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  1. I'm a Moore fan, have been since he came, but the two errors of last night have cast doubt on his ability for me. 1) I thought he'd recognised the frailties on our left by playing James but fails to do anything about it when James is sent off. Both Cowley and McCann understand the problem we have, Moore not so much. We'll get rinsed down that side all day long, the secret isn't a secret anymore. 2) Taking Byers off was wrong. He got the wrong player and the wrong time to do it. Poor game and man management. That substitution should have happened at half time. Getting criticised goes with the job, it always has. If his feelings are hurt, well cry me a river, he made a mess of things last night, simples. As for anyone booing their team, have a word with yourselves. Totally unacceptable, hand on heart, I've never done that and never would. I think the pressure is on him and he can feel it. His lack of emotion after the Bakinson goal on Saturday worried me a little.
  2. I'd like to see us try a back 4 with Johnson playing further forward and Reece James playing behind him. Would stiffen our left side defensively and get Johnson into positions where he can get them dream crosses into Smith, can see it now.
  3. The deep fried pies, pizzas and mars bars aren't cheap though.
  4. I'd stay at Hillsborough to be honest. The one thing that makes me hesitate though is the flooding. I wouldn't want a flat pack stadium, there's so much history built into our old stadiums and it's sad to see so many have made way for the flat packs instead of upgrading what they have or had. Be so sad if we moved away, there's not just the clubs history involved here, it's personal, my own history is part and parcel of Hillsborough. Maybe unbolt it and move it to higher ground? I could live with that, lose it all together would be a sad day for me. Get them pigs beat when you play them btw.
  5. Talking about paranoia, I was out walking earlier this year and a woodpecker accused me of being paranoid in morse code.
  6. You're seriously not "in the know" about these things.
  7. What happened to Jordan Willis? Is he still at Sunderland or did he leave at the end of June.
  8. Not until he reached Rotherham and cast his eyes upon it.
  9. I was confused as I didn't realise they were playing an International, turns out it's a Womens game so in answer to the question, none of them would, they wouldn't get in our under 18's team.
  10. I reckon he's at the point where he needs another season long loan, getting game time, which he won't get at Hillsborough. I fully expect him to be loaned out if/when we get Bakinson or similar.
  11. The only reason Alex Hunt and Galvin can get anywhere near the first team is there's been or will be a shortfall in recruitment.
  12. Can these new lights be used to supplement the lack of sunshine down the south wing? Has that been considered at all? I haven't read the whole thread. That area certainly needs the UV in winter time, it really is crap when the wing goes bare and just seem to be playing on wet compacted mud.
  13. @YesWeCrann Said the launch was imminent nearly 2 weeks ago. Poor journo's survive on tidbits don't they. Why say that unless it was true and substantiated?
  14. I don't go for that tripe mate, I go on what I see. NML was lazy without the ball, it really is that simple. Don't get me wrong, he isn't the only one, but he's still guilty. Good riddance to him, that's what I think.
  15. On the basis I can't remember him putting a tackle in. Just one of them players who'll lose the ball and expect someone else to win it back and pass it to him again.
  16. Now this is what I can't get my head around. Does anyone think that making someone a winger absolves them of tracking back and doing a bit of work? Of course it doesn't. Gone are the days where you can say he's a winger ( because he's a lazy fool). NML showed that in the Semi, glad to be shut of the fool.
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