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  1. Still think we will get Hector and we need a good solid midfield player
  2. Very pleased for Rhodes, just needs the service. Still think we need Hector back in defence
  3. Holloway would be my choice, think the manager will be announced early this week
  4. Any one know when the embargo will be lifted. Knowing our luck it will be the last day of this transfer window. Of course we need a manager before this
  5. He has everything that we want and he wants to come to the Owls
  6. so, according to these posts- NO ONE will be suitable for manager- We must trust DC with this appointment
  7. Its just a question of when we are out of the embargo, he will sign then
  8. {People are writing off Bullen even before he starts, I hope he gets the chance
  9. https://www.sheffieldwednesday.news/news/lee-bullen-does-not-believe-lucas-joao-has-handed-in-a-transfer-request-at-sheffield-wednesday/ Would be good if he could stay, Bullen could get the best out of him Rather Winnall left if Joao Is happy at the Owls
  10. all the Players seem to respect Bullen, keep up the good work
  11. https://www.sheffieldwednesday.news/transfer-talk/report-suggests-sheffield-wednesday-wont-be-signing-10m-tottenham-midfielder-josh-onomah/ Pleased about this don't rate him at all
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