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  1. I envy the man who is yet to experience Facebook or Twitter
  2. After many years of trial and error, i've discovered that nothing I do has an effect on how the team does. A bit weird, right?
  3. The stewards have been trained to not let anyone on the kop if they're wearing just one sock
  4. Was posted on here based on an ITK source. Better be true, as I've already lumped on!
  5. If the rumours are true, it would mean that bloke who got tugged on the kop would be first in line
  6. This is supposed to be an anonymous forum! Mods, please delete this post so that Ash76 and Dotty maintain their privacy.
  7. Another manager thread, another opportunity for Ash76 to tag Dotty
  8. I use an ad-blocker, so frequent websites I dislike just so that they get the visit without the ad revenue!
  9. Exactly. It was well before Bruce. We can't go around giving Jos credit for bringing in Hector (Pellupessy and Onomah were all Jos, though).
  10. It's not about being negative, it's about whether I believe we will be able to compete based on what I've seen so far. Of course I would like Bullen to be the answer, why wouldn't I? But if I'm being honest with myself, I just don't think he is, and I'm not sure what he's substantively done to suggest he is up for the task. For what it's worth, I wanted Jos to be a smashing success, and the same goes for every manager we've ever hired. Would be well chuffed to be proven wrong, even more so because Bullen has been an outstanding servant for the club.
  11. Sure. Ok, then replace the words "hardly reason to celebrate" with "hardly a reason to get excited"
  12. Going into the international break under Jos, weren't we in 6th? Were fans expressing concern then also just "scared to be happy"? When the football on the pitch is disjointed, it simply doesn't bode well. The same fans accused of being downers will feel positive when it looks like things are coming together. Unfortunately, besides for our current league position, it appears we are lacking something if we intend to compete. While we may sort it out, losing to 10-man Milwall and scraping out a win (at home) against Luton, is hardly reason to celebrate.
  13. I'll tell you after we get promoted to the premier league
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