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  1. Amateur hour from the Blades. They need look no further than up the road to see a ticket pricing model that works!
  2. It's incredible how mismanaged they are!
  3. That's his quota for the season
  4. We're crying out for 2 on top. Nuhiu is more effective as an impact striker, when the opponent's defence has tired. So it's between Rhodes an Winnall. To his credit, Rhodes looked up for it against Brentford, let's hope that continues.
  5. DC must've purchased the stadium during the club's "buy one Championshp stadium, get one Premier League stadium free" promotion. Clever!
  6. (credit to @areNOTwhatTHEYseem for the Queen's head)
  7. Home in time for Christmas... ...if you start walking now
  8. I've heard that him and Fletcher go bra shopping together
  9. Wánking while drinking a glass of wine?
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