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  1. Monk has already said Lees needs a few more games, so providing everyone else if fit it should be Westwood Palmer Lofra Borner Fox Hutch Luongo Bannan Harris FF , Fletcher
  2. First we need to move out Rhodes, Winnall and Joey and send back Murphy although this will be difficult. So we then need a mobile striker and another winger, we should be ok in defence
  3. Don't think Westwood will be fit for this game and murphy should be left out of the squad Dawson Moses, Borner, Lorfa , Palmer Lee, Bannan, Hutch, Harris FF Fletcher
  4. Not impressed with him at all so far
  5. Luongo, Bannan, Hutch, Reach for me in midfield
  6. Very surprised that people are picking Murphy, don't think he has done anything to warrant a place Westwood Palmer. Lorfa, Borner. Fox Hutchinson Reach, Luongo, Bannan, Harris Fletcher
  7. Statistics website Whoscored had mixed player ratings after the performance, but they gave their star man award to 26-year-old Moses Odubajo for his overall performance in the game.
  8. You always need a game changer and Dave is our man
  9. Must give them the time and full support
  10. Westwood Lorfa, Lees, Borner, Fox Hutchinson Harris , Luongo, Bannan, FF Fletcher Subs Dawson Palmer Bates Reach Dave Rhodes Murphy
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