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  1. Down to statistics? Police would have to show that it's a problem in how many % of games in a season which would be less than 1% I'm guessing. They will have to show it's a recurring problem. Could be that we are required to take measures for certain games eg United which we have done in the past.
  2. Leeds 3 up against 10 man Cardiff drew 3 - 3
  3. I agree but how would you feel if you walked out for the second half and saw the majority of your fans had buggered off. If they can't be arsed you'd be thinking why should we.
  4. Tried VIPbox last week a stream from a friend and my virus killer went mental. Mainly phishing sites
  5. Problem with referee's and recruitment is the knob head parents of young kids who think they've got the next Messi in the family. It was on the local news a while ago about a 14-year-old lad who'd packed up refereeing due to the abuse and threats of violence from parents. Local FA, although told about it on several occasions, lived up to their name and did FA.
  6. He'll probably send us a tweet from Italy soon to tell us how long he'll be out for and to wish us a happy Christmas.
  7. Saw something last year in here about their accounts iirc the average gate price was around £7. Adults paying kids prices will kill you in the end.
  8. Just watched highlights on Quest. Not a penalty according to them as well
  9. Sky's verdict Ist half we should've had a penalty 2nd half they shouldn't
  10. TBF to him Fletcher got his head to a cross in the 1st half which if he'd left Rhodes was unmarked 6 yards out
  11. We're assumiong that Murphy wants to be here. He was sent as part of the Bruce compo wasn't he? They were never going to send us a superstar or even close
  12. Ref cost us Sky said we should have a penalty first half and theirs wasn't. He gave us very little all game. For the first 40 minutes or so of the first half we'd committed one foul for which Reach got the yellow. What about the elbow Fletcher got in the head wasn't even a yellow?
  13. Stood on the kop behind the goal just behind the 1st gangway where I always stood for games until 1992.
  14. JP said in commentary that all the ball persons were girls today.
  15. Rhodes is on £21k a week then bit less than some figures rumoured on here then
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