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  1. In short no, and I'm not even including the wages they are on.
  2. Ronio

    Foul on Forestieri

    Straight red all day long. The ref absolutely bottled it.
  3. Lack of effort and sheite football are the enemy of happiness.
  4. This ref has been awful today.
  5. Get some of the new lads on. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!
  6. I don't think fans should accept mediocrity.
  7. They really can't handle those long punts. They panic every time. Joao really needs to step it up, Hector also.
  8. We'll finish the off in the second half. Their defending has been poor so far.
  9. yussssssssssssssssss yusssssssssssss yussssssssssssssssssss Goalllllllllllll
  10. Good lad Westwood. Toytown should have scored there.