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  1. Was thinking the same, not about the points deduction though. But seriously isn't that the 4th game postponed? Surely the EFL should be having a word and telling them if it happens again they might face sanctions. Played a large chunk of the game on Wednesday with 10 men. Now they get a nice little rest.
  2. 25% is too much as well imo. I always thought the margin of error with DRS was +/- 5% that might be for tennis though. I agree with yeadonowl if it's hitting it's out.
  3. Can't see anything about him being sacked but some about player unrest with him arguing with one player who was asked to speak to him in his office and the player Matt Ritchie calling him a coward and is now refusing to speak to him. Reports saying players have sided with Ritchie and have started a WhatsApp group mocking Bruce.
  4. On the radio this morning On the radio this morning
  5. Can't see a thread anywhere so I thought I'd start one. Sacked by Newcastle. 4 million pounds pay off.
  6. His confidence like others in the team is lower than a snake's belly. If things were different he'd be scoring them for fun.
  7. anybody got it up and running yet?
  8. https://www.mirror.co.uk/film/wizard-oz-munchkins-judy-garland-9782402 Buddy Ebsen (Jed Clampett) was cast to play the tin man but was allergic to the silver make up
  9. Lawrence of Arabia. One I'd always wanted to watch but never got around to it. Finally did as an in-flight movie.
  10. Coventry score despite not having a shot on target. They loaned United's leading scorer OG
  11. At the minute the West Ham fans think Moyes is the dog's ball sack. Why would he spoil it by signing the flapper?
  12. If we aren't in the premier league no. If we are in the premier league there could be a chance of them picking the new ground we've moved to.
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/mar/01/pascal-gauzere-admits-to-errors-in-englands-six-nations-loss-to-wales-rugby-union
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