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  1. Lees is the problem, should go back with Borner, Lofra in the middle, bring on Fox
  2. should be playing on the ground, no good putting high balls up front.
  3. Glad he has put the record straight, now lets get behind the team
  4. don't know what people want, they wanted Bannan and Lees dropped as well as Wickham, he has done that but still has limited replacements with the injuries. Lets give them a chance
  5. me Dawson Palmer, Lofra, Borner, Fox Hutchinson Da Cruz, Bannan, Lee, FF Wickham GM Dawson Lofra, Lees, Borner, Palmer Da Cruz, Bannan, Lee, Harris FF Wickham
  6. Joao is injured, hamstring I think
  7. He is worse than Dawson and would cost a fortune.
  8. Reach is injured along with Fox and Luongo, cannot do much with midfield other than put out what he has.
  9. Didn't he win player of year at Tranmere playing in midfield
  10. Don't think he said anything wrong just being realistic. If Westwood and Hutchinson are causing problems and disrupting dressing room (Not for first time ) then you want them are far away as possible, you could say we should have played Mc Gugan or Abdi just because we know they have the skill. well, no, Man management is making sure that everyone is playing fully committed and playing to full capacity, but you have to have replacements to come in if others not performing /off form and be able to trust them. Midfield, especially Joey & Bannan have been under the spotlight but due to injuries we have not be able to do anything about it. If Lee, Reach and perhaps Luongo are fit that will help but I am sure its highlighted to Monk that we need a fresh midfield that he will be able to rectify in the summer. For now we need to keep together, keep fighting, keep away from injuries and hope that the new lads fit in and get fit quickly.
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