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  1. Where’s this from mate? I thought the figure (without stadium sale) for the 3 years was 57 million...so over the P&S threshold by 19 million. Perhaps my understanding is wrong though.
  2. I think FFP/P&S is unfair. I get why they do it, but it’s poorly implemented and doesn’t address the route cause (I.e the obscene wages and transfer fees) it doesn’t address the huge gap between EFL and the PL. I don’t think it’s doing anything other than punish clubs, like Wednesday, who have an ambitious owner who’s seemingly willing to stick around and fund the losses. I find it bizarre that the very rule that’s is supposedly protecting clubs is the one that has punishments that could ultimately ruin them as well. I wouldn’t say I’m not bothered we’ve broken the rules, of course I am. But I’m mindful that we’ve played ball for 20 years, no one helped us when we were in dire need. Clubs that we’ve tried to compete with over the years have applied their own creative accounting and morally questionable tactics. Leicester went into admin some years ago, to clear the slate. and got up spending money via some questionable marketing firm. Palace relegated us back to L1 with a player scoring the equaliser who they couldn’t afford. So yeah I’m bothered we’ve broken rules. But I feel a little aggrieved by football in general. It’s grossly unfair
  3. Chansiri; invested best part of 100 million in Wednesday, employs hundreds of people, pays hundreds of suppliers, pays wages, has made Wednesday compete. Steve Dale: did none of the above For all of the things we can criticise Chansiri for, he’s not a charlatan. He’s invested huge sums of his wealth in this club. I’m fairly certain he cares. Can we keep things a little more respectful?
  4. Looks like the club is going to be fighting this. How did the EFL go from happy to sign off the accounts in July, to this in a few months?
  5. P&S rules are pointless - I don’t really understand what the rules are doing or protecting against in the case of us or Derby etc. I mean look at us, we’re paying our bills, we’re employing people, we’re competing. The rules will actually suffocate us, not help us. How’s that helping anyone? Assuming we’ll be put in an embargo, a fine and potential points deduction. All of which are counter productive. I get they want clubs to avoid overspending, but clubs have to overspend to compete, given the obscene wages and transfer fees. Don’t get me wrong, though we’ve totally screwed up. Our transfer policy has been awful.
  6. Could you buy something from the shop and just put the jars in the Wednesday carrier bag?
  7. Might need to do what the cartels do.....distribute into condoms, swallow it...you know the rest.
  8. Ollie McBurnie getting used to life without a driving license...
  9. Residents of Vere road being evacuated apparently....
  10. Young promising keeper that has the attributes to replace Westwood eventually? No brainer for me.
  11. I think “good game” is a bit strong. He was awful, but you’re right he certainly wasn’t the worst. Goes to show the woeful standard of refs we have, when Tim Robinson isn’t even the worst ref we’ve had this season.
  12. Seem to remember him going home just after August/Sept previous years, then comes back around Xmas time
  13. I’m not convinced it was deliberate, but it was a foul. But to let it play on whilst Joey was holding his face, and then blow his whistle as soon we got the ball basically highlights how horrific Tim Robinson is. Awful referee.
  14. Great performance. Deserved all 3 points. Folk been saying let’s see how we do against the top 6 teams. Well against a Leeds side that many pundits tip to go up, I thought we worthy for the points and played better than them for periods.
  15. Have they cancelled the buses to S6 yet? You know, as a precaution in case drenched scum bag football fans wet the seats.
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