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  1. bobness

    'Football is big business'

    Would be nice if he kept it at its miniature size as well!
  2. That episode ended with a cliffhanger, can't wait for episode 2!
  3. I'd go one further, some of the names on the back of our shirts are sub-standard quality when compared to some other clubs in this league! I demand an explanation!!
  4. bobness

    The Sheffield Wednesday Card

    How many points does one get for traveling with D-Taxis? Do you accumulate points per mile? Or a set number of points per ride? I need to know as I am planning a trip, and have already set my heart on using D-Taxis.
  5. In all seriousness, this letter is incredible. While it would be nice for our club to be this proactive, it is well beyond the call of duty. And considering we're struggling with some of the basics, I wouldn't reasonably expect anything like this.
  6. If he fails to respond to the letter they follow up with a reverse charge call
  7. We will finish: 16th Top goal scorer: Forestieri Will Jos be in charge?: Yes Stand out player?: Dawson Notable crazy moment of the season: The club sells out of pro-fit kits
  8. Has anyone actually tasted it? Heard it's a bit like umbongo.
  9. bobness

    SWFC Strange Claims Thread

    This is only half true. It doubles to 12 on the weeks he makes an appearance.
  10. bobness

    SWFC Strange Claims Thread

    I found it strange that the club is yet to announce record shirt sales. This leads me to suspect DC will use the poor sales of stripes as evidence we must go all-blue next season. Or worse, experiment with an all-blue front and stripes on just the back.
  11. bobness

    We Need A Sign.......

    Make it 50 points. I'd like to see us end above mid table thank you very much!
  12. bobness

    George Boyd

    Think Jos announced he's the 4th choice keeper, actually.
  13. Where's the bit about incentivising players with pay as you play bonuses? With this fundamental info missing it's difficult to take the article seriously.
  14. Have Owls Americas got permission from the club to use its trademark? Just had a word with my lawyer friend, and he says it could be argued that anything Wednesday related may fall under parody, so could be fair use