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  1. Maybe somebody could confirm this but I'm sure I heard a couple of years ago that NFL players either don't get paid or don't get all of their salaries if injured. Maybe it might be only true of some clubs? Maybe that's something football could look at especially with players like Abdi?
  2. I believe I did and the thread was called out of the blue.
  3. Because the"experts"don't look.outside the Premier League.
  4. Greatest things about being a Wednesday fan 1) standing on a packed kop 2) seeing Chris Waddle play for us 3) seeing John Sheridan play for us and score for us at the old Wembley 4) seeing David Hirst play for us 5) Apologies for not mentioning many of the other great players I've watched over the years 6) Seeing us win and lift a trophy at the old Wembley
  5. Which was vastly reduced on appeal to something like 20 and they were given something like 5 years to pay it. A friend of mine who has experience in sports finance said if you want somebody to fight your case he's one of the best and the EFL wouldn't have been happy to know we'd hired him. Either way if it is him he's managed to get 75% of the charges dropped so far.
  6. That's an article from a while ago. He's the one who represented us so i was told and as you can see he's the dogs.
  7. He's one of the best sports QCs around. https://www.blackstonechambers.com/barristers/nick-de-marco/ EMAIL PRINT FRIENDLY PDF SHORTLIST SHARE CONTACT CLERK “A good advocate with a particularly impressive football practice.” Legal 500, 2019 “Extremely good on sports-related litigation matters and has a thorough knowledge of the football regulatory provisions at all levels.” Chambers and Partners, 2019 “An outstanding practitioner and leading advocate with a widely held reputation at the Bar for being the foremost expert on football regulatory issues.” Chambers and Partners, 2019 “literally wrote the book on football law.” Legal 500, 2018 “He's excellent at cross-examination and he has real gravitas and presence” Chambers UK, 2017 “He is truly exceptional all round, knows the area inside-out, is good on the law and is good in court” Chambers UK, 2017 Year of call: 2001 Appointed to Silk: 2018 Degree: LLB (Lond), First Class, (Scholarship: Jules Thorn Scholar, Middle Temple) Nick is ranked as one of the leading barristers in Sports Law. He regularly acts for sports governing bodies, players, clubs, sponsors, broadcasters and agents. He is the ‘go to’ barrister in disputes in football in particular, whether commercial or regulatory. In addition to his busy sports practise, he is experienced in Commercial, Employment and Media law. Nick is recognised as one of the leading sports lawyers in the UK by all of the legal directories. Ranked as one of the top 3 Most Highly Regarded Sports Law Silks in the UK by Who’s Who Legal 2019. Nick is authorised to accept instructions directly from lay clients through the Direct Public Access scheme. Nick is a director of the British Association for Sport and the Law (BASL).
  8. Posted on here a while back that we could be a test case in all things ffp. £13 million allowed losses in today's game is ridiculous especially in the championship.
  9. Thank you for that. It seems that you have experience in such things
  10. I would've thought that an independant valuer valued the stadium not us and i've already said good luck to the EFL challenging the professional integrity and comptence of a qualified vauer
  11. So the EFL have had 75% of their case against Chansiri etal dismissed cant see that being the end of it. In the far East in business its all about "face" and Chansiri has had it questioned incorrectly. It wouldnt surprise me if he takes legal action against the EFL when this is over with. As for the remaining charge that is presumably about the sale of the ground and its entry into the accounts along with its valuation.If they're questioning the valuation presumably made by a quaified valuer I wish them luck with that and wish them luck in the resulting court case. It was presumably all signed off by the EFL when the accounts were published so again it was presumably their mistake? The mainly contentious thing that could be held against us is when the sale was registered. This could be a turning point for the EFL and could end badly for them time will tell.
  12. Presumably, it will mean that any points deduction if any will be reduced from the 35 points plus being talked about on social.media? The only thing it seems that is being looked into is FFP which is usually a 9 points (?) deduction. As others have said with what seems like a good knowledge of such things, it's difficult to dispute a valuation if its been made by an independent valuer with the relevant qualifications
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