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  1. Dunno. But agent Alonso is doing his hardest to put them off
  2. Failed to pay them on the eve of one of the most important games in our history.
  3. And people are blaming Darren Moore....who’s laid up in bed with a serious health issue
  4. He’s probably been launching them into the top corner all week in training. But when it matters puts it in row z... Story of the season.
  5. Big difference. Birmingham had a core of squad of actually not too bad, and give their all. We don’t.
  6. 6 different people in charge same players same owner Who we gonna blame??
  7. 2 years or 5 years, either for me. Just do it to promote some long term stability.
  8. Why do they have to talk to the EFL and PL about it?
  9. I’ve seen and heard enough to be relatively optimistic that Moore could be a success here IF he’s given the time, the support and the freedom to rebuild this squad in the summer.
  10. Did he miss that or did it come off their defenders arm?
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