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  1. Lol That video clip on repeat. Amazing.
  2. Did we play Barcelona on Friday? That's what it sounds like listening to some of you lot and the Sky "pundits". United played well. Played some nice football in fact. They threw the kitchen sink at us. But make no bones about it, we let them do that - we sat back and soaked it all up. Yes, our defending on a couple of occasions was desperate but the majority of the game they could only muster up long shots and some half chances in the goal area. They managed to get in behind once, and that lead to a very dubious penalty. We setup not to lose, as simple as that. We went there and did a job, and in fairness we needed to do that to stop the horrific run we've been on. It's just so happens we did it against United, which is a good job because has we played anything like the previous 4 games they would have murdered us. They chucked everything at us, they were at their very best but couldn't beat a fragile Wednesday team who were coming off the back of 4 defeats. This was their best opportunity to give us a good hiding, and further progress their season. But they failed, and they failed in January as well under similar circumstances. Wilder failed. And he knows it. For Wednesday though, we can do better. We do have it in us to take the game to teams - that's the frustrating thing for me.
  3. bigdan2003

    Contract it is.......

    Why would Michael Brown and Sky know this yet none of our local media do? All a bit bizarre really. Sky generally get their information from other journos. And I don’t think any of them have said anything about this? To be fair, the Westwood contract thing makes sense. But let’s not jump to conclusions, perhaps Jos has the choice to play him if he wants to (but would have to keep him for another couple of years?). I wouldn’t be shocked either way, but folk need to step back and realise they haven’t a flippin clue what’s actually going on behind the scenes. By the way - would anyone be happy for Westwood to get another contract if this supposed clause was triggered?
  4. bigdan2003

    Jos out

    We have players sat on their arse earning a good wage that could’ve given United something to worry about last night (and other games) That’s the frustrating thing for me. For all Uniteds possession, and chucking everything they had at us, we could’ve given them more of a game. Having said that we needed to put in a scruffy performance to halt the terrible run. It had to be done regardless of the opposition. Jos hasn’t had much support by way of funds. But he’s literally got some experienced players doing nothing - they can surely help us out here? Whether it be off the bench or the odd game here and there. Surely we would benefit with these players being options? I dont get it.
  5. bigdan2003

    Bannan last niight

    I think he’s been off his game for a few games now. Not terrible, but not the form he had at the beggining if the season. Not going to slate him though, he’s basically got an impossible job at the moment. He can thrive in this squad if we get the balance right. He needs help.
  6. bigdan2003

    The City Is Theirs

    No it isn’t. Get. A. Grip
  7. Lol Big D wins the thread
  8. I’d like to point out that Sky know pet shop all. Would be a bit strange that Sky know this 4 months later, and our local media don’t know about it. Fake news.
  9. bigdan2003

    The 'pen'

    That’s another pen they’ve had this season. You’d think they’d be a bit better at them would’nt you.
  10. At least Warnock was a bit funny, this guy is just classless in so many ways.
  11. “We played football in the right way” ”they’ve got big hitters” Oh, I’m sorry Chris...maybe we should’ve forfeit the game or have a replay because the result doesn’t suit you...you classless crooked teeth stinky flaps.
  12. bigdan2003

    Andy Hinchcliffe

    Even when we were decent he couldn’t find a good thing to say. I’d imagine he’s full of joy right now. Bitter poopydoo.
  13. Taken out of context, everyone with half a brain cell should understand his point here. The Lane hasn't sold out for this game. He's managed derbies with 55k in attendance. So, the fact is he has managed bigger games. But this is our derby, and it's our biggest game. Doesn't mean it's big for all professionals in football. No matter how much gum flapping the likes of Wilder do.
  14. bigdan2003


    Was a poor attempt at humour.
  15. bigdan2003


    It’s become clear now that Jos has been saving Hutch, Westwood, Abdi, Jones, Boyd, FF, and Matias, for the big game....2 weeks on Saturday, against Frank Lampard FC.