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  1. Give over mate...they’ve been doing it for years and not just at football!!!
  2. SYP are a disgrace!!! Thugs most of them...cowardly thugs hiding behind a badge/uniform!!! 2 separate incidents for me...first I was been crushed against a barrier at Rotherham away, nearly broke a rib!!! I was attempting to climb over for nothing more than to save myself before it became serious. Police officer was almost laughing at me n said if I climbed over I would be locked up and banned, he just stood and watched. Incident number two...Leppings Lane!!! Been pushed forwards by police horses whilst offices threw truncheons around like it was sports day. Hit 2 maybe 3 times across the ribs and shoulder whilst they shouted “GET BACK” repeatedly!!! We backed up to try n stop it but was pushed forward by an 800kg animal with four legs!!! Disgrace of an outfit and so out of touch with modern times it’s unbelievable.
  3. I know what you are saying...i am good at providing work entertainment, i keep moral up.
  4. edited my comment mate, i saw it after i had typed it out....i think we posted at the same time. My opinion of Nuhiu is not personal (i don't know the guy)...it's an opinion based on what i watch week in week out and all the lad has going for him, is that he is tryer. You can't play second tier football in England based on been a tryer alone as it will/does catch up with you. @gizowl thinks its a personal vendetta against him and thinks its a war of personal words. It isn't and i could name you several other players in the same boat a Nuhiu…...but this is Nuhiu thread after all.
  5. Still no CV??? If i performed at the same level as Nuhiu and supported similar stats in the industry that i work in, i wouldn't be in a job....FACT!!! no arguments, no debate...i would be in the job centre.
  6. whoa your horses...it wasn't me that started spouting about the level of football that i had played so i think your comment is aimed at the wrong person. Just seen your later comments...no need to apologise fella but it takes a big man to do so.
  7. I am still waiting to read this impressive CV??? I am seriously interested now. None of my comments are about Nuhiu are aimed at him as a person, they are about him as a footballer (might i add, i never called anyone fcukwit!!)...so wind it in a tad!!!! My comments are based on him as a footballer and i stand by my comments....he isn't good enough for the current standard we are playing and he certainly isn't god enough for the standard we are striving towards!!
  8. It was fairly sensible until gizowl got personal and started wanging his football CV about...poo just got serious all of a sudden!!
  9. Possibly the worst response i have had on here. If you want to go on about who knows what about football and levels that you've played at...fire away, let me know your stunning CV.
  10. I am sure the cash and the life style comforts him!! Are you his personal protector?
  11. @The Captain Stay out of it.....this clown made it personal the second he typed fcukwit!!!! So shove your red arrow where the sun doesn't shine...thanks for reading though.
  12. My dad is hard than your dad....go fizz yourself mate!! Look at where "playing at higher standard than me as got you"!!!!! Arguing with me on Owlstalk….the irony is side splitting Your right, they are a disgrace for thinking Nuhiu is worth a contract!!
  13. The only people who rate nuhiu (apart the the deluded, who know nothing about football) are the ones who think it’s fashionable to support the unfancied guy!!! Nuhiu is poor...he rarely scores, he creates chances, which is basically his job!!! Sell at any price. Its time Move on ladies n gents..........
  14. He’s shybo...I’d run around, give 100% and try win headers!!!! Doesn’t make me good enough to play championship football.
  15. Steady LB...can’t really grumble at what he did for us and he even had the odd goal in him. sad news
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