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  1. That sounds a bit like 3rd party ownership to me.Probably wrong though as I don't 100% understand how that works
  2. Out of those how many played regularly or played at all which begs the question why sign them?
  3. we can blame the ref for not knowing the double jeopardy rule. By the letter of the law the red should be rescinded it wont of course.
  4. That's my point why bring him to the club?
  5. Why have we bought players like Emanualson, Vernacio, Players like Joao and Mathias who are bit players at best. Reading that Emanualson was one of the highest paid players at the club whether true or not is worrying. Have they been pushed on us by Doyen and if so why?
  6. I agree we need to bring a strong character in maybe a CEO with a proven track record to sort the club out from top to bottom
  7. iFollow

    It went from bad to worse. Finally managed to log in then after a while it logged me out saying I was accessing on multiple devices. I wasn't. After a while I tried again and was told my password was wrong and I was locked out. I requested another password which I eventualy got by this time I couldn't be bothered to log in again. Later I got an email from Ifollow asking me for more details. I didn't bother as last time I did they never replied. When I follow were announced as the new provider and looking at who they provided a service for in the US I thought great. Seems I was wrong.
  8. https://talksport.com/football/championship-201718-stadiums-power-ranking-every-clubs-ground-worst-best-170629244766?p=23 We are 5th the stain 11th
  9. Just a rumour...

    If true (probably isn't) my guess is the pundit is Prutton.. The other must be from over seas if they've driven 7 hours or from south coast.
  10. Just a rumour...

    A villa would be cheaper
  11. Just a rumour...

    Can I lock it for 2 minutes whilst I go for a pee Neil? Can't keep up otherwise
  12. Just a rumour...

    Owen Morrison as his number 2
  13. Just a rumour...

    Henfleet player manager nailed on. From reliable sources
  14. Just a rumour...

  15. Just a rumour...

    Did I neg you? Didn't mean to sorry if I can find it I'll remove it.