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  1. Are you sure you didn't order 6 pints? It's easy to forget what you've done after drinking 6 pints.
  2. The silver lining is that this could be a boon for D-Taxis
  3. Was this photo part of Nando's appeal to the EFL?
  4. Are you not a fan of the Tory's plan then?
  5. It's worse than we imagined. Thoughts and prayers!
  6. Looks like he's been taken hostage in an abandoned warehouse
  7. That is why there's a laughing emoji, so you know when to laugh.
  8. Perhaps ask a mod to edit this, because leaving it up there is how fake news works. Most people won't scroll down to read your edit. Just to be clear, I'm not suggesting Rhodes isn't an overpaid waster...
  9. Fletcher is a no-nonsense footballer who likes to tuck in and get down to business. I don't think Monk gets credit for that, as it showed well before Monk arrived on the scene
  10. 100% I agree that all formations have their merits, based on the opposition, a particular game's dynamics, as well as the squad at your disposal. I only created this thread as there was a fair bit of scoffing at the suggestion we should go 4-4-2, because "it doesn't work in the modern game". I found the suggestion baffling, especially as we looked much more cohesive when switching to 4-4-2 against Huddersfield. What's the root of the belief 4-4-2 "doesn't work"? Is it because the football elites are too good for it?
  11. This is the sort of analysis I was longing for. Yet again, Owlstalk delivers!
  12. We do have some talent on here, albeit slim pickings!
  13. Call me old school, but I've always been a fan of 442. I'm no tactician though, and won't pretend to properly understand the mechanics behind the modern game. For me though, under Monk we've looked best at 442, and for what it's worth, I never liked the idea of Fletcher as a lone striker. Perhaps "442 is for grandpas" is something that applies to football of the highest calibre, not the Championship. Can any of the resident tacticians provide some insight into what we've seen from Monk so far? Always appreciated a bit of tactical analysis.
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