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  1. Great in my FM21 team bought on a free transfer for my FC Halifax team when Wednesday went down and I got promoted Has shybo strength even at 26 mind
  2. I dislike what this club has become. I dislike what our chairman has made of our club - the transfers, the dark clouds of silence, the turnover of playing and executive staff, the points deduction, the stadium sale...its embarrassing to be a fan and whatever anyone says about the players on the pitch, bottom line is the standard of play and the way we play is directly linked to Chansiri through appointments he has made and/or approved. Just like in politics however, whilst the fanbase is divided Chansiri will do nothing differently. Until the facts are made clear and pu
  3. When you read it like that its frankly astonishing how many players we have signed What is more astonishing is the players we have sold and received money for.
  4. You mean the people who are offended by someone being offended and are offended that people can recognise when someone is offended despite not being offended themselves? Or something
  5. Of course calling him big dave is offensive. Its offensive to his stature (he may have been bullied for it growing up we don't know) and its offensive to his culture by purposefully not using his birth name. But most importantly its offensive to him. Doesn't matter what anyone says about wokeness or "remember when blokes were blokes" if he is offended then that's the end to it and good on him for speaking up
  6. This thread has turned into shrodingers striker
  7. For me I will remember both fondly as two of the few players since I've followed Wednesday (mid 90s) that sprinkled a bit of magic Yes, not consistently but that's why they're with us in the first place but as 2 of our most high profile players they'll always be in for more criticism Personally I'll remember more the Hollywood balls, worldies and never missing games or moaning than poor corners or neshing tackles
  8. It's a good point and for almost all clubs mist fixtures are played in an almost neutral environment due to lack of fans
  9. I agree...mainly as they have options whereas we don't! Whether their options are any better than our lack of remains to be seen. I hope not
  10. I would have thought most of the free agents at the moment are free agents for a reason (excessive wage demands, injury problems, issues at clubs). I'm sure there are exceptions but given our current financial predicament and our current (it would appear) team cohesion I wouldn't like to see anyone brought in that could disrupt things I'd like to hope we have enough to see us safe this season, personally I think we just about do even if our forward line is pretty poor. Look at Birmingham spunking their budget on forwards, they're no better than we are and nobody can sa
  11. I actually don't 100% disagree; I said before the season started and throughout that our centre backs and centre midfield, when all fit and on form, is certainly top half. It's out wide and up front we are lacking. Top 6 maybe not but certainly top half
  12. Could argue that unethical payments haven't really gone away
  13. If a wage cap was introduced the only parts of the game that would "die" would be the parts of the game many fans could do with out Mercenary players Leech agents Massive ticket prices Unscrupulous owners Kick off times all over the place due to Sky Probably more Rugby introduced a cap and, living in a big rugby city, I can tell you that prices are cheaper and days out at more enjoyable as a result
  14. What better motivation for a win at Millwall on saturday than climbing out of the bottom 3 for the first time. Can't stand the love in for Derby at the moment - was watching Soccer Saturday last week and they were singing Rooneys praises cos they had won a few games 1-0. Just like Lampard last year.
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