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  1. DC will bore them to death with a 60 minute ramble to each question asked....Gibbo will surrender after the first hour!!
  2. I think your looking into something that doesn’t need looking into!! Westwood has always had injury issues through his entire career
  3. Totally agree...I’ve seen more in wildsmith than I have Dawson. People keep saying Dawson will be our number one in years to come...from what I’ve seen so far I really hope not.
  4. Possibly the worst theory/comment I’ve ever read
  5. You only have to look at wilder and warnock...exactly the same and it works!! The best manager of all time is famous for his hair dryer treatment.
  6. Our season had gone after the first 15 games with that clown in charge!!
  7. How can you drop a player who was a contender for MOTM and scored 2 goals??? Bruce has more about him
  8. All these people disagreeing with people opinion of pelupessy been poor, honest questions.....what did you see last night to be able to disagree?
  9. Fox was steady...nothing special just steady. I thought pelupessy was the worst player in blue and white!! His positional sense is poor and he always seems to be clawing at players to keep up he’s that far off the pace at times.
  10. I don’t think there’s ever been a question over his quality...it’s his fitness that lets him down!! saud it since day one, there is a player there but playing 2 games every 10 isn’t good enough.
  11. Thats because he was poor for around half a dozen games on the bounce...form will always alter.
  12. I’ve got got 2 Leeds tickets available...face value. i can meet anywhere within reason
  13. I can remember talking to some villa fans in litchfield, the season they got relegated...we were away at Wolves I think!!! They were adamant they would walk the championship...they honestly thought it would be easy and they would go up at the first attempt!!!
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