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  1. Seems that Chrissie not had a talent for finding a rough diamond and polishing it. Give him the chance to find a polished diamond different story?
  2. Well these foreigners owners do tend to like a foreign manager
  3. Best of luck to him. The warm climate will probably be good for his dodgy knees. Read a report earlier about him going to Paphos and according to him he'd loved his time at S6 but felt it had gone stale and it was time to move on.
  4. Just logged in to ifollow. The only option is to watch the match live. No audio feed. Waiting for an agent to speak to me in chat. Waited 40 minutes last week before giving up.
  5. Logged in using the app on Tuesday and all I could get was the Rochdale commentary
  6. Had problems last Saturday subscribing so emailed them and got the corporate response about low staffing due to COVID we will deal with it as soon as. Tried to try describing again just before kick off and managed it but had the problems everybody else had listening. Got an email.on Thursday saying sorry you had problems but glad you sorted it. Sorry I know we're living on strange times but don't think having to wait nearly a week.for a response is acceptable.
  7. Don't know how they get away with it? That must be said half a dozen times a season at least usually about Sharp.
  8. Wonder if there's a must play clause in the loan agreement? Not sure what Rotherhams striker situation is like.
  9. Maybe maybe not but since he's left us he's averaging a goal every 700 minutes in very low league football.
  10. If what's been said is true we wanted to send him on loan to Toytown but because he refused to sign a contract he was frozen out. Then he was shipped off to the Belgian 2nd division where he played 22 times and scored 3 goals in fact since he left us in 2018 he's played 24 games for the 3 goals and ended up where we wanted him to. Well handled by his agent\ dad time will tell?
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