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  1. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    Just a Tickle in mi fathers ball bag !!
  2. Swfc v cologne

    5 arrests would suggest that the majority of it was in good spirits. A large police presence, who actually looked like they rarely had to intervene!! Odd idiot trying to spoil things but looks like the whole situation was resolved amicably. English press and social media stirring things to sell papers!!
  3. Stick Or Twist

    What ever as gone on in the last two / three games...just it going. Bannan as been quality in his left hand side/free role and reach has had two quality games. Don't fix what isn't broken please Carlos.
  4. Stick Or Twist

    Bit of a tangent this one....... I will be honest...i was fuming to see Bannan on the left as he isn't and out and out winger and he offers nothing in terms of traditional "wing play" and width. However having seen Bannan on the left for the last 2/3 games, i honestly think this is what as brought out the best in Reach. It almost gives Reach half the pitch to run into. The full back will naturally follow Bannan whether he cuts inside or turns back, leaving the left flank almost completely free. This was evident a few times against Forest but last night in the second half, Reach was really good. Hes a fit lad who can play the wing back role and the Bannan/Reach combination can work for the team!! I honestly thought it would demoralise Bannan out on the left but to be fair to the lad he is back to his best this season. I think we have to accept in the modern game that you don't come across fullbacks who are solid at the back and amazing going forward...the game is set up for attacking wing backs who get crosses in and attack the opposite wing back, rather than traditional full backs that we are used to seeing. Bannan is part of the process down the left hand side that is creating good things for Reach and ultimately us as team.
  5. United Ticket

    Good morning all...i have a single adult ticket on the south in block AA1 for a friend who usually sits on the north with us ST holders but he couldn't get on there as it was sold out. Its a long shot but i was wondering if anyone wanted to be on south and would like to swap an adult south ticket for an adult north ticket? Thanks in advance.
  6. Any one who can't see he is our best player must watch the games with their eyes closed!! Him and hooper in the same starting 11 gives us much more than any other combination.
  7. Lee & Dutch Kid

    Its hinted, in today's star!
  8. The pitch!

    hard on tackle!!
  9. The must-start players?

    Good job your not our manager...we'd be in the same position as we are now!!! A manager that doesn't know his best 11.
  10. Josh Sims....

    Im glad your not our scout...amazing assessment after 2 minutes of YouTube footage!!
  11. Now the dust has settled

    Times have changed and its all relevant...don't patronise me about ST's and my choice whether i go or not!! If you are happy with second rate failure then please continue to support the numpty in charge and watch the tripe that is been served up week after week....i want to be successful and progress but sadly the current position is very stale. Have you seen anything in pre-season or in the first 5/6 games of this season to suggest it will improve?? We beat a very poor Chesterfield side (and we even made that hard at times) but that aside its been terrible. Anyone who cant see it or won't admit it are deluded by his first season in charge!!.
  12. Now the dust has settled

    The fact i have plunged thousands of pounds into the club over the last 20/25 years with several ST's and god knows how many other purchases....it is my club!!!
  13. 4 points be positive

    Fulham yes...yesterday no!! Especially after going 1-0 up
  14. Now the dust has settled

    I cant see any positives because there isn't any!! Chasing games and drawing 1-1 isn't positive I'm afraid.
  15. Now the dust has settled

    Unfortunate...hardly!!! We gave 2 average sides almost 50 minutes and a goal headstart. We've deserved what we've got, nothing more and nothing less.