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  1. https://www.sportbible.com/football/foul-play-funny-lewis-holtby-brilliantly-protects-himself-from-darnell-fisher-20201124
  2. You laugh, but we may need to put one of our keepers up front.
  3. I've just tweeted it out and quoted the Lord. According to the rules of the Internet it is now a certifiable fact!
  4. Severed fingers atop overcooked scrambled eggs. A Stephen Bywater special.
  5. To be fair, shrewd move from DC. What with the faltering demand for taxis, he may as well put his massive D vehicle fleet to good use.
  6. For a club like ours, Premier League will bring a cash infusion and put us back in the global spotlight. Even if we make a meal of it and don't last more than a season, it's been long overdue.
  7. I'd only be interested if he currently has two broken legs. Would make a great addition to the squad, with that sort of experience.
  8. Why would he be interested in a mere fondle when he can go elsewhere for a proper pork? Up your game, mate.
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