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  1. Difficult not knowing who is going to be fit. my guess Wildsmith Palmer, Shaw, Borner Joey/ Hutch Green, Bannan, Windass, Reach Marriott, Paterson
  2. Great to have him back, good that he can cover a number of positions. If Lees, Dunkley and Van Aken are still out then he could fit in at the back. Cover in middle in Luongo is unfit. He will be a squad player
  3. We cannot forget some of these players might have just recovered from Covid and it will have an impact on their performance
  4. Lacking match time, will get better glad to have him back
  5. Not bothered about the cup, league more important. Hope we have more fit for Wednesday night
  6. This is pathetic taking money for nothing
  7. no nor me but on Radio Sheffield
  8. anyone else having problems with commentary only
  9. Thought at least Palmer might be in back 4, we need a lot of luck tonight
  10. Hutch has signed until end of season according to Dom (Yorkshire Live)
  11. According to Dom he has signed until the end of the season. Good cover for Luongo and Joey and can also play CB
  12. He has not been injured since he has been in the treatment room
  13. come on DC make a decision, i know you want to make sure you get the right man but you did the same before confirming Monk and didn't get that right. Get Cook in before someone else does
  14. we need to keep Reach,, Bannan and Lees and add to our side
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