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  1. I don't know. As much as I wanted a highly experienced manager like Hughton in, what we needed after Bruce ditching us was stability and continutity, Bullen is giving us that by the bucket load. Has resulted in one of our best starts. Maybe DC is biding his time and waiting for the right candidate to come along. Who knows what is really going on behind closed doors. For me, next 2 fixtures will be critical for Bullen if he is to stay. Personally I don't think he can be blamed for the 2 stupid mistakes made by Odubajo today. You could argue Iorfa could have come on for Odubajo, but I do see a reasoning by keeping him on to
  2. It won't happen while we have 3 games in 7 days,
  3. Fox is quickly establishing himself as first choice left back. It's his shirt to lose imo.
  4. The international break is when all the major decisions will be made. In the meantime, may as well back Bullen and the team.
  5. Those Nuhiu debates. Week after week, year after year.
  6. I wouldn't completely write the player off. Had a really bad day and cost us the game. Iorfa to come in would be my guess.
  7. Did well when he came on. Has to start against toytown next week.
  8. Having one of our best starts to a season, I wouldn't call it a charade. Far from it.
  9. Agree entirely. Has to play on the wing.
  10. FT 2-1 What can I say. 2 stupid mistakes from the same player has cost us today. To judge Bullen on two mistakes is a bit harsh. We weren't good in the first half, but we certainly did improve in the second half and got better with each substitution. I think Bullen needs two wins next week. See what happens. A big week ahead. Take it easy all. UTO!!
  11. Lovely goal from Fletcher there. Reach beautiful cross into the box.
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