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  1. There was an article on Pukki on BBC sport and how the Norwich analysts knew they had a bargain when they looked at his goals and impact per minutes rather than goals per game ratio which sometimes a lot of fans get absorbed in. The question here really is do we have that kind of employee who analyses the data rather than just goes on the recommendation of certain organisations that have got vested interests. I honestly don't know but if not I get the feeling we won't bother even looking as the feeling is players who we need would be unaffordable or go for untested pot luck youngsters rather than use an analytical and statistical approach to recruiting those to get us over the line
  2. For seasons we have bemoaned square peg in round holes that previous managers have seemed intent on doing As a new manager should do in any industry, take a pulse check of what is there and deliver to those standards with a long term forecast of improving performance. Monk is doing what needs to be done now. If that gets us playoffs, great. If it doesn't then who realistically would bemoan him. He's barely been here 5 minutes and we played, at times, far worse under Carlos and would have lost last night and against Cardiff under him and he was here for years. I'd love us to play fast paced counter attacking football and I think that's what we will get. When the team is his and right
  3. Every season we bemoan the fact we can't get cheeky 1-0 wins. It's what got <insert team name here> to the playoffs/promoted We do it and we're shabba ranks should have won 48-0 We won. We are 3rd. Why is that no good?
  4. I honestly think Pelupessy will be far better in a midfield 3 than a midfield 2 where he was ineffective. He tends to roam around in the space in midfield which is the polar opposite of Hutchinson who flies in. With more numbers in midfield there will be more space and I think he will be a much better performer. Just my opinion! I expect a neg or two but I'd rather support and be optimistic rather than expect levels of performance he showed with different formations and managers UTO
  5. I'm all for technology in games, however the way it has been introduced in the premier league has been ridiculous. They needed to start with very small steps rather than the convoluted mess it has become. I am sure in time it will but, like many facets of the modern game, nobody wants time. Too long spent how it was used in rugby (no added time, clock paused), tennis (a 5 second line call) and cricket (appeals but games last for days) has led to a convoluted confused mess where players, fans and more importantly referees dont have a clue what's going on or when to use it
  6. Apart from Chansiri, did any fans really have aspirational hopes of promotion? Maybe playoffs at best but, when the season started I thought mid table. Not what I want, at all, I want us to be in the big league but I'm a pragmatic soul. We lose, away, by one goal where we were competitive throughout the entire match and suddenly it's a meltdown Every team will lose games, and "better" (on paper) teams than us will lose at hull. Including those we have beaten... Will we be there or thereabouts, who knows. But if someone said 6 points from Huddersfield, Middlesbrough and hull away I for one would have taken it
  7. If we get in or around the box, we can slip a cheeky one in. With the quality we have that few seconds of penetration can cause moments of bliss for us and 90 minutes of despair for the opposite
  8. Saw this on my way to work. Thought it apt
  9. It all went wrong in that sepia tinged era of 1990 when Tim Berners-Lee created the internet
  10. True, I kind of meant during the season! And I bet there was some keyboard warriors somewhere in their mums basement tapping their fingernails waiting for Bruce to lose a game so they could see how fast they could type "I told you so" whilst mummy cleans the folds between their moobs and their gut
  11. The problem with hiring Allardyce is, unless he sees a project here, which he hasn't been known for unless you count Bolton, he would be off as soon as the first wave of premier league sacking happen. I would rather take an up and coming manager which is still a risk but at least there's less chance of premier clubs poaching. However, like players in league 1 and 2, they come with a seemingly unrealistic price tag. Whomever we recruit, the fan base will remain split. I can't remember the last time all fans were, as a majority, behind a manager
  12. I'm happy. Very much so. We cannot control who leads the team. Not down to us. If its Bullen its him, someone else I will get behind them too. But, for, what, 25 years things have become synonymous with Wednesday; We start badly We always lose or draw to "smaller" teams We have done neither of those things, and we always play better against those who are more expressive. And for those who say "I always expected us to win the first 6" that's a ludicrous statement to make as a championship team. So for anyone who is scaremongering about when we play the big boys, we will get chances probably more so than against the lutons of the world.
  13. Bullen made a mistake with his selection and tactics, changed it at HT, we won. Regardless this has to be admired Jo's and Carvahal never changed poo if we were playing crap
  14. The same thing. But who, realistically, is there at the moment?
  15. I do wonder sometimes what some Wednesday fans actually want I reckon some of them will only accept wins in every. Single. Game. And only by 3 goals or more. And zero conceded. I'm happy with how we've started, don't necessarily want Bullen as manager but who else is available? Sometimes I think certain fans of clubs...any clubs...prefer a massive victory so they can post on facebook, images on instagram or snapchats to rival friends.......I genuinely think that's what footballs got to.
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