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  1. Yes, but you missed the point I was making which was that (despite what some believe) the debacle of 2020/21 didn't just stop and disappear at the end of the season. We're still living with the hangover today.
  2. You know that was his first game back after hospitalisation? Was it his fault we conceded a late penalty?
  3. Sorry, but if you cant see a points deduction, 4 different managers, players not getting paid, players running down their contracts, transfer embargo and relegation as anything other than a car crash then no one is ever going to persuade you otherwise. I realise that some of our lot regard that as a minor detail, a historical footnote with a line swiftly drawn under the whole business, but others, myself included, think that we were set back years by the whole debacle.
  4. The trouble with far too many of our lot is that anything less than promotion is equivalent to failure. He has managed two clubs before us. Both those clubs were in play-off positions when he left them. In his first full season with us, we finished in a play-off position. This despite DM inheriting an absolute car crash of a club. Failure, though........
  5. I think there is a contingent amongst us who never wanted him in the first place and who tediously pounce on every sub-par performance and dropped point as validation of their view. Anything that doesn't go well is placed squarely on his shoulders while any success is dismissed as accidental or attributed to good luck. However well we do, we should have done better apparently....... There were people who actually wanted him sacked even if we got promoted last season. Of course it's perfectly acceptable to query the managers team selections and tactics, but the sheer predictability of the people who only appear to snipe at the manager and the nature of their complaints is tiresome IMO. Of course Darren Moore has to perform. The question has to be over what time frame. Given the mess we were in at the end of the 20/21 season I think at least two complete seasons is reasonable. Undoubtedly this is a big season for him. Last seasons promotion campaign has raised expectations and he needs to demonstrate that he can, at the very least, do the same again. But we lost some important players in the summer and their replacements will take time to settle in, so how about cutting Darren Moore some slack?
  6. Am I the only one not convinced that ETH is the answer? His transfer dealings haven't been world beating, mainly consisting of players he knew from Dutch football. Plenty of deadwood gone, but Ronaldo still a destabilising presence. And they seem to have an interest in all sorts of half decent players without really considering if they fit. Rinse and repeat in 18 months?
  7. I like to think that their win yesterday was down to poor opposition rather than them being anything special. And of course, they managed to contrive to miss a penalty. Again. Penalty failure is becoming a bit of a speciality for The Blunts.
  8. It wasn't a convincing win TBF. But hardly cause for sacking the manager.
  9. Fricking ridiculous that he was being written off after just one game when he kept more clean sheets in L1 than any other keeper last season.
  10. I think they'll stay up. But definitely a club on the slide.
  11. Oddly, it's not unusual for the club coming up through the play-offs to outperform the promoted clubs. Maybe it's because they had that extra bit of ability to perform under pressure on the big occasion. But yes, I fancy Forest to stay up. Bournemouth made hard work of getting promoted, and I think Fulham have that weird thing of being too good for the Championship and not quite good enough for the Prem. Can't make my mind up who will join those two in going down. Southampton often look like they're about to implode, but I think they'll somehow just about survive. Brentford I think will have second season syndrome, and have lost their talismanic midfielder, but might just get over the line. I'm not convinced that Frank Lampard is a PM quality manager and Everton have lost their best player, but if they're struggling after a few months he'll be gone. And Leeds will be somewhere in the relegation scrap as well.
  12. From BBC Sport: Good to see they did their due diligence so thoroughly.
  13. Fans who give out dogs abuse to their own players..........
  14. First half of extra time I thought the Germans were all over us. England looked tired and were struggling to get out of their own half. At that point I could only see one side winning and I thought the best we could hope for was hanging on for the dreaded penalties. I don't know what Wiegman send to them at the interval but second half of ET they seemed to have regained a bit of composure and managed to start stringing passes together again. Then the goal went in and that just seemed to change the dynamic. The game management in the last five minutes was absolutely world class.
  15. I was thinking exactly the same yesterday. There will always be some knuckle draggers, but I think modern footballers are generally far more professional in their behaviour than they were say twenty years ago, and a lot of them come from a generation that were bought up to respect women.
  16. Yes. Being good at the job is more important than gender. I think there's still a long way to go before female coaches become generally accepted in the mens game though, and I suspect in the shorter term any such appointment would be tokenism. Done for the novelty or the PR value. Yesterdays victory was an important step forward, though. Regarding Sarina Wiegman, I think we have to accept that the attributes required in a manager are different when comparing national and league sides. Managing a club like ours comes with constraints and problems that wouldn't exist within the England set up. Personally speaking I think Gareth Southgate would struggle at this level.
  17. I must admit that I've never been particularly sold on the womens game until this tournament. I remember watching the Lionesses during the Phil Neville era and I thought the standard was about that of a Sunday League game. So this has been a real eye opener for me. Compared to back then, there has been an absolute quantum leap in the skill, organisation and decision making of the England ladies. And it has just been hugely enjoyable to watch.
  18. It's good, positive, entertaining football played on the front foot. None of this tippy-tappy risk averse stuff Southgate seems to favour. And Sarina Wiegman actually seems to know a game changing substitution is needed.
  19. Can the FA please replace Gareth Southgate with Sarina Wiegman? And no, I'm not joking.
  20. Indeed. And I can guarantee that all it will take is one poor game and they'll be back....... In seriousness, there has been interest in him at a higher level so I can understand if he is thinking about where his future lies. He has undoubtedly come on in the last season or two, so maybe that's the way to sell it to him? It's all very well playing at a higher level if that allows you to kick on. Pick the wrong club and you'll either be warming the bench or tied to a team heading in the wrong direction. Here, he can be starting most games and playing at the right end of L1. Urhogide and Sean Clare are cautionary examples.
  21. Down to 7th. FFS..... Still, Fleetwood have dropped from table toppers to 18th in just a couple of minutes.
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