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  1. Not defending it - to suggest 99% of our issues is down to him is a bit harsh though. Our chairman has made mistakes too, and they've come home to roost.
  2. Just a reminder in his first two seasons we got into the playoffs, and we watched some glorious football. No one complained. Ultimately he failed, as do many managers - generally they do alright, then do a bit sh*t, then get fired. Carlos is no different here. Some of the issues that have come to light do raise eyebrows, but not all of it should fall on Carlos. It's not healthy to have this obsession / grudge.
  3. bigdan2003

    Well this is awkward

    The club really is listening - we want happy endings, we’ve now got them.
  4. The allegations of racism will drag on for a long time, can’t see that being concluded any time soon.
  5. That's fine, and i understand your position. Doesn't mean we can't talk about it. JUST LET US MOAN FOR A BIT NEIL, WE NEED THIS
  6. I can understand the fine being proportionate to their wages. But Jacob Mellis karate kicked a fellow professional footballer, and the video evidence suggests it was unprovoked because he came flying in from nowhere. The guy has previous as well. He should be banned for longer.
  7. Since both teams were involved in the incident i'd say the punishment they receive is relevant to us.
  8. So, had both players been given red cards during the game their bans wouldn't have counted during the season. Makes sense.
  9. bigdan2003

    FF - potential ban

    How it’s taken the FA this long is rediuclous. Should have been done and dusted before the start of the season.
  10. bigdan2003

    United away

    pet shop off Sky. Lets have a 3pm derby for a change.
  11. bigdan2003

    Devaluation of the League Cup

    From a Wednesday perspective, 11 changes makes it sound like we only played the kids, but we actually fielded players who are supposed to be the senior members of the team. This was an opportunity for senior experienced pro's to show what they can do - should be disappointed with their performance if they didn't grab the opportunity. I put some of the blame onto the EFL though - they try to cram these games into the start of the season. Only 4 weeks into the season and we've already had 2 rounds of the cup. It's daft. Spread it out a bit. Give clubs a chance to establish themselves into the new season. Give fans a chance to afford to go or return from their holidays.
  12. bigdan2003

    Wednesday In One Word

  13. Could the club speak to SAG / Police on our behalf regarding the cars being vandalised and broken in to on Herries Rd during matches.
  14. Perhaps this could be raised at the steering meeting tomorrow? Appreciate the club can't do much, but they could raise it during their regular meetings with the Police / SAG group.
  15. Why can’t the police chiefs put some units on Herries road? You know, try and catch the rumblezoids doing it. I understand that the police are underesourced and all that. But if they can over police some of these games, why can’t they stick a few up at Herries road? Is this kind of crime less of a priority than filming fans coming out of leppings lane? The club should lobby the police to do something about it.