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  1. Nobody got sent off Nobody got their todger pulled once never mind twice We got a point from a side who don't concede that many The end.
  2. Problem is we now have 5 first team players injured plus 2 suspended so we have to play what we have
  3. Bit controversial but maybe Monk knew what he was talking about when he said we needed reliable players?
  4. Watched them a few times and occasionally they show a spark of how they played last season but it looks like teams have sussed them out
  5. Going to need a bigger honours board. Maybe they could utilise that 70's boardroom table?
  6. Brian the blade at a guess.
  7. Maybe but as is the way you'll get players in grass roots football including kids grabbing each others tackle for a laugh.
  8. If hed done it once he might have got away with saying it was bit of a laugh doing it twice means he was a) trying to get a reaction out of Paterson b) trying to get Patersons phone number or c) coming out in the most public way possible
  9. He's doing that because he knows his player is in deep do do. If the FA don't act what sort of message for that send out?
  10. One way of looking at it is he's spent £135 million(?) on players. If they get relegated they'll get £95 million in parachute payments so a shortfall of £40 million. Like all teams they have no revenue coming so it must be costing Poundland a fair bit to keep them going. Should they go down as others have said how many if the new buys will want to stay or if they do be up for the fight? Could be a very important season this going down could make our situation look like a walk in the park especially if the rumours are right that he's borrowed against tv money.
  11. Just received an email about a petition I signed. Gemma and Maya Tutton shared an update on Make Public Sexual Harassment a Criminal Offence in the UK Check it out and leave a comment: Petition Update Harassment is a #CrimeNotCompliment @OurStreetsNow @PlanUK Today, we launch a crucial new phase of the campaign, our official partnership with global children's charity Plan International UK calling on Parliament to make harassment a #CrimeNotCompliment. The current law is not fit for purpose. We need all forms of public sexual harassment to be made illegal
  12. It's assaulting a player so a red card
  13. Would look a bit weird tbh Bread Butter Strawberry jam Verbal assault Ham Cheese Sexual assault Biscuits Coffee
  14. More of a stroke than a grab did it twice which makes it weirder than it already is.
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