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  1. And don't forget we have had a lot of changes this summer. Team needs to gel, that is what friendlies are for
  2. We need more permanent players, we have lost all our defence in one go. BPF, Storey, Gibson, Dean and it takes time to rebuild. A few loans ok
  3. Not another thread, no one knows the situation
  4. We need two players per position, this young player would fit the bill but would be 4th choice after Gregory, Smith and hopefully Wilkes
  5. We could use the Joao money but I trust DC to pay the right amount what ever it is. Yes will be a good player for us but expect to see more signings on the 1 July
  6. Lets get this one over the line, might have some money coming in for Joao so could use this
  7. that is 5 signings and only been back 3 days, now who is next
  8. Great signing, so far no transfer fees but i wonder what we are paying them
  9. Not had two good forwards since Hirst and Bright
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