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  1. Haha I don't blame you. I was trying to think of a better word. Should have thought harder
  2. Players, off the top of my head in the last few years; matt grimes, ethan ampadu, ollie Watkins even Jordan storey all came through their academy and first team. That's some roster. And that's just the well known ones They've also recently sold a youth player to villa for a few bob who is highly regarded and, and have players who could definitely player higher (matt jay, archie Collins) and some very very good prospects that teams further in the pyramid are sniffing round (Harry Lee and Alfie pond) They've played a long and sustainable approach to football after they've nearly been bankrupted once. They're a small team with a small fanbase so I'd argue league 1 (which is where they are) is overdelivering for their size actually. Guess it's what the definition of success is.
  3. Firstly I'd be happy with Dawson starting. I live in Exeter and he's had nothing short of praise from their fans (and coaches) down here and if anyone knows about exeter city they can spot a player. However it could well be that we also have neither on our books by the start of the season. Dawson may request a move if he's been told he's number 2 and wildsmith may reject a contract as number 2 or number 3. To sum up...we don't know
  4. In the unlikely event there might be any owls in Exeter, which pubs are people watching the match? Be good to see if there are any owlstalkers about
  5. And "better" managers aren't Better is subjective Final position isn't
  6. This isn't a slight against this comment but I've got an image in my head of Sunderland lining up with daughters of wednesday players now and, to have a handicap, our players have other children on their shoulders Forget pens, thats how ties should be decided
  7. I don't get it At the beginning of the season, many were predicting mid table, some even relegation. Many said we had a team of losers and substandard signings and DM would perform miracles to get us to play offs. Well, we are one game away. Suddenly we have the best squad in the league and DM is at fault for not delivering more. Fact is, the players have performed based on DM tactics and instructions and we sit, and could finish, 4th best in the league. With a points total that would have comfortably got us there in many seasons. I'd have taken that at the beginning of the season and think Moore has done a great job and motivating the players to perform to a standard to sit us where we are.
  8. Didn't see this anywhere so just wanted to post as, whether you think he's good enough or not to be our number one, it's nice to see our players get recognition and exeter have been on a fabulous run recently Well done Cameron
  9. There has been definite highlights this season There has been definitely lowlights this season At the beginning of the season I thought we would be mid table and, for me, playoffs would be great Also, on a side note, wage budget (or utilisation thereof) is not an indication of talent nor expectation to romp any league. There are examples in every division of this - both high budget under delivering and low budget over delivering
  10. If I lived in Sheffield. Or even close to Sheffield. Or even mildly close I could only get to 8 games a season I would 100% sign up to this I dont, and we don't, so it's immaterial really but this is a model all entertainment is going down and I'd rather us be at the tip of the spear and innovators than stuck in tired and (ahem) tested way of doing it
  11. There is loads to criticise Chansiri for. The list is endless and has been covered in other topics and I've been vocal myself at being very anti-chansiri But...criticising for this shouldn't shouldn't one of them There is demand, obviously, he increases supply subsequently. What a terrible terrible thing to do Ironically he would no doubt be called out were he NOT to increase hospitality
  12. The posts on here about it only being a bit of tin foil, it would have been the same for a male lino, it's down to "do-gooders" or any other reasons to excuse this, or similar, are laughable for 3 reasons; 1. Someone should not have to go to work expecting things to be thrown at them for doing their job 2. If you excuse a bit of foil/sexist language where do you draw the line 3. If a anyone and any time turns around and sees something shiny and metallic being thrown at them it could literally be anything...of course it should stamped out
  13. I live in Exeter and know a few season ticket holders (been to the odd game too) and they all love him and think he is a great keeper and would love to keep him permanently but have no chance with his wages.
  14. I'm really confused The chairman has in the last 2 windows done the bare minimum - in fact there's an argument to say not even this (we were lacking centre backs, or ones with a consistent injury record at the beginning of the season...bring them in now). Much like forward last season Either way whether a success or not, whether promoted or not, Chansiri in 10 years time won't be remembered for the freebie and loan signings we have made thus window (because we can't sign anyone for decent fees and haven't for ages) he will be remembered for the devastation he has ravaged on this club I'm not applauding a man who has caused us to scrape the barrel for free/loan/restricted signings regardless of the quality of them now or moving forward
  15. Blimey there's some buzzkills in this topic For me, of recent memory Tudgay, Reda, Semedo, JJ, Nihiu, Wallace, Llovens I remember with affection. My word there was there some bad times when they all played but there were also times I remember them for some classic moment in my time supporting Wednesday
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