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  1. You mean Sky plan for weeks and weeks then give the PL the fixture dates for the top 6 derby matches and for when they play each other.
  2. Full name Wilfred Samuel Smith Date of birth 3 September 1946 (age 72) Place of birth Neumünster, Germany
  3. Not true I'm afraid. Full name Wilfred Samuel Smith Date of birth 3 September 1946 (age 72) Place of birth Neumünster, Germany
  4. Same here re Marvel he's almost encyclopedic
  5. Surely Forestieris defence will be that an English court of law given the evidence could not definitively establish without doubt that a racist comment was used and therefore found our client not guilty. Therefore we put it to you that the charges should be dropped due to no further evidence being forthcoming
  6. I always thought that if an incident wasn't included in the referees report that was the end of it or was it in fact mentioned?
  7. From BBC sport website re John Terry case. "Unlike in Terry's court case, the prosecution never had to prove intent, merely that certain words were used, so this verdict was no surprise. So it seems the FA are indeed above the law. Terry was found not guilty in a court in July and was charged by the FA in September so why this has taken so long is anybody's guess?
  8. Might give this one a go as it's only 18 miles from where I live. Was in Aus for last years match.
  9. A bit too close to Mansfield for my liking
  10. From what I've been told a fee plus add ons was agreed at the beginning of the loan. Norwich want to.pay less understandably,. Talks have been ongoing for weeks with our stance being pay what you agreed or close to it
  11. What probably did for Rhodes this season was the form of Pukki and as a result he never got a look in. As others have said when Rhodes did get game time he was decent. What Notwich have to decide is will Pukki do it next season and if not will Rhodes take his place? It's a gamble but for a Premiership side who have already made a decent investment in Rhodes not a huge one.
  12. Well if Madines worth 6 its a no brainer surely?
  13. Agree to certain extent in that some of teams that have gone into admin seem.to have prospered but to lose all that history
  14. I reckon after selling the ground Chansiri should rename Hillsborough the Riverside Stadium just to pee Gibson off a bit more
  15. One of Boro's problems is attendances. Unemployment is high added to that a large student population and money is tight. Why he built the Riverside is any bodies guess as like with Hillsborough its rarely full these days it often looks half empty. He must be haemorrhaging money.
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