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  1. The Benfica fans I know are a figment of me imagination. I think I've got sunstroke. But they're not right thrilled anyroad
  2. Dear England, It has been an extremely difficult year. Everyone in this country has been directly affected by isolation and loss. But we have also seen countless examples of heroism and sacrifice. It’s given us all a new understanding of the fragility of life and what really matters. When you think of the grand scheme of things, perhaps football doesn’t seem so important. And what I want to speak about today is much bigger than football. As we go into this summer, I know that there will be a lot of emotion tied up in the Euros, and in this England team. I can’t possibly
  3. “Clearly Jordan’s not fit - I don’t think he should be involved… I’ve heard people say they want him around the place - for what? Does he do card tricks? Does he have a sing song? Does he do quizzes in the evenings?”
  4. Is White the kid that Nuhiu had on toast the other year?
  5. He'll go to a 3. He won't put Mings in there in a 2.
  6. See they've managed to get some of that rusty looking metal that's all the rage.
  7. I just can't help thinking he'll go with Sterling and Rashford. I've said this before and am probably boring. But I just think he will. I wouldn't. I wouldn't pick two sitting midfielders either. Probably why I'm not manager of the national team. Gung ho. My side-: Henderson Trippier Stones Maguire Shaw Rice Foden Mount Sancho Kane Grealish He waint put Grealish and Mount in the same side mind. I think he has a mental block. And like I said. I expect the old favo
  8. That's why I like Grealish his first thought is to get forward
  9. I hope I'm wrong mate. It's just a thought I cant shake. They all do it. All these England gaffers over the years. Have them players they keep faith in when it's not always justified.
  10. I think he'll go back to 3 at back. Like Grealish. Just got an unshakeable feeling he'll stick Sterling in though...
  11. Open Letter by Barbara Masters, Sheffield Councillor-: I can’t be the only one thoroughly irritated by the artists’ impressions accompanying so many of the development proposals in and around the city. The one for the scheme for the redevelopment of the Devonshire Green site once occupied by Rare and Racy is a case in point. The artists’ impression shows a striking building with a wide walkway to one side. Anyone familiar with the site would realise that the relationships between the building, its neighbours and the walkway are disproportionate
  12. Nah. Looks like a messy, cheap 3rd division shirt. Oh, hang on...
  13. Mebbe the best pound for pound best 17 seconds on film just because of the care and effort that went into it...before CGI changed the world forever. The model cars, the wire work. Bloody hell the wire work , the naturalistic angle he swoops up at. Theres a grace and a beauty to it. You don't get that with CGI. And the old painting on glass trick for the shot filmed between the two coppers heads ,and filming through it. Superb stuff. Weeks and weeks of work for this short, but perfect few seconds. 1978 FFS! And I've watched how they
  14. Aye. I suppose. Until they become to the next age what the 70s office blocks have become to this one. The one good thing about these new buildings is that they give you a real appreciation of some of the older stuff that gets hidden on their shadows. The Roebuck was just another boozer at one time werent it. But now it looks like a Jewell amongst the jungle of faceless new builds with its quaint double chimneys and Georgian windows. Most people think it's actually named after the animal. But it's actually named after John Roebuck MP. Sheffield indus
  15. All I seem to see when I drive about is amount of office space for lease signs. It must just not be the grade A stuff.
  16. Just gota hunch that Hutchinson has been signed with half an eye o him ending up on the staff
  17. Not really. It's been romanticized. It was a sh't hole. A gauntlet to be run. Thing is when it went in there'll will have been folks spotting the potential for it to be a haven for p'ss artists, tramps and yobs, and saying "I'm not sure about this" And they'll have been told to shut their traps and to "Stop holding us back! This is why were behind Leeds and Manchester. Holes in the roads are the future for the cool cats. Yadda, yadda, yadda"
  18. Neil does Morgan Freeman, doing Sean Connery.
  19. You do an impression (usually Scottish) Though the Del Geary...is sumat else.. And James has to guess if you are doing and impression of Brian Marwood doing an impression of someone or or if you're doing an impression of Mike Yarwood doing an impression of someone.
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