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  1. Glenn Loovens Réda Johnson Lewis Buxton Avoid Me Anyone else off owlstalk Any Pig
  2. Jose Semedo, Réda Johnson and Miguel Llera joint managers
  3. The new kit comes out and some fans moan about the material and fabric and stitching.
  4. Surely there is reason why there is money on it, compared to others, even if it's a small amount
  5. I've heard Lewis Buxton is being lined up to take over as manager.
  6. They are trainers they are for traiNinG. I'm A full grown baby genius
  7. Steve Bruce Championship Record Played 10 Wins 8 Draws 8 Losers 8 Goals yes
  8. The ducks have seemed to have moved along, in Carlos' words.
  9. Hotel booked for London. For FA cup final 23rd of May.
  10. It's actually better for ball control as it reduces glare off you body.
  11. Brentford only used his ideas. The guy from Moneyball is actually involved in Barnsley in some way.
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