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  1. I'm sure every season there is a "football kits rated" on here but I've not seen one. Here is where the new home shirt ranks (for what it's worth the away kit, I think is okay but think it's been designed more with an eye on fashion than football)
  2. What this vote proves is that whatever the numbers, those who are anti-Monk are generally far more vocal than than those who are pro I voted yes, I would have voted yes before a ball was kicked as I believe the team has the quality to finish in a position essentially +12 above relegation There are those that disagree, I get their reasons but not always the methods in which they put their point across
  3. It's a difficult one to answer without more knowledge of the facts If 3 million was our entire or vast proportion of our budget for transfers then no If it was a reasonable % of it leaving enough for a striker then yes
  4. Atdhe for me has given some of the fondest memories of the last few years QPR on his debut Leeds in the snow The "keep it in the corner" goal Did he have flaws, yes. But he is one of my favourite players since the days of carbone and di Canio because he had what many of the so called big signings of the last 5 years had. Heart. All the best big guy, welcome back any time.
  5. I can see Bournemouth sniffing around him. 2 players left to newcastle (albeit one on a freebie) so have some kind of relationship and, as far as I am aware, theyve not made any signings?
  6. A fair point. Think the fans were left behind 27 years ago with the introduction of the premier league unfortunately
  7. It's an interesting point. We could probably take a financial penalty but many clubs across the league system couldn't and could end up going bust hurting the fans further?
  8. Thought I'd start a topic just to see what peoples thoughts are on points deductions. Not the ins and outs of the rules etc. Facts are we have a -12 deduction I was pondering more on whether as a system it would be more beneficial to impose the rules whereby the deduction was given at the end of the season, not beginning (regardless of club) Would it make a difference? Mentally for the players? Realistically for the competition as a whole starting on a flat 0 points across the board? The type of player that could be recruited? The tactics the coach would employ? Make it different aiming for rather than clearing arrears? Not looking for an argument just looking for peoples thoughts I know we can't change the rules or what happened so possibly a pointless discussion but still I'd be interested in knowing other peoples viewpoints
  9. Monk could do a lot worse than send a message out in the first league game and start Penney. It might even given him a bit of credit with the fans that he is willing to adapt from tried and tested. Fight for the shirt with your performances and it's yours to lose The players on the pitch would have seen the difference Penney made and it would be a boost to them all if he starts, you would hope.
  10. Just been onto Cardiff fans forum... Rumours that he has deleted all social media profiles and failed drug test as well as potentially involved in dealing Take from that what you will
  11. Given all the embarrassment of the last few months it would be nice if the club went for a charity sponsor as per a few years back However being realistic it would be I guess whomever provides the most dosh, chansiri or otherwise
  12. IF we sign him, it does potentially show a change in approach to signing good age players with sell on value A lot of variables to that statement mind!
  13. I've never said that. I've said some players would not have been happy with him as a signing back in 2017. Don't think that's in dispute. I never said that had we signed him, or any other players Brentford have, that they wouldnt have then gone onto be a big success. We will never know. It is simply not how the club was being run then, and as a result the expectations of the signings would have been different too. I'm not saying this is right, I'm just saying that it is how it would have been in 2017 for many fans. There will always be a distinction between how clubs are run and signings that are made and the fanbase I'm not stupid. Unless the club is majority owned and run by the fans as, funnily enough, exeter are.
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