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    3 strikers

    We lost 2 strikers with a grand total of 7 Championship goals between them in their entire Sheffield Wednesday career (Rhodes 7, Hirst zero) We've kept strikers who've scored a total of 104 goals between them....FF being the highest of course.
  2. I'd be more concerned if the club were open to losing FF, Bannan, Lees et al to be honest. Rhodes didn't work out here. So it's the best for all concerned given the FFP risk.
  3. Its the unfortunate situation we're in though - we have got to reduce our wage bill to help with FFP and presumably to allow us to bring in one or two players. If we weren't sailing close to FFP then i'd imagine the club would be willing to pay him his 35k a week to sit on our bench - because let's be honest, at this moment in time he's not starting ahead of Nuhiu, Joao, Fessi, or a fit Hooper and Fletcher. It's just not worked out for him here. I'm gutted that it hasn't - always wanted Rhodes here. But in true Wednesday fashion it went pear shaped.
  4. The thing is, no one wants to buy him for the amount we'd want to recoup. Instead we have to do a loan deal, which presumably comes with a nice loan fee as well.
  5. Clubs have to be interested in them. As much as i like Jordan Rhodes, fact is it's not worked out here...and he's too expensive to have sat on the bench. Based on his record here he's behind Joao, Hooper, Nuhiu, Fletcher and Fessi in the pecking order.
  6. I thought he was an excellent signing, one of the most exciting in many years - big money signing, experienced and proven striker who's scored shed loads at this level. But for some reason it just never worked..... we never really saw the Rhodes we all hated when he played against us! Whether that's the player or our system, I've no idea. Either way it's typical of Wednesday to sign a player of Rhodes caliber only for it to be a huge disappointment. It's best for all parties if this deal happens - Rhodes gets a fresh start to resurrect his form at Norwich, whilst we get a nice chunk of money and wage savings in the process.
  7. Not a total disaster that some are making out. Decent fee for a player that is into his final year on his contract. The money will give us the room to bring in Fred, and you’d imagine we’ll be looking for a loan or two as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean Palmer will be no.1 RB - you’d think that Baker would be getting sniff next season and potentially a loan. Also didn’t Hutch start out as a right back?
  8. bigdan2003


    Ok, let’s try another. 150th year picture: print v canvas. One was significantly cheaper than the other. Some people purchased the print, some people purchased the canvas, We’ll have agree to disagree on this one. I’m on a train to London with the missus, she’s giving me the evils for being sat on Owlstalk.
  9. bigdan2003


    Product / price tiering happens in all walks of life. I assume the same people won’t bother turning up at s6 anymore because they want to get a box seat for the same price as a Kop seat. Will they boycott Tesco because they want the “irresistible” range of cookes, but are only willing to spend on the standard range. I suspect all the folk moaning now will buy the replica shirt at 59 quid in a few days or whenever it’s available. I do think 59 quid is steep, but it seems that Football just continues to push up prices. And the the daft FFP stuff gives clubs a reason / excuse to charge these prices.
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    There are some wealthy people in our fan base who will lap it up. Don’t believe the hype that everyone is skint.
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    Daft thing is, there are people on twitter who genuinely believe the Consilio is spelt wrong. Adding to the negativity. And the sad thing is it’s likely an owl that’s created this photoshopped version.
  12. bigdan2003


    Why? Its a limited edition version. If they had the limited edition as an option along side a fully stocked standard version there would be no issue.... The problem here is the stock levels have been screwed up again.
  13. bigdan2003


    It’s finally happened....Owlstalk has its subject to sensationalise for several weeks / months.
  14. bigdan2003


    So the pro shirt is 99 quid, and the replica adult shirt is 59. Basically offering an option for those with the dollar...fair enough. People will spend it. But it’s poor that the 59 quid option for blokes isn’t available tomorrow. Is it the same supplier from down under?