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  1. Not a chance anyone above League 1 would be looking at Hunt.
  2. Moore is lucky that we have had an up turn in results in the league and in terms of performances. Last night another major flag whatever way you look at it. Let's see how we play at Pompey when the players we can rely on more are back. Moore attitude in that interview after the game is what concerns me the most. Just seems so calm, laid back and really not that fussed if we win or lose. You can argue that is the sort of management style that contributes to that type of performance. We have seen more than we care to remember under his tenure already. Jury is out.
  3. It seems those trying to hold onto some hope that Saido Berahino is going to come good, say he makes good runs and has good movement. This is a phrase that gets banded about anytime a striker is utter garbage. I can remember Stevie May had good movement as did Jordan Rhodes. End of the day any striker worth their wage is going to make good runs and have good movement. It is like saying a keeper has good handling. No point in making good runs if you have no pace to get on the ball or no strength to hold defenders off, or finish like a 7 year old kid would with no power. Look at Windass and Gregory - good movement and runs - it's what strikers have. But they have all the other aspects to a strikers game you need along with the literal basics of MOVING! Berahino has been garbage for his whole career other then one season about a decade ago. Just cancel the deal and play one of the U23s.
  4. I have watched this a few times now and thought it at the time. What is Wildsmith doing? He can still get that if he is more alert and on his toes. He is a pathetic keeper. Get rid.
  5. Moore has released the shackles to be fair to him. Lot's of managers here and at other clubs are very stubborn. Moore has shown flexibility, which I do like. I am still not convinced with some aspects of his management but I am pleased he has been less stubborn and shown ability to adapt and change, which many managers don't.
  6. Any updates on the wages not being paid too OP? Cheers.
  7. Looks very promising and assured for his age. Looks more confident and better ability than when Bromby, Wood and Beevers all came through. They all had fairly decent careers in and around Championship level, so no reason why he cannot do AT LEAST that.
  8. How did 19 people vote Jack Hunt!! Massive weak link in that 11. Gets ball. Stops ball. Passes back. Sooner NML is in the better.
  9. Must be watching a different game me. He looked like a 10 year old as usual, slow, weak. The assist mentioned I would expect any player to be able to make?? Very poor Berahino.
  10. From the stats looked like a smash and grab still? I know it was 3-0 but looked like perhaps all on the counter? I looked at the MK Dons game and Wycombe and felt MK would be the harder game. I reckon we could smash Wycombe personally.
  11. I know Berahino is invisible every time he comes on, but doubt we would get away with bringing 4 on.
  12. Same team apart from Luongo in for Byers and Patterson on the right instead of Hunt. Windass on at 60 mins.
  13. Windass and Luongo are too good for League 1 and the best thing is that these two players will bring the best out of the other player we have who is to good for this league - Bannan.
  14. When Dunkley is playing like this you forget about Iorfa. That is the biggest praise you can give Dunkley. When was the last time a player completely turned around his SWFC career? Lewis Buxton probably.
  15. Still felt FDB for Berahino was a strange one when it was crying out to bring Hunt off for Shodipo. Can see why we have signed Mendez Laing. Hunt offers nothing in this formation. Felt sorry for Brennan as Hunt was always on top of him. He did this with Corbeanu earlier in the season.
  16. Now is the time to win back to back league games for the first time since the opening month.
  17. In the games he has played upfront he has looked better than Berahino. Yet Berahino still ahead of him in pecking order no matter what.
  18. Patterson has looked most suited to RWB role. He should be first choice there, has always looked better than Hunt. Let them fight it out. Upfront he has the odd good game but mostly he looks like a pub player. He played well Wigan away and once at home where he scored the equalizer (shirt ripped). We have Gregory, Windass and Kamberi back, so he is 4th choice striker but 1st choice RWB imo. He was immense at home to Sunderland and needs a run of games there. Hunt slows us down.
  19. Luongo has to be rested after so long out and playing 90 mins at the weekend. Would rather he played vs Wycombe anyway. BPF Brennan Dunkley Palmer Patterson Bannan Byers FDB Corbeanu Gregory Kamberi
  20. He also told himself he wasn't going bald in his mid 20's. He has form for being delusional. He probably also tells his Mrs when he gets in that his corners are world class it's just we have no one to get on the end of them.
  21. Good vibes until 5pm when we have just had another groundhog day inept performance and either lost or drawn to the mighty Accrington Stanley.
  22. Monk clearly struggled to manage Westwood and Huthcinson and instead of doing that he brushed the problem under the carpet and at the same time ruined our chances of promotion. All he had to do there is manage the both of them and he would have had the respect of the dressing room. Instead, and this is me guessing, he decides to banish two of our better players. He was trying to show them whose boss but in my opinion he lost the dressing room at this exact moment. The players won't and don't respect managers who banish players and then play players who are far weaker instead of them. Then there was his decision to play Fletcher in a meaningless cup game - that was the final nail in the coffin. FF at left wing back and also refusing to play him most of the season. Our managers are like our players. We never replace our managers with a better one. It's laughable with some of the dreadful managers we have, that we seem to do the impossible and appoint an even worse one. Moore is that bad that I agree with the original point that I would rather have Monk in charge this season. That says it all. Jos, Monk, Moore. Three of the most pathetic managerial appointments. When we finally get a manager to turn us around and do the simple things well, no one will pine for any of those charlatans.
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