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  1. I live in Exeter and I've said it before that their activities off the pitch, their inclusive social media (all age groups, Male and female clubs under one umbrella) and their promotion of the club is outstanding. Funnily enough they're also also majority owned by a supporters trust Ashamed but not surprised to see us so low down in comparison
  2. Whilst obviously a thread in jest I do find it shameful that Chansiri and his unraveling of this club will lose us an entire generation of supporters when so many clubs in yorkshire are performing much better than we are without a mental owner in charge. This season will go down as one of the worst for many fans but a lot of kids are going to be turned away from supporting us and it makes me sick
  3. What managers say in interviews doesn't have any impact whatsoever on results. What managers say in the dressing room does. I'm sure moore and the coaching team will analyse the game and go through areas to improve with the players including things like work ethic, focus etc. It may be too late for us to stay up but if a manager came out and ripped into the performance and said "nah no chance we are staying up" then he would get a similar opposing thread on here (in fact didn't Pulis do something similar and get ripped to shreds?)
  4. If I was Moore I'd be targeting Derby -win our game in hand, do better than them in 1 game, match their other results and it comes down to that final game. Dependent on other clubs of course FWIW I think we were doomed after the Luton game we are 2-0 up in, but I'd be happy with the players restoring a bit of what's left of their and our pride This league is unpredictable as yesterday showed but I think we have too much to claw back
  5. Whilst still mathematically possible I kind of resigned myself to relegation after the Luton game Half time we were out of the relegation zone Full time we were 6 points from safety We need an absolute miracle and whilst crazier things have happened they've never happened to us
  6. With Bolton's and our respective form we'll probably be lining up against him next season and there are very good even championship standard individuals in league 2 just playing for league 2 teams. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but the time was right for him to move on, we'll never know if his form and fitness would have carried through to us this season and if we do see him next season and fans are allowed itll be quite the reception he receives and rightly so. But let's move on
  7. I work in a sector where I speak to hundreds of individuals, sole traders and business owners and nationwide people are struggling with finances, particularly in London and the surrounding areas where I've seen a 10 fold increase in enquiries Once the lockdown "ends" things are going to get far far worse for people as businesses will just shut up shot, sole traders will be scrapping for the same jobs and individuals will lose work because businesses aren't reliant on furlough and the government loans. Season tickets are going to be a luxury and need to be costed at the
  8. Great in my FM21 team bought on a free transfer for my FC Halifax team when Wednesday went down and I got promoted Has shybo strength even at 26 mind
  9. I dislike what this club has become. I dislike what our chairman has made of our club - the transfers, the dark clouds of silence, the turnover of playing and executive staff, the points deduction, the stadium sale...its embarrassing to be a fan and whatever anyone says about the players on the pitch, bottom line is the standard of play and the way we play is directly linked to Chansiri through appointments he has made and/or approved. Just like in politics however, whilst the fanbase is divided Chansiri will do nothing differently. Until the facts are made clear and pu
  10. When you read it like that its frankly astonishing how many players we have signed What is more astonishing is the players we have sold and received money for.
  11. You mean the people who are offended by someone being offended and are offended that people can recognise when someone is offended despite not being offended themselves? Or something
  12. Of course calling him big dave is offensive. Its offensive to his stature (he may have been bullied for it growing up we don't know) and its offensive to his culture by purposefully not using his birth name. But most importantly its offensive to him. Doesn't matter what anyone says about wokeness or "remember when blokes were blokes" if he is offended then that's the end to it and good on him for speaking up
  13. This thread has turned into shrodingers striker
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