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  1. The stewards would have no powers outside the ground and if they found anyone vandalising cars and tried to stop them they'd be accused of assault by the little scrotes
  2. But it does otherwise where would you like it to stop? Let's say it extends to the arches? A distance of half a mile. Then the club would run the risk of any car that was damaged within that radius the owner would deem the club responsible.
  3. Problem is how to police it. Do you place a police officer every few yards and for how far up Herries road do you place them? Or do you have a police car driving up and down for a couple of hours or do you stop parking on Herries road?
  4. The clubs duty of care finishes outside the ground.
  5. darra

    Did you rate Boro?

    Bit like Pullis. Frustrating and boring
  6. darra

    That Referee

    Found it. Was Wimbledon will try and post the video later
  7. darra

    That Referee

    Been trying to find the clip without luck. Saw one the other day foul at least 2 yards inside the box ref got a perfect view about 10 yards away. Blows for the foul and gives it at the edge of the box no penalty.
  8. Can't see his problem. We've played a total of 16 minutes of added time in our last two games ffs. That's nearly half a half ffs.
  9. darra

    That Referee

    Situation is only going to get worse as the number of qualified refs reduces. Saw a tweet the other day from a local football association,somewhere in the south west iirc. It said that they had lost a load of young referees from the training programme due to threats of violence against them during and after matches. Threats were mainly coming from the parents of the players.
  10. darra

    Why do refs hate us?

    If he thinks it was 3 yards offside his mrs must've been disappointed when he told her how long he reckoned 6 inches was
  11. darra

    Why do refs hate us?

    Needs to be an independent time keeper
  12. darra

    Why do refs hate us?

    From BBC Live text 90+1 mins Post update Bristol City 1-2 Sheff Wed Hello! Just the seven minutes of added time. SEVEN. 90+9 mins Post update Bristol City 1-2 Sheff Wed Surely time is up... Still they play. The hosts have a free-kick on the halfway line...
  13. Not on app just checked the listings
  14. darra

    Is the transfer embargo back on?

    Offer him 5k a week with increases based on future appearances, goals scored international appearances. Then again heard on the radio that some premier league players get bonuses for assists completed passes. One Man City player gets 75k per assist. So who knows what they might come up with.