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  1. Great performance. Really impressed with Hunt and Bashiru in particular.
  2. Impressed with the young ‘uns so far. Hunt has been excellent.
  3. Its a bit of a cliche, but we looked like team today, rather than a bunch of individuals. The togetherness and the mentality is something we’ve not seen for a few years. Just need to do that another 45 times....
  4. Genuinely didn’t care about the game yesterday. It was a training game basically. I’ll care more on Saturday.
  5. So why did the EFL charge them in the first place if it’s that clear cut? What an absolute farce, and a waste of time and money.
  6. Someone proposes something and others disagree shocker. It’s a BS story with no context or explanation from swfc or Redgate himself.
  7. This is a new low. The administrators of a club currently desperate for money, reject our offer. 😂
  8. They’ve wanted to make an example of someone ever since Parry took charge.
  9. I guess neither of us really know whether there has been a change in thought process or not. Only Chansiri can really tell us that. Regardless, the signs are promising imo.
  10. Interesting. Don’t know anything about Stokes finances, but I thought they were in a difficult position given parachute payments are coming to end and they spent a bit with Rowett etc. So I wouldn’t have thought stoke would be willing to gamble on an older player with presumably fairly high wage... I can’t imagine he would have taken much of a pay cut. Good luck to him though.
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