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  1. I've got two spares and room on a minibus from the Handsworth area if anyone is struggling for a ticket? Face value for the tickets...im just not sure on the minibus price but it will be full so it should be a reasonable price.
  2. Disagree...your keeping position is the most important on the pitch. You look at our results and clean sheets with Westwood in the team and look at them without. I will apologise if I’m wrong but I think you will find the results pretty clear for all to see!!
  3. Wednesday_Jack

    If they scrap parachute payments

    100% agree...no player is worthy of more than £50k per week!! It would make it a level playing field for all teams.
  4. Wednesday_Jack

    Clare joins Swansea

    It’s All relevant to the level and standard of football been played as well.
  5. Wednesday_Jack

    Clare joins Swansea

    Yep indeed that’s the game I’ve praised him...that was his one good game. Never denied that! that was my assessment of 1 game which deserved...he also deserved to be skated for his other 4/5 games. He wasn’t good enough for fans to get upset at the fact he’s gone.
  6. Wednesday_Jack

    Clare joins Swansea

    Sorry I simply don’t agree...1 good game admittedly but I think folk got ahead of themselves as always. he played for Gillingham on loan and he couldn’t get in their CM over the course of 21 games...he was put into RWB, speaks volumes in my opinion.
  7. Wednesday_Jack

    Clare joins Swansea

    Did you watch the same player and games as most of us? He had 1 good game in 5...the 4 that he struggled in he looked poor and looked like a rabbit in the headlights at times. I wouldn’t say he looked particularly quick either?? As for knowing where the back of the net is...he scored 3 goals in around 30 games!! I’m not sure who or what you have formed your opinion on?
  8. Wednesday_Jack

    Clare joins Swansea

    seriously….I couldn't care less about the lad!! Greedy, overrated and it appears as through he believes in his own hype.
  9. no you are right...we will bore our way to mid table at best! I'm not spoiling for an argument, I am genuinely intrigued...what formation would you go with?
  10. He got 2 yellows = a red = a suspension...FFS!
  11. What worries me is that Jos as been here since January and he's still "experimenting"....find the best side that suit the tactics he wants to play and go into the next 5/6 games with a settle side!!!
  12. Wednesday_Jack

    Where is Westwood going

    A full season with wildsmith and Dawson is a worrying thought...yes they will both be excellent keepers in years to come but I’m just not sure that either are quite ready. wildsmith made an important contribution last season but he also made several mistakes that cost us points. Dawson was at fault for their 3rd on Saturday with a bit of poor keeping. As fans we just have to accept that This season is a season of consolidation and let’s hope we sit safe in mid table for most of it.
  13. Wednesday_Jack

    It was obvious to me...

    You will still be saying this after 20...as most do!! Stop making excuses for professional people who get paid handsomely
  14. Wednesday_Jack

    No wonder Radio Sheffield don't like us

    What utter twaddle!!! I’m not even entertaining you mate
  15. Wednesday_Jack

    No wonder Radio Sheffield don't like us

    Why would you want to alienate our own fans from their club?