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  1. Did you enjoy your first game at the lane on Sunday?
  2. Struggling reyt us lot...FFS. we’re on our way....we’re on our way
  3. The title of thread kinda gives away the topic of discussion.
  4. hahaha...you've got to love some of our fans reactions sometimes. Struggling??? We've scored 5 in 3 games and conceded 2 in 3, Its hardly time for concern. If someone would have said to us, we would draw our first two away games and beat Barnsley at home, i think most realistic people would have taken this...but this would put us on less points than we are now. We have won 2 of our opening 3 games and deserved a point away at Millwall, I am happy with the start and i have seen enough to suggest we will score goals and also be fairly tight at the back. We are three games in after a disaster of a preseason (obvious reasons). We are in a decent position and the team to me looks like it is capable of pushing on!! 3 points on Tuesday night and we will all be smiling again. Lets also look at Millwall's recent form...they've played four games (including the cup) and are still unbeaten, they have already played WBA twice and picked up 4 points. There isn't a side in this division that will go there and turn them over easily!!
  5. They will cement their place in history when they win the league this season!!
  6. Ferret platters....hahaha. No one can say that isn’t a witty but if humour though!!
  7. i can’t remember any team ever having 17 first team players out injured!!! Clubs get injuries throughout the season but they also invest a lot of time and money on staff who get the players fit, maintain fitness and also condition players. Carlos didn’t!!! You can say what you like about the Lee situation but Carlos over played him and pushed him through the pain barrier in Huddersfield playoff season. How many time did Carlos come out and say he had put off surgery???
  8. Any actually bothered or care??? Just asking for a friend
  9. Please read into comment again...it got progressively worse!
  10. You are 100% in denial mate. Firstly it was obvious to see the fitness levels drop over the course of CC’s time here!! Each preseason we got progressively worse and this transpired into the league games. I also know first hand what Carlos’s fitness regime was like...i can honestly say it was poor!!
  11. I for one blame Carlos for at least 80% of our the injury problems...his fitness regime and training was poor to the extent it was non existent!!! He pushed Kieran Lee to a point that he looked like he’d have to retire. CC’s poor standards on the fitness front are not just coincidental to the worst injury record this club as ever seen!!!
  12. Yes i think it was Carlos...he search over 200 CB's to find him.
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