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  1. Agree 100%. That would be my choice as well.
  2. Ronio

    Ricky Moate

    Great to hear.
  3. Ronio

    Ricky Moate

    All the best Ricky.
  4. Yep, could very well end 0-0. Both teams cancelling each other out.
  5. Yep, good game so far. What do you reckon, an Iranian win?
  6. Happy with this. Always liked Villareal. Good friendly to look forward to.
  7. So, who is going to watch every game?
  8. Ronio

    jack cork?

  9. We''ll be getting a fit Kieran Lee back at some time next season
  10. Absolutely a top keeper on his day. I remember him being called up one season for the England B squad only to be dropped when the final squads were announced. Definitely a quality keeper. Still trying to remember the game he made that save.
  11. Ronio

    Who is your prediction

    Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Smash them all.