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  1. Sky are desperate for the Cowley brothers to score...
  2. Not the best game, but I think we’re in control really.
  3. I don't know about Palmanova, but if you fancy a bus/taxi ride to Portals I can recommend either The Ship or Heroes Sports Bar. Both seem to show most sky games. Failing that - Mojo Beach Bar in Cala Mayor or Infuze Bar near Illetes tend to show football. I think the 104 bus runs from Palma Nova through to Portals and beyond.
  4. Yep - spoke well didn't he. Particular enjoyed how he answered the question regarding his touchline bust up with udders.
  5. If you simply look at the headline of 4 clubs in as many years then I guess it may set some alarms ringing..... But if you look at each job in isolation you’ll soon see that he’s been at clubs under difficult circumstances, and was probably fired or pushed unfairly from a couple. Knowing how clubs operate and managers operate, it shouldn’t really come as a shock when managers start to clock up a big list of clubs they’ve managed.
  6. But it’s just words. Fluffy words. Let’s be reyt, It’s likely that Huddersfield wanted someone like Houghton as first choice.
  7. Although I would have liked Cowley to come here, there would be no cast iron guarantee he’d be successful. As with any manager it’s a gamble, but Monk is more experienced at this level. He’s more experienced at big football clubs. I’m still on the fence with Monk to be fair, but I don’t understand why you’d consider his appointment short-termism? He’s 40 years old and got more experience than Cowley who’s the same age.
  8. Dom Howson: Garry Monk may look to add James Beattie to his #SWFC coaching team. Bloody Chansiri meddling with team matters and only letting Monk use his spy Bullen.
  9. Carlos - brought in his own staff Jos - brought in his own staff Bruce - brought in his own staff
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