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  1. I wish. He'll probably drone on about the match by congratulating our players for banging in 3 and pulling away with the win. Yes, we no longer have the clean sheet, but we continue our streak of not losing. blah blah blah
  2. Still got the second half, so everything to play for. Perhaps you forgot that Rhodes is on the bench!
  3. Showed so much promise last season. If I had to guess on the cause, mushrooms must be back on the menu!
  4. Why, are you not interested in meeting milfs in your area that are begging for it?
  5. I've already made a few hundred quid on my betting app!
  6. Loving how the video is about a minute behind the commentary. Going to ask for a refund!
  7. Does the post need an IQ test, or the poster?
  8. To be fair, the title of the thread is a bit shyte, isn't it? It could just as easily be a highlight reel of Hutchinson's crunching tackles, or Hutchinson spilling the beans, or perhaps it's about us signing Atiba Hutchinson from Besiktas! If you wanted to do the thread title properly, it would be something along the lines of: "Midfield (or Defensive - depends who you ask) Maestro and Club Legend, Sam Hutchinson, Signs for European Super Club"
  9. Google search: site:owlstalk.co.uk "Lomas613" "united" First result =
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