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  1. Think Matias, Winnall and Joao will go, he has said we need to sell a few player. Hooper , not sure depends whether he can get game time in the last few matches Dave - could go but useful from the bench Fletcher - will be staying FF - will be staying Rhodes - will be staying, Bruce a fan and now we are getting crosses in I am sure Rhodes will score more- needs to play as a pair up front Think he will bring in one forward with pace
  2. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/more-injury-woe-for-sheffield-wednesday-midfielder-1-9655065 Don't think we will see him again
  3. Not long until the big clear out but have you changed your mind I would be offering Westwood, Palmer and perhaps Matias a chance to stay Sign or a year loan for Hector, Aaarons and Lazaar Still would be a big clear out but we still have the backbone of this squad. Need a new dominating Midfield player to at least challenge Hutchinson
  4. Not messing about at the back and now we are getting crosses in, even Rhodes would benefit
  5. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/03/17/steve-bruce-provides-update-on-sheffield-wednesday-injury-victim/
  6. Hope for him he plays again but don't think it will be for us
  7. Never going to happen, no money and don't need him
  8. Westwood Iofra Hector Lees Palmer Reach Hutchinson Bannan Aarons Fletcher Matias Winnall not quiet ready yet but would bring him on for Matias
  9. about time we beat Bolton, 1-0 to the Owls (Reach)
  10. Its great news for Liam, what a few months for him. On the scrap heap for lots of fans under Jos then Bruce comes in all everything changes- lets hope he stays fit
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