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  1. Admittedly, as a life-long Wednesdayte, I'm seriously disappointed.I still feel, however, that we finished FOURTH. and to me, the whole season is the parameter. Only the first THREE shouldbe promoted, and the play-offs, simply a money making scheme, should be dispensewd with.
  2. What is the capacity of MK Dons stadium On tv it looked very 'lop-sided' crowdwise. The entire Wednesday end was obviously jam packed with Owls supporters, but most other parts seemed to be empty. The home support was disgusting. To have a team in what was Automatic promotion playing on a Bank Holiday against a side pushing for a play-off spot, with a half-empty ground, made Hillsborough look full with only 3 sides . As for their support least said, soonest mended. As for comparison with London grounds, the capital has had far more in comparison spent on its infra structure compared to Sheffield. Despite our antiquated stadium, our ground is empty within 30min of full time,and,even travelling back to Buxton via the Glossop,Hope Valley, Winnats pass, rarely saw much more than 90min after the final whistle I often used tomwalkacross the Park and to Hillsborough Corner, pick up a Halfway Tram to its terminus, reach my car and travel a further 20 min home in under90 mins when i lived in Clowne. fast travel anywhere is a fallacy. The time saved in faster rail links etc is merely minutes, and can readily be built into one's timetable.If you want to go out for an evening ,begining at ,say 7.00, don't go to a match begining at 3pm. Either miss the game, or arrange your evening to begin at 8pm.
  3. The first time I saw Raw talent, it came in the form of a large,red0headed white male called Derek Dooley. I must say ,some of FDB's forward runs remind me of JJ, with the exception that, as opposed to JJ , who seemed to drag the ball behind him, and had little control of the ball during the run, FDB certainly has. Incidentally, Ramadan fasting ,is not starvation .It is not eating from sunrise to sunset, after which they can binge if they want
  4. They are officially 'Pyrotechnic Devices' and as such are forbidden in all stadiums (or more correctly, Stadia) The only people who throw them are the people who daren't stand with them in their hand. Incidentally ,the throwing of missiles at anyone who cannot return the compliment is a cowardly and foolish thing to do/ . i suppose the MKDons fan who threw a plastic bottle which landed at BPF's feet in the closing seconds should be complimented?
  5. One slight correction. The building at the bottom of Castlegate was NOTthe old Town Hall, but the Criminal Courts. I well remember going thee in early 1970's and finishing up on a Murder trial jury/ Nice to see a park being built on he old Fish Market! My favourite call whenever we went shopping used to be the Boiled Sweet shop in the entrance. Sure their 'Spice Fish' were mini-sharks! yum Yum.
  6. Sorry, Owlstalk, but you're completely out if order! A lot of people far more intelligent than some of the mindless cretins who purport to be Wednesdayites. actually thought about the European situation, and decided that they wanted autonomy. I appreciate that no issue is entirely black or white, and you will also get the 'don't know's' I am and have been all my life a confirmed follower of Sheffield Wednesday. . What I do condemn is the tiny group who are simply out to cause chaos , and make trouble for soccer loving supporters. Every club has them, unfortunately, but with our level of support, we tend to have more than most, and the last thing they need is encouragement.
  7. Isn'******** about time that we accepted that, while we have some of the finest and most loyal supporters in the league,, we still have a sectionof absolute cretins and hooligans in our midst , and sop trying to make excuses for them
  8. Excuse me but was it not in the NINETY FIRST minute last week when WE scored, to gain 2 well-needed points?
  9. We have an advantage over S'land W,ycombe and Oxford 0 we have POINTS already in the bag! They have to win even if we lose.
  10. We are all forgetting one important thing = the Opposition! Wimbledon came with one thing in mind on sat -soak up the Opposition then hit them on the break. This they did very effectively, far more than most teams this season.. They soaked up much of our attack, and broke well, pressurising us with our suspect defence! Give them a little credit
  11. Sorry to be such a grump. BUT the Ball-Boy;s job is simply to return the ball to the field of play as quickly as possible. There is no excuse for him entering the field of play. There is no reason , however, why he cannot celebrate with players of his own following as long as it is NOT on the field of play Many of these ball-boys are probably members of the Club Academy., and as such, should be acquainted with the rules of football. As for time-wasting, that is the sole discretion of the Referee. Even the 4th Official does not rule on the time played , The words used when the time board is shown is 'The 4th official has indicated that a minimum of 4 minutes should be added.' The ref may then play anything above , or even below, that time. He is the sole timekeeper. Incidentally, it seems we have little to complain abouttime wasting wasn't our winning goal scored on 90+1 minute
  12. Think this is a very strange question. Are you questioning whether there should be a ban on football grounds or a nationwide 'prohibition'? I remember in my youth, many , many years ago, when Hillsborough did not serve alcohol in the ground. You could drink before the game , , before the end of closing time - usually 3pm, and after the game , from 6.00 'til 10 pm.(or 10.30 on a Sat) For awaygames, drinking was allowed on the coaches . It is mow prohibited! .Everyone accepted the Drink restrictions, and still got their share of ale down them. I know I did Rowdiness and joviality were present, both before and after the games, and many happy hours were spent Because of the Licensing Laws, there was a ban on serving alcohol anywhere between 5 * 6 anyway. Funnily enough, the demise of the local seemed to coincide with the all=hours drinking nowadays
  13. Make the subs part of the game without any stoppage. Have the substitutions , which are tactical rather than injury anyway, such that the player leaves the field whilst play goes on, and before sub comes on, as in rugby League.
  14. Unfortunately we only play50% o our matches at home in the league. Win themall, and westill only have 63 points -not enough. We must also win many of our away matches.
  15. As an Oldie who a)adores/adored/worshipped Ron Springett, and b) saw Yashin play, it pains me greatly to admit that I think this is true. The only aruement my Dad and I ever ha, bless him, was about who was better Ron Springett or Jack Brown.
  16. Don't know about the League, but I still remember our 7-2 thrashing of the great manUtd.
  17. Serious query for MY information What is the make-up and formula for te play-offs
  18. It also shows the 'Summat for nowt' brigade in a new light. My initial take on this as an OAP who has been dragged scratching and swearing at the new century, let alone the new technology,is that it's a modern day Season ticket with payment spread over 12 months, and automatically renewed unless cancelled. The idea that I get is that some 'fans' could take this up this offer, cancel when or if things don't go their way, then renew and take off from where they left off. In other words, loyalty only works one way, a typical Wednesdayite attitude I have been a Concessionary ST holder now for a considerable time, and have been grateful for early bird prices but I consider this a splendid idea.
  19. Got to agree in part. 'Foreign' money is killing football, but don't put all the blame on Ibramovitch. The first, and greatest perpetrators of this were the owners of Man. United. The amount of foreign investment has skewed the whole of British football That, along with the amount of Broadcasting money, available mainly to the Premiership has caused such a swing that Agents working for footballers, mostly of foreign origin, has lead to the ridiculous 'Parachute' payments which are now affecting the Championship The whole of football was based on the idea that ANY club, large or small, could ultimately achieve First Division status. Even this was often pie-in-the-sky thinking, and it was often said that clubs such as Rotherham could not afford to be promoted. The Premiership is slowly but surely becoming a Closed Shop. with favoured clubs being shut in by the wages they can pay. This is further screwed by the FFP or its equivalent attempting to control it.by limiting spending The answer , I do not know. However, one way may be for any owner to be compelled to deposit sufficient funds in British banks to ensure that they meet all obligations
  20. L agree with al you say, Mustn;t, The two most important things are- to make sure the patient is breathing, then , whatever the condition, avoid the tendebcy to crowd around the oatient. Give them plenty of room.. Never try to restrain a perdon suffering an epileptic fit. Their limb and nuscle movements will be far motr aggressive and powerful than yours. It's dostressing tosee. buta fact of life .
  21. As an Epilepsy sufferer myself, though fortunately mine is nocturnal, please believe me that it is far from being pleasant or amusing to either watch or experience. One of the first thoughts of bystanders is 'Oh He's only drunk'. Far from it. He will be having difficulty breathing, with the possibility of swallowing his tongue. It can happen any time. In fact, people nearby are often more aware of the onset than the sufferer. The initial treatment is primarily to ensure that airways are clear and to remove any blockage, put patient in recovery position and ALERT MEDICAL CARE Pleasedo not attempt to restrain any movement of limbs I know this may seem far away from the subject of stopping a game, but believe me that an Epileptic seizure can be very serious. and is far more common than people think. Believe me, I know and have experienced both sides of the coin.
  22. Some great names from my early days. Of the ones who've scored more than once, the only one I fail to remember is David Rushbury Shiner, Finney, Sewell, Froggatt and Fantham were boyhood and youth heroes
  23. Sorry to all of you who pulled me up on my typo error! I first went to Hillsborough in NINETEEN FOURTY SEVEN. I would have loved to have been earlier, but unfortunately this was not so. This however is one of the troubles of getting older. Your brain often tells you that you're in your Forties, while your hands, and knees insist on failing to obey your brain. and tell you that you should behave as an 80*. I only wish that I could go to every game, and I assure you that, in my experience, Wednesday have many 'plastic' fans, many of whom even attend matches.
  24. Sorry, DoesJackHunt, but there are a great number of true Wednesday fans who cannot actually attend the games. I first started watching Wednesday in 1847.and it is only the last 2 seasons that I have been unable , physically, to attend matches. I still wish to hear or better see every minute of every Wednesday game. Incidentally. I have never lived any closer to S6 than 15 miles, and have literally traveled thousands of milrs in support of my beloved Wednesday, so please, Sir, do NOT ever claim I am not a fan.
  25. Banna is a wonder for us, no doubt about that. A plater who loves to be involved in the full 90+ minutes of all games. he is without doubt our 'wunderkid'. and obviosly our Talisman. Unfortunately, he , like all stars, is not perfect, and though they may be overlooked, thry shouldnot be forgotten. His cornes and may of his set pieces are woeful, and his shooting could be much improved. Would we change him\/ Well, yes and no. Finding someone with his talents, dedication to the cause ,etc. would be difficult if not impossible outside the Premiership ,and without paying millions. I do honestly think that Bannan's form, and improvement is due in no small part, to the improvement in form of Johnson, Lungo and others, which allows him to play a higher line of midfield, much to his and our benefits Wkilst much appreciating his talents, we should not become oblivious to his faults. And please, no more corner or penalty kicks.We have others more profficient at these.
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