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  1. Wednesday_Jack


    Unreal some folk aren’t they? They can only remember last week!!
  2. Wednesday_Jack

    No money to sack him

    Six months well spent imo
  3. Wednesday_Jack

    FFP and Sacking Jos

    Sack jos £1m - £2m...relegation £8m. Now I’m not carol vorderman but one option as more benefits that the other!!
  4. Wednesday_Jack

    Adam Reach

    Hahahaha ok.
  5. Wednesday_Jack

    Adam Reach

    I think reach and what he does/doesn’t do is the least of our worries!! many top players don’t track back and don’t head a ball. I don’t get why fans would slate reach who is our second top scorer, possibly our highest assist maker and probably our most consistent performer. But yeah let’s slate him!!
  6. Wednesday_Jack

    Bannan at full time

    It’s about time they stepped up...rather than worrying about us, why not worry about there own performances
  7. Wednesday_Jack

    Adam Reach

    Horses for courses...that isn’t his game!!
  8. Wednesday_Jack

    Kenny Jacket

    I love a comment like this
  9. Wednesday_Jack

    Sam Hutchinson

    20 games could quite easily be 10 points
  10. Wednesday_Jack


    Cant fit him to have a blinder in the next 2 games
  11. Wednesday_Jack

    Carlos Twitter

    Why can’t we have Carlos as manager and jos as his assistant?
  12. Wednesday_Jack

    Carlos Twitter

    Hes always been a reading fan though !
  13. Wednesday_Jack

    Fans forum

    So why comment?
  14. Wednesday_Jack

    Fans forum

    Have you ever witnessed one of these meetings?
  15. Wednesday_Jack

    Fans forum

    All DC does in these is ramble about shyte and blame everyone but himself...stay away and make a point!!