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  1. He was seen as an easy touch by some and some say badly advised.
  2. We're buying a new sofa next week. I'll have a sneaky look in the stock room to see if I can see him doing a stock take.
  3. Rumoured that during that game Monk was ranting and raving from the touchline at Hutchinson for playing too deep and was being ignored. This lead to a big bust up.
  4. The thing about Hutchinson is it's Hutchinson bingo every game these days. Take your pick from picking up an injury a yellow card a red card or all three. A great servant to the club and would be sad to see him go would be great to use him as a mentor to the young players but looks like it's not to be.
  5. If nothing else it shows that buying players isn't an exact science. Would he have had the career he did if we'd bought him?
  6. Maybe all parties involved will get time to read the verdict and either accept it or appeal it before it can be made public?
  7. Wouldn't the appeal be heard by the independent board of sports arbitration?
  8. This is the bloke who is supposedly representing us and Derby against the EFL. Hearing as well.that the QC involved in the case against the council and SYP re crowds leaving the ground is also involved. Looks like both clubs aren't messing about https://www.blackstonechambers.com/barristers/nick-de-marco/?fbclid=IwAR2UjS90In6AiMO3g0vL-h0kMlGGKMadMt_UW4A1zBP2yr90eAGrrxe5ZnM
  9. Wasn't a part time keeper from IIRC Millwall preferred over Westwood as the republic of Ireland keeper? Strange that
  10. Well he dunt seem to say much on the pitch during a game so why would he start off?
  11. Wouldn't be disappointed to see Nuhiu at centre half. He can hold on to the ball and has a decent pass in him.
  12. Same players not being played by two managers now. Republic of Ireland playing the iirc Millwall keeper who wasn't first choice for Millwall at the time in preference of the keeper who was looked at as being the best keeper in the Championship at the time.
  13. From listening to that it sounds to me what he's saying is. I'm telling the players what to do on the pitch but some are not listening.
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