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  1. Why when I log onto I follow for the commentary is it the away radio broadcast and not Radio Sheffields. This is the 5th time this season it has happened.
  2. Would we have him back as he is about to be sacked. With £8million in his back pocket he could afford to finish what he started. He would be miles better than all the crap that replaced him. I know he betrayed us but so did Atkinson and we welcomed him back.
  3. Dean was the ref when we drew with Palace in 2010 and got relegated.
  4. Who in their right mind will want to watch this as yet another crap run is ended by us
  5. Remember that he owns the ground so if he leaves and wants his money back without a new buyer we go bust
  6. We all know what a lump he is but he should be given another year as I hate to think who will replace him next season as Wickham, if on loan is another injury prone player and Rhodes will be gone plus FF & Fletcher and we can't afford any decent players because of our finances so next season could be worse than this if that is possible
  7. Surely if anyone should go it should be Nuhiu, not that we would get much for him. The bigger question is who will we replace Joao with as with our financial situation we will not be able to buy anyone decent so it looks like we will be stuck with Fletcher, Rhodes Nuhiu & Hooper and possibly Forestieri for next season.
  8. It was against Norwich on the last match of last season whereby Nuhiu got his hat trick
  9. As most people replying here are young. Those of us of mature years could nominate the whole of the team for the 1974/75 season which must rank as the worst Wednesday team in history with such stalwarts as Dowd, Holsgrove, Fred McIver etc
  10. Does anyone know when we can renew the Membership and why does it take them ages to set this up? John
  11. If we have to sell so called stars Rhodes and Fletcher should be considered before Forestieri & Bannan. Also if we ship out Abdi, Jones, Boyd, Fox & Palmer that should save us selling any of the better players
  12. As he hates Wednesday I could not see him joining and at the moment Ipswich look a better bet than us to go up . The way it is looking the only team to get promoted from Sheffield to the Premier league will be the wrong one. We are paying now for not strengthening the defence in Summer and it looks like shelling out £10M for Rhodes was a big waste of money which has stopped us strengthening the areas that needed strengthening. Regards John Hancock
  13. Can anyone explain what has happened to Wednesday World re match highlights as it does not seem to be on the Wednesday web site anymore John Hancock
  14. Carlos does seem to have lost the plot somehow but we have been a good side for 2 seasons and if we did get someone else we need a person who can rejuvenate this team to play as well as we know it can. We do need some defenders and a pacy midfielder , even if we have to sell one of our star forwards. We definitely need a clear out to free some money up. Also I cannot see us selling Rhodes for £8M when we paid £10M for him and I am sure he will shine again if we give him the service.
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