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  1. That might make sense if S6 is the concluding season and they want to tie everything together. My worry, much as I'm enjoying the current season, is that the BBC will want to flog LoD to death. The longer it goes on with no clear destination, the more it's going to lose it's way.
  2. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the references to the (real life) Stephen Lawrence case.
  3. That's not fair. Not taking our chances when we were a man to the good cost us 3 points. If we had done so, the missed penalty would have been irrelevant.
  4. I can't believe that DC would have paid Donny compensation for Moore if he had any intention of sacking him a few months later.
  5. It depends on expectations, I suppose. Pulis was a disaster because he was supposed to be a quick-fix manager, a relegation beater who would have an immediate impact and keep us up. Obviously that never came close to being a reality. I think (I hope) Darren Moore was bought in as a longer term solution, in the expectation we were likely to go down. If that's true, it's not fair to judge him on a like-for-like timescale with Pulis.
  6. So he knows League 1, and he's improved a club in that league with modest resources. I would say that's a pretty good start point. Right know what we could really do with is some continuity. As others have noted, he's starting to give us a bit of an identity. What's the point of tearing that up and starting over yet again? When will people realise there are no quick fixes? We're not exactly a top attraction for a "proven" manager so why not take a chance on one who has some good attributes and give him a proper opportunity to mould a team the way he wants? 3
  7. How did the OCG know the exact route of the convoy? Presumably the corrupt prison officers wouldn't have been party to that info.
  8. Norwich. Get a Technical Director to oversee all aspects of the footballing side of the club. Someone to establish a clear philosophy and organisation tying together not just style of play but coaching, scouting, training, transfer philosophy, medical, sports science which everyone buys into. That would include a head coach who wouldn't be an all powerful figure bringing their own staff (and taking them away when they leave) but someone who fits neatly into an already established organisation. Invest in facilities and infrastructure like the academy and the training gro
  9. One of the things I've learned over the years is not to read too much into the first race of the season.
  10. I have, but I must admit I had to look it up on Wikipedia to refresh my memory. The idea of whether it's possible to avoid your fate if you know about it in advance isn't new, of course, but First Snow deals with it in a relatively restrained and philosophical way while playing with your expectations.
  11. Antebellum (2020). A "Sky Original", which should have been warning enough. Mostly based on a cotton plantation in Louisiana run by Confederate soldiers who routinely beat, rape and kill the Afro-American slaves who toil in the fields. The plot twist is visible a mile off, even for anyone who hasn't watched M. Night Shyamalan's The Village. This probably would have been a half decent idea for a Hammer Horror film in the 1970s, but a bit preposterous for the 2020's. 4/10.
  12. Ain't that the truth. QPR were badly beaten last weekend. We thumped Cardiff. So expect a QPR victory. It's the Wednesday way......
  13. Does anyone remember when Dot Cotten tried to implicate Steve as The Caddy (Season 3)? One of his justifications was that The Caddy was known to have a Southern accent. (Cotten might even have mentioned a "London" accent).
  14. I understand an English Language remake is in the pipeline. FYI there's also an animated prequal, Seoul Station, set immediately before Train To Busan
  15. Absolutely brilliant. It's been speculated that it's inspired by the Murdoch family, but personally I see the Maxwells.
  16. No it hasn't. There's always a little bit of stuff going on the background about the coppers family lives, but that never spills over into the main plot and each series is self contained. What you will notice is that with Series 1 the writers established a formula which they repeat across all subsequent series. The suspects, their background and motives etc change from series to series, but other than that you're watching a similar story arc each time. It's none the worse for that, but don't expect the dizzying plot twists of LoD.
  17. Michael Clayton (2007). Decent legal thriller, nominated for several academy awards. Stars George Clooney as the Clayton of the title, a 'fixer' for a large New York law firm who are involved in the final stages of a merger with another law firm while preparing to settle a long term class action suit against one of their clients, a chemical manufacturer who sold a weedkiller which they knew to be carcinogenic. The early stages of the film show Clayton narrowly escaping an attempt on his life, before winding back four days and showing how he stumbled upon a conspiracy to
  18. Both are excellent, but don't really bear direct comparison. Each season of Unforgotten is pretty much stand alone and independent of the others, whereas in LoD each season is inextricably linked by a sub-plot. Unforgotten exists in a fairly self-contained environment with a limited array of permanent characters whereas LoD sprawls across the city with both a core cast and an extensive cast of semi-recurring characters who drift in and out of the main storylines. Each season of Unforgotten works to the same specific formula whereas each season of LoD takes a different approach.
  19. They sure did. Note the date on the below...
  20. I'm pretty sure they already did that in Season 3. I'm with others on Kate going deep undercover. She's got a bit of form in that regard already, and some of her behaviour isn't consistent with what's already known about her. She certainly wasn't into other women for example, so I can only see that her fluttering her eyelashes at Davidson is an act.
  21. I remember reading about this at the time. The producers deliberately avoided pre-scripted dialogue, and instead just chatted to the kids about whatever subject matter was needed and let them riff on it in the sometimes bizarre way that young children do rather than sticking rigidly to a script. The idea was that they would come across more naturally and realistically, and it worked. Both of the younger kids were brilliant, but the girl in particular came across as a junior sociopath. When they got older, that approach no longer worked and they both became a bit wooden.
  22. Hausen (Sky Atlantic). Intriguing new German language paranormal series. A widower, Jaschek, moves with his teenage son to an unnamed city to become caretaker of a run-down high rise apartment block. Everything is gloomy - the city is permanently shrouded in fog with no hint of sunlight, and at night the only illumination comes from harsh fluorescent strip lights which bleach out any colour. Some of the tenants are a bit unusual if not actually sinister, and the building itself appears to be somehow alive and intent on tormenting it's residents. It comes acr
  23. Nice little opinion piece on us in todays Football League paper. Makes the point that we were rubbish with a lone striker, but that playing Rhodes together with Josh Windass was a game changer against Barnsley.
  24. Hunter Killer (2018). Jaw-droppingly bad military thriller, and even by the standards of the genre utterly implausible. Imagine Hunt For Red October as re-imagined by Chuck Norris........ Michael Nyqvist, who played a Russian submarine captain, died prior to release. Possibly through embarrassment. 2/10. Avoid unless you've got absolutely nothing better to do.
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