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  1. Always funny when a old guy catches it before a kid though hahaha
  2. Safe journey down and back for all Owls
  3. This is the tournament I've been waiting for. Time to win it for once.
  4. Haha everyone expecting hail Mary.
  5. Tua playing with fractured ribs apparentlt though
  6. Also Saints have bye week so can focus on other games. My day is planned
  7. And Raiders - Broncos and Cowboys - patriots, a lot of good games today
  8. oh right, anyway that should be good game, also looking forward too Chargers vs Ravens and Cardinals vs Browns tonight.
  9. I thought oldest rivary was Chicago vs Detroit?
  10. We have a new ticketing system so it's taking slightly longer than usual to sort out.
  11. If you missed nilufer yanya's early EPs she put them all on one album called "inside out"
  12. If your looking around the ground you are much likely to spot a pink shirt than if the away kit was grey or a dark colour. This is not a good test to find out whether it's very popular
  13. Can't see Nuhiu dropping to league 1
  14. Interesting article on their website about season ticket holders average turnout is 70% of games. If that is similar at Hillsborough it explains why it looks more empty
  15. Dream on Wimbledon our rivalry continued with MK dons
  16. Moore has been spotted at the stadium of light so could happen
  17. You know it's bad when everyone starts calling for the youngsters
  18. TBF to Maurice, he has called everything correctly so far.
  19. No one ever won the champions League with that kind of attitude
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