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Wednesday - V - Doncaster Rovers

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Just now, StudentOwl said:

Bannan went from CDM to RCM, Adeniran played wide right of the three forwards but interchanged with Bannan from the position diagonally behind him

Cheers mate, 


Be very interested in the next team DM picks now. Good have competition and subs putting their hands up to force their way into the reckoning 

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FT 2-0


Huge win.


Great to finally score some goals.  3 points, another clean sheet, and a win for Moore over his former club.


Happy with that.  Plenty of positives from the game.  


That will lift the confidence, and with more players to come back, and new ones pushing for a start, things are starting to look a lot more bright.  


Have a nice evening all,


Onwards and Upwards.





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Guest Kagoshimaowl
5 minutes ago, Morepork said:

So much better since Byers came on and Bannan pushed up. 

Byers looks a good player.

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2 minutes ago, daleblue said:

Well done Sheffield Wednesday, and Barry Bannon, especially for not listening to the know-alls on here.

Up until that hit , I'm sure even Bannan would have said his game wasn't the best.. It's not a case of know-alls, just a honest assessment of how the game was going for him until then. It completely changed the game that goal and the substitutions. 


After that, we did well. 

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I think we’ll play better than that and lose this season. Quite a laboured performance with a result that was very flattering. I’m hopeful that it helps breed confidence though as we continue to progress. Really impressed with Kamberi and thought Green did well too. 

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1 minute ago, agentwalker said:

The middle three are playing like total strangers. They should on paper be dominating these games. As already said new season new players, same style, same poo so far 


Did your 56k connection go down?

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