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  1. Refreshing interview. Another damning comment about Carlos, who I defended quite a bit. It’s clear to me that the training and fitness was not up to scratch.... I’m not blaming the medical team. It’s faitly clear that Carlos didn’t have a good enough strategy.
  2. Boooooo Chansiri ruining players fashion / street cred
  3. Let's be clear here, you haven't got a clue what the "normal" process is for injured players at any club. Never mind at SWFC. In terms of this notion that we just scan everyone after they limp off - you realise that if a scan is required the player would have to go a hospital or specialist facility, don't you? We don't just have a flippin MRI machine in the back of the South Stand. And since these things cost time and money, surely you'd expect our own medical staff to asses the injury over a couple of days anyway? t hard to comprehend is it really. Also, what's it matter if we've only just been told today? What jot of difference has it made in the grand scheme of things. Such needy needy fans. It's really bizarre.
  4. Tuesday night dilemma

    Even dem blades will want to lose, just to put us in the mire.
  5. Passion from Jos the Boss.

    He might not jump around waving his arms like Megson or Carlos. But this notion that all he ever does is sit down and does nowt is absolute gonads. I’m not sure what people want him to do. Do we had such needy fans that all they want to see is someone gum flapping on the touch line to demonstrate he cares? Criticise him for tactics or subs or whatever. But this stuff about pashun is just desperate nonsense.
  6. It’s not really that wierd is it. We were told weeks ago that he was “6 weeks away”. We literally get updates on player recovery on a weekly basis. Every club up and down the country give the same old sound bites when it comes to injuries. It’s nothing new - but to be fair, our situation is pretty bizarre so perhaps a more proactive communication method would keep needy fans feeling loved. In terms of today the Irish FA released the provisional squad. Provisional being the word that people completley missed. It’s been done before - other international teams have provisionally named players who are injured. Pretty sure England named Beckham and Rooney in their provisional squad, despite the players being injured. Local media could’ve clarified the situation before tweeting about it. But they didn’t, they poured petrol on it and it went viral. I guess it’s their job...doesn’t mean I have to like it.
  7. So to summarise, there was a big overreaction for absolutely nothing at all... Perhaps next time our wonderful local media could clarify the situation to begin with, instead of pouring petrol on the flames.
  8. adjective, Also, provisionary [pruh-vizh-uh-ner-ee] (Show IPA), (for defs 1, 2). 1. providing or serving for the time being only;existing only until permanently or properlyreplaced; temporary: a provisional government.
  9. Yeah i know, different situation though isn't it. I think the Hirst situation has been escalated way beyond the stage that Clare is at currently.
  10. Different person, different situation, different contract. What about those players that have signed a contract recently?
  11. Time to go Mr Chansiri

    Not beyond criticism, and he deffinitley needs to sort some poo out. But calling for the guy who has a fairly huge chunk of cash invested in us to leave is a bit daft. We need him to stay interested to continue funding our losses.
  12. It's worth noting that the only difference between now and last month, or the month before, is that he's now playing for the U23's. I think all that Jos has confirmed is that the contract dispute still hasn't really been ironed out to the stage where he's allowed to play for the first team. I think we all got a bit ahead of ourselves last week when news broke that he's training with the first team, and Radio Sheffield alluded to some sort of progress with his contract. There's a bit of sensationalism with this thread - "Hirst BANNED".....(should work for the Sheffield Star) Still a ridiculous situation though and we really could do with extra help in the squad at the moment. So for the good of the club and the player, perhaps both sides to this frankly pathetic saga can sit down and sort something out for the short term.
  13. Two sides to the story of course, so perhaps people can just step back a little before pulling the implosion cord. But i do find it bizarre that he's not allowed to play. Regardless of the contract situation and what's gone on. He's a young footballer who might just give us another option in a depleted and dejected squad......we need f***ng players !
  14. Racism in English football

    At Swansea last week we were stood in front of a racist old tool. At Burton away other year a knuckle dragger decided to shout racist abuse at a young black steward just trying do his job and earn a bit of cash. Also had a run in with a bloke on the north stand who was shouting racist comments at some Brighton players during play off semi at S6.
  15. The Ipswich Free Kick Goal

    Why can’t we score free kicks like that?