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  1. The whole Abdi thing is frustrating. We buy one of the best midfielders in the championship, played an integral part in a very good Watford side, played 30+ games in the PL....comes to Wednesday and we shoe horn him into a midfield of Lee, Bannan and Wallace. We played him on the wing, we played him as a winger and a defensive midfielder. And then Carlos blamed his poor start on not having a pre season. We should have / should be building the midfield around him. If that means getting rid of CC’s favourites, like Bannan, Lee, Wallace et al, then so be it. Aforementioned players have had a good stab at it last couple of seasons, but ultimately we came up short. Time to shake things up, try some of the stock piled players we have.
  2. it gets worse

    Well well well, and here we are kicking off about Carlos and tactics, when all along the issue is that the Blades are doing well.
  3. Absolutely agreed re: the away ticket prices.
  4. And remember....they were charging 32 quid in league 1, 6 years ago
  5. Thanks for cheering us up. Merry Fckin Xmas
  6. Hot water

    Sarcasm claxon
  7. This is the problem though, fans are thinking with their heart. Hanging onto this idea that Hirst is will come into the squad and score for fun...”imagine seeing Hirst on the score sheet again” David Hirst was my hero like everyone else’s. But that shouldn’t mean the club roll over. Its an argument about money I’d imagine...this is as much Hirsts problem as it is the clubs. OP is being disingenuous to suggest the club have stitched Hirst up in the latest QA. Let’s remember the Hirst camp went to the media first. Let’s also remember he’s unproven at a senior level, and does anyone really believe he’ll get any more luck infront of goal than Fletcher, Rhodes, Hooper et al aren’t getting? I want Hirst to sign and continue his development with SWFC. I don’t dislike him, but I am getting bored of the subject.
  8. Should we sell Jordan Rhodes?

    We have some good players, Rhodes is one of them. We need to get the best out of them, play to their strengths. I’d rather see what another coach can do than start selling. You just know Rhodes would score for fun somewhere else.
  9. It goes unnoticed

    To be fair, i wasn't that impressed with Aiden Mcgeady for the games he did play for us. Didn't think he looked anything like....so chances are bringing him on instead of Helan probably wouldn't have made a difference.
  10. A few ‘outsider’ thoughts..

    I'd agree with you if he'd changed the badge to a fckin elephant or something...but he didn't. He / they changed it with a nod to our rich history.
  11. Carlos Sacked...............?..

    These types of articles are absolute nonsense. The media will know after the event, not before. I'm sure Chansiri's first thought this morning was to inform Nixon of his intention to fire Carlos if we don't beat Wolves.
  12. A few ‘outsider’ thoughts..

    Facts to suit a particular argument / point of view. Put some detail and perspective around the first two and they don't seem half as shocking as the OP intends to portray in his original post. The club is not losing it's identity, and i don't believe Chansiri intends to do that. The ticket prices are a joke...i agree with that! The OP's post doesn't really address the real issues, which i think are around how the club is setup. We don't have any real footballing people at an executive level. We seem to lack a transfer strategy. Chansiri needs to find those things and fast, he needs to restructure the club in the summer. Bring some fresh ideas in. If i was him i'd be on the blower to our old friend Milan
  13. A few ‘outsider’ thoughts..

    Comparing our football club to North Korea is pretty embarrassing to be fair.
  14. Twice this season we’ve gone into an international break with a win, feeling a bit more optimistic. And twice they’ve gone back to square one after the break. I thought the Villa win and performance signalled the end of our slump. Two weeks later and normal service resumed, and have been really poor since. The same mistakes are being made. The same glaring issues are present and have been for the last 2 seasons. Nah, all confidence in him to turn it around has diminished.