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  1. If Dawson had come on this site and said the same about his performance he may have received a ban, or a warning at best!
  2. We have a match in just over 24 hours. How long can we milk this "international break" card? As if we need an excuse to keep reposting the same rubbish!
  3. Still working on pricing strategy.
  4. I just know a lot about marketing and business!
  5. There's also still time for the club to get in on Halloween sales, with a £4.99 Chris Adamson face mask.
  6. It would also need to be animated!
  7. who said anything about it being "miniature"?
  8. bobness

    Top 3 Championship Grounds

    1. Bramall Lane - oozes history 2. Elland Road - quality fans 3. Liberty Stadium - not quite the best, but I've loved it since I was 5 years old.
  9. If they don't sell well, the club could always bring Ronnie in for autograph signing.
  10. Bloody good point! In addition to the DVDs, the club should stock VHS copies. All bases covered!
  11. The markup on DVDs is immense, everything else there is just to get them into the shop with the hope they'll add a few DVDs to their basket. #marketing101
  12. Add a limited edition replica cakeball to the list.
  13. bobness

    Atdhe on the new £50 note

    After they put Nuhiu's mug on it, will it still be worth £50?
  14. bobness

    Team for Boro

    Because he's in your first team!
  15. bobness

    Premier league 2

    The proposed changes will be implemented... the year we get promoted!