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  1. Was hoping he would be gone so we could bring in a footballer.
  2. Seems Bannan has a different view to you..he says they let the fans down and not getting promoted is failure.
  3. The only game Paterson should be playing is Rugby League.
  4. Sunderland deserved it..we on the other hand showed plenty of effort but not much else, Luongo was poor tonight and Palmer and Paterson need to go, i know a lot of fans rate Storey but i'm not one of them, we have some decent players for next season but need to recruit well.
  5. Abysmal performance considering the importance of the game, lets hope we can turn it around.
  6. Playing well but Hutch and Storie scare the f..k out of me playing around at the back.
  7. How many corners for Bannan today and he f....ked up every one ?
  8. Iorfa is deffo not the best CB in the league.
  9. First game was on Leppings lane evening match v Man City..we won 1-0 think Gerry Young scored the goal, saw us beat Man Utd 5-4 from N/W corner and have seen games from all the other areas, loved the view from the West Stand.
  10. Someone needs to tell Hutchinson that you can f@cking pass the ball forward, Luongo passing is dire today.
  11. Moore has all the tactical knowledge of an Omeoba.
  12. Get ourselves in a great position and then f*ck up as we always do, not up for the fight today, garbage display.
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