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  1. bigdan2003

    Robert Snodgrass - Winning Mentality

    I hope Villa get walloped in the final, Terry gets sent off (after scoring two own goals) and Snodgrass breaks an arm after landing funny from one of his dives. I’m not bitter.
  2. bigdan2003

    The new/old #SWFC badge

    I've loved it since day one. I also love the old badge.
  3. Huddersfield fans would still boo him.
  4. bigdan2003


    Only the same as lambasting her before she’d have even got her feet under the table. Same with other people within the club that fans have targeted / scapegoated. Couple of examples: Joe Palmer - no one knows what he did or didn’t do, but he was criticised heavily on here. Likewise the new physio team - lambasted all season because of the injuries, because of the fact Carlos brought them in. Again, no one knows anything about what they do but fans have seen fit to heavily criticise them (and sometimes just plain abuse).
  5. bigdan2003

    New Kit

    They’ve got them, just no fcker can fit in them.
  6. bigdan2003

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that we’re sailing close to FFP. So what you say is plausible. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true, but at the same time I would’nt be surprised if this was utter gonads. Let’s be reyt JV loves to pretend he’s ITK about Wednesday...
  7. His role is important to the squad, he may not be our best player, but he’s a good player, and an important player because of the very fact his team mates love him - he’s important to squad morale.
  8. Need to give him a new deal because he’s a good player and integral to our squad.
  9. bigdan2003

    Glenn Loovens "My Time Has Come"

    Great servant to this club, and was part of a club record breaking defence. A great coupe by Jones/Gray. Wish we could've got him earlier in his career brilliant defender in his prime. Things haven't gone so well this season, but that's not his fault and his remained professional throughout.
  10. Getting a bit ahead of yourself there...you've gotta be taken up the kop first, and find a shirt that fits. ffs
  11. "To be debated in parliament" OR
  12. After all these years people are still hating on Nuhiu? He's been immense these last few months, but people prefer to ignore that and concentrate on a missed placed pass, or a missed sitter from 2 years ago. He needs to stay - he give's everything for this team, he's grown into the Championship and now we're starting to see the Nuhiu that we wanted 3 / 4 years ago. So why would fans want rid of him now? He's also massive character for the overall team morale.
  13. This is a welcome surprise...sorting things early. Let’s hope incomings are done early as well.
  14. Ash Baker - probs in the squad tomorrow