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  1. If you are going to fish, do it properly ffs!!! Standards on this site are slipping!
  2. Nice try. 4 out of ten. Seen much better.
  3. I'm asking the exact same question....
  4. What is the point you disagree with Westfield? Serious question.
  5. Fuckpigs, porkers, incels, call them whatever you like.
  6. I'm not sure as the point you are trying to make....
  7. We do have some fuckpigs as supporters, I mean total porkers.
  8. The team I would expect to see. Dawson Odubajo Iorfa Lees Fox Harris Hutch Bazza Murphy Nuhiu Fletcher Bring Winnall, Luongo and Reach on second half.
  9. Did you see that surging run in the second half where Bazza chases their keeper down? That's when you know Bazza is back.
  10. Bazza gets my vote. His best performance in a while. Fletcher, Nuhiu and Fox also played very well. Murphy impressed when he came on.
  11. Two battering rams up top today was certainly very effective. They couldn't handle the pair of them. I think with Nuhiu next to Fletcher, they both have same mindset. Could be the way forward.
  12. Excellent performance from Bazza today. I think with Hutchinson alongside him, it gave him the license to push further forward. Looked much more of a threat outside their box.
  13. Just finished watching the game. Huge win that. Excellent result. Plenty of battling, and plenty of desire from the players. Much improved performance all round. 442 certainly worked a treat. Game could have been put to bed in the second half but we have shown resilience in pushing on and getting a fully deserved win. Much better Wednesday. Hopefully more performances like that are on the way. UTO!!
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