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  1. Awful referee. Reading can feel hard done by as well. How many decent refs are there In this country?
  2. Well...take that after the ref ruined the game with that red card.
  3. Bully him. Don’t be letting him have any time on the ball. When he was at Wednesday he got frustrated and his head dropped very quickly when a game became very physical.
  4. He was at the game on Saturday. So perhaps he already has the gig? Unless he was on media duties I guess.
  5. Organised, working hard, and playing well. Loverly stuff.
  6. Thankfully that photo is cut off just before my row. Some familiar faces on there, hope to see them again soon.
  7. Who goes into which tier is decided by the government. Like it was last time around.
  8. Gregg Fell today saying that he expects Sheffield to be put into tier 3...
  9. Injury prone and expensive.. ticks both boxes on our scouting sheet!
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