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Community Answers

  1. Totally understand Borner wanting to leave. But I can also understand why swfc would want a fee. I get the argument that he wasn’t paid for 3 months. But if that’s all sorted now, and he’s been paid in full and is continuing to be paid, there is no longer a breach of contract. Therefore we’re entitled to ask for a fee. Personally I’d let him leave for free to save a long drawn out drama. We often criticise the club for allowing players to leave for nowt. I can’t really complain when they do try to get a fee
  2. Hmmm not sure about this to be honest. Agree something needs to be done, but I wouldn’t trust Facebook and the like with yet more personal data.
  3. So I guess the right to walk away free is cancelled when his wages are paid, and I guess the club paid within that 14 day notice period? What a mess. Be tempted to just let him leave. No point having a player here who really doesn’t want to be here.
  4. Given he’s been paid in full now, I’d imagine we’re entitled to ask for a fee. What I don’t get is, if Borner had the chance to give notice per fifa rules, why didn't he? He’d be a Hannover player already. Or am I looking at it too simplistically? Not for a minute blaming him for wanting out like.
  5. Brilliant. We’ve submitted the accounts to now hopefully have an embargo lifted, but now we’ll probably have another put on us because we’re basically a mess. Happy Tuesday!
  6. To be fair, we’ve doubled his wages this month **by not paying him the previous month.
  7. Why would you spend all that money defending the club with a top lawyer, to then go down the same path the year after. I just don’t get it. The bloke must have the money, so just pay it and put and end to this sorry mess.
  8. Hopefully things will get sorted this week and we can start to prepare for next season without this cloud.
  9. That was one of the most harrowing things I’ve ever witnessed. Can’t believe the cameras zoomed in on him. So relieved to hear he’s alive and stable.
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