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  1. If you pin the thread I can add this task to my daily regimen
  2. Thumbs up from Fernando

    Hasn't Jordan trademarked this yet? FFS™
  3. Fernando Forestieri

    I recall reading that during his most recent spells under Carlos he was playing through some form of injury, or was rushed backed too soon. So despite having him on the pitch, we were getting a sub-par product. As a result of this some of us (myself included) were fooled into believing he was replaceable. There were even discussions on here about how much his value had dropped. Glad to be proven wrong!
  4. So do we all agree..

    Would be a bit odd to sing this song about someone who isn't named Duncan Mackenzie
  5. Bannan’s impact

    Sounds a bit like you're about to accept an Oscar
  6. Weren't most of our backwards passes accurate under Carlos?
  7. Ep 169: Cocking Joggers

    Had a listen during me morning drive. Keep up the good work! On the topic of Hull's offside goal, I'm not following the suggestion that it was going in anyway when it was a pass across goal and nowhere near going in. It also seemed to me that the Hull player might have been past our last defender at the point of the pass. Certainly looks tight.
  8. Which one works better? Asking for a friend.
  9. Dunno mate, George comes across as a classic one-team player...
  10. One for the ladies

    Just had a word with Rachel, and she's just moved to the other side to be with Hutch. I mean, who wouldn't?!
  11. Suns out... Guns out...

    So the rumours were true then!!
  12. One for the ladies

    We all would! Not sure why this is just "for the ladies"...

    At the very least, Jos comes across as extremely competent. He's no mug.