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  1. Fair enough, they’ll investigate this one police officer. But this officer probably acted like he did because he can, because he’s empowered to do so, because there’s a culture within his organisation that is to treat football fans with absolute contempt. What happens to his boss or his bosses boss? When is SYP going to be held accountable and questions asked over their football policing overall? This is a one off in the sense that on this occasion they’ve been caught doing it. It’s on video. But we all know SYP have caused all sorts of issues on multiple occasions in the past which gets no attention in the media or MPs.
  2. Remember when football was more about the sport rather than the accounts and money? The fact fans and media talk about this in great detail is a sad indictment of where we’re at with football right now.
  3. Wonder what FF’s agent will say when he finds out the highest paid person at the club is this lawyer....
  4. We shouldn’t judge this lawyers performance based on one case. Maybe see how he performs for all our other cases before lambasting him. I’d definitely start him against Birmingham.
  5. I understand why he’d publish such a thing, and I totally get that nasty abuse online and rumours are not nice for anyone. However It doesn’t really answer anything, and it raises more questions. It also puts Monk under even more pressure - because all I’m seeing now on social media is people throwing abuse at Monk. Bizarre.
  6. I’m not sure the club would be arsed to liquidate itself anyway....
  7. One of the few that clearly gives a sh*t...yet folk on here want him hung drawn and quartered.
  8. Ultimately judged on results. And the interview sounded like a bloke going through the motions. Ran out of ideas, fair play to him for changing the team and at least trying. But this club is dead at the minute. He’s not the root cause, I actually feel a bit sorry for him. Where’s his boss at?
  9. Listen I’m fed up like everyone else, and I’m not entirely convinced by that lineup. But it’s laughable how people want changes but aren’t willing to accept changes when it happens. See what happens.
  10. “Clubs” So that’ll be Middlesborough and Leeds then.
  11. I still think the EFL will issue a points deduction based on league position. If we’re close to the relegation zone then surely they’ll defer the deduction until next season? End of the day, relegating us or throwing us out of the league is counter productive.
  12. Sorry mate, but two managers have seen fit to drop them now. Rings alarm bells for me. No point comparing to Bruce either - he was here 3 months.
  13. I voted to keep him, but right now i wouldn't be bothered if he left. But the issue's aren't suddenly resolved if he does leave. He's not the root cause.
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