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  1. Remind us all Neil how Francis ruined the club exactly ?
  2. Think Pato has had enough chances..i would go with kamberi.
  3. Not a bad looking lineup but i dont rate Shodipo, would rather see Kamberi get a run.
  4. Just does not look the same player this season.
  5. notice you didnt reply to my last post about Moore telling lies Mr Peg
  6. You think you are some sort of smart *ss dont you Mr Peg ?..be careful
  7. Darrerrm Moore complete and utter f**cking useless lump of wood as a manager, get him out tonight.
  8. Maybe when Bannan takes a corner we should have someone stood on the opposite corner flag ready to head the ball.
  9. With hindsight now we could prob do with someone like Alex Hunt.
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