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  1. Well summed up, Ethel. a lot of Football Fans, not just our own, forget that the only place to gain experience is on the field- on match days. Even the 'stars' were once callow youngsters.. Modern football has made it far too easy to go and pick your own ready-made player from abroad etc. Youngsters need coaching and easing into the first team . But i must admit I am not a fan of loanees. We don't seem to have had the best of luck with our players. I would much sooner keep them on the bench and give them shot spells in the side. Get the lads integrated with the First Team asap.
  2. So we're saying we have 4 prospects.Surely the ideal would be to try all four, but do it gradually. Start Hunt, who seems the most forward and give him a short while to settle (a couple of games) He can always be substituted , Then try with the second, and likewise the third. Don't forget we are now allowed 5 subs under the current situation. Make use of it. As my old man used to say, 'If he's good enough, he's old enough' And look at some of the young talent around in the game today, even at Premiership and even International level.' Another of Dad's sayings' If owt beats a good old 'un, its a good young 'un'
  3. Typical Owlstalk. Go to a thread about the EFL hearing, hoping for some good news that Wednesday have won their case against the EFL, and whar do i find? Pages of so-called Wednesdayites belittling each other.! Its typical of the modern age. If you're not doing things MY way, you're cretinous, gaga, Fascist, Nazi or whatever. Have any of the belittlers from op and elsewhere ever considered that the majority of the Southers are ex Kop, or , like myself ex-Leppings Lane, who have matured (grown old) Just remember - THAT MAY BE YOU IN 10 YEARS TIME. There is still much passion among Southers - I myself have supported the Owls for seventy three years, but go into the Soutg for a number of reasons, of which my health is one, but another is that I don't believe in a lot of the foul language, and yes-noise- that you get on the Kop. I can and do make my presence felt, but in a different way. And when I go to a football match, I watch BOTH sides, and I can appreciate good football from BOTH sides., so please , for once , keep your gobs shut!
  4. Does anyone know when the transfer deadlines are fixed for the end of the 19/20 season? And don't forget - the usual time for resigning contracts has most certainly been altered. By now, the season would be ended. The idea to me of the extension to contract is to take the players up to the end of their contract, where their contracts would be reviewed anyway Forgive me, but are the clubs/players to be allowed to change clubs mid-season.
  5. Why all this eulogising over past managers? The only concerns we should have are about the current manager and/or the future managers.
  6. Surely, any points deduction would have to be suspended pending appeal? And look on the black side - the club apparently pushing most for judgement and punishment is our 'friendly neighbour', Barnsley. Were iit to be a harsh 12 points that would leave us immediately ABOVE hem on goal difference. What an end to season
  7. This is the problem with VAR and action replays.. The real question should be 'Did it look like a penalty to the Referee' The use of constant re-runs, slow motion, etc. only complicate things and should be banned.
  8. As someone who has always liked a pint or two, I can never understand whyit seems a foregone conclusion that it is necessary to 'get tanked up' in order to watch football! Frankly, I could never equate the two. much preferring to savour my enjoyment of both separately, mixing the two only in conversations after the game.. It now seems that everyone has to have several pints both before , after, or even during the game..
  9. So, let's do it the German way! Who's the first FAN to step up and put their money where their mouth is? I didn't notice many fans stepping forward with cash to provide us with a new pitch., let alone help buy a new winger/centre forward. though i did notice many wanting to REDUCE the money the club has by paying LESS to watch their football. Don't forget we are playing our football in and against English (with the exception of Cardiff and Swansea) clubs I was always taught that, in business, power comes alongside responsibility . You cannot have one without the other. Any club Owner worth his salt, will listen to nay group who claims to speak for the fans, BUT the final responsibility is to his Shareholders (in this case himself) The fans, unless they have some financial say are simply watchers and by financial say I don't mean a ST. This is simply a payment for the 'entartainment' provided.
  10. HISTORY! My old Grandmother once told me some 75+ years ago that, should we wish to delete one word to improve our lives, it was one of the shortest - the word IF! The main fault with most Wednesdayites is that they consistently look BACKWARDS .The purchase of Shearer in Francis's time would nit help us one iota .
  11. We fans may complain about match prices. We are also quite sure we want a successful team, but we are obviously not prepared to pay thehigh prices which will be required to maintain an excellent team.. We are in the crap with the club income as it is. Yet we want a better class of player, and also a cheaper entrance fee. We have got to make upnour mings, gentlemen.
  12. Sorry Handsworth, but we all tend to forget that we have a Pandemic that is STILL KILLING around 400 people A DAY. There may be preponderance of +71 's but what percentage of the Fan Base is in that age group? Our club does not consist simply of fit, middle-aged or younger people And one thing to bear in mind is that this virus does not stop, knock on your door and ask your age etc before deciding that it is going to strike, or whether they be Owls, Blades or what. I am as fed up as the next with being in lock-down, but I want to live to see it through, and i don't want to be responsible.# if missing several months of watching Owls allows me to do that it is a SMALL price to pay
  13. And also the HIGHEsT PAID 'star' of the BBC. Don't care to think what the other 'muppets' who accompany him get. Incidentally, as a life-long Wednesday fan, and I mean one who goes, although it is becoming more of a struggle each week, TWO things have become apparent to me during 'isolation' -How much I appreciate the constant stream of football and its repprters, and how little it is taking to cope without football. I have certainly become an expert on snooker, and have realised how exciting some of the cricket has been Two things have been proved to my satisfaction - it was certainly NOT 'Botham's Ashes! More Willis' Ashes, another is the superb supporting role played by Ben Stokes' partner. Football -what's that?
  14. Try playing ANY football game without Refor Linos.
  15. Don't blame Chansiri alone for the Wednesday way of buying/loaning players then not playing them. This has been ofing on since well before DC's time. my failing mind reminds me that Brian Laws was especially guilty of this. My own opinion , for what its worth, is that if you loan a player, the first thing you do is bench with substitute introduction at the very least.
  16. Knew many chaps who could down 10-12 pints on Sun Night, then go in at 6am Mon and do a full shift underground. Also many in the Steel and iron works, similar. Can't recall many suffering Can't recall many 'Mental Breakdowns ' either. Trouble with a lot of Footballers of today is that they are 'modern' Theydon't simply stick toale, but start mixing cocktails and shorts , and like many of today's fans, have to go OTT . This, together with an excess of cash, and an inveterate desire to show off doesnt help.
  17. In the South Stand, the last row before the wide , horizontal walk way is row Z. This Row is 2xhalf steps down rom the entrance level from the concourse, from which there are, I believe, 10 steps down to the concourse. If you then want to go down the two flights of steps to the level of the turnstiles, , it is, iI believe, a frther drop of 18 =10 steps.
  18. It is obvious that there is discontent in the 'camp', but we all seem to be putting this into 3 distinct parts The Chairman, the Manager and the Players.! It seems to be taken for grant that the 'camp' or more strictly the playing staff, are almost always seen as one unit. If this is so, its completely different to any group of men I have worked with, for or over. If things go wrong, the easiest thing is to move or sack the Manager. I was working at one pit, years ago, when they went through almost as many Managers as Wednesday. After a change of manager, I was talking to a group of men who asked me what the new man was like. 'We'll soon knock him into shape, or get him sacked.' they said openly. This was the tactic of a certain bunch, some of the top men, but by all means not all. Is our dressing room a little like that , where some of the established players think they know best and the others must fall into line? Cliques for in all walks of life, but especially in closed environments like dressing rooms We cured our problem by biting the bullet, and out facing the troubled. maybe there are cliques in the dressing room.?
  19. Welcoe. Something I very rarely say to Press of any description A word to our fellow readers on OT. Don't expect these chaps to know, or be able to know, everything. There are lots of things in any business that are on a need to know basis. NOT because they are furtive or corrupt, but often for purely business reasons.. And occasionally the word is ' can't say' not because they won't but because they don't know. Good Luck, Guys, you've taken on a soul-destroying job.Can't win with management, can't satisfy the supporters.
  20. Not totally. He would oftenstroll around the field as though he owned it, which he often did, but left a lot to be covered by him team mates
  21. Barnsley was HE-=- They refused to sell the SHE1- HD was I believe Dewsbury, HL ,Leeds, may pf laces inbthe WestvRiding started with H.
  22. In their grey and red livery, they were famous not only oin England but could often be seen abroad throughout Europe, when European holidays were a 'luxury' to the working man. Their livery was grey & red. They did however have ONE coach which was painted BLUE and grey. and was used, and signed as the Sheffield Wednesday Football Club coach. I was standing outside the Bury ground chatting with some Bury supporters, when the coach pulled into Gigg Lane.The Bury supporters we were chatting to (happy days) were commenting that it was named on the rear 'Sheffield United Tours', when the coach door opened and one of the first people to descend was Derek Dooley! In fact, many of the Main branch of the Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Club travelled in convoy on the 'Sooty Buses' as they were named.. They also used to frequently win the title of European Bus of the Year.
  23. What we need is a well-heeled leader(s) maybe a consortium, who will look on SW as a business deal, whereby they can appoint someone to run the football side of things. The appointed someone will need to be football-wise, have a reputation as a winner worldwide, able to attract excellent footballers and weld them into a team.. They then need to sit back in their air-conditioned apartments in whatever country they may choose as their tax-haven, and slowly but surely watch the profits roll in. I have no call against anyone making money out of Wednesday's success.Profit is not a dirty word, it is simply the reward of success.
  24. Hope not.let him stick to Geordieland. We've enoughof his type around here.
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