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  1. Ronio

    Sam Hutchinson

    Constantly labelled a crock on here, when in fact he is frozen out. Sums up some of the posters on here.
  2. Ronio


    We could always move Reach out to the left of midfield, where he can truly thrive. Reach, one of the few players we have who have a great engine. A proper runner so to be speak. For me personally that's where I would use him, and tell him to make that left hand side his. Reach out to the left, Onomah on the right side of a midfield three.
  3. Ronio


    I think it's a bit of a harsh post if I'm honest. How much did we pay for him? It can hardly be described as costing us a great deal that is putting a great burden on our financial resources, Expectations generally comes with the amount spent. The higher the fee, the better the player will be, meaning the higher the expectation will be. If we are looking at the actual context, then he isn't doing as bad as he is being made out in this thread.
  4. Ronio


    I would rather we get Megson in than Steve Bruce. We need a manager who is willing to work with no budget with the motivation to get the best of the players we currently have.
  5. This thread reminds me of those post you used to make, playerparley
  6. I 100% agree with your first sentence. Certainly when results don't go your way, everything will be closely examined and scrutinised. And justifiably so.
  7. Ronio

    Two full backs needed

    This is the thing, with this thread looking at full backs, what some actually mean is attacking fullbacks/wingbacks. When in actuality its wingers we really need, lots of pace and creativity. Problem though, can't see any major changes or improvements in the team until we actually know where we stand with the FFP next summer. A clear out is needed across all levels.
  8. Ronio


    What disappoints me the most, is we don't use him effectively at set pieces. Could be a real handful in the opposition half. For me, I like our centre backs to get in on the goals. Will certainly help us going forward.
  9. Ronio

    Two full backs needed

    We need new fullbacks, I would agree with that, however I think we need 2 wingers, as we really don't have proper wingers with pace who can cross. I think you could argue that we need upgrades across most positions.
  10. Ronio

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    On the 17th minute when the rotherham player was down. Our players went to get some drinks at the touchline. You can see Bullen trying to rally a couple of the players up. Give them instructions... You can also see Jos just stood there, and he said nothing. Perfectly sums him up. He has absolutely no idea.
  11. Ronio


    I find it absolutely astounding that the big man gets selected himself. Utter testicles of a thread. The fact Nuhiu is himself available for every match whilst the rest have a fuckingfiesta says it all imo. 150 million plus spent yet it is Nuhiu's fault? Give over. It is more of an indictment of our transfer policy if anything else.
  12. I would certainly be questioning Paxo's involvement with the club.
  13. Ronio

    Secret Santa

    I'd buy this.
  14. Speaking of Pudil, I would like to see him come back in to the fold. Lees Pudil Thorniley Hector
  15. I wouldn't say they were overrated. Under performing would be more apt imo.