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  1. Is this the fella who compared local Covid deaths to a packed Hillsborough stadium?
  2. Really like Darren Moore. He needs time. If we go down he must stay, because he’s inherited this situation.
  3. To be fair I don’t blame the groups getting involved, even if it does appear to be a bit of a sham. I suppose it’s the only way they can get to speak to the club to provide feedback (and demand they leave).
  4. I think a lot of fans would’ve taken the hit for the good of the club had Chansiri / the club made more of an effort to engage with fans correctly.
  5. It was that Alonso fellas idea wasn’t it? So perhaps got scrapped when he got ditched.
  6. What’s puzzling is fans taking to Twitter to abuse him. Some Wednesday fans make me laugh. They demand young players come through the club, they demand players give 100% and to put some effort in. But as soon as they make a mistake, they’re chucked to the wolves....all because big gob Neil Lennon said Shaw is going up there. All that abuse despite the fact it was very poor refereeing.
  7. It was perhaps a daft and pointless tackle to make when already on a yellow. But it was also TWO terrible decisions by Lee Mason. He’s an awful referee.
  8. That same passage of play you have Windass neshing another 50/50, and immediately after Shaw giving it all.
  9. I don’t think it was a foul, but going in like that gives a useless ref like Mason an excuse. His first booking though was the totally wrong decision though. Awful.
  10. Whatever the reasons, it’s great news and a welcome break from the negative news.
  11. I didn’t think he had a bad game really. I think certain players in the squad rely on him too much though. Reach last night would get the ball, take it a few yards, sh*t himself then turn back and pass it to Bannan.
  12. Players are allowed to be a boy hood Wednesday fan, be proud to score first professional goal for them..but still want to move on. That’s allowed. And as much as I’m convinced Wednesday have screwed up again, we’ll never really know the reasons. Maybe he is a horrible greedy footballer? Or maybe he’s doing what’s best for Liam Shaw because the club haven’t done enough to keep him? I don’t like this pre contract gonads to be honest. But he shouldn’t play another game for us wouldn’t send the right message to other youngsters.
  13. Liam Shaw possibly the best and most promising academy product since...well..a very long time. We fail to tie him down and he leaves at the earliest opportunity. Good luck to the lad. But seriously what is the point in an academy if we’re going to run down the best players contracts.
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