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  1. A carthorse, a term most often attributed and used in a negative sense, more so in today's world. A harder worker is not something to be looked down upon. Not for me. Hard workers are the very foundation and bricks needed for any structure to survive.
  2. It's like its 2015 all over again, judging by some of these threads.
  3. Nuhiu. Easy decision that. Made everything click. The change to 442 also had a big effect.
  4. Agree that he should be made captain. Easily the first name on the team sheet for me.
  5. Have to agree with this. Doesn't fill me with much optimism.
  6. We definitely need someone with a long term plan and philosophy both on and off the pitch. They certainly fit the bill. We need rising up and coming managers as opposed to has been failures who live off the back of past successes and reputation. I would be ecstatic if DC managed to get the Cowley's in.
  7. You get some posters who will look down at the Cowley's record because their successes came in the lower divisions. I would say, it is much harder to get a club from non league to 2nd in the table in league 1 than it is say to get a club from the Championship into the Premier League. It is one of the reason why I think getting the brothers on board would be a massive coup for us.
  8. It would be a massive coup if we could get them in.
  9. Blatant mistake. I'm not going to edit it either.
  10. Disappointing result today. Referee was shocking, but we can't solely blame the referee today. Poor performance all round. Now time to make a decision with the international break coming up. I backed Bullen since Bruce got the sack, as we needed stability and continuity given the circumstances we were faced with and the fixtures that were coming thick and fast. I think Bullen has given us that. Now onto whether Bullen should be given the manager's job, as much as I thought he was the right man for the job, I don't think he is the best man for the job. Cracking coach, top bloke, but we need something extra. Also for Bullen to get the job, I think he needs the majority of the supporters on board otherwise he won't last long. Therefore to come full circle, DC now needs to go out and get a top class manager in.
  11. Where's the yellow cards for the play acting?
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