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  1. I absolutely love Hutch scoring, just for his celebrations. You can tell that it means the world to him.
  2. Have we askedCardiff if they will pay Iorfas wages too. Hes out injured so not sure why we should pay it. Same goes for Dunkley too Chuffin Cardiff cheapskates
  3. I think youve been generous on your scoring for everyone on there to be honest
  4. We really are crap arent we Losing at shrewsbury and deservedly so. Not one single player looking remotely above mid table 3rd division standard
  5. Modern footbsllers are utter wimps. Slightest touch and they fall over and then out for weeks. They really are embarassing
  6. No chance of any of those 3 See us play on Europe ...... done See us win a major trophy....... done See us in an FA cup final......done My new one now would be to win the FA cup......no chance of that
  7. Fantastic picture, well done. I love that guy in the light grey top, pretty much in the middle, screaming up to the heavens. I think weve all done that. Also, is that a pig, in the darker grey hoody, in front of the lad (who looks like Gordon Watson), in the Wednesday shirt? He looks sad, unlike everyone else in that picture who look ecstatic
  8. Totally agree I love that barselona are "struggling". Love to see them relegated al9ng with real madrid. Pompous arrogant clubs, just like liverpool chelsea etc ....and all the dockheads that buy their shirts when they win the "champions" league
  9. Disgusting. Wish we still had tbem to play at hillsboro so we could reciprocate. How many did we give them?
  10. The problem with berahino is berahino himself. Hes probably already earned enough to retire to burundi as a millionaire. Hes just screwing a bit more out of whichever club is gullible enough to keep paying him. He isnt interested in saving his careeer
  11. And unlike a lot of modern footballers, including our own, he stays fit and available. Can you imagine if hutch, iorfa, luongo etc played as many minutes in a season as BB. Must be a dream to have as a manager.......and showed great loyalty too, when he could easily have gone elsewhere in the summer
  12. Depends on what contract hes on, but needs getting rid of. By far our worst signing this season
  13. Thats 5 top quality players to add to our team, for this division. If only they could stay fit..........like barry bannan does
  14. So frustrating the draws with the likes of gillingham, cambridge etc, as otherwise wed be right up there. Hopefully we have some good quality players coming back, so im very optimistic of top 6, if not top 2 if we start putting wins together Whod have thought we be level with plymouth last month. Just shows how things can change. Weve caught up 10 points in 5 games !
  15. I agree. I didnt think it was dangerous and no different to the hunt one. What really pees me off is that thrower curtis reaction. Watch it again, its embarassing. He hits the floor several times in utter agony. Hands on his face as the pain is so unbearable. Red card given and up he gets......pretends it hurts still with the obligatory limp as he goes off. Then, its a miracle ! As soon as hes off the pitch, hes cured !! Comes back on sprinting with no ill effects whatsoever. So glad we hung on and he wasnt rewarded fir his over acting. Sad tning is they all do it Deginition of a modern footballer is a cheating wimp
  16. I think that footage was from tbe official review video ( made by YTV) Wasnt the filming awful. Taken at low level with crap music overdubbed, so you couldnt really make out what was happening
  17. Never understood why celtic didnt buy them but leave them to develop here. I cant think for a moment that they thought either were first team material for them
  18. Yes because communism is such a success in every country it has ever been I agree that modern football is embarassing though
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