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  1. bobness

    Honolulu Wednesday

    What do you mean "were"?
  2. bobness

    Daniel James

    No clue. But his surname made me teary eyed! #NeverForget
  3. bobness

    Positive slant

    Here's another positive slant
  4. bobness

    Bruce on Rovrum..

    They'll put up it up on their board of achievements!
  5. That's exactly what I was going for. Do you like it though?
  6. I accidentally saved the file like this, so now it cannot be undone. FOOOOOOK!
  7. Might work then! All our players would be fit to wear the shirt.
  8. I'm not a designer, but I don't think it needs much to get it "cleaned up". Below is a creative direction I might propose to an actual designer. Not sure I like this myself, but I do think it's cleaner while retaining the original design.
  9. OP said "strike fear", not "scare shitless"!
  10. Forgot to include one major non-subjective point. This is an important rule when it comes to design, specifically logo design. The small text "The Owls" stops being legible when the design size is reduced. Other text (e.g. 1867) may also be too small. Part of what makes the previous badge so good is that it doesn't rely on text at all. The mark is instantly recognisable at a glance. From a branding perspective I still think Chansiri was mad to bin it, but do appreciate many fans like the new crest, just as Chansiri does. As a rule, check how your designs appear at various sizes, as well as in black and white. Here's your design reduced by 50%
  11. Good effort giving it a go, but I'd scrap it and start from scratch. Overall shape doesn't balance well: too tall Inconsistent design styles: top portion of the badge is vintage and flat, while the lower portion is modern with design elements to give it a non-flat feel For me the owl belongs to a US high school or college I was always, and still am, a fan of our previous badge. If I really had to change it, I would work to maintain that iconic imagery, as it's second to none.
  12. Not true! The fear only sets in when the badge is accompanied with a rendition of "you're getting mauled by the Tigers". The badge alone isn't enough!
  13. bobness

    Last nights clash of kit

    They don't need help! I've always thought they used their kits as a strategical advantage. How else can you explain how Norwich is top of this league and Watford are in the Premier League?
  14. bobness

    Last nights clash of kit

    That's because the ball is also yellow, making it more difficult to see color contrast between the ball and the shirt. For example, if the player makes contact with the ball using their upper body, it might be difficult to tell if it hit their upper arm or chest.
  15. bobness

    Credit to Steve Bruce

    The slate looked clean, but was actually well slippery. He's now done his ankle. Back in two weeks!