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  1. I just want to say that I wholeheartedly stand by my comments above. No editing, no Neanderthal will tell me what to think or what to do. No tory pig coont, pig foooker will say otherwise. No leftie, virtual signalling woke gammon fuckmonkey either. I think that just about covers it.
  2. can we say that the BLM are a bunch of racists? Anybody genuinely want to deal with actual racists then watch some of the great work done by Daryl Davis.
  3. I had us down for a 4 nil win as well, maybe next time. I'm not too bothered about it right now, will give the players a chance to rest and recuperate. That is a positive in itself that will give us a better chance to survive the Championship.
  4. Cheyenne Armani Keanu Roma Dunkley. Failing that then Ian Nolan.
  5. Good to hear. Kadeem was excellent today, a complete live wire and fully deserved Mom. Two things I would like to see more of, - one get some crosses into the box nice and early. - two, not every cross needs to be a conventional cross into the box, whip the ball in low and hard across the goal, defenders and keepers hate that.
  6. Paxo is the baddie. The fact we are not even allowed to talk about him, tells you everything you need to know. Shocking really how thread after thread gets deleted with the mere mention of his name.
  7. Absolutely loved the detectorists. Will give this film a go sometime this week.
  8. Started watching this last week. Very good so far. Only 3 more episodes to go.
  9. Agreed. As much as I didn't like Monk, I was actually starting to warm to him, especially after that performance against Leeds. Then as soon as Monk started banishing players from the first team, I knew there and then it was the beginning of the end for him. As you say, he could have kept Hutchinson in and around the team until the end of the season when his contract expired, but to do that mid season was absolute madness.
  10. To be fair, most of our managers have been wrong in not using him, even more so considering they all got the sack. The one manager we did have who would have used him properly, Stuart Gray.
  11. While I agree with what you are saying, and seeing him run made me laugh, he still causes problems for the opposition as we found out when Wycombe beat us last year.
  12. Hutchinson does that a lot, he will seamlessly transition from one position to another depending on the circumstances. Essentially it is like he is covering 3 positions whilst being on the pitch. Not many players can do that. What Monk was thinking in getting rid of him I will never know.
  13. That's a good point. Was thinking about this regarding strikers getting fouled. And first thing I think about is when we had Nuhiu playing up top and all the times he would get fouled but the refs always gave the opposition the decision and the ball. At least now when Rhodes gets fouled, we get the chance 9 times out of 10 to move up the pitch.
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