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  1. Quick, someone post that was signed Terry Henfleet!
  2. Did he only start watching Wednesday after he turned 10?
  3. At least we are able to make criticisms without being worried we'll get sued!
  4. Look at this with an objective lens and he's throwing out ideas, he even states that it's something that "sounds interesting" and needs to be "tested" by "medical professionals", which means he clearly isn't one and is just repeating things he's heard from somewhere. I'm not suggesting that as President it's responsible for him to blurt out anything that enters his mind, but this is hardly the big story people made it out to be. The only reason everyone knows he said this is because people are eager to latch onto absolutely anything he says and run with it. If there's an opportunity to ridicule Trump, people will be on it. Isn't it embarrassing how easy this makes it for him to create sideshows and control the conversation? While everyone is busy laughing it up in their echo chamber, real issues go unchecked. He has every incentive to continue what he's doing, because it can actually help him. Now look what you've done Neil! Politics has leaked into this section.
  5. Spot on mate. Confirmation bias isn't hard to spot when it comes to people watching the old Trumpster. He doesn't half spew rubbish sometimes, but on the other hand, it's not all tosh, yet some people are so deranged it completely skews their perspective. The irony then is that the people mocking Trump often end up looking more irrational than the man himself! Perhaps we shouldn't be so quick to listen to the people who told us with certainty that there was Russian collusion... As it happens, there was actually an ongoing study with UV light being used internally as a possible cure for Corona... but let's all laugh at him anyway! For what it's worth, even the article above justifies the mockery by stating "yes, it was being studied, but it doesn't work - yet". Objective journalism that!
  6. Whew. That's a relief! Thought it was bleach...
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