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  1. hi, where’s your seat at pride park located??
  2. the derby away game on the first day was something else. The equaliser caused mayhem. Also the day the derby fans ripped off “if you don’t flipping bounce” and tried to claim it as their own.
  3. Every PL footballer should be able to and if they can’t, they want to be asking themselves why!!! it’s some of the L1 & L2 players that will struggle as quite a lot of their wages will be no different to the common man...they will be in a similar position to a lot of people. I think the average wage in L2 is around £50k per year.
  4. Absolutely...why are they any different?? They’ve been laid off from their jobs like the rest of us.
  5. please don’t defend him..he’s rubbish. hutch on one leg offers more!!
  6. the ref doesn’t look like he’s backing down tho to be fair.
  7. I’d sooner do 2 weeks in isolation with the missus, oh wait a minute.......
  8. exactly mate...I’m only on the wind up. To much poo happening to be serious. To be honest if the legends where really legends I’m sure it would be a different story but they started scraping the bottom of the barrel with the likes of Trond Egil Soltvedt, Steve Haslam and finally....Scott Oakes.
  9. Try and organise it and advertise etc.... I’ll sit back and wait patiently to send my “told you so message”. thank me later
  10. How can you compare Sheffield Steelers to South Yorkshire Football? Plus the Steelers fans will have season tickets and i also know lots of people who go the Steelers and don't follow football. If i remember rightly the Masters were scrapped due to dwindling crowds. I honestly can't see a viable reason why they would make a come back.
  11. just offering a realistic opinion...in fact it's a poo idea!!!
  12. Prices at the arena and possible crowd trouble wouldn’t help. £4/£5 a pint & food massively overpriced would rule out families I imagine. On another negative, you would always get some numpties seeing this as a chance to have a scrap.
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