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  1. I think it is madness to suggest taking the hit and going down. Absolute madness. I keep saying on here that we need a top class manager in, I say that so we can avoid outcomes like this, that would absolutely be catastrophic for the club.
  2. May be pointless in the grand scheme of things, but I will say it anyways.
  3. What I am suggesting is that DC needs to make structural changes to the club whether he likes them or not. Given that he is losing more and more support by the day. One way that would rectify that would be to bring a new manager in who will be in charge of transfers. It would unite the fan base as well as show that DC is listening. More control for the manager and better to have football people making the decisions where it matters. Or we can carry on as we were on the downward trajectory that we have witnessed this year and still feeling the brunt of and see how that unfolds.
  4. Absolutely. The club needs to head in a different direction as in now. Those backing Monk, will just be getting the same structure behind it as in Paxo as head of recruitment and Monk managing the team. Or we can get a new manager in who will have charge of the transfers.. Take your pick. I know what I would go for. DC will have to be seen to be doing something behind the scenes. This mess can't keep going on as it has been. Something has to give, something needs to change. If DC is too stubborn to address these problems, he won't have many supporters left who back him.
  5. I disagree with the point that no manager would want to come here, The right managers would relish that opportunity, That's a given.
  6. A new manager is a must. In the future we will look back at this moment and think there was a golden chance to change the direction the club is heading in. Nothing will change, sadly.
  7. Appreciate you have given a reply. Points 1 and 2 don't specifically answer the question of why should Monk be given more time. Point 3, I don't judge Monk's time at Birmingham as a success. He was sacked and his own backroom staff decided to keep their jobs at Birmingham, suggesting to me that Monk was the problem. It is constantly suggested on here that Monk needs his own coaching staff. The reality is, he doesn't have any, not after what happened at Birmingham. I'm not sure how Monk's time at Birmingham is considered a success, when his own backroom staff effectively ditched him. Point 4, Monk was one of the most successful Leeds managers? Having done what exactly? You say his time there was a success without mentioning what he had actually achieved that could be considered a success. Point 5, I have no idea what you have written there, doesn't read well.
  8. It is important to differentiate between a good manager and a bad manager. A good manager you would want given all the time in the world with all the necessary resources available to him. A bad manager, you would want out the club asap before he damages the club further. I've genuinely not seen one Monk supporter come out and list the positives why he should be given time and two allowed to undergo one of the biggest tasks facing Sheffield Wednesday, and that is the rebuild job. A simple question, that many refuse to answer. Why is that? Well the truth in that is that they have no answers to give. Zilch, zero, nada. Also can we realistically afford another season like the one we just had? I believe another catastrophic season, could very well do significant damage to the club, that we may never recover from or spend years trying to make up the ground already lost. So if Monk is given more time, and he messes it up again like the season we have all just seen, then what? Will Monk be given even more time to fix the problems he helped create? How far will your support go for Monk? It appears to me, apathy has well and truly set in. I don't know if that is because of the years of shiite we have had to put up with, its as if, no matter how bad the result, Monk can do no wrong. I'm just baffled by it. The day we start to lower expectations on where this club should be heading, will be the day I truly give up on football. I said last summer when Bruce left us, that we were in a crisis and that we needed a top manager or something different to steer us in the right direction and clear from the problems we were and are being faced with. Nothing has changed on that front, except that the potential catastrophe is somewhat worse than it was last season. So I will say this again, as I said last summer. We need a top class manager or something different to steer this great club forward instead of backwards.
  9. Some of the gifs Neil has been posting in the last 48 hours has given me flashbacks and nightmares to that film Innerspace. Damn you Neil!!!
  10. I'm sick of all the excuses being trotted out whilst we free fall. Monk simply has to go now, enough is enough.
  11. I like Cook and what he has achieved. Would be very happy if we got someone like him in. Knows how to operate on a restrictive budget. More chance DC will stick with Monk than going for someone like this. Then we can carry on watching in horror as the excuse playbook is rolled out time and again.
  12. I quite like this lineup. I like the idea of using Harris and Murphy in more advanced and central positions. I was thinking the other night about our use of wingers and how we play them.. Take Murphy as an example, when we play him on the right wing for example, I think it limits his ability and potential. He usually tries to beat his man on the outside, but if we played him in a more central position, it would give him the freedom and space to attack the left side or the right. Much harder to defend against imo. I can't remember the exact game, but when we played those killer balls from midfield, with Murphy already in a central position, Murphy found himself in very good positions, sometimes getting into a 1v1 against their keeper. The opposition couldn't handle him. The same applies to Harris. I think sometimes we expect them to do a lot. How often do we see Harris on the left wing having to drive forward, beat 1 or 2 players to then get a cross in. Push him further up the pitch in a more central role, it would give us and Harris more space and options, either to the left or right. Much harder for the opposition to defend against. It is something worth considering.
  13. What I think we should go with considering the players we have at our disposal. Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Borner Reach Odubajo Luongo Bazza Murphy Rhodes Wickham Options to come off the bench, Harris, Da Cruz and Nuihiu Another alternative would be Wildsmith Odubajo Iorfa Borner Palmer Murphy Luongo Bazza Reach Rhodes Wickham
  14. Fascinating comment there. Funny that you accuse me of using cliches on one hand whilst trotting out meaningless cliches on the other.
  15. Have we even played Odubajo in his best position yet? Right wing is where he should be played. So far I have seen him play left back, centre back and right back. It's as if he will play everywhere else but not in his favoured position. Then we wonder why he plays so badly. It's as if he has already been set up to fail by playing him out of position. Low and behold, when he buggers up playing centre back, you will hear oh he's vvank, get rid. Well he's not a centre back to start with. I blame the guy who puts him in those ridiculous positions to start with. I think he does his best under the circumstances, but to completely lay the blame on Odubajo when he makes a ridiculous and costly mistake at the back is overly harsh. If he was a natural centre back making those same mistakes it is a completely different matter. The times I have seen Mo on the right further up the pitch, he does offer us some goal threat and can put a decent cross in. Sadly we won't play to his strengths, and because of that, his performances will slide as a result. And as a consequence of that, he will probably be another one of those players who fall under the heading 'couldn't quite cut it'.
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