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  1. I bought the 10-year season ticket. If next season is canceled, will I get another year added on?
  2. I still use one, but prefer the rigid mats used by gamers (although I don't play games). I use one because I prefer not to scuff up my desk, and would like a "controlled space" for mouse movement. I also keep one in my laptop case, as I prefer a mouse to a touch pad and you never know what sort of surface you'll face on the go (glass or reflective tops will require a mat) A word of caution if someone is considering buying one of these: the dimensions aren't listed, and based on the photos, they look frightfully small.
  3. A mouse mat, the only way to see Wednesday on top of the table
  4. Did they arrange meetups on the Kop during matchdays?
  5. There's a new user who hasn't had the opportunity to react to the gif yet. It's like printing Owlstalk points. I like the way you think!
  6. How does that minimise the number of teams affected? How would you decide which teams should be promoted? You obviously cannot promote 3 without also relegating 3. If you argue that the top 2 are awarded promotion, what about the 4 below who would argue they weren't given a fair shot? If all leagues were to add 2 or more teams, it means everyone in that division will need to play more games. Which means every team is affected. I imagine the only "fair" options would be to somehow complete the season, or void it. No matter how you slice it, without completing the season there would be some form of "injustice", but voiding it seems a lot more reasonable than rewarding teams for something they haven't fully earned.
  7. My routine daily google search is already up to "owlstalk 186119 page 2 nathan tyson", so by pure chance I happened across your post quite a while ago
  8. I've seen him in the gym, he wasn't hung then, and he's not hung now.
  9. The only professional footballer with enough ward experience would be Abdi, and I've not seen him comment on isolation (yet)
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