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  1. BFP Hunt, Lofra, Hutch, Palmer Denis, Bannan, Brown Berahino, Paterson, Shopido
  2. No, no and thrice no. Need two strikers also Paterson is far better than Kamberi
  3. they lost 2-0 to Charlton, no 1st team players in team
  4. would play 4-1-3-2 BPF Palmer, lofra, Hutch, Brown Denis Theo, Dele, Bannan Gregory, Berahino
  5. Been getting `8' for last few matches
  6. Gregory, Theo, Shopido But Windass instead of Shopido when fit Midfield is big concern as we are not creating, again
  7. BPF Palmer, Lofra, Hutch, Brown Luongo Theo, Denis, Bannan, Windass, Gregory
  8. Wing needs to starting taking the set plays, Bannan is awful
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