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  1. darra

    Sean Clare

    When Clares loan at Gillingham ended it was reported that they wamted to sign him and he was happy to stay. They can offer him regular first team football. No brainer really
  2. Isn't there some FA ruling that the back of shirts has to be a solid block of colour so that numbers and names can be seen clearly?
  3. Horrible club who have played the system twice re administration and won on every occasion
  4. So basically he's signed for Leicester lite who play to a standard similar to youth team football. He has to make his mark and start scoring there in which case he'll be moved to Leicester as soon as or he doesn't and gets shipped around various clubs to give him a game or two. Big money maybe but also maybe a big career gamble time will tell.
  5. Exactly as i said when it all kicked off. If you gave your boss 3 months notice and then said ive seen a training course that will make me do my job better at my next job and therefore benefit them. What do you think he would say?
  6. darra

    Another one going

    Top coach offered job by best team in the country and he snatches their hand off go figure
  7. darra

    Matt clark

    Alan nixon though
  8. Think everybody would agre but todays news has a stench of shafting swfc about it
  9. Think his dads place in the hearts of owls fans has taken a knock over the last year or so.
  10. Got history. First team to go into admin. Got away without any punishment 2nd time not so lucky.
  11. What if tbey had paid him what he wanted and that meant we were closer to FFP and had to hold back on transfer targets this close season would you still think that? Its all hypothetival of course. Ive never seen him play other than tbe televised cup game (Cambridge?) where its generally accepted he had a stinker. Many on here and other forums have seen him play regularly and the majority of them say there are 2 or 3 better players in tbe academy. Still i suppose his dad will get to neck some different ale.
  12. darra

    Henry Landsbury anyone??

    I agree. Get him and Winnall together to reform the dingle partnership
  13. darra

    Brum in for Bannan?

    Think in the case of Bannan and Forestieri it would be easier and quicker to post which teams aren't trying to sign them.
  14. darra


    I got that same e mail and was going to cancel but forgot about it until the 12th.