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  1. according to soccer base. For the 18/19 season, Hutchinson has appeared for us in 25 games in all competitions. Compare that to Forestieri who has appeared in 14 games in all competitions. Again according to soccer base only 8 players have made more appearances in that time than Hutchinson.
  2. Great player but the problem is his availability. Just looked at the stats for the 18/19 season and he's played 14 games for us 13 in the league and 1 in the Caribao cup
  3. Was listening to an ex pro on the radio the other day saying that if you play under a negative manager then a more positive manager takes over it can take some players a while to adapt to the new style of play some longer than others. So maybe players like Boyd, Fox and Pelupessy are those type of players and are thriving now Bruce is in charge.
  4. Probably won't happen but as far as wages are concerned it has happened in the past where players have gone to their boyhood club for much reduced wages. Can't think that Cahill is short of a bob or two.
  5. And therein lirs the problem. Get players in at the end of preseason and it takes them half a dozen games to get up to speed.
  6. If we are to make big changes it needs to be done as soon as the window opens. Getting a lot of new players playing as a team can be hard enough without signing them with a couple of weeks left in the window or as we have done in the past a couple of days left.
  7. As it stands Rhodes will be a Norwich player next season.
  8. Agreed. Matias had a chance to cross to Nuihu who was unmarked in front of goal but he went for the worldie instead and hit the side netting
  9. His reaction makes me think he's worried. As I said earlier have they got the squad? Don't know about Egan but the only replacement they have for Sharp is 3 goals in 12 Madine?
  10. Blunts down to 10 Millwall pen Ben Marshall misses it
  11. Think he's got another year left on his contract. If we did sign him would he increase sales of season tickets ?
  12. Don't think he doesn't rate Winnall more that he's easing him back in after what couldve been a career-ending injury. Now that playoffs are unlikely he could start on Tuesday?
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