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  1. bannan was poor second half against Cardiff and poor in the second half again last night...wasteful and put us under unnecessary pressure at times.
  2. I just hope that if we are still in and around the top 2 in Christmas/New year, DC backs Monk in the transfer window with what ever is available. Monk is doing an exceptional job with what he has but there is still something that needs tweaking slightly...another striker to get this elusive second goal, I’m not quite sure but I am confident Monk would get it it right. We couldn’t ask for much more at this stage. Top start!!
  3. Second half stage freight...seems to be coming a common occurrence!
  4. Give me a minute I can sort that for you...easy!
  5. absolutely true...I’m all for young lads getting a chance but you have to be honest about things and is dawson good enough??? Possibly not. Shot stopping is decent but everything else you expect of a keeper is quite weak at the moment.
  6. @alan48 are you reading my original post as though I was referring to the Cardiff game last night? The original thread was about the hull game.
  7. I was critical against Hull as our fans were poor throughout...last night was the complete opposite! Take a bow it was a superb atmosphere and considering the length of journey and KO time it was some effort.
  8. Murphy for me is in the category as jay bothroyd.
  9. Tinpot this, tinpot that...like I said the world has become a sad place that has lost its sense of humour!! People who are offended by this song need to get a grip on life and a huge sense of realisation....it’s a football song that’s all it is.
  10. fair comment and if you don't like it you don't join in...i never join in the wilder's daughter song either but i don't come on here and slate people who do or get upset when its sung as its only a football song.
  11. The opening statement of your post works for both sides though doesn't it?? Or for some it works when it suits them (not aimed at you btw).
  12. hahaha...superb. Another little sensitive keyboard warrior. Never been to Bulgaria and nor am i racist like you imply so please be extremely careful which way you take this!! Do i agree with racism absolutely not and it has no place in society but do i get offended by the Julian Borner song, no because it's not racist of offensive...its a football song and that's all it is!! The over reaction on here to this song is sad and to be honest bordering pathetic. Grip and needed springs to mind!!
  13. Has culture/behaviour changed that much from the 70's and 80's when the pits and steel works where open? You would have to say not, you could even argue that things have improved dramatically ...but what has changed is that social media has given the majority of the population a voice and they now have the confidence to sit behind a computer or a phone and voice their opinion!! Pretty sad really. The Julian Borner song is no more offensive than singing about Neil Warnock been illegitimate for instance or been derogatory towards other fans (mainly united and Leeds) and its no more cringey than singing about your love for 11 football players (of which they are all male)...its just that people choose to be offended because its almost fashionable and as i have stated above, they have the confidence now social media is a massive part of society.
  14. sensitive souls...it’s like going into a pub and been offended by a bloke swearing. you know what to expect when you go to football as you do when you go in a pub...so rather been upset and offended by people “persisting” with this behaviour...don’t go!!! sadly the world has lost its sense of humour and ability to see the funny side of things...everything these days is racist, offensive or personal.
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