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  1. The majority on here do have a knee jerk reaction to pretty much everything that goes on, smart Alec. if he’s been one of our better players this season then we are in a real mess. My opinion on this is simple...he's had 2 decent games, a couple of ok games and the rest have been his usual clumsy standard.
  2. just shows how some fans minds work...forget the previous 8 games and can’t think in front but he’s been exceptional this season based on tonight.
  3. I said in another thread I’d take thirty 1-0 wins if it’s possible. We don’t need to be pretty we just need to win!! if we can figure out a way of converting chances we can build in tonight. Could have been 2 or 3 based on chances created.
  4. And you can hear the commentator at the side of him
  5. i can tell you how it plays out and I take no pleasure in this...we play bad players our if position, we will lose 3-0, play terrible and all feel even worse than we do now about the whole thing at around 9.00pm. fans will continue to call for monk to go for an hour or two after the game, go to bed, wake up and go to work. if I’m wrong I will happily apologise.
  6. Two questions.... 1. do we finally have SWFC ladies??? Exciting times...it’s been eating away at me ever since the lady asked at the open evening a couple of years ago. 2. have SWFC ladies got any strikers who could step up to the first team??
  7. How many more times...this is a purposeful ball by our most creative player.
  8. There is no positive answer to this based on current form!! The reality is, we are terrible
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