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  1. I would like to see a back four of Iorfa Lees Borner Fox. Iorfa at right back won't be a popular opinion on here but I think he would combine very well with Murphy on the right. Plenty of pace down the right hand side, would cause teams a lot of problems. I think Iorfa would thrive in that position with plenty of galloping runs forward as he sure can cover a lot of distance. We should use his best attributes to the fullest. Would give us more solidity when defending, and plenty of pace going forwards when attacking.
  2. He should play just behind the main striker. Wickham or Fletcher with Forestieri in the no 10 role. ]
  3. Murphy should have buried that chance. Would have finished them off. Having said that Wickham could have put that chance in the second half away also. I think in future, I would like to see Murphy round their keeper when given a similar chance like that again in the future. He certainly has the pace to do it, and would almost guarantee plenty of goals scored. I liked to see how we broke their back line with one killer pass. Was definitely direct attacking football. Would like to see more of that.
  4. Harsh imo. When Lees played alongside Loovens, racking up all those appearances and clean sheets. He didn't look out of place then. I think the the constant chopping and changing in front of him and alongside him isn't helping whatsoever,
  5. I have always said, that the time a club usually moves forward is when it is able to sell players at a profit. Profit which we can then be reinvested back into the squad. I think we have two significant problems, both of which are interlinked. The ability to scout decent up and coming players and knowing when to sell and for how much. You only have to look at the list of all the players we have signed to get an idea of our recruitment strategy. What used to wind me up was seeing players get signed then don't get anywhere near the first team for the foreseeable future. I just don't get the reasoning behind a lot of our signings.
  6. I should have included a link. 8 mins 20 seconds in. When Real Madrid did it, it was total direct football. When Megson did it, it was labelled as dinosaur football.
  7. Speaking of attacking throw ins, have a look at Roberto Carlos. As attacking a throw in you will find.
  8. I would rather Monk focuses on what goes on during the match than what goes on in the dressing room. We are in a free fall right now with no signs of it stopping any time soon. I truly despair at what is currently going on at this great club.
  9. It's madness really. Break the spine of the squad and this is what we have as a consequence.
  10. Well said. Absolutely spot on. The irony is Monk is the manager and he can't even manage the players. He is absolutely clueless. The constant chopping and changing of formations and lineups, no wonder players don't have a clue. Lets blame all the players instead.
  11. Can't defend to save our lives, can't score or create chances to save our lives. That is usually a recipe for one thing and one thing only.
  12. Luton could and should have put at least 4 goals past us. The scoreline flattered to deceive. The amount of times we were carved open by supposedly the worst team in the league, beggars belief.
  13. Absolutely spot on. I keep reading that Monk needs time to build a team. He's never built one in his whole short managerial career. I certainly wouldn't trust him to do that job. As it stands, he's sending us towards league 1.
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