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  1. I've said it before, fizz the league rules, spend poo loads and go for the cups.
  2. Hopefully be the usual 6 game Forestieri ban.
  3. They'll just shut the drive thrus for the match because they'll get hundreds of people walking in.
  4. I know what your saying, but to be fair it would be nicer to just be given stuff.
  5. I don't go any more and I'm in the youngish age group. Once your season ticket price increases from ~£100 to £350 when you hit 17 years old that is a huge increase for someone still in education. I stopped going few years ago after I got to that point. And it is generally the younger ones (15 - 25) who maybe are more energetic when it comes to supporting the team.
  6. Because then we would hardly ever celebrate which is the only enjoyable thing about football.
  7. The thing is every team in this league could probably moan about the same things.
  8. We are not going to play well every game. That's why these are championship players
  9. Many factors including football becoming more popular/fashionable and increases in population will obviously affect it.
  10. I think they use the school for the players cars.
  11. Thread of the year so far. Never had such a simple stream.
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