and inform fletcher is twice the player of nuhiu and there is only room for 1 target man!
  7. Im fair mate...yes I’m not his biggest fan as I am sure you can tell but I will always say when he’s been good and bad (mainly bad). I’m sorry to disagree with deluded opinion but he was terrible against West Brom especially in the first half. In fact the only thing I can remember him doing was that turn and slide tackle to retain the ball. His work rate was non existent and more often than not his second touch was a tackle. People argue that he occupies two defenders cos of his size and awkwardness...if that’s the case put an 8ft statue on the edge of 18 yard box!! The ball wouldn’t bounce off it as much and there’s more movement in it I’m sure.
  8. Thats exactly how it was...with almost everyone in the ground calling for fletcher at HT (with the exception of you obviously)!! He was terrible in that first half but he improved afterwards.
  9. He didn’t touch the ball for the first 45 minutes!!! He moped around watching FF doing the donkey work winning the ball back time and time again!!
  10. He’s shyte mate...he should even be at the club!!
  11. I’ve watched Wednesday home n away for 25 years mate...I’ve seen enough tripe to know know that he’s garbage!!
  12. One of the most skilful with the ball?? ...............Have a day off lad