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  1. Will still have a part to play this season, if it goes ahead
  2. The end of this season will be a joke, if it goes ahead. 10 players with the virus and players refusing to play just in case they get injured. Still not seen how the players out of contract at the end of June will fit into the plan either
  3. If they both go along with the others we will have a massive rebuild. Lets hope Monk can get some good players in
  4. Don't think Westwood / Hutchinson will be picked Dawson Palmer Lofra Borner Fox Reach Bannan Luongo Murphy FF Fletcher
  5. We are getting players back which have been out a while and they will help turn the tide. New start for all, some will have a lot to prove . Other clubs might not fancy playing, others have players with the virus.
  6. Going to be very difficult, If a player out of contract leaves and then signs for a new club will he be allowed to play for the remaining games of this season or are there some rules saying they cannot do this
  7. Ken Knighton, also David Sunley always seemed to give a lot of fouls away
  8. Lets be positive lads I would be happy to stay up
  9. always thought they were second rate to Radio Sheffield.
  10. Wouldn't keep any of the loans, we have wasted a lot of money there. Need a lot better recruitment policy, we wont have a lot of money for players and I can see a few clubs going bust so there will be lots of players out of contract. Better to get some out of contract players rather than loans who have little commitment to club. Lets hope we can stay in championship and start building for next season. Need to let Rhodes go to Celtic if they are still interested, don't think we will be able to sell any of our players as all clubs will be short of money.
  11. money will be in short supply throughout all leagues, If we release 10 we need to think of 5 free signings and 5 loans. There will be lots of released players but we will have to see what division we will be playing in next season
  12. Would like to see him with his squad of players, when ever the next season starts
  13. don't forget it is £39m loss over 3 years, guess this puts every club into that bracket this season as clubs still have to pay out costs without any revenue coming in. EFL will be very busy so might forget our situation
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