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  1. From OS Wednesday winger Kadeem Harris praised the work rate of his teammates, particularly full back Morgan Fox, following the Owls’ 1-0 win over Luton on Tuesday evening. “I think Foxy behind me was amazing, he was talking to me the whole game and got me going, so he was a great help for me today as well as the other nine on the pitch.”
  2. Bet the majority of them get up on a matchday think flip it do I really want all that grief for £15 and get back under the duvet. As I've said my solution would be a big 50" screen above each kiosk or on the back wall showing the ifollow feed so people could get food and drink and still watch the game. This would hopefully reduce queues at half time
  3. Just wish it would get sorted. Supposedly a 100 applications yet we still have a caretaker manager.
  4. It was a what if game . What if Westwood had got to that cross which he does 99 times out of a 100 and what if Reach hadn't hit the bar and scored. Bad day at the office we move on.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me if Forestieri went abroad to play. He's "damaged goods" in this country. He's seen as a diver and now whether he wins his appeal he will be seen as a racist.
  6. Whoever we get it's needs sorting as soon as. If Mr Chansiri has a fault regarding managers imo he hangs on to them for too long when things are going wrong and takes too long to.appoint new ones.
  7. While ever he's caretaker rumours as to who's interested will start and people will give opinions of who they want. Why not just give him the job?
  8. I think he needs a result against Luton to keep going. If Chansiri has a fault it's he takes too long to get rid of managers and to get new ones
  9. Said on the radio this morning that he hadn't been paid for 6 months and that was the main reason he left
  10. It's as I said before you have young kids earning minimum wage so might get £15/20 plus some abuse from punters. As you rightly said hardly a career. Where's the incentive to make it a regular job.
  11. Posted this a while ago. A few years ago there was a discussion on 5 live about football grounds and the general consensus was that one of their least football grounds to commentate from was Hillsborough. Difficult to get to and poor parking. As I said it was a few years ago so things may have improved.
  12. Haven't read the whole thread but has the question of why wasn't this bought up with the club at the end of last season so we could have made alterations if necessary to the problem areas? The timing of this means it will be difficult to do anything with out disrupting match days even more. Which again brings up the conspiracy rumours which I'm sure are probably untrue.
  13. I agree about your point that Cowley is like Wilder. Listening to him on local radio he's all about the team ethic and hard work. Said in here before. When they were having the cup run he was asked about the players being tired. His answer was along the lines of why should they be tired? They're playing football something they love to do and get well paid for. This around the time Carlos was telling us how our players were knackered and needed resting.
  14. I see what you,re saying but to say they've had a couple of good seasons is understating it a bit. They've had two brilliant seasons
  15. Sorry I'm a bit confused by this. Am I right in thinking that the stand will still be used but its how people exit the stand that's been changed?.Said last season that I'm surprised the safety of the stand hasn't been bought into question due to it being over 50 years old as a reason for cutting capacity
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