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  1. I work helping people with debt, I have spoken to people on the bread line, I have spoken to be people with million pound properties in London. One thing they all share, they have reached out to me for help and 99.9% of the time there is mental health concerns that have been driven by something outside of how much the earn (and not just the debt) To suggest those with money should by default be "happy" is ignorant at best and offensive at worse.
  2. Edit - this isn't a comment about our current predicament, just the state of football in general The reason why there are few viable alternatives who are out of work are because clubs press the panic button far too early nowadays - we as fans don't always know extenuating circumstances behind manager exits. We just see W-D-L numbers. Snapshot in time approaches are driven by bookies. It's how the earn their bunce. Same as the BBC journalists who seemingly always want someone fired. 1 minute a manager is flavour of the month, the next they're fired after 5 bad results. Best example recently is Shaun Dyche. A month ago articles where ten a penny saying Burnley were going down. A few wins later their promoting their European credentials. It's one of the biggest things I hate about modern football
  3. It's less perspective it's more pride. Unfortunately decisions made from the top all the way through to certain sections of the fanbase has eroded our name both within and outside our club. This isn't me saying that those fans are wrong, misguided etc. Everyone is free to Express themselves how they wish. My point is, for anyone not connected to our club, there is not currently 1 positive to draw from and added to current love in from the media for the piggies, there is only one way of feeling and that's embarrassment in the way the club is representing itself.
  4. Would he get the players playing, caring, motivated? Possibly Would him coming contribute to an increasing chasm between a divided fan base and toxic environment within the club? Absolutely he would. There is one absolute here. Let's not fool ourselves, we've been on a bad run for some time but even prior to that, as long as I've been on owlstalk, the reactions to us losing a game, any game, were bordering on the schizophrenic. Bringing in such a divisive character, even without his history, is not the way forward.
  5. I'd find it INCREDIBLY surprising if all the players had been told now they weren't getting a contract. One or two I get, but not all. In what business is half the workforce told they wouldn't be needed in 3 months time (except business closure/temp contracting/mass redundancy). If this has been done it would merely highlight another odd decision made. Maybe we're just going through a bad run of form - all teams have done it even the mighty brentford and notts forest who both went through similar runs to the one we find ourselves in now
  6. I am not defending his performance or otherwise as I have not seen it (being in Devon and having plans with the daughter meant I couldn't follow it) however I do have my thoughts on this. He is a pro footballer. Regardless of what people feel his quality is, this is a fact. I would bet he knows he had a bad game, as much as he knows he has better games. As a pro he will work on what he needs to do better with the coaching team to ensure there is an improvement in the next match selected. This is what any professional would do. We do have another, better, holding midfielder. Unfortunately, he has not demonstrated the aforementioned professionalism to take a poor performance on the chin and work on it (allegedly) If you were managing the team would you prefer someone playing who was willing to listen and improve upon the performance or someone who squared up to you when you questioned the quality of performance? Do we not give him the benefit of the doubt to improve and self-criticise?
  7. Regardless of what we all think (which I know defeats the object of the thread but just my tuppence worth) it boils down to finances and the manager - is it more cost effective to retain players based on their quality to the team or better to release and replace. For me the cost of replacing even squad players (or future squad players) such as Fernando, Fletcher, Hutchinson, Lee, Atdhe is in likelihood going to cost more in transfers and at least the same in wages. Or we go down the route of lower league/foreign players which may cost less overall but still involve costs of some kind both up front and ongoing. When it comes to the likes of Penney I struggle to understand why we wouldn't offer a contract as I doubt his wages would be high and if we got rid, we would need to replace. I get the fact many of these players haven't performed but I also doubt managing a football team is as simplistic as many owlstalkers make out, especially given our current predicament. However anyone who thinks we can release 10 players and replace with equal or better quality for cheaper is probably more deluded than those who think that promotion is a possibility
  8. If there was a village called "owlstalk" it would be akin to the badlands of Somalia
  9. If we had signed this player when we were 3rd we would be lauding the signing If bristol city/brentford/fulham had made this signing we would have been bemoaning our lack of foresight into foreign leagues Seems much of the criticism I've read on this are more down to the current environment and circumstances surrounding the club at present rather than an objective assessment of his qualities and development needs He may be great, he may be a flop but base the signing on his performances rather than the state of the club he joins
  10. There are more managers in our history deserving of our adoration There are more managers in our history deserving of our vitriol That being said, in our recent history of the last 25 years, I can see why he has such a split opinion - those who see the most charismatic manager we have had during the last 25 years who, in 1 season at least, gave us entertainment and those who recognise that he had more opportunity to deliver so much more, especially in season 2. Out of all the managers i have known since i supported the owls, which was only the mid nineties, he is up there with my personal favourite because of the others! Yorath, Irvine, Pleat, Jos, wilson, Jones, (always disliked him) are far further down the ladder, laws, stock, Atkinson, further up.
  11. The players coming out with early 2000s owlettes wearing eyes wide shut masks having a free for all in a pool of jelly
  12. I've always been a fan of Atdhe and have never really understood the hate he receives when he has scored more and done more for us than "revered" strikers we have had such as Deon Burtom, Steven Maclean, Marcus Tudgay even Gary Hooper! Yes his "goals per games" might be less, however I bet his goals per minute is up there with the best (haven't got the stats) and he is on the verge of scoring a half century of goals for us - when was the last player to do that for us? There are plenty of teams, managers and fans that would love to have someone who is as talented on their team as well as such an impact sub to bring on, let alone someone who is as committed and who loves the club as much as the big man
  13. Last time I saw us at Exeter (my current abode) in their shocker of an away end we lost 2-1 The season after I chose a works do instead. Lost 5-1 I went with an ex and her dad to Plymouth many years ago. Whilst we won, he made me sit in the home stand and my ex decided to wear head to toe Plymouth. We didn't last long Suffice to say I would gladly take an Exeter or Plymouth draw now!
  14. There was an article on Pukki on BBC sport and how the Norwich analysts knew they had a bargain when they looked at his goals and impact per minutes rather than goals per game ratio which sometimes a lot of fans get absorbed in. The question here really is do we have that kind of employee who analyses the data rather than just goes on the recommendation of certain organisations that have got vested interests. I honestly don't know but if not I get the feeling we won't bother even looking as the feeling is players who we need would be unaffordable or go for untested pot luck youngsters rather than use an analytical and statistical approach to recruiting those to get us over the line
  15. For seasons we have bemoaned square peg in round holes that previous managers have seemed intent on doing As a new manager should do in any industry, take a pulse check of what is there and deliver to those standards with a long term forecast of improving performance. Monk is doing what needs to be done now. If that gets us playoffs, great. If it doesn't then who realistically would bemoan him. He's barely been here 5 minutes and we played, at times, far worse under Carlos and would have lost last night and against Cardiff under him and he was here for years. I'd love us to play fast paced counter attacking football and I think that's what we will get. When the team is his and right
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