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  1. i don’t get what your point is?? We know he wasn’t our player. He was quality that season and he should have been signed permanently the following season.
  2. Should have signed him straight after his loan!! He was a major factor behind us going up.
  3. It’s a tough one mate Wagon and horses on a Friday night is a joy to behold.
  4. hes 31…it gives him possibly one last payday in a country that will give him an unrivalled lifestyle change.
  5. Wouldn’t say undroppable but he certainly adds work rate and the “nuisance factor” when he’s plays. i certainly think he offers something when playing alongside Gregory.
  6. these can see it after 86 minutes…DM couldn’t see it after 5 months Just about days it all!!
  7. the “guard of honour” that we was given from their mob as we was let out and marched down the middle of the road was special I must admit
  8. really?? He’s been very poor…I don’t see any reason to see a permanent contract would improve the situation for either party.
  9. Been a great servant under difficult circumstances for the majority of it…good luck and all the best Lee
  10. every player has bad games mate…pretty much every player has just had 2 shockers in a row!!
  11. Would be happy if he replaced Lewis wing…the wing loan hasn’t work. Onto the next plan
  12. It was his only good game to be fair and there is a chance that he fell victim of the DM lottery selection policy that was in place back then. We are struggling for a left sided defender, i don't see what we have to lose giving him a run of games. We continue to play midfielders and strikers in a makeshift defence when there are options there surely? The trouble with full back and wing back now it as become a specialist position in it own right in the fact that you are expected to support the attacks just as much as the defence and anyone worth their weight in these roles quite often end up moving onto bigger and better things. Gone are the days where a full back was part of a back 4 and rarely got forward.
  13. what do you get for finishing 7th in the PL??
  14. He’s getting paid because it’s his job…I assume you get paid for your time and effort?? at various stages he’s done his job very well hence the appreciation and respect.
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