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  1. I wouldn’t joke...let him go for free then sign him back for cash 🤦🏼‍♂️
  2. my comment were something like “he was poo for the majority and on the run up to point of him been dropped and he deserved to be dropped”.........this was followed by you saying “that’s not true he played well against Wigan”. So he played well once in 15...who’s comment is more appropriate to the situation, mine or yours??
  3. Nothing was started...van aken was tripe. Only you and your mate disagreeing
  4. Can you make sure you tag me in each one?? I’m very interested 🤦🏼‍♂️ On a serious note, I just honestly don’t understand why all of a sudden we are interested in ex players so much. Kirby didn’t make it with us as several other players didn’t. If only we showed as much interest in our own players.
  5. I only asked a question 🤷🏼‍♂️ Don’t l like the question then don’t answer. what’s shoes got to do with Connor Kirby?? does he own a shoe shop??
  6. did you just open that can of worms with a tin opener or just bust it open?
  7. agreed...been a top player is more than just been a good player, it’s about been a top all round professional. Di Canio was an amazing player but he always had the ability to implode.
  8. each to their own mate...I couldn’t give a monkeys to be honest, especially when you consider half of these players haven’t played much for us anyway. i’m more for supporting the current crop to be honest.
  9. Why is there a sudden obsession for every ex Wednesday player and what they are doing??
  10. The monthly award for Key board warrior, for the month of September is awarded to.....coopsswfc76. You’re boring mate. says a lot when I’ve only read 2 other posters agreeing with your views.
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