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  1. Not sure about Jos calling him Cammy on P&G. Bit too much like the dark side if you ask me.
  2. Danny Batth

    Tbh not sure how many times he's played this season but saw him interviewed on SSN on Saturday and he's their captain so maybe a bit better thought of there than some on here think
  3. Sean Clare future in doubt

    Top Post Scram. There was a discussion a few months ago on the radio about academies. General consensus is that they are money pits with something like less than 10 out of every 100 kids making the grade. Sure Scram will be able to give a more accurate figure. They are basically money pits and for a lot of clubs it's far easier to buy talent. Suppose Hirst is the prime example. Wednesday have ploughed what I would imagine is a lot of money into his development and now Man U are taking the opportunity to possibly cash in.. When it goes to tribunal we may just about break even.
  4. Sean Clare future in doubt

    Football was different in those days not full of proven overseas players for a start. Would an unproven Beckham be given a chance over a proven overseas player these days. He'd probably get half a dozen starts a season if he was lucky.
  5. Sean Clare future in doubt

    Sean Clare is wanted by Gillingham after a successful loan spell with them earlier in the season http://www.kentonline.co.uk/medway/sport/sean-clare-sheffield-wednesday-gillingham-157941/ Sean Clare says he’s gutted that his loan deal with the Gills has ended. The midfielder is returning to parent club Sheffield Wednesday as his current deal ends this weekend. Clare has become a key player for the Gills, making 26 appearances, starting every league game under current boss Steve Lovell. Sean Clare chasing the ball for Gillingham Picture: Ady Kerry Lovell had made Clare a priority signing during the January transfer window and may still be looking to agree a deal for the exciting 21-year-old. For now though, Clare is heading back to Hillsborough. Clare tweeted: “I would like to say a huge thank-you to everyone at Gillingham for my fantastic time on loan at the club. “Thanks to the gaffer for believing in me and helping my development as a player and a person and thanks to the chairman for his support. “Playing so many games has meant I’ve learnt so much and I am gutted to be leaving. “Thank-you to the fans for making me feel so welcome.” Clare joined at the end of August and his energetic performances from midfield, along with a spell playing right back, impressed fans and management alike. “He has been brilliant for us,” said Lovell. “Whether at right-back or in midfield. He wants to get better and win football games and that goes with what we want here.”
  6. Add to that if he does stay I'm guessing pre season wont be a beach party like this seasons.
  7. Today's match on TV

    It's the fact that he was ex that was worrying me
  8. Most dingles can get is 50 points so yes and their GD is worse than ours
  9. Today's match on TV

    You befriend a Bond supervillain and get him to hack into Sky's satellite . Then get him to broadcast our game instead of the scheduled one. Jobs a gud un. No need to thank me.
  10. Just got back

    Wildsmith seemed to have forgotten that you are allowed to catch the ball for the 1st 2 goals and not for the first time in matches sadly
  11. Made my mind up

    He's taken over a side that was grossly underprepared pre season,that was cut to the bone by injuries and tried to make them into a decent squad. Hiding to hell some might say
  12. Think is Jos has been given a squad of players who are at best 75% fit probably much less in some cases and he's having to manage them carefully. Read the other day that Fessi is unlikely to play 90 minutes again this season as he is being eased back.
  13. That's my thoughts. Sounds like pre season was like a lads weekend where you have a few kick abouts and it' went down hill from there
  14. Because over here he'd have to sit in A&E for hours before being seen
  15. Have you contacted Mr Chansiri? He has been very keen to promote the history of the club since taking over.