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  1. Must give them the time and full support
  2. Westwood Lorfa, Lees, Borner, Fox Hutchinson Harris , Luongo, Bannan, FF Fletcher Subs Dawson Palmer Bates Reach Dave Rhodes Murphy
  3. 8-0 away defeat to Middlesboro and then finding out all the coach windows had been smashed. Not a nice trip back
  4. Big Dave for me, shows we need two up front. Fletcher cannot do everything himself. Big changes on Tuesday
  5. does anyone else have commentary that keeps cutting out every 20 seconds?
  6. Westwood Moses, Lees, Borner, Palmer Hutch Harris, Bannan, Reach, FF Rhodes Subs Dawson Lorfa Luongo Lee Fletcher Murphy Bates
  7. Its amazing to think that he probably wouldn't be playing if Hector had signed
  8. all our signings look good, just to think we had Jones, Abdi and Boyd not too long ago . None of the these would have been challenging for a place in the team, we mow have riches beyond belief
  9. Two wingers, just what Rhodes needs. He will get game time either as sub or in a 442 if the new manager wants to go down that route
  10. Well done DC, looking like we have the players, just need to confirm who the manager will be
  11. Think we will land him in January for a lot less, only problem will be his fitness
  12. still time to move some onto the lower leagues
  13. Manager, Hector & central midfielder
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