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  1. we’re not just going up…we’re going to win the league!! Saturday confirmed it for me
  2. im surprised you used Icky Not only surprised but disappointed also
  3. i clearly did and it was poor beyond belief…anyone who thinks it was ok and acceptable seriously need to think about which sport to follow
  4. How long is smith out for?? If fit surely it’s the perfect game for him n Gregory to start together??
  5. it was difficult to watch that second 45…not one outfield player with the exception of FDB, could put a foot on the ball. 2 games in, we can’t complain!! It will come together with a bit of match fitness. that’s a game we would have probably lost or drawn last season so it’s certainly a step in the right direction.
  6. He also likes gravy on it also. i like beef tho…I’ve been eating it all my life
  7. i can’t eat fish mate but my dad loves it
  8. And?? I’ve not been abusive or anything like that. im not even scared
  9. so we’re at a stage where pointing out a players bad performance is scapegoating…close the forum down!! There’s nothing to talk about!!
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