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  1. Yep, appreciate that. But it further proves that FA/EFLs hard on for FFP is not addressing the real issues in football
  2. Financial fair play eh. Working a treat.
  3. Had opportunities to win that. Probably a fair result. Ref was woeful. Boyd was non existent Nuhiu and Winnall did well and put a shift in. Keogh is still a stinky flaps.
  4. Seen that disallowed goal a few times now. No idea how it ended up in the net. Carson seemed to chuck it in.
  5. Derby have been average so far. There for the taking today. Come on Wendy.
  6. Frustrating so far. We’re not playing too bad really, but some poor decisions and touches in that final third has let us down. Deffo in this game though.
  7. I don’t even know why he’s brought that up other than to keep this victims notion going. He’s got a massive chip on his shoulder hasn’t he? Gamesmanship happens in every game - players always looking to gain an advantage over the opposition. Madine tried it by going down clutching his face.
  8. I agree. He stokes it up, Wilder is classless. He’s got a massive chip on his shoulder like a lot of dem blades. At least with Warnock you could actually have a laugh with him - he enjoys playing the pantomime villain role. Where as wilder just has cheap digs.
  9. I notice our local media said nowt last season when Loovens had a bottle thrown at him. I don’t condone it, and not suggesting that it’s ok because they did it last season. But the local media can’t wait to stick the boot in at the moment. There’s now an article about the chants towards Henderson, and now he’s deleted his account because some twitter keyboard warriors have been at him. I can understand that such a chant isn’t very nice to hear, but is it news worthy? Is the fact he’s deleted his account newsworthy? There appears to be this notion that Utd fans are angels, and they’re the victims. They had tools out in force and so did we, mixed with SYP incompetence it made for some ugly scenes. But somehow Wednesday are being made to look like the responsible party here? Yet nowt was ever said when they chanted “Ched Evans he sh*gs who he wants”. That Danny Hall fella seems to like a little campaign against wednesday every so often. If it’s not tickets then it’s something an idiot said in twitter. Yet I notice not a lot of condemnation when that lad tweeted that vile comment about Bruce and his parents. Its all a bit pathetic really. And the local media love to stoke it up.
  10. Sounds like they're going to be ok this week - expected to pay staff and emergency services by Friday.
  11. You’ve got 10k people in the North Stand. There are two exits, so it’s not hard to imagine that at least half of the North Stand will be emptying via Leppings Lane. You’ve then got 4K away fans, who’s only exit is onto leppings lane because the police ensured the south Stand exit was shut. So you’ve got at least 8 to 10k people all hitting Leppings Lane at the same time. Some bright spark then thought it’d be a good idea to park the coaches next to each other, so it therefore restricting folk getting up leppings lane. I didn’t have to walk up Leppings Lane, I was basically pushed all the way up by the crowd behind. United fans on one side and coaches on the other. How the pet shop United fans were supposed to get through all that to their coaches I’ve no idea. I don’t think I’m any expert in policing football games, I’m sure it’s quite difficult. But SYP seem to make it so much harder and cause half the problems themselves.
  12. Prob be better off going in Wednesdayite car park - i'd get out of the ground as quick as possible though. Can be a nightmare leaving the car park when it's busy. There's also a couple of car parks on Herries road, but not sure what they're like.
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