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  1. I prefer dinner lady who has let herself go
  2. When I was younger, hell, even now, if someone asked me who I would play for if I was a pro footballer I always said Sheffield Wednesday. Even if I was the best player in the world, as long as I was paid enough to get by I wouldn't care how bad we were I would only want to play for the owls and would only leave if they wanted to sell me. Call me naive but that was always my response. We always moan about loyalty, expect players with no affinity to us to bleed blue and white. Every time we need a new manager we always promote anyone who is close to being an owl. Or ex players who have proved nothing. Steve Bruce is a diehard magpie. He never got the chance to play for them, obviously, he hasn't had an opportunity to manage them. If he wants to leave to join his boyhood team, then as a fan I don't want him to go. But as that young kid who only wanted to be involved with the team he enjoyed, I wouldn't poo poo him for joining Newcastle regardless of the players, prospect of next season or owner. That's my view. I'm sure I'll be disagreed with but hell, opinions are like arseholes, we all have one!
  3. Yes, on paper I was optimistic about butterfield. Experienced, good age....some times things don't work out, but I reckon Bruce would have got more from him had he been in charge too. The mistakes of the past should not cloud us looking to the future and I for one am more optimistic than last year
  4. If we were to add this guy to Borner (who, admittedly, I know nothing about), Harris and Odubajo for a total net outlay of 0 on transfer fees I'd be delighted. 3 top quality championship bred players and 1 leader in the back 4. If, say, Bristol City signed those 4 we would be envious, or at least I would and I trust SB to spend our budget (if we have one or not) wisely rather than spunk millions on some foreign no mark with from Ligue 2 that we would all get silly about because he had a funny name. 4 players worh 500+ professional appearances sounds good to me
  5. I wonder if those complaining about not just bidwell but other potential signings are doing it because of the club not the player. Is it because he plays for QPR, the scrotum of London clubs? His stats don't lie; reliable, dependable, injury free, chips in. This is what a Wednesday player is. Not sure who is more available when weighing up risk/reward of investing
  6. Played 32 times for Spurs Played 30+ games in championship Never played below championship level Represented England at every level bar national team 22 years old Has resale value If the price is right, I'd rather sign him up than players from league 1 and 2 for the same price. This is a guy who has played in major tournaments. Won major tournaments. Played in front of 10s of thousands (be interesting to know the average attendance of spurs/villa/owls) and is a Bruce type signing. Don't really see the risk if the deal is good
  7. I heard a rumour from big Barry down the pub whose cousin is the best friend of one of the groundsmen uncles. He told me they didn't make the cut
  8. Football...the only industry where disciplinary and misconduct are treated as a slap on the wrist rather than a process. Not specifically abdi or our club but it gets my goat that players are fined a pittance of their salary for giving it the 2 fingers to their employer and still get paid an obscene amount and are "frozen out" rather than fired due to breach of contract. Maybe if more was done about player power we'd have as a whole longer serving managers, more discipline and a riddance of the scourge of football that are agents Rant over
  9. I'm not a Jos fan really, and to be honest put more blame at the players door than the managers - yes he has to motivate and inspire them but they're professionals and any professionals in any business are paid to do a job they can't just down tools cos they don't like the manager. Boo hoo. Any way the question I'd be asking myself as an owner is if I fire Jos now will I be able to get the return back on increased revenue this season through crowd increases and on the day sales. If the answer to that is no then why would he risk it? I'm not saying I advocate him staying or leaving but the financial position we're in leaves this a genuine unanswered question (by the way I don't know the answer!) The flip side is the longer he leaves it the higher the risk gets..... The other part of this is has DC alienated the fan base to such an extent that getting rid will have no material impact either way One thing is for sure, if we go down (which I don't think we will still) the loss in revenue and the impact to the club will be huge To be an owner of a football club....
  10. I think my point was that winning breeds confidence, we had none and now we have some that's only a good thing to take into the next match. I also don't disagree with the sentiments that it wasn't a great win, performance, setup etc but onwards and upwards
  11. We won this evening. Didn't play well and yes it's not Barcelona we were up against. But it's a win A team short on confidence due to recent results, a team who had only kept one clean sheet all season (before today) and a team selection many would question rightly or wrongly. But the result was 3 points, the movement was up in the league and the team should gain confidence So why doesn't it feel like we've won? I support Sheffield Wednesday, I support whatever team is put out and I support whoever picks the team. Now, before, in the future. Do I support all decisions, no, nor do I influence them. So how about we just congratulate the team on winning and look forward to the next, winnable, game. Much like we lost many in a row who knows we might win some but a win is a win, and did anyone expect a 5-0 win? I didnt
  12. 2 thoughts on this. First I wouldn't want any of the names on the list, they're either unrealistic, don't play football I want to see Wednesday play or they're called Harry Redknapp Secondly, why get rid now? Realistically speaking if were to bring anyone in could they do better than the attritional tactics we play now? Probably not...my thoughts are keep Jos until the end of the season, we're not going down, we're not (and were never likely to) go up. At the end of the season sell on some players, solve P&S and bring in a manager that can bring players in and start a clean slate and new chapter inour history. Don't bring someone in now whose early tenure might be tainted by mid table obscurity causing this same discussion with the same names at the end of this season
  13. Thank God for some positivity for once. I've seen many a owlstalker screaming out for effort, determination and passion during our losing run. I saw that in spades last night. Especially from hector, thornily, Joey, Fletcher. Yes we didn't play well, but realistically apart from their undeserved pen what clear cut chances did they have? I seem to remember long range shots only? We missed from 5 yards, surely this goes down as the best chance of the match? I watched the match with a spurs fan and an arsenal fan and both side at the end "only 6 points off play offs"...if we were 7th and 6 points off playoffs we'd be happy wouldn't we?
  14. True...I keep reading that they'll get found out, but how exactly do you "find out" commitment and desire. It's not tactical, it's not over reliance on 1 or 2 players you need to stop, it's focus and unfortunately it's what we lack at the moment.
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