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Community Answers

  1. Personally think he was right to keep Wildsmith in goal, given the clangers BPF had been dropping. Wildsmith had a bit of a wobble early on, but I don’t see where the goals were his fault. Woeful defending.
  2. It was one of our better performances, until the 60th minute. And then lack of game management, that’s where Moore has to earn his money. No excuses for that.
  3. This ref - had to rely on his assistant for that free kick, despite the foul happening right in front of him
  4. To be fair, majority of comments to the video are positive and supportive. Let’s focus on them and ignore the hamhocks.
  5. Perhaps when he’s relieved from his duties he can find the time to be a better landlord.
  6. I don’t mind the performance in the second half. We weren’t spectacular we managed to score and we were fairly solid. Play like that every week for me as long as we pick up wins. But the first half we were terrible and against a team who takes their chances, we might have been in real trouble. They have got to wake up.
  7. Didnt realise Peter Atherton is their assistant manager.
  8. I want people to be vaccinated, because it’s not only reducing risk for people having it. It’s also reducing risk over time for the rest of us, not only because you’re 4 times less likely to catch it. But also the potential reduction in pressure on the NHS given vaccines are very good at preventing serious illness. But forcing people to take a vaccine doesn’t sit right with me.
  9. In. There is no point allowing a manager to begin rebuilding, bring in 14 new players to then sack him a couple of months into the season. Theres a whole new strategy from the top down by the looks of things. I think it’s going to need time. That said, Moore has really got to find his best team and stick with it…and quick. Because winning at Wigan to then changing it up and losing at home to Oxford (who lost 4 players just before the game) is not good enough.
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