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  1. Th point I'm trying to make is that two experienced defenders are better than one.
  2. I wouldn't call it nursing, more like put him next to a better defender and we will have a better defence.
  3. I think Monk is an awful manager. Seeing what he has done to the squad, makes me shudder in disbelief. You have to wonder why none of his backroom staff quit their jobs when Monk was sacked at Birmingham. It speaks volumes that it was Monk that was outed while the assistant manager and backroom staff stayed together. It says to me that Monk was the problem there, which is why he got the sack and his backroom staff stayed. I hope DC doesn't renew his contract. I am sick and tired of seeing us accept abject mediocrity. We have got used to being tosss, that is essentially the problem. Get a proper manager in, who knows what they are doing. Watching us play with Monk is killing my love for football.
  4. He should be given a new contract imo. I know a fair few fans turned on him last season but still think he is a solid Championship defender. He does as said above need a solid experienced player next him though.
  5. To answer your last question more succinctly, saving face.
  6. The case against the club will also be dropped imho.
  7. Possibly, but I still think with the events going on at the moment, the Efl's backs are against the wall.
  8. The Efl had to drop the charges with what has been going on recently.
  9. There's something missing in that post. Yes that's it, responsibility. And along with responsibility comes accountability.
  10. Speculative garbage. You can neg this post as well.
  11. If son of Bert confirms it, then it must be true.
  12. Mental they may be. It certainly would be an improvement on what we are being served up at the minute,
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