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  1. Not being racist in any way, but at last we appearto have a manager who can speak English. Sounds from his interviews like a straight speaking , no clap-trap manager who calls a spade a spade. Can only be good for us. Perhaps if , at half-time, he takes one player aside and says 'Lad, tha't playing crap' he may get his point over.
  2. The first and main problem that DM has to do is to get the players he's got on the field to believe in themselves. It's no good saying they aren't good enoughbut they have shown even in patches that they can play a good game, and I've said it often ,I know, Don't forgetthat we're in a poor position, but we have already played off our 6 point defecit
  3. May I make a plea to ALL Wednesdayites? Can we all suffer a complete loss ofmemory regarding Wednesday (Owner, Playing Staff, and especially fans) for a time, and get behind Darreen Davies , and the players, at least for the rest of the season.We have a new Manager. Let's at least give him the most important thing Wednesday have in their locker - The Backing of the Fans.
  4. We have, in the fairly recent past, spent some fair amounts on 'failures'. Maybe the time hass come for us to show some faith in tsome of the 'kids' we have already got. My old man used to say often ' there's only one thing beats a good Old 'Un, and that's a 'good Young 'Un' Its not always true, but often worth a try. But if we did get some GYU's in, wee've got to be prepared to give tem a run and accept some disappointments. GYU's don't happen oernight, and we must persevere for a while. To end, a note to Grandad. I didn't have anyone in mind for Manager,I know sfa about Davies, and,
  5. Even so, if we can't defend a TWO goal lead, heaven help us. It was noticeable that their first goal came within the first 10 minutes of thebsecond half. Why are we so bad in the early stages of the second half?What happens to the players during half time?
  6. Without disparaging either player, don't forget the old saying - There are Liars, Bloody Liars, and Statisticians. The only true stats are - P - W - L - D - GF - GA - G Diff - Points.
  7. There be factors that have happened in the pst I certainly started by backing Chansiri. He came and poured a lot of wanted money into the club. But he failed1 I believe thatany man should be given a chance. I was prepared to back him untIL he proved otherwise. \tjjen I withdrew my backing In other words I changed my mind Like many others, I believe he is doing the club a disservice by staying, but don't forget that he wasintroduced to the 'saviour' of SW, a certain Milan Mandaric, who obviously knew enough to get us out of trouble with the Taxman, then got shut. I may only
  8. I DO NOT BACK CHANSIRI. Tjhat is my opening submission. However, after failing to plough through several pages, I find no mention of the people who are responsible for the position we are in at present. Since the srarrt of the season, we have lost to goodness knows how many clubs , all on a so-called 'bad run' Go a goal behind and we lose all fight. However, at no time have I seen the names Chansiri,Pulis, Henderson et al, on the team sheet. On numerous occasions, Henderson has been quoted as saying 'WE didn't turn up in the second half' or words to that effect. He is inncluding himself ,
  9. Think we have got to prepare ourselves for a long spell in the lower reaches of the FL. There is little hope as I can see of this side even avoiding the drop , and cannot see this team taking the L1 by storeither.
  10. mtchon Thurs nd the players wereTalking about air temperatures, quote in Buxton Weather Site '" What a cold 7 days we have suffered - Shade Temperature' varied from a HIGH of 0.7 C on 10 Feb.to a low of minus6.6.6 on the night of 11 Feb- the average temp was a cool minus 2.8C' and the Ground temperature was at least 5 C below that! I watched the Barnsley Chelsea game on Thurs and the ptch was in a shocking state.I was unsurprised tht very few Chmpionship games were played this w/e. There was one redeeming feature - Covid restrictions pfevented any of us ttending .restrictions
  11. 'Freedom of speech ' my arse. It is purely and simply freedom of abuse. Anyone wanting F0S must surely accept its consequences. . It is FoS only if the perpetrator is willing to put his name to it. As for legislative body, Facebook and all others ARE the legislative body. By using their media, you agree to abide by their rules. This is part of what you sign up for. As for the piece about wages of Referees, this is immaterial. No-one asks or says that a plyer committing an offence is paid £xK/week and so should be treated more harshly for an on-field offence than a non-league player. The
  12. The match that was played that night was in fact an 'International Friendly Match' was against the Torpedo Club 0f Moscow. It contained most of the world-renowned Dynamo Moscow Club, at the time one of the most famous International sides in the world. (another stroke of genius by Eric Taylor) Yashin played for USSR in three world cups = 1958, 1962 &1966.He was nominated for two 'balon d'Or. , coming second and wining . On a vote regarding International GK's he is listed No. 1 followed by Peter Schmeicel (fo rgive spelling), and Gordon Banks. As a lifelong Owls fan a
  13. Watched the highlights, and especially Rhodes' goal. THAT'S THE PLAYER WE BOUGHT. had we played and given himthat sort of service before, we may have got far more from him. Excellent work from Harris and Rhodes More, please.
  14. Unfotunately he picked up his now-customary yellow card in the dying minutes. Must be approaching ban time?
  15. Now we see the other side of the loan system1 Forget the fact that Chelsea are far richer than Wednesday. Put yourself in their place. if we want to improve some of our younger players we say 'send them out on loan', the idea being for them to gain experience. Were we to send one of ours out, we would expect him to gain some playing time. Were they not to get this, we would seek recompense, surely?
  16. I don't. not that I take much notice of stats. The most used and useless is the possession stat. If a team wants to increase its 'Possession' percentage, it can do so by playing short passes to each other in their own half for long periods. It increases their possession percentage considerably, but doesn't exactly pose a thhreat.
  17. .Whoever he is, the main thing that he'll have to address is:- . How much has he got to spend .This depends on two things - the amount the Owner has available, and the amount that the Football League will allow him to spend. This latter point is , I think , been overlooked by many , but one thing I cannot see Chansiri doing is falling foul of the League itself.
  18. What the hell is a 'Technical Director'? I presume he must oversee the Technical side of the club, which to me must mean that the scoeboard works, the Turnstyles work etc etc,
  19. Seems to have a lot in agreement with him. Personally, I would rather sell most of the players and start again.
  20. How hypocritical some of our fans can be. Last year, we castigated Chansiri for selling the ground to himself, now we want to sell off the Training Ground.
  21. Just think. What we want and what is available are two entirely different scenarios. What we want is a 15+ goal a year strike who is cheap, available and willing to come to us. Easy!
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