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  1. Adthe Nuhiu Stats, Facts and Figures...

    Jos as done something with him yes...and I’m chuffed to see it but 10 half decent games doesn’t warrant a contract IMO. Some fans have very short memories.
  2. Adthe Nuhiu Stats, Facts and Figures...

    His bad games far out weigh his good no matter what way you look at it.
  3. Adthe Nuhiu Stats, Facts and Figures...

    The only stat that counts is that over the course of his time here he hasn’t been good enough and hasn’t scored enough goals. A run of 12 half decent games doesn’t warrant a £10k a week contract for another 12 months. Hes been a good servant and yes he’s stepped up in recent months but over the last 3/4 years he’s been poor and struggled to hold down a regular place...there is a reason that 3 previous managers haven’t played him and when Jos has a fully fit squad he will find himself in a similar position.
  4. Did we end up there due to over spending and living beyond our means or was it simply because of very poor management?? I’m not to sure myself
  5. Ross Wallace - Injury

    another fake injury
  6. Hull, Sunderland and Birmingham...all lived beyond there means for years!!
  7. Safe standing

    let me ask you another serious question...how many times do you go to the cinema or doctors and try to create an atmosphere with 3,000 other people? You look at the parts of our ground that are generally quiet and then look at the areas of the ground that try to at least generate a bit of noise and atmosphere...whats the common difference?
  8. Safe standing

    Did you go to the playoff final?? There wasn’t one person sat down!!
  9. Safe standing

    I don’t get your opinion/comments. To try and compare the environment of a doctors surgery or a cinema to an environment of a football match is ludicrous. Your saying it’s an antiquated throwback...I’m sure 25,000 at Brussia Dortmund disagree. It’s been voted the best ground and the best atmosphere in Europe for the last few seasons. The reputation of “the yellow wall” is very well respected. I guess the only antiquated throw back within this conversation is your silly and narrow minded opinion. Times have changed considerably since the 70’s and 80’s and standing wouldn’t be a free for all that you are perhaps basing your opinion on. There would be proper systems in place and would stop fans charging over seats etc...
  10. Safe standing

    Haha...I still honestly can’t work out what your getting at?? Are you the standing police?? standing in football is something that’s happened from the very first game..It’s not a new concept!! I certainly prefer it and I enjoy it more been able to stand. I think the standing fans feel more involved and there is freedom to express feelings/emotion, it certainly generates a better atmosphere and generally improves the the whole occasion.
  11. Safe standing

    Haha...Whats your comparisons got to do with a football match??
  12. Safe standing

    Totally agree...most away teams/fans stand why fight it? It just makes it worse. The safe standing system across Europe, is now a tried and tested so there shouldn’t be many objections.
  13. Sam Hutchinson - "I enjoyed that!"

    Quality player who offers so much in that middle.
  14. 100% and I will admit I often doubt and criticise him but I also praise when required and the last few weeks he’s proved his worth. The one thing that is a common fact...we all know he possibly wouldn’t have made the match day squad if we had a fully fit squad but due to injuries he’s had a good run of games and scored a few goals along the way. Just shows that strikers gain confidence from playing regularly.