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  1. WaWaW?? Had about 5 straight posts deleted tonight, 10 messages in my inbox warning me, lol. It's a shame really, I have always posted on here with my heart, as I have always done. Recently though, sections of this site has become unbearable to say the least, As a result, I will call that out as I see it, without fear or favour. In essence if part of the site is going down the shitteer, I will say so. If it means I get a perma ban, so be it.
  2. You clearly did. I will leave it there for now.
  3. Will always support the team and Sheffield Wednesday, as I have done for many a year. 30 plus years, but I am not counting. If you can't see that by now, as in 8 years of posting on this site for example, then I have nothing further to add.
  4. You will hear the same old lame excuses. Whatever happened to just trying to win a game of football.
  5. I had to add a few finishing touches, quite literally
  6. If Monk wants to win the fans over, then he needs to start winning games. Sod the PR and the rest of it. Just win the games needed.
  7. Managed to find some footage of what Dunkley had to do to pass his medical.
  8. Fully agree. I will always try to look fairly at what they have contributed to us in the past and judge accordingly. I don't get the constant 'fooook offf' that you will see in countless posts.
  9. I also don't like seeing us put players in positions that they are not familiar with. Why we do it I don't know. It's like Monk would rather put players like Odubajo in at centre back when he's never even played in that position his whole life. The reality is, if we keep doing stuff like this then results will not improve whatsoever.
  10. Wait for it, it will be we don't need any strikers on the pitch next.
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