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  1. I hope theyve all got get out clauses lol. I cant see many, if any, activating them, as no one would take them on
  2. Wages and wanting to stay aside......... Id like westwood to stay......if not we need to buy a new keeper Defence maybe quite strong....iorfa, lees, dunkley, palmer, urhoghide, borner ?? Midfield is so weak....would bannan be any good or hutch at L1? Green is an unknown....otherwise there is no one to keep Up front is worse again. I wouldnt keep any of them
  3. I conceeded ages ago we are down. This squad is utter garbage with no pride or professionalism. Do we have any players that may be good in L1?
  4. I see uriah, is humbly boasting that HE brought £240 million into the club over two years. What a humble gurning ******** he is
  5. Threw his clothes into a duffel bag, Shouted and slam the door, at home its a drag
  6. That first game of the run donny lost...theyd have gone top if theyd beat someone like fleetwood at home. I remember thinking at the time donny would go up this season and how well moore had done. Something happened though ( us approaching him ?) And the wheels have fallen right off since Good luck darren. Make yourself a legend
  7. That signwriter is going to be soooo busy. Pigs are just one defeat short of the record for home defeats in the top flight (not PL) but the history of the top flight. They are now joint top, but theyll be desperate to claim that one for themselves Thats got to be right up there on the honours board
  8. I get where you are coming from though. After that derby disaster, you knew we were gone. Same today. This gutless set of players dont have the backbone to win games and get themselves out of this mess
  9. Can anyone explain why we cant simply sack players. Most people have contracts that have a 3 month or 6 month termination notice, why are footballers different?
  10. Its the players way as they simply dont care. Its two fingers up to ALL of us who care about the club. They still get their obscene wages, despite being pathetic at their jobs
  11. Ive followed wednesday since the 70s. Ive never known such a spineless, lame, skill-less set of players. They totally deserve to go down. Youngsters aside, their careers are over. I cant imagine any club signing any of our players. Cant we just sack the lot?
  12. Its one of many reasons why ive fallen out of love with footbal, Shandy. Together with all the diving and play acting, Its cheating, plain and simple. Inept weak referees are incapable of dealing with it. All it rakes is a few red cards being dished out and it will stop. Football as a sport has died slowly and meakly
  13. I maybe wrong as ive lost nearly all interest in football, but didnt think chansiris bank balance is the promble. I think hed love to spend lots and get a good manager and players. Its ffp that wont allow us to spend
  14. "I do feel we've been cursed with injuries. I feel for the medical staff, they've been outstanding for two or three years," said Wilder. "We've had John Fleck falling and breaking his back, Jack O'Connell collinding with Dean Henderson, Oli McBurnie falling and hurting his shoulder and now John Egan hurting himself making a tackle." Ruddy hell, 4 injuries, thats unbelievable bad luck, no wonder they will be relegated. No club has ever had such an utter plague of injuries. If only they had 100 million to spend on stregthening their squad, like everyone else
  15. Totally agree. Both utterly amazing moments and as crazy wild celebrations as ive ever known for both
  16. First time ive ever agreed with the gurning bus driver. Loony lefties.....actually its the first time ive ever agreed with lefties too.
  17. Id agree with him, that everyone is a p***y these days
  18. On what grounds?? Ive met him a couple of times and he came across as a really nice guy
  19. Have to feel soryy for dem pigs with i juries to both leading scorers OG and pen. Or did pen score an OG?? Im confused
  20. Welcome home Sam. Fantastic addition to the squad and may make all the difference between us staying up or going down
  21. I cant disrespect WW, always had a soft spot since THAT game
  22. Well done wednesday. More relieved than anything, as we needed to win that. Werent coventry 10 points clear of us recently? I havent a clue who will be down there at the end. There are suddenly a lot of teams being sucked in. Good that rovrum lost too
  23. Absolutely nailed on pigs will get bournemouth in next round
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