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  1. darra

    Forestieri Red Card

    That's the video is saw. He was standing just off the pitch celebrating with the fans. Then a fan runs up behind him from the stand on the left it looked like and grabs hold of him. Stewards grab the fan and drag him away. He holds his hand out and Forestieri high fives him turns around and gets booked
  2. darra

    Forestieri Red Card

    Difficult to see exactly but it looks like he's stood celebrating just off the pitch the fan who had run on grabs hold of him and Forestieri again difficult to see but appears to push him off at which point the steward grabs the fan. Stupid Yellow
  3. darra

    Foul on Forestieri

    The tackle was done to either maim Fessi or at least get a reaction out of him. Thank goodness neither happened. But to compare that as a yellow alongside celebrating a winner in a local derby is at best ridiculous
  4. darra

    Forestieri Red Card

    Rotherham player couldn't believe his luck there. He knew it was a bad tackle by the way he walked away like nothing had happened.
  5. darra

    Forestieri Red Card

    lowest ever high 5 as well. Could be argued that by high/low fiving the fan he calmed the situation down.
  6. darra

    Forestieri Red Card

    Where did he go in the crowd?
  7. darra

    Forestieri Red Card

    Same I assumed he's jumped into the crowd or something. Its about time the FA got their act together and allowed yellow cards to be appealed
  8. darra

    Forestieri Red Card

    Not read the whole thread but it sounds like the ref had a mare. Fessi is kicked from pillar to post and by everybody who saw it says Ihewekie should've seen red for his tackle on Fessie. Then Fessi gets sent off for an excessive celebration WTF.
  9. darra

    Streams for tomorrow

    Is freeflixhq any good for this? It has iptv channels
  10. darra

    Gi new lads a run.

    Not playing is all part of his cunning plan. If they aren't all that but he still plays them we can't say it's because we have to play them as part of the loan deal.
  11. darra

    Middlewood Road

    Chansiri is still looking for a place big enough to build the new stadium and training complex before he does anything.
  12. darra

    Middlewood Road

    Think I'm right in saying that Man cities academy play and train in their own 18k seater state of the art stadium.
  13. darra

    Good Grief?

    Saw a clip the other day of a match, presumably one of the teams was Nantes. The ref stopped the match for a minutes applause for Salas. Hope this isn't the start of football going down the American route of stopping the game to pay tribute to a player. Iirc when Wayne Gretzky retired the game was stopped for around 30 minutes to pay tribute to him.
  14. darra


    Love Joao's celebration. What's the problem lads that how you do it don't know what you lot have been fannying about at all afternoon.
  15. Not certain that we'll see Onamah back.