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  1. Wednesday_Jack

    Fans yesterday

    Finger pointing and chanting “town full of peado’s” as never killed anyone...lighten up n relax. If you don’t like our fans or the songs that get sung in these derby games, don’t go to the games. Jeez there’s some sensitive on here who have lead very sheltered lives!!
  2. Wednesday_Jack

    Fans yesterday

    Its not illegal, it’s not a crime and no one died...get over it!!!
  3. Wednesday_Jack

    Fans yesterday

    Some people like to whinge about anything and everything!! If it’s not aimed at the players it’s our fans.
  4. Wednesday_Jack

    Fans yesterday

    You certainly did that.
  5. Wednesday_Jack

    Fans yesterday

    I love a good do gooder moan.
  6. Wednesday_Jack

    It doesn't help

    Grow up
  7. Wednesday_Jack


    I said the exact same last night...hopefully he can be
  8. Wednesday_Jack

    Any fan videos of the goal?

    They controlled us superbly...we weren’t allowed on the grass during the half time interval!!
  9. Wednesday_Jack

    Tom Lees

    Surely you are joking...just a little bit??
  10. Wednesday_Jack

    Could have been...

    Sounds like a keeper
  11. Wednesday_Jack

    Rotherham Owls

    113 dislikes means your a sh1thouse
  12. Wednesday_Jack

    Could have been...

    As she got hairs on her boobies?
  13. Wednesday_Jack

    Could have been...

    If my auntie had a **** she’d be my uncle!! On a a serious note...it just proves the fine margins that define seasons.
  14. Wednesday_Jack

    Could have been...

    Fine margins...we’ve thrown 6 points away against WBA and Birmingham over 3 games!! We should have beaten reading based on the game and chances...point away at Millwall is always a point gained imo!! that difference between us and the top 6, they’re ruthless and we’re not.
  15. Wednesday_Jack

    Adam Reach

    He has been poor but he’s been over played and in need of a rest!!