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  1. It was that that spoilt it never seen so many stoppages for a clash of heads. Game never got going
  2. Awful game of football too stop start because of the injuries so never really got going never allowed to flow. I mean 12 minutes of added time. If it wasnt for the ref who had a good game it couldve been worse
  3. Nothing comes of it because there's a shortage of refs. Kids either aren't bothering to do the training course or ones that are are leaving before finishing due to threats of and actual physical and verbal abuse from players and parents and local F As doing bugger all to try and stop it.
  4. THat ref would've booked Forestieri for running in threatening manner
  5. You could see that Dawson was trying to attract the attention of the Lino who was completely ignoring him. Then when to goal was given he continued to ignore him.
  6. How wasn't Tomlin sent off for smacking Borner on the side of the head? Officials misssed that one as well
  7. How did Tomlin not see red when he hit Borner albeit softly on the side of his head. Red all day long
  8. From twitter Hillsborough traders and residents are furious about proposals to shut off swathes of roads on SWFC match days. Cabinet member for transport @Bob_of_Hills - also a ward councillor - says he will not sign off the plans if residents are unhappy. Story to follow
  9. From what I've read on here the bloke who's idea this is is a blunt. Maybe time for a public meeting focusing on why the changes are being made and is there a conflict of interest re Mr blunt. Also as already said in a lot of matches the away attendance is one man and his dog so it could be argued this is overkill and affecting more people's lives than is acceptable for the problem posed and should be decided on a match to match basis
  10. Pearson didn't do Saturday's match because he was in Portugal playing in a walking football competition. From what I saw on twitter they did alright might have even won.
  11. Interesting to hear Hutchinson say how difficult it can be for players to get used to new managers and a new style of playing.
  12. I'm subscribed to sky but not sky sports so cannot watch tonight. As they say the devils in the detail
  13. I have the sky sports mobile tv app and it's not on there. I've just downloaded the sky sports app and to watch it using that you have to subscribe to sky sports
  14. Red button is not available on the sky sports app. Not sure about the sky go app but got to say I doubt it Just tried the Sky go app. Says you have to have a sky sports subscription to view which sort of defeats the object
  15. He's Borners interpreter as well.
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