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  1. Shetland Owl

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Played 65 mins
  2. Shetland Owl

    Efe ambrose

    will be good to have someone big and strong at the back with Lees and Hector in a back 3. Also he wont be cup tied , so could play against Chelsea if we get through
  3. Shetland Owl

    Fresh Blood

    Think DC will listen to Bruce on transfers, doesn't want another fans forum like the last one
  4. Shetland Owl

    No one coming in....

    So SA who said we would be in for fullbacks is wrong? and this mystery twitter is correct !!!! So who is telling porkies
  5. Shetland Owl


    Time to give him a full game against Luton
  6. Shetland Owl


    we haven't got the players who would make him tick
  7. Shetland Owl

    Agnew on recruitment

    Its not just the defence we need to look at, the midfield looks poor- no creativity, pace, height or aggression
  8. Shetland Owl

    If we sold every single player tonight

    FF is then only one who can create chances for himself and others
  9. Shetland Owl

    Jordan F'N Rhodes

    We need to change a lot of things before Rhodes would be any good back here, no creativity , no crosses into the box -just wouldn't work for him
  10. Shetland Owl

    If we sold every single player tonight

    didn't Turner try this and failed
  11. Shetland Owl

    Steve Agnew is the new Alan Irvine

    Hull was always going to be a hard game given the run they are on and the 6-0 win last week
  12. Shetland Owl


    Need a complete rethink and restructure in midfield
  13. Shetland Owl

    Absolutely nothing going forward today.

    we have been lacking creativity for ages. They had fast forwards ours too predictable
  14. Shetland Owl


    He scored again today with his first touch
  15. At least this shows the new management how many players are needed and others that need to go as soon as possible