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  1. Good News. I'm glad we're actually getting our best youngsters signed up in good time rather than taking our eye off the ball and letting someone else poach them.
  2. That's a good summary. I wish Moore's critics would see and accept a) the difficulties that DM inherited and continues to have to work around, b) the fact that all things considered we're actually not in a bad position, and c) there aren't any obvious replacements (and whatever people say, there really are plenty of worse managers out there). There are no quick fixes at our club. We've been on a downward trajectory for a couple of seasons and that is not something that is going to be reversed in just a few months. DM may or may not be the man to turn us round, but if we sack him now then we'll never know, and the whole process will begin again. Realistically we need to give him a couple of full seasons to see if we're genuinely making progress, unfortunately though there will always be a sizeable group of our fans who will demand instant success.
  3. We let them back into the game TWICE. This is a poor league and a comprehensive home victory against Plymouth is the very least we should expect. Instead, we were hanging on In fact if If the manager hadn't mishandled Theo then he would still have been here and we would have been out of sight by half time. This simply isn't good enough. A proper manager would have this squad top of L1 by 10 points by now. MOORE OUT. (/Sarcasm mode OFF)
  4. Exactly. But all it took was an unfortunate injury and people start complaining about what a poor signing he was,.
  5. Like I said, it may not be a comedy but it's served with a generous dose of black humour.
  6. Cirkewwa, far North of the island. As you say, close to Mellilha Bay. Buses run right to the front door of the ferry terminal. You may be able to get a boat from the South of the island, but I guess it would take longer.
  7. I was surprised how densely populated Malta is. The Greater Valetta area is a huge sprawl which covers about one third of the island. It's been a few years since I was last there, but you could buy passes for unlimited bus travel, and Malta has a great and easy to use bus network (not sure if they still have the colourful owner operated buses). There are bus interchanges in Valetta and Bugibba which cover most points on the island. Don't overlook Gozo. It's a short (30 min) ferry crossing with bus connections at each end. Victoria is a pleasant town with a stunning castle.
  8. I think there's certainly a bit of politics going on here. I even wonder, given the way that F1 is currently being served up to the viewing public as some sort of soap opera, whether this is actually being deliberately choreographed. But I agree. No way is Lewis retiring. He has unfinished business. The thing is, none of us know what's happened behind the scenes since then. While I think Mercedes have a very strong case, I suspect that both they and Lewis are smart enough not to want anything to do with a title won through the courts rather than on the track. Stay on the moral high ground and let Max keep his tainted WDC. At the same time, the FIA must surely realise the massive embarrassment and PR disaster if Merc pursued this through the courts and won. That being the case, I just wonder whether it's in the interests of both parties to come to some sort of private understanding? If Merc haven't extracted something given the strength of their case then more fool them.
  9. Have you seen the respective positions of Wednesday and Gillingham in the league table?
  10. Lets say it takes a while to get into. It's a slow burner. It can seem bewildering at first, but as you get to know the characters, their back stories, their personalities, motivations and weaknesses it starts to make sense. Yes, it may be "people talking" (albeit punctuated by moments of high drama) but that's the point. It's all about the politics - the shifting alliances, plotting, betrayals, power struggles and humiliations. And much of it involving close family members who simply can't escape from each other. And the whole thing is riddled with abundant black humour; while it's self evidently not a comedy, there are moments which border on the laugh out loud, and the sheer awfulness of some of the characters is a constant source of amusement. If that's not your cup of tea, then fair enough. But it definitely rewards persistence.
  11. That's my view. We would have ruined him. If there are positives, at least we can look with satisfaction at the way in which by releasing him, he was subsequently able to contribute to Dem Blades misery in recent seasons.
  12. Comparing is reasonable. Comparing without context is not. Neither Wycombe or Rotherham changed their manager multiple times in a single season. Neither failed to pay their players. Neither let a significant proportion of their squad leave at the end of the season. Neither were under a soft embargo which forced them to rebuild their squad at short notice with frees and loans. These are the things which make a like for like comparison invalid. Wycombe and Rotherham had significant continuity which allowed them to hit the ground running. We, on the other hand, were at real risk of the trapdoor opening. The fact that we are, at least, no worse than mid-table is cause for encouragement rather than anger.
  13. Fundamentally, that's the problem isn't it? It's nothing to do with visas or validity of medical exemptions. It's all about public opinion, especially in what I understand is an election year. The government were caught unawares by the backlash when Djokovic's vaccination status became an issue.
  14. Didn't he arrive at immigration at about 4am in the morning? And then given about 20 minutes to prove his status, which would have required communication with Tennis Australia and the State Government? At 4am?? Can understand why he and his representatives might have had a case for not being treated reasonably. I think this whole affair is as much to do with Aussie politics as anything else.
  15. I'm pretty sure this whole thread was only started as a wind-up.
  16. Interesting that they cast an Icelandic actor as an American character. Could they not find a suitable American?
  17. You forgot panel shows. All of which seem to feature pretty much the same set of panelists.
  18. I agree. The couple of times he was caretaker seemed to follow a particular trajectory; an immediate improvement for a game or two followed by a sustained decline. I thought it was interesting that it was Thomson rather than Bully who was asked to keep the seat warm last time.
  19. I said exactly the same on another thread. Credit to MK. They looked beyond the normal suspects, 'big' names and journeyman managers and made a brave appointment.
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