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  1. Still believe Bannan never has been captain material, but taking away the captaincy would make him all mardy. So for that reason, I say get rid!
  2. "You have nothing to worry about! Case in point: playoff t shirts are still full price at the club shop!"
  3. Pleased with this. There were suggestions we should let him go for free, but that would set an unhealthy precedent. Moving him on is a positive sign, but sadly the bar is still very very low.
  4. Could do a job in League 1, especially with the proper service
  5. Is that the nickname of that one-legged striker we handed a 4-year contract to?
  6. People keep saying this, but what evidence is there to suggest it's remotely true? What about our chairman would you consider conventional or predictable?
  7. "True, the sticking point so far has been that every player we've looked at has said they won't work for free. Staying sustainable is going to be more challenging than I expected"
  8. On the fence. Can't say I like them yet, but don't particularly hate them. They might grow on me. The pink one probably won't be popular, but I like that they've added a bit of contrast with the badge, as it shows a bit of thought into the design. Not fond of the branding on the shoulders, but other than that and the solid back, they're probably alright. I'm just glad to be rid of doing the kit in-house.
  9. "That's exactly right! £4.99 per letter. £24.99 per number"
  10. I have to imagine they experimented a bit, but solid blue may have worked better, and the striped "apron" at the bottom just seems untidy and not well thought out
  11. Practically, the back of a striped shirt can present a readability issue. So I'm sympathetic to the cause. But with that said, foook the blind! Giz us our stripes on the back back!
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