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  1. The way it looks now is Palmer at left back, Iorfa right back and Odubajo ahead of him on the right of midfield.
  2. Good news that. Makes a change from playing the likes of Mansfield.
  3. We need to get Hector signed up. Number 1 priority.
  4. Best goal he has scored for us. I always liked the big man. Will always put a shift in without question.
  5. I should add, best person for the job without prejudice, that is true equality.
  6. Best person for the job is who should be given the job. Meritocracy as opposed to filling a quota should be the way forward imo.
  7. He could have a decent jumping reach, youth and strength theoretically speaking could make him taller.
  8. That's good to hear. Sounds like he is an up and coming defender. 111 appearances over the last three seasons isn't too shabby either.
  9. It's all getting beyond ridiculous now. The FA are a complete joke. It's as if they have nothing better to do. Wouldn't surprise me if Forestieri would be looking to move out of the UK this summer. Potentially heading to Italy. That would be my guess
  10. As other have said. I think a season long loan would be the best way forward. Rolando need to prove his fitness and whether he can hack a full season. I'm sure Newcastle will want to offload him, so if we do go in to buy then the price should be similar to what we paid for Iorfa.
  11. Diame would be a top signing imo. Bruce could very well be the deciding factor if we go in for him. Not sure whether we could afford the wages he would be asking though. Would be a massive coup.
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