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  1. I heard from a mate that Bruce actually does ask him for advice, regarding both player management and team tactics. Bruce then does the exact opposite. It's been working quite well so far, so he'd be mad to want him gone!
  2. Is that all we need to get done in order to compete with Ajax? FFS!
  3. Some bloke from Thailand purchases one item from each vendor. I'm going to rent a stall next time round. I don't expect to sell much, but only need to sell one item to make it worthwhile. Cheapest thing will be £10,000
  4. I once had a science project which required me to do some research on the fellow in question, and if I recall correctly, he is straight. Does this revelation change anything for you?
  5. He should watch out, or he could be done for being an accessory to an FFP violation!
  6. Is this because the loss would reflect immediately, whereas the purchase cost can be spread across several years?
  7. The question was "which player would be least upset at losing", so it's correct to provide just a single selection
  8. To be fair, Snoots still did a better job than May!
  9. Looks like they have it in the bag, unfortunately.
  10. We'll have none of the tomfoolery round here! You should know better!
  11. One too many pork scrappings?
  12. I don't get what all the fuss is about. Renewing following a strong end of year finish worked out well with Nuhiu!
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