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  1. Imagine wasting all that money and appointing Pulis.... then blaming everyone else when it doesn’t work out.
  2. Willing to give the lad chance under a manager who knows what he’s doing, and gets the best out of people.
  3. Yeah, well run club...losing millions up to now, needing to sell off debt to the only skint Saudi, and taking out a 3m quid loan from Bin Laden's family to keep the lights on. Now airing their dirty laundry to everyone at high court. Yes, they have been promoted on a lower budget than ours, but make no mistake they've spent more money than they earn clearly.
  4. I'd imagine safety certificates, repairs etc are being done today anyway....so there won't be any real difference to the day to day activity surely?
  5. Until wages and fees are brought under control clubs will continue to make a loss. And until the PL is brought onto a level playing field, clubs will continue to spend money it does not have in trying to get there. It won't happen of course. What's the old saying? "if you want to be a millionaire, become a billionaire and buy a football club" There's a reason for that saying, it's because clubs are expensive to run with very little return unless you reach the PL. Although I agree that SWFC should have managed it's budget better - we had a flawed transfer policy in season 2 of Carlos' tenure. We took a gamble and it failed, and now we're in this situation. But, we would still have been making a loss. Whether it be 4 million or 30 million. We were making a loss way before Chansiri took over, even with average players. Not trying to exonerate EFL Clubs' responsibilities and duty of care, but i bet it's difficult for a club to manage fan expectation whilst trying to have a club that turns a profit. Can you imagine what Sheffield Wednesday fans would be saying if we continued to shop in bargain basement despite having a very rich owner? I'm fairly certain people would be bemoaning lack of ambition. The main causes of the financial issues in football are being ignored by the authorities. FFP/P&S is all nice and fluffy, and makes it look like the EFL are doing the right thing.
  6. Just so happens David Weir was on holiday in Sheffield, and staying at the Copthorne of all places. Imagine that luck. Why would he go on holiday to somewhere hot and sunny, when there is Sheffield to visit. Why would he stay in a hotel central to bars, restaurants, theaters/venues and transport links...when he could stay on beautiful Bramall Lane, with a short walk to a tile depot, and a petrol station.
  7. Probably not a million miles away to be fair. How long does it take to buy/sell a stadium, anyone know? If it’s owt like residential sales the flippin Solicitor will have been on holiday 3 times, lost the documents twice and made several typos.
  8. Agree to an extent. They should exist to help clubs who absolutely need it. It shouldn’t be given by default though. Or more needs to be done to tackle the root cause of the gulf between PL and EFL. For example, Perhaps there should be a default clause in player contracts that give the club powers to reduce wages or terminate contracts. Players shouldn’t be allowed to hold all the cards when their ultimate failure has caused the club to go down.
  9. “EFL to review its rules” Perhaps they should have considered some of this before implementing such rules, as well as considering the knock on effect these rules have on clubs and fans. But they completely ignore the fact clubs coming down have a totally unfair advantage (basically rewarded for failure) plus the fact wages/transfers and general costs of running a football club are obscene. They don’t give a sh*t. It’s basically a rule to make them feel all fuzzy inside...demonstrating they’re trying to do something. When really the tough issues they aren’t bothering or too scared to tackle.
  10. Didn’t appear so given the performances since his return. But you know what, tough sh*t...he signed a contract. We would have to adhere to contractual commitments, so should players. All said and done, I’m fairly certain him and Bruce have discussed all of this. The contract clause won’t be a a surprise Maybe Westwood will, in the end, sign the new deal because it’ll give him a little more stability in the short term. We’ll see though. Either way if he really didn’t want to be here then I’m sure the club would move him on.
  11. On the face of it i can understand why the ground would need to be sold. End of the day we're in this FFP situation like it or not, and the sale of the ground is a solution to that. But it does make me feel a little but uneasy, i quite liked the thought that Wednesday owning it. I hope some lessons have been learnt in the last 2 - 3 years, better and more intelligent recruitment...because we ain't got another ground to sell.
  12. Was good enough for him when he signed it.
  13. In other words. “Dear football, this is Adam Reach....PLEASE buy him”
  14. It’s a false story...but I’d happily take 14 million off dem blades
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