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  1. In all fairness to Sky, it's possible they didn't see the press conference where Carlos guaranteed we'll finish in the top 2. Easy mistake to make. I expect Sky to issue a correction by the morning.
  2. Some of us might not be big fans of Carlos' tactics, but that doesn't mean we think he's a thief. If he's borrowed money from Rhodes I'm sure he will pay it back.
  3. The title of the thread exclaims it as fact. No doubt after seeing this headline (and not reading the post), even more people will believe it's what DC said. Neil, have you considered a job at the Daily Mail?
  4. Not sure what's confusing about it. Did you think it was a pair of knickers?
  5. Or perhaps our current position only suggests how much better off we should be. This league seems like it was there for the taking.
  6. Jordan Rhodes!

    Hooper is the smartest attacking player at the club, and possibly division.
  7. The cc doubters

    Count me in
  8. Butts

    you're lying
  9. Love how the sponsors pay respect to the colours! In another thread I mentioned how I really disliked some of the design choices on our shirt (regardless of the crest and stripes, which have already been done to death), but that I wouldn't bother going through them. However, seeing this now compels me to. Chansiri sponsorship - I believe most people agree that kits are nicer without a sponsor, but with sponsorship money being vital these days, it's typically not something you'd want to get out of. In our case though, the sponsor isn't a conventional one, so it seemed an opportune time to keep the front of an anniversary kit free of this blemish. Yellow tabs on sleeves - Just why? I call this random design. Slapping things on for the sake of it "The Wednesday" - A token mention of our heritage, positioned below the random yellow tabs, seemingly for the sake of it. No thanks. WAWAW squiggly - as above, why? just planted on the front, because the kit "needed" it. Looks like a loose piece of string until you take a closer look. Elev8 sponsorship - Apart from the fact this logo looks like sheeite (in my opinion), as far as I can tell "elev8" isn't actually a thing. Or it's an energy drink and an apparel company, both of which don't have any products (other than this kit perhaps). As with the main sponsor, this was perhaps another wasted opportunity to keep the shirt unsullied. I'll concede that if the sponsors have something to do with FFP I'm a little more sympathetic, but would've liked "elev8" to at the very least look like a logo of an athletic-wear brand. Ultimately what bothered me most was DC's call to go "retro", and then failing to execute this design direction. Why have a classic crest, a classic kit, and then choose to add all these other design elements to it? I appreciate many people don't give a rat's about design, but I found this kit incredibly sad, for reasons beyond the stripes and crest!
  10. Villa Saturday new 3rd kit

    Agreed. Everything has gone exactly to plan so far, not sure why this would be any different!
  11. In an effort to try something new, Carlos has made everyone captain.
  12. He's only just realised he hasn't be wearing his glasses. This explains a lot!