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  1. Think theres a few players who get unfair treatment from the fanbase. I am glad its not fans in charge of team selection sometimes! We would have Iorfa up front with Van Aken, Borner as DM and youth team players given a chance
  2. For me Wildsmith did not deserve to lose the shirt when Pulis joined in much the same way he doesn't know. Last few games, whomever was in goal I think the results would have been the same to be fair. We have the joint 5th best goals conceded in the division...I prefer Wildsmith, can see why others want Westwood but honestly it's all much of a muchness
  3. Assistant manager is higher profile than goalkeeping coach. We aren't looking at him as assistant manager. What about the many years as GK coach at millwall?
  4. I dunno, it's a goalkeeping coach not a manager, I would say tenure at clubs is always a good indication of quality for specialist coaches? Not that I know anything about these things to be honest!
  5. And if they're really lucky, they may manage to get a matchday ball if they hang around the train station and wait for hoofball for one of the balls to end up on the railway tracks
  6. Am I being dense? Seems a pretty reasonable CV to me irregardless of his connections to the club?
  7. I remember the day of that match...it was my works christmas party (I live in exeter) and I had a choice between that or the match Went to the party I did see us lose 2-1 the season before I believe. Lost to 2 free kicks in front of the away end
  8. Theyve actually done up the away end a bit, it was horrendous back along I live in exeter and have been to see a couple home matches theyve a good team with a passionate fanbase
  9. Both players play best when they have quality forwards who have the pace, movement, touch and anticipation for their forward passes and crosses. Therein lies the problem We get rid of them and we would be even more toothless up front. Bannan arguably has contributed more this month than anyone else (pass for and then scored pen and assist for reach). I'm still of the opinion we have a top half defense and midfield but our forward line is woeful. And bannan and reach are top half midfield players without question
  10. Monk or Pulis 532 or 433 Direct or flamboyant It makes not a jot when we have no strikers The more pertinent question is who has the better faculties to get a tune out of this squad until January and keep us there or thereabouts around 21st and attract anyone decent who can actually score a goal. For me the former is much of a muchness I don't think the points accrual would be much of a difference however the latter point I have more faith in Pulis than Monk
  11. Neil Mellor was great for where we were and what we needed It was in the 2004-05 season but kenwyne jones looked pretty class in those few games
  12. Wildsmith, in my opinion, has done nothing to be dropped regardless of the change in management I can just see a situation come end of season if he plays as no. 1 where Westwood shoots off to America/Australia/Cyprus and Dawson and Wildsmith both state they want to leave and we have no keepers on the books.
  13. I have a bit of a different view on the whole Westwood situation. Whether he is good enough now or not I'll leave to the manager however if he was frozen out then it doesn't do the confidence of the whole team any good to feel like they're treading on eggshells. We all want fighters in the team. Not fighters with additional caveats to not disgruntle the manager. Just a thought
  14. I can't remember the last time we appointed a manager who the majority of the fanbase was happy with. Megson? Didn't turn out too well. My own personal opinion is that with the managers available I think Pulis has the best experience in keeping us up based on experience and win %. It may not be pretty but neither are we. My worry is, whilst I would hope most of the fanbase would hope for the best regardless of the appointment and their view it will only take a couple of defeats before some fans are on his back whereas other appointments such as Cook, Lowe, Howe may have
  15. I'm not anti-Pulis in much the same manner I wasn't anti Monk. Time will tell but based on Pulis' previous appointments I'm hoping he will achieve the same win % However there is a part of me that thinks the budget used to get rid of Monk and ALL his coaching staff and the amount spent to bring Pulis in could have been better spent on a striker before the window closed
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