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  1. We have cinsistentky dropped points over the last two seaasons. The main factor seems to me to be that there is a streak of lethargy or even , dare I say, COWARD amongst the whole team Even when we playbwhat appears to be Moore's favoured system of playing out from defece, which if played far more quickly than we seem able to do is not in itself a bad system. The system cannot be laid entirely on the Manager's door. The players themselves have a large responsibility to bear in this. I am sure that Moore himself does not teach te players to stand still util they receive the ball. The team plays almost as though it has had a brain removal operation to remove any 'think for yourselves' I honestly believe that we are ill-using our main asset - bannan. I do not believe he is either a set=piece specialist, or even a good captain, and would be much better used were he to adopt a roving scrounging role, and hereby become a goal provider. All thatsaid, I believe that it is time for the PLAYERS to step up and be counted. It may be that they do not like the system they are playing, but they should still be putting in a shift. As for a change of Manager, the call is simple to make. The problem lies with a replacement. Who in their right minds wants to saddle himself with a set of underperformong players?
  2. Might be a good idea. Her football knowledge may be of a higher standard than many
  3. As a side, as well as a set of fans, I believe we have become over obsessed by 'formation'. We have come to believe that it is essential to play to a formation, ad it is killing us. Players need to be flexible , as do formatioss, througgout the game. The days of Full Backs, wingers , inside forwards , centreForwards , are long gone Flexibility is mow the key, and there is no reaso why , for example, Palmer cannot set off as a left back but switch during play to a right winger. We mustvlet our players loose from tight formations, or, if sticking to a basic formation, allow players to interchage roles as the game develops.
  4. We were only a penalty away from losing the semi's. Had the same rule that applies to penalt shoot outs had applied topenalties in extra time we wouldn't even be throug.Kane missed a penalty, scoring on he rebound
  5. Didn't we have a female Ref at Mansfield in the PJ Trophy and everyone was singing her praises. I've watched several TV games now where there have been female REfs, and the standard is certainly better than most L1 officials.
  6. How long is it since we were even near being a Premiership side.
  7. They would have finished only above Drby even if they had taken all the six points deducted. Yes , they would have stayed up -JUST. But the make-up of the team would have meant that we would be playing better teams than we are now, and having difficulty with them.
  8. Ah. You forget! Social Media hadn't been invented at that time.
  9. Whilst I am with all the ST holders who are owed money, who the hell does this trumped up individual think he is? He's simply an elected representative, who 'helps' to make laws, not to enhorce them. Were I to be ' summoned to meet an MP', much as he /she might be trying to help me, they are still just citizens like you or I. Were I to 'summon my MP to appear before me,' I wonder what their reaction would be. They are LAw MAKERS not LAW ENFORCERS. That isthe prerogative of the judiciary.
  10. We talk, none moreso than me, about a settled side. I am utterley convinced that we should be better with a settled side, and get more from the players we have, BUT, and it is a BIG BUT, what is our settled side. I have been in the unfortuunate position of being unablr to attend matches this season, and have only the marks given to go on. Look at this site alone, although there are many others, and there are contrasting opinions on all the players, all the time. Player A may get an excellent mark from many for game 1. This will be followed by a poor mark in game 2 etc.etc. It may seem silly , but one fault is probably that our available squad is actually too big. With a smaller squad there would be less chance of Player Rotation, something I am against. Rotation, or giving the players game time, can be done effectively by he substitutions. I believe that the Manager must decide NOW who his best starting X1 is, and syick to iy. No player will play every game perfectly. Its the nature of man and te game.But let's at least know from week to week roughly what the team may be.
  11. It's not super-subs we need. It's the first choice to up their game by ta least 300%. That would be a good starter. As for losing games in the 90+ Minutes. there are several ways to cure that. Stop players wasting time with substitutions. Make them part of the game. Let the change over take place on the touchline.
  12. It may be a decent squad on paper, but I'm afraid that is what the playersappear to be made of - paper. There doesn't appear to be an ounce of bottle amongst the lot of them What this squad needs is not mothering but smothering. Maybe a public rocket or two.Let the Manager go public and say which players are playing to his instructions and which players are going through the motions.That way we may find out some interesting facts.
  13. And that's following a team who are not performing well, acording to the amount of criticism it's receivingon here. Oh, and with fuel availability questionable.
  14. What a difference in attitudes. We walk around as though the game is done and dusted., their player senses that a mistake could be made, and hangs round and spots it immediately. Stupid play on our GK and the defenders' part, but all credit to the Ipswich player.
  15. What do today's players ever do when they are not on the field?. They scarcely play 90 minutes of football onmatch days, and if they have been absent for whatever reason, they need several WEEKS to 'get up to speed'. This intimates to me that training is not designedto get a player fully fit. Gone are the days whenwe could turn up week in week-out, and know the squad before we went. Where is this type of footballer now? I mean the one not plagued wit 'hamstring' or groin injuries. And the only way to get to match speed is still to play in matches. The best training ground is still the Match team
  16. How annoyed this makes me. Professional footballers on goodness knows how much a week, and we're talkig abot foght- and left-footed players. I well remember my old man (bless his socks) giving me my first pair of Footie Boots. When I came to put them on for the first time, and I will never forget his first words - ''Reight or left footed?' 'Reight.' 'Fair enough. Put this on thee reight foot.'he said, handing me a plimsol. 'Now put thee Left Boot on.' He then proceeded to keep throwing me a damp casey (the old yupr lrather ball) and had me use both feet. I quickly learbed that it didn't hurt as much on the left as the right When we finished the session, he said 'Tha'll always remember that tha's got two feet. Tha'll always be better on'treight, but tha'll always be able to use both feet, and don'tforget = thee left leg isn't just for standing on!' It pains me today to see players so obviously one legged,
  17. The whole system has become farcica; Footballhas become an international sport, with countless 'governing bogies', all trying to make a one system fits all. And it is simply not working. Take the English game. We are trying to work with FOUR bosses. The EFL. the EPL, the FA, and UEFA. FFP or whayever its new name may be, is not the concept of the English football game, but the brainchild of the European game. Looking at our own game - who runs British football?I was under the rather deluded impression that the English game was overseen by the FA. This now more than ever seems to be entirely the Amateur gameThe remainderof the game seemed once to be ruled by the English Football Leagur, until certain clubs , our own included, broke away to form the English Premier League, who's sole intentionseemed to be to take over all entrance to European soccer, and eventually become a closed shop. As for investment in soccer, who in their right mind would invest money in a game where they would expect no return?. Football is rapidly killing itself off = for money Promotion and relegation are no longer decided by who wins or loses on he football field, but bywho displeases the bean-counters
  18. So That's why we can't score! We've been trying for years to hit a smaller goal than is provided! Sorry. My mistake about the actual size. Should remember. I played in goal often enough. . No wonder |i let so many goals in. You do realise that you've not improved the position for the Kicker of course As for encroachment. The Ref is supposed to signal for the kick to be taken only after he is satisfied, and then the kicker can take the kick. Surely, if players re encroaching to the extent where it is going to distract him, the Kicker can stop his run up, and ask the Ref to send them backBut it is still no excuse for the player not being able to find the target!
  19. Not interested. He's no longer one of ours.
  20. Would we even be claoming encroachment if Bannan had scored? And surely the only area Bannan should have been concentrating on is the area enclosed by the goal posts -18ft x 8ft He didn't even hit that. Let's not blame incompetent Officials.
  21. Would much sooner we didn't have to come from behind, but it would be very nce to get rid of that nasty recors.
  22. OK I'll pick up the Baton.. Whay the f##k hasthis got to do with Wednesdayite?. They never owned the land. They mearly leased it from those who did, and attempted, rather successfuly, to provide parjing space for fellow supporters. Pity the Club didn't buy the land , and come upmwith a plan for parking on matchdays with mulyi use units around and above.
  23. What a ridiculous topic to introduce, and so typical of many posters on this site. A player comes on as a substitute , almost 2/3rds of a game gone, a team 2-0 down and playing like a set of novices, even our twostar men BPF and Bannan both having stinkers, and we are asked to judge a brand new player to the team. If we say 'he played a blinder' that would make him a world beater. If we say 'He's crap' he's stuck as a no hoper the rest of his career. And we call ourselves fair?
  24. Whatever his price goes up to, we MUST buy him and sign him up.. It's a pity he plays for N Ireland. What a replacement he would make for Pickford. And IMO a good keeper is just as essential as the so-called -30-a-year striker everyone is praying for.. Anyone should be able to score, but the Keeper is a last line of defence,
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