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  1. Ifollow is a disaster, it took 3 weeks to get a reply to an email, they put me on the wrong contract then says its cancelled but its not, seems no way of ending a contract- a complete rip off
  2. great that he's got his confidence back
  3. Different player since he come back to England after his loan
  4. Goals will start to come, creating chance and putting in the hard work
  5. Windass was twice as good as Harris, should be given an 8 for me
  6. great debut, not bad to say he has only been with us a few hours
  7. Playing well, could see a back three of Van Aken, Flint and Lofra
  8. Looking good but who will partner him , Windass or Marriott. I think it will be Marriot with Windass more on the wing or just behind from two
  9. what ever it was it worked. Now lets so it out for our next game
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