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  1. I agree. Just decided to start watching Bancroft to see if it's any good.
  2. Wreckfest is PS5. Played Battlefield V and not for me gave up after about 30 minutes. Stranded deep the same it's ok until night falls then it's waiting for the morning as far as I can see unless you can advance time which I don't think you can.
  3. He's improved but when you start at dreadful its not difficult is it?
  4. Still not sure that Buckell is H. There's more to Carmichael as well I reckon
  5. See Ramsdale is still managing to start his dive as the ball hits the back of the net.
  6. Might be the same one. They had the two brothers together in the same jail but separated them thinking it would stop them from running things. It hasn't or hadn't left time I read anything about them.
  7. A girl I used to work with went to school with 2 brothers who are currently serving life for murder. They are in a high security prison and are looked in as two of the most dangerous criminals currently serving time. On the outside hey were running a multi.million pound set up. They still are managing to run it in jail. So to think that Buckells wasn't getting info in and out of prison is far fetched it isn't. Neither is having a mobile. Laptop might be a stretch though. Remember at work visiting somebody in prison and him telling me it was probably easier to get some drugs inside than ou
  8. I agree I could get my ps plus cheaper sometimes more than a fiver cheaper than CDkeys but when you see where they're based starts alarm bells.
  9. Saw it on MOTD2, horrible. He's probably going to get a retrospective ban in the next couple of days. That could've ended up as a lot more serious career-ending injury.
  10. Be interesting to see if the pandemic affects transfers. Clubs have had little or no revenue for over a year so will money be tight?
  11. Just looked at the stats Swansea 63% possession but not one shot on goal.
  12. Use it to buy my PlayStation plus membership every year not had a problem with it. Not always the cheapest but as I say not had a problem with them.
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