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  1. I can't imagine us getting players with similar attributes for cheaper, certainly not experienced championship players. However, I'm not a football scout I would hope that we are looking at a few signings and if our club determines he is the right player, TEAM player and more importantly character then I'll back them. This seems to be a commodity that's lacking with some of our fans... One thing for sure...he is better now than he was in january. He may develop further
  2. Why would DC fight so hard to avoid a points deduction only to do something like not pay players to almost guarantee some kind of penalty Can't see any truth in this
  3. Palmer is much improved. Another player that would get a lot of interest from other clubs in the championship if he were to leave. We're not a top 6 team. We won't be for some time given the financial mess we're in. He is a solid, dependable right back for a mid table championship team, which is what we are, and to replace him would be a gamble (we wouldn't know how any new signing would fit in) and no doubt cost us more. There are more important areas we need to improve upon
  4. I've commented a lot on this post about my thoughts about the amount of hurdles to jump over to process the sale in the manner we did and how the sale must have been ratified. However the longer this goes on there is another feeling that should we win the case the EFLs entire legitimacy will be compromised leaving the floodgates open for all clubs to follow suit Therefore, perhaps there may be some kind of small penalty as a token warning to others - maybe based on the valuation rather than the sale itself? Or some other kind of minor infringement rather than the one brought forward (hence the delay as we may not have prepared for the minor one). Fact is nobody knows really, it's both fun and terrifying to guess though!
  5. This is the thing; if we use my analogy again, if my client tried to invoke a small penalty despite me having assurances from them, I would refuse point blank and point to the proof I had. My worry is that the EFL may have come to us with a small points deduction months ago and DC is refusing to budge which could either work well or very badly for us. I'm hoping that the entire thing has been conducted with professionalism and proof but am more worried it might turn into whose got the bigger balls
  6. I once worked for a company where we had financial penalties invoked for not achieving certain contractual metrics. If anything my client wanted to do (or not do) put any metrics in danger I made sure I got, in writing, confirmation of this from the director. I then informed the right internal bodies of the plans and potential consequences before proceeding to do (or not do) the action that would otherwise invoke penalties. I know it's completely different but I can not believe for the life of me that the actions taken were not either ratified by the EFL with proof or had eyes cast upon them by other people within SWFC to ensure that they, as a business, covered themselves for any consequence that otherwise may be forthcoming. For all DCs critics, even he surely would not make such a cataclysmic error which would put his asset at risk Or I'm just being naive
  7. I'm not denying the results, they're there for all to see, I was merely providing my thoughts on why so many lower league managers struggle with the step up
  8. The reason why the likes of cowleys and others (the Shrewsbury manager, the one who has gone back to luton) struggle I feel is lower down the leagues they are employed to coach players to be more than the sum of their parts The higher up the leagues, the more players think they've already made it and are less inclined to listen. Add that to the quick turnaround at most clubs and you can see why certain managers struggle and end up where they were.
  9. Fox is a good player, 26, 150 appearances in the championship, versatile in a couple of positions and left footed. He will move to a good club and certain fans will inevitably find someone else to hound out of the club I wish him all the best, personally, and the fact Monk trusted him to play today shows Fox's professionalism rather than Monks desperation Good luck Morgan
  10. Fair point, I guess it depends on what will happen tomorrow, what the performance is looking like etc. for who may come on and where In all likelihood I doubt Monk will use him there just spewing some brain farts about the lack of squad and whether he has been looking at players in other areas
  11. I can see it now! If there is a GIF for someone rubbing their hands with glee ready to say I told you so that would also be an expected reaction
  12. Absolutely a bold move, but a utility player can be valuable, obviously with the caveat he can even play there but away, against the likes of Bristol City, I would be semi-surprised if he starts with harris and Murphy as wing backs. I'm no football manager don't pretend to be I'd like to think Monk has at least explored some options other than wingers as wing backs
  13. Don't shoot me down for this, for heavens sake, but I wonder if Monk may be considering looking at Pelupessy as a more disciplined right wing back with Palmer on the left (unless he starts fox which is unlikely). Look at the other alternatives who are more attacking (excluding Palmer but we have less options at left wing back) I appreciate people don't like the player, I've always been of the opinion that he has a lot more to give in a mid 3 than a mid 2, but as right wing back there may be something Monk might look at? I also believe he has experience there too, or certainly at right back. Maybe he is considering it?
  14. Rightly too. He has barely played in the last 2 seasons, comes with a lot of baggage and is not the player he was. You're right he chose to reject the contract. It was til the end of the season, his choice the club is in the right
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