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  1. Centre back and new captain and a proper left back and that will do for me.
  2. Did I spot Massimo out there. Hope he's nearly ready.
  3. Playing out from the back and not having capable players isn't the only problem. It also drags all the 10 outfield players closer to their own goal or stretches them across a greater area which isolates them and makes the forwards jobs more difficult. For gods sake Darren, if you're reading, change it, boot it into the opposites half and then go hunting it like we used to do.
  4. Mmmmmm, to be honest with you, I was promoting Byers overs Wing so I'll quit whilst ahead.
  5. Well, TBH, you were spouting about how Wing would be our saviour the other week. Then, suddenly you leave him out of your squad without one iota (not Iorfa) of explanation, "methinks thou protesters too much".
  6. Brand new shiny left back for me, that's all we need playing wise. That and a magician in the treatment room as well. To be honest, i'd turn the fxxxing heating off in there and chuck the cards and crib boards in the bin. I noticed some time ago there's always at least 4 out injured, then I realised it's a crib school.
  7. Getting Bruce back would be akin to getting that divorced wife back who kept you hanging by a thread and eventually only married you for the big house and flashy car. She did the dirty on you and ran off with one of your business colleagues who had more cash to splash. She's available again as he's now binned her. And you'll take her back? He didn't want to be here in the first place,(remember the cricket), and couldn't wait to get away. We were only ever going to be a stepping stone, to be taken advantage of. I have absolutely no sympathy for the bloke at all, coming out crying because they call him cabbage head. He's a Judas who takes advantage and will quite happily play with fans emotions but cries like a little girl when the brown stuff starts flying. Have a bit of pride in your clubs lads.
  8. You're not wrong, reight player, we're very lucky to have him. Just wish he'd not showboat in dangerous places though, time and place and all that.
  9. And that's fine, it's the insults which are not necessary. I personally think he's doing a decent job so far. He's brought some decent players into the club. OK, we may not be running away with anything yet, but I fully expect that we'll be flying in the 2nd half of the season and all the doubters will change their minds. Having said that, I've been wrong so many times.
  10. I'm all for making sure you have someone better lined up prior to sacking a manager. Big Mick just isn't any better than DM, his mojo has gone. Plus DM needs a fair crack of the whip this season prior to bringing Carlos back at season end.
  11. Yes, you're naive. No, i'm not reading you wrong. The thread title insults a bloke who is doing his best for us. Personal insults like this lead on to suicides amongst some of us, not me I hasten to add, but some of us are susceptible to it. Saying the manager is falling short, not up to the job, we need to change him out, get a new bloke in, are part and parcel of the job, calling somebody a donkey really isn't. I really am surprised you can't see this, do you think things should stay as they are or should we start to try and change things a bit. I'm all for free speech by the way, I just think it needs tempering by a certain weight of responsibility on the people who are posting anonymously and the people who make excuses for them.
  12. I personally think it's time for social media to tone things down, especially so when we look at recent events. People being derogatory, insulting and disrespectful is encouraged and made worse by other peoples acceptance, approval or justification of what they post. Making excuses for garbage like that just puts you in the same bracket as them.
  13. Who said he was? My post wasn't about whether he was doing a decent job or not, it was about whether he deserved being insulted or not, which he doesn't. As I said, I'm sure he's trying his best.
  14. That wasn't the gist of my post, which was, if you need reminding, that there is absolutely no need to insult the man. Or maybe you think there is do you? Because he's not cutting the mustard so to speak, at this particular time, gives people carte blanche to call him derogatory names does it? Seriously interested in what you think by the way,.
  15. Whatever anyone thinks of the manager there's no need to be disrespectful to the bloke. I'm sure he's trying his best.
  16. Just for accuracy, the term is to shake a seven.
  17. No, is a self serving righteous tvvat who plays with peoples emotions and tells them what they want to hear whilst dipping into their wallets. We really should have taken heed from him wanting to watch the fxxxxxx cricket instead of taking up his post. That told us all we needed to hear. Why do we lower ourselves to even discuss this excuse of a human being, it'd be like taking your missus back after she's been hoiking herself around the neighbourhood, so let's do ourselves a favour and dispatch Bruces relationship with Sheffield Wednesday into the ether.
  18. Watch this space. It won't be long before he's getting £20 notes out, screwing them up, throwing them about and spouting gibberish.Remember where you heard it.
  19. 1) I'll eat my hat. 2) BPF returns to the team as soon as he's available because Wildsmith having a stormer will happen once every 5 years or so.
  20. As usual, I'll just be sticking to the field of play. I can quite easily satisfy my needs to raise my anxiety levels there. As for club finances? Whatever will be, will be.
  21. Not far from Stowmarket. Pretty near Sizewell. https://www.leistonfc.co.uk
  22. Blokes still smarting over not getting the job isn't he. I expect Biggs put him up to it. They aren't even the biggest club in East Anglia.
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