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  1. South stand. Best slippy concourse surface award.
  2. Best pork sandwiches in close proximity award.
  3. It's actually the detachment of the Mt. falcon mooner from vlysen causing a temporary loss in exercisicle rotation resulting in extreme pressure increases around the vertices of many oppecees. Look from the window around 5:30 AM in the morning and you will spot the currents of the oppecees. Einstein was right.
  4. I park my submarine under the bridge.
  5. The Best The Worst This by miles The rest of them are actually all good. Our kits are usually nice but this is a bit bad.
  6. Why does it matter how old a football club is?
  7. Oh I just thought you meant managers who had done well on little money, not ones that were actually available.
  8. There is a reason, it makes money.
  9. Wilson Palacios. Turned into one of the best midfielders at the time with Bruce at Birmingham and Wigan.
  10. I forgot that I also support Ayr United because of their kit releases.
  11. It currently in th man on owlstalk has a thought stage.
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