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  1. Letter sent to FA

    The stats suggest that we matched them on the field as well as on paper except for one stat Home TeamSheff WedAway TeamAston Villa Possession Home49% Away51% Shots Home18 Away15 Shots on Target Home7 Away10 Corners Home7 Away6 Fouls Home16 Away1
  2. Letter sent to FA

    I remember that match I saw your lad play in. iirc 3 of his side were sent off, very dodgy decisions to say the least. IIRC one was because a player when a ball went out for a throw in for them the ref gave it the other way. Player said What, that's our ball? and was sent off for dissent. Ref blew for full time immediately went over to the opposition players had a laugh and a joke with them and walked off with his arm around one of their players shoulders.
  3. Letter sent to FA

    That may be so but how can one foul in 94 minutes of football not start alarm bells ringing ? You can bet if it had been a Premiership match SSN would have a discussion about it on a loop for the next week. It just defies logic simple as that
  4. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    No It's true look 61' Foul by Lewis Grabban (Aston Villa).

    I would love to see the referee assessors report for yesterday's match

    One thing is wrong in football is how refs respond to players of different teams and vice versa. Watching the rugby yesterday the ref is always referred to as sir by the players being and the players by their number. Then we have football. There was a cup replay a while back ago where it stuck out. Man Utd were playing some 2nd division side. Rooney commits a foul ref calls him over as usual Rooney ignores him so refs there shouting Wayne get here. Later other teams player commits a foul and does same. Ref could be heard shouting get here number 4. My long winded point is that things like this set a precedent in the game.

    They had 51% to our 49% possession. Both teams had 25 shots think they had 2 more on target than us. We had 7 corners they had 6. Then we come to fouls. Fairly evenly matched up till that point. Then again I read 3 articles pre match about Villa's injury crisis. Apparently we had no worries because Rhodes was returning after feeling ill.

    You'd almost think Swarbrick thought poo I haven't given them a foul yet. Better give em one now or its going to look dodgy. Then he forgot again

    You have a point and most of what you've posted is correct but a team only commiting one foul in 94 minutes of football just doesn't happen. As I said earlier ring paddy Power on Tuesday and see what odds they'll give you for either team to only commit 1foul in our replay. I seriously think that the FA or somebody should be looking at betting patterns if only for the fact that it's so unusual. It's like a bowler bowling several no balls in a row, unusual.

    Not sure bet Swarbrick has a tw@er account though
  11. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Thanks it all makes perfect sense now . Nothing to see here let's move on
  12. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Its the WTF to end all WTFs it will never be surpassed. The only way would be for a team to commit no fouls.That is how ridiculous it is.
  13. You like your footballs stats. See how many more professional football matches there's been in which one team has only committed one foul in the match. I'll save you the bother because you won't find one.
  14. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    That is crying out for the ghost music.
  15. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    That's because there hasn't been. No matter how you look at it it defies logic. It means that throughout the 94 minutes each tackle by a villa player except for one was perfectly timed. Which is illogical and impossible.