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  1. The English game is built on pace Players from this country have been told all their careers to get the ball moving with pace. Our managers and coaches have been bought up to play the game slowly and to build up the position slowly. Is this the problem we have now players being told to do something they aren't comfortable with. Fair enough if its a player in their 20's but with an ageing squad? As they say you can't teach an old dog news tricks
  2. You might have a point. I watched Man City the other day and they were passing it about in midfield and backwards, forwards, sideways, continental type football played by footballers who have been coached in it all their lives. As for us we are a team of players mostly coached the English way. So being asked to play an unnatural game. We have foreign coaches coaching players to play a waiting game when theyre used to a high tempo game for the most part. Just a theory. Disuss
  3. My Dad just said

    Watched tonight. My point was is that we are as likely to get into the play offs as we are relegated. We are by no means safe from getting dragged into a fight we don't want.
  4. My Dad just said

    10 points off the play offs 11 off relegation
  5. Mass exodus

    Anybody got any Black balloons ?
  6. You watched a fair bit of Terry Griffiths then
  7. you could be on to something there. Many of the great managers all said that football in essence is a simple game. Get it up their end of the pitch and put it in the onion bag.
  8. I this part of the problem? We have coaches who don't really understand the English game?
  9. Said earlier on FB that Bullen doesn't seem to do much during matches these days. Last season he always seemed to be stood next to Carlos. Saw him just in the dug out today looking fed up.
  10. Can't agree. When they scored their first we had a back two in a defensive line. The rest were scattered about midfield. They took advantage of the space where the 3rd defender should've been. That's the sort of thing you sort out in training
  11. It goes unnoticed

    Would only disagree with you on one point. He was only with us to try and get his place back in the Republic of Ireland side. He pretty much admitted that when he joined us. as soon as that was a no go so was he.
  12. How many times do we concede a goal to a player who is in so much space.
  13. Can't disagree with any of that. Needs to happen soon so the new manager can try and sort things in the January window