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  1. Papers reporting Wigan are in for him...cut the loses now and make it happen
  2. I’m comfortable singing about his length in public places to be honest.
  3. we’ve got to many trier’s...trier’s need replacing with doer’s.
  4. Have you been watching with your eyes closed? Most of the time players skip round him resulting is fouls or teams simply over running us! He’s simply not good enough. He’s not quick enough, he’s not technical enough and he never ever influences a game. His time/run in the side under Jos proved this and it was even more obvious when Hutchinson came back into to the side after his omission.
  5. Absolutely not...terrible player. Never been up to the standard of the Championship, happy to see him leave
  6. Our home form is making me want to part with £6k and invest in a 10 year season ticket.
  7. I stopped listening to radio Sheffield football years ago...it’s embarrassing!! It literally attracts the worst fans from all the local clubs.
  8. serious question...what system would you play with these players? With fletcher out we are a completely different side unfortunately we are very limited in terms of personnel due to lots of them not been good enough and I can’t see there been much activity in this window.
  9. Or maybe just an off day for the lad? His last couple of performances have been pretty decent.
  10. I don’t get how people can blame monk for yesterday...the 11 on the pitch need to have a long hard look at themselves!!
  11. I’ve re-read your initial post and I still disagree. How can we play well away from home but then not so well at home? It’s nothing to do with style or where bannan plays its all to do with consistency. I don’t know the reason why but they just can’t see to play week in week out or at home. All this about Leeds could have been 3 up is again rubbish...it’s all shoulda, woulda coulda!! They weren’t 3 up and we produced a perfect away performance. It was the same team that played yesterday that started at Leeds, it make no sense.
  12. ive not even read your post but...it testicles. Nothing to do with monk!!! Same side as last week, what’s the difference?? Last week he was a genius, this week he wants sacking. Really????
  13. why on earth would you want to stop and watch it??? It’s like watching your missus getting filled in by a bloke with a 12 inch tail.
  14. Monk starting to see the worth of Kieran Lee hopefully.
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