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  1. Bruce resigned. We’re allowed to appoint a new manager.
  2. Unless we can get Hughton in then i'd go with Bullen short term. I know folk would be underwhelmed with that. I sort of think plans are in place now and the squad have been working towards those plans in pre-season, Bullen i guess will be continuing what is already in place. So why disrupt all of that? Certainly Bullen over the likes of Spulis etc
  3. God knows. Wouldn’t surprise me if they went direct to Manchester Airport on Monday after resignation.
  4. Its he manner in which it has been done which gives him the label of being a snake. For example; from what I gather it takes a week to sort a visa for a China. Apparently you have to go somewhere to provide finger prints. Does this mean he did this BEFORE flying to Portugal? Its grubby.
  5. Oh and...he's been able to retain all the other coaching staff, make improvements at the training ground (including his office) and i believe there's been other recruits within the coaching/support teams. He was allowed to start building the foundations here. Anyone that says otherwise is a liar.
  6. Agree with that. He's taken an opportunity to manage in the PL for probably his last job. However, i don't think the Newcastle job is as good as everyone makes out....it's a sh*t show up there at the minute. For me it's the grubby manner in which it's been done, and the untimely nature. I know there is never a good time, but after 3 months and after the support he's been given. Massive kick in the gonads. Then there's this gonads about it being his dream job..."his boyhood club" - didn't stop him turning it down a few times before.
  7. Let's have a look at the facts shall we; - He knew about the P&S situation - he talked about it during his first interview, and during many interviews since - He's been allowed to bring in his own staff - Clemence, Agnew, Strudwick, Downes and Hughs - He's signed 3 players this pre-season and a contract sorted for Westwood, Palmer and presumably Lee - Chansiri has sorted the financial side.... So what bit would he be unhappy about? If he says he's unhappy with the P&S stuff, then it's a lame excuse given the above facts. Stop believing the Bruce PR machine....
  8. It’s started. The comparison with the Hirst saga. Jesus. Have a day off lads. Im glad we aren’t run by some folk on here. They’d have rolled over at an offer of a Sports Direct mug and a bag for life.
  9. So now we know. No statement because it’s not over yet...
  10. tail tugging tuggers. I hope they go bust.
  11. There we go then. Don’t need a statement then do you? You already know he’s left us, and we’ve been paid.
  12. They should make a statement to say they're making a statement later today
  13. So basically confirming what we already know. I don’t want us to wish him well. He’s just sh*t on us. Why would any Wednesday fan want us to release a statement thanking him? As I said. Releasing a statement, telling us what we already know doesn’t do anything. They will release one mind, but not in the timescales folk on here crave. I agree with Biggsy on this one.
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