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  1. August’s PlayStation Plus games are Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville (PS4), Tennis World Tour 2 (PS4) and Hunter’s Arena: Legends (PS5 version only). They’ll be available to download from August 3.
  2. Same here. The fights looked very choreographed.For me, it was trying too hard. Maybe they were hoping the amount of graphic violence would be splashed all over the press and media and it never happens. Think I watched the first three episodes and stopped.
  3. Well most managers reckon they are the good ones anyway and the good ones aren't cheap
  4. Depends on who's available if anybody. Strikers are always difficult to sign
  5. Or we could've signed another premier league young un on loan and find out that he wasn't as good as we thought.
  6. Been with plusnet for 21 years now. They might not be the cheapest (not by much though) but always had great customer service from them
  7. Thanks for clearing up about ex drivers
  8. Anybody else think that Horners first words to Verstappen were WTF do you think.you we're doing Max?
  9. Posted this a few weeks ago. Maybe Max forgot about driving like an F1 driver for a minute or two?
  10. But Max has and fairly recently
  11. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/sport/motorsports/completely-unintentional-is-ricciardos-verdict/ar-AAMm7kB?ocid=sf Another opinion They say that your peers are the best judge and in this case that is the other drivers. Other than connections of Red Bull there does not seem to have been any condemnation from the other drivers that Hamilton was totally at fault. The other drivers were in fact seen congratulating him on his win including Charles Leclerc who Hamilton had just pipped for the race win. They must all have seen replays of the incident during the lengthy suspension of the race to have formed an opinion. So far this season in the previous races one of the two has been much more aggressive than the other one and that one has not been Lewis Hamilton. The condemnation by Red Bull of the racist abuse aimed at Lewis Hamilton has something of a hollow ring taken in the context of the language used by Christian Horner in particular after the incident. I know feelings were running high but that is the time to carefully consider the words. To say that Hamilton is a "desperate" & "dirty driver" has no basis in fact given that Hamilton has driven 1000's of Qualifying & 1000's of Race Laps in his racing career and there have been no suggestions whatsoever that he would intentionally take another driver out of the race in the way that a couple of former World Champions would and did not hesitate to do.
  12. They should be playing the young uns like it looks like were going to be doing. Looks like, unless we make some signings the average age of our first 11 is going to be in the low 20s
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