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  1. agreed ...just as bad as short sleeved shirts n gloves!!
  2. Why would we want to change it? We’ve looked half decent in every department to be fair.
  3. It’s Not remembered because it wasn’t scored by a Man U player, messi, Ronaldo or aguero!! some goal to be fair.
  4. Totally agree...so many on here are so blinkered. Joe Hart is 33, got 5/6 years left in him and will a very good acquisition for any championship club. His PL days are seemingly over (unless a promoted club take a punt on him) and he wont be able to command anywhere near the wages he as been on. I can't imagine he was on OTT wages at Burnley either. He will be a good reliable keep for anyone who takes a shot at him at championship level.
  5. it was Jos who seemed fixated on Dawson been the number...if you recall Wildsmith had been the regular back/go to keeper when Westwood was out or got banished. Jos then came in and totally shook it up.
  6. No different to monk...they need time. What the Cowley’s did at Lincoln took several seasons not 6 months!!
  7. You’ve got to stop carping off like this!!
  8. totally agree...monk walked into a right mess and is still in the early stages of rectifying things. The size of the mess we were/are in, cannot be sorted in 25-30 games. the last two games looked like we have shape and a system developing...give him time and back him.
  9. unreal some folk...we’ve just gone away from home to a tough place and won 2-1. Seriously what is up with some people?
  10. Monk deserves time...and given time and a couple of transfer windows I am sure he will make us really competitive in this league.
  11. Never been in doubt for me...out of the two young keepers he’s the best.
  12. So after that much patience and perseverance your happy for him to finally hit form then flog him...sounds a decent thought process.
  13. I hope Rhodes finds some form so he can bang 20 for us!!
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