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  1. would b a great signing just what we need
  2. Trouble is we loose all our best players at the end of the season if we don't get promotion. We need a big CH early this week, the lack of height at the back is a big problem, far too many goals conceded from set pieces. With Dunkley and Lofra out long term we need to get one over the line quick otherwise we will get in more trouble if we don't win on Saturday. I am sure Darren knows this
  3. Yes i agree the back 3 doesn't work, but we have to take into account up until the recent CB signing we didn't have enough players. Going back to a 4 with the current players may see Hunt, Hutch , Storey, Palmer But we still need a big CH
  4. Need to get Brown, Wing, Sow. Berahino, Gibson and Shipedo, out first
  5. Good but we need a better defence, and players with some height. We are conceding too many from set pieces
  6. Now Denis out injured and may be out for sometime- Hamstring What next
  7. If we don't go up then we can say goodbye to Bannan, Luongo and Windass
  8. Bannan and Luongo played well, Windass a Great substitution, but then Brown came on. We need a CH and LB asap then revert back to a 4-3-3
  9. Typical paper talk, glad he is staying for rest of season, hope he proves himself
  10. would think at least an 18 month contract
  11. Think will we get him to sign an 18 month contract, says he and his family are happy here
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