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  1. “Owls have two choices”

    So my info was actually giving you exclusive information before it was actually common knowledge I would never post anything that I knew was wrong. My initial point was that FF and hutch have encountered issues with the backroom staff and have both asked to be treated away from the club. I am not sure what the issues were but I think there is a complete lack of understanding from the staff and some of the players simply have no confidence in them. Its just another argument that strengthens the CC out debate in my opinion...the whole situation is stale.
  2. “Owls have two choices”

    FF is in Italy as I stated...no need to check my source, very rare he’s wrong.
  3. Forestieri

    WhiteOwl91 questioned me the other day when I said FF was in Italy...I was told to “question my source” as he was in Madrid. case closed.
  4. Boyd and the Wednesday mystery

    Yes without a doubt!! A manager is/should be in charge of training, coaching and the general management of his squad on a day to day basis. All this is In preparation for match days. injuries are part and parcel of any football club but there is a process of rehabilitating and mainainting players progression to enable them to get up to speed. It’s become apparent that Carlos is happy to take chances on players who aren’t 100% fit. Carlos removed a very good tried and tested backroom staff (by clutching at straws) and replaced them with his own men. That was his decision I’m afraid.
  5. Carlos Outers...

    Definte porker
  6. haha...to be fair there are some very sensible and well balanced folk on OT. On the other hand there are some folk who i honestly believe, live in caves with no access to TV or football matches because some of the comments and views are outrageous. I do apologise for tarring folk with a similar brush it was never my intention to offend.
  7. I also specifically referred to Irvine, Laws and Jones....our recent history. You only picked up on what you wanted to pick up on...very typical of OT.
  8. Oh dear lord, you're clutching at straws....you're talking about a completely different era and times. Clubs were loyal back then, there wasn't as much money involved. We are in 2018 (almost), its an era driven by money and instant results. Football isn't what it used to be, its an industry for business's to make cash, not to please fans anymore. Tickets back in the early 80's probably cost 50p and there was no games played on TV...we pay £40.00 a game and are on TV almost once a month and we are bored to tears watching the same predictable, monotonous rubbish weekly. How can you even begin to compare? How can you still be defending Carlos? What can you see that suggests CC will turn things around? CC has lost the fans, lost the players and there is only one stupid man backing him...and that's the most important man at the club, the only man at the club who can do anything about it!!
  9. Palmer's comments back in October were 100% accurate. 2 points a game for 20 - 25 games is a tall order and that points requirement is growing as each game goes on. What makes me laugh is, if this was any other manager that we have had in the past, who had been on this run of results i.e Jones, Irvine, Laws, etc... the majority of the fans would have been calling for their heads....what is different with Carlos?? The answer is simple....it's sentiment towards him for the playoff final season, nothing more nothing less!! Forget that its gone, think of what needs to happen to make us successful.
  10. Carlos OUT

    I cant understand why some people are still defending him...and to make it worse people are still trying to search for stats to back their argument up!! There are no stats or reasons for him to still be at our club.
  11. Why, just why?

    The majority are good players, playing under poor management/tactics, Its that simple. The squad definitely needs trimming by 8 to 10 players. Matais, Nuhiu, Loovens, Pudil, Abdi, Wallace and Jones for starters...they're either past it, not up to it or injured all the time. It would free up some valuable wages.
  12. We will beat Wolves

    But Carlos kept saying we were unbeaten in 8.
  13. The Final Excuse at 10pm Friday Night

    There is only one way to make chansiri see our true feelings...don’t turn up Friday night. I’ve got a ST and I’ve not been for the last 3 home games. It wont happen but if 20,000 plus fans didn’t turn up, it would really hit home!! More are against CC then they are for now and it’s time to do something about it it. I said in November, our season could be over going into the new year...I will revise that, it’s over now!! 10 points off the playoffs and we’ve got a tricky Christmas period that could see us 15-18 points adrift. Clueless Carlos...time to do the right thing.
  14. “Owls have two choices”

    He's obviously not got the brain capacity to understand the concept behind open discussion and debate!! It's ok because little insecure boys like him don't really intimidate me in slightest. The 45 minutes he spent typing his 22 words were wasted.