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  1. darra

    Need your help.

    Pinned it
  2. darra

    Harry Redknapp

    Listening to the radio this morning and they reckon he'll make a fortune from public appearances so he wouldn't need us
  3. darra

    No money to sack him

    Was talking to somebody who works in football a while back who told me that what it costs to sack managers is a bit of a myth. I was told that these days a lot of managers contracts have a severance clause written into the contract which states how much they would get if sacked. Usually around 6 months salary.
  4. darra

    Alan Nixon

    Not sure he wanted a full time job. Can see him leaving the Ireland job in 2020 then calling it a day and retiring
  5. darra

    Alan Nixon

    So did we under Carlos in his 1st season.
  6. darra

    Alan Nixon

    Let's replace a failed manager who everybody complains is too defensive with a failed manager who Fulham fans complained was too defensive. What could possibly go wrong?
  7. darra

    Alan Nixon

    In Germany his win % was in the mid 40s. Last time I looked for us its around 37%. Which in the great scheme of things isn't bad.
  8. darra


    same here. Tried everything they suggested and more. Can watch videos of press contracts etc but not game highlights so every cloud and all that.
  9. darra


    Don't think I've got an ad blocker
  10. darra


    can't even get to the music bit before commentary. Click on Listen live and nothing happens
  11. anybody else having problems with listen live?
  12. darra

    Meadowhall Shop

    Entrance to the hole int road next t co-op.