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Community Answers

  1. It's been all over the radio about Sharp, Vierra, pitch invasions heard nothing about McBurnie
  2. Hopefully, if we have replacements for the players released they are solid signings. We've been in this situation before when we've had replacements lined up and they sign for somebody else.
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-10837943/Leeds-Burnley-threaten-legal-action-against-Premier-League-Everton.html Leeds and Burnley threaten legal action against the Premier League and Everton over serious financial rule breaches, with the Toffees having lost £371.8m in three years... before scraping clear of their rivals in the relegation dog-fight
  4. It does seem wrong that clubs with average attendances of 20k and the money and budget that goes with it because of ffp can only lose the same as clubs with half that attendance and budget.
  5. I'm guessing he would struggle with a lot of injuries playing in south America .
  6. It's all about using reasonable force and id argue that stamping on someone's chest not once but twice is not reasonable force. Once maybe but twice no
  7. Nothing from the FA about it yet then?
  8. Was he there honestly never noticed no idea who I did vote for either
  9. McBurnie has clear mitigation. His injury. He's being rushed by dozens of arseholes grabbing hold of him & his teammates. Reactive incident. A few year's ago our daughters ex boyfriend was standing with her in an bar in Lincoln having a drink. All of a sudden somebody lamped him one, totally unprovoked. So he reacted by hitting him back. Both were arrested and despite CCTV showing what had happened he was fined £80
  10. I'd been trying to vote but keep getting the list of EPL players.
  11. Wonder what he'll say to big Barry on E wing when he asks him what he's in for
  12. While passing sentence on Biggs, District Judge Grace Leong told the £55,000-a-year electrical engineer: Not what most people would think of as your usual football hooligan Judge Leong had been urged to pass a suspended sentence on Biggs, who claimed he and his girlfriend would not be able to keep up monthly mortgage repayments of over £1,000 if he was jailed. But the judge told Biggs: "Given the gravity of this offence, where thousands were present to witness it, there has to be an element of deterrence. Wonder if she'll wait for him?
  13. It's down to reasonable force and I'd argue that allegedly stamping on someone lying on the ground is not using reasonable force
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