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  1. Was listening to the radio after the Baggies game and heard a report about our game. This was about 1am. The reporter mentioned our court case and said it was similar to Derbys. He also said in his opinion Deby would not get a points deduction
  2. A decent barrister is on a grand an hour and he's one of the best.
  3. Never understood why this isn't happening. I'm sure there's many an ex pro who would jump at the chance to be a referee. I'm sure that it happens in the US in MLB and NFL
  4. Wilder seems to be a bit quiet giving his opinions on dodgy VAR decisions today. Not seen any mentions yet.
  5. I heard from a friend who I trust to give sound information that there was a certain hierarchy at the club between some senior players and the young uns. One of the first things Monk did was put a stop to it.
  6. Listening to the radio last night and the reports of the matches played Derby was mentioned and the court case and possible points deduction. The reporter said in their opinion they would not get any. No mention of the court case when talking about us
  7. I wish Hutchinson good luck but with his disciplinary and injury record can't see a lot of clubs looking to sign him. Time will tell I suppose
  8. Last night started logging in a 7 pm. Said my subscription had expired. After a few attempts managed to log in and access my account which said it expired on the 19th of August. Couldn't access the live feed so contacted ifollow using chat. Was told to clear the cache and cookies. Did that made no difference. Then was asked what browser I was using and they recommend firefox and chrome. Told them I've been using firefox for at least the last two seasons so couldn't see how that could be the problem Then was asked to use another browser. Managed to log in and listen using opera. Never did get an explanation why it said my subscription had expired on their preferred browser and not on the other. Ifollow really is poor at times
  9. Had awful problems logging in using the browser i've used for years kept telling me mu subscription had expired even though y account said it hadnt. Gave me the usual crap about clearing the cache and cookies. Finally logged in using Opera
  10. Saw something earlier that said they were taken over by a new buyer over 4 weeks ago. WTF?
  11. I got the usual clear your browser and cookies crap and use firefox or chrome. Told him that what I'd already done and was using and had been using for tyhe last two seasons. Hearing music now
  12. been trying to log in for about the last 10 minutes. keeps telling me to subscribe. Checked my account and it says Billed Date: 1-Jul-2019 Access Through: 19-Aug-2020 00:00 Been waiting for 5 minutes or so for somebody to sort it using chat
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