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  1. Last night I dreamt that the new kit had blue and white stripes. Hooray! But it turned out to be the keeper's kit. What a twist!
  2. Not debating any of this, but he was genuinely fouled quite a lot, even if it was targeted and arguably deserved. I hate pantomime on the pitch as much as the next, but it wasn't long ago many on here were asking people to give over when it came to Forestieri, even though he also had it coming to him.
  3. To be fair, he was harried all match, and many times it went completely ignored by the ref. Well played by the Swiss, they knew what they were doing.
  4. Wow. Priced well below what I expected. These will sell out fast.
  5. Just checked the official site. Apparently we've already experienced record sales of it
  6. bobness

    A Marshall just won a grand

    Hello A Marshall! My name is Dr. Adewole Tinubu, director of the West African ministry of finance and I have an urgent matter to discuss with you. Following the passing of Northern province tribal king Jamonbu we learned you are sole benefactor of the estate. Sir, kindly PM me to discuss your estate details. Sincerely, Dr. Tinubu
  7. bobness

    Danny Rose

    What came first, Wednesday or the depression?
  8. Lego mini figures. They all look the same to me...
  9. bobness

    Bloody football

    I'm here for all the latest info on George Hirst
  10. Jermaine Johnson shot on goal
  11. bobness

    #SWFC Carving from Holland

    The scrolls are too consistent on this carving for me to take it seriously. On the actual badge they are inconsistent (on account of it not being a very good drawing). This isn't another tinfoil hat conspiracy (although I quite like those!). Kindly review the evidence below and make up your own mind. The second image is an animated gif - look at the lower right scroll! JUST LOOK AT IT!! If you think I'm being a bit harsh here, consider how calling it a "scroll" is a bit generous, as it looks more like a ram's horn or cornucopia. Yet I called it a scroll. Because I'm nice like that. Animated GIF
  12. bobness

    Tribal Owls T-shirt

    Fantastic effort. Gi' our owl back!
  13. Sweet cheeks. Don't judge me!