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  1. Yet some on here say we only complain sbout refs when we lose
  2. I was worried after the wigan friendly last week, as our defending was abysmal. All the signs were there yet we did nothing to rectify it. Moore needs to get a defensive coach in now to sort this mess. The players should be good enough, but that was a car crash, same as last season. He simply isnt learning, as it was our defence that cost us last season
  3. I cant believe how manyof his passes went wayward
  4. The 3rd goal, he simply comes out a few paces, catches it or punches it ( like their keeper kept doing ). Really annoys me when keepers stay on their line when a cross is put in the 6 yard box. I thought stockdale would be a brilliant signing, but hes got off to a shocking start, if you include the wigan game. Get off your line and command your area !!!!! CD will be in goal in a few weeks if stockdale keeps this up
  5. The defence still worries me. I thought ihiekwe and hennigan would be huge improvements, but we looked so fragile v wigan. I know it was a friendly but shouldnt be looking that shaky at the back in any game. Therefore play offs, as it stands
  6. Ive really enjoyed it. So refreshing to watch how the game SHOULD be played. No diving, no cheating, no time wasting. They make the "men" look utterly embarassing
  7. Ives said this before and will say it again.....the bickering about who is most ITK is pathetic. You sound like children. Most people come on these threads for information, not to read page after page of silly squabling. Personally i appreciate any snippets of info someone may have and if it doesnt happen so be it. No need to crucify the poster, whoever it is.
  8. I think stockdale will start the season but dawson will quickly replace him, if hes making errors
  9. The 2nd was a free header from 6 yards. Shocking defending but cant blame keeper for that !!
  10. It was an observation. I dont see the problem myself Glad were pushing themback
  11. Wigan dropping all 11 back in their own half, like theyre hanging on fotr a win, rather than treating it like a friendly
  12. Lol are pigs playing their u18 team for these friendlies? Cant be their first team surely
  13. Did non league scunny change their starting 11 at ht to give pigs a chance
  14. Derby making lots of good signings by the look of it. Its disgusting that they go into admin and then go on a spending spree, They will be up there at the end of the season. Us Derby Peterborough Barnsley Ipswich Wycombe
  15. Exactly. They know SW sell out everywhere away. No way will they reduce it to £20 Well done reading also
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