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  1. bigdan2003

    Chairman’s statement

    I don’t personally think it’s a bad thing. Over proofing stuff often leads to statements becoming a bit sterile and boring. At least with this you know he’s probably sat there typing away for a bit, rather than asking some press officer or legal counsel to make a mundane statement - it’s from the heart.
  2. bigdan2003

    Chairman’s statement

    - the issue is not money (i.e he has money) - the issue is revenue - we will be in trouble again this March if we don’t don’t bring in the necessary revenue - to do that some tough decisions will need to be made - he can’t do it alone - his hands are tied (by the PL biased EFL and FA) - therefore he’s going to ask fans to help out where they can, starting with the 1867 thing + season tickets - it’s also confirmation, to my mind, that he’s here to stay and committed
  3. bigdan2003

    Chairman’s statement

    Open and honest. Say what you like about him, he clearly flippin cares.
  4. bigdan2003

    Westwood - toe injury

    Probably wouldn't have played anyway, would he...given it's a cup game? Get yer toe nail cut off ready for Saturday Keiren lad....
  5. bigdan2003

    its the managers fault apparently

    Confuse the players? Oh come on now. At what point are you going blame the players?
  6. bigdan2003

    Steve Agnew is the new Alan Irvine

    -Same players -Same feeble spineless performances Blame the new bloke.
  7. bigdan2003

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    Well, look at the thread title, look at the OP, then read my post. What do you think the point is? New coaches have been in 11 days. If you think thats long enough, fair enough. But I don't.
  8. Change was made 11 days ago.
  9. bigdan2003

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    Yeah, well done for missing the point asteener.
  10. bigdan2003

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    Lets be honest, the performances under Bullen were actually out of the ordinary, and the chances are they'd have still capitulated today. Last two games is just a reminder that some of these players need shipping out, and we need an overhaul.
  11. bigdan2003

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    Agnew and Clemence been in place what, 11 days? And been in charge for one league game? Is that right? But folk are moaning already.
  12. bigdan2003

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    Bullen is still involved. It's not like he's been left at home. But i'm not sure if leaving Agnew and Clemence at home would have made the blindest bit of difference. The players today put out a woeful spineless performance. Aside from Westwood, Hutchinson, and possibly Fletcher, not many of them come out of the game with credit. Poor passing, feeble, soft, tepid performance. We basically sh*t ourselves when the opposition closes us down with that type of intensity.
  13. bigdan2003

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Spineless performance. Make some of this lot catch the train home (if they’re running!).
  14. bigdan2003

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Midfield has let us down today and some really poor individual performances. Hull have been closing us down so well, like a pack of rabid tigers. But we’ve had no composure under those circumstances, woeful passing, and reverted to hoofing it. Bad day at the office.
  15. bigdan2003

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Crikey. Good job Westwood is on it...too much sloppy play from us. Some woeful passing.