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  1. I'm not sure, there's something dislikeable about him In fact do any fans of any of the clubs he has managed hold him in any regard?
  2. Plymouth, who are top currently, finished last season 8 points above the relegation places and spent the early part (from recollection) in those places My point being that we are playing in a new environment with new teams to play and players are bound to need time to get to speed Last season I wanted Monk to be given more time (and I still believe we would have stayed up despite the turgid football) and I'm of the same mindset with Moore
  3. In the last version of the game, I got promoted with Wednesday, Callum Paterson was top goalscorer in the championship in promotion season, andre green and Kareem harris are a mainstay in the premier league and worth 15 million plus and cameron dawson just got called up to the england squad. Bannan also got in a strop cos I found some players to replace him and I flogged him to Dundee for 0 cos he annoyed me
  4. I, like many, can't stand Derby, Mel Morris or Rooney but football should be about bragging rights on the pitch not about how many points they might be deducted. Every few months we seem to have another club threatened with admin, points deductions or worse which simply did not happen 20 years ago with the frequency they happen now I hope Derby and their fans manage to find their way out of this
  5. I saw this pop up on my facebook feed thought it would be a good thing to share with the owlstalk extended family Can't imagine what the family is going through at this moment. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/september/3000-raised-so-far-for-jude-s-carers/
  6. I honestly can't remember where there hasn't been a large over reaction to 1 of our first handful of games It happens every single season for as long as I can remember regardless of where we finished or who is in charge Yesterday, especially that 1st half, we were as bad as any football team I've ever seen but we will play badly. We will play well. We will win games on the trot and lose games on the trot but 6 games is no indication of where we will finish
  7. Last game I managed was at yeovil with my spurs supporting mate who unfortunately can't make it today. That's how long it's been! Think we won 2-1 and were invited to the bristol city match by a couple of Owls
  8. Apparently so. That's the rumours anyway it could be entirely false but there are a fair amount of Devon owls (me inclusive) who couldn't get away tickets and for obvious reasons don't have season tickets so had no alternatives and it's very rare there's any matches down these parts
  9. You checked online mate? As far as I can see there are loads left but I don't know what processes they've implemented
  10. If the rumours if 3k plus being in the home end are accurate it could get a bit bothersome.
  11. Seems there will be plenty of owls fans about and I'm not sure Plymouth are too known for their kicking off I'm wondering if there will be certain blocks more full of owls than pilgrims
  12. Agreed. I'm still in the hope theyll release more if it's still the same by midweek. Possibly misguided hope
  13. Apologies if in the wrong area! So I struggled to purchase 3 away tickets for the upcoming match (live in Exeter so don't have season ticket) so am looking at buying tickets in the Plymouth area For other Wednesday fans who are doing the same thing which blocks are going to be a bit less hostile/owls friendly On a side note there's thousands of home tickets unsold!
  14. I live in Exeter, he is actually living up the road from me with 2 other players and the fans absolutely love Dawson. They full well know they're not going to be able to afford him but him after the loan, feeling the love getting confidence back and who knows getting in the ear of a few Exeter players (they have an excellent youth set up) is a good thing for him and maybe us in the future.
  15. Which block have you bought tickets in?
  16. I was a bit worried that may be where the lairy plymouth fans might be
  17. It's probably very unlikely but if anyone has 3 adult tickets going message me!
  18. Out of interest which stand have you booked as I was looking to go with a couple of pals from Exeter
  19. On the plymouth ticket site, section 20 has always been unavailable to buy for home fans so I wonder if this has always been the plan? Also on the Plymouth site there is absolutely loads of available tickets
  20. So did I. In fairness I think I woke the guy at the ticket office up.
  21. For those still waiting for tickets (non season ticket owners like me!) Just called ticket office...130 tickets left Anyone reckon there will be an increase in allocation? I live in Devon and was looking forward to this with some pals so any help would be appreciated
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