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  1. Scotland are pretending they’ve qualified for a tournament this summer!
  2. Wednesday_Jack

    Ladbrokes Play on the Pitch Competition

    1 man Wembley...no blasties!!
  3. Exactly but it’s the prerogative of some fans to boast about how bigger Wednesday fan they are and to judge others!! Ive gone home and away plus preseasons for the last god knows how many seasons but my priorities are slowly changing n the home games have suffered this season...I had a season ticket n I gave it away most weeks. you go when you can and that’s it. Doesn’t make you any better or worse as a fan.
  4. Wednesday_Jack


    FF will never play for Carlos again!!
  5. Wednesday_Jack

    Jos: DC got it right.

    I certainly thought the time was right after Huddersfield playoff failure...I went to both legs n in the first leg Carlos got it half right and we didn’t concede, the second was a disgusting tactical display on his behalf and he got it totally wrong. We never recovered and we got to endure this season on the back of that. No no doubt in my mind it was 6 months to late!!
  6. Swansea will drop mate...they need a miracle. Despite the fact Huddersfield have 2 tough games, 3 points on the board is better than a game in hand for them. I can’t see either Swansea or Huddersfield winning on the last day tbh...neither of em have enough about them. Despite my previous post been “negged” ... the stats and CV of Carlos proves he is a fraud of a manager who gets found out very quickly. Everyone falls in love with him when he arrives but his football management and tactics are quickly sussed and he hasn’t got a plan B or a method to succeed. He showed his true colours jumping a sinking ship for Swansea (it was a done deal, let’s face it)...I feel for Swansea but I hope they drop just because of Carlos.
  7. Sounds familiar...only the minority of morons and clappers on here wanted him to stay. Thanks for the memories but the man is a fraud when it comes to management...he’s an impact manager who quickly loses his sparkle.
  8. Wednesday_Jack

    Next 20 goal striker since MacLean

    Im still confident mate!
  9. Wednesday_Jack

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    How is that a criticism? We all no exactly where he’s been...the previous regime ruined him...but whether you like it or not nuhiu as only been s prominent figure for 25% of the games!! Hence why he couldn’t be POTY. Hope this clarifies the situation and puts to bed your need to have a keyboard war?
  10. Wednesday_Jack

    Teenage angst

    I bet he’s still blubbin now haha!!
  11. Wednesday_Jack

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    Pleassd explain where I have criticised him? In non of my posts have I slated him...the original response was to someone asking “how is he not POTY” to which I answered!! read things properly n engage brain before replying!!!
  12. Wednesday_Jack

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    Exactly so he can’t be POTY can he?? I’m not knocking him...I’m simply saying to all the blind n short sighted fans who are calling for him to have been voted POTY, it’s a stupid opinion. How can he be when he hasn’t played enough??
  13. Wednesday_Jack

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    It’s a fair question and reflective of his stats...doesn’t deserve POTY!! If he’d done it for 30-35 and scored 20 goals then yes but he hasn’t. fair play to the lad he’s worked hard and come good under Jos
  14. Wednesday_Jack

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    Cant knock what he’s done for the last quarter/third of the season...scoring goals and assisting goals is what he’s paid to do and he’s done pretty well. It’s shocked the majority if not all of us. for me the jury is out on the contract situation...I still feel we need better but his seems to understand him n vice versus.
  15. Wednesday_Jack

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    Might be so but it’s a fair enough reason not to win it!!